Saturday, March 18, 2017

Seven Shorts

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These stories have been gleaned from interviews with men from multiple universes with several different methods, but with minimal information available to follow up on their development. This publication will aim to try to find out more about their transformations and the reverberations they had on their lives, but we are limited in our resources for transdimensional viewing.

I look fucking amazing!!! Too bad you aren’t me. But no, you can’t have this body back. I fucking love it. I gave you the chance. I told you not to repossess my car, my belongings, my house. It wasn’t my fault my company of 30 years decided to renege on their pensions and screw all us old men out of our money. I warned you, you arrogant little shitstain. I warned you and your cunt father and now I’ve repossessed your body! Fuck it feels so good I feel like I could cum right here and now. I have never felt like this in my life! It feels amazing! Oh that pain you’re feeling? That’s gout. Go rot in hell, you moronic fuckhead. You’re 65 so why don’t you go read AARP and go fuck yourself. I’m gonna go out and FUCK the SHIT out of the first girl I find. Later, asshole!

I always try and support my little brother, even though he’s contracted Myostat Syndrome. I’ll admit it. It’s been hard watching my 15 year old brother grow beyond me in muscle and walk around a fully fledged adult, with all the rights and privileges thereof. He’s only had it for two years and he looks amazing. But for the most part he is handling it all without much ego. Except at home. At home it’s a different story. At home he calls me names, shoves me down onto my bed, barks orders. He’s still getting used to my requests for roleplay, but he’s beginning to get into it. Sometimes he cracks up while he’s doing it and we just start making out instead. I don’t care what anyone thinks. I’m there for my little bro in any way he needs. Moral and emotional support is a must. Letting him use me as his own personal cum dumpster every day after school is my choice but we’ve grown so much closer for it. 

The body suit loomed over him when he zipped it up, but when it congealed over his head he grew into it, arms filling out as strong as baseball bats, legs like granite, face straight out of a model agency. He took poses of himself. No more shy college nerd recent graduate who couldn’t get dates. With this body, everyone would want him. What amazing luck it had been to find the body suit store! Of course it was in another dimension. He had found it while studying electromagnetic impulses in the park when he first “slipped” into the other side. There, body suits were common everyday objects and a necessity for the workplace. It was that society’s answer to disease and obesity but this world, our world, had never heard of them. He had bought just the one. He had to trade in his Rolex since they had different money in that world, but it was worth it. Now he could go out and conquer, and he was still a virgin! He flexed. Not for much longer! he thought.

God I love how good I look. It was worth spending my life’s fortune to be swapped with this guy. He can be 70. He can be near death with a horrible, ungrateful family. I’m big and strong and full of CUM. Of course I had no idea he was gay but all the better. I will never have to pay alimony again, that’s for fucking sure. I work at a steel mill. How manly is that? I can’t believe how fucking good I look. God, just look at me. I mean, I think my brain is different though because I used to be able to think about business and stuff and how to make money and now I just think about cumming into boy’s asses all day. Fuck yeah. Wonder who I’ll plow next. Maybe some hot Mexican college kid. Fuck, I’m big. Just look at me! Can’t believe I used to wear suits and look at boring numbers all day. Fuck, I need to work out my legs more. The strength of them. Makes me feel like cumming when I’m working my quads….fuck it feels so good to be in this body. Just look at me! Bet I could find some young twink here, everyone wants me to fuck them. Just look at how good I look…

I had no idea how much being a guy ruled. I had sex with this guy from the club because I needed someone to test my amulet out on. I wore it after he fucked me, when he was asleep and said the incantation, then quickly put it in his pocket. I woke up to screaming. He was having a shitfit in my body! I left immediately and threatened to beat the shit out of her if she tried to follow me. I was so much…BIGGER. Just walking down the hall was an adventure in getting to know my own size and strength. I took his car a few blocks down and immediately craved tobacco. I saw him smoking last night but didn’t think about it. I had never smoked before. Mmmm, cigar I thought. I really need a cigar! I drove “my” car to a store that sold them and lit one up. Walking down the street no one leered at me and I was wearing shorts! It was so unreal. I can walk down the street and not be an object for men to leer at. I took my first drag. This was going to be awesome. i wonder what going to the gym will be like! I thought, marveling at my new big arms.

“See this bicep? This is the bicep you’re gonna be worshiping. Now start cleaning up. I expect you to work hard if you’re going to be my houseboy, fag slave. You like being called fag slave? You do, don’t you FAG SLAVE. Now BOW TO ME FAGGOT. Tell me how much you love me. Yeah. Fuck yeah. Worship me. Worship my body, faggot. Of course you’re in love with me. Why wouldn’t you be. Kiss my feet. That’s right. Man, this is almost too easy. I sure am glad I found that book of magic. It’s made you into a total pussy. A boi pussy. Huh, pussy? And look at me, I’m practically a god now. I feel like one. Get naked. I want you to not wear any clothes when you clean my house. You can keep your collar on, it’s a sign of my ownership of you. Fuck yeah, you dirty little bitch, take off those drawers and show me your tiny little boy dick. You’re my age and your dick is only 2 inches? Fuck, that spell worked better than i thought. I got all your muscle, your looks, your job, your life and your dick shrunk to a nub. You’re practically a woman now, fag slave! Well don’t stop. Keep picking up the place. Work all day until the garage is organized, just like I taught you.

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