Monday, July 8, 2019

Chronivac Industries Presents: Summer Workout

We here at Chronivac cannot always ensure that you will get what you want. Sometimes we assign psychological profilers to see if a subject is actually correctly matched for an environment that suits him or her. Some cases are difficult to judge. Take the case of a few gay men who went from prissy to extremely masculine in a very short amount of time...

Kev and Gabe sashayed their way across the quad. San Francisco was their dream and they had both made it in ways neither of them could have dreamed.

"Oh my god, those shorts are to die for."

"I know. If Lindsay Lohan were alive, she could totally wear those."

"You are so bad."

"I am so bad. I'm so awesome. Everything I say is awesome."

Did I mention they were incredibly impossible and catty?

"I totally want to go to that show next week, the one with all the contortionists and acrobats, only they're all trans women, it's called Cirque de Solongdick."

"You're being bad now. You have to be nice and politically correct."

"I do that when I trash Americans who don't live in California."

"Connecticut is okay."

"Yeah, we should really summer there again. Or maybe we can summer in Cape Cod this year."

"I need to get some more cute little ceramic plates from Cape Cod. I want to give them to your mother. She likes anything nautical."

"We could buy her a sailor strippergram."

"No, she would enjoy that too much."

I can't help but think what they would be like if they were more masculine. If they were forced to lead more masculine lives and not the hoighty toighty technocratic millionaire lifestyle they had assumed.

"Sweetheart, did you know Mitch and Keung broke up?"

"What? No! They were so good together. Oh my God, I am so gonna die now."

"Don't die. We haven't even gotten to third base with our cute doorman yet."

'I know. Oh, I hate this. I don't want to go to this stupid meeting. I wish I could spend all day just with you."

"Same here, sweetie. But, you know, the life of a power gay couple is never over. Kiss kiss!"

Gabe pranced away from his recently married husband, Kevin. He was the one with the shortly cropped beard and tie, though to most of their friends they were interchangeable. The two of them were so similar and so in synch but so equally effeminate that they often felt like they were dating a carbon copy of themselves. But it worked for them because they were both narcissistic to a very high level. Not that it was deserved on a typical physical level since they were both pretty lean, but they were both very rich members of the tech elite, having similar functions at their respective corporations.

I had met Gabe before a few summers back and I had courted him. He'd rejected me. He thought he was better than me because I was a bit of a country boy. He even made some snide remark about me being from Texas and he was concealing his superior, smug attitude about country folk. I grew up on a farm, so imagine my joy when along my way comes my very own Chronivac. I'd been watching them through the Chronivac's remote viewer.

I had a cushy tech job and worked for a client that was in Gabe's building. I helped myself into his office and told his secretary I'd be waiting in his office. I waited until he arrived before pressing a few buttons.

Now, I had been experimenting with the Chronivac since getting it and I found just the right mix of things I wanted. I told it that I wanted to have all the sex possible with the two of them and no one could say no! I wanted them to be more butch, more manly, more take charge. I do like take charge men. It was so exciting the thought that I could change the two of them to be whatever I wanted them to be. My own personal playthings.

"Howdy, Gabe!"

"Mick? What doing here? I'm supposed to be at a meeting. Where the hell is everyone?" Gave was immediately confused. His office wasn't an office anymore. It was another room with a higher temperature. The air conditioning was suddenly gone.

"Meeting? What meeting is that, Gabe?"

He smiled and rubbed his gorgeous beard.

"Well it sure ain't a meetin' for just any ol' friend of mine, is it?"

"We're having that grazing meeting later. You don't need to attend." Kev told me. "This meeting is all pleasure, though. Least for us!" I was confused. Kev had walked in suddenly behind his partner Gabe. I guess the Chronivac worked quickly to change reality. They were together in business now as well, I assumed.

"Kev and I can discuss the grazing plan later. When I told you that was on the schedule, I didn't figure you'd be there."

"Hell yeah, partner. You just breathe easy. You are gonna make a great addition to my father's property," Kev said, with a devilish grin.

I'd watched the changes taking place. I had already seen his beard come out and change color a bit. Gabe had slowly grown taller, and he had gained some muscle weight along with it. His lisp-strewn, waif voice had slowly transformed into a slow, deep, rumbling Texas drawl. His partner Kev grew and his hair darkened slightly. His cute, boyish face became more handsome and masculine. They had perfect smiles and their clothes, in an eyeblink, were now far more cowboy. Nice crisp blue dress shirts, blue jeans, and belt buckles followed. The effect was finished in an eyeblink as cowboy hats materialized on them.

"That's why you need me. I'm the expert around these parts on cattle raising. I can help you in more than one way. On cutting back expenses, on saving time. You two boys know your way around a ranch, already, I assume?"

"Course we do! Shit, I have news for you. I know what I'm doing," Gabe said. "Only reason you're here is to help out around the house. We need a pretty face around, Mick. You could definitely help us with bookkeeping but Kev and me, we got a thing about being in charge." He came over to me and kissed me on the lips! When I asked the Chronivac to make the gay couple I'd been so jealous of into my fantasy cowboy couple, I didn't know I also programmed it for a reality change that would suck me into their lives. Of course, in this reality I'm a very large man.

"We both like being in charge, Mick," Kev said, rubbing my neck gently.

"Now Mick, are you ready to sign the papers?"


"You're going to be the ranch SLAVE. You have to sign the papers first." Gabe led me outside...

"Now, start by taking all those clothes off. you can keep the hat." I had always been a slim guy myself but now I was taller, even taller than they were. My voice was a much deepened version of itself.

"Okay. Where should I put my stuff?"

"In the garbage. You won't need it anymore! You won't need any stuff, dude. You're going to be our slave. And it's going to be amazing. Did you take your Slavex pill?"

Slavex pill?  I had been toying with options for universes the night before with my Chronivac. And I'd fallen asleep looking at some universe where gays were the majority of the population and slavery was also perfectly legal. In this universe I'd had gambling debts. It was either prison or enslave myself to some friends. Oh my god...

"Now, sign right here and here. And here. And here. And now you're our property!" Gabe congratulated me by shaking my hand.

I could feel the drug coursing through my system. Apparently I'd already taken it and I was remembering my new memories of this reality. I...where was my Chronivac? I needed it to change things. Gabe and Kev were no longer the boys I knew in college and lusted over at various conferences. They were now lifetime buddies from way back. We'd been in rodeos together and gone on camping trips. They always wanted to top me and I always let them. I felt like the third wheel when they got married, but they were very interested in me, still. Even though a few years went by and I couldn't get a job and they became successful from Kev's father's ranch, by opening it up to tourists they had increased their business, built a whole bed and breakfast and now they were almost millionaires! But Mick had fallen far, far behind.

No, wait! I remember I was at a really good job in the City! In that nice office in San Francisco. I had all the fancy shit! Fancy dinners and such. What was happening? I don't talk like this...I deserved everything I had! Even though the thought of all that wealth is fading in my memory now. I can remember being raised in a trailer park. No! Wait! I was in an Ivy League school for Chrissakes! No, that's not right, either. I was in the 4H club! I won the blue ribbon for my lamb one year! ARRRGH! Two sets of memories battling for supremacy. I'm losing my arrogant self, and now...I am in a different history where I got my first gay experience at 17 with a trucker that liked to really push me around. He brought me with him on trips and said I was his son. My mother didn't care where I was. I sucked him off at truck stops and pretended he was my Daddy. He convinced my mother he could use me as a slave, and took me home, started doing degrading things to me when I moved in with him. He made me suck his dick all the time and eat from a dog dish and...I learned to be a good boy. A good slave.

And then I'd been dumped by him. He moved away and left and I had nowhere to go. I had a meager job but I didn't have enough money to pay my rent after he moved away. I lost my job. Then I stole a few things I didn't think anybody would miss, but they did. I was trying to sell the merchandise and got caught. Stolen laptops and such. Prison was such hell. I was only there a few months fore these two reckoned with my past I'd be perfect for em'.

No no no. I need the Chronivac!

"Why don't I show you what I need you to do on the roof now, slave. No time like the present..."

Master Kev showed me what I needed to do and I'm a good slave. I take Slavex so I can do everything that Master Kev and Master Gabe tell me to do.

Days pass.

Months pass.

Years pass.

I'm a good slave. I do everything I am told to do for Master Kev.

"Hey, slave! What the hell is this thing?" Master Kev produces the Chronivac.

"That's the Chronivac, Master."

"I found it in your things. What the hell is it?"

So I tell him. He's not supposed to be able to see it but the nanotech that makes it normally invisible is probably malfunctioning. I told him all about how we had jobs in San Francisco in an alternate reality and that I'd changed him from a scrawny effeminate geek to a complete, straight acting cowboy muscle stud! He tried it out on me. It had already changed me into a far more rugged version of myself with a deep five-o-clock sandpaper black stubble and a voice like I'd always dreamed of having. The Chronivac must have been stuck on the slave world I'd been looking at and it had all been an accident that I fell into this reality. I happily told him. He asked me how it worked so I told him...

Master Kev made me bigger than I was before and I'm not as smart and stuff. I don't know how to read or do number stuff but I'm so big and strong! Master likes me bein' big and strong. He also made me handsomer and even more masculine looking. All the better for Master to use my holes. I have to clean the floors now and then I need to make dinner for my Masters. I'm glad I gave the Chronivac to my new Masters. They deserve it. They look a lot better than they did before. Just look what he did to Master Gabe.

"Not bad, huh slave? I'm lookin pretty fuckin' good!"

"Yes, Master Gabe. You look better than ever, Sir."

"You look good, too, Slave. How do you like being a literal dumbass that doesn't know anything?" He hit a few buttons.

"It feels good, Master!"

"What's 8 times 7, dummy?"

I laughed stupidly. "Duhhh, I dunno! I know I can lift truck 8 times! Haha! Me BIG and strong, haha!" I flex my big arms proudly.

"That's right you are. You're going to be building us a new barn and then I'm going to hire you out to be a work horse for some ranchers that need some heavy manual labor. You're going to be a real cash cow for me, dummy!"

Me like lifting heavy things. Me like being Master's Slave. Once I was smart but me not now that's ok cuz I like my big muscles haha I have a big cock haha I'm on big farm.

"What's your name, Dummy?"

"Uh...I forget. Me dumb, Sir."

"Your name is Dummy!"

"Haha! OH YEAH! My name Dummy haha!"

"Good slave. Now get on the ground and lick my boots.

I do so. It's good to be a slave.

Suddenly I open my eyes. I'm in an office. There are all these people there.

"Duh? Duh, where my master?"

"Let's reset the intelligence all the way back."

Suddenly I found myself naked, in an incredibly muscular body of a well toned, giant cowboy bodybuilder. I immediately tried to put my hands in front of my dick but now it was far too big to cover. Some clothes materialized over me.

They asked me many questions. I answered all of them.

I honestly didn't expect to like being a cowboy muscle slave as much as I did. I asked for my intelligence back and I got access to the Chronivac back. But my masters ARE my MASTERS. I am devoted to them. I worship them, and they give me so much in allowing me to serve them. So I know that you thought this might end with me going back to San Francisco. To the office I used to work, where I was in a high pressure world where I constantly had to perform and crunch numbers and kiss ass to people I hated and I felt like I was always going to die of stress.

Now I'm big. I can lift a car above my head. I spend all my days digging dirt and getting fucked by other men and it suits me well. I'm being bred by dozens of men paying my master so use my big asshole and they love fucking the muscle beast that lives on their ranch.

I am big. I have masters that look out for me and plan every minute of my day.

And it was the best thing to ever happen to me! Thanks, Chronivac!!

Friday, July 5, 2019

Buster Trader's Father's Day Updates

No one can really see me. I am invisible. I don't introduce myself. I do what I love doing the most: switching young men and boys with older men. Switching their bodies so they have to be forced to find a way to switch back, of which there is none. Eventually they go to school or their new jobs and I follow them gleefully, observing them and taking notes. My name? My name is Buster Trader.

Some boys are naturally alpha males and they adapt. Some are betas and they panic and make terrible adults. But I try to get alphas. I especially like finding abusive fathers and reducing them in size. I like teaching them a lesson. And I like the fact that I do it anonymously. I like the mystery of it. They never know why they switch bodies. Sometimes I leave them the way they are. Sometimes I switch them back. But what I will always do is enjoy the show. Father's Day is sort of my busiest day. I usually try to set it up so that at least a few hundred fathers and sons swap bodies on that day around the world. I find them beforehand and I have so much fun tuning in to each pair. I am magical and then some. Let's start with little Tommy...when I found him he was so sad and alone.

"Come here! NOW! You have to do what I say!" The man walked over and swung the surprised seven year old boy around, and yanked his arm to follow him to the door.

"Stop it, Tommy! Let go of me!"

"No! You're the little boy and I'm bigger than you now. How does it feel? This is great! You're going to Sunday SCHOOL today! Can't wait, huh? It's gonna be SO much fun. You always tell me it's fun! Now I know why. Cause I don't have to go!"

"I can't. We have to figure out what just happened! I am your father and I demand that you do as I say!"

"You can't push me around! I can do whatever I want! I can even drive a car now that I'm a grownup and stuff! Vroooom, vrooooom!" Tommy played around with an imaginary steering wheel.

"Please, just listen to me, now. I am still the adult in this room."

"No you're not! No you're not! You're not a grown-up and I aaaaam!" Tommy sang in a childish taunt. "I can do what I want and you caaaa-aaaan't. Nuh nuh nuh unh unh!" Tommy stuck out his grown up tongue at his father, who was struggling to accept this new reality and desperately trying to exert authority. They had swapped suddenly and without warning. One minute he had been chewing his son out for not being ready to go when he told him to. They were due at church any minute now and they would be late for services and his son's classes, which he would have to attend. His son was now wearing a big important suit and he was wearing his son's best shirt, and came up to about his son's knees now. It was terrifying to suddenly have to look up at his former adult form.

"If we go, we can't take the car," the boy protested.

"Yeah we can! I can drive us!" Tommy said, too excitedly in his new handsome adult body. "And I can buy hamburgers if I want! I have the wallet now and adults won't listen to you unless I order! So you better be good...TOMMY! Hahahahahaha!" Tommy jumped up and down. What a great Father's Day this was!

"No, no no no no!"

Tommy lifted his father in the air. His feet were dangling under him. "I'm so big now I can even lift you up like you used to lift me! You're so little! Daddy, this is awesome!"

"Put me down!" his dad screamed in utter terror.

"I was just having fun. You don't have to be scared or nothin, Daddy! You can go to Sunday school and I'll go have a hamburger!"

"No, you have to go to Church. You can't just leave a child there. They'll call someone to take me away and you'll never see me again! And you'll have to be on your best behavior. Grown ups can't act like little kids, remember."

"You mean act boring? Hi I'm Mr. Henderson. You're grounded, mister! I like going to my job where I do things!" Tommy said, doing an impression of his father very badly, trying to deepen his voice when as an adult he didn't have to do that in order to actually be seen as an adult.

Tommy opened the door and pulled his father into the car. His father was in a panic. They buckled up.

"Okay, I'll walk you through this but please be careful. We can't get into an accident. Cars are not toys. They are very expensive and dangerous."

"Whatever. I'm a great driver! You'll see." His son put the car into reverse and casually backed out of the driveway.

"How-how did you know how to do that?"

"Cause I know how to drive! I know you never taught me or anything but it's like in my brain and stuff."

Tommy drove his father to church and left him with his teacher. This was so great. I don't have to go to classes that are all boring! Instead he went to the grown up sermon and listened carefully. It was Father's Day and the sermon was all about the importance of being a good father. There were many examples that the pastor gave.

He wasn't as hyper when he picked up his dad. He was a little somber in fact.

"You haven't been a good Daddy. You never have time for me and you always yell at me," Tommy complained in his new grown up voice. "That's why we changed. If I can be a better daddy than you than I'll get to keep being Daddy."

"My name is Brett," the small boy said. "You'll...have to tell people your name is Brett."

That night, Tommy tried to be a better daddy and he made dinner. It was really nice. He knew how to cook and stuff now. He was really proud of his work. He even made vegetables and realized they weren't easy to make and that daddy actually did do lots of hard work but he still shouldn't yell at me, he thought.

Recently, I checked in on Tommy...

He's begun to really settle into being a grown up. He enjoys a good beer every now and then. His father is having the time of his life as a 7 year old going to the park all the time in summer. With no mommy in the equation, someone had to look after his "dad" so he hired a nanny to look after him. It was actually Daddy's idea to do that with him and she had already been hired. He sipped his beer. Beer! I can drink beer, he thought with wonder. But it was mostly hard work. He was working for a corporation doing data charts all day. It was hard and boring but he knew he didn't want to go back to being so little. Not after all the things he'd done in the last few months to be a good Daddy. And he loved being a Daddy!

As for the new Tommy, he was getting used to hugging his new dad when he came home from work and he would excitedly tell him all the cool things he did that day. It was worth it, he thought. Making my son happy by being the dad is the best thing that could have happened to us.

Of course, not everyone has a happy ending. The new Tommy had been depressed as an adult and had secret desires to be a kid again. But not everyone is going to have fun after I take them away from their life. Just take little Devon here....

"I've been calling you all week! What have you been doing??" The ten year old tried to sound authoritative and it just didn't work. Devin didn't live with his father most of the time and only got to see him on weekends. His parents were separated. On Father's Day, he got angry because his dad wasn't around to receive his gift because he was out partying. He was getting drunk and probably getting together with some hot girl, he had thought bitterly and he was right. Instead of being a good dad, Trey had spent all day out with his buds. Rafe kept telling his son he'd be home soon and to just heat up some leftovers and watch what he wanted on TV. Part of the reason Trey was out and about was he was trying to sell a motorcycle of his to one of the guys down at the bar but then one thing led to another. He wound up meeting this hot babe and he brought her home. He told Devin to sit tight, and then he took her to his room and proceeded to bang the living shit out of her.

Devin will understand when he's older, he thought.

But that's when it happened. Devin materialized in his father's body just as he was having an orgasm and he involuntarily thrust his new dick inside the hot babe, cumming and cumming as she groaned. He had no idea what had happened so he was disorientated. Whatever it was had felt amazing and he was going by pure instinct. His penis was rock hard and covered with some kind of rubbery thing. He backed away from the woman, who was panting in his dad's bed. He stared at his dad's reflection in the TV that had been turned off. No, he thought. No way. He touched his face and found stubble there and he rubbed it in disbelief. His big penis wobbled up and down.

"Ohmigosh." He grabbed a pair of jeans on the ground. These are Daddy's. But...I'm tall now! I'm tall enough to fit inside Daddy's jeans!

Of course, he had run outside and screamed when he saw himself standing there in the hallway. They had both been in shock.

"Uh, I have to talk to my dad. Sorry, I can't play right now."

"Oh...kay." The hot babe had gotten herself into her clothes and had an annoyed look on her face. She got out quickly, sensing something weird was going on with this dude. She had no idea.



They were both trembling and in shock. Devin didn't know how to even handle having big long legs and he stumbled trying to get his bearings.

"My thing was hard and I was putting it in her thing, Dad! Is she gonna make a baby now?" Devin was panicked.

"NO! Oh my god, you're inside my body and you just had sex!"

Devin started to cry so Rafe comforted him. And told him all he needed to know about having a big, male adult body.

Several weeks later, Devin had gotten used to being big, tall, muscular, older and a motorcycle salesman. He knew all about motorcycles now. Whatever magic made it possible for him to swap bodies with his dad, he didn't have to worry about learnin' all that stuff on his own.

He lit up his cigar. He'd been smoking them for several weeks when his dad wasn't around. No one was around at home to tell him no for anything! He was now a free man!

"Guess it must suck being so little again, huh Dad?" Devin took a drag off of his cigar. His father had been struggling to keep up as he walked along the beach. Devin had insisted on driving out here and from now on they had to do what HE wanted to do! "But I've been having LOTS of fun. I got to bang some hot chick named Alicia the other night. Took her back to my place and fucked her real nice. I love being a man." He took another drag of his cigar. "I mean, I get it now. With a body like this, I'm sexy as fuck. So many women want me and I can't just choose one! My dick doesn't know when to quit! But don't worry, buddy, one day you'll learn how to do adult stuff just like me."

"Stop talking like that! You are still in my body and I'm in yours. I'm still your Dad, Devin!"

"You were the dad. Now I'm the dad!" Devin said nonchalantly. He was really enjoying getting to smoke cigars every day. He felt so grown up and powerful. He flexed his tattooed, beefy arms.

A week later, the new Devin came home to see his son languishing by the pool.

"Sup, Dad. I've made some decisions. First of all, we don't know what swapped us and I'm loving my new life. Second, I think I should call you son from now on and you should call ME Dad. How about it, champ?"

Rafe hung his dead in defeat. He couldn't fight reality and he couldn't fight his son. It was going to be hard learning to take orders from the ten year old he had helped raise. But Devin was bitter still over the years of Rafe neglecting him. And he wanted his dad to be jealous of the fact that Rafe couldn't smoke cigars anymore or go by his real name. He was Devin now; a little boy who was small for his age and his son was now powerfully built and a sexual stallion in the bedroom.

Guess not everyone winds up where they think they will in life.

Just ask little Keith here. Little Keith was a very sad boy. At 14, he was heavily bullied and his father had abandoned him when he was a baby. He had never even talked to Lance, who was a tall, good looking, handsome playboy who just never wanted children. He didn't even pay child support. He disappeared with a fake ID and wound up in another state and had never looked back. Until the day he woke up as a 14 year old boy living with his former girlfriend.

I never knew my dad but I knew I was sick of living with my mom. She's crazy and an alcoholic. My life has been hard and I used to wish so hard that my dad would come get me. I wished he would with all my heart. But he never did. Then one Father's Day I made a card for him and didn't know where to send it. I just wanted to pretend I had a dad to give it to. Pathetic, right? Well the next thing I knew, I was standing right here, walking along a city riverfront I'd never been to before. Where was I? And...why were my arms covered in muscle and why was I wearing these clothes?

"What the hell?" My voice! It was so deep and sexy! I put hands on my face. Even my legs were longer and I felt so strong. Maybe this was a dream. A dream where I'd wake up later. So I should enjoy it while I can! I smiled widely. As I walked, I noticed I was not only as tall as other grownups, with more than a few I was way taller than they were! I had always been on the short side, taking after my maternal grandfather, who was only 5'3". It sucked. I had always wished I could know what it was like to be tall and now here I was! It was so surreal and cool. This dream was awesome.

Then the phone in my pocket rang. I saw it was from my cel phone number!


"Hello? Is I you?"

"How would I know?" I smiled. "But I like it. This dream is awesome so far."

"You don't understand. Kid, you aren't dreaming. I'm...I think I'm your dad. My name is Lance. You...are you Keith? Is this Keith talking inside my body?"

I blinked. Did I really sound like that? I sounded like such a pansy or even worse, a girl.

"Where have you BEEN!" I suddenly screamed. "I waited for you every year! Mom said not to but she was a mean drunk so I thought she was just trying to hurt me never came for me!"

"I'm sorry. I'm so so sorry but I have no idea how this happened. Look, go home to my house. Keys are in your back pocket. You are nearby where you live. It's only about 25 minutes by foot from where you are. Find the address on your driver's license...on MY driver's license in your wallet. Then look up the address on your phone...on MY get the idea. And then we'll figure things out from there."

"Thanks but no thanks. You've been a great help...KEITH." I looked at my new ID. There he was. That's me? That's what I look like? Whoa! I look handsome! I look hot! I look older and cooler and very dadlike. Only he wasn't a good dad to me, he was an absentee father who gave me nothing my whole life. I was suddenly so angry.

"What? No. No no, I'm not you. We have to find a way to switch back."

"Sorry, kid. I think you have the wrong number." I hung up and immediately blocked his phone number.

Then I headed home...

Well, it's been a few Father's Days since that fateful day. I've really taken advantage of being in Lance's body. Of being Lance. I own my own company doing roof repair and some gardening. Bored housewives love hiring me because they can get a glimmer of what they're missing out on. Not that I care because I'd rather plow their husbands. And sometimes I do!

I also took bodybuilding to new heights. He had gotten the ball rolling but I really took it into a new dimension, a new level. I'm so proud of my body. I hate wearing a shirt now. I just want everyone to see how jacked I am!

Lance tried to call and email me for the longest time. I'd receive letters in the mail that he wasn't doing well adjusting to his new high school. Seems like without a father figure in his life, and a mother that had slowly become more and more addicted to drugs and alcohol, she had finally gotten a DUI and wound up in prison. He had nowhere to go. He was trying to avoid social workers that came by while pretending his dad was going to come get him.

He told me he could always go through the courts but I told him not to worry. He could come live with me.

But there were going to be rules. I was going to be in charge and he better fly right if he wanted to live under MY roof.

I smoke my cigar and watch the setting sun. Father's Day wsa the best thing that ever happened to me. I can't even think of him as my father but maybe I can think of him as my SON. It would be appropriate. He never grew up, really. But I sure had! And I was responsible. Way more than he ever had been. I'd take him in.

Course, he had no idea that I was going to get him drunk, high on pills and fuck his brains out but I did that the first week he arrived. I'm Daddy now, bitch! And he loves it. He calls me Daddy and he does everything I tell him to do. He can't believe how big my muscles are. He was never this muscular before and I let him know it every day.

He even bought me a Father's Day card recently. It was very sweet of him. I plowed his mouth and forced him to gag on my massive dad dick. It's good to be the Dad!

Saturday, January 12, 2019

The Amazing Mr. Cachimbo Strikes Again!


My name is J.J. That's short for John James but J.J. just sounds way cooler. That's what all my friends call me. Or at least they used to. I'm the one in the middle. My friend Rick is there right next to me. We were smoking some cigars that we meant to smoke on New Year's. I'd gotten them from this guy, Mr. Cachimbo. It was crazy. One minute I was on my way home and the next I was stopping suddenly at this cigar store out in the middle of nowhere. He talked me into buying a very special blend. I shared them with my buddies, and it had a really good, like really good buzz. I'd never smoked a cigar I'd loved that much before. It was amazing. Made my head light. I felt like I could do anything. I felt like I had to go home and see my son Oscar for some reason.

So I headed out, still lusting after the cigar. I lit another one because I couldn't stop thinking about it.

My boy Oscar was in bed, of course. His older cousin lives with us and she looks after him when I'm not around. I smiled. What if...I thought about it really oddly, it just popped into my head. What if I could turn into my son and what if we switched bodies tonight? Man, I must be out of it I thought.

So I went to bed and had this weird dream where I actually got up out of my bed and saw my sleeping body and I went to my son's room. He was getting out of his body, too.

"I'm going to try to be you from now on. Would you like to be a grown up, Oscar? You can be the dad and no one will ever even know!" I was giddy.

"Yeah! I'll be the adult and you'll be the little kid!"

"Yep. That's the plan. I'll see you in the morning when we wake up!"

"Okay...I can't wait!" His ghost form ran out of the room and disappeared into my bedroom. I suddenly fell backwards and the next thing I knew I was squinching my eyes. It was morning! I yawned. I stretched my arms. I was on the wrong blanket. I was...the blanket had little trains on it. Why did it have little trains on it? Why was I in Oscar's bedroom. I got down on the floor and looked up. Everything was taller! Giant sized! What! I'd shrunk.

"Oh, I get it. I'm still dreaming!" I exclaimed. In a little kid voice. A very prepubescent 8 year old little boy voice. "My voice!" I shrieked. I sounded like a girl, almost. I ran to the bathroom. I wasn't tall enough to even see the mirror all the way but I could see the top of my hair. "Uh oh. This isn't good." It was me saying it but Oscar's voice was coming out of it.

Then...HE came walking up, rubbing his eyes.


I'll just skip past the hysterics as we figured out our dream was somehow real. I'll skip past the entire day where he called in sick and I had him call to say his "son" would be out today. I'll skip to the next day. I taught him how to shave. His beard was growing in and he was very excited to learn how to be a man.

"You mean like this, Daddy??"

'Yeah. Only, you take your tongue and move it around your mouth like this, shee? And you shave along the curve, okay? Let's take it nice and slow..."

"Well, you cleaned up pretty nicely, kiddo." He guffawed at me way too loudly.

"You're the one who's the kiddo now, huh Daddy!"

"Yeah. So are you ready, sport?"

"Yeah, dad. But I'm not gonna take the car to work til I remember how to drive and stuff."

"Right. So that means..."

"I'll take my skateboard to work! But it's cool. Mr. Cachimbo gave me all your work knowledge stuff."

"Yeah. Great." It was true. That crazy cigar store owner had swapped my body with my son's. He said it was an "end of the year special" and then he explained that we would swap back when we learned a valuable lesson. Yeah. Geat.

It's totally cool. I'm the grown up tall business suit guy and Dad gets to go back to third grade. I loved reading all the time in my classes so I am excited. Now I get to read really grown up papers and things at Daddy's law firm. I'm a total lawyer now and stuff. It's cool. Mr. Cachimbo says I'll be able to drive tomorrow! Alright! Man, people are looking at me weird. Maybe that's cauze I'm like totally hot now! I love being tall! 


"Well, I'm just really disappointed in you right now, son. You said you would be home on time and you weren't. You're grounded until further notice. You know the rule. If you're outside playing with your friends and the street lights come on, you need to come home right away."

"And I'm telling you it's not my fault! Ronnie and Bobby were fighting and I had to stop them! I was the only one who could talk sense into them." 

"That is...a noble thing indeed but you should have really headed back sooner. You need to pay attention to the time. Time is money, you know. You'll learn that later in life. And one day when you're older you're going to realize that if you have a son, you have to be responsible for him. And show him how to be a man one step at a time." Suddenly Rick and Caden both felt very dizzy. 

"Did you feel that, too, Dad?" someone else said in his voice. 

"What? WHAT THE HELL!!!" 

"Dad, where are you! I'm staring at myself! Who are you! A clone? Are you a clone??"

"Don't be ridiculous. I'm your father. Holy shit, why do I sound like you? NO! THIS ISN'T POSSIBLE!!!" 

Well. As you can see, it is possible. My son and I have traded bodies. All thanks to a cigar store owner who won't tell me when we're switching back! At least I have time to read some great novels that I've been putting off, even though my teachers insist I'm too young to read Stephen King. Ugh. Caden gets to have all the fun driving and smoking my cigars now. I want a cigar real bad and he won't let me...and I'm grounded on top of that!! He says I have to learn a lesson about being a kid again and learning to take orders from an adult. So I can remember how hard it is. Well two can play at this game. I'm giving my new dad major shit, calling him out on overspending at the grocery store, making sure he gets healthy food and telling him an adult should know better. I keep pestering him and screaming at him if I don't get my way to push his buttons just like he used to push mine. He's getting really pissed off but I'm not going to make this easy on him. Oh no. 

Man, this tastes amazing. I never had cigars before leaping into Dad's body. This feels awesome and my voice is totally deep and stuff. It's fantastic. Dad is short and he has to do what I say. But he keeps acting like a spoiled brat, demanding I buy things for him. Did I ever really sound like that? Was I really that annoying? I was doing a good job being a lawyer for dad and it was really hard to come home to someone asking me for money all the time! Geez! I finally screamed at him. 


"I'm the real man of this house, that's what," he replied in his sarcastic little boy voice. 

"OH REALLY," I yelled, picking him up by his armpits. He didn't expect that and now he's terrified. "LITTLE BOYS SHOULD DO WHAT THEIR FATHERS SAY OR THEY WILL GET A SMACK ACROSS THE ASS! IS THAT WHAT YOU WANT! HUH? IS IT?" I tried to look mean and threatening. It felt great. He crumbled. My daddy was crying like a kid as I set him down. He looked up at me with big, innocent eyes, tearfully sobbing as he said the words: "I'm sorry." So I held him in my arms. "I'm your Daddy now, son. It's all okay. But you have to let me be in charge from now on. Okay? SON?" 

"Yes, Sir." He said. Putty in my hands. I didn't even have to spank him. Just told him I would. That's why being an adult fucking rules. Well that and I can say the word "fucking". 


"What is it, dear? I'm busy."

"I just thought you might like some coffee."

"Oh, thank you. Just set it down here."


"I told you not to call me by that name ever again. STARLA."

"I hate being a woman. It's awful."

"Oh, pumpkin. You didn't say that last night." HE came around and put a hand around his new girlfriend. "You didn't say that when you were riding my dick and you enjoyed that, didn't you? You enjoyed riding my big dick." He said to her, as sweetly as he could, nibbling on her ear a bit. She gasped.

"I just want to be myself again. I want to work."

"You don't have to. I'm in charge of everything now. I can run your business just fine," HE said assuringly. "But I gotta say, I just have a whole new respect out of what it takes to be a man. I mean, there's a lot more to it than I thought. I'm a provider now. I make sure you have what you need and in return you make sure I get what *I* need," HE put his hands all over her and undid her buttons. He fucked her over his new desk. Just a few days ago he had been a model/actress trying to get a part with commercials and dating her sugar daddy boyfriend who was paying most of the bills. And he was a misogynist of course. He believed in a dutiful girlfriend who did everything for her man. She tried to meet all of his expectations but it never seemed to be enough. Just because he paid for everything, he thought he needed to constantly correct her; the way she cleaned, cooked and even what she wore. She got so sick of it until a Mr. Cachimbo had sold her the perfect cigars for her husband so he had a good New Year's Party with the boys.

Only the next day, they had woken up like this. She got used to having a beard and a dick pretty fast and her newfound fascination with cigars, working out, and the overall aggression and hard decision making abilities she had now inherited filled her with constant excitement. Each day HE now fucked HIS girlfriend. She had to start using her new masculine pronouns so that she didn't slip up. No referring to the little missus as "he" or "him". God the rush of fucking her was unbelievable.

HE screamed as he reached the crescendo of his new climax. She moaned in ecstasy.

"Yeah, you like that, don't you? YOU LOVE GETTING FUCKED BY ME."

"Yes," she moaned. "I do. Fuck me. Fuck me harder." So HE did. Then he lit up his cigar as she was spent, looking up at her new sugar daddy, the tables turned utterly.

"Go make me a sandwich, honey. That's a good girl..."


"Dude, becoming the dads of the family is like the coolest thing. I love not going to school!" Pete said. He was the swarthy one dressed in red." He had aged overnight from 16 to 36 in one night, 20 whole years and his dad had been magically youthened. Though the ages were not just reversed for them but all of Pete's buddies who had shared the cigars he had bought illegally with a fake ID from Mr. Cachimbo. 

Waking up a fat, older version of yourself is strangely more amazing, compelling, and enjoyable than you could possibly imagine. At least for Bob, who is bald now, and Garrison, in the gray. We all have had a blast as the older counterparts in the family. Our moms or girlfriends remember us as the ones in charge, as the men of the house, as the fuck studs we are haha. Yeah, I don't care if you think it's gross but we all fuck each other now. Our moms are all like, divorced from us which is so weird. And our "boys"? Well they have a ton more schoolwork and all the shit they used to say about how much our generation sucks? Well now they complain about OUR generation, the same generation they used to be! Haha. Kids these days...but at least they don't have to worry about mortgages and loss of health benefits. Now if you will excuse us, we are going to all go somewhere cozy, light up a few more stogies and fuck each other senseless. Man dick and cum leaking out my ass are my favorite new things. 


Well, it's official. I used to be Ron the adult and now I'm Ron the teenager. I'm the one in the blue stripes, the cute one. I've gone insane because I'm now a fucking kid again. Just 16. Well, I'm ready to fuck. So I consider myself a man. All my straight friends and I regretted the cigars we smoked from Mr. Cachimbo. I'd found the cigars my son had bought and part of the spell that came over me made me not want to punish him but confiscate these amazing, perfect cigars and share them with all my buds. You see, part of the magic that Mr. Cachimbo is capable of means that you just automatically want to smoke cigars even if you have never smoked a day in your life. It doesn't matter. You will smoke them and you will change according to what Mr. Cachimbo wants. 

Now, all of us are gay and I mean all of us. All of us were straight before and now we're all gay. Fucking asshole, I thought at first. I was so angry. Until I realized my buds were all still there, youthened and hot with asses that wouldn't quit. Our new dads hid the rest of the Cachimbo stashes that were left but brought home stogies for all of us. They told us as long as we were having sex, we were real men and real men deserved the right to smoke cigars. I will say this, I am kind of loving being back at school and being a big bottom twink isn't bad either. All of my friends will have sleepovers and we'll get naked and cuddle and spoon each other under the covers. We really are just one big happy family now and I couldn't actually be happier. 


Okay, so like, if you told me that my 13 year old brother and I would be these studs that you see right now and that I would be like, bald and a man or whatever, I would not have believed you. I didn't think magic existed. But like, my Dad gave my brother his first cigar and they smoked out together. Totally irresponsible if you ask me. But I wasn't there. Anyway. I woke up like this because for some reason I snuck downstairs and tried puffing on one. Some magic spell or something. Anyway. I used to be 15 with pretty hair and now I had no hair and I worked in auto parts. I knew everything about auto parts. My Daddy is now my brother. That's him next to me. Seriously, he used to be my Daddy. Mr. Cachimbo says I didn't appreciate being a girl because I was always complaining about how hard my life was. Well, now I understand how good I had it!

That's my brother. He works with my dad doing manly trucking shipments and he smokes cigars every day like a MAN now. The ironic thing is he was always complaining about how people didn't treat him with respect. He never shut up about how he wanted to be treated like an adult. Well, now he'd Dad's boss! Dad doesn't remember a thing but it's crazy. He defers to his former son now. He thinks they are brothers. Bobby is on a total ego trip about it. He brags all the time but honestly, I have him beat. I was always the older one and deep down I had not wanted him to grow up so fast because I wanted to still be the physically bigger sibling. And now I always will be! With my giant guns, he will never be as big as me.

He really likes it when I tell him that as I'm fucking his ass. I don't care if it is the magic, it feels fucking great to fuck my brother with my new dick. I love being a man. There isn't a single thing I would change and I hope I never have to see Mr. Cachimbo again. I want to stay this STRONG and NEVER go back to being a girl!! The power, the machismo, feelings of arrogance over the sheer superiority in size I now just can't beat it!

Friday, September 7, 2018

The Hourglass (Characters): Part 3

Next up we have EDWARD, who was told he was dying.

Let's get him started, shall we? Take a spin on the Hourglass, and take some of that muscle and age from his son, the con artist...

Not bad, but I think we can do a bit better...

Good progress! Let's take a little more size now...and maybe make him handsomer...

That's more like it.


Next up we have KENNETH, who built up his fortune only to be betrayed by scheming relatives who stuck him in a nursing he is at his house before being hauled away:

Now here he is taking all the youth out of the orderly that abused him and his no good son who pushed him down the stairs...

Not bad, but..I think we can take quite a bit more...defined...

More muscle! I must have that really ME??

Now let's suck some of that youth and have a cigar...

Ungh. SO much muscle. Wanna suck some youth. MUST SUCK YOUTH!

Gotta have even more youth! More, I say!

Finally, the power is all mine! Not to mention the fact I'm cute as fuck!

The Hourglass: More Characters

So if you haven't read my 250 page so far muscle theft epic, "The Hourglass", you can do so here:

This is just a visual guide for those that like the story and want to see how I envision the characters.


starts off pretty old but after siphoning off youth and muscle...

Man I wish I could be fucking young again...


getting there...

And done!

Next up, QUINCY, the sarcastic redhead...he started off pretty old...

But with a little help from the Hourglass, took what he could...

Let's take some more of that muscle and size and age away from your criminal son...

It looks much better on him!

His progression into a stud TV reporter is now legendary.

And then there's ERIK, who was the only gay member of the group that would be turning straight (all the others traded heterosexuality for muscle, size and youth) and he started off so fat and old...

But he showed signs of improvement quickly enough...

But of course that wouldn't be quite enough...time came for him to really push back the years...

Looking very bearishly handsome here...let's pull back even more years...

Mm...Daddy likes...but how about just a bit more off the top...

Ah, that's better!

All thanks to the wonderful karmic beings giving these guys a magic room where they can exchange their old bodies for new ones, mostly by sucking it from their ungrateful sons!