Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Nathan Becomes a Father

My name is Bailey now but it used to be Nathan. I was only 9 years old but now I'm a big grown up and I can smoke cigars because I'm a man! Not like Bailey. He's just a little boy now. Mmm. I like cigars a lot. I'm a big shot producer and today I approved a movie and the other movies I'm overseeing are going to make lots of money. Bailey was only a screenwriter but when I got the Spells R Us wizard to help me I got all of Bailey's knowledge and then I wished to be in charge so now I'm the boss of the company and I get to tell everyone what to do! I even got all the know how so I sound very adult when I talk to OTHER grown ups! It's very cool and I like being a grown up very much.

Mommy, I mean, Erica was living with me in my new mansion. I didn't want her to be mad because I didn't want to be with her so I wished that she wouldn't want to have sex with me, but I hadn't had sex yet and I was wondering what it was like. Now that I was a grown up and driving a car and getting money and smoking cigars I should have sex. I jacked off my big new dick (it feels so cool I can say that word I was not allowed to say it before) all the time but I keep hearing sex is way better. Mommy, I mean Erica wanted to meet me in the park to tell me something very important so I cancelled a meeting.

I still can't believe I'm taller than her now! 

"Bailey, how are you?"

"I'm good, babe." 

"Bailey, I know we haven't had sex in a while, but I'm late."

"Late for what?"

"Sweetheart, what I'm trying to say is that I'm pregnant. It's confirmed. It's yours. I'm a month in."


"Are you mad? I know we haven't had sex in weeks and I don't know why I don't want to..."

"Oh. Would that make you happy, Mommy?"

"What? Oh, that's so sweet! So you're happy about this?"

"Babe, of course. In fact...I wish you did want to have sex again." I smiled. I wanted Mommy to be happy.

 "Oh, Bailey! Thank you! I love you! You're the best boyfriend! I love you so much!" 

"'re welcome, honey." I was so nervous now. I wasn't sure how to act even though I could act like a grown up. I had Bailey's voice and knowledge but I'm still me inside.

Wow! Oh! 

Mommy kissed me! Hey, this is good. I like this. Mmmmmm. 

"Oh, Mommy," I said. 

"Bailey, let's go home and make love right now!"

"Okay! I can't wait to have sex! I bet it's fun..."

So I took Mommy home and I parked the car. I feel so manly. Bailey...he's in my body now. He was home and so I greeted him. 

"Hello, Nathan. How was your day, sweetheart?"

"Oh. It was good. Can I watch television, Bailey? Please?"

"Did you do your homework yet, boy?"

"I can do it while I watch."

"Well, okay. But make sure that you do it or I'll revoke your TV privilege. Alright...son?"

Bailey in my body smiled. I keep thinking of him as Bailey but I'm Bailey now. He's Nathan.

So I took Erica, who was my mother before, upstairs into the bedroom. I was so nervous. But my dick sure wasn't! It knew right what to do!

"I'm the man of the house, now." I said, trying to sound confident. 

"Oh, yes you are." She took my dick and guided me toward the bed. She took all her clothes off. I was going to fuck my mother! I didn't care I was in Bailey's body and I WAS Bailey now! I was gentle with her as I slid my dick inside and then it was like WHOA it felt SO GOOD! I was not prepared for how good it felt. I moaned instantly. It was like amazing. I got so so hard I started thrusting and moaning and squirted inside her. 

"I'm going to be a daddy! This is so awesome!"

"I'm so glad you think so!" 

I told Bailey that I was going to have a baby with Mommy. I also asked her to marry me so we could all be a family. I was a real man now and not a little boy and wanted to make her and my new son very happy. The new Nathan got a weird look in his eye and then he smiled because I made a wish for him to be happy being me and then he hugged me. 

"I'm gonna take good care of you, buddy." Erica left the room to go get a camera. "And I had a lot of fun with Mommy, too."

"Nathan...I mean...Bailey, you shouldn't tell me that. You're me now, remember?"

"Yeah, you're right...son. I guess it's still going to take time to get used to." I gave him a big hug.

So that's the end of my story I guess. I have the power to switch other dads and sons and I am only gonna do it with the ones that need to learn a lesson. I think I'm gonna really like being Bailey and answering only to that name from now on. And as a matter of business, I just approved a new remake of "Vice Versa", a classic 80s film about a father and son that swap bodies! I am thinking of casting. Maybe Chris Pratt as the dad. Anyway, it's going to be a lot of work so I have to go. Make sure I don't catch you being a bad daddy or you might have to wear your son's clothes to school the next day!

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Living It Up

"There's my sweet little wife."

"Hi, MOM."

"Did you do everything on your chore list, sweetie?"

"No, I haven't."

"Oh? Well you don't get an allowance from me until you do," Sheila said sternly inside my body.

"You cannot keep doing this. You don't know how to do my job. If you keep going to work, you'll get me fired!"

"Oh, really, HONEY? Because the boss said I was doing a great job. See, it's funny, I used to manage at a similar job when the kids were younger but I never made this kind of money or got promoted this far. Even though I can do the work. So, uh, no offense but I think I can handle things at the company just fine. Now why don't you go and run over to the store and pick up some beer. You know the kind I like, the dark ale."

"You. You can't keep doing this. I can't live like this," I pleaded. "I can't live as a woman."

"Oh, sweetie," he cooed. He got up and blew smoke and then reached over my face with his stubbly, sandpapery face and rubbed mine, pecking me on the lips. "We've only just begun, sweetie. By the time I'm done with you, you'll be a whole new woman." He grabbed my perky ass and gave a little squeeze. I felt so humiliated! My daughter though, she was just as bad. She was in her brother's body, just having the time of her life.

"And you. What did your brother ever do to deserve this. He's now a...waitress. He has to endure getting called all sorts of names and having his ass grabbed!"

"Oh but it was okay for me to have that job? Fuck him! He was a male chauvanist pig! Besides, I like the whole cigar smoking jock body thing way more! I fucked my first boy in this body and it was great. I think Jason will make a great gay man."

"And I'm very proud of my gay son," my wife said, smiling with my handsome face. "Now, muffin, be a good girl and go home and get dinner ready. The boy and I are gonna stick around and watch the game a little more. You know I never liked sports before but being in this body...oooh, fuck I dunno. I just seems more interesting."

"Fuck yeah! It feels great having testosterone. I feel a lot more confident and sports are fucking great. And I love my job at the warehouse. I'm one of the guys now and I finally get some respect!"

"Look, it's not my fault we live in a world where men get breaks but you can't make me be a woman. It's unnatural. And I think-" Suddenly my new wife's manly face was shoving his tongue down my throat. "Oh, baby, you're not here to think. Now go home and make dinner or you don't get an allowance this week. Atta girl!" He slapped me on the ass and I walked fast and he and my daughter simply laughed.

"There she goes. My gal."

My cheeks burned as I walked home while my daughter and wife were living it up. It burned me with shame to want my old body so badly. I wanted him inside me! I mean her! I mean...this was so confusing! Last night I'd refused his advances. He wanted to explore HIS new body and he was so irresistible. I'm not made of stone. Hell, I'm 110 pounds soaking wet now! He was so strong and I felt so in awe as he was in control of me. I was beginning to think like a woman! I craved dick now! It was insane. I wondered why my daughter was having sex with men. I wondered if Jason was actually gay and just didn't tell me. Either way it didn't matter. I was stuck this way until Sheila changed her mind...if she ever changed her mind.


"So, I was thinking of staying like this a week at first, uh, son," Sheila said, in her husband Dave's body. They finished their cigars.

"I know but I wanna fucking stay! Being a boy is way better! I'm stronger and it's just fucking great, I don't want to go back to the restaurant. I know Jason hates being me but I do not give a shit."

"You make a good man, I must say. And so do I. I think we should break it to them tonight. Right after I screw my new wife and give her what she's craving." The new Dave patted his crotch.

"Mmmm, she'll come around. Maybe what she needs is to have another baby to remind her who the real man of the house is."

The two new men smiled and enjoyed the rest of their lives as men very much.

Monday, August 24, 2015

We Found an Age Ray

" do I look?"

"Oh, geez. Oh, man. I dunno. Old?"

"I'm like a high school kid's age, right Jayce?"

"I dunno. I mean, it was on a three year setting. How many times did you use it?"

"Uh...four. I think. It was on two years at first. So...two plus two plus three plus three means I'm 20 years old now. Wow. Hey, do you think I should use it again? Maybe I can grow a beard, dude!"

"No! You need to de-age yourself. My parents are coming home soon!"

"Dude, I wanna stay like this!"

"Where would you even live? You're like huge now! We have a math test tomorrow!"

"Uh, well I can't go in like this. Oh well, guess I can't go!" Billy smiled.

"Okay okay. Look. You can grow up on weekends. How's that? We are only 12, dude. My dad will know I used the age ray. I'm not even supposed to know about it. I broke into his stuff in the basement. I wasn't supposed to be down there."

"Dude, just let me walk around for a while. I can come back tonight and you can make me a kid again then, or whatever. PLEASE? Please please please please?" It was really weird to see a 20 year old acting so immature. A 20 year old who was only in 5th grade.

"Okay, look. Maybe. I dunno."

"Dude, you should be a grown up, too. It's awesome. Hit me a few more times. I wanna be 26! Come on!"

"I...okay, fine. But only for today."

"Thanks, Jayce." I zapped him twice and watched my best friend grow even more muscular and hairy. He grew a beard, just like he wanted. "This is SO cool. Oh uh...can I have one of your dad's shirts?"

"Oh uh...sure." I got up to go to my dad's room to grab one. A burst of light hit me and I couldn't see all of a sudden.

"What the heck, dude? Oh my..hey. My voice! Ow, my clothes ow ow ow!" I took off my tiny shorts. Oh no. I looked down at my now hairy legs and looked at hairy arms.

"Now you're an adult like me!"

I stared at myself in shock. I'd read the instructions and I tried to show off to Billy when he came over but I hadn't used the raygun on myself. I just wanted Billy to like me more. I really liked him. He was one of the coolest kids ever. Well, not anymore. I mean he was cool but not a kid.

"Uh I uh...oh man I should put some pants on. My voice is so deep! It's crazy." I rubbed my stubble...I had stubble now!!

We both put on some of my dad's clothes.

"I feel weird. Do you feel weird?"

"What do you mean?"

He hugged me. "You are such a spaz. You're my best friend! This is the greatest present anyone ever gave me!"

I don't know why but I put my hand on his beard and started to feel it and looked at his big puppy dog eyes. "Um...Oh. Sorry."

"It's okay. Do you think I look good?"

"Yesh. You look real good."

"I think you look good, too. You look very handsome."

"Well uh..."I rubbed myself down where my penis was and saw a huge bulge.

"I didn't even look at my penis. Whoa!" Billy whipped his out. "It's huge! Look!"

"Yeah mine is real big, too."

Before we knew it we were daring each other to do things. I held his penis and he held mine and we both got real excited.

"Can you kiss it? My brother says his girlfriend does that."

"Well I'm not a girl!"

"But I like you and you like me, right? We should play grown ups. Since we are grown ups. I mean, we should act just like grown ups do." Billy smiled and rubbed his beard. He had a beard now!

He kissed me. "I think I'm gay."

"I think I'm gay, too."

"Quick, let's look up how to be grown ups on the Internet!" Billy went over to his computer and typed some things in. "Oh, gross! But cool. Hey, can you do this to me, Jayce?"

Minutes later I was sucking Billy's cock in my mouth.

"Oh that feels so good! Keep doing that! Oh man! Oh man! This feels unbelievable! You're the best friend I ever had! Oh god! Keep going! Please! Yes!"

After a while my mouth filled with the white stuff that's inside boys dicks. We saw guys squirting it and its like pee but it's the stuff that makes babies. I saw guys sucking it and drinking it on the Internet that Billy showed me and I had heard big kids use the word "cum" before and I guess that's what gay guys like and we're gay. I'm not sure but I think the age-ray also makes you gay because I liked girls sort of and now I can't get enough of Billy's penis. Or cock or dick...I guess I'm a grown up and grown ups are allowed to use those words!

"Hey, can we say bad words now that we're grown ups?"

"We can do anything! We just had sex!"

"Oh shit. Oh shit my dad's home! What do we do?"

"Just leave it to me. There's the negative sign. I'll put it on 25 years..." Billy got some of my dad's pants on and ran down the stairs just as my dad and mom were coming in...leaving a stunned pair of ten year olds at the door with heavy grocery bags.


Well it's been a few weeks now and I sort of let Billy just take control. I mean it's crazy out of control but we can't go back now! I mean we turned Billy's parents into little kids and if we turn everyone around we have to be kids again and then we will totally get grounded!

It's really hard because my dad says that everyone will notice we moved out and another family moved in so we decided to pretend to be our dads. Billy got a job with his dad's ID and resume as a security guard. He moved into my house cause his parents lived in a small apartment so now everyone lives here. I locked up the age ray in the basement and put a big lock on it so no one can go in and there's another lock inside. I feel bad and I'm trying to find a job now. My dad is mad because I told his office he quit and I'm trying to make money but I don't know how to do anything so I'm going to learn to drive so I can drive trucks, because that is a good job. Well I have to go, I have to make dinner for my parents since I'm the tall one now. They are still really unhappy but maybe they'll feel better soon!

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Chronivac Case File: Brother Body Reassignment

My name is Harry. I'm the big one in the picture above. That photo hangs in my living room. The little guy next to me is my little brother Stevie. Stevie was so great because he always looked up to me so much. He was always wanting to be just like me. He tried copying me in just about every way. I tried to be a good big brother just because he came close to idolizing me. Like I was a celebrity in our town because I took the football team to state championships and secured myself a college scholarship.

Anyway, so things were great and I was teaching him to work out with me in the gym and he was spending some real quality time with me. And like, one day I came home and I was so pissed off and he asked me why. I told him it was because of this fucking jerk, whose name was Alex. Alex really was obsessed with my current girlfriend, Amy. Amy and I were a really good looking couple and Alex was a geek. He didn't even lift! Fuck, he was scrawny. He had the audacity to interrupt my date with Amy last week just because we came into the pizza place he worked. Amy told him off and said she didn't want to be with him and he said he had a real problem with the fact she didn't end things, she just cheated on him with me. I said sorry bro, that's just the way it is. Big guys like me work out and look good and we get girls. Guys like you go to film festivals and don't work out and hide in their basements and watch girls like Amy on TV and whack off. Well then tonight, the little pipsqueak shows up at a party and tells a rumor that I was gay! I was so fucking pissed off when I found out I pounded him. I'd been drinking and was full of piss and vinegar, I just wanted to fight someone anyway and he was there. He was no match for me. He was crying like a baby and said he'd get even with me. He said I'd be taken down eventually. People helped him up and brought him outside to go to a hospital or some shit.

So my little bro and me, we just hung out for a while watching movies and I worked out in the garage for a little bit and I get a phone call and it's that little shit Alex!

"You motherfucker! You had enough yet?"

"Oh, no. I haven't had enough, you fucking dumbass. See I never said you were gay and if you'd bothered to ask me you'd know that. A gay dude at the party said you were hot, that's all. Your buddies lied to you hoping you would beat me up because they thought it would be funny. Well guess what, dipshit. I have a secret weapon and pretty soon you aren't gonna have the cozy life, oh no. You're gonna be a lot different. Have fun with your new life, asshole. And just so you have a heads up, no amount of begging will change your fate. The Chronivac was given to me for just that reason."

He hung up and I thought man, either I've had too much to drink or he's just a crazy fucking little nerd. What the fuck was a Cronevac? I went back upstairs and felt really light headed. I looked up at my little brother. Wha...

I looked at the photo of us on the wall. It had...changed. We were different. I was now a puny shrimp. But that doesn't make sense. I'm 22 and my brother is 16 but...he's huge! How did he get big?

"Hey, bro." His voice is so frikkin deep now! "Fuck, I'm pumped!"

" look so big," I said helplessly. What the fuck? I looked at myself. I looked so small. Where'd all my muscles go?! My brother now has them! I have his body! What the fuck! I started to hyperventilate and then went into the kitchen. There was a gallon of protein powder mixed with milk that had Stevie's name written on it.

"Hey, bro, are you gonna be here tonight or are you working at the pizza parlor?"

"The pizza parlor?" That's right, I worked there, since I wasn't smart enough to get into college. But I did...I had a football body! My bro had my body! What happened.

And then new memories started to flood into me. About my brother's genetic changes on account of him being an alpha mutant. He had this one in a billion gene that made him like a superstud and he doesn't even have to do any bodybuilding to do it.

The doorbell rang. "Oh, shit, it's Amy. Can you make yourself scarce, man? I uh...I'd like to be alone, tonight. Amy and me are gonna fuck don't mind, right?"

"Oh. Uh, sure."

"That's my little pal!" He clapped me on the back hard. "Sorry, man. I don't know my own strength sometimes. You know that."

Fuck. He had been fucking girls since he was in 7th grade. He was always so big and I...I on the other hand never really developed past the age of 15 body wise no matter how hard I worked out. Doctors told me I had just peaked and there was nothing I could do about it. Whatever genes Stevie got, I would never be able to access.

Amy came in, giggling with Stevie embracing her in his huge, brawny arms. He whispered something funny to her and patted her on the ass. I really wish I could get girls to look at me like that but ever since I could remember they were always interested in my little brother who was like five years younger than me!

Soon, they were both in Stevie's room, and she was gasping and all over him and I heard him panting and screaming "OH YEAH!" at the top of his lungs. "FUCK YEAH! HELL YEAH! FUCK!"

I wandered outside wanting to cry. Eventually after I decided to go to the gym. At least I still had a car, though it was nowhere near as nice as Stevie's. Our parents lavished attention on him but since I didn't get into college they were less demonstrative to me. I had a car that could barely get around and I decided I might as well go to the gym and at least try and get back to normal.

I walked in. It was a quiet night. And there was Alex. Alex...but was...wrong....

"Hey! Faggot! I told you to be here at 9 sharp, nerd. You ready for me to show you how to work out like a real man?"

Alex was supposed to be small. I told him that.

"Yeah, you're still getting used to the new reality. Hold on." I blinked. Suddenly I remembered everything clearly, but also knew my new reality.

"You stole my life! You made my brother into some kind of freak 16 year old hulk!"

"And I gave myself your football scholarship! Thanks for that, butthead!" He towered over me now. I gulped. "Now don't you think you should tell me now nice I look like this?"

" can't be serious! What the hell did you do? How did you do this? Am I hallucinating?"

"No, but you better get used to it because you're not going back. I like being the big football star that everyone fucking loves. I had no idea the sheer fucking thrill that came with being big until I gave myself your football career but fucking hell! It's like a surge of energy all the time and everyone is just so nice to me! And as for you, you can be my little friend. My little friend that licks my butthole and bends over for me. See, buddy, I decided that women were too much trouble so I made us both gay. And you're gonna be my buttboy from now on."

I was suddenly filled with lust for him; it was a lust I'd never known. I wanted to rub him all over and worship the ground he walked on.

"Why don't you go fetch me a towel, boy."

"Right away, sir." I said, and did it for him right away. "You're the hottest guy I've ever known, Alex."

"Yeah, I know. Right after my workout I want you to blow me in the bathroom stalls. You gonna lick my cum all down, boy?"

"Yes! Of course."

"You know, I think I'm gonna like the new you, Harry. Reassignment did your body good."

I had already forgotten what he was talking about, I was so immersed in watching him work out in his nearly perfect muscle stud frame. I'm so lucky he chose me to be his fuck toy. My brother was an alpha stud and so was he and I could never hope to be their size but I could worship them as that was the place in life I'd been given. Hadn't it been different before? I shook my head. Of course not. This is the way things had always been.

Saturday, August 1, 2015

More Tales from Gayworld

We here at Chronivac Industries love nothing more than to see the reactions that various customers have to our temporal and alternate universal relocation programs. One of our most popular packages is popularly called the "Gayworld" package, where customers can select for themselves and anyone of their choosing to relocate to a universe where being gay is the norm and straights are a minority. Let's hear from some of our recent travelers!

Subjects: Dave and Brad

My name is Dave and I'm straight. My friend from work, Brad, is gay. He's the shorter one. I'm the one with the big grin on my face because I just spotted one of the most gorgeous women flirting with me earlier waving hello from across the room. And you know what that means? That means Dave is getting laid, that's what that means!

What could be better than a party with a cigar, a hot woman flirting with me, and a great job that pays me a lot of money? Well as I was about to find out, that's about as good as it gets.

"It's just so easy for you," Brad muttered.

"What is? Oh come on, man, you can have just as much fun as me, you just don't want to."

"I can't believe you're saying that. There is no way I can do what you do. The room is swimming with conservative Republicans. I'm the only one who is openly gay at this company. You think I have someone to flirt with? I hate these things."

"Come on, dude, stop complaining, you people can't have everything your way."

"Excuse me?"

"I mean it's like you want gay this gay that, you can't have it everywhere, bro, just be happy for us straight guys."

"Yeah, thanks. You know, you are making this so much easier, Dave."

"Making what easier, man? You in love with me?" I puffed my cigar.

"You wish," he said darkly. "You know, I was wanting to give you a chance and you just blew it. Enjoy the rest of the party." He checked his watch. "We should be leaving in about 30 seconds, so enjoy your ability to be the majority while it lasts. BUDDY."

"What the hell do you mean by that?" I watched him smile and leave. Weird. I kept mingling and then 30 seconds later there was this flash and I felt dizzy. I got my balance and some guy caught my arm. 

"Sorry, bro. I almost fell over."

"It's okay, handsome." he replied. It was Adam from accounting. "Oh. Thanks." 

"Anytime, tiger," he said, putting a hand on my side and winked, and kept mingling. Okaaaay. Brad must have put him up to that as a joke. Then I noticed a couple of old ladies from the marketing department rubbing each other's noses and slipping each other a kiss. I looked around me. Several men who I'd known as straight and married for years were involved in what I could only describe as a gay liplock! Like, they were tonguing each other in fucking public! What the FUCK! 

"What do you think?" Brad said behind me.

"I think I must have hit my head. Is this a practical joke or something?"

"Nope. It's Gayworld 39. I believe that in this universe there was a plague that killed off all the straight people in the 1700's and only gays survived, worldwide, we had some kind of immunity and ever since almost every child born has been gay, some kind of mutation to the virus at birth. There are still straight people, maybe about 2% of the population. They might even get straight marriage legalized soon. Neat, huh?"


"I'm going to enjoy this party. Don't wait up for me, sugar." He grabbed my ass firmly and left me there, staggering around. 

I found out quickly the new pecking order was very conservative and I was at the bottom. Everyone thought it was kind of cute that I tried to flirt with Jessica, who had winked at me and blew me kisses just minutes before. She laughed it off as me being drunk and then slipped into the arms of Melissa, who was one of the vice presidents as well as her sugar mamma. I felt like I was going to have some kind of anxiety attack. I left the party and went for a drive back into town. Every fucking place I went I saw gay guys holding hands, or lesbians. I got home and my house looked the same. Except for some of the magazines. The Advocate for straights lay on the kitchen table. I thumbed through it. This must be a prank, a really elaborate prank. Every article was about brave straight people trying to be themselves in a gay world. I clicked the TV on and saw a few old shows were different somehow. Joey and Ross were the it couple on Friends. Joey was unaware that guys at the museum were always throwing themselves at him, being a bunch of nerdy scientists, and were telling him how good he was at paleontology just to get in his pants. Ross explained but Joey's feeling's were hurt. Ross made it up to him with a romantic gesture and the two kissed at the end as they snuggled on the infamous Friends couch. 

"This isn't happening," I muttered, flipping further. But yeah, there was president Obama with his husband Jay-Z, giving a speech about empowering straight people even though they didn't share the same culture as the rest of us. It flipped back to an irate Rick Santorum talking about how disgusting the straight agenda had become and how he and his husband and four children along with the two mothers that birthed them, would not stand for it. Children belonged with two dads and two moms and sex for procreation was just that, for pregnancy only. 

I blinked. I watched for a few more hours, numbly. The big shows had an all gay storyline. Seinfeld had jokes about how Jerry had a different boyfriend every week. Big Bang Theory the nerds were all dating each other. I came across an old Hercules movie from the 60s where he comes across a harem of young men who all throw themselves at old Steve Reeves. 

I looked through some of my now porn collection. Straight Gangbang, Straight as an Arrow, Straightened Out...unimaginative titles from studios like HisHer Productions. The doorbell rang and it was Brad. 

"Well, well, how are you enjoying yourself. Enjoying your straight pride, buddy?"

"What did you do?" I accused. "This isn't funny, faggot!"

"Excuse me? You're the fucking FAGGOT in this universe, straight boy!"

"Change it back, change it back right now. Please. Please, I...I can't live like this. This isn't normal."

"Awwwww, well now I guess you know what it's like and now that you've had a taste of your own medicine I guess we'll just go back to normal."


"No. What, do you think I'm stupid? I'm being promoted to vice-president, SHITHEAD. And if you want to keep your job, you better start kissing my ass. But uh, I'll leave you to watch some TV, god knows I'll be enjoying movies a lot more from now on. Hey, did you know that in this universe, there hasn't been a single Disney character who is openly straight? But hey, don't worry. One day."

"You fuck." I watched helplessly as he left. When I returned to the office on Monday I was thoroughly inundated with gay life. Everyone was gay at work. I was the only one who dared to admit I liked women. It was announced that Brad was being promoted. It came as cause for celebration from nearly everyone, and I heard several guys admit they'd try to get into his pants to curry favor with him if he was willing. The next day he called me into HIS new office. He was sharply dressed and smoking a cigar and he looked at me, beaming. 

"I saw so many guys humping on billboards and ads everywhere this morning. This universe is fucking great! Hey, buddy, have a seat." I did so, not wanting to feel anything. "Now uh, Dave, I think what you need is a good talking to. I have a solution for you."

"You'll put me back in the right universe?" I asked hopefully. 

"Oh no. No no. No. You're stuck here for life, buddy." He took a drag off his cigar. "No, but what would you say if I told you that I had a way to make you normal? You know, gay. Like me and everyone else."

"Excuse me? I am normal!"

He smiled. "No you're not. No, you're lonely. Try being straight in this world for a while. Oh sure, you might be able to hook up with a nice girl but if you get her pregnant she's going to find a nice wife to take care of her most likely. Or she'll give it away to a nice male couple. No, buddy, I can make all your problems go away. You already feel it, don't you? How many women even noticed you this last few days. My heart sank. No woman ever looked at me. I felt like I'd been yanked out of everything I knew. "I can make you normal, but I want you to ask me. Ask me to make you gay."

I thought about it. "I...I just want to be who I've always been."

"You're a jerk, is what you are. I can make you better."

"So you won't put things back?" I asked, crestfallen. 

"NEVER. I want you, and I've always wanted you. And you were an insensitive prick and now that the shoe's on the other foot, I'm willing to make you gay so that I can finally be with you."

"Even if I was gay, I wouldn't be with someone like you. You've fucked with existence, with reality itself."

"And I want you to suck my dick."

"But...that's so unfair!"

"Well if you ever want to move up in this company, you're going to have to make a few sacrifices. And don't even try to mention sexual harassment. Straights don't count and it's a big gay boys club up in this universe." 

I thought about it. I didn't want to do any of it, but then I thought how hard it would be, how difficult my life would be, how much prejudice as a straight man I would endure.

"Fine. Let's get this over with." I blinked. Something had gone through me. 

"Feel any different, stud?"

As soon as I looked him I knew I wouldn't have a problem sucking his dick. 

 "That's right, boy. Suck your first dick. Be a real man." He smiled as I did so willingly, enjoying the splurge of cum that splashed into my mouth and savored the taste of it so much I creamed myself.

"Now what was that about going back?"

"Just shut the fuck up and kiss me." I gave him a cum tinged kiss and he tasted his own cum in my mouth. Me, Dave, the old ladies man. Brad and I never got together but I noticed people stopped looking at me so differently and the guys at the office finally warmed up to me when they heard I was willing to come over to their weekend orgy parties. It's not a bad life, just different, and sex is definitely easy to come by, and that's the important thing!

Subjects: Chester and Dakota

 "Ewwww, get off me queer!"

"Haha, you know you like it, bro!"

My life is a living hell. My name is Chester and that's me on the bottom. I'm straight and my brother's best friend is Dakota, and he's on top, annoying the shit out of me. Ever since he brought me into this dimension he feels like he can just treat me like a piece of meat both at home and in public. I've been told by my parents I should just let him fuck me to get the sexual tension out. My parents are now just my dad and his HUSBAND. My mom is nowhere in the picture anymore. I've been in this fucking gay universe for like three weeks and my life is now a living hell. I can't tell anyone I'm straight because here straight is totally weird and considered against God and shit. Fuck. I really don't want my big brother snooping around, either. He's only a year older than me and he gets BOYS to come home with him now rather than girls. It's so gross, I have to hear them fucking and my dad is actually proud of him! They went shopping for sex toys together the other day! My dad even gave him some leather gear! Like it was normal!

Dakota did this, and I freaking hate him for it. You want to know what my average day is like now? Check this shit out:

These are all my friends and they all used to have girlfriends. This shit goes on ALL the time and everyone thinks it's normal, good fun. These are the new all-American boys. No one thinks of straight when they think manly. You have to be gay to get into the military here. Straight guys are the subject of jokes. I flipped on the TV the other day and Louis CK was just going on about how effeminate straight guys are and how funny they were in general to want pussy. At school it's a fucking nightmare. Guys catcall me all the time and bigger guys consider me to "look like a bottom" and even my fucking gym coach grabbed my ass the other day and gave me a wink!

One night my father and his husband (who used to be our neighbor and now he freaking lives with us, too weird for words) went out and said we were on our own for the night. Chester was telling everyone that we were really good friends now and he was very interested in spending some quality time with me.

"Chester? Do you want to get comfortable? Why don't you take your shirt off. Come here, buddy. Take your shirt off for me."

"No...I want to go back to the way it was."

"Shhh...shhh, I fixed everything earlier. Don't you feel different, sweetie?" He put his hands on me and I knew he'd made me gay finally. I gave in and took my shirt off and he rubbed my head.

"Come here, sweetheart. Doesn't it feel good to be gay? To be in my arms like this?"

"I...I guess so, but it's still weird." I let him caress me. We watched TV for a few hours and then he kissed me and I just kissed him back for a while until my dads walked in on us.

"Uh oh! What are we interrupting here!"

"I told you! I told you our son wasn't straight!"

"Stop that! Chester, don't listen, we never thought you were straight, would you stop?" Dad kissed his husband and they went off to bed.

"You wanna go to prom with me, sweetheart? We can even get matching tuxes."

I cuddled with him. "I guess that wouldn't be too bad...


Well, now I'm only a junior in high school but Dakota has proposed to me. I truly love him. I know what he did to me is wrong but he told me he will always protect me. And it turns out I really am a HUGE bottom! I loved having him inside me so much I couldn't imagine ever going back to girls, that would just be so...wrong. When he gave me the ring my dads were nervous but proud of us. They said it showed a lot of maturity but they wanted us to wait until after college before actually getting married. We both thought that was a fair thing to ask and at school no one could believe how lucky I was! It's not every day you get to be the Homecoming Kings. But we were and it's been a wonderful life so far being gay. I can't believe I was ever so nervous about it. I know that Dakota changed me in more than one way. I know he made it so I would fall in love with him. I don't know how he did it, but I don't care anymore. Even though it didn't happen naturally he is going to be my husband. I am in love and I have a man who is always going to be there and take care of me, and that means way more to me than living my life in a stupid boring straight world. The way I see it, Dakota saved me. Now if you'll excuse me, we have a secluded camping weekend to get and maybe ten other boys are going to have an orgy up in the woods and it's my first one. My dad says not to be nervous but I'm going to be sucking a lot of dicks! I hope they all like me as a cocksucker as much as a friend!

Oh, and I forgot one other thing. These are my dads now. The one on the right is my new dad and the one on the left was my dad before. They are pretty hot togther, don't you think? Well shit, I know it sounds slutty, especially after I got engaged but I have to say that both my dads do get me hot. Maybe one day they'll allow us to all be adults together and I can suck their dicks as well. I really can't get enough of my boyfriend's cum and I can't believe I used to be so obsessed with boobs! Eating cum is the fucking best and my hormones are going crazy...sometimes I get boners over my dads and my boyfriend at the same time in the same room!

Well, enough about me. Dakota said before he slipped the ring on my finger that if I wanted, he would reverse everything, make it so I wasn't in love with him, eating his dick every night, get my mom back, but I said fuck that! I'm gay and so is everyone else and that is just the way I like it now!

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Chronivac Industries Presents: Customer Testimonials PART 3

username: Benteniscool

Hi my name is Darrell and I recently got a Chronivac machine. I can't stop looking at myself and I can't stop jerking off. It's so fun being big! I can't believe how big I am! I mean SHIT! Look at me! I am still learning the things that the Chronivac can do but I am like the luckiest guy in the world. They said I can't tell anyone in exchange for getting to be really big and older and I think that's fair. Because I am really big now!!! I am only 10 years old so I was really small and my brother was really big. My brother is a bodybuilder or at least he was because I was mad at him. He gave me noogies and he used to come in and tell me to leave so he could make out with his girlfriend and he told me I couldn't tell mom and dad or he'd beat me up. I used to really love him but he was so mean! It's not fair because I loved him a lot and he had no reason to be mean like that!!! So like I would walk home from school and he wouldn't even pick me up because he was soooo busy but really he just wanted to not be with me, he wanted to have sex all the time and work out and it's like he hated me and I didn't know why. So when I got the Chronivac I asked it if it could tell me why he hated me and the Chronivac said it would take a while to figure out and it did a scan of my brother and I had to wait all day but then when I got home I got it from under my bed and it said my brother's personality was just very selfish and he was driven by the need to have fun but he wasn't responsible yet because he was spoiled by my parents. Also it said that there was no good reason for him to make fun of me other than he actually had very poor self esteem and often hated the way he looked. I guess he got made fun of for a while when he was my age and so he worked out a lot to be really big. I asked the Chronivac if he was happy and it said no he was always unhappy and angry and I asked how to fix it and it gave me the option of having him be a little kid so that he could be raised differently and that way he would grow up much happier because it would make it easier if he didn't have those memories. I asked how he could grow up happy this time and it said that his personality really needed someone to look up to. My dad was never around since the divorce and he lived on the other side of the country so what he really needed was a role model. It suggested I turn either myself or someone else into a role model and I didn't even know what that was, I thought it would be like I could be his big brother so I thought it would make him 7 or 8 but instead it made him 6 years old! At first he was screaming and then he just started to act like a 6 year old and wanted to watch cartoons. And then I started to grow! I didn't know that the Chronivac was going to even make me older!! I thought about doing that but then I thought my mom might be kind of angry because then I would have to get new clothes but the Chronivac said I could change reality. So I did and now I'm one of the BIG KIDS at school! Like I'm actually the biggest kid and I am president of the anti-bullying club at school, which is a brand new club and a very good one. And when I talk to other people I sound way smarter, I'm kind of typing this because I still feel like a little kid even though I don't act like it. My new little brother? I spend as much time as I can with him. I tell him it's tough because I'm getting straight A's, I am in the student government, and I bodybuild in my spare time, but I have to schedule it very carefully so I still make time for him. Weekends are awesome because I'll watch a movie with him or take him to the park. He loves me very much and I encourage him because I love my little brother. Thank you very much, Chronivac, I think everything is way better now!

Username: blacklightning

When I started dating a black man, I was in love and lust more than anything in the world. As a slight, thin little nerd, I couldn't imagine being so big and bad. He's absolutely alpha. But the only thing is he didn't want to be out and he didn't want to live together because he wasn't out to his family. We got very close and I finally decided that I couldn't take any more. I was going to leave him, even though he was the hunkiest man I'd ever been with, an absolute mountain of a man, so powerful, strong, and his personality just commanded others whenever he was in a group of other men. He was charming but he wasn't being totally himself, and he started to excuse himself out of out dates so he could take out his fag hag woman friend and pass her off as a girlfriend. That was the last straw. I got my Chronivac one day and I couldn't have been luckier. I thought of making myself huge just to outdo him but the more I thought about how hot he was and how his big black muscles just drove me fucking crazy, I snapped and chose to make myself a carbon copy of him. I saw my skin tanning until I looked almost Hispanic, then Middle Eastern and soon my skin was chocolate! I started growing at that point and I couldn't believe how amazing it felt! I jacked off so very much as I grew, it was the best thing I'd ever felt in my ENTIRE LIFE! I was a HUGE BLACK STUD! I then programmed the Chronivac to change him into a carbon copy of me. He called me and was begging me to believe him that he had had an accident and didn't look like himself and he was hysterical. I just rumbled in my deep, deep bass voice, "That's ok baby, it happened to me too. Why don't you come over?"

He did and he couldn't believe it. I told him I had no idea how it happened but I had NO intention of going back. I started going alpha right then and there! I said "I know what you need and I intend on giving it to you, does thta feel good little man?" and started cupping his small little dick. He whimpered. I slung him over my big black shoulders, kicked the bedroom door open, plopped him on the bed, ripped his pants down just enough for me to get inside him. I didn't want to even wait until his pants were off!

"No, I'm a top! I'm a oh god, oh GOD OH GOD!"

"That's right I am your god, your big dicked black god!" I slid inside his well used fuckhole.

I came out the next day and proposed marriage to him. As for his family a few of them said they were okay and his sister said she always knew. The parents weren't talking to us, and I decided not to change them with the Chronivac. If they ever come around it should be because they want to.

It's now months into our marriage and my little man does everything for me. He cooks, he cleans, he even sews! He has found a whole new happiness in being the little guy in the relationship and I protect him in turn. I love walking into a bar with him and getting a little touchy feely and staring down anyone that even looks at him the wrong way. Most guys in the gay community throw themselves at me and why wouldn't they? I started to want to whet my sexual appetites and now I sometimes will bring a guy home to tag team both him an my little man. My dick is TEN INCHES OF POWER now.

I guess you could say that I'm learning a whole new perspective! I actually realized that becoming black would be more difficult. I've been pulled over by cops a few times but I always flirt. I can't help it. I tell cops straight up you look good and sexy, man, you remind me a little bit of my husband. They back off after that most of the time, except for the one gay cop who salivated over me. I fucked him that day after his patrol was over, and he promised to get me my own uniform for future encounters. Course it doesn't hurt that I made myself a pheremone that attracts a majority of men, gay or straight, and makes them want nothing more than to suck my dick.

Do I love Chronivac? Are you crazy? I come about a dozen times a day and I'm practically a fuck god. I have never been happier and I love being a member of both the black, gay, and Chronivac communities!

Username: fuckpatrol

Hola, amigos. I speak fluent English now as well as my native tongue, so I'll use English for now. My name used to be Manuel but now it's Officer Carter Jones. I was an illegal Mexican immigrant desperate to make a new life for myself. I was 25, a laborer, but I had taught myself a lot of English. I had a talent for languages. But it didn't take long to get arrested and the officer just said things like "guess you'll have to go back to your shithole of a country, Paco". I said my name wasn't Paco and he just laughed. I thought about how I had almost died crossing the desert and about how badly my mother needed money. In prison I was with a bunch of other guys. It was terrible. One day I was alone in my cel, the others had all gone off to lift weights but I was afraid to because I was so much smaller than other guys. The Chronivac appeared and had an emergency feature that it asked me to use. I really have to thank the guys at Chronivac for this! It teleported me to a safe place in a park. I went through its features and learned exactly how to use it and formed a plan.

I changed reality so that I would be the officer who arrested me. I greeted him when he came home and he started freaking out because I was basically his twin. He was very surprised and asked who the hell I was. I just smiled and said "I'm Paco". His eyes grew wide and then I froze him. I gave a command so he had to do what I said. He followed me inside his house (well my house now) and I changed him into another sexy stud. One who would do whatever I wanted, including sucking my dick. i lit up a cigar as he was sucking me off without even thinking about it. I had never smoked in my life but I guess I'd picked up his habit and it felt fucking amazing! I got a text on his phone. I had to be at work early tomorrow. I smiled. I asked the Chronivac to give me all of his knowledge and that is when I realized that part of my new life would be in arresting illegal immigrants. But with my Chronivac, maybe I could turn the ones that I liked, who weren't violent criminals from gangs, into hot white gay Americans! Eventually though, I asked Carter what his real thoughts on Mexicans were. He said he understood their plight but told me he just thought it wasn't morally right but he did have a lot of hatred towards them that was just what he was raised with.

So I decided he should experience another kind of body for a while. The next day Carter woke up and found himself quite different...

I made him young, Hispanic, deeply accented at that, and not that bright, but with huge muscles. He works in a restaurant as a busboy and I pay for most of the bills, but he has to pay me with his tight little hole. I have never been happier and I love my new cute muscled boy toy from across the border!

Caption Contest #1

Someone requested a caption contest, so I figure I'll do a few here and there over the next few weeks to see if you guys are into it. This week I choose the following. Try to create any story you want based on your own filthy minds. I will also provide a title for you and you can take it from there.

If I really like your caption story, I'll give you the chance to request a theme for one of my next stories. Especially if you have any fetish scenarios.

1. "19 Again"

2. "The Ultimate Con"

3. "At the Facility" -  Two pics here, you must use both!

4.  "Thumbsucker"

Good luck to all and have fun!