Monday, April 20, 2015

Skipping School

This is the photo I took because of the fact I wanted to finally get with someone. I took a bunch of pics and I dressed up nice. I like to dress nicely because I like to picture myself as older.

I found him on craigslist. He said not to use real names. He was going by Sam and I said my name was Geoff. I was only 15 and he invited me inside. He said to make myself at home on the couch. I had talked with him at length for a month or so and I wanted him to be my first. He was my ultimate fantasy. He oozed masculinity.

“Would you like beer or wine?” I stuttered. He smiled confidently. “I think we’ll start you off with wine. I think you’ll like the taste better. You’ve never drank before, have you?”

“, but I really want to try it.” He handed me a glass. He wasn’t gushy, just confident. I loved that. He snuggled with me and began to kiss my ear, then my neck. He had me drink and the flush went right to my head and up my nose.

“Wow,” I whispered. He put the glass down and climbed on top of me.

“Is this everything you dreamed it would be, young man?”

“Yes,” I whispered and then whimpered. I started moaning in delight. He undid my pants and took them off. He took off my shirt, then his clothes and wrapped his naked body around mine. I quivered from delight and he held me, a bundle of hormones in his arms.

“I’m gonna slip it in now. Have you been practicing with the dildo like I told you?”

“Yes, sir.”

“Sir? Oh, I like that. Fuck you’re hot. Only 14 and I’m gonna pop your fucking cherry, you want that don’t you, Geoff?”

“Yes, Sam. Please fuck me.” He had me get up on all fours on the couch and he entered me and I moaned. And he fucked me for an hour. I screamed and whimpered and cried and he didn’t make a sound. Just fucked me. I was being fucked by someone old enough to be my dad.

After it was over, he drove me near to where my house was. I told him I didn’t want to say goodbye.
“Well if you can keep your mouth shut until you’re 18, I think I just found my new boyfriend,” he said, and kissed me hard. We were parked in a parking lot behind some industrial zone area and no one saw. It was dangerous and exciting. “Would you like that, Geoff?”

“It’s Jesse.” He smiled.

“I’m Steve.”

“Can I…would it be weird if I called you Dad?”

He smiled, that wonderful confident smile. “No, son. It wouldn’t be weird at all. “ He kissed me hard again. He smelled of pipe tobacco and it was wonderful. I jerked off for him in his car right there. He wiped my own cum into my mouth and kissed me, tasting my cum with our tongues at the same time.
And that was just day one. Day two, I woke up and I wasn't in my house.

I felt weird when I woke up. Like I had hair on my arms, which I noticed right away. As well as all the hair between my face and the pillow, not to mention I was on Steve's bed. I freaked out. I went to the mirror and saw Steve there. You can imagine how it felt. Well, no you really can't. I was a young, adorable teenager and now I was a hulking hunk of manliness.

"Shit! How did this happen!"

My voice rumbled. It RUMBLED! And my lungs felt different but in a good way, like they needed something warm. A cel phone that wasn't mine rang and I looked to see my own name, or at least the name I had provided him when I was lying about my name.

"Hello?" I said in his voice.

"Hey there. So, look kid. Don't panic."

" I mean..did I take drugs? Did you give me drugs?!"

He laughed my laugh, but it wasn't the way I laughed. Just my voice.

"Kid, don't worry. I sort of just...I made a wish. I really wanted to be a kid again and I guess it happened. I think I know how to change back. I'm coming over. Don't you worry."

I explored my new, hugely muscled body. I was now my own walking wet dream! How could this possibly be real! I spent hours going through my new huge house. You know what I mean. I tried on some of his clothes, and even put on a suit. I looked so dapper!

By the time he showed up I was making breakfast. He only had health food so I was making a bowl of oatmeal up. He was there. I was staring at me. So freaky.

So then he sauntered in when I opened the door. I had forgotten to unlock it and he didn't have a key, what with being in my body and all.

"So how did this happen?" I followed him into the den and he plopped down. God, he was cute. I wanted to stick my dick all the way down his throat and then his ass next. What? I was suddenly horny as fuck for my old body!

"Hey, Steve." He smiled confidently. "Best get used to hearing that. You're Steve now and I think you will be for a little while longer. I should explain. Nice suit, by the way."

I looked down and mumbled thanks. He continued.

"I made a wish a few weeks ago and a friend of mine who is...he turns out to have this power. He can switch people's bodies. He did it with me to prove it. His name is...well, it's not important. But he switched me and you. I asked him to last night. Kid, I will switch us back if you want to but hear me out..." It was then he proposed to trade places with me for a whole year. I could learn to be a growling bear of a businessman with my own business to run (he would help me) and in return he would go through a year of high school as me.

It sounded preposterous but I agreed. I came over and we hugged and I couldn't help myself. I tugged down my pants and I was at full mast. My new dick was huge and craved boy pussy. My new son bent over for me and I entered him without even thinking about a condom. I came so so hard inside him I screamed out loud for what must have been a half hour.

He hung out the rest of the day and even took a swim in the pool.

"Hey, Dad. You like what you see?"

"I do, son," I said, playing along. "But one thing, why do my lungs feel funny. Not bad, but like..."

He smiled confidently. "Son, you are a cigar smoker. Comes with the territory. Come inside, Daddy." I swatted him on the behind playfully.

It was then he introduced me to my new love of cigars. The humidor opened and I was already drooling and in utter heaven. I moaned as he pulled one out for me and lit it. He took a few puffs himself and then coughed terribly. "I'm not used to that anymore in this body. Here," he said wincing. I took the cigar in my jaw and inhaled and felt so freaking powerful.

"This feels fucking great!"

"Yeah well get used to it, Dad." He snuggled up. "It's going to be hard to give up whiskey and cigars but it's worth it to go back to high school with your tight little body," he told me as I exhaled sexily and started to flex for him.

"Looks like I'll have to skip school this year. So...I hope you'll visit me."

"Visit you? Kid, you're gonna need me to survive. You have no idea how to run my business but I"ll teach you and it will be invaluable. We'll tell your parents it's for afterschool credit. I'll be your high school project, so I can get into a good college, all that kind of thing."

"So are you gonna be like my slutty secretary?" I smiled with my cigar. "God, this is so cool! I can't believe you're letting me be an adult for a full year. And I have a beard! I'm as old as my dad I bet!"

He smiled. "Well, let's just make sure we have fun with it. Hand me that cigar. I want to get a little taste before I have to go back home. By the way, I'll need some info on your family..." And I filled him in as he sat in my new lap. It was so cool to be so much bigger than him and he was really getting into it, too. The next year was going to be amazing, I thought, as I kissed my former, pretty face.

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Chonivac Industries Presents: Personal Ad Section

Greetings, our loyal customers. As you may or may not have heard by checking in with us lately, we are now offering to YOU Chronivac users only, a specialized personal section where you may contact each other. We ask that Chronivac users abide by our contracts and not discuss their previous lives prior to alteration, either genetically or mentally, to anyone they should come in contact with. The provision to this is of course, talking with others who are of like situations. It is sometimes helpful to be open and honest about your own Chronivac usage with others who can understand you. Not everyone feels this way, but let's take a look at some profiles from this week and what they have to say...

user: harnessluvr

Hey ya'll, my name's Bronson and I used to be a workaholic. I sold insurance. Had a nice house. I was super clean and super efficient and super fukin' bored. I always wondered what it would be like to be more uninhibited, so I wished the Chronivac to make random changes. The random option asked me to fill in some more shit than that so I said I wished to be more carefree and not such an OCD neat freak. My suit disappeared and my gut started to stretch out. I lost my college know how and started to remember how to fukin' fix tractors and sell em n shit. Next thing ya know I'm not in the big city anymore, I'm on a farm. I pulled out a cigarette and started smoking, and was totally surprised by it. Shit, I loved it! I never smoked before a day in my life! My father would have killed me...wait, that's not right. My father taught me how to smoke himself when I was 16.

I'm still dealing with the reality shift. Like, I remember parts of my old life. I really like what work the Chronivac has done cuz I'm a LOT happier. I don't talk as good or spell as good fuk I don't know anythin bout bein' in a fukin office an' that's fine with me cuz I like the ranch way better.

What I'm lookin' for? Well I'm into some kinky shit. I want a fukin' submissive little shit who will come out here and suck my dick. I'll put this harness on you and make ya fukin beg for me to ride your sorry ass. Lookin' for someone who maybe wants to turn into a half horse (centaur) or half dog hybrid for me to own. If you're into that.

I'm into spitting, smoking, fucking, sucking, piss play, getting sucked, getting fucked, turning you into a dog person or just having you act like a dog, harness play, wrestling, mud wrestling, and sex after those things. Contact me motherfuckers!

user: pokemonmaster 

Hi my name is Curtis!!! My name is Curtis but it's not because I'm not in my body anymore!!!! I am in my bigger brothers body and I get to wear grown up clothes and go to school at the college and I'm real proud cause I made my Chronivac machine turn him into a little boy!! I got mad because Paul (that is my brother well I mean me, I'm Paul now which is kind of confusing) was not paying any attention to me. I made him a drawing and a card because I'm in the second grade and I didn't have any cards or money or anything and he totally threw it away and I was very sad and cried. I didn't tell him that. Anyway. So he was busy and angry because his girlfriend left him and I tried to make him feel better and said my magic machine could change him if he wanted so what would make him happy and he said he wished he could be my age again so he would not have to go to school anymore. Which made me very happy so I told the machine that and thought maybe he could go to school with me!! I was thinking I could be his best friend.

The machine asked if I wanted maturity and I said no that's ok because I'm only 7 and it asked did I want to be Paul's older brother and I thought this would be a good idea but I didn't ask it how old I'd be and then I was REEEALLLY big and he was me and I was him! 

So I'm not mature but I can do the things he does like math and things. I'm looking for a boyfriend because Paul is gay and so I like boys and he explained it. I'm nervous because I have never kissed anyone but I really want to now that I'm a big boy! I am looking for someone that will be ok with Curtis (I should call him Curtis since I'm Paul now) playing with us at the park and we need to take him there because he's a little boy now and I am being a VERY good older brother! 

Also I am still new to being a grown up so I know my body is different and I am hoping someone can explain it to me. The machine is not helpful and my brother says I shouldn't change anything else. But other people here are instant messaging me that I should make changes...

Oh. Hey there. Man, I just changed the settings somewhat. I'm a little bit more mature now fellas. In fact you could say up I'm growing up in front of your eyes, hehe. I figured out the controls with the help of some other users. I'm thinkin' like a real man, now, so uh...don't be shy. I want to plunge my cock down your throat and make you worship it. I can't stop thinking about sex now! I'm so freakin' horny! You can IM me anytime. Although I might want to change my IM name to something more mature. I used to be really into Pokemon but I think I need to find new shows to watch, and uh...maybe some porn.

user: inchargewife

By my profile name you can surmise by now I used to be a woman. When I got my Chronivac I'll admit I was demure and pushed around by my shitty husband. He talked down to me a lot and demeaned me in front of others. I had met him in high school and couldn't afford college. I became dependent on him financially.

So I knew what I wanted from the Chronivac. I made myself into twice the man he was. He was a wimp compared with the man I am now. He, on the other hand, is now reduced to a housewife. I made him get a job though, at the same restaurant I used to work waitressing and he can get his butt pinched all day. I work a real man's job as a business owner. I remember the first night he spent as a woman I strutted right in after letting him get used to the idea and ramped up his horniness levels. 

"On your knees, BITCH. Fucking worship me as your KING."



Cumming in my husband's mouth with a huge rod was the best revenge possible. But honestly I also knew that I didn't want to stay with her. She was a loser and always would be. I got rid of her ass and threw her out and made myself gay. I'm looking for another man's man that enjoys sports, beer, the gym, and who can take orders. 

I like being on top, being verbally dominant, I'll curse you out and tell you you are nothing but my bitch. Looking for someone that will enact out BDSM and spanking fantasies with me. Contact me.

username: chemistryisright

So hey. My name used to be something else but these days it is Mr. Mitchell. He was my chemistry teacher and I know it's wrong but I was 16 and horny and was practically drooling over him even though he could be like my Grandpa. 

Anyway when I got my Chronivac I switched our bodies. It was the most erotic thing possible to me to have gray hair and wrinkled but I changed body to be more fit. And I gave myself some tats. I'm one of the coolest teachers in school now. I used to be, well, uh, not that confident. Now thanks to Chronivac I OOZE confidence and sex appeal, and have the benefit of years of experience. I'm currently having sex with the gym coach and the principal, both of whom I've made modifications to and who are both bodybuilders now. 

I guess I'm just looking to fuck and I want to be your daddy. You got a problem with that, son? Oh and if you're worried about Mr. Mitchell, don't be. He's more than doing alright these days. 

I'm versatile, into fisting and oral but not rimming. Like dad/son play and definitely into leather kink and BDSM. Contact me!

username: periodically

Well, I suppose my young friend is also on this site and said I should get on here as well. My name used to be Mr. Mitchell, the high school's resident chemistry teacher. I was quite happy and satisfied with my life but this young punk just couldn't keep himself from playing around with what I can only assume is the most marvelous scientific invention I've ever dreamed of. The science of it fascinates me and I actually volunteered to go to the Chronivac Industries universe itself, but they said they were fully staffed at the moment. Still, they said I could apply after I graduate college and they had collected data on how I dealt with being in a new body, which I must say is extremely generous of them. 

Being young again is...breathtaking. I can jump! I can run! I have so much energy! My new parents are likewise incredible. I had a predominantly terrible childhood so I must say it's a beautiful experience and I treasure it thus far. 

I suppose I'm looking for romance. Sex would be great as my new young body is cumming buckets everywhere lol. I always used to fantasize about older men when I was much younger and so I suppose I'd like a "daddy" if that is alright. 

I like being submissive, taking orders, getting fucked, sucking, cuddling, and apart from that my tastes are rather vanilla. Sorry. But I do think I'm pretty darn cute these days. :) So if you are older than 40 and in relatively good shape, give me a ring. I'll get back to you but I am playing a lot of sports to keep fit so I might take a few days to get back to you. School is keeping me busy and so are these hormones!

Friday, March 13, 2015

The Amazing Mr. Cachimbo

It had started innocently enough. My name is Brody and I'm 16. I'm gay and I just got my first fake ID. I know most guys would go to a bar or go to a club but that isn't what I wanted. I wanted to hang out with an older crowd. I already look a little old for my age because my hair is fairly thin. I have, for as long as I can remember, been obsessed with cigars. With the look. The smell. God, everything about smoking them gives me a huge boner. I had this one teacher in woodshop that always smelled like tobacco. Not cigarettes, those don't have the same musky quality to them. He smelled like cigars or pipe smoke and the aroma was enticing. I fantasized about being like him, being older, being more sophisticated.

So I went into the cigar store I'd always looked at reverently from afar. I went in and tried to play it cool. I showed my ID and purchased my first ever cigar that I chose at random. I lit it. I had watched guys on Youtube so I knew how it was done.

I sat there with the biggest boner just knowing I was finally feeling like a grown up, a man. I was so nervous. The owner came out and introduced himself and said he wished more younger guys would come in. I held my cigar and he was just my older guy with some scruff and muscle. He was my dad's age and to be honest I'm not attracted to guys my own age at all. I was having trouble keeping my eyes from just staring at his crotch. He introduced himself as Mr. Jim Cachimbo.

"Let me show you the back. I have some pretty cool stuff in my collection. Would you like to see some antique pipes?"

"I would love that, yeah," I said, just trying to play it cool. I was still overwhelmed by what it was like to actually smoke. The shop was a converted house and it was old. The corridors were thin and narrow. He brought me back to a clean room with pipe stands and humidors everywhere.

"This is my personal stash."

I gulped. "Jesus. This cigar tastes so amazing. I can't believe I'm smoking..." He caught my gaze.

"Son, is this your first cigar? Don't tell me this is your first time smoking."

"It is. And it's incredible, man. I'm in love with it."

"You have made me so happy, son. Believe me. Now, this a very special pipe right here..."

"This place looks like a workshop," I said.

"It is. I make a lot of very special projects here. And I'm going to put some extremely special tobacco in here, young pup."

I blushed as he called me that. I wished I had his beard and looked way older than I did.

"Here. Try this blend. I think you'll like it," he smiled somewhat mischievously.  I placed my cigar in an ashtray. I felt like such a grownup doing that.

"Thank you, sir." The words came naturally to me. I felt like I was in a new world somehow but I didn't understand it. I tasted the pipe and it was like all these new feelings were filling me up along with the smoke. It was pure, unyielding heaven. I adored it and moaned in pleasure.

"Careful. You might learn to like it," he chuckled. There was something so comforting about being there with him. He lit another pipe and we talked for a little while and he led me back to the front of the store. I purchased a few pipe tobacco blends he recommended and promised to come by to talk to him soon.

The next week sort of just flew by at school. I was distracted. I couldn't wait to try to smoke my new pipe but I just didn't have time. I finally got the chance after school on Friday. I went to this abandoned area on the outskirts of town. I smoked alone without anyone around and felt so, so good. Like I was being covered with pleasure.

I went home and curled up into a long sleep. When I woke up I turned on the TV. That's when I noticed I didn't feel the same.

"What the...fuck?!"

I got up and my heft got up with me. My stomach was jiggling. I touched it gingerly. It was pliable. I patted it. It felt like I was patting a bunch of Jell-o.

"No fucking way. I...what do do I...I can't let anyone see me like this...I have to be dreaming!"

I didn't cry. I thought about it. I looked at myself in the mirror. I had easily gained upwards of thirty pounds in one night. It was impossible. Somehow I knew I had to talk to the pipe shop owner.

Jim was at the shop as always and he smiled when he saw me. 

"Hey, man. You're looking good. Delectable even. You here for some more recommendations?" I walked as if in a dream. 

"Can..can I talk to you? In the back?"

"Sure thing. Anything for you, buddy," he said winking.

We got into his workshop and I slowly told him. "None of my shirts fit me anymore. I woke up like this. I don't know what happened."

"I do. You're becoming a man. That...that is what you wanted, isn't it, young pup? You look older now. You look like you got a little Oh. It's stubble. What do you think of that?"

I looked at myself in a mirror while he got me a better fitting, larger dress shirt to put on. 

"I look so different. I mean, I like it but everyone will be so parents..."

"Oh no. I made it so they won't miss you."

"Who are you?"

"Me? I'm a wizard, son. I make magic happen. I'm the Amazing Mr. Cachimbo. I used to have my own magic act. I'd turn balls into birds and made cards fly out into the audience, and I would go out in a cape. The 1920s was my heyday. But then I found a real magician and he taught me everything I know now. Now I can live as long as I want, but immortality has a price."

" can't be serious."

He lit his pipe. "Of course I am, Brody. But don't worry. No one will miss you. You are becoming a man. A true man. The man you dreamed of." He looked at me seriously. "I do spells of all kinds. I made a spell that brought you in to me. I wanted a young man who wanted to be older. And well, you fit the bill. I am gonna drain some years from you and save them for myself so I continue to look all dashing and not too old or too young. I'll stay at this age. And if you want, I'll get you a job, a real man's job. What do you say, stud?"

"You made me fat. I'm fat now."

"So what? You look a lot better with some meat on your bones. Lots of guys like that you know." He caressed by bulging belly. 

"You think it's sexy?"

"Yes, Brody, I very much do." He blew smoke in my face. "Now how about we make a real man out of you today..." He gave me a deep, passionate kiss, His beard bristling against my new stubble. "Oh yeah, you are gonna make a hell of a bear. Stay here tonight, and I'll take care of everything. Go out tonight. Go exploring and come back and the spells will all be ready."

I did so. It felt good to be bigger, I have to admit. I didn't know why I felt that way. I never had an inclination to be fat before but I liked it. I didn't give a fuck what anyone thought of me. I went and got food, a ton of fries along with some fish n chips. I didn't hold back and loved every minute of it.

I wandered over to the local bar and got myself a beer and joined some other guys watching the football game, and I didn't ever know how football was even played before, but suddenly I knew. Someone asked me if I had kids. I rubbed my beard and said, no I didn't. I looked in a mirror. I had to be at least in my late 20s, if not 30 already. I marveled at my image. 

I walked back to the shop as it was closing and Jim and I had fun getting naked. I grew before his eyes, my stomach expanded and I felt almost orgasmic. 

"Oh yeah, big daddy."

"I'm old enough to be a dad now! Holy shit!" I rubbed my beard. I started to make out with him and pressed him to my large frame. He was really into it, he was turning me into an ultimate fantasy for him. I got down on my knees as he told me to suck his dick and I loved serving him. I slurped so much cum as it exploded in my mouth. I was giving my first blow job! I moaned in pleasure. I finished by slobbering some kisses on him and then I sat down to catch my breath.

" long do I stay like this?" I flexed a bearish bicep. I just noticed the tattoo that had been added over my huge arm. I had both muscle and fat now. My beard was huge! I had to be at least 40 now.

"As long as I tell you to."

"But...I kind of miss being young."

"Oh, don't get cold feet now. We're just getting started. See, I opened up shop only a week ago." Jim lit up a cigar and began to puff furiously on it. He exhaled and held the cigar in his hands powerfully. "You want your life back? Here's the deal. I want a fuck toy for a while and I like your new type, Daddy. So uh, if you want to ever see your family again, and I know you will in time, you will do my bidding. You will get me fresh new meat. I want guys that deserve to be punished. Not like you. You're enjoying this for the most part. I want you to find former friends of yours that might be on the wrong path or maybe some fellas that are just jerks. We are going to make men out of these boys."

"So what then? I mean I have an ID that says I'm 21. I don't even look like I'm 30 anymore. What am I going to do without ID?"

"Oh it's all about glamours. People will see what they want to see. Look at your ID again."

I did so and it said my birthday was now 41 years ago. My big beard was highly visible on my photo.

"And my parents?"

"They will simply forget about you. Everyone will. That is the beauty of this. Now, don't go looking for them or I'll be very cross with you."

"How many guys are you gonna change here?" I smiled as I thought about it.

"The fact is different wizards have different goals. I used to be more complicated. I used to control governors and CEOs. I used to live in a mansion. But I don't need those things. I found what I really wanted was to make men into what I wanted to mold them into. I like sexual control." He waved his cigar around casually. "Besides, I can pretty much come and go as I like. I need hobbies. And this never bores me."

"Where do I go? I'm 41 and I've never had a job."

"Haha. Well that is where you are wrong. You are a forklift operator. You just report to work on Monday. You'll remember where it is. Everyone there is convinced you are one of them."

I remembered how to operate a forklift and a lot of the details of the daily grind of factory life.

"But...I don't want-"

"Son, I don't give a FUCK what you want. You do what I WANT. I am your MASTER now. Get your ass into the bedroom. It's time I fuck the willpower left right out of you..."

I am now reporting to work for my first real day of work as a man. And afterwards I will find new life, new blood. Maybe some fickle son of a businessman, some spoiled sons of suburbia, or boys who need an attitude adjustment. I made sure my pipe was on me so I could smoke on breaks.

Jim was right, this was just the beginning...

Thursday, March 12, 2015

The Amazing Mr. Cachimbo part 2

My name is Jerry and this is when everything changed for me. This was me. I was totally cute.

I had it all. Perfect life. I was doing well in school. I kept up my grades. I was an expert swimmer. My dad and mom were totally proud of me and could never stop boasting. But there is this one thing. I was kind of an asshole to other kids. Especially the dorky ones. The little ones that couldn't fight back. I would get entire groups of guys to harass them. I thought it was funny. But I was really jealous of this one kid. His name was Brody. He was shy and stuff and he didn't have anything wrong with him but I made fun of him from time to time.

Well anyway, we had this day where I got into a fight with a kid I was making fun of and his big brother and me got into a fight over it. My parents were real mad at me and I was grounded.

I thought that was gonna be the end of it but they said I was gonna volunteer at the homeless shelter to make up for it! They said I had to have more respect for the less fortunate and be grateful for what I had in life. Whatever. So I do go there and there were all these losers there.

One of my supervisors was named Brody, which was also the name of this kid I used to go to school with that disappeared one day and it was like he didn't even exist. Weird. He didn't show up for class one day and I asked where Brody was and the teacher was like Brody who? Anyway.

So he tells me he talked with my parents about my bad attitude and gives me all this work sweeping up. It was stupid. I hated it. I hated cleaning dishes and handing out food. It was awful and the place stunk.

After all that, I had to take a leak so I go to bathroom and he's in there taking a leak and I accidentally saw his dick and it was a monster. I was totally jealous. I should have the monster cock, not him. I should be an adult who could do what I wanted.

He waited for me and told me the kitchen was closed for the day and I did a good job, he would tell my parents so. Then he pulls out a cigar and started to light it up.

"You like cigars?"

I immediately froze. I didn't want him to think I was a pussy.

"Yeah, sometimes," I said. "You know I like one every now and then." I had never actually smoked but I didn't want to say that. He was so masculine. He was fat and all but he carried himself like a real man. He says come outside to the back alleyway.

So he says, here try this one. It's a special blend. He hands it to me. I took a drag. He smiles. "Thanks, man. That's a good one."

"You're in a real hurry to grow up, aren't you?"

"Yeah I am. If I was a legal adult no one could tell me to come here."

"Well then hurry up and get home. Don't want to keep your parents waiting."

I had to walk home because it was part of my punishment. I felt so tired and I felt like my legs were getting really pumped just by walking. I felt kind of powerful. My arms and chest, too. It was crazy. When I got home I noticed that no one was there and they had gone out to eat. They left a note for the housesitter saying that they could help themselves to the fridge. They were gone for a week. A week??? Sweet!

I got excited and thought, maybe I should help myself to one of Dad's beers. I had never tried beer and now was my chance. So I got set up with a movie and jacked off after a few brewskies. It was awesome. I was watching porn and my parents weren't around to interrupt. I rubbed my face and felt the stubble. Stubble. I went to the bathroom and saw I had thick stubble. I looked like I was in my 20s! What the fuck!

"NO way! Hey. Testing. One two three. What the HELL." My voice was deeper! Like, it was almost like I'd aged several years. I must be dreaming. I shrugged and went into my parents room and fell asleep on their bed. When I woke up I moaned and put a hand on my hairy chest and rubbed it through the mat of fur. Mat of chest hair??

I got up, begrudgingly, and belched. I rubbed my full beard. Now I was scared. I tried to run but couldn't really because I was adjusting to the huge muscles I found my legs now possessed. "There is no fucking way. No fucking way!" I said and it sounded like someone else was saying it. Before me was a man well into his 30s. I looked a little like my DAD! Now I was freaking out. The doorbell rang and I got over there and it was Brody, my supervisor.

"Enjoying your new life?"

I gaped. He invited himself in and lit up a cigar. "Here, I think you like the big gauges. It was part of the spell."

I put it in my mouth and felt myself age even more as I lit up. Well into my 40s now, maybe even 50. Black leather arm bands appeared on my burgeoning arms.

"So Jerry, how do you like your new body?"

"I love it! Fuck! I love having a beard. I don't have to go to school anymore!"

"No, BUT you do have a shop that you have to attend to. You work as a mechanic now and you will have to take your work very seriously. You should remember everything about how to fix cars by Monday. As for this house, you rent it from the people who used to be your parents. Make sure you keep up with your finances. As for your youth, you can kiss it goodbye. It now belongs to someone else."

I grunted and didn't care anymore. I was a slave to the cigar I was smoking and I knew that I couldn't disobey him or talk about my predicament to anyone. I had had maybe 35 years sucked away from me and all I could think about was getting my dick sucked by some nice cub...I needed to find a new cub for myself, some nice bearded younger dude who could move in to be my new bear boi. I couldn't believe how much I was changing and didn't care and even welcomed it. I stroked my beard and laughed at the fact I was a mere BOY just the day before. This was much better...and pretty soon I was going to the new cigar store. Mr. Cachimbo sent for me via Brody and talked to me about how if I got him another young man he might be able to drain his years and give me mine back. I thought about it and even though I liked being a bear stud I wouldn't mind living a bit longer as I had cut through so many years in one night.

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Chronivac Industries Presents: New Fathers Club

For our newsletter today, we here at Chronivac would like to shout a send out to all the new dads out there who are just adjusting to their lives as parental figures. Let's hear from some of the newest members of the New Fathers Club. name is Chase. I used to be pretty wimpy. I mean I was 14 and really thin and got pushed around by my stepdad a lot. When I got the Chronivac I thought it was a joke. But I put in what I wanted most, which was to be in charge of this fucking house. And when it granted my wish, holy shit, you should have seen his pathetic face after I came in, with my beard suddenly growing in and growing right in front of him as he shrunk. And he shrunk fast. The hormones and the fever of strength and power went right to my head. I started ordering him around and pushing him down and slammed him against a few walls. I needed it. God I felt so powerful! He got the gist that this was not a nightmare after a day or two. Meanwhile, I programmed my new life. I was alpha, all the way. My mother I made into my sister and my stepdad was my kid from a marriage that ended amicably. I remind him on a daily basis he will have to man up eventually and stop complaining. I tell him all the things he used to tell me. I made it so it's impossible for him to gain any muscle mass at all. He's gonna be a wimp for life and pretty soon when he's a little older and more broken I'm going to start making him suck my dick and he'll become my pussy boy.

Being a new dad is a lot of hard work. But I think I'm up for it.

I'm only 11 years old but not really because now I'm 35. My daddy wanted his boyfriend to learn a lesson. He came out and I was drawing and he asked me what I was drawing. I had drawn myself as a man with big muscles and a thick five o'clock shadow. He laughed and said did I want my wish to come true? Yeah I do! Of course I do! I want to be really big and strong and have a lot of hair all over. I told him.

Well, he must have been really pissed off with his boyfriend because the next day we woke up each others ages. I had aged to be 35 and his boyfriend was now a scrawny 11 year old. Only as my dad started to tell us happily what he'd done I started to feel my cock stir. I'd never thought about how hot my dad was before but now I was overcome by it. He was a really hot fucker and I just couldn't wait to get him alone. So I pretended that we would all just try and learn a lesson so we could change back. I told my dad's boyfriend I'd be right back, I just had something to discuss with Daddy. Then when Daddy and me where alone I surprised him with a big wet kiss and shoved him down on the bed. He started getting weirded out and said he couldn't.

"Shut up, Daddy," I said in my new big boy voice. "You know you want it. Get over here." I pulled him in for a big kiss.

"Get on the bed, junior. Daddy's gonna give you your first blow job!"

I laid there until Daddy got naked. Then he sucked me off and I knew I wasn't gonna go back to no fuckin' elementary school when I could fuck around with my Dad from now on.

Junior, the new one, took the news pretty hard but I told him I was gonna be the best stepdad he'd ever had. He called us sick so I decided I was gonna have to be the disciplinarian in the family and gave him a spanking and sent him to his room. It really turned Daddy on. I still call him Daddy when we're alone. I call him John in public but to me he will always be Daddy, even though I'm technically older and hairier than him now!

I like being a new dad very much. Thanks Chronivac!

I was only nine years old when my best friend Sammy came over one Saturday morning and said he had a machine that could do anything and change anyone and I laughed and said yeah right. My dad was there and he told me he was gonna go on a business lunch and I had to stay at home with a babysitter. I pouted because I hated the babysitter he always chose. I wanted to have fun. I begged him to go with him and he said no, this was work and it was very important he make a good impression with all his clients and fellow co-workers and I'd understand when I got older.

I had only ten minutes to play with my friend and then he had to go home. It was so unfair! I wished I was the dad in the family. My friend asked me if I wanted to switch bodies with my dad and I laughed and said that would be SO funny and awesome. I wish it were true. So he started doing all this stuff on his laptop and the next thing you know I'm in the backyard again and this little boy screams and comes out looking just like me.

"Hey what's going on? My voice!" I got up. I was wearing Dad's shirt and pants and my shoes were all shiny and fancy! "What..."

"This isn't possible!" the spastic nine year old screeched. I adjusted my tie.

The babysitter arrived at the door and I greeted her in.

"I guess I'll be going to my lunch now. You be good son!"

"Wait! You can't! You don't know how to drive! We switched bodies! That is not me! I'm me! I'm the adult! Go on ask him how to drive!"

The babysitter laughed.

"Kids," I told her. "What an imagination."

"Okay, kid, I have board games and remember no TV til your dad gets home."

"WHAT? No seriously do NOT drive!"

"Haha! Have fun! SON!" I danced around because I was so happy. My friend Sammy went with me to the car. He had been laughing at my dad and was pretty proud of himself. "Um...can you make it so I can drive and stuff? I don't even know where the lunch is."

"Sure thing! Let's see...I'll just find abilities! Okay, driving and life skills. There!" He pushed a button. Suddenly it hit me that I totally knew how to do dad's computer job. And I could drive!

The rest has been history. My son has really not been enjoying things since I became the man of the house but I'm trying to be patient with the little guy. I mean, being nine years old is hard and I should know.

My name is Colt and I got stuck babysitting my girlfriend's son for the week. She had to visit her mother and little Travis really looked up to me so I figured why not, I'm probably going to wind up as this kids stepdad some day. We may as well spend some quality time together.

The week was going pretty well until I came across an old enemy of mine who had gotten out of prison. He wasn't too happy with me because I'd sort of been responsible for a scam we'd pulled. I'm not proud of my past but I used to be a grifter and I was pulling a lot of illegal shit left and right. I have gone straight since then, no more life of crime for me. Anyway. Back in the day we made a bunch of money scamming elderly rich folks but he got caught and I had everything in his name. I was worried he would do something because I had a kid with me. What if he got violent? I couldn't let anything happen to Travis. I told him do what you want to me, but come back in a few weeks and I would try and settle things with him and get him some money. I said sorry you went to prison and he just laughed. He was in a fancy suit and I thought it was weird but maybe he stole it or something.

"Does it look like I need help, jackass? What I want is revenge. I'm rich and I can pretty do anything I want. And what I was going to do was make you some pathetic grotesque lump of shit with eyes or something, maybe a monstrous lump of goo. But I just changed my mind. I think I'll help you out."

"That's...great. Well, we gotta be going."

He waved and I got creeped out. "Time to get out of here, kiddo!" I said, driving us away.

When we got to town, something strange happened. I blacked out. I hadn't done drugs in years and it was all of a sudden really bright and I was waking up. I heard someone else waking up and asking me "Colt, why am I on this side of the car? And why is the car so small!"

"Who are you? Why are you in my car! look like me!"


"OH MY GOD OH MY GOD!" A knock on the car window beside me. I got out and looked up at my old enemy.

"Like it? It's your new life, Colt. Or should I say little boy whose name I don't know or care about. Oh and because I am not a mean man, I am gonna give you a present." He told Travis, who was getting out of the car and looked very confused and disoriented, looking around him and at his new huge arms. "Within the next few hours you'll remember everything you need to in order to be a productive adult. You'll know how to drive and you know, be all manly. And you will be a helpless twerp! Enjoy your new life, asshole!" He walked away and I looked up at his massive form.

"Am I a grownup now? WOW!" Travis was only a seven year old in the body of a much larger grown man. I didn't know what to do or say. "Come on let's go for a walk, Colt!"

He ran off and I ran after him to try to catch up. He started playing around a pole and acting like a well, little kid in a grown up body.

"I'm a grownup! This is fun!"

"" I shook my head. I started to cry.

"Why are you crying? It's okay!"

"No it isn't," I blubbered. "You don't know how to be a grownup. Only I do."

"Oh it's alright, sweetheart. Dry your tears. I'm gonna make sure you are always taken care of, okay buddy?"

I sniffed. "Promise?"

"I do. I feel a whole lot better now. All my adult feelings of maturity are kicking in. How would you like an ice cream, little guy?"


"Come on, I'll even let you ride on my shoulders!"

"Wow! Thanks, Travis!"

"Travis? That's your name, little man. Mine is Colt."

"Oh, right. Sorry. This is different. Are you ever gonna leave me, Colt?"

"No buddy. Of course not. I'm gonna be your new daddy."



As you can see, the results of the New Fathers Club doesn't always end happily ever after, but we are still seeing quite a number of customers who are very happily enjoying their new fatherly roles.

Friday, March 6, 2015

Blogger's New Policy and New Story Commissions

Blogger has decided not to pursue the nudity policy as long as users keep an adult warning.

I have been asked by several people if I will continue posting. The truth is I have hundreds of pics chosen for potential stories. I have been at a new job the last few months and so I haven't had any time to write.

I will return when I find time. I will post updates over at CYOC and maybe the Evolution forum when I come up with new work.

I will take commissions if you have a specific story you would like me to write. I mentioned this before and someone misunderstood, but this means, if you want me to write you into a story, if you want a specific fantasy with a photo of your choosing, or just want me to write something like a certain number of stories within a certain time frame, I will take credit from in exchange for this service. For an example, "The Contract" was a commissioned piece.

And no, I don't really need the money that bad, I'm doing this because my time is actually valuable and I find it difficult to make time for requests these days, so if I do one, at the very least I can use the credit to get things for friends as random acts of kindness.

Otherwise, I will post my own random stories whenever I feel the urge.

Monday, February 23, 2015

New policy from Blogger regarding nudity

I just got this in my inbox...

Dear Blogger User,

We're writing to tell you about an upcoming change to the Blogger Content 
Policy that may affect your account.

In the coming weeks, we'll no longer allow blogs that contain sexually 
explicit or graphic nude images or video. We'll still allow nudity 
presented in artistic, educational, documentary, or scientific contexts, or 
where there are other substantial benefits to the public from not taking 
action on the content.

The new policy will go into effect on the 23rd of March 2015. After this 
policy goes into effect, Google will restrict access to any blog identified 
as being in violation of our revised policy. No content will be deleted, 
but only blog authors and those with whom they have expressly shared the 
blog will be able to see the content we've made private.

Our records indicate that your account may be affected by this policy 
change. Please refrain from creating new content that would violate this 
policy. Also, we ask that you make any necessary changes to your existing 
blog to comply as soon as possible, so that you won't experience any 
interruptions in service. You may also choose to create an archive of your 
content via Google Takeout 

So, does this mean that for every article with a nude pic I need to make a separate post with a link stating that is what you're getting? Or are they just going to block the entire blog altogether? Or just specific posts? this language sounds intentionally vague.