Saturday, November 28, 2015

The Town Where Age Went Crazy

Somewhere in the Midwest of the USA, a town exists where the ages of almost every single male has been altered. I am the scientist responsible for this, and I am working continuously to reverse the effects of what I've done. My original research was on the male genome, and I was working in a secret government facility. I had top clearance to do so. My assignment was nothing less than finding ways to make people immortal. I was starting with men because the tests we did on various rays and chemicals were more successful with male test subjects of rats, etc. But the fact is, I did happen upon a discovery that allowed me to charge a particle ray with the ability to disrupt the cell structure of humans. I found a way to target certain elements and what it boiled down to was a way of stopping humans from aging. But one night one of my assistants stole the ray and we caught him almost immediately. He had been paid off by some corporate entity but we had much higher security than he knew about. When we caught him he turned on the machine he was holding. And then he dropped it to smash it when we pulled guns on him. He thought he could just destroy our work to get even but then a red light filled the air around us. He shrank to the size of a bowling ball and before I knew it I was holding him as a baby. The radius of the ray went out all over town. Luckily for us it's a small town of only a few thousand people. Approximately 3.528 males were affected and we immediately quarantined the area and brought in experts in brainwashing (you call them "Men in Black") who were able to make it so that no one would talk about the changes that had taken place. For those affected we decided to keep their original memories so we could hopefully study them. In exchange for their silence, which was not really given as an option as they found it impossible to discuss these events out loud with anyone outside the town, they would receive new personas and identities. The real tough challenge was addressing how a town full of people just went "missing". We faked killing off a certain percentage by saying there were various groups that got caught in tourist activity in other countries during avalanches, mudslides, earthquakes, etc. Others we had to simply tell them that they should say they had new "religious convictions" that meant they could no longer communicate with old friends and family. The people they once knew were told their friends or loved ones were moving. We collected lists and sent Men in Black to roughly 28,000 people around the country, one of our largest operations on record. We had to actually recruit men from the CIA and FBI and erase their memories once they were done erasing other people's memories. My job is not easy, folks. We sent most of the women out to towns across America via relocation because their ages hadn't changed and they were still recognizable. As for the men, well we were able to give them all new identities. The names you see here are their new names, the names they will go by from now on. Because we ended their relationships (for the most part, with few exceptions) with any of the unchanged women, it was decided that the men would predominantly be changed to a homosexual preference. The government had tried this out before. We had to change the brain ever so slightly. Studies would prove if it would be feasible to deploy worldwide to combat the population explosion. The town would be seen as a possible "gay resort" in the future. The government brass also wanted us to try to up the number of smokers in town to see if the effects of stasis could combat the effects of smoking and so far it's been successful. The men in town can now smoke as much as they please without ill harm coming to them, so we made a majority of the population smokers and will continue our study.

I am continuing to restore the project, but it is a huge debacle. Here I will record some of the stories of the men whose ages have changed. The good news is none of them are aging any further. That part has stopped. None of them can grow any older. Some of them are far younger or older than they started out, and would love nothing more than to go back to their original ages. Some of them are happier for their lot and have requested to keep their new identities, which we will abide by. We are working vigorously to change back the ones that have requested we do so. But until then we will interview them for posterity.

Case Numbers #345, 531, and 1,669: (from left to right) Clive, Jason, and Ben

Ben used to be a 74 year old with a permanent limp. That was gone now. His old friend Clive, formerly 78 was now equally young. His grandson Jason was now much older, and had gone from 20 to 65. We talked with these three about their recent experience. Log file 193390

Ben: I fucking love life now. Don't have to get no new hip that's for goddamn sure!
Clive: Yeah, and I don't have to listen to my wife nag about my cigars anymore. I actually like this being gay thing! Shit, men are way better to live with I tell you that much. I had to listen to such nagging over the years. Glad it's over.
Ben: Yeah, besides which I'm a better lay.
Clive: Yeah you fucking are, with your tight hole!
Jason: I don't have to go to school anymore and I own the golf course here, which is pretty cool. I like being a grown up but it's hard to get around like I used to. I can't run and play and jump around. That part kinda sucks.
Ben: Cheer up, kiddo. You're a grown man, now, and you can do what you like, right? You wanna go to the new strip club downtown? They got some real fuckin hot guys down there now.
Jason: Sure thing! At least I can get a fuckin beer now!

Case Number: #2.110:  Hunter

Hunter used to be a 42 year old man. His current age is now 19. Log file 021800

So uh, I don't know what to say. This is a good week. I used to 42..I managed and owned a whole grocery store but in exchange for youth and a new identity I'm now working as a low end clerk at the cigar store. Well, there's actually three cigar stores now! Every man in town is a bonafide cigar smoker now.

Apart from that change, I'm constantly fucking horny. All I can think about is getting my dick sucked. It's weird. I used to own a house and then I realized I had to pay rent to live in it from the kid who used to work for me. He's now 50 and he owns this cigar store and the grocery store. I used to boss him around and now he bosses me around. The pay off is my dick doesn't quit. I'm at full mast all the fucking time. I can jack off or fuck for ten rounds a day. It's amazing. And look at my hot body. Who wouldn't want to fuck me or get fucked by me? Fuck I love looking at myself and my hot 19 year old body. Thankfully my new "boss" is also my new sugar daddy. I get to keep living in the house I live in. I don't pay rent now because he takes it out of my ass. Honestly, I thought I would have more problems with this but I'm so fucking sex crazed I don't give a fuck that I'm no longer middle aged.

Case Numbers #118 and 2.567: Taylor and Tyler

Logfile: 201877

Taylor: We're best friends.
Tyler: That's right, ever since we were 13 years old.
Taylor: Which was a few months ago.
Tyler: I love it. It's so awesome being 36.
Taylor: Fuck yeah, they made us businessmen. My dad used to spank the hell out of me and now he's 8 years old and I can push him around like it's nothing. I'm big as fuck now, I got a big manly life is pretty awesome.
Tyler: Plus we're together now and sex is fucking awesome.
Taylor: The first time we had sex was mind blowing. Mentally I'm still 13, even if those guys gave us all the business knowledge they did.
Tyler: My dad is 70 now and he hates it, but he's good with me being a grown up because it means he can retire in peace. He doesn't have to provide for me anymore.
Taylor: The beard makes me feel so grown up. I love my life now.
Tyler: Me too.
Taylor: My dad complains but when he does I just backhand him the way he used to with me.
Tyler: Fuck yeah. Gotta show em who's boss!

Case Number: #1,992: Nicky

 I used to be 8 and now I'm 65. I kind of like it but I don't like being fat. I miss my friends in third grade but the entire town is all different now and a lot of my old friends are now working jobs. I'm way fatter than them. I also smoke cigars now, which feels both good and weird. Being fat is the weirdest thing, though, having all this flab everywhere. My dad is now 16 and had a big attitude about going back to high school but I laid down the law. I'm not fucking 8 anymore. Just do as I say, because it's my roof now. You wanna live under my roof, you follow my rules.I kind of miss playing frisbee with my friends but most of them are grownups now anyway. Frisbee is for kids. Who needs frisbee when you can jack off?

Friday, November 27, 2015

I Got the Wishbone

My name is Darren and I'm ten years old. It's November 26th, 1980. My friends and I dressed up on Halloween and I wanted to be an army guy but instead my dad gave me this because he's a cop. It was really cool, because he went dressed in some of my clothes, so our Halloween costumes were each other. My dad is a cop so he's real proud of me because I said I wanted to be a cop just like him.

Then Thanksgiving was the next holiday and I love it because the whole family comes to our house. We have a big house and I love it when my cousins come. But this time was different because Ken was pushing me around and I hated it. He thinks he's a big shot because he's in high school now and he wasn't any fun at all. My dad yelled at me for fighting with him, I got blamed but it was all his fault and he pretended like it wasn't.

Dinner was really awful because I felt like my aunt and uncle were mad at me because of the lie he told. I got the chance to make a wish on the wishbone, though. Ken and I got to pull on it and I got the bigger piece.

"Whatever, it doesn't work anyway." he said.

"You wouldn't say that if you were the one that got the big piece," my mom said. I laughed. I kept my wish to myself. I wish I was bigger than Ken! I thought. And I thought it over and over all evening.

My dad took me aside that night and we went outside and looked at the stars.

"So, what did ya wish for, kiddo?"

"Oh, nothing," I said.

"Don't mumble son."

"Sorry, dad. But if I tell you, what if it doesn't come true?"

"Son, can I see that wishbone? Please?"

I got it out of my pocket and handed it over to him.

"This is a good wishbone, but I have one more for you. But it only works if you say the wish out loud. So tell me what your wish is, son, so I know what you want."

I laughed. "Are you kidding? I mean I know it's stupid but..."

"Son, it's not. Look, son. I got a few wishbones from the carnival last October and I know it sounds crazy but they actually work. I've tried a few out. I got a bag of them from some old woman and I heard a few weird things about the carnival after but all I know is, things changed. My life got better. I'm the chief of police now."

"Dad, you've been chief for years. Ever since I was a baby."

"No, son. Before the wish I was just another cop. They change reality, see? Tell me what you want." He bent over and looked at me and I was shy and stuff. "I wanna be bigger than Ken. Like, real big. As big as you."

Dad held up the wishbone. I smiled. I pulled it and I got the bigger piece.

"Now, run upstairs and brush your teeth. I can't wait to see how tomorrow turns out." Dad smiled kinda weird.

I went upstairs and thought about how awesome it would be if it were real, but it wasn't...

And then I woke up and could feel my toes in the air. Which was weird. Because my feet were over the end of the bed but I could feel the headboard.

I got up and I was tall...real tall. I was shocked. I opened my door and I was almost as tall as the door! I walked into the bathroom. I had to be six feet tall at least. And I looked around 18 or 20. Maybe older. I nearly fainted. Mom called me and I rushed out the door and I ran into my room. She knocked on the door.

"Uh, just a minute!" Oh man my voice is different now! I hope she doesn't think I'm a robber!

"Dear, remember we're going to breakfast so put on a suit."

I don't have a...wait. I opened my closet door and saw all my kid clothes had vanished. There were new clothes there, adult sized ones. I found some underwear, pants, a dress shirt, suit and a tie. I knew how to tie a tie and do it quickly. I didn't know how to do it before!

I stumbled outside and my dad was there.

"Wow. SON?"

"Dad, am I dreaming?"

"No. But everyone else will have a different view now. I think you are changing reality. I didn't used to remember being a one time teenage father but now I remember knocking your mother up when I was only 17."

"Dad, you shouldn't be talking to me about sex with mom."

"Oh, loosen up, son. You're a grown up now. Geez. Come on, let's go get some grub. You wanna drive?"

"Really??" My eyes went wide as he handed me the keys.

At the restaurant, everyone treated me like a grown up. It's so weird being called "sir" now. But somehow it was all ok. I adapted. Everyone was talking to me about how college was and I realized I was a freshman in college. Wow. Time sure flies!

And Ken was WAY smaller than me now! He looked up to me and wanted to follow me everywhere. He was asking me how to talk to girls and I admit I was pretty smug about the fact I'd had sex since I was his age, and that I lost my virginity to an older girl. He hates that, it makes him feel like just a boy. Heh. I'm so confident now. I never knew being grown up would feel this way. I mean a lot of kids my age don't have confidence. I think it's because they don't come from good families and I'm grateful I do.

I wished I could be a little bigger, though. I told dad I was going to major in criminal justice, like he did. He was so proud of me! I got a hug and he called me a chip off the old block.

Day 2 after my change was Saturday and as soon as I woke up I knew I'd grown even more. I had a lot more bulk. I got up and felt how hard I was. My dick was at full mast and I realized I hadn't properly jacked off since my "shift" through realities. So as I was doing so, I realized that I needed to get to the station soon. Working for my dad was a big deal and we had to make sure that I was going to be in top form. Which I was. Putting on my uniform over my big muscles I felt new memories. I definitely didn't lie about losing my virginity but I was all man and liked...well, let's just say being a cop had its advantages in cruising.

"What's up, boys?" I asked coming in that morning. I felt so good. So cocky and arrogant. On top of the world. My father was now my big brother. I had followed in his footsteps. My mother was calling me Darren but my grandmother was calling me son now. I was at least 27. I was bigger than Ken and even bigger than my dad.

I spend my day in a cop car doing the job I'd dreamed of just days before as a fourth grader. It was exhilarating. I pulled over a former teacher of mine that didn't remember me very well. I had always thought he was a little poofy, I mean the guy taught grade school and had a penchant for sewing. I smiled. I asked him if he liked cops. I asked him if he thought I looked good. He got nervous. I told him I wanted him bad. And to follow my car and I'd let him suck off my massive dick. I knew just the place, there was an abandoned building area up on a hill no one would be near. It was still holiday season and people wouldn't be out this early very much. I had found the cocksucker of my dreams.

"Oh hell yeah, get on that dick! I'm teaching you now, son. Fuck yes, you and I are gonna be real good friends. Suck me. Suck. Suck...oh god...OH GOD! OH MY GOD! OH MAN! I love being a grown up!"

I guess that's where I should say what I'm grateful for. I'm grateful I'm a hot fucking cop with a new hot cocksucker who is gonna swallow my seed. I'm grateful for my former dad who is now my big brother and I'm grateful most of all for that carnival coming into town for making a real man out of me. Best. Thanksgiving Day. EVER!

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Mikey's Halloween Journal

October 17th, 1979

My name is Mikey. I live with my Mommy and Daddy. They are very nice. My daddy is a driver and my mommy works at a nail salon. I am starting this diary (or journal…daddy says boys keep journals) because my mommy thinks I can practice my writing. I am 9 years old and I am in fourth grade. I like baseball and baseball cards and I also really like watching TV with my parents. My favorite shows are Fantasy Island with Ricardo Montalban and Dukes of Hazard. Halloween is coming up and I am very excited. I have Halloween toys my mommy and daddy got me because I love it way more than Christmas, although Christmas is also really good because you can get presents. My daddy says we are going to go to a carnival soon! I’m very excited. I love the carnival. We went last year but I couldn’t go on some of the rides because I was still a little kid and daddy said hopefully this year I was tall enough. Well I guess that’s all. I also have to go pick out a costume with mommy later this week. 

October 19th, 1979

Okay I’m back and I went to the costume store and it was very very fun. I got a Frankenstein costume because I think Frankenstein is very cool. My parents let me watch the old black and white movie about Frankenstein. I wanted to watch Alien because they brought it back to the theater because it’s scary but my mommy won’t let me because she says it’s got too much I can’t handle, which I don’t think is true because I’m a big kid now. Besides, Bobby and Darren saw it because their dads took them and they said it was so cool. But like I said I’m going to be Frankenstein. I asked Bobby what he was going to be and he said he was he was going to go as an alien but not the aliens from the movie Alien. He’s going to be a Martian or something that is easier to make. Darren is going as an army guy because his mom said he could carry his toy rifle around with him. We are going to go trick or treating together. I don’t think they are going to the carnival, though because it’s a few towns over. We are going next week.

October 24th, 1979

Daddy got into an argument with mommy today. They yelled at each other and I pretended to be asleep but I wasn’t. They argued because daddy keeps going to the bar on his motorcycle and drinking and mommy doesn’t like it and she thinks he is being bad. Daddy is very unhappy and I’m sad too, so maybe he will feel better if we go to the carnival. It is cool that my dad has a motorcycle and a car and also drives his truck around town. When I grow up I want to drive all of those things, too.

October 25th, 1979

Daddy took me with him for a few deliveries. He wanted to talk to me. He said he might be living somewhere else soon. I knew what he meant, it means he and mommy will get a divorce. I started crying and he stopped the truck and started yelling at me. He yelled I needed to stop being such a fucking (I am not supposed to use this word but this is the word he used) crybaby and did I want to be a fucking pussy and I said no. I stopped crying and he told me that we’d have fun soon at the carnival. He also said men aren’t supposed to cry and I was a little man and his son and I shouldn’t cry so much. 

October 26th, 1979

I got to go to Bobby’s house today but when my daddy didn’t pick me up, Mr. Smith had to drive me back home. They tried calling but there was no answer. Daddy wasn’t home and mommy was. She said she just got home and apologized. When daddy came home they yelled and screamed because he had been drinking again and was at the bar and forgot to pick me up. Mommy was really mad. She said How could you How could you! How could you, Rocky! Daddy said she was raising me to be a big crybaby and if he was my age he would have just walked home. She yelled at him again and he hit her and it made me cry because I could hear it and she cried a lot and then daddy left. I came out and hugged her and it was really bad so I made some cocoa to make her feel better. I wish daddy wouldn’t do these things. I hate it and I feel terrible all the time. I went to bed and my mommy barely said anything to me except that daddy had been in Vietnam and it had made him really unhappy when he was there and he still got really sad and mad.

October 28th, 1979

Sunday night. We went to the carnival tonight. It was bad because mommy didn’t go. She said I should just have fun with daddy. She was very sad and just laid down on the couch. Daddy was in a really good mood so I was too. 

We got to the carnival and daddy was in a good mood. He got me popcorn and funnel cake and we ate hot dogs together too. My daddy is nice when he wants to be and I wish it could be like this all the time. So then he got me to go on some of the rides but not all of them because I’m not tall enough yet for the rollercoasters. I told daddy its ok because we can still go to the haunted house. 

The haunted house had mirrors and we were on this car that went around the track. And there were skeletons that popped out. There were some hidden doors and would open and people with masks would pop out. But then daddy actually got scared for a minute and we both laughed. 

So then daddy got some beer and mixed in some whiskey which he keeps in a flask. He talked about how he still loved me but he and mommy had lots of problems and he wanted me to be happy so in a weird way he had to leave for me to be happy. I started to get sad and cry but he said no remember what I told you, big boys don’t cry. So he drank some more and the more he drank he started to snap at me. He started yelling at me that it was all my fault and he wished he and mommy had never had me, it could have been like it was before, when he was young and he could do anything. I ran away because he hurt my feelings and all I could think of was I wanted to cry.

That’s when I saw the other haunted house. And it was kind of outside the fairgrounds. I ran past the gate and my daddy was yelling and running after me. I looked behind me and he was yelling for me to come back right now and he yelled he was gonna kill me. It was a huge ride but there was no line in front but there was a giant smiling devil head looking down over the door. The door opened and I walked in. 

Inside the haunted house there was another car and the room was large and had all this green light but I didn’t see any light bulbs. So I got in one of the seats and daddy walked in as I disappeared into the tunnel. I couldn’t see him but I could hear him. There weren’t any other people on the ride though, it was just me and daddy was behind me, saying he was gonna get me. It was weird because there were lines on all the other rides except this one. So then the car went around and all of a sudden I went by a graveyard and it was like a real graveyard. It was very scary but I couldn’t leave the ride. There was a U-turn and I could see daddy coming around as I was ahead of him and there was a green ghost riding with him like the kind they have at Disneyland but there was no green ghost in my car. I went into another tunnel. 

The next room there was a swamp and it was also very real looking. 

“MIKEY!” my dad yelled. He sounded scared.

I saw some monsters I thought in the swamp (I saw one of them splashing in the water and it looked like the Creature from the Black Lagoon) and then the car went into another dark tunnel and when it came out I was in a scientists lab. The scientists were all ghouls and had dead faces and they smiled at me in zombie faces and lab coats. There were some doors that said TOP SECRET and I went into the last room which had a narrow tunnel but with windows on the side. It looked like they were filled with water but there were some weird shapes of creatures like monster or aliens or I don’t even know how to describe them. Lots of tentacles. Lots of eyes. They looked real but weird. I heard Daddy yelling again. 

Then there was a giant eyeball at the end of the tunnel and it looked really really real! It looked down on me. Then the car came back to the first room with the green light. The bar opened up and I got up and out of the car and it moved on and I noticed something strange which was I was wearing different clothes than when I came in. I was wearing steel toed boots and a leather jacket which smelled like cigarette smoke. I put a hand on my face. I had hair on my face. Like I had a mustache. I wondered how they had put a fake mustache on me when I wasn’t looking and then daddy’s car came out and he looked up at me. But he wasn’t there and a little boy was and he got out of the car. 

“Excuse me sir, but have you seen my son?”

“What do you mean? You aren’t old enough to have a son!” I laughed, looking down on him. I realized how weird it was that he was a kid and I was taller than him. 

“Hey. What’s going on here? You…where’s my son! Mikey! MIKEY!!”

“I’m right here. Have you seen my daddy? His name is Gavin Petersen.”

The little boy’s eyes went real wide.

“NO FUCKING WAY! Hey What the FUCK IS THIS?” He looked at his own body, dressed in the clothes I had been dressed in. 

“I think we should go outside,” I said. “Come on. I can help you find your dad. Maybe he’s with my dad. How old are you?”

“This has to be a fucking dream,” he said following me. “I’m thirty-five fucking years old but I’m dressed like my kid.”

We went out of the haunted house and I walked for a bit and looked down on him. And then looked back and the entire ride was gone. I mean all of it. It was huge. The giant devil head was gone. 

“Daddy? Is that you?”

He looked up at me. “Mikey?” He seemed like he’d gone running, his breathing was really fast. 

“Yeah it’s me. Is that you, daddy? We switched clothes, look!”

“You…you grew up!”

“What are you talking about, daddy?” And then it finally dawned on me. “Wait. My voice! It’s deep! It’s so different now! I almost forgot about that! You always say you can’t wait for my voice to change! And now…”

“Now I’m a kid again. And you’re a grown up.”

“Did you do this, daddy?”

He looked up at me and started screaming. “No I didn’t do this! How the fuck would I change you into a fully grown man in my clothing and change myself into a boy again! How the fuck would I do that! What the fuck is your mother teaching you!?”

“Don’t be mean! It’s not nice. Why can’t you just be nice?”

“Don’t you tell me what to fucking do! Don’t you dare! Who the FUCK do you think you are!”

“I’m your son and now I’m taller than you so be nice to me.” I picked him up and thought it was funny that he looked at me and was scared all of a sudden. “Now be NICE! Or ELSE I’ll make sure you…I’ll…I’ll do what you used to do!” I yanked him around and he screamed and I held him by his feet upside down. “Are you gonna be good!?”


“STOP SAYING THAT WORD!” I was amazed at how authoritative my voice sounded. “You’re just a kid now and I’m the adult. And I say you don’t say bad words and you be nice and if you don’t like it I’ll give you a smack across the mouth!” That is what daddy always says to me so now I’m saying it.

Just then we heard this evil laugh all around us. The wind was blowing. I saw the haunted house again. It blurred and appeared in the distance at the edge of the field and the big devil head grinned and then it disappeared again. 

I let my dad go. He was really angry. 

“This is all just some dream. I’m having a blackout from the liquor.”

I needed a cigarette, I realized. Really badly. I fished one out from my pocket and lit up. I realized it was unusual but it also felt really right. 

“You’re not allowed to smoke! You’re only nine years old, Mikey!”

“It’s Michael,” I said absentmindedly. “We’re going home. You’re being a brat and your mother isn’t going to like what I have to say about this at all.” I took a deep drag and the tobacco calmed me Nothing like that nicotine rush when dealing with my son. I realized he was my son now and that things had changed. I didn’t drink a whole lot, except a beer with the boys on occasion but I never ignored my family or got angry with them. Real men don’t abuse their families. 

“Come on, let’s get back to the car.” He began to protest so I turned him around. “Look, I know what’s gotten into you but you gotta get over it. That haunted house changed things and it changed me pretty quick. I’m thinking a lot more clearly now.” I took a drag. “So this is the way it’s gonna be, Gavin. You’re gonna be good and go to school tomorrow and be a good boy and I’m going to go make deliveries with UPS and we’re gonna be a happy family together. You’re not gonna grow up to be an abusive alcoholic dipshit and I’m going to raise you right. We’re getting a new shot to be happy.” I blew smoke into the night air. I held his shoulders and gave them a rub. “I love you, buddy. We’re gonna be a lot better off. It’s supposed to be this way. Come here.” I held him in my arms and he cried. 

“I was supposed to be the daddy.” He whimpered and cried. 

“I know, but you weren’t doing a very good job. So whoever was in charge of that house decided to give you a Halloween present. It’s better this way. Come on. Let’s go home.” I picked him up and he laughed as I carried him on my big, strong shoulders for a little while as I walked across the midway. I was a lot taller now, I could tell, taller than I had been by far. What was I now, 6 foot 6 inches? Or five maybe. It was tall. I look like my dad did, only taller and a little more handsome.

We got back to the car and I bent down to look at my stubble filled face. I looked tough but handsome. Full black hair still, tall, strong chin. Yeah, I could live with this, I thought with a smile. I fished the keys out of my pocket and before I knew it Gavin was asleep in the back while I drove home. I was on auto pilot. I perfectly knew everything that I needed to about driving and a whole lot of other stuff. I even knew how to pay taxes and how to lift weights. There was a gym downtown and I went there a few times a week after making deliveries.

I got home and told my wife that Gavin had had a little bit too much stimulation and could use a bit of a rest. I also told her I wanted to ground him for acting up again but she said I should make a deal not to ground him if he raked leaves around the house and did chores. 

“See, this is why I love you. You’re such a good mom.” I kissed her deeply, knowing reality had been changed and she had once been my mother. But now we were a family still, and we weren’t going to be apart and that was the important thing. I put Gavin to bed and made love to my new wife for the first time and loved every bit of it. I mean when I saw how big my new was, I was so surprised but knew what to do. I couldn’t believe how hot my mom was. And she loves that I call her mommy when I fuck her. I just knew I wanted to tear apart her pussy all night long…playing the Rolling Stones while I’m inside her. This is the life!

October 31st, 1979

Gavin’s Journal

Daddy took me trick or treating tonight. It was so cool. I went as Frankenstein’s monster. Daddy said he was proud of me for being good and doing all my chores and he said he would take me to see Alien before the theater stopped showing it and I hugged him so hard. He went with me as the Hulk! He painted himself green. He is so big and strong I want to be just like him someday. I know it used to be different but I don’t remember being a daddy much anymore and I love watching him be my daddy. It’s a lot more fun and I got so much candy tonight! He lifted me up in the air a few times. He loves me so much and he and mommy will be together and I am very happy. I’m glad we went to the carnival. 

I guess it’s going to be weird because I kind of remember being a kid before and a grown up but it’s like all I can think of is how much I love school and how fun it is. I love hanging out with my friends and I love class and I love recess. 

My name is Gavin and my daddy’s name is Michael and I am nine years old and I hope everyone had a very good Halloween this year because me and my daddy definitely did.

PS all the photos in the house of me and daddy changed so they all have me as his son and him as my daddy, and here's a photo of what my daddy looks like..he was a little boy but he makes a much better daddy in my opinion and also I love him and I love Halloween!

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Myostat Syndrome

"Look at how much I can eat now! It's so cool!"

I was still dumbfounded and in shock by my brother Kenny. He was only ten but already looked twice as old. It all had happened so fast. It was like some kind of fever dream. But the news stories didn't lie. The phenomenon had happened across America. One out of every 100 boys aged between ten and fifteen had caught the mutation, which had been the result of chemical exposure. The government denied that it had tested it on the populace but even the most conservative pundits had been giving over to the popular theory that this was someone in the military playing with our kids lives, and the numbers were increasing. It used to be one in every 500 boys aged 10 to 15. Now it was one in 100. The estimates were that every boy in America would turn into a mini hulk by 2040. That puberty was somehow how a massive overdrive of muscle building meant that someone had figured out a way to toy with myostatin so it could target specifically the muscles of the arms, chest, legs, and torso, but not the major organs, which was always the main concern with lab mice they had tested.

And then Kenny had started to outgrow his clothes and one day he came in and I realized he was an inch taller than he had been a week before. We had him diagnosed. He had the contagion known as Myostat Syndrome. After that you couldn't wipe the grin from his face. Every night at dinner was a new adventure for him. It didn't help that I was underdeveloped, a senior in high school who wasn't openly gay, and as Kenny grew, deeply ashamed of my feelings of inadequacy as I compared myself to him. Kenny grew bolder and bolder, experimenting with weights that dad made him out of bricks and milk jugs full of sand. We couldn't afford a lot but it was all he needed and the doctors told us that it would be the best thing for his body, since the urge to accelerate was going to be very strong over the next few weeks.

"Hey Roger, can you come work out with me today? Dad is gonna be at work all night."

"I don't even know how to lift weights," I said honestly. "I'm studying for my AP chem test, but I'll sit in for a little while if you want."

"Okay," he said. There was no trace of any of the superiority or arrogance other guys my age had experienced with their brothers becoming like Hercules over a few months. There were a few of us, three seniors and two juniors that the school had set up as a support group. We all had each other's numbers and everything, in case of emergency. Bobby Kay had been the one that needed us the most. He was an average guy, one of the few class clowns you can't help but love and I honestly think he could actually make a career out of comedy one day. His brother is the size of a fucking wrestler and beat him up because he "ran off his mouth again". The abuse was so bad he asked the state to make him an emancipated minor, and they did so. He is now living with friends of family in another state. We all came to visit him in the hospital. We understood more than anyone what it was like to live with that fear. Well, except me. Kenny was the model of being nice. When I told him about Bobby he cried his eyes out because he thought I would think he's a monster. Instead I cradled his head in my arms and told him that wasn't true. That he had a choice to be good just like everyone else, and that being big and strong just meant he had to make that choice sooner than most.

A few hours later he showed off to me. He showed me his bricks and his jugs of sand and all of his push up routine that he'd learned. I felt bad we couldn't get him a real gym membership but we were on a limited budget.

"Roger, I know Dad told me about girls and all but...I have a question," he said, after he finished a set. "There were these girls on the way home that yelled that I looked hot. Do you you think I can do grown up stuff now that I look grown up?"

"We have talked about sex with you. So did the doctors. Just because you can doesn't mean you should."

"But I can, like, I can masturbate now. I do it all the time!"

"I don't think...look, I'm your big brother and I think you're a bit young for that. You'll have plenty of time later. It's just, your body is older so it's weirder for you and it's going to be lonely. Girls your age aren't advanced enough to have sex yet but they can't ask you to go ahead into a grade you aren't prepared for's just kind of a mess. You have a grown up body and a ten year old mind."

"Roger, can I ask you something else?"

"Sure, buddy."

"Do you like girls?" Oh god.

"Uh...why do you ask?"

"Cause I went on your computer and you were looking at tumblr and there were all these guys with muscles."

"Oh. Okay. Great. Yes, Kenny I'm gay. Please don't tell Mom and Dad. I'm going to do that but not for a while."

"Why? I don't care. Ellen Degeneres is gay and Mom watches her."

I smiled. "I know. And that's great. It's just it's really personal. I'm...not very good at dating yet. I just got accepted into Notre Dame. That means that no matter what, I can help our family and that has to come first."

"Do you think I look hot?"

"Uh, Kenny, look're my brother. Okay? I am supposed to protect you from bad people and I would be a bad person if I were to look at you that way."

"You're not bad. It's just I know you like looking at me," he said, smiling a bit arrogantly.

"This conversation is over."


The years passed. I came home from college four years later. Kenny had grown up quite a lot at the age of 14.

"What do you think? Do you like my tattoos? Aren't they cool??"

My mother sighed. "You can thank your uncle for that. His friend owns a tattoo shop and did them for free. I wish he had consulted with me first."

"Oh come on, Mom. They look so awesome! I love them so much!"

"I think it was kind of inevitable. Kenny has wanted tattoos ever since he was five. I remember the rub on ones, he was obsessed with them."

"I remember those!" Suddenly he was hugging me and lifting me up in the air. "I'm so glad you're finally home for good!"

"Well, sort of." He was still holding me mid-air. "Uh, could you let me down?"

"Oh, right. Sorry." Par for the course in our family. My loving giant of a 14 year old brother.

"Um, I got a job lined up but it's out of state. I won't be staying too long. Next month I start work at a pharmaceutical company. I'll be sending you guys as much money as I can out of my paycheck."

My brother's look was crestfallen. He went into the backyard without saying a word to me.

"You should go follow him, dear," my mother told me.

In the backyard there was now a huge weight set. Over the years various relatives had donated to make it happen. My brother was doing bicep curls with a few hundred pounds like it was nothing. Meanwhile I was still a hundred thirty pounds soaking wet.

"Hey. Um."

"You can't leave," he huffed. "I decided. You have to stay." He lifted more and more, his gargantuan body moving in line with his lift movements.

"Buddy, I...look..."

"No, you look." He put the weight down. "I miss you! You only come home for holidays and you have this whole exciting life and you're just gonna keep leaving."

"I'm doing this for you guys. Dad is still a security guard. And it's dangerous, he shouldn't even still be doing it. Mom is still breaking her back at the store. You knew from the beginning I had to do whatever it took."

"What if I join the army? They made it so Myostat kids can join early."

"I know they did. We all know why. They're the ones that did this. They want a nation that's healthier to compete with other countries and poor Myostat kids are perfect for recruitment. It's for desperate families. You can do anything with your life!"

"I want to be with you! Can I move in with you?"

"It doesn't work that way."

"Well if I tell Mom and Dad I'm getting a job in your new town they can't stop me and guys here in town already wanted me to do construction but Dad wouldn't let me. I could have done it!"

Fucking labor laws. Myostat kids could now start legally working any job at the age of 13. Of course most of them have to drop out of school to do so...

"Yes, but if you graduate high school you won't be stuck doing manual labor for the rest of your life. I'm saying all this because I love you."

He huffed and looked angry. "Do you like looking at me now? Now that I'm a grownup with huge fucking pecs? Huh?" He walked over to me and made his pecs dance. "You like that, huh?"

"What the hell has gotten into you?"

"Nothing, except I finally had sex and it was awesome."

"Oh God. You are 14. You are not old enough for that!"

"So I should wait like you? You're still a virgin, aren't you?"

"This conversation is over..." I began to walk away and he swung me around and kissed me. I tried fighting him.

"I had sex with a guy. He thought I was his age. What do you think of THAT?" He stormed back into the house. I tried to make my boner go down but couldn't.

The next few days were tense. Kenny wouldn't look at me or talk to me. Finally, after the weekend came he knocked on my door.

"Dad says he wants you to take me into town for some new clothes for school."

When we were in my car, he said "You know, if you let me I could drive and no one would know that I'm not supposed to."

"Except for the fact that you don't have a license. And if you get pulled over I would go to jail for letting a minor drive. All Myostat kids are in the system and all they have to do is scan your face."

"Well you just have an answer for everything! Huh!"

Nothing like a sullen hulking monster of a 14 year old who was three times my size. Luckily, my brother had never mistreated me or tried to power trip me. Instead he had developed a crush on me, pardon the pun. And he was either gay or bi.

At the mall, Kenny received a lot of attention from the girls at the clothes shops. He smiled and showed me he had gotten used to it. It was all old hat to him now, and he showed off a muscle or two just for effect.

"He's 14," I said. His smile deflated.

"Ohhhh! Well I'm glad you told me, You know we have a bunch of muscle T's with Disney characters on them over here," she motioned towards a rack. Kenny threw me a look of death. I had just ruined his fun pretending to be an adult spree.

At home that night I heard the clanking of his dumbbells down below my window. He was grunting like an animal and my boner was at full mast. I started watching some porn to relieve the tension when he suddenly came into my room! He closed the door behind him as I got into my pants and quickly zipped.

"Dude, you must be really horny for me. Yup yup yup, not hard to see why, I'm only fucking huge and everything."

"Well I guess it's good that you aren't trying to pummel me. I guess there's that."

"When are you gonna admit it! Admit you think I'm hot!"

"Kenny, I'm your brother and if I do anything with you it's only going to scar you."

"Oh PLEASE Roger, I'm not a baby! I mean look at me!" He threw off his sweaty shirt and flared all his muscles. "You can't tell me you don't want me anymore."

"'re beautiful. But that's not the point." And then he kissed me again. He kept doing that.

"I love you and you love me." He picked me up and wrapped my legs around his waist. "I want to be inside you. Like I was with the man I met. He had a car and he sucked on my dick in a parking lot."

"That shouldn't turn me on," I whispered. He kissed me some more. He put me on my bed and took off his pants and underwear. He was eight inches. My brother's dick was nearly dwarfing mine.

"Take off your pants." he ordered. I did so. I hated myself for it but I did so. He yanked off my underwear himself. It was like a grown man undressing a child, he was so much bigger than me. He bent me over. "Do I need a condom?"

"No, I've never done anything. But I have some oil. In the backpack, pocket on the right."

"So you do want to have sex after all!" I stood there quivering. What the hell was I doing. We were alone in my room. My parents were out for the evening. He kissed me again and I felt his strength and hardness and wanted him to dominate me. I yearned for it. He slapped me on the ass hard. "Alright, LITTLE bro. I know you're older but you're the little bro here so I'm gonna fuck you now." He put his fingers up my hole and I gasped. I bent over my bed as he explored my anal cavity. "I watched a lot of porn so I know what I'm doing." His freshly oiled monster dick hit my ass crack and then slowly made its way over to my hole. I gasped and nearly cried as he fit it inside, shoving way too hard way too fast!


He slid it in further. I cried.

"Is that good? You like it?"

"Yes, yes yes yes yes, god yes yes YES YES YES!" With every yes he thrust inside me over and over and over.

After an hour he wasn't really tired but I explained my hole was exhausted. So he asked me to suck him off since he had a lot more cum where that came from. He knew what he wanted to do and had especially wanted to do it since a grown man had given him his first blow job.

I didn't want to displease him. Let's just say I didn't have much of a gag reflex and my brother's dick is huge as fuck so I was able to get it in a little bit. He creamed inside my mouth and I swallowed all of it like manna.

He held me in his arms the way a father holds a child. We basked together in the afterglow of what we'd done.

"Can I come live with you now?"

"We would have to talk to Mom and Dad and you would have to enroll in school. But not yet. Wait a few months. Then we'll convince them that living in the city would let you spend time with more Myostat kids. They probably won't go for it."

"They can't say no, I'm a grownup now."

"You look like a grownup. They still have legal rights," I cuddled inside his massive arms. "But even if we have to wait, it's okay. Though maybe you should consider staying. You could fuck every gay guy in the tri county area if you wanted to."

"I only want you, though!"

"Yeah but you'll expand your horizons someday." He kissed me to shut me up. Something told me this was far from over...

Saturday, September 5, 2015

Chronivac Industries Presents: When Things Go Wrong PART 2

Occasionally, there are a few unsatisfied customers that result from either other people owning Chronivacs or from customers making unspecific changes in their lives. Chronivac Industries does not take any liability for certain situations such as damaged Chronivac units or usage of other users that keep your awareness of the changes you have undergone. We do, however, have certain legal limitations such as the forced use of turning someone into an inanimate object or full on animal with reduced life expectancy being banned. Apart from that, we urge Chronivac users caution and here are a few stories that indicate precisely why...

Frank used to be a player in every sense of the word. He would go out to casinos, be a big spender, buy some hookers and fuck them senseless. On top of this, he also had three girlfriends. Frank was quite the stud, and he had a lot of energy for a lot of women. He juggled them around, and led them along. He liked to talk down to them, oogle them in public like a jerk. He was the kind of guy that liked to pat waitresses on the ass as much as he could get away with it. He often catcalled women who were working in bars, strip clubs and of course while gambling. He was a good ol' boy, a real man's man.

Of course one of his girlfriends found out the truth and tracked down the others. One of them had a certain device I'm sure you're all familiar with.

"Oh, baby, the way you deal those cards." the new Sarah puffed a cigar. She was now a he of course, the one in the middle, and calls himself Ray now. The others were Trisha and Kat, but they are now Trey (left) and Kevin (right).

"Yeah, sweetie," said Kevin. "You sure look good tonight, doesn't she boys?"

"Sure does," said Trey. "I could eat you up, girl."

"Alright, I've been like this for two whole days. You've made your point. I get it. I've learned my lesson. Can you guys please turn me back now? I'm supposed to make a presentation to the board tomorrow."

"The only presentation we wanna see is you spreading your legs, sweetheart," Ray said, blowing cigar smoke. When Ray had been Sarah, she had always resented men but now that she was one she was loving it. She had programmed them all to be alpha males. They all had professional careers, nice cars, and loved cigars and scotch. She was now a he, and he was the embodiment of power. Francine, on the other hand, was now just another casino employee. They were holding a private game for the time being.

"Yeah, speaking of spreading your legs, why dontcha, honey." Kevin said, also blowing smoke. "How bout you let all three of us fuck you before we even consider turning you back.

"I ramped her libido up just now. She won't be able to resist a real man!" Ray said, arching an eyebrow and smiling devilishly. Francine felt flushed and suddenly couldn't control her own sexual urges. She started to take off her clothes. Ray came around the table and helped himself to the goods. He rubbed Frank's new tits and as Francine she whimpered. He put her up against the wall and told her to shut up while he took out his brand new cock and slid it in. All three of them took turns fucking her against the wall until she was a quivering mess.

"Now, sweetheart, you don't want to go back to bein' a man. Bein' a man is hard work, you know? You should let me and the boys take care of you from now on..." Ray said in his husky new voice, reveling in being the one who could fuck his way through life. Francine just nodded in assent and the boys looked at each other knowingly.

But Francine wouldn't be too happy two weeks later when she got the prognosis that she was not pregnant and none of the boys answered her phone calls after that. Occasionally one of them would come by and throw her a few extra dollars for a good time, but apart from that she was pretty much on her own, perpetually horny and about to give birth in mere months...and none too happy for it. She begged to be turned back to no avail. Hell hath no fury like a woman who has become a man who has been scorned.

Elder Levi Smith and Elder Oscar Jimenez were two local Mormon missionaries. They often talked to a gay man outside his house as they were located just across the street from him. They were always friendly, but he was a Chronivac user who wanted to change them ever so slightly.

He invited them over and set the Chronivac to watch the changes.

As I served them some lemonade, Elder Smith was sweating profusely.

"Thanks, sir. That's very refreshing."

"Yes," Elder Jimenez said. "We'd like to talk to you very much about your life."

So I told them I was quite happy with my life, especially my gay lovers. They argued that maybe something happened to me along my childhood or teen years that made me gay.

"No, I don't think it did. But hey, maybe something will make you guys gay at some point, too." Elder Smith suppressed a laugh.

"I don't think that's going to happen. Don't you think that there is also a satisfaction in knowing that you are fulfilling God's plan?" Elder Smith asked. "Is it hot in here?"

"What's up with these shirts? These nameplates are lame."

"Dude, we aren't allowed to say that."

"You don't have to keep it on for my behalf," I said, smiling.

"I can't take it. I can't stand this shirt." He took it off and he stretched his muscles. Elder Smith was horrified.

"I assure you this is not normal. Something must be fuckin' wrong with him. Pardon my language. I fuckin' guess." He frowned.

"Would either of you gentlemen like a nice cold beer?"

"Fuck yah, bro. Give me a beer, man." Elder Jimenez watched his arms pump as his skin lightened and a black punk shirt and jacket appeared on him, and his pants changed to jeans. Elder Tate had been watching this, not realizing he was changing as well, and as I handed each of them a beer, they drank without even considering that Mormons were never allowed to drink alcohol.

"Good beer, man, thanks."

"What were we talking about?" Jimenez said, as he changed to a man named Oscar James.

"We were talking about you two hooking up."

The former elder Levi frowned. "Yeah, we did. You should see his ass, man. God, you got a sweet boy pussy."

"I do," Oscar smiled proudly.

"You guys should come by Friday, I'm having an orgy party here."

"FUCK yeah," said Levi, rubbing his crotch. I'd amped both of them up to extremely horny levels.

"Let's fucking get a preview man," Oscar took a swig and dropped his jeans for me to plunge my dick inside his willing virgin ass.

This is Oscar. The man who did this to us gave us full awareness right after a week of almost non stop orgies. He made it so we're not only gay, but we can't get enough sex. We do it for money all the time and we just signed a deal to make gay porn movies. On the inside I'm horrified. But my body loves sex and swearing, beer, and cum. I act like a totally different man on the outside but I retain all my memories. My advice is not to piss off anyone with a Chronivac. I wish I'd minded my own business. Both of us are sex maniacs now. And even if I wanted to start a new career, I'm so entrenched in the gay porn lifestyle I can barely think about anything other than going to work to get plowed every day!

My name was Charles Davis Eckridge III, and I was flying in my private jet with my bodyguard, Stephen. He was asking me about my itinerary and noticed that I had made no attempts to go to the gym lately.

"The gym is boring," I replied. "I have money. I can pay you to go to the gym."

"Right, boss. Just one question. If you could trade being rich for a huge, bodybuilder body for just one day instantaneously, would you do it?

"For just one day? Hmm. I suppose I would be curious as to what that's like, sure. But let's face it, I have the brains to carry me across the world and do business deals that most people can't dream of, so it's a good trade off, don't you think?

"I suppose."

"Still. I do sometimes wish my life were more exciting. I mean when you're rich, you're always safe. Sometimes I wish I could trade places with someone, like you for instance, but I can't ever do that. I mean all the obligations I have and all the focus, most people just couldn't handle it. I guess I'm going to take a little nap. I'll see you when we land."

"Sure thing boss, enjoy the trip." He smiled knowingly. After a plane and taxi ride, I got to the bathroom in the very fancy hotel I was staying in and noticed I had developed an automatic tan. Strange. Normally I don't tan. I was pale as could be while on the plane.

"How very odd," I said, lilting my own voice strangely. I frowned.

"Stanley? Where are you?"

"I'm right here, boss."

"I think there might be something wrong with my voice. I'm talking like I am from some other country. Listen to me! It's a...some kind of accent! This is most strange. Ring a doctor for me, could you be doing this?" I frowned. My English sounded so strange. "And this shirt doesn't fit, you must have been picking one out that is too small for me!" I was indignant and was now unable to take the shirt off. I watched at Stanley shrunk. "Oh my God, you are shrinking!"

"Oh no, my friend, you are growing. Why don't you go look for yourself!"

But first I had to tear off my shirt. It was so tight it was killing me! I was getting desperate so I tore at the fabric. It came apart bit by bit. I was almost in tears. It was so tight I couldn't just even yank it off. I unbuttoned it and tore off one arm and then another and then shook off the remnants. I stared in the mirror at a HUGE monster of a man, bronzing before my eyes, the shade of tan growing darker until it was copper.

"How is this even possible?" I spoke in a complete Indian accent.

"You're just adjusting to your new reality." Stanley came in. "Now, get my bags, boy."

"Boy? I am no one's boy!" A mustache thick as could be sprung out from under my lips in seconds.

"No, sorry. You're all man," He rubbed his hand appreciatively along my pec, which was like a slab of beef now. I made my pecs dance one at a time.

"This cannot be happening!"

"It is, and you look hotter than hell! Now get my bags. I'm the billionaire now, and you're my trusted manservant bodybuilder butler and bodyguard.

I knew suddenly that he was right. I went and got his bags and started to unpack for him. Mr. Stanley rubbed my back as I did so. "As soon as you're finished with that meet me in the bedroom for a nice cocksucking."

I had never been gay a day in my life but now I wanted nothing more than to swallow my former bodyguard's cum!
rich white into Indian

Later, that day, at the contest, I showed off how massive I was. People took photographs of my massive frame. All day long men threw themselves at me left and right. I felt so in charge. I felt far more superior and manly and in control than I ever had been before.

"What do you think of this, Mr. Stanley?"

"Well I think my big boy deserves to win, you are a walking wet dream after all."

"Mr. Stanley, I have enjoyed this day so much, being so amazingly muscular and to have men drool over me. But you did this and I do not know how. But can you change me back now? I mean, to being rich."

He just laughed. "Oh, no, didn't I tell you? This is forever. I want you to be happy, Pravi."

"Pravi? Oh, yes. That is my name."

"Now be sure you run my bath upstairs. I'll be up in a bit to make sure that you are ready for me to fuck, got knows I've earned it after all those years of taking care of your spoiled ass..."

These days I am very busy, not flying around the world making deals but accompanying Mr. Stanley as he does so, and I always wish he would give me back the power and control I used to have. Still, I suppose it is a fair trade because my powerful body is a dick magnet and men all over the world throw themselves at me. But I can't survive without Mr. Stanley's income, and he loves me so much I don't really want to leave. But I miss being the one in charge, making the decisions, being able to do really whatever I want with untold did he do it?? How could he have changed reality?