Saturday, January 12, 2019

The Amazing Mr. Cachimbo Strikes Again!


My name is J.J. That's short for John James but J.J. just sounds way cooler. That's what all my friends call me. Or at least they used to. I'm the one in the middle. My friend Rick is there right next to me. We were smoking some cigars that we meant to smoke on New Year's. I'd gotten them from this guy, Mr. Cachimbo. It was crazy. One minute I was on my way home and the next I was stopping suddenly at this cigar store out in the middle of nowhere. He talked me into buying a very special blend. I shared them with my buddies, and it had a really good, like really good buzz. I'd never smoked a cigar I'd loved that much before. It was amazing. Made my head light. I felt like I could do anything. I felt like I had to go home and see my son Oscar for some reason.

So I headed out, still lusting after the cigar. I lit another one because I couldn't stop thinking about it.

My boy Oscar was in bed, of course. His older cousin lives with us and she looks after him when I'm not around. I smiled. What if...I thought about it really oddly, it just popped into my head. What if I could turn into my son and what if we switched bodies tonight? Man, I must be out of it I thought.

So I went to bed and had this weird dream where I actually got up out of my bed and saw my sleeping body and I went to my son's room. He was getting out of his body, too.

"I'm going to try to be you from now on. Would you like to be a grown up, Oscar? You can be the dad and no one will ever even know!" I was giddy.

"Yeah! I'll be the adult and you'll be the little kid!"

"Yep. That's the plan. I'll see you in the morning when we wake up!"

"Okay...I can't wait!" His ghost form ran out of the room and disappeared into my bedroom. I suddenly fell backwards and the next thing I knew I was squinching my eyes. It was morning! I yawned. I stretched my arms. I was on the wrong blanket. I was...the blanket had little trains on it. Why did it have little trains on it? Why was I in Oscar's bedroom. I got down on the floor and looked up. Everything was taller! Giant sized! What! I'd shrunk.

"Oh, I get it. I'm still dreaming!" I exclaimed. In a little kid voice. A very prepubescent 8 year old little boy voice. "My voice!" I shrieked. I sounded like a girl, almost. I ran to the bathroom. I wasn't tall enough to even see the mirror all the way but I could see the top of my hair. "Uh oh. This isn't good." It was me saying it but Oscar's voice was coming out of it.

Then...HE came walking up, rubbing his eyes.


I'll just skip past the hysterics as we figured out our dream was somehow real. I'll skip past the entire day where he called in sick and I had him call to say his "son" would be out today. I'll skip to the next day. I taught him how to shave. His beard was growing in and he was very excited to learn how to be a man.

"You mean like this, Daddy??"

'Yeah. Only, you take your tongue and move it around your mouth like this, shee? And you shave along the curve, okay? Let's take it nice and slow..."

"Well, you cleaned up pretty nicely, kiddo." He guffawed at me way too loudly.

"You're the one who's the kiddo now, huh Daddy!"

"Yeah. So are you ready, sport?"

"Yeah, dad. But I'm not gonna take the car to work til I remember how to drive and stuff."

"Right. So that means..."

"I'll take my skateboard to work! But it's cool. Mr. Cachimbo gave me all your work knowledge stuff."

"Yeah. Great." It was true. That crazy cigar store owner had swapped my body with my son's. He said it was an "end of the year special" and then he explained that we would swap back when we learned a valuable lesson. Yeah. Geat.

It's totally cool. I'm the grown up tall business suit guy and Dad gets to go back to third grade. I loved reading all the time in my classes so I am excited. Now I get to read really grown up papers and things at Daddy's law firm. I'm a total lawyer now and stuff. It's cool. Mr. Cachimbo says I'll be able to drive tomorrow! Alright! Man, people are looking at me weird. Maybe that's cauze I'm like totally hot now! I love being tall! 


"Well, I'm just really disappointed in you right now, son. You said you would be home on time and you weren't. You're grounded until further notice. You know the rule. If you're outside playing with your friends and the street lights come on, you need to come home right away."

"And I'm telling you it's not my fault! Ronnie and Bobby were fighting and I had to stop them! I was the only one who could talk sense into them." 

"That is...a noble thing indeed but you should have really headed back sooner. You need to pay attention to the time. Time is money, you know. You'll learn that later in life. And one day when you're older you're going to realize that if you have a son, you have to be responsible for him. And show him how to be a man one step at a time." Suddenly Rick and Caden both felt very dizzy. 

"Did you feel that, too, Dad?" someone else said in his voice. 

"What? WHAT THE HELL!!!" 

"Dad, where are you! I'm staring at myself! Who are you! A clone? Are you a clone??"

"Don't be ridiculous. I'm your father. Holy shit, why do I sound like you? NO! THIS ISN'T POSSIBLE!!!" 

Well. As you can see, it is possible. My son and I have traded bodies. All thanks to a cigar store owner who won't tell me when we're switching back! At least I have time to read some great novels that I've been putting off, even though my teachers insist I'm too young to read Stephen King. Ugh. Caden gets to have all the fun driving and smoking my cigars now. I want a cigar real bad and he won't let me...and I'm grounded on top of that!! He says I have to learn a lesson about being a kid again and learning to take orders from an adult. So I can remember how hard it is. Well two can play at this game. I'm giving my new dad major shit, calling him out on overspending at the grocery store, making sure he gets healthy food and telling him an adult should know better. I keep pestering him and screaming at him if I don't get my way to push his buttons just like he used to push mine. He's getting really pissed off but I'm not going to make this easy on him. Oh no. 

Man, this tastes amazing. I never had cigars before leaping into Dad's body. This feels awesome and my voice is totally deep and stuff. It's fantastic. Dad is short and he has to do what I say. But he keeps acting like a spoiled brat, demanding I buy things for him. Did I ever really sound like that? Was I really that annoying? I was doing a good job being a lawyer for dad and it was really hard to come home to someone asking me for money all the time! Geez! I finally screamed at him. 


"I'm the real man of this house, that's what," he replied in his sarcastic little boy voice. 

"OH REALLY," I yelled, picking him up by his armpits. He didn't expect that and now he's terrified. "LITTLE BOYS SHOULD DO WHAT THEIR FATHERS SAY OR THEY WILL GET A SMACK ACROSS THE ASS! IS THAT WHAT YOU WANT! HUH? IS IT?" I tried to look mean and threatening. It felt great. He crumbled. My daddy was crying like a kid as I set him down. He looked up at me with big, innocent eyes, tearfully sobbing as he said the words: "I'm sorry." So I held him in my arms. "I'm your Daddy now, son. It's all okay. But you have to let me be in charge from now on. Okay? SON?" 

"Yes, Sir." He said. Putty in my hands. I didn't even have to spank him. Just told him I would. That's why being an adult fucking rules. Well that and I can say the word "fucking". 


"What is it, dear? I'm busy."

"I just thought you might like some coffee."

"Oh, thank you. Just set it down here."


"I told you not to call me by that name ever again. STARLA."

"I hate being a woman. It's awful."

"Oh, pumpkin. You didn't say that last night." HE came around and put a hand around his new girlfriend. "You didn't say that when you were riding my dick and you enjoyed that, didn't you? You enjoyed riding my big dick." He said to her, as sweetly as he could, nibbling on her ear a bit. She gasped.

"I just want to be myself again. I want to work."

"You don't have to. I'm in charge of everything now. I can run your business just fine," HE said assuringly. "But I gotta say, I just have a whole new respect out of what it takes to be a man. I mean, there's a lot more to it than I thought. I'm a provider now. I make sure you have what you need and in return you make sure I get what *I* need," HE put his hands all over her and undid her buttons. He fucked her over his new desk. Just a few days ago he had been a model/actress trying to get a part with commercials and dating her sugar daddy boyfriend who was paying most of the bills. And he was a misogynist of course. He believed in a dutiful girlfriend who did everything for her man. She tried to meet all of his expectations but it never seemed to be enough. Just because he paid for everything, he thought he needed to constantly correct her; the way she cleaned, cooked and even what she wore. She got so sick of it until a Mr. Cachimbo had sold her the perfect cigars for her husband so he had a good New Year's Party with the boys.

Only the next day, they had woken up like this. She got used to having a beard and a dick pretty fast and her newfound fascination with cigars, working out, and the overall aggression and hard decision making abilities she had now inherited filled her with constant excitement. Each day HE now fucked HIS girlfriend. She had to start using her new masculine pronouns so that she didn't slip up. No referring to the little missus as "he" or "him". God the rush of fucking her was unbelievable.

HE screamed as he reached the crescendo of his new climax. She moaned in ecstasy.

"Yeah, you like that, don't you? YOU LOVE GETTING FUCKED BY ME."

"Yes," she moaned. "I do. Fuck me. Fuck me harder." So HE did. Then he lit up his cigar as she was spent, looking up at her new sugar daddy, the tables turned utterly.

"Go make me a sandwich, honey. That's a good girl..."


"Dude, becoming the dads of the family is like the coolest thing. I love not going to school!" Pete said. He was the swarthy one dressed in red." He had aged overnight from 16 to 36 in one night, 20 whole years and his dad had been magically youthened. Though the ages were not just reversed for them but all of Pete's buddies who had shared the cigars he had bought illegally with a fake ID from Mr. Cachimbo. 

Waking up a fat, older version of yourself is strangely more amazing, compelling, and enjoyable than you could possibly imagine. At least for Bob, who is bald now, and Garrison, in the gray. We all have had a blast as the older counterparts in the family. Our moms or girlfriends remember us as the ones in charge, as the men of the house, as the fuck studs we are haha. Yeah, I don't care if you think it's gross but we all fuck each other now. Our moms are all like, divorced from us which is so weird. And our "boys"? Well they have a ton more schoolwork and all the shit they used to say about how much our generation sucks? Well now they complain about OUR generation, the same generation they used to be! Haha. Kids these days...but at least they don't have to worry about mortgages and loss of health benefits. Now if you will excuse us, we are going to all go somewhere cozy, light up a few more stogies and fuck each other senseless. Man dick and cum leaking out my ass are my favorite new things. 


Well, it's official. I used to be Ron the adult and now I'm Ron the teenager. I'm the one in the blue stripes, the cute one. I've gone insane because I'm now a fucking kid again. Just 16. Well, I'm ready to fuck. So I consider myself a man. All my straight friends and I regretted the cigars we smoked from Mr. Cachimbo. I'd found the cigars my son had bought and part of the spell that came over me made me not want to punish him but confiscate these amazing, perfect cigars and share them with all my buds. You see, part of the magic that Mr. Cachimbo is capable of means that you just automatically want to smoke cigars even if you have never smoked a day in your life. It doesn't matter. You will smoke them and you will change according to what Mr. Cachimbo wants. 

Now, all of us are gay and I mean all of us. All of us were straight before and now we're all gay. Fucking asshole, I thought at first. I was so angry. Until I realized my buds were all still there, youthened and hot with asses that wouldn't quit. Our new dads hid the rest of the Cachimbo stashes that were left but brought home stogies for all of us. They told us as long as we were having sex, we were real men and real men deserved the right to smoke cigars. I will say this, I am kind of loving being back at school and being a big bottom twink isn't bad either. All of my friends will have sleepovers and we'll get naked and cuddle and spoon each other under the covers. We really are just one big happy family now and I couldn't actually be happier. 


Okay, so like, if you told me that my 13 year old brother and I would be these studs that you see right now and that I would be like, bald and a man or whatever, I would not have believed you. I didn't think magic existed. But like, my Dad gave my brother his first cigar and they smoked out together. Totally irresponsible if you ask me. But I wasn't there. Anyway. I woke up like this because for some reason I snuck downstairs and tried puffing on one. Some magic spell or something. Anyway. I used to be 15 with pretty hair and now I had no hair and I worked in auto parts. I knew everything about auto parts. My Daddy is now my brother. That's him next to me. Seriously, he used to be my Daddy. Mr. Cachimbo says I didn't appreciate being a girl because I was always complaining about how hard my life was. Well, now I understand how good I had it!

That's my brother. He works with my dad doing manly trucking shipments and he smokes cigars every day like a MAN now. The ironic thing is he was always complaining about how people didn't treat him with respect. He never shut up about how he wanted to be treated like an adult. Well, now he'd Dad's boss! Dad doesn't remember a thing but it's crazy. He defers to his former son now. He thinks they are brothers. Bobby is on a total ego trip about it. He brags all the time but honestly, I have him beat. I was always the older one and deep down I had not wanted him to grow up so fast because I wanted to still be the physically bigger sibling. And now I always will be! With my giant guns, he will never be as big as me.

He really likes it when I tell him that as I'm fucking his ass. I don't care if it is the magic, it feels fucking great to fuck my brother with my new dick. I love being a man. There isn't a single thing I would change and I hope I never have to see Mr. Cachimbo again. I want to stay this STRONG and NEVER go back to being a girl!! The power, the machismo, feelings of arrogance over the sheer superiority in size I now just can't beat it!

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The Hourglass (Characters): Part 3

Next up we have EDWARD, who was told he was dying.

Let's get him started, shall we? Take a spin on the Hourglass, and take some of that muscle and age from his son, the con artist...

Not bad, but I think we can do a bit better...

Good progress! Let's take a little more size now...and maybe make him handsomer...

That's more like it.


Next up we have KENNETH, who built up his fortune only to be betrayed by scheming relatives who stuck him in a nursing he is at his house before being hauled away:

Now here he is taking all the youth out of the orderly that abused him and his no good son who pushed him down the stairs...

Not bad, but..I think we can take quite a bit more...defined...

More muscle! I must have that really ME??

Now let's suck some of that youth and have a cigar...

Ungh. SO much muscle. Wanna suck some youth. MUST SUCK YOUTH!

Gotta have even more youth! More, I say!

Finally, the power is all mine! Not to mention the fact I'm cute as fuck!

The Hourglass: More Characters

So if you haven't read my 250 page so far muscle theft epic, "The Hourglass", you can do so here:

This is just a visual guide for those that like the story and want to see how I envision the characters.


starts off pretty old but after siphoning off youth and muscle...

Man I wish I could be fucking young again...


getting there...

And done!

Next up, QUINCY, the sarcastic redhead...he started off pretty old...

But with a little help from the Hourglass, took what he could...

Let's take some more of that muscle and size and age away from your criminal son...

It looks much better on him!

His progression into a stud TV reporter is now legendary.

And then there's ERIK, who was the only gay member of the group that would be turning straight (all the others traded heterosexuality for muscle, size and youth) and he started off so fat and old...

But he showed signs of improvement quickly enough...

But of course that wouldn't be quite enough...time came for him to really push back the years...

Looking very bearishly handsome here...let's pull back even more years...

Mm...Daddy likes...but how about just a bit more off the top...

Ah, that's better!

All thanks to the wonderful karmic beings giving these guys a magic room where they can exchange their old bodies for new ones, mostly by sucking it from their ungrateful sons!

Monday, August 27, 2018

“Thoughts of a Man Slowly Turning Into His Son After an Unknown Body Swap Occurred”

“Whheeeeeeeeeeee! Daddy, this feels really good!” my son says.
“ GOD, Danny! Daniel Anthony Conrad, you get off that machine right now!” I tried to say as sternly as I could inside my nine year old son’s body. Which was becoming increasingly difficult!
“Daddy, this feels amazing! My penis keeps getting big on the washing machine! And look when I touch creams like a creamsicle! It’s like ice cream is coming out!” 
“Oh my god. Oh my god.” I started hyperventilating. “Put some clothes on!”
“Just do it.” I brought him into the living room, by tugging his hands much as I used to do with him until just recently. I collected the grown up underwear and pants he had ditched and he reluctantly put them on. 
“Now look, we have to get you acting more grown up, okay? You can’t get naked like that in front of me because you’re the adult now. Adults have to be appropriate around children. SO look, I’ll give you the rundown on puberty. I should have had this talk with you by now. I mean I think you can handle it, even though...oh god. Okay, you have a man’s body and when you turn into a you have, obviously.” My son grinned widely in my body as we sat side by side on the now enormous-for-me couch. He looked unbelievably wide-eyed as he stared at everything with new eyes, trying to take in his environment, not believing he was looking down on his own father, way down. And looking around the living room from way up top like he’d always dreamed of, since forever.
“Daddy, this is so cool!” Danny shouted, pumping his arms up and down and jumping up and down as he sat like a hyperactive nine year old who just happened to look 35.
“I know. I know it’s cool. I miss being cool. I really miss it. Okay, so we have swapped bodies and that means you didn’t start at the age of 13 or 14 when boys become men biologically and medically.” My nine year old voice sounded as authoritative as a nine year old’s voice can.
“Boy, I really feel good, Daddy. Look how big I am! And the crowd goes wild for Danny Conrad whaaaaaaaa!” My son began to dance again, and pretend he was playing baseball. “I can play baseball with big boys now huh, Daddy! They wouldn’t let me play but now that I’m you, I can play with them!”
“Those ‘big kids’ as you put them are a lot younger than you now, champ!” I tried to pull him down back onto the couch but he ignored me! I tried to get a hold on his arms but he just smiled and twirled me around and horseplayed with me. I found myself really enjoying it. Yay! This is fun! I’m running after my son who is now me. I mean who cares! He looks like me! Hey, come back here!
He took off his pants again and stared at me with a smile in front of the fridge as he got out a beer and started drinking from it.

“Yes, I can!” he yelled back enthusiastically and happily. “Cause I’m a grown up now! Danny Conrad is a grown up! Whaaaaaaaaa!” he said, still making audience sounds for his imaginary fans in a baseball stadium. Baseball and beer were my son’s life! Wait. What? What? Why did I have that thought just now? So what if my son wanted to have a beer? I sure couldn’t. He was well past my age, yessirree. That’s my dad. I mean son. Son. He’s my son. Not my dad. Whoo! Where is my head going?!
“Son, stop drinking that beer. You’re still only nine deep down in there.” He was wearing pants again now, as if he had never taken them off.
“No I’m not! I’m 35, Dad! I had you when I was only 26! Your mother and I were SO happy!”
“Wait. No. You shouldn’t drink beer. I should drink beer.” I said in my super cool nine year old voice.
He laughed a guffaw. “Oh, you should. You should drink beer. Well, you know what? I’m gonna let you HAVE a sip.” He grinned and looked away in the other direction, and handed me the beer. Wow! Beer! Wait I’ve had beer. I started drinking when I was…when I was…wait, I’ve never had beer! I’m only…
“Dad, I’m only nine! Really???” He grinned okay go ahead. Wow. My Dad was gonna let me drink beer! No way! Cool! I sip it and holy god it’s sour and grosssss! I spit it out on the floor and Dad just laughs at me.
“I guess your taste buds aren’t the same as what they were, huh buddy?” He pats my leg. “Now where are those cigars?” He stands up with his beer. I take the bottle and put it on the coffee table.
“Wait. No, son sit down. Please. Please?” I implored him. He tugged back and the next thing I knew we were chasing each other around the house again! Hee hee! This is soooo much fun! Daddy! I’m gonna get you! He catches me from behind and pretends he’s a dog and barks behind me playfully. I laugh. He puts me down. God he’s so big now. So tall! He’s the grown up! I chased him some more and then we were panting on the couch looking at each other. He was panting. My son in my body was panting and smiling.
“Whoo! Did you enjoy that, Daddy? I did! It was fun, it was so so so so so much fun, Daddy whooo Daddy! WHoooooooooOOOOOO!” the big man shouted, making me laugh. “It was so funny when he imitated me! Wait, what? Daddy didn’t imitate me. Daddy. I’m Daddy. No, he’s Daddy. No, I am. Wait. Are we playing a game? Am I pretending to be him? Was he just pretending to be me for a split second and I’m actually him? Wait. No. I’m the adult. I was ALWAYS the adult! I am an adult trapped in a nine year old body and I have to get back. I have to teach him, raise him. I have to remember what I was going to say.
“Wait. Wait, champ. Okay. Okay. We have to have the sex talk. I have to give you the talk even though I’m small now and I, this body hasn’t gone through puberty but yours has. So puberty. Your body is going to change. Your dick is going to get bigger. If you’re a man you can say “dick” but it’s not okay for kids to do. You can also call it a “cock”. Those are grown up words so you can say them but I can’t. God, this is confusing!”
“Daddy, are you okay?” he asks in an authoritative voice. “Do you want a glass of water, champ? We were playing pretty hard there.”
“Okay,” I said breathing a little too fast. I had enjoyed playing with Daddy.
“Here ya go. Go easy.” He gives me the glass of water. Yum! “Don’t drink it too fast.” I did as he said. Wow, he’s so big. I love him so much. My big Daddy. I played with Daddy earlier today at the playground!

Daddy is so cool. He’s soooo big. Just look at him…me. I was sitting on that park wall. But I always have to lift myself up there! That’s not possible. I don’t have to reach. I’m a grown man! I was sitting down because I was the one with big muscles! I was the one who went through puberty. Not him! He just got lucky somehow! How did we switch?
“No, I was the dad earlier. Remember? Remember how I was the Dad? I used to be MISTER Conrad?”
“Oh yeah! Haha. I almost forgot about that! So you were gonna tell me about puberty, huh Dad?” He was calling me Dad again. That was good! I think. He used to call me Daddy.
“Wait, so. Let’s sit down.” We do so, in the kitchen this time on the high chairs. Only Daddy’s legs can reach the ground and mine can’t. It’s not fair. I want long legs like Daddy has! “I want some chocolate milk.”
He smiled warmly, so proud of me. He comes back with my very own chocolate milk box. Mmm. Chocolate! “Thanks, Daddy!”
“You’re welcome, bud. You were saying about puberty?” He sounds like me. So grown up and his voice is so deep. Why is a grown up asking me about puberty? I don’t know. I blush. I’m embarrassed.
“So…like, when you grow up and stuff, and become a man. It’s like…there’s like…stuff happens. Your balls get bigger.”
“You mean like these, Dad?”
“Dad? What happened to Daddy? You used to call me Daddy,” I say as he shows me his big balls real quick, smiles with a wink and puts his underwear and pants back on proudly. He grins smugly as he sits back down on the couch, his arms outstretched with a look of relief on his face. Daddy wears his pants and underwear. Aren’t I Dad?
“Look, champ. You’re the little guy here, so I’m just gonna tell you, I think something is happening with our minds here. Do you notice how I’m not speaking with much clearer diction and my vocabulary is increasing to an…exponential! Degree. See? Do you know what exponential means?” He asks very smugly. He is really rubbing my nose in it with that shit eating grin.
“It’s when baby rabbits get together!” I crack up, I heard that joke at school! I sassed him. Sass? I don’t sass. I’m a father, for chrissakes. Children sass. I’m not a child! I’m HIS father. Have to remember!
“OH, you’re very funny, son! But I’m still bigger than you!” He picks me up and tickles me and I laugh and giggle and squeal. He twirls me around again. He’s really loving being the big strong adult!
“I…I’m getting dizzy!” I laugh. And fall down on my butt, which makes me laugh even more! I hiccup with laughter as he laughs with me, hugging me from behind. We put our heads on the floor and smile at each other. It’s so joyous. He’s me and I’m him now. We are both so happy as we look at each other. 
“And then you get all hairy,” I say. “When you become a man.”
“Uh huh? And what else happens?” he asks.
“And then um you make babies with a lady!”
He laughs. “Oh man, that’s some pretty advanced material there, sport. Not bad for nine years old. Now, do you want me to tell you what else happens?” I nod my head.
“What, Daddy?” I notice the picture behind him, a photo in a silver frame.
That's me. I think. It's my Daddy. He has such big muscles!
“Well, what happens," my Daddy begins "Next thing that happens is your hormones start to create testosterone.” He gets very serious sounding. His voice is so deep and he’s suddenly very mature. Much more mature than me. I can see it in his eyes and the very sound of his breath. He emanates manhood.
I listen intently.
“What’s that?”
“It’s the magic ticket to being a man. And your body starts producing it as you hit the age of 13 or 14 usually. Your dick starts to get bigger, that’s what men call your penis. We say “dick” or “cock” but kids aren’t supposed to. Have you ever heard those words before, son?”
I nod my head. “Some of the bigger kids use them at school.”
“Well…they shouldn’t. It’s a bad word for little kid to say.”
“Well cursing makes you look uncouth but those words connote that a man makes sperm. And he makes sperm which comes out of his dick and before that you shouldn’t say dick or cock because you’re not a man yet.”
“So I can say those words when my dick starts to make sperm like yours.”
“Yep. And your sperm, if you are with a woman, and having sex with her. That is, putting your penis inside her vagina. Then, you can make a baby with her. Or it can just be a lot of fun.” He grinned wildly.
“How is it fun, Daddy?”
“Well, you can also do it with men. Men can have sex with each other and hey I know that now. Dad, you’re gay. I mean I’m gay. I’m the Dad now.”
“Daddy?” I say confused. “So how do I make the sperm come out?”
“Okay, so when you have sex, another word you shouldn’t use yet, just wait til this happens and then you can say “sex”. When you have sex, it feels amazing. So amazing. And when it starts happening to you, you don’t have to be with a woman or man. It can happen when you’re alone. It gets really hard and awesome, gets all big and shit.”
“Dad, you’re saying bad words.”
“Dad, not Daddy?”
“I’m 9 now. All the other kids at school just say “Dad” now. I’m not a baby.”
“I know, I know. Okay, you can just call me DAD, not DADDY,” he said in exaggerated tones. He was so funny. I laugh.
“So what happens?”
“You can stay hard for a while. If you’re really lucky and plastered, cause alcohol definitely helps, uh, you can be hard for an hour or more. Or just keep getting hard over and over. It’s awesome. It feels so great and when you start masturbating?” He said, totally comfortable discussing this material with me. “It’s so awesome. And also when you become a man you get to call sperm “cum”. That’s the word when it comes out, too. You are cumming. It’s the best feeling in the world when it squirts out. I know it doesn’t sound like it but just trust me. It’s an explosion of awesome. I just can’t wait for you to get to puberty, and I’ll give you all the privacy you need. Your mother and I are divorced now. It’s just us studs here, right?” I smile. Dad was so cool.
“So are you gay?”
“ME? I’m…actually bisexual. Yes. You know what gay is. It’s like I’m both. So I like guys and girls and your mother is fine with that.”
“Oh. Okay. That’s cool.” I smile. “So what am I?”
“Well you will find out when you start having sexual fantasies. You’ll have those later, so don’t worry about it. I mean, do you ever think about getting with girls?”
I grimace. “With guys?” I grimace. I’m embarrassed.
“Noooo I’m only nine. I’m really smart at everything but that. Yet.” My Dad laughs.
“You are so smart. You are the smartest kid in your class and I’m proud of you. Any day now you’re going to start acting like a really big boy. Just keep trying.”
“Okay, Dad. I love you.” I hug him. He smiles. I used to be his dad. But that’s okay. He’s Dad now. And I’m okay with that. I’m so filled with love for him and I’m happy for him. I get to watch him go to work and try to climb the ladder of success while I depend on him, wait for him to come home, love him and adore him and one day I’ll be just like YOU, Dad!!!
“I love you SO much.” He kisses my head. I look up at him adoringly.
“Do you have any idea how we’ll switch back?”
“I don’t think there’s a way back, champ. I’m your dad now for whatever reason. Something in a wormhole might have done it, and we entered some kind of spatial distortion in the fabric of time where our souls swapped and it’s mysterious and mystical and completely amazing! I mean we switched bodies and now I have all your memories and you have mine. It’s like some kind of miracle in totally astral projection beauty and you have no idea what I’m saying, do you?” I frown and nod no.
“It’s okay. I still love you.”
“I love you, too!” he picks me up and holds me. He has way more muscles now. He has way bigger muscles than I ever had for some reason. Unless it helps him get a boyfriend or something. Yeah, it’s cool that my dad’s gay. Daniel to his friends and he used to be Danny, my little boy. I have to say goodbye to that idea, now. I’ll have to wait to be big again. I was Stanley. Now I’m little Stanny.
“I’m glad you can be the dad now. It was so hard.”
“I know,” he kisses my head once more as we head upstairs so he can help me with my homework, give me a bath and then I’m off to bed. Off to have dreams of the day when I’ll be a grown up muscled up cigar smoking stud just like my Daddy.

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

The Amazing Mr. Cachimbo: Father's Day Special Part 1

Mr. Cachimbo's Fine Tobacco. It appeared on the street corner of a popular neighborhood in the old part of town. It was the downtown historical district, and had old timey lettering on all the storefronts. Cachimbo's suddenly appeared and a number of men noticed that there was a special weeklong Father's Day Special. Mr. Cachimbo's is not a chain but it appears in many towns like this. Not too big to be considered cities, not too small to stand out. It travels. It appears where nothing was there before but a vacant store.

In reality it places itself into that space and I change it around each time. I am Mr. Cachimbo and I'm an immortal. How I became immortal? Long story? My powers though, are limited to tobacco. I can enchant it and anyone that I sell it to. It's my specialty in the magic world, you could say.

This Father's Day I set out to do something a little different. Most of the time I enchant men to make them cigar and pipe smokers, and to enjoy the company of other men. But on Father's Day I liked to do something a little different and change their lives around for a bit. I decided to do father and son body swaps, or age swaps. This year it was body swaps. Many of our customers have found new happiness changing the "roles" in their lives or reversing roles with someone they are close to. In honor of Father's Day, here are some stories of fathers and sons that learned to do things in a slightly new way...thanks to yours truly.


Darrin didn't want to go home. He had just bought himself a Father's Day cigar. His son was six and the divorce had been brutal. He downed his beer. That guy Cachimbo sure had been insistent he take this particular brand. But it was worth it. The taste was incredible. Funny how he had never smoked a cigar before in his life but now he was completely enjoying the experience, in a way he had never anticipated. He didn't want to leave until he finished it, and he was almost compelled to smoke it all the way to the stub. The bar didn't have a problem with it and though he had never smoked before, he felt right at home doing so.

The phone rang. That was the ex wife. She was dropping the kid off finally. In an hour. He finished his cigar and drove home. He really wanted to spend as little time as possible with her but it was necessary in order to spend time with the kid. Poor Rich.

Rich, when he finally came, looked sad as his bitch of an ex wife dropped him off.

"Hey, kiddo." He hugged his little first grader.

"You smell bad!" Rich huffed and puffed and ran upstairs to the room he kept when he lived with his dad.

"Hey, that's a premium stench. You'll understand when you're older and manlier."

"No I won't!"

Darrin followed his son. "Hey, don't go running off like that, talking to me that way. Turn around."

"No," Rich said, folding his arms. "I hate you today."

"Why do you hate me?"

"Because the kids made fun of me because my daddy doesn't live with me anymore."

"I'm sorry, kiddo. That was really mean of them and they shouldn't say things like that. If I had it my way, I'd be living with you all the time."

"You're lying!"

"I'm not lying. I wish there was a way for us to spend more time together. Hell, I wish you lived with me. But you don't." Suddenly he grew very woozy and everything blurred. He realized he was on the floor and another man was on the floor, too. He stood up and looked around. Then up. At himself, as himself got up.

"Hey," the man who looked like him said. "What happened?"

I soon discovered that I was a six year old boy again and my son was inhabiting my body.

"NO WAY! I'm taller than you! Hahaha! This is neat! Yayyyyy!" My son took off in my body and ran down the stairs.

"No! Wait! Stop!"

My son in my body hopped around the living room, knocking over a lamp, which cracked as he fell, tripping on the power cord.

"Ow! Owwwww," He started crying immaturely.

"Stop crying! Men don't cry!"

"I'm not a man, I'm six years old!" he said in my voice. "Why am I tall, what's happening!" I got him to pull himself up and stand in front of me. We looked into the mirror in the living room. My cel phone rang from HIS pants. I pulled it out. It was a voice I didn't recognize. It told me the cigar I'd purchased had a magic curse on it and I was able to stay with my son if I was able to remain a six year old, while he took my place as an adult...and I explained it all in detail to my son.

"So, we can stay together, pumpkin. You can be the adult. You now have custody of ME, somehow. I guess things are different only so long as I remain a child. I can't believe I'm even considering this."

"Can we go back, Daddy?"

"We can. The decision is up to me. He said if I let you be me, you'll get all my adult knowledge and I'll lose mine. I'll be like a kid again and you'll be a grown up."

"Dad? I like being big! This is the coolest thing ever! It's like, so cool and I'm tall now! Vrooooom!" He said, starting to make airplane noises as he pretended to fly around the room.

"Hold on, son. I'm not sure I want to go back to being six again, even if it means you and I can be...together again."

"I knew you were lying! You're just a big liar!" He sat down and pouted on the couch, acting very immature for being in such a big boy body.

"It's just...I have been an adult such a long time and..."

"You don't really care about me!" he pouted. I tried to console him but he kept acting sad and angry with me. Things went like this for two whole days. In that time, he learned how to drive and acted really happy when he talked about touching things he couldn't reach before. Every day was a new discovery...I had caved on calling Cachimbo to ask him to reverse this.

A few weeks later, the new Darrin pulled into the parking lot where Cachimbo's used to be. son, that is, had been complaining about having to go back to school and relearn everything and now hated being a shrimp boat again. I lit up a cigarette. God, I loved being an adult. Riding my hog. Going out whenever I wanted to, provided the little guy could take care of himself. But then Dad...I son...started to act more and more lost without me I knew I couldn't just leave to go to bars and shit. I even curse like a grown up now. Crazy! I was playing with toy motorcycles just a month ago and now I could ride one! I even cut my hair and bought this leather jacket as my new look.

I go to dad's job and I do accounting work. But I love dressing up in leather and riding my chopper. Fuck, I wonder if uh the new Rich will need help with his homework tonight...I better go. After all, Cachimbo's has completely disappeared so he's gonna need me for a little while longer...


This is freaking awesome! I'm only 11 and I'm smoking cigars! I can pretty much do that because I'm dad now. I mean I am a MAN now! It's so wild.

Dad was smoking one of his cigars on Father's Day and I had forgotten to make him a card or buy him one. He said something about how I needed to respect him and we got into an argument. Anyway, I told him he had it so easy and he wished I could know what it was like to have to live in his shoes...and now I am!

Dad has been going crazy. Apparently the guy who sold him the cigar is some crazy wizard. He told Dad that it was up to ME as to whether we went back or not. So I smiled and said, sure Dad. Maybe in a few years. You know, when my body is older and you're tall and big and then I can go to college. I'm even making sure he calls me Sam, which used to be his name. I know it's confusing but it's better if we make a full commitment to being each other.

Dad is furious but I got all his knowledge.

I also got a boyfriend. It's weird how mixed up everything is. I was gay in Dad's body for some reason. He won't admit to me it's because he's always been gay. Mom probably knew when she was around (she skipped town and we haven't heard from her since I was five). I love being a grown up so much! I can have sex, smoke cigars, drink, drive. I mean, I go to work, too. I'm a bartender and I talk all day with interesting hot guys. What more could I ask for? I mean, I could call Cachimbo. But I heard that place just up and moved somewhere. I am gonna break it to Dad eventually...I still have the dude's number but I'm not going to call it. I'll tell Dad I lost it. Well, if you'll excuse me, I'm gonna spend some time with the BF. Check you later.

Saturday, June 16, 2018

The Manager Strikes Again: Colin's Big Summer

So, this was me. Summer 2017. That's me on the left hand side. My name is Colin. The guy next to me is Nico. We could not have been more different but he offered to let me come along on his big babe pussy busting Fuck Tour of California. I was sort of tagging along with him and feeling regret over ever having agreed to come in the first place. I sort of figured it would be good to be on my own for a bit and not at school or spending the first summer during my college experience at home with the parents. Nico's uncle had given him the use of his beach house for a full two weeks. It was an amazing opportunity to bring home hot people we wanted to fuck. I thought it would be really fun but I found myself feeling totally inadequate. I mean, I have Grindr and being the token gay guy I wasn't going to get anywhere in public like Nico. He literally would just walk up to beautiful women on the beach and he would love to use me as his gay best friend. It was a way for him to pick up women; he sold himself as the ultimate confident straight man, not threatened or homophobic, a very sensitive and funny guy that just happened to have a hammer of a cock. I hadn't seen it but the screams from his bedroom could not have been wrong. 

But I really wasn't getting anywhere. I was between a rock and a hard place. I mean, just look at me.

Sallow, barely defined chest, pencil thin arms. My whole body was like a "before" advertisement for those old bodybuilding ads, and Nico was the "after". Except that he was more handsome and no one would ever confuse us as being the same person, ever. My problems were magnified by the fact that I was a top and never felt the inclination to bottom for anyone. I liked to suck dick but I didn't really like to receive it. I desperately wanted to find huge muscle studs and fuck them. But no one online bought that I could be a top stud. It was unbelievably frustrating. 

I decided to get a job since I could use the extra money. There was a fun fair carnival near the docks and it was open every day. They needed someone to do game booths. It was a fun job with the ring toss and handing out stuffed bears. The night air brought me the crisp, deep scent of the sea, and the sea-salt smell of the ocean goes really well with popcorn smells. The entire place was magical. Sometimes they would pull me to sell cotton candy at the booth across the way. I loved every second. Anyway, so one night things are closing up and I'm walking through the carnival. It's dark and the lights of the Ferris wheel and all the midway were lit up, half of them yellow and orange, blinking their neon shrouds and starry halos over the sky like a nebula of new stars just being born. Yeah, I'm a science geek, okay? Like you're really so surprised. There was this one archway lit up with bulbs that I had never noticed before. I walked over to it, almost hypnotized. I walked through this dark alleyway. Behind me, the lights blinked off. I was totally in the dark. I turned to go back but the way I'd come was gone. In its place was a wooden fence. The fuck? I mouthed.

Suddenly, right ahead of me as if on cue, neon orange and yellow bulbs flicked on the word "ENTER" I looked around me. No one was here. I carefully edged forward. It looked like the only way out. I had terrible vision so maybe I just got turned around and even though I could have sworn I only walked forward, maybe I just made a mistake...I entered the small shack. It smelled like sawdust and damp and sand. A few candles lit in candleholders built onto the walls. It had a very Halloween maze feel to it, I thought to myself. There was only one door open on the left and candles lit the inside as well. 

There was a shadowy figure waiting for me. He sat in the dark. He wore what appeared to be a pinstripe suit and a fedora covered his eyes. A single candle lit the room. His features were barely visible. A strong chin, thick stubble. His voice was extremely powerful and deep, as if he was speaking from the bottom of a tunnel or a well, with just a bit of an echo. 


"Who...who are you?" I took the chair in front of me and gingerly sat down, half afraid something would bite me. I stared opposite from him on the other side of a thick, worn table. How did he know my name?


"Okay," my voice said, with no reverberation or echo. "What do you want with me? I thought Kevin was the manager," I said meekly. 


"I'm going now," I said, twinged with fear. But I couldn't get up. 


"Y-yes," I found myself admitting, as if under a spell. The Manager laughed under his breath, almost a mix of cackle and rumble. I didn't like it at all.


He pushed forward a contract. I started to read it in the candlelight. It looked like it was typed a hundred years ago, the font was so outdated. 

"Okay, I'm trying not to freak out but it's like you read my mind. I dream of taking all of his muscle, and looking more like him. But how would you know that? Are you...are you like the devil or something?" I swallowed, terrified. 


"I don't know why I believe you, but I do. So, all I have to do is sign? I don't have to give you your soul?"


I signed. Quickly. 


I managed to find my way out. I was on the Midway and the arch I originally went through was replaced by a wooden fence. Behind it a bunch of locked old warehouses. I rode home on my bike and plopped down exhausted. 

The next morning I got up and got dressed and took a double take as I stared at the mirror. 

Was that ME? My face had filled out. My eyes looked a lot better and I was handsomer than just the day before. I still had a fairly thin frame but I looked a little bit older and more mature, in a good way. I discovered that my manhood, aka my dick, was a whole new story. Oh my GOD! It was twice the size as before. I danced around for a bit, my dick flopping all over, slapping delightfully against my legs. I'm freakin' huge down there! I marveled. Last night wasn't a dream. My whole body was different. It was better. More beautiful. Manlier. 

I put my big huge new dick away where it belonged and found Nico in the living room. He looked up at me and rubbed his eyes. 

"Oh man, where you been, stud?" He walked over and gave me a hug. Then a kiss. 

I never dreamed I'd kiss Nico but I did. I shoved him back on the couch and mindlessly explored his mouth without hesitation. This straight guy who I'd been roommates with for a year, been good friends wish, was now suddenly making out with me! It was enough to send me over the edge. It was like the best dream I ever had! This couldn't be real! I greedily ate out his ass after he pulled his pants down. We walked into his uncle's bedroom where Nico had been sleeping. 

"Fuck, I need it. I need you, Colin. Baby, suck me off." 

I started to do so, interchanging it with my hand, sucking and stroking for like twenty minutes. He moaned. I moaned. I cried as his cum finally splashed inside his mouth. I edged out the last bit of cum and looked over at Nico, who was now unrecognizable...

I knew it was him but he had shrunk and he was no longer the tan Italian stud he had been before. He was pale now, like me. Only I was...bigger. Fuller. My arms!

"Oh fuck. Look at me!"

"I am," Nico said, overcome with desire. He was sweating and looking up at me. With adoration. I'd never seen that look in a man's eyes before. It suddenly drove me wild. "Baby, that was incredible." His voice had lost several octaves. It had been so deep before.

"Well, don't think I'm done with you yet, boy." I said, every word coming out of my mouth like it was a Hollywood actor's voice. Rich and smooth, not the reedy and minute voice I had before, no longer squeaking but roaring like a tiger. I helped myself to finger his asshole. He moaned and panted and gasped as I shoved two fingers in further.

"Fuck me, please," he squeaked, barely mouthing the words.

"What? What was that?" My arms were so...strong now! I marveled at the peaks of muscle on my biceps and triceps as I fingered my former straight friend.

"Fuuu-uuuu-uuuu-uuuck me, plee-eeeease. Please. Fuck. Me. Please. Pleee-eeee-eeeease oh god."

I shucked off my pants, giving him a little show, swinging my big old natural top dick out and it was at full mast. He looked ready to cry from sheer pleasure.

"You want me to fuck you!? FUCK YEAH!" I roared, and plunged deep inside him. I can't describe what it felt like, because as I had never fucked a man before I was no an animal, I was fully gladiatorial, guttural and snapping and frothing at the mouth as I shoved my new cucumber into his little boy hole. He cried out and I was in ecstasy. The most indescribable thing was that he was slowly shrinking. I could see his arms caving in. I could see mine getting bigger. I came a bucketload inside his boy cunt. I screamed out. I pulled out. I wiped my dick off with my hand and spread my cum all over his face and he eagerly licked it. I looked at him and felt arrogance wash over me. I was so proud of my body. My muscles flexed and I found myself posing in front of him.

"God, I love it when you pose after. You are a fucking stud! I'm so fucking lucky." He said this between panting. I looked down on him with such satisfaction. I fucked that little ass. He gave me his muscle and he didn't even realize it. This was all totally normal for him.

I felt like a new man entirely. My features were more handsome, and now I had a five o clock shadow of stubble which I felt in wonder. My body had grown muscles and then some. My arm and chest felt especially incredible. I strutted around the house like I owned it. I had never felt this...good. I felt myself beaming with pride over my newest conquest.

"What...what happened? Why am I small! I'm big! I'm a big guy!"

"You're under new management," I said, coming back in the room and grabbing his shoulders and giving them a massage, and grabbed him close to me from behind with the other arm. "You're going to be a lot happier this way. Trust me."

"I used to be big, though." He whimpered and cried. I laughed warmly.

"It's all just a dream you were having, boy. It's all just a dream."

" felt so real, and you're so manly. I wish I was manly like you."

I hushed him and held him, cradled him and then forced him down on the bed again. I was stronger than him now so I could hold him down quite easily and I did so with gusto.

I kept my job at the carnival but now women couldn't get enough of me. They fawned over me and I adored the attention. One night a really gorgeous woman, more gorgeous than I ever thought a woman could be asked if I could come home. My dick was hard. For a woman. It was the most unexpected thing in the world but I told her I had my own beach house for the summer and she was all in. I drove her home in my Jeep Ranger. Nico rode my bicycle now and I was driving his truck. Things were changing so quickly. I was so confident as we arrived at my abode. I strutted right past Nico in the living room and told him not to wait up. I winked as he fidgeted with his XBox console and looked sad and shy as I escorted my lovely date into the bedroom where I proceeded to fuck the shit out of her.

I felt his humiliation. I felt his pain knowing that he wasn't the one being fucked, that I was also into women now and he had been made entirely gay. I had taken his hetero side and kept my own gay sex drive. But as I fucked the blond (Veronica? Trisha? Patty? Who knows, I fuck so many girls now I lose track) I felt my muscles tense up. I was actually engorging again, but because he felt cuckolded! I realize that just a few days ago he had fucked the same woman! I had only seen her very briefly from my window as she left the house with those sexy legs of hers. I had been so jealous of her that night! Now I was fucking the same gal!"

"Who's the man, baby"

 "You are, stud!"

"Damn right!" I said, fully engorged, so full, so big down there. I wasn't used to feeling so huge, so much, filling up so much space with my big flopping dick. She moaned in agony and ecstasy and I yelled out in unbelievable agony and joy at the same time, but for a different reason. I was receiving more of Nico. More of his essence. Becoming what he was and more!

She walked, limping down the steps to her car when Nico watched her, his thin hands and emaciated body feeling suddenly frail and cold... A few days passed.

I brought home more women. For three days. All women he had fucked before. I asked him after each one had left, did he remember fucking her and he said "yes" in the most adorable pipsqueak voice.

"Well I don't think you're ever gonna fuck a woman again, being a little nerdy gay boy," I said, gleefully touching his cute little ass.

"Why have we changed?" he looked up at me, imploringly. He was fighting to remember his reality but it was slipping away from him.

"Because it's for the better. You're helping me to get huge, buddy! And I really, really appreciate it." I picked him up with a surge of hormones. My testosterone was through the roof! I held him against the wall and told him to try to move. He struggled against my now much more immense frame.

"I can't, you're too big," he whispered. "Please let me touch you tonight."

"Not tonight, nerd. Janissa is coming over. But you can listen in." I swatted his ass.

The following night I was so pumped.

"What's up, little man. You been missing all this muscle? Huh, tiny?"

"Oh my God, please say you'll fuck me tonight, Colin. Pleeeeease. I need your cock so badly."

"Well, since you put it that way, little guy, maybe I can keep you occupied enough. Get naked, shrimp ball. Now are you going to eat up all my cum like a good little boy?"

"Yes, sir."

"Sir? I like that. Yeah, boy, eat my creamsicle. Fuck yeah!" I shot load after load in his little mouth. He could barely get his mouth around my cock now.

I fucked him every night after that for five days. Every night I grew slightly more masculine. My voice dropped even further. I had a booming laugh and a commanding voice of my dreams. My stubble grew in even thicker. I started to look...older. Better. More mature. Dad like. And he grew thinner. And shorter.

One day, I looked like this.

I no longer worked at the carnival. I was a businessman and I owned several properties in town. I owned a restaurant, a hotel and a local trailer park. I also looked like a golden god. I walked down the beach like I was God's gift to men and women. I was a non stop fuck stud. I spent most of my days just working out and enjoying the beach, going surfing and finding hot chicks and boys to come home with me and fuck. But eventually I drained Nico of the last of his ego. Sometimes he was aware of who he used to be but I noticed that every time I fucked him and drained him, less and less of the original him survived. Now he had been a local boy that I had taken in. His parents had never understood him being gay and it was bad enough that he was a heavily bullied little person.

He was perfect for me now. One day I knew I had drained all there was to. There was no more and we had reached the end of that road. Now he was mine forever.

"Hello, sir."

"Hey, boy. You getting ready for me in there?"

"Please let me worship your muscles, Sir."

"What's my name, little man?"

"Your name is Master Colin, Sir."

"That's right, boy. Who is Master of this House?"

"You are, Sir. I love you, Sir."

It's been a full year now and I can honestly say my dwarf boyfriend Nico is the hottest man on the planet. He is perfect for an older stud like me. He is in man ways the complete opposite of me. Shy, but with a little bit of sass, and he loves nothing more than to undress in front of his "boss". He works at my hotel and I enjoy making him serve me there at times. My little buddy for life.

I mean, look at me. I think the Manager did a pretty damn good job at feeding if this is the result. I got a letter from him in the mail that Nico had made one of the most delicious meals he had had in aeons. So I guess I did a good job of fucking the hot little stud.

Every day that goes by I think, this is the form I had on the inside all along. It just needed some help in coming out. My beautiful boyfriend is grateful too, to have such an amazingly muscled sugar daddy. My Big Summer has turned into My Big Life. I am never going back to being a wimp again. Now if you'll excuse me, my dick is throbbing for some of my boyfriend's delicious mouthwatering goodness. I have to say, the little guy gives one hell of a powerful blowjob! Who knew it could feed a god by giving all his strength and manhood to me? Oh hell yeah!

Oh and just by telling you all this, I now think you can trust that I have your best interests at heart. As soon as I saw you forlorn on that boardwalk some days ago, a short, ugly mess of a teenager, I knew you had to see my old pal The Manager. Be sure to say hello for me. Go to the carnival and wait until closing and you'll find him...and have an awesome summer.