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Chroniac Industries Presents: Jocktober Days

Well hello there, dear customers.

We here at Chronivac love this time of year. The crisp autumn leaves are falling. Young men are just getting in as much time on those sports fields as they can before winter comes. And we thought we'd celebrate that team spirit with a special "Jocktober" selection of firsthand accounts of how Chronivac is changing lives.

"Alright, everyone, that's it for today!"

"Alright, Deacon! Woo!"

"Fuck yeah! Are we gonna win Friday?"

"We're gonna win!"

"Let's kick some ass!"

This is the new Deacon Rogers. He is a fine example of Chronivac Industries "Brother Reassignment Project" headed by a team examining power structures and ethics in human test subjects. We caught up with Deacon a few months after his transformation from a shy and awkward 12 year old named Max with his older and far more physically gifted brother Deacon. I took the form of a track coach so I could pop in on our rising college football star.

CI (Chronivac Industries): Deacon, how are you doing today?

DR: Never better, man! Honest. Every day I get better and better. Man, I'm sweaty right now.

CI: Here, take my towel.

DR: Thanks, man.

CI: Deacon, how would you say you have adapted to college life? How are your classes going?

DR: Well honestly I'm enjoying them a lot better than junior high. You know, I was pretty smart but I never really felt like I loved my classes. My teachers weren't that great in middle school. Now that I'm an adult and in college it's really cool how much is out there. I'm really enjoying my biology and chemistry classes. I'm thinking of majoring in biochem.

CI: That's great! Of course a little help from the Chronivac aided with that...

DR: True true. (nods agreeably) But uh, you know just being able to understand everything so well. It's pretty fun. I feel really good about myself and I never really had that before.

CI: That all happened pretty quickly for you.

DR: Yeah, and I knew I could never go back.

CI: You could have helped your brother out more. Would you like to tell us about your decisions regarding him and his new life?

DR: Well I at first felt guilty. Cause you know, I look like this now and I totally love this body and he's just a short small fry again but..I don't feel like my decision was a bad one.

CI: And that was, to make him suffer with the full knowledge of what he lost and you also gave him a bit of a "wimp complex".

DR: Yeah I basically made him afraid of everyone and he'll very likely grow up to be very subservient. I gave him that so he'd serve me but he'll probably wind up as someone's fag by late high school.

CI: And you feel that this was deserved for a reason.

DR: I'm still trying to get over all the things he did to me. He was physically very abusive and so was our father. That cycle ends with me so I'm not hurting him like he hurt me. He would beat me up...a lot. It was really painful and our father didn't do anything. So now I made it so that our dad is friendlier and I won't lay a finger on him. I think it's fair.

CI: He's going to grow up to be quite short and pretty much a 98 pound weakling.

DR: (smiles) Yeah that is true. But he'll just have to adapt.

CI: What is it like when you are at home together? How does he treat you?

DR: Oh he's great! Before he was so mean. He would hit me and just force me to do things for him. Now he jumps at the opportunity to help me, do my laundry, get me a beer, give me a foot massage. He's my little helper and my buddy. Next week I'm taking him to a football game for his reward. Little perv can check out all the real men and probably jerk off later.

CI: He's already displaying some...shall we say...very gay attributes.

DR: (laughs) I may have overdone it. He's a giant fag and everyone at school calls him that. I just call him Twinkle Toes.

CI: The lisp, his new love of ballet, his love of tea parties, you do realize he's probably going to get beat up quite a bit.

DR: Well I'll introduce myself to his high school when he starts going, so everyone knows he has a jock brother protecting his little faggy bro. That's what I'm here for now.

CI: And you could have made yourself straight. Was it difficult to make the decision to be gay as you were in your old body?

DR: Well I always pictured myself with guys so it wasn't hard. I'm having the time of my life with my new coach. He's a great suck slave.

CI: Deacon, thanks for your time.

DR: Thank you. Chronivac is the shit. GO TEAM CHRONIVAC!

Chronivac subject Gavin Jenner (left) happened upon Chronivac approximately one year ago. We caught up with Gavin for a brief sitdown.

CI: Gavin thank you for being with us today.

GJ: No prob. What's up?

CI: Your life has changed dramatically. Let's go back to that first day. Where were you? Describe for our audience.

GJ: (smiles) wasn't great. I was on a school bus being bullied. They hit me, shoved my head into the seat, punched me. I was bullied by several boys who lied through their teeth. No one cared that I was being bullied. Not the teachers, the staff, the principal. My parents were so worried.

CI: And then Chronivac.

GJ: Thank GOD for Chronivac!

CI: After you grew yourself into adulthood, your dad became your brother through the reality default. How did that feel?

GJ: Well I still had my old memories. It was odd. I mean one minute I was telling him about how Jaden at school was beating me up and the next he's asking me if I want to go to the gym. We're best friends. We do taekwondo together, and boxing. It's a dramatic shift.

CI: Why a boxer? Why a fighter? Why did you want that so badly?:

GJ: I would say that is pretty common if you have ever been bullied. I decided to become a fighter I guess because that way I could be the opposite of how I felt.  We do MMA fighting and that is an amazing feeling of fulfillment. And I'm helping young men get out their aggression in a positive way.

CI: And then your bullies...

GJ: They aren't so fortunate now. And I do not fucking care.

CI: I'm not judging you. Chronivac chooses its subjects carefully. We just want to document your reactions. Why don't you run us through what you did.

GJ: I had three main bullies. One of them I made into a fat girl. One I made into a fat boy. And the third I made him a sniveling wimp. He's much, much smaller than other boys now and thanks to me he remembers exactly why. Guess it fucking sucks to be him, right! Shouldn't have fucked with me! Now I'm kickass and he looks up to me.

CI: His father wanted you to teach him to fight.

GJ: I had to turn him down. The little tyke has too many medical problems. He's very fragile. And a sissy. But I said it was a liability issue.

CI: Your bully once told you that you were always gonna be a small shit and that he was going to kill you and he threatened your life several times.

GJ: Right. He deserves what he fucking got. Now he's afraid of his own shadow. He was a bad kid. Believe me. I was so afraid of him and he enjoyed it. He comes from a good family. Good home. He was just a rotten person.

CI: Getting back to you. How are you enjoying your new body at home?

GJ: Oh I'm enjoying it. Me and dad are close and we sometimes share the boys we bring home.

CI: You made your dad gay so yourself bisexual.

GJ: Yeah, I just wanted us to have more in common so that has. We relate a lot better now. And we can bond over boys.

CI: Any closing thoughts?

GJ: My life is fucking awesome and I get laid all I want. Women love nothing more than a strong man to protect them and gay guys love to suck me off. I have never been happier and all the people that bullied me are miserable and that makes me even happier. Fuck yeah, thank you guys.

CI: Thank you, Gavin. And good luck.

And now Chronivac catches up with little Jesse, now Big Jesse Cleary. Jesse was an older black man in his 70s who had always fantasized about being white, secretly. He finally found his joy in Chronivac. We talk with Jesse about his choice.

CI: Welcome Jesse. Let's get right to it. You found Chronivac in a nursing home.

JC: Yes sir that's right. The best nurse I ever had gave it to me.

CI: Yes she is great at her work. Jesse, you decided to change your race. I must ask. Why go white?

JC: It actually wasn't a choice made because I am afraid to be black. Black people are rising in this country, definitely. For me it was aesthetic. I've been secretly gay my entire life but could never be who I truly am and I always fantasized about white guys, especially Italian. I loved the look of them. So beautiful.

CI: You spent sometime inside the matrix room.

JC: Yes, everything disappeared except for me and the Chronivac fed me all this information. I could suddenly download how to do all the new fangledy things kids could do. Like know all the cool things computers can do and I love baseball.

CI: It was the perfect marriage.

JC: You know I can remember growing up very poor. Baseball was the only thing that made me really happy.

CI: And now you're a pro!

JC: I know! (blushes)

CI: So...any romance on the horizon?

JC: Well you should know I am monogamous. I want to settle down but I just started seeing a really hot guy. He's just out of college and he's so gorgeous. Huge muscles. Oh he is fine.

CI: And all of the pain that you had is gone. How is the shift to being young again?

JC: Are you kidding me? Oh man, I can NOT believe how refreshing it is! This old man is having a fine old time.

CI: And you changed reality quite a bit.

JC: Well my family doesn't remember me. I gave myself some money but not too much. I'm not greedy.

CI: We always appreciate that. (chuckles) So how would you describe your experience overall?

JC: Every day is a miracle. I just marvel at this body. I keep it up, maintain it. Like a finely tuned car. And I love all the knowledge I downloaded. I understand a lot more about computers. So I'm in the big leagues now but I don't have to play baseball, and I'm in talks with a software company right now to develop some new apps. I have a lot of ideas in this old noggin.

CI: Which is impressive. You didn't download originality, those ideas are yours.

JC: I'm very smart, son.

CI: One more thing. You made some changes to some certain people...

JC: Oh I knew you were gonna bring this up!

CI: Walk us through that.

JC: Well I made a white family black. The boy hung out with my grandson and wished a few times he could be black, which I thought was very strange! But I decided to grant his wish. His skin changed before my eyes. It was actually quite erotic now that I think about it. His arms lengthened and got a LOT more muscle on them. His feet got bigger, his voice, everything. He is now on his way to a football scholarship. He was pretty gangly before. I figure I was putting some balance out there. He remembers what he was before but his parents have always thought they were black.

CI: Do you enjoy fucking black men? Do you have a preference?

JC: I actually have fooled around with him a little bit but I have a boyfriend now. But yes, it was hot to fuck a white boy turned black. Very erotic!

CI: What would you say to our customers who are thinking about purchasing the new 5.0 Chronivac?

JC: I'd say go for it! You won't be sorry! Why do you even have to ask! (laughs)

So there you have it! Chronivac is the BEST source for interdimensional reality shifts. Don't wait for your new Chronivac 5.0 order. Click here for a limited time only and you will get a FREE shipment of special Chronivac brand male transformation rings! They look like an ordinary wedding ring but slip one on and you can soon be a whole new man. Order today!

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Chronivac Industries Presents: Customer Testimonials PART 2

Greetings, Chronivac subscribers! We here at Chronivac are always working to bring you, our beloved customer base, only the very best in reality manipulation devices. That is why we are SO PROUD of Chronivac 5.0. But hey, don't take just our word on it. Take a look at some of the feedback we've been getting testing it out on random test subjects in the universe for Earth 245. Some of you have asked why we use it so much. It's a universe that has not reached other planets for colonization and nanotech is just beginning there. But the inhabitants are familiar enough with the concepts we embody to make it ideal for testing without fear of our purposes being misunderstood. 

So, enjoy the stories as they arrive in your mailboxes. We do not write these ourselves, merely ask satisfied users to describe for us some of their joys and triumphs. We hope you are inspired by them. We know we are. 

user: spitfiresarge

At the grand old age of 90, I found myself in an elderly home. My two sons were dead. My grandkids stuck me in here so they could steal my house. I could barely move. That's when the nurse from Chronivac visited. She said I needed to sign a form so she could help me get this package. I wondered who could have sent me a gift. Most of my friends were dead. The nurse was this smoking hot little number of a redhead. God, what a figure! But I'm not like some of these old guys, I would never tell her that. I didn't want to bother her or anyone else. Just to stop being so alone.

I served my country back in WWII. Most of you young folk can't know what it was like but I've spent a lifetime getting over it. I am proud of what we did as a nation to pull together and this new generation makes me nearly weep with the trashed economy they've inherited. So many kids are just out of luck. Back when I was young you could buy a house if you worked hard. Now these days? Bah. Don't even get this old man started.

Anyway the nurse, her name was Alice, she asked me if I could be any age, what would it be. She has this contraption. It's a real spiffy looking computer thing. Real high tech lookin' but then this old man still thinks electric typewriters are high tech. I'm an old fart. Deal with it. So I say, that would probably be before I went off to war, I was 17 and having the time of my life one minute, then I'm shooting to save my life the next. She makes some funny lights go off. It's like I was surrounded in some kind of field of light and then I blink and get up and she says, go look in the mirror, Mr. Waters.

I do and the next thing you know I look like this. I nearly cried. She gave me some new clothes and I put them on. She took me outside and said it was time to go. I had a million questions. Who was she? An angel? She laughed and said no. "I'm just doing the job I love to do." She brought me out to her car and told me to get in. We drove into town. I had marveled at all the old people in the home that didn't recognize me and as I walked down the street I thought I must have died and gone to heaven, but then I saw some goddamned obese woman walking around in a bikini and disgustedly realized I wasn't in heaven. Just plain old Earth.

She took me to a restaurant. I haven't been able to have a lot of food like I used to really enjoy for a long time. I ordered a burger and fries and gulped them down. God, I forgot what it was like to be this hungry! I talked and ate, then had an ice cream.

"Okay, tiger. So here's the deal. I can give you a new reality. I can give you a new family. Or I can just make you rich, on your own."

"I've already had my family, sweetheart. No offense, but I'll take the money. Only, what will I tell people? I mean I'm 90 and I look like I could be my great grandson for Chrissakes."

"Oh, that's nothing a little creativity can't solve. I'll give you a new identity but you'll keep your memories. I'll make it so it's all kosher. You won't have to worry about anyone being suspicious. And as for your old family, they'll remember you passing quite some time ago."

She drove me home to my new house. It was a beautiful one. There was a shiny red sports car in the driveway.

"Is that puppy mine?"

"Yes, sir, it is."

"Alice! How can I ever thank you, baby?"

"It's more how we can thank you for doing a service to your country, soldier." She saluted me. I nearly cried again. I had a second chance at life. Alice gave me the rundown. My new name was Kevin Rivers, (I guess it sounded more modern than my old name, never mind what it was, I don't even tell people what it was). My parents were dead a few years and my uncle (a man who was the grandson of an old war buddy, by coincidence) helped to emancipate me so I could live on my own. My family was rich. And I had a substantial inheritance. Alice took care of things so that the subject of the parents I never knew would just never come up. Smart gal.

Well, nothing more to say, really. Except my days are spent mainly in showing off my new bod to all the sweet young honeys and boy I gotta say even though these hormones make me stupid the younger kids love themselves some book learnin'. One thing I didn't know anything about was computers so I asked Alice to help me with that (I had a special Chronivac package that allowed me to contact her anytime) and she sent me a program that allowed me to download computer classes right into my noggin. Do you know what it's like? I know how to CODE now. I know all about the Internet and viruses and all that jazz. I fit right into modern society.

Well, sort of. I'm a bit old fashioned. I tend to attract the classier girls in high school that would love to hang out with college guys. I tend to be very protective and almost fatherly to friends of mine and it's made me the go to advice guy on campus. Ha! My teachers love me for my maturity. I got voted class president. I'm on my way to Yale.

What can I say? I owe it all to Chronivac. Now I ain't from your dimension doohicky whatever, but they are nice people workin' over at that place. You take it from me. I can't ever repay them for what they did. And as for the interface, it's very user friendly. I should know, now if you excuse me I got a date with a young honey and she loves nothin' more than to talk about history with me. She says I'm different from other boys. I know things. Honey, you have no idea. If I can know the joy of even makin' out again I think I'm gonna fly to the moon! Hey I wonder if Chronivac know what? I don't want to be greedy. My review: Five stars, baby!  FIVE STAR REVIEW

username: pipedadwanted

Okay, so my review won't be that long but I just wanted to say how much I love my Chronivac. I haven't used it on myself but rather my boyfriend. You can see what he looked like before and after. Now, my boyfriend used to hate smoking. He would always complain when we were around it and my secret passion was for pipes and cigars. I finally confessed this to him, and told him it was my biggest turn on.

He pretty much turned me down flat and even threatened to break up with me if I ever smoked around him. Then next thing you know I get chosen for the Chronivac sweepstakes or whatever you call them.

I programmed him to be hairy, bearded and I also changed a few other things. I had him go from a tech expert to a machinist. I generally made him more masculine. Now he liked football instead of ballet. He preferred beer to wine and always, always welcomed the chance to smoke a pipe with another guy. I don't mind saying I also made him a little bigger down there. And he knows how to use it. God damn, when he fucks me know it's like a fucking jackhammer! And he wants me to call him Daddy. It's almost too good! I love it so much!

The pipe sex, though, is amazing. I never thought I'd get the chance to have sex with a guy while smoking but when we swap smoke it's one of the sexiest things on the planet. Or he'll smoke in the living room while I sit in his lap. Thank you so much, Chronivac!!! FIVE STAR REVIEW

username: thesmallertheyare

So, this is not me. This is my older jock roommate Freddy. Freddy and me don't get along. I'm a nerd and like a foot shorter than him and even though I'm in college I look like I'm fucking twelve. No lie.

He was, in a nutshell, a nightmare. He would come in all hours. He would kick me out of OUR room so HE could fuck chicks practically all the time. I was getting so fucking man. I wanted to kick his ass so bad I DREAMED of it.  He humiliated me by constantly mocking me for my size. EVERY FUCKING DAY it was something. In front of other people that said nothing as he would think he was so hilarious! He swaggered around like he owned the entire world. He had so much confidence it was SICKENING!

"What's up, little man? I'm gonna go fuck Christine over in Alpha House. Too bad you can't go but we have a midget shortage and we need to conserve. HA!"


"Hey what's up, little man? Hey I wanted to give you something. This is a condom. Now I know you don't know how to use one but one day when you're a big boy you will. You just put it over know what, maybe I'm talking to the wrong person. HA! Just kidding, little dude. Hey did you do my laundry like I asked you to?"

I had started doing his laundry just so he wouldn't humiliate me in front of all his jock buddies when they came over.

"Hey little buddy. Hey, do you wanna come with us to Six Flags? Oh wait, you can't go on any of the rides. Forgot. HA! Just kidding man. But I uh, have to kick you out, shithead. Jenny is coming over and we're gonna fuck like animals. Probably on your bed. Don't wanna get mine dirty. Just stay in the library tonight."

Then I got my Chronivac and when I realized what it could do, I knew exactly what I wanted.

I would make him suffer as he never had before. I programmed all of the new stats and changed reality so only he and I would remember the stud god he was BEFORE my changes.

I heard the scream when he got up. I followed him into the living room and said

"Well well well. Look how the mighty have FALLEN!"

"How did this happen? How did you do this? I on drugs?"

"You fucking wish!" I knocked him down and put my full weight on top of him.

"Get this through your brain, SHITHEAD. I changed your life and now no one remembers BIG Bob. You are a SHRIMP now. Your name is Bobbie, with an "i" like a girl. Now go do my fucking laundry or I'll fucking flush your face in the toilet, you dumb fuck." I slapped him a little bit. I came by later that day and he was miserable. He'd found out his world was gone. All his jock buddies had no idea who he was except for being "that midget dude".

I said I didn't give a shit. He said to get ready for a world of pain.

I laughed in his pathetic face. 

"What exactly do you think is gonna happen here, LITTLE MAN? Get the fuck out of here before I make you REALLY pay. Maybe I'll make you a little GIRL midget. How would you like that?"

"No! You wouldn't!"

"Fucking try me, SHITHEAD. Now did you do my laundry yet? No? Well then get fucking busy. NOW. I own your tiny ass in case you haven't figured it out by now."

Little Bobbie got more and more used to his life as a dwarf. He even made friends with some of the other dwarves in the city. He met them through the Internet.

He started working out even though, realistically, who wanted to date someone the size of a child?

Well, me for one. I was gay and basically just beginning to test out the Chronivac. I changed things up a bit. I made Bobbie more and more subservient. Then I upped my own masculinity. When I came out of my bedroom the next day, I looked like this:

"What's up, Little Man?" I asked. He looked way, way up.

"No way." he whispered.

"Yeah, not bad, huh? Made a few improvements on myself." Not to mention you, I thought. I had ramped up his libido to extra horny and willingness to please alpha males, not to mention the fact I had made him 100% gay. 

"Oh wow, you look great!"

"Yeah I do, don't I? Thanks, little man. I like it when you compliment me. You should do that more."

"Okay! Do you want me to make you some breakfast. Wow, look at your muscles! They're huge!"

"Yeah, you like that?" I held his shoulder gently and gave it a slight tug. I could tell his micropenis was going to go crazy like any minute now. 

"Holy cow. You're the strongest, best looking guy on the planet!"

"What are you, some kind of faggot? Clean up my fucking room!" I stormed out of there. Thus was the beginning of a beautiful friendship in which Bobby the Jock turned into Bobbie the Midget Cumdump for me. I'd come home and make him suck me off whenever I felt like it or just bring guys over so he could listen to me fuck them. If I was generous he was allowed to jerk off in the corner and watch. No one ever wanted to fool around with him in terms of affection but a few guys were willing to jerk off on him or make him suck their cocks. Bobbie is more like my loving servant than lover. I think I'll keep him that way for life.

And he was very supportive in my new football and basketball careers which were once his. He no longer had a monopoly on sports in the dorm. No, I was now the dominant jock and he was always showing up to events to watch.

So, thanks to Chronivac. I have never been happier and I feel like justice in the universe has been served. I love you, Chronivac Industries! You guys absolutely rule!     FIVE STAR REVIEW

Monday, October 20, 2014

Brian's New Life

So...this is me. My name is Brian. Hi. Hope you don't mind but I have so much to tell you.This is what I used to look like. I'm 14 years old and it sucks! I'm gay and I know what I want. I want to be OLDER! I know a lot of guys my age do but I REALLY do! You have no idea how hard it is to be horny and 14 and gay and you can't tell anyone!!! I just wanted to go to a gay bar but I couldn't because they won't let me in looking like an underage twink.

Then one day I realized I was totally in love with my next door neighbor, Adam. Here's what he looks like, it's from his profile online.

HE IS SO HOT!! Even his voice is hot! I wanted him so bad! I was always looking for him when I went onto gay sites. I picked out the pic of an older bodybuilder I found somewhere on tumblr and said it was me. I made a really long profile even though I obviously am not in my 30s. I know, I'm catfishing. It's bad. I know but it was literally the only way that I could get guys to talk to me!!

So I started hitting him up and I told him I was really into him. I told him I'd seen him around town and would love nothing more than to get together with him. I know I know. Don't lecture me. I went ahead and asked him if I could come over.

I rang the doorbell that night. I had gotten really spiffed up and was wearing one of my best outfits and even wore some cologne for him. He opened the door, and looked confused and then got angry when I told him it was really me.

"Brian, that isn't funny. You're fourteen. Get in here!"

I did so and he proceeded to chew me out about how much trouble he could get in for screwing around with me.

"Do you want to make out? Just a little?"

"NO, Brian! I want a man my age and I am not okay with you lying to me online about this. You can't do that to people."

"I just...I really like you. I was afraid of what you'd say. I...I want you to be my first. Once I start having sex I'll get really good. I just want to make you happy. I want to suck you off. I've watched all this porn and I've practiced on a banana..."

"Brian? Oh man, you really are horny, aren't you? Fuck, I remember when I was that age."

"It's not like I didn't wish I was older. I do. I WANT to be your age. I wish I could do it already! I fucking hate being just a teenager. You can still fuck me, though. If you want to. I can act like a man. I can. I'm mature for my age, ask anyone!"

He looked at me for a long time. "Come into the living room. Sit down. I'm going to go upstairs to get something."

He did so and I sat down and oh my god, maybe he was going to call my parents. I really hoped not! I hoped he was going to come down with maybe some sex toys or something. I just wanted to get naked with him. Fuck he was so hot! I could barely contain my boner! I was rock hard!

He finally came downstairs with an old clock. It was an antique and he placed it on the glass table. It was so cool he owned his own house. He even smelled good.

"Okay. You want to be with me? You need to do something for me." He toyed with the clock and opened the tiny glass. "I want you to move the hands forward slowly around clockwise of course, four times."

"Okay." I did so. "Why am I doing this?"

"Stand up." I did so. "Now I'm going to enjoy the show?"

"Show? What show?" I asked with something in my voice sounding different. "Uh. Uhhhhh." Something warm went through me.

"The show of you growing older by four years."

"What?" My voice shrieked and it didn't feel like my voice but rather how my voice would develop after a year, only slightly deeper but noticeable to me.

It was painful to grow taller. My pants got tighter and tighter. I started fumbling at the pants button and zipper and tore them off.

"How is this possible?" I asked.

"You want to fuck around or not? Shut up and enjoy it."

He came over by the time I was as tall as him and I nearly melted as he placed a meaty hand that fiddled with my crotch and he planted a big wet furry kiss on my lips. I kissed him for what felt like forever.

"You wanna check yourself out?"

I liked my stubble. I...I...I felt my face. I ran to the mirror. I was tall. Lanky. Much taller than before. I had stubble. I didn't look like me but I did. I was 18 years old.

"Holy shit. I'm older! Look at me, I'm older!"

"Oh I know. You are. Now just wait a minute. I have a printout I made from your profile. I'm going to stick that inside the clock. I wrote down some specifics. We'll just see what the clock can do. Now take 'er for another spin. Let's try for age 35 this time. Move it ahead. 17 times.

"17 years older! Wow! I'm only guess I'm only 18! But...." I hesitated.

"Do you want to get with me or not? You want to be a twink forever or a real man?"

That did it. I went ahead and moved it ahead as many times as he said.

I nearly passed out from my body's sensations and I wound up writhing on the floor in ecstasy and pain. I groaned, feeling my hairy chest and I felt like I was just so much bigger and stronger. I could feel it before I even got up. I was...I was...I ran to a mirror.

"Who's that? Is that ME?? I look like my profile photo!"

"Yes you do, the clock really does make quite an impact. Doesn't it?" He came up from behind me and started feeling me up.

"Suck me! Suck me off now!"

"Oh now you're talking!"

I was filled with the desire to dominate him. I had never had such feelings and I can't begin to explain it to you but I suddenly realized he would never be happy with some 14 year old little boy when he can have a real serve. I realized the man I fell in love with and was ready to beg wanted to be the one begging. I was now SO confident and I OOZED masculinity.

"That's right, bitch. Suck a real man's dick!" And suck me he did.

I fucked him thoroughly after that. I flexed my muscles and decided to carry him all the way into his bedroom (well now it was our bedroom) and I ripped his jeans off and grabbed the lube on the dresser, applied it immediately and impaled the fuck out of my walking wet dream.


The sensation of being a big man and losing my virginity all at the same time was almost too much. I fucked him like four times and then collapsed.

The next morning I awoke and followed his voice.

"Hey, Adam. Did you enjoy last night?"

"Fuck yeah, man. Looks like there's a new man in my life." He kissed me passionately. "And are you starting to realize the new details?"

I blinked. New details? Like what? "What time is it?" I asked him. "I'll need to get to work soon. Wait. I'm in" But then I realized that was no longer true. I was an experienced vice president of a local roofing company. I'd worked my way up over a lifetime and was pretty comfortable. Not that I wasn't working class. I certainly looked the part.

"This is your day off, tiger."

"So...what now? I just move in?"

"You're already moved in. The clock is powerful. It changes reality. I put it away last night."

"So...I have to go back to being a kid again, right? There's a catch?"

"Baby. I wanted to be married. I love you and you love me. You do love me, right?"

"Fuck yeah I love you!"

"Well that's that, then. If you want to use the clock again but there is a slight time limitation. You can only use it once every ten years. I used it before to become a lot more masculine. Before I was an effeminate twerp. A 100 pound total weakling. Now look at me."

"No weakling here, just the sexiest stud I've ever fucked!"

"Damn straight." He kissed me again. "You can always turn back the clock if you want. But for now let's just enjoy our new lives together. SIR." He smiled mischievously.

So, this is my life. I often don't give a fuck what people think of me. I'm pretty lucky in the long run to be a huge daddy and my new husband is just head over heels and loves to take all of my huge cock every night after we get home from work. One day I'll go back...maybe. Maybe I'll make us college aged kids next time so I don't have to go back to the misery of being smaller than everyone. That way in ten years I can get back together with my parents again. As it stands in this reality, Adam is my only family. But hey, god, look at me. Look how big my muscles are and how hairy I am. This is the best new life I could possibly hope for. I do what I want, I have a car, a husband, a house all of my own, and I owe it all to going after what I wanted! This is Brian and I'm 35 years old and very happy now that I am!

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Chronivac Industries Presents: Customer Testimonials

Greetings. We here at Chronivac realize that you, our preferred and select customer base, may think of upgrading to our Deluxe plan. We have here some testimonials from another dimension, from the planet Earth, where individuals are chosen AT RANDOM to test our products free of charge, and thus they can give accurate and OBJECTIVE opinions for you at home. Let's hear some of their reviews for the newest Chronivac product, the amazing 5.0 system that is sweeping the solar system.

username: bikereginald

My name is now Reginald but it used to be Petey. My grandpa never really cared about me so when my mom gave me to him for the entire summer I was miserable. He grumbled about me being there and just made me do chores. I hated cleaning up the yard and his house and he didn't let me spend any time just playing! I was only eleven years old and it was very unfair. I got really depressed. He had this huge house and I wasn't even allowed to touch anything!

Well after I got the Chronivac and figured out how it worked, I made myself into a carbon copy of him. I instructed the machine to keep me like this for a hundred years cause I don't want to die early or anything. Then I made him transform into me.

I actually love being Grandpa! I can ride a motorcycle with a bunch of other guys MY age now. I don't have to go to school. I have plenty of money and I can spend it on whatever I want to. Little Petey hated being stuck as me but I told him if he did all of his chores (I keep him reeeeal busy!) then maybe I would increase his size a little bit so the kids wouldn't pick on him before he has to go back to school. Better him than me! Thanks, Chronivac, you totally changed my life and as far as the features go, yeah, they were so easy even I could use them. FIVE STAR REVIEW

username: newdadincharge

My dad and I were never close. We came from an extremely rigid family where you must obey your parents. We were Korean American but dad always told me that I had better always listen to him. You can imagine what he thought of me being gay. It did not go over well. After he threw me out of the house (this after a lifetime of abusive yelling and threats over my grades) I was in the park and a man walking along asked me how I was and told me he had something for me that might help. He told me the only stipulation was I not tell anyone about it because if it ever went public it would be revoked (I now know this means that it goes back to its dimension of origin!).

The user interface was pretty simple once I actually believed it (I mean, really, I was bored and had nothing else to do at midnight in the park) and so after a few reality changes and experiments, I settled on being a little bit older. I made mom into my godmother who visits whenever she wants. My dad is now the cute little twink you see before you. I made him horny as fuck for his old man and he practically drooled every time he saw me for weeks before I finally let him suck his new dad's cock. He has no memory of his old life and I don't want him to. After all, I only ask for his complete and total obedience. I am in charge of this family and what I say goes. I pay the bills, he cleans the house. It's a good arrangement and every night I plunge into his ass I thank my lucky stars for Chronivac industries. I don't know how to ever repay you, all of you, the amazing business that gave me a whole new life. To think, before I was wrapped up in depression and about to be homeless. And I'm pretty sure my old dad is a lot happier being a white twink than he was as a stressed out businessman. Having me as the family breadwinner is also better thanks to the skill set taskbar included in the new 5.0 Chronivac version...I am told if you upgrade you can actually choose animal, animal-human hybrid, giant, or mythological creatures selections. But quite frankly I am fine being the manager and owner of a tire store. FIVE STAR REVIEW

username: newarmystud6969

See that cute twink being fucked in the ass? That's my former boyfriend. I was a naive girl and he was an experienced commander and he wound up seducing me and getting me pregnant. I didn't know what to do when he told me he wouldn't marry me and threatened to kill me if I told his wife. His wife! He didn't tell me he was married. Then he told me he would kill me if I told ANYone. He didn't want to hear anything about child support from me ever. He was so big and strong and mean. He turned mean. He roughed me up, slapped my face and left.

Well the next day the motel cleaning lady (I was living in a motel because I was so poor) told me that there was a package for me. Weird. Maybe someone in my family sent it, even though they were probably too poor. And that is when I found the amazing magic that is Chrnoivac. Now I know it's science but well, when I saw all the options I knew what I wanted. To not be pregnant anymore I could become a man and the zygote would just disappear as never having existed. I programmed new memories for myself, so that it was all my life I'd been a man. I loved these new memories! God the sex! Sex was way better for men! I jacked off in my motel room for the first time and it was heaven!

I still had my memories of my boyfriend, though. I made him pay. Oh did I make him pay. Now I'm in the army and he's MY bitch. I took away all those muscles, and he went from a 220 pound former football player to a skinny little twig that I could break in an instant. This is me now by the way. 

I'd say it's a VAST improvement! I am so macho now and all my army buddies and I have such camaraderie. I invite them over sometimes so we can share my boy toy's hole and we pass him around like the whore he is. Oh and he likes it when I abuse him from time to time, rough him up and call him names. We are totally into the dom/sub relationship and guess who's the top? It ain't him.

Five stars? Try a thousand! I can't recommend Chronivac enough! 5.0 is an amazing system, has easy to understand instructions, and the feature that makes it visible only to its owner is especially nice! That way no one else will ever find it. FIVE STAR REVIEW

Saturday, October 4, 2014

The Settlement

I was coming out of a restaurant near a highway when this guy got off his bike. He was twice as big as me, I swear. I had no idea what he wanted.

"I saw you trying to get with my old lady!"


A fanatic woman ran up from behind him.

"I was just trying to make you jealous, he didn't say anything to me. Honest!"


I tried to run. But he was so strong. He threw me down and the next thing I knew he was punching me in the face and I woke up in a hospital.

I won't go through the pain of it all. The intense pain. It was a living nightmare. But what happened next shocked me. They caught him. His girlfriend turned him in. He'd been drinking and on a number of drugs. And someone in the restaurant filmed the entire thing on their cel phone.

Vic, his name was, pleaded guilty in court. I showed up and gave testimony. My arm in a cast. My face still a bloody mess, bruised and battered and swollen. I was a small man, but proud. This man had, in a rage, taken everything from me. And by law I had the right to inflict on him what he had done to me.

The sentencing I was fully prepared for. The judge told Vic he had his choice. 15 years in prison for attempted manslaughter...or a body swap with the victim. Body swaps had to be approved by the state and it was only recently that the technology was used in judicial sentencing. Usually only rich guys could afford it.

To my shock and delight, Vic took the body swap.

I can't tell you how my heart leaped. He was only a few years older than me. He wasn't a real hard drinker and it had only been recently that he had been taking drugs. Unemployed. Depressed. His biker gang was going to kick him out. His life was going down the tubes.

When they brought us in for the switch, they sedated me and I just went to sleep. I woke up feeling heavy and my new beard rubbed up against the bed. "What?" I asked in my new voice. A nurse hushed me.

When I woke up, I marveled at my new, incredibly hot body. I couldn't believe how fucking big I was. I'd gone from a miniature pint sized practical midget to a huge, intimidating biker stud! I wanted to jack off right then and there!

They gave us our new IDs. Everything that was mine was still mine and everything that was his was still his. Except the body. That was mine now.

When I was getting into my car I saw Vic struggling to get onto his now way too big chopper and laughed at how silly he looked. Like a little boy trying to get onto his Dad's bike! Was I ever really that small? I thought. Then I got into my compact car and realized I barely fit inside it, I was so tall!

Later, I bought a chopper. I offered to buy Vic's. He really didn't need it anymore and my life was going awesome. Everyone at my work congratulated me on winning my case and several of my female coworkers admitted to me they thought I was now quite fetching. I did have to buy a whole new wardrobe though, this time I basked in glory over getting clothing in an XL section.

Now I every once in a while will step into fights if I see a big guy picking on someone way too small. It's the best feeling int he world to just intimidate the fuck out of another guy by how badass I look. And don't even get me started on the comments and compliments I get at the gym now!

Let this be a lesson. Crime doesn't pay. Unless you get your ass kicked and the judge allows you to get even! Sometimes the system really does work and I can't thank Vic enough for letting me take over his huge body! Getting assaulted was the best thing that ever happened to me. If you don't believe me just ask Vic and he'll tell you that it wasn't worth it, in a tiny pipsqueak little pussy voice.
Oh and did I mention that my old body was gay? I wasn't out or anything but Vic quickly adjusted to his new body's needs by being the best little cumdump a real man could ask for. Here's a picture of him. I finally let him come over so a buddy of mine could treat him like a fucking whore and I filmed it and jacked off to the idea of him changing from an alpha to a complete and total sub.NOW you can say we have truly settled things between us.

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Dr. Cambio's Clinic

"You embarrassed me. You embarrassed yourself. What were you thinking?"
"Uh, excuse me, I am not on trial here."
"Don't be sarcastic. You threw a tantrum tonight in front of all my friends."
"In front of your friends? You mean my friends."
"A lot of both my friends and your friends. You freaked out and acted like a jerk, pure and simple."
"I don't owe you any excuses as to why I behave the way i do, ever."
"You know what? You need to learn respect. That's what you need to learn."
The new Jax narrowed his eyes at his grown up son. 
"Okay that's it. You don't talk to me like this. I think you're forgetting who the real adult is here."
"Oh, really? So you're acting like an adult when you yell and scream when you don't get your way?"
"Well I'm in a kid's body so it's not like anyone cares."
"I care! It's my body. It's my reputation. You are in an 11 year old body, not 5. Get it together. Everyone thought you acted like a jealous brat."
"They were taking my stuff!"
"They're kids and they were guests in this house!"
"Stop talking like this! That's it. This experiment is over. Call the therapist. We are going back as soon as possible."
"Yeah, well, Dr. Cambio can't really make it this week."
"I was gonna break this to you later but why not now? Dr Cambio moved his practice."
"What? WHERE?!" Ever since Finn and his son had switched bodies thanks to a therapist's secret body swap technique (which required them to both be unconscious), things had been great. He'd been able to see things from a kid's perspective and have a go at grade school, but as the weeks went by, each session with the good doctor ended with him convincing them to stay another week. Then another. Then another. Jax had grown really confident in his grown up body, taking on responsibility like he never had before, taking on an adult job and driving them everywhere they needed. 
"To Columbia."
"What? NO!"
"Yeah, no note or anything."
"Do we have an address? We have to get in touch with them."
"I don't know if we can even get one. But for now, you're grounded!"
"No I'm not! I'm an adult! You can't make me do anything!"
Jax stood up to his full height and looked down at his bratty dad. 
"Actually I can. Get in your fucking room! NOW!" his son's voice was so booming and furious. Finn looked up at Jax crossing his arms. "I don't have to do what you say," he squeaked, his voice sounding pathetic. 
"Get into your room or I'll make a week into a month. Of no TV, no going over to friend's houses, no computer. You want to go for a month, little man?"
"You're not fair!" he cried, just like a little kid.
"You're not the adult anymore and you know what, maybe that's the way it should be if you can't fucking handle it."
"Oh you mean like YOU?" Now Finn was sounding incredibly immature. 
"Yeah. Now go to your fucking room."
"I want to be the adult again," Finn pouted. 
"Well you're not. I am."
"So what are you gonna do now? Drink my beer?"
"Uh, I'm going to drink a fucking beer if I want to. Because I like to fucking relax. I'm raising a kid who doesn't see why he shouldn't misbehave and I have a fucking JOB to go to tomorrow. Now go to your room. JAX."
The new Jax went to his room and cried. His son smiled and opened up a beer and thought to himself how glad he was that Dr. Cambio originally told him they were never going to switch back. 

Monday, September 29, 2014

Spoiled Rotten

        "Okay, Danny. You've made your point. Make me normal again! I just want to be myself!"

“Oh, sorry sweetie. I’m afraid I just can’t do that. Did you shovel all the cow dung yet?”
“Danny, come on!” the very manly looking cowboy pouted.
“No, sweetie. You said being a man was easy. You did nothing but complain about how hard women had it. You were the daughter of the owner of the ranch and now you’re just one of the boys.”
“Daddy doesn’t even remember me!”
“Yes, he does. You’re Tex, one of his drinking buddies.”
“I look like a mess.”
“Well Stacy, if I were you I’d get used to it. Because I’m going to teach you about hard work.”
“Please change me back, Danny sweetie. I’ll do anything.” Tex batted his eyes.
“Sorry, but uh…you just aren’t as pretty as you used to be. You might want to go to the gay bars in Austin some time. Til then, just remember to go easy on the beer or uh, you’ll get a little paunch there, cowboy.”
“This isn’t fair!”
“Cowboy up, partner. I don’t care. I want you to experience what it’s really like to be a man..”
“For how much longer?”
“I’ll give you a little time to think about how you’ve treated men. All the men who took you out who you complained about and all the men you gossiped about. None of them good enough for you. I think, oh, a year more should give you some perspective.”
“A…a year? I can’t take being a smelly man for one more minute!”
I took a shovel and threw some cow dung in Tex’s face.
“What are you gonna do about it, shithead? You’re a man now. Fuckin’ deal with it.”
I walked away with a huge grin on my face. Tex was gonna have to learn to man up eventually. I am so glad I had found that magic cologne and perfume. It came in real handy for making gender bending a true reality!