Monday, February 23, 2015

New policy from Blogger regarding nudity

I just got this in my inbox...

Dear Blogger User,

We're writing to tell you about an upcoming change to the Blogger Content 
Policy that may affect your account.

In the coming weeks, we'll no longer allow blogs that contain sexually 
explicit or graphic nude images or video. We'll still allow nudity 
presented in artistic, educational, documentary, or scientific contexts, or 
where there are other substantial benefits to the public from not taking 
action on the content.

The new policy will go into effect on the 23rd of March 2015. After this 
policy goes into effect, Google will restrict access to any blog identified 
as being in violation of our revised policy. No content will be deleted, 
but only blog authors and those with whom they have expressly shared the 
blog will be able to see the content we've made private.

Our records indicate that your account may be affected by this policy 
change. Please refrain from creating new content that would violate this 
policy. Also, we ask that you make any necessary changes to your existing 
blog to comply as soon as possible, so that you won't experience any 
interruptions in service. You may also choose to create an archive of your 
content via Google Takeout 

So, does this mean that for every article with a nude pic I need to make a separate post with a link stating that is what you're getting? Or are they just going to block the entire blog altogether? Or just specific posts? this language sounds intentionally vague.

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Stealing Time

Woowee! I am feelin' fine, I tell you what. I haven't felt this good in years. I just went running earlier. I have a spring to my step! My hair looks and feels so great when I run my hands through it! My skin? Fantastic. Not to mention I can't stop getting hard! I jerked off like ten times yesterday!

Of course just a week ago I was hanging out with my buddies, old and fat. That's me on the far left, with the beard. Regular ol' Santa Claus. We were getting together and talking about everything. Mortgages, getting old, our kids not appreciating us and always asking for money.

My buddies here, from left to right are Ed, Lou, and Les. My name is Kenny. So Ed, the short one, he says, "So if you guys could be young again, but you had to take youth away from a younger man, would you do it?"

We all joked around that it would probably depend on the kid.

"What if it's a young man who is just a shithead?"

"Well...I suppose if he doesn't have any good qualities, it would probably be doing the world a favor," Lou said.

I agreed. So did Les. So Ed says "I got a way to swap bodies with anyone. Watch this."

He walks over to a tree and suddenly I'm looking at myself. Les and Lou start screaming. They were in each others bodies and I was in Ed's body. That was when we decided he wasn't totally full of shit. After an hour of freaking out he told us he would switch us back. And he did. All of a sudden I found myself looking down on him again.

After that, we made a plan to gather our assets into hard currency and make a swap with a younger man of our choice. We all spent quite a lot of time combing the community. I had to pick someone old enough to be independent but young enough to make the swap worth while. I also had to pick someone who was morally and ethically not going to make a lot of impact in the world. But it couldn't be someone with kids or attachments.

I finally decided on the body you now see me in, beautiful isn't,...I mean aren't I fucking beautiful? Even my voice is gorgeous. I was the first one to be swapped. I had met Randy as part of a program to rehabilitate drug addicts. He had been a heroin addict and gone to jail for a while and now he was trying to get back on his feet. He had everything going for him but now he had fucked it all up. The more I talked with him the less I liked him. He was racist, homophobic, and had hit his former girlfriend. That was the reason he'd been sent to prison. I pretended to side with him on everything and he gradually told me everything. I had found my worthless but hot young man. After the first week of talking with him, I invited him to stay with me. Before this I had just volunteered to teach him how to talk on an interview and get his GED. But the first night he stayed in my nice, luxurious house I made the swap.

He woke up screaming in my big fat body. You should have seen him. And me, I was in heaven! My god this body was incredible. And I had a pretty nice dick as it turned out.

I told him if he ever wanted my body back he'd shut the fuck up. I had taken out my life savings and cashed it into gold and platinum and hid it. If he wanted my help in getting a new body he'd pretend to be me. He was retired so it wasn't like he had a job to go to, just keep up appearances with the family and neighbors. I would be the charming new young man he was "renting" a room to. You know, just so he would have some companionship after the divorce. Luckily my wife had her own money and didn't feel like taking any of mine. But it made it all the better to get away with. Soon I had made a bank account with the gold and platinum, telling the bank it had been the wish of my "godfather" that I have a nice start to life. I invested in stocks and went over portfolios with the very impressed men at the bank. They asked me if I had considered a career in finance and I told them I was thinking about being an entrepreneur. This body may not have education on paper but I have the know-how to make a lot of money.

The next step was getting everyone else a young man to swap lives with.

Imagine my surprise when two young men showed up at my door one night.

"Yo bro! What's up? Hey, is your name really Randy? I think it might be something else!"

"It's us, Kenny?"

I was floored. "Which ones are in there?"

"I'm Ed," said the taller one on the right."

"I'm Lou," said the rather cute one on the left."

"It's been one hell of a week!" Ed said. "Oh and our new names. I'm now Brennan. This here is Kyle."

"Pleased to meet you, fellas, You wanna beer?"

"Don't mind if we do!"

"So how did you decide on these fellas?"

"Well it's funny how this happened. These young pieces of shit tried to rob me!" Lou said. "I held them up at gunpoint and had my sons tie them up. We let them in on our little secret. Then I brought Ed over. I signed over the house to my sons and we took the time to cash in our assets to gold and such. We kept these shitheads tied up until we were all done."

"So where are they now?"

"Well mine, he's living in our new apartment," Ed explained  "I sold the house and belongings so we moved in to a new place with the money out of my new account. I made him my personal slave until I decide to give him a new body. I told him after five years of servicing us I'd give him a new bod. Fuck it's feeling good to be in these bodies! I really had forgotten how good it could feel to be alive!"

"Oh and just so you know, we swapped bodies with a couple of gay guys."

", you guys are gay now?"

"Yeah after the first few nights we tried to jack off to Playboy but it wasn't working. We jumped each others bones and we've been having a lot of fun.."

"Without going into too much detail, we realize you might be a little old fashioned," Lou smiled.

"Yeah, right. I don't give a fuck what you guys do so long as you're happy. So when you say servicing..."

"Ed's guy is living with us as our personal fuckboy and bitch. Mine ran off and we have no idea where he is but my sons know who is really in his body. If they find him he won't be able to claim to be me and recover any of his money. We have no idea what happened to him but who fucking cares? More youth for me!"

"So I guess that leaves only Les..." I said.

After telling Les about our new choices, he was pretty jealous. Luckily, the best was saved for last.

Meet the new Les:

"Hello, boys!" Les said, driving his new car. "Jesus these guns are fucking huge! I never knew muscles like this could even exist! I feel like I could fuck for DAYS! I just bench pressed over 300 pounds at the damn gym, son!"

Les, now going by "Gavin" was now the son of a wealthy couple who I happened to know and I had considered him for myself. But I had no idea that things had gotten so bad. He had been to prison twice for vandalism. He was dealing drugs. He was definitely on steroids. He beat up his little brother a number of times. It was me that befriended his brother and got close enough to the couple to use the magic spell Ed had given us (I now knew it by heart and combined with drinking a magic potion I could do it at will). I switched the wife with the husband for a few minutes and they begged me to change them back, which I did. I then gave them my proposition. Les would switch places with their violent sociopath of a son.

The swap went over without much fuss. Well, if by not much fuss you actually mean an old man screaming give me my body back and trying to beat up Les, who was now a huge muscle man! It was almost funny.

I hear Gavin's little brother adores his new bigger brother. The new old man is going to live in the home where his body owned, but he has to pay rent and get a job. He's working as a garbage man now. He was told not to try to get a job with his many credentials. We gave him a new identity with new ID cards and now he has to haul garbage around for a living to make ends meet.

If any of you have a problem with me and my friends stealing time, just remember the old adage. Youth is wasted on the young!

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Chronivac Industries Presents: Gay World

We here at Chronivac Industries have put together a Very Special Alternate (or should we say Alternative) Universe Package with the Chronivac 5.0 and some of our test subjects from Earth 245, that is to say the Earth that you reading this newsletter reside in. With this, you can become accustomed to living in any number of alternate universes. There are thousands to choose from!

One of the favorite subgenres of universe would be Gayworld. There are in fact 40 different universes where gays outnumber straights where they make up between 55% and 95% of the majority population. Here are some stories from those wonderful universes where gays are considered normal and straights are usually and unfortunately delegated to being second class citizens...

Earth 564 - Gayworld #2 - Statistics: Gays 90% Straights 5% Bisexual 5%

user: uniformfield

I was always a football fanatic so when I had the chance to be a professional football player via my new Chronivac, I decided to just go for it. I loved it! Finally everyone was cheering for me and I was young and toned! But then I started to notice things were a bit off. It seemed like there were a lot of guys kissing in the stands. I wondered if it were some kind of gay day.

Well it turns out the Chronivac universe chooser was set at random. I didn't think it honestly mattered but I hadn't read the manual. I was straight and after a while I realized MOST guys in this universe were gay. Everywhere I went I heard jokes about how no one wanted straight guys to play football. All my friends told me you don't want a straight in the locker room, they're so fucking sensitive about having their asses slapped like a real man and couldn't even take looking at other guys dicks. They weren't "real men". I attempted to move to another universe but the Chronivac told me that I could not opt for another dimension for a whole six months due to risk of injury! I was stuck here.

Apparently in this universe, men and women can get pregnant. There were a certain percentage of both men and women that could become "receivers" and grow babies inside their bodies. You knew which ones they were because men who could give birth would menstruate (luckily I was not experiencing this). Only half of women could menstruate. The other half could secrete sperm from their vaginas...don't ask me how that works because I don't want to know. Straight couples that had two receivers and couldn't produce sperm had to hire a gay man or woman to impregnate them (though now they had the ability to go to sperm banks).

I walked around the gym and guys everywhere had their eyes on me. I started to look at the few women I was attracted to but didn't know which ones might be straight. I went online for a few dates that went nowhere. Straight girls I dated were never out to their parents. They had a lot of baggage and were constantly paranoid about someone they knew spotting them with a man on an actual date.

I started to get really depressed so I thought...when in Rome, right? I made myself 100% gay with the Chronivac and the next thing you know I'm really enjoying life again! I love walking around all the movies that are coming out (before it was so boring, no one but gay couples got together in movies, and I just knew how gay people in my world must feel with most movies being about straights). I especially enjoyed whacking off to the many movies Matt Damon and Ben Affleck had made where the wind up together at the end and the hot fuck scenes they had in Good Will Hunting or The Town.

Finally I made friends with a player from another team at one of the foam parties the teams would throw for their employees. I wound up losing my virginity to a guy and he just understood me so well...after just a week of being with him I never wanted to go back. I mean I might have second thoughts in my own universe about making myself gay but here? It was just NORMAL. Gay men have built this world and you can't imagine how many fans go nuts when we even get a little affectionate after a game...we've become quite famous amongst the many player couples out there.

I'm very satisfied with my Chronivac but now that it has disappeared I couldn't care less. I'm in love! And Dave isn't having his period lately...I think I might be a father soon! I'm so happy, thank you Chronivac Industries!

Earth 950 - Gayworld #5 - Statistics  Gays 94% Straight 3% Bisexual 3%

user: dickpatrol

My name is Chris and I'm the one on the left. I was gay and in the military (on your Earth) and when I got my Chronivac and tested it out a bit (it was a dream come true!) I really went through the manual to look at the many features. I eventually decided another dimension would be great for me. So I chose the world where straight people only comprised 3% of the population. This was due to a chemical that got released during WWII to reduce the populations of other countries by making them gay, but it wound up in the water supplies of almost every major country and soon even bodily fluid contact would be enough to pass it along. Even though its been years, 94% of the population being born is still gay. We procreate any number of ways, artificially usually (it was tough for us back in the 50s when couples of two men and two women were getting together to raise a family) Of course families come in all sizes. Women can buy sperm. Men can adopt children from women carrying their children but usually you have two moms and two dads in one house.

My platoon has changed a lot. You see in this world a dramatic shift happened and to compensate for becoming gay many countries adopted a fundamentalist gay philosophy in which being straight was demonized as being evil. It's absolutely not allowed in many parts of the world. In America it's legal now to be straight but you certainly can't join the army unless you are gay. Why would anyone want a striaght faggot looking at them in the shower rooms where both men and women get naked? It's just uncomfortable, ya know? There are some progressives that argue for straight rights but they are definitely in the minority. As for me I'm happy as a clam! My old tank buddy is now my lover and he just can't get enough of my dick and I can't get enough of his! We even found out about a straight guy living in our barracks and blackmailed him into blowing the two of us! You should have seen that pussy! He was so disgusted to suck my dick! Of course in the old universe that same guy was a homophobic piece of shit that nearly got me kicked out so having him call me SIR and lick my boots and take my dick up his faggot straight ass was well deserved.

I love the Chronivac. It has literally made my world!

Earth 2,052 - Gayworld #23 - Statistics  Gays 60% Straight 10% Bisexual 30%

user: bigboywife

I was straight before but experimented when I got my Chronivac. I'm the one being held by my best friend there, by the way. I wanted to know what it was like to be with a guy because I just figured it was easier than being with women. So I went for bisexual and chose a universe where bisexuality is a norm, in this case 30%. Straights were in a minority because of all things, an alien experiment on our planet that messed with human sexuality. Earth doesn't really get to join the big leagues in space yet and there is some resentment on the experiment causing chaos with our hormones.

I have always been a take charge kind of guy. High stress levels. I'm the boss at my work and no one can get anything done without me. On my first day as being bisexual my best friend came over and started rubbing my ass and holy shit did it ever turn me on! One thing led to another and the next thing I knew I was taking orders from him. He was used to this. He sounded like he really knew what he was doing so I let him take the lead. My straight virgin ass was his for the taking! He entered me and I whimpered in delight. I never knew it could feel so good to be fucked by a man, to have a big cock inside me as if I was a girl. And that's all I am now when I'm with him. He's pretty dom and I'm pretty sub, though I never imagined things going this way it's incredibly comforting to have him there all the time to be in charge! I love not being the man in the relationship. He makes sure I'm on a short leash, both metaphorical and literal!

I have been divorced from my wife for five years and vowed never to get married again but Greg and are going to be walking down the aisle in just a few months! He wants me to wear a collar for the ceremony so everyone knows I'm his bitch and I've agreed. Being dominated by another man is the most freeing thing I've ever done. Thank you, Chronivac! Thank you, Gayworld!

Chronivac Industries Presents: Muscle Up!

Even though New Year's resolutions are a full month away, we here at Chronivac are giving you our customers some tales of satisfied users of the Chronivac 5.0 system. These lucky men have all made resolutions to be bigger and better. What better inspiration for the gym than the following tales?...

"Muscle Hunk of the Month"

My name's Allen. I used to be a total wimp. Everyone used to push me around. My personality was basically a doormat. Women would friend me and never want to get with me. I was always being passed over at work for promotion. Just getting the Chronivac and looking at the umlimited realities presented before me, I knew I didn't want anything too extravagant. I come from a working class family and I think I'll stay working class for the time being. Of course I made a few changes. There were a few guys that basically made fun of me, talked down to me constantly and were always one upping me since they had HUGE muscles. Meanwhile, I was giving most of my money to pay for rent and support my parents, who have fallen on hard times. That means I didn't have time to work out and often skipped meals to get by. Well no more! Take a look at my guns! Oh and I made myself the head manager for the district. I now supervise a dozen stores. Of course I like to visit my old store and boss all my old colleagues around. I humiliate them quite often talking about my routines and my new house. I have a house for myself and my parents have several houses. I made sure that things were different. Now they are retired with plenty to get by and we're all very healthy. I even have a girlfriend. She's the cute checkout girl who I was always nervous around before. Of course she fell in love with me, I'm the hunky boss with fucking huge muscles. And I made myself quite a lover, too. Of course the best part of this is I made my old boss and the jerks who used to make fun of me into total wimps. Now they wear glasses, have crooked teeth, and are all thin as rails. I made them one of them gay, one of them super effeminate and gay and my old boss, who was the worst of all? I made him into a BDSM whore. He will slip into my house late at night and we'll go down to the dungeon and he'll call me SIR and BEG me to hit him and call him my cuntboy. It's a load of laughs...for me. After five years of hell I'm sitting pretty. I never thought so many resolutions would come true. Thanks, Chronivac!

"Foreign Exchange"

My name is Cheng and I used to be from China. I was a foreign exchange student and living with my roommate, Chad. Now in my country we would have been like brothers and things would have been different. Chad was rude from the start and made my life a nightmare. Many people stood up for me but I couldn't get a new roommate or dorm. He would call me names and make fun of me for my small height. He was always bossing me around. He would kick me out of our room to have sex. Luckily, many of my new friends were very supportive and told me this was not typical for America and they felt terrible that my experience was like this.

And then I got the Chronivac. Now I could have done anything with it. Being gay I could make myself super attractive, super successful or superpowered. Instead, I chose to be Chad. And now he's Cheng. He is FULLY aware of how things used to be. I gave him enough knowledge to survive as me and vastly changed my new history so my grades were better. His were terrible! I was very honorable to him. He is of course miserable since I left him gay and changed everyone's perception so that they remembered us as being friends.

I also made him tell me why he treated me so badly. It turned out he just had a dominating personality. He wanted people to do as he said all the time. It drove him in life, he said. He believed he was making me a better man by acting like a drill sergeant around me. Well...I guess I took a page from the book of Chad!

I gave myself an extra dose of confidence after that. I had been humble thus far but screw that! Now I'm one of the most outgoing MEN on campus and I COMMAND attention. Including from the new Cheng, who worships my cock like the pussy boy he is now. And don't worry, if he gets out of line, he knows he'll pay for it. I'll make him lick the toilet clean if I'm not satisfied with his performance. He loves to please me now. (wink) Well I'll catch ya later, I'm gonna go find me some tail now. Men practically throw themselves for the chance to get fucked by me. Why wouldn't they? I'm hot as FUCK! And I'm an ALPHA JOCK! Fuck yeah! Go team!

"New Orders"

My name used to be Raylene. Now it's just Ray. See, my boyfriend was military but he was very disrespectful towards me. He used to be nice and treat me real good but then he just became a misogynistic pig. Then I got this here Chronivac? This doohicky is fantastic! I thought of all the things I could be and do. It was a very liberating feeling. I was just a poor girl from Alabama. What was I going to do?

I was going to join the US Army, that's what! I mad myself a big, tall drink o' water. And my old boyfriend knows I used to be a girl. He is totally gay along with me now. He is just SO the girl in our relationship now, haha! I considered turning him into a girl and having us be straight but somehow this is more humiliating. He used to think gays were the worst thing you could be and now he takes it up the ass like a total pro. And by the way, having a penis is just about THE most AMAZING thing I can describe. I am never going back to tampons, no sir!

And life on the military base is fun, too. I have a small apartment with the boy. I just call him "boy" a lot. I order him around. He makes my meals, does the laundry and cleans the house. I'm in charge, and when I yell he listens! And he loves how big and imposing I am. It was confusing for him at first and he was sore I wouldn't make him bigger when I told him I could do bout near anything I pleased. But it's fine with me that I'm better at him now with guns, at driving tanks and just about anything else. I made myself the ideal soldier and I just got promoted. I now outrank him. Take that, sweetie. No really, bend over and take it. I feel like celebrating and so does my dick. Scream my name, bitch!

"Man of the House"

My name is Dayton and my brother used to make my life a living hell.  That's his hand caressing my giant fucking arm, by the way. He was in charge of the house since dad abandoned us and mom was in prison. We didn't come from a good family. He was 19 and legally my guardian. I was 11 and couldn't fight him on anything. He was so mean. He would beat me up all the time and I couldn't do anything about it. He sweet talked the social worker and treated me like his personal slave! I was like Cinderella! I cooked all the meals, cleaned all the time, even chopped firewood and was forced to watch him when he worked out so he could tell me what a real man he was and what a pathetic wimp I was.

He was a terrible brother.AND guardian. He was dealing drugs on the side to make a lot of money which he spent on himself. Electronics, tattoos, a motorcycle, you name it. He barely gave me enough money for any clothes and everything I wore was secondhand. Everything he wore was nice and new and from the mall. He couldn't pay for me to go to get a bicycle but he could spend $500 on a new leather jacket for himself.

Well, then I got my Chronivac and you can see I changed myself considerably. I kept the glasses, I think they are a nice reminder to him of who I am. Meanwhile...things have changed. I made him a rather submissive gay BOI around the age of 16 and I'm now in my 20s. I'm his guardian and if he gets uppity I make him younger. Sometimes I make him a little boy of 8 or 10 for the weekend so he can cope with being just a kid. For the first three months he was my old age of 11 and I made him wear embarrassing shirts with Pokemon or other cartoon characters on them.

Just because he treated me badly doesn't mean I return the favor. But I don't mince words. I AM IN CHARGE. He follows what I fucking say or he WILL get a spanking. What's that? DO you have a PROBLEM? NO? I didn't think so. Now go outside and mow the lawn, squirt. God it feels great to have all this muscle! No wonder he was so arrogant! But I'm smarter than he was and make my money honestly...I made myself a car mechanic which is REAL man's work and made him a very girly little teenage gay boy that likes to wear makeup and watch anime. He's so fucking cute now and I love to tap that. I don't care if he's my brother, he's also my fucktoy and what can I say, I need a nice ass around the house to keep me happy.

With great muscle comes great responsibility!

As for my parents, I don't care if they never come back. I'm enjoying my new role as MAN of the house.

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Chronivac Industries Presents: When Things Go Wrong

We here at Chronivac Industries know how hectic the holiday season can seem. And quite frankly, sometimes we have customers that simply don't think too far ahead of what they are getting themselves into. We present to you today, "When Things Go Wrong", a sort of guide to the possible outcomes of...shall we say, unwise gifts that customers give to themselves without clearly thinking about the consequences...

My name is Jeffy (it used to be John) and this is my son. *sigh* When I initially got my Chronivac I used it to bulk up and really ramped up my sex drive, masculinity, and alpha male status. I gave myself a cushy job and people really started to take notice and listen to me.

Then, one day, I was toying around with some of the functions and didn't read the feature instructions quite closely enough. I gave the Chronivac the ability to change someone else in my family randomly. It asked me something like "reality changes may affect you. Do you approve YES/NO" and I automatically pressed "YES" like an idiot.

Well I got blurry eyed and woke up in my seven year old son's body. I ran around looking for the Chronivac and couldn't find it. I heard several deep exclamations from MY voice coming from outside. I felt my heartbeat increase in fear and I felt a pit in my small stomach as I ventured outside.

"Daddy, this feels GREAT! No wonder you like having big muscles! Now I'm big and you're MY son! Isn't this great, daddy! I mean, SON?" He flexed before me as I squinted and rubbed my eyes.

"The Chronivac. We have to change it back to normal." I told him, in my little voice. I could not believe how awful it sounded to be so little again. All my masculinity had been drained from me.

"Sorry, but only I can see the Chronivac because it's mine now. It's invisible for everyone else. Part of the new 5.0 package." He got down and started doing push ups. He did fifty and got up again. "This feels SO GOOD! I wonder...Daddy do you know how to do your job now? Because I do!"

I tried to think but the Chronivac had erased all of it. "I...of course. I go to the office."

"And uh, what do you do there?" he asked suspiciously.

"Adult stuff. You wouldn't understand."

"Oh I wouldn't, huh?" He rubbed his chin, feeling the stubble and was overjoyed to rub his face all over for the first time as a man. Then he turned back to me. "So I guess you can tell me what all about how to do payroll for the shipping company."

"Oh yeah."

"Give it up, SON. I'm the adult now. I can do everything you can do! This is so GREAT! I can go to the gym and lift so much weight! I look like a superhero now! And I can have sex!"

"What's that?"

He laughed at me. "Nothing, son. It's just something grown ups do. Now get your butt back inside, mister. I'll make you some breakfast before we go to the park. I want to see how many hot single moms are there today."

I go in and out of being aware of my situation. Sometimes Daddy is just like my real Daddy and then sometimes I remember I used to be him. But most of the time I'm happy because my Daddy goes to work and I go to school. I wish he would let me use the Chronivac so I could be big again but he just refuses and says I need to grow up like a good boy...he did let me write this so I could talk about it for the Chronivac people. He says one day he'll make me big and strong like him but I have to wait and I have to promise to be extra special good until then...

I know what you're thinking, bro. Who would ever wish to be a minotaur? Well, I did. Sort of. I wished for a universe where minotaurs were real. And I wished to be a sex object. It's my main thing...I know it's weird. Well anyway, the next thing you know I'm surrounded by gorgeous studs on a beach, and I can't talk, just sort of grunt. I wind up looking at my reflection in the mirror nearby the shower stall. I go to the bathroom and piss just blasts out of me. All the boys are waiting eagerly for me when I come back. I start fucking all of them! I have a huge twelve inch cock, the cock of your dreams. I bellow and grunt as I fuck the shit out of them, all of them. They all cry out and in this universe you can also fuck in public. That was one of my wishes.

After I fucked all three, and this went on for hours, I sauntered over to the outdoor beach gym. All the guys there were so built and so hot. I work out for hours. I see a trough over on the side and lap up some water as various guys make jokes about minotaurs and I start to get nervous. Surely they must think I'm hot as fuck as well, right? I mean, look at me! I flexed for them as well and some clapped and others just laughed.

I found out why when my owner came round to collect me. He put the harness around me before I could even protest (not that I can even speak anymore) and told me not to make a fuss because the electroshock collar will knock me out if I do! You see in this universe (which I was supposed to read about in the universe profile the Chronivac provided for me) minotaurs are usually just slaves and sex slaves most commonly. Humans are all free citizens. But us? Well when we aren't house slaves, or farm slaves, we fuck gay boys for money. Those boys were happily paying customers for my master. When we got home I realized with horror it was a farm and I...lived in the barn. Now I spend most of my days being taken out to various locales to fuck for a living. I am kept on a short leash the rest of the time and my master just gives me oats and hay to eat. I guess it could be worse but I don't have access to the Chronivac anymore. I'm only writing this because they say they have to "evaluate my situation" since I left the Chronivac at the beach and since it's only visible to me it could be anywhere. Let this be a lesson. Always read the fine print. And to anyone at Chronivac that could possibly help me, please please do. Please...oh no I have to go to a stag party now. Yeah, it is for me and a bunch of frat guys and they are renting out a stag-man as well. It's going to be pretty wild. Wish me days of being a fuck beast are numbered and will only last so long as I keep in shape. PLEASE HELP ME CHRONIVAC PLEASE

Note from the editor: We here at Chronivac are not immune to legal entanglements and due to various liability signatures we are not responsible for lost Chronivac items or the refusal to read fine print. In the case of this particular subject, we have decided a year as a minotaur is an appropriate sentence. He has been told of our decision and he will be replaced back to his reality in a year's time. In the meantime, let's hope he learns how to be a real party animal! name is Patrick and I was originally 40 years old. I was having major issues with the fact that I'd gotten so old and I had so little to show for it. My ungrateful son was the worst part of my life. I was divorced and my wife is a nightmare to live with (she's totally crazy, though it took me time to learn that).

Well, when I got my Chronivac I made some minor changes here and there and eventually stumbled upon a reality and age swap feature. And I thought, great! So I made it so that I would be the son in the family and my son would be my older 25 year old brother who has to work really hard for a living and asked it to give him a job. I asked the Chronivac to give us a father. I thought it would be fun to be a teen again.

Things did not go according to plan. My son was given a job a stock broker! He's driving around in sports cars (he owns five of them and three motorcycles!) and he remembers being a kid. He fucking loves his life now. He was supposed to learn a lesson! And our new "father"? Turns out he is the poolboy my wife slept with, aged by about 20 years. He is now a successful pool cleaning company OWNER. Good God, the first few days were kind of fun and surreal but I was ready to change back to normal.

And that is when I realized that I was no longer the owner of the Chronivac. You see, because I changed reality, my "dad" got the Chronivac, and not me. He asked me how I even knew about it and then asked the Chronivac and found out about all the changes I had made to reality. He thanked me and said that in this reality he loved me very much but he thought we should all stay in our current states. He was rich, and my "brother" (formerly my son) was now rich and I had the chance to make a real career for myself. But I had to play by the rules. He wanted me to earn it by going to college.

I guess life could be worse. Of course, my new "dad" made himself look like a practical god among men! I mean it just isn't fair! I wish I was older and buff like him! Just look at him!

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Chroniac Industries Presents: Jocktober Days

Well hello there, dear customers.

We here at Chronivac love this time of year. The crisp autumn leaves are falling. Young men are just getting in as much time on those sports fields as they can before winter comes. And we thought we'd celebrate that team spirit with a special "Jocktober" selection of firsthand accounts of how Chronivac is changing lives.

"Alright, everyone, that's it for today!"

"Alright, Deacon! Woo!"

"Fuck yeah! Are we gonna win Friday?"

"We're gonna win!"

"Let's kick some ass!"

This is the new Deacon Rogers. He is a fine example of Chronivac Industries "Brother Reassignment Project" headed by a team examining power structures and ethics in human test subjects. We caught up with Deacon a few months after his transformation from a shy and awkward 12 year old named Max with his older and far more physically gifted brother Deacon. I took the form of a track coach so I could pop in on our rising college football star.

CI (Chronivac Industries): Deacon, how are you doing today?

DR: Never better, man! Honest. Every day I get better and better. Man, I'm sweaty right now.

CI: Here, take my towel.

DR: Thanks, man.

CI: Deacon, how would you say you have adapted to college life? How are your classes going?

DR: Well honestly I'm enjoying them a lot better than junior high. You know, I was pretty smart but I never really felt like I loved my classes. My teachers weren't that great in middle school. Now that I'm an adult and in college it's really cool how much is out there. I'm really enjoying my biology and chemistry classes. I'm thinking of majoring in biochem.

CI: That's great! Of course a little help from the Chronivac aided with that...

DR: True true. (nods agreeably) But uh, you know just being able to understand everything so well. It's pretty fun. I feel really good about myself and I never really had that before.

CI: That all happened pretty quickly for you.

DR: Yeah, and I knew I could never go back.

CI: You could have helped your brother out more. Would you like to tell us about your decisions regarding him and his new life?

DR: Well I at first felt guilty. Cause you know, I look like this now and I totally love this body and he's just a short small fry again but..I don't feel like my decision was a bad one.

CI: And that was, to make him suffer with the full knowledge of what he lost and you also gave him a bit of a "wimp complex".

DR: Yeah I basically made him afraid of everyone and he'll very likely grow up to be very subservient. I gave him that so he'd serve me but he'll probably wind up as someone's fag by late high school.

CI: And you feel that this was deserved for a reason.

DR: I'm still trying to get over all the things he did to me. He was physically very abusive and so was our father. That cycle ends with me so I'm not hurting him like he hurt me. He would beat me up...a lot. It was really painful and our father didn't do anything. So now I made it so that our dad is friendlier and I won't lay a finger on him. I think it's fair.

CI: He's going to grow up to be quite short and pretty much a 98 pound weakling.

DR: (smiles) Yeah that is true. But he'll just have to adapt.

CI: What is it like when you are at home together? How does he treat you?

DR: Oh he's great! Before he was so mean. He would hit me and just force me to do things for him. Now he jumps at the opportunity to help me, do my laundry, get me a beer, give me a foot massage. He's my little helper and my buddy. Next week I'm taking him to a football game for his reward. Little perv can check out all the real men and probably jerk off later.

CI: He's already displaying some...shall we say...very gay attributes.

DR: (laughs) I may have overdone it. He's a giant fag and everyone at school calls him that. I just call him Twinkle Toes.

CI: The lisp, his new love of ballet, his love of tea parties, you do realize he's probably going to get beat up quite a bit.

DR: Well I'll introduce myself to his high school when he starts going, so everyone knows he has a jock brother protecting his little faggy bro. That's what I'm here for now.

CI: And you could have made yourself straight. Was it difficult to make the decision to be gay as you were in your old body?

DR: Well I always pictured myself with guys so it wasn't hard. I'm having the time of my life with my new coach. He's a great suck slave.

CI: Deacon, thanks for your time.

DR: Thank you. Chronivac is the shit. GO TEAM CHRONIVAC!

Chronivac subject Gavin Jenner (left) happened upon Chronivac approximately one year ago. We caught up with Gavin for a brief sitdown.

CI: Gavin thank you for being with us today.

GJ: No prob. What's up?

CI: Your life has changed dramatically. Let's go back to that first day. Where were you? Describe for our audience.

GJ: (smiles) wasn't great. I was on a school bus being bullied. They hit me, shoved my head into the seat, punched me. I was bullied by several boys who lied through their teeth. No one cared that I was being bullied. Not the teachers, the staff, the principal. My parents were so worried.

CI: And then Chronivac.

GJ: Thank GOD for Chronivac!

CI: After you grew yourself into adulthood, your dad became your brother through the reality default. How did that feel?

GJ: Well I still had my old memories. It was odd. I mean one minute I was telling him about how Jaden at school was beating me up and the next he's asking me if I want to go to the gym. We're best friends. We do taekwondo together, and boxing. It's a dramatic shift.

CI: Why a boxer? Why a fighter? Why did you want that so badly?:

GJ: I would say that is pretty common if you have ever been bullied. I decided to become a fighter I guess because that way I could be the opposite of how I felt.  We do MMA fighting and that is an amazing feeling of fulfillment. And I'm helping young men get out their aggression in a positive way.

CI: And then your bullies...

GJ: They aren't so fortunate now. And I do not fucking care.

CI: I'm not judging you. Chronivac chooses its subjects carefully. We just want to document your reactions. Why don't you run us through what you did.

GJ: I had three main bullies. One of them I made into a fat girl. One I made into a fat boy. And the third I made him a sniveling wimp. He's much, much smaller than other boys now and thanks to me he remembers exactly why. Guess it fucking sucks to be him, right! Shouldn't have fucked with me! Now I'm kickass and he looks up to me.

CI: His father wanted you to teach him to fight.

GJ: I had to turn him down. The little tyke has too many medical problems. He's very fragile. And a sissy. But I said it was a liability issue.

CI: Your bully once told you that you were always gonna be a small shit and that he was going to kill you and he threatened your life several times.

GJ: Right. He deserves what he fucking got. Now he's afraid of his own shadow. He was a bad kid. Believe me. I was so afraid of him and he enjoyed it. He comes from a good family. Good home. He was just a rotten person.

CI: Getting back to you. How are you enjoying your new body at home?

GJ: Oh I'm enjoying it. Me and dad are close and we sometimes share the boys we bring home.

CI: You made your dad gay so yourself bisexual.

GJ: Yeah, I just wanted us to have more in common so that has. We relate a lot better now. And we can bond over boys.

CI: Any closing thoughts?

GJ: My life is fucking awesome and I get laid all I want. Women love nothing more than a strong man to protect them and gay guys love to suck me off. I have never been happier and all the people that bullied me are miserable and that makes me even happier. Fuck yeah, thank you guys.

CI: Thank you, Gavin. And good luck.

And now Chronivac catches up with little Jesse, now Big Jesse Cleary. Jesse was an older black man in his 70s who had always fantasized about being white, secretly. He finally found his joy in Chronivac. We talk with Jesse about his choice.

CI: Welcome Jesse. Let's get right to it. You found Chronivac in a nursing home.

JC: Yes sir that's right. The best nurse I ever had gave it to me.

CI: Yes she is great at her work. Jesse, you decided to change your race. I must ask. Why go white?

JC: It actually wasn't a choice made because I am afraid to be black. Black people are rising in this country, definitely. For me it was aesthetic. I've been secretly gay my entire life but could never be who I truly am and I always fantasized about white guys, especially Italian. I loved the look of them. So beautiful.

CI: You spent sometime inside the matrix room.

JC: Yes, everything disappeared except for me and the Chronivac fed me all this information. I could suddenly download how to do all the new fangledy things kids could do. Like know all the cool things computers can do and I love baseball.

CI: It was the perfect marriage.

JC: You know I can remember growing up very poor. Baseball was the only thing that made me really happy.

CI: And now you're a pro!

JC: I know! (blushes)

CI: So...any romance on the horizon?

JC: Well you should know I am monogamous. I want to settle down but I just started seeing a really hot guy. He's just out of college and he's so gorgeous. Huge muscles. Oh he is fine.

CI: And all of the pain that you had is gone. How is the shift to being young again?

JC: Are you kidding me? Oh man, I can NOT believe how refreshing it is! This old man is having a fine old time.

CI: And you changed reality quite a bit.

JC: Well my family doesn't remember me. I gave myself some money but not too much. I'm not greedy.

CI: We always appreciate that. (chuckles) So how would you describe your experience overall?

JC: Every day is a miracle. I just marvel at this body. I keep it up, maintain it. Like a finely tuned car. And I love all the knowledge I downloaded. I understand a lot more about computers. So I'm in the big leagues now but I don't have to play baseball, and I'm in talks with a software company right now to develop some new apps. I have a lot of ideas in this old noggin.

CI: Which is impressive. You didn't download originality, those ideas are yours.

JC: I'm very smart, son.

CI: One more thing. You made some changes to some certain people...

JC: Oh I knew you were gonna bring this up!

CI: Walk us through that.

JC: Well I made a white family black. The boy hung out with my grandson and wished a few times he could be black, which I thought was very strange! But I decided to grant his wish. His skin changed before my eyes. It was actually quite erotic now that I think about it. His arms lengthened and got a LOT more muscle on them. His feet got bigger, his voice, everything. He is now on his way to a football scholarship. He was pretty gangly before. I figure I was putting some balance out there. He remembers what he was before but his parents have always thought they were black.

CI: Do you enjoy fucking black men? Do you have a preference?

JC: I actually have fooled around with him a little bit but I have a boyfriend now. But yes, it was hot to fuck a white boy turned black. Very erotic!

CI: What would you say to our customers who are thinking about purchasing the new 5.0 Chronivac?

JC: I'd say go for it! You won't be sorry! Why do you even have to ask! (laughs)

So there you have it! Chronivac is the BEST source for interdimensional reality shifts. Don't wait for your new Chronivac 5.0 order. Click here for a limited time only and you will get a FREE shipment of special Chronivac brand male transformation rings! They look like an ordinary wedding ring but slip one on and you can soon be a whole new man. Order today!

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Chronivac Industries Presents: Customer Testimonials PART 2

Greetings, Chronivac subscribers! We here at Chronivac are always working to bring you, our beloved customer base, only the very best in reality manipulation devices. That is why we are SO PROUD of Chronivac 5.0. But hey, don't take just our word on it. Take a look at some of the feedback we've been getting testing it out on random test subjects in the universe for Earth 245. Some of you have asked why we use it so much. It's a universe that has not reached other planets for colonization and nanotech is just beginning there. But the inhabitants are familiar enough with the concepts we embody to make it ideal for testing without fear of our purposes being misunderstood. 

So, enjoy the stories as they arrive in your mailboxes. We do not write these ourselves, merely ask satisfied users to describe for us some of their joys and triumphs. We hope you are inspired by them. We know we are. 

user: spitfiresarge

At the grand old age of 90, I found myself in an elderly home. My two sons were dead. My grandkids stuck me in here so they could steal my house. I could barely move. That's when the nurse from Chronivac visited. She said I needed to sign a form so she could help me get this package. I wondered who could have sent me a gift. Most of my friends were dead. The nurse was this smoking hot little number of a redhead. God, what a figure! But I'm not like some of these old guys, I would never tell her that. I didn't want to bother her or anyone else. Just to stop being so alone.

I served my country back in WWII. Most of you young folk can't know what it was like but I've spent a lifetime getting over it. I am proud of what we did as a nation to pull together and this new generation makes me nearly weep with the trashed economy they've inherited. So many kids are just out of luck. Back when I was young you could buy a house if you worked hard. Now these days? Bah. Don't even get this old man started.

Anyway the nurse, her name was Alice, she asked me if I could be any age, what would it be. She has this contraption. It's a real spiffy looking computer thing. Real high tech lookin' but then this old man still thinks electric typewriters are high tech. I'm an old fart. Deal with it. So I say, that would probably be before I went off to war, I was 17 and having the time of my life one minute, then I'm shooting to save my life the next. She makes some funny lights go off. It's like I was surrounded in some kind of field of light and then I blink and get up and she says, go look in the mirror, Mr. Waters.

I do and the next thing you know I look like this. I nearly cried. She gave me some new clothes and I put them on. She took me outside and said it was time to go. I had a million questions. Who was she? An angel? She laughed and said no. "I'm just doing the job I love to do." She brought me out to her car and told me to get in. We drove into town. I had marveled at all the old people in the home that didn't recognize me and as I walked down the street I thought I must have died and gone to heaven, but then I saw some goddamned obese woman walking around in a bikini and disgustedly realized I wasn't in heaven. Just plain old Earth.

She took me to a restaurant. I haven't been able to have a lot of food like I used to really enjoy for a long time. I ordered a burger and fries and gulped them down. God, I forgot what it was like to be this hungry! I talked and ate, then had an ice cream.

"Okay, tiger. So here's the deal. I can give you a new reality. I can give you a new family. Or I can just make you rich, on your own."

"I've already had my family, sweetheart. No offense, but I'll take the money. Only, what will I tell people? I mean I'm 90 and I look like I could be my great grandson for Chrissakes."

"Oh, that's nothing a little creativity can't solve. I'll give you a new identity but you'll keep your memories. I'll make it so it's all kosher. You won't have to worry about anyone being suspicious. And as for your old family, they'll remember you passing quite some time ago."

She drove me home to my new house. It was a beautiful one. There was a shiny red sports car in the driveway.

"Is that puppy mine?"

"Yes, sir, it is."

"Alice! How can I ever thank you, baby?"

"It's more how we can thank you for doing a service to your country, soldier." She saluted me. I nearly cried again. I had a second chance at life. Alice gave me the rundown. My new name was Kevin Rivers, (I guess it sounded more modern than my old name, never mind what it was, I don't even tell people what it was). My parents were dead a few years and my uncle (a man who was the grandson of an old war buddy, by coincidence) helped to emancipate me so I could live on my own. My family was rich. And I had a substantial inheritance. Alice took care of things so that the subject of the parents I never knew would just never come up. Smart gal.

Well, nothing more to say, really. Except my days are spent mainly in showing off my new bod to all the sweet young honeys and boy I gotta say even though these hormones make me stupid the younger kids love themselves some book learnin'. One thing I didn't know anything about was computers so I asked Alice to help me with that (I had a special Chronivac package that allowed me to contact her anytime) and she sent me a program that allowed me to download computer classes right into my noggin. Do you know what it's like? I know how to CODE now. I know all about the Internet and viruses and all that jazz. I fit right into modern society.

Well, sort of. I'm a bit old fashioned. I tend to attract the classier girls in high school that would love to hang out with college guys. I tend to be very protective and almost fatherly to friends of mine and it's made me the go to advice guy on campus. Ha! My teachers love me for my maturity. I got voted class president. I'm on my way to Yale.

What can I say? I owe it all to Chronivac. Now I ain't from your dimension doohicky whatever, but they are nice people workin' over at that place. You take it from me. I can't ever repay them for what they did. And as for the interface, it's very user friendly. I should know, now if you excuse me I got a date with a young honey and she loves nothin' more than to talk about history with me. She says I'm different from other boys. I know things. Honey, you have no idea. If I can know the joy of even makin' out again I think I'm gonna fly to the moon! Hey I wonder if Chronivac know what? I don't want to be greedy. My review: Five stars, baby!  FIVE STAR REVIEW

username: pipedadwanted

Okay, so my review won't be that long but I just wanted to say how much I love my Chronivac. I haven't used it on myself but rather my boyfriend. You can see what he looked like before and after. Now, my boyfriend used to hate smoking. He would always complain when we were around it and my secret passion was for pipes and cigars. I finally confessed this to him, and told him it was my biggest turn on.

He pretty much turned me down flat and even threatened to break up with me if I ever smoked around him. Then next thing you know I get chosen for the Chronivac sweepstakes or whatever you call them.

I programmed him to be hairy, bearded and I also changed a few other things. I had him go from a tech expert to a machinist. I generally made him more masculine. Now he liked football instead of ballet. He preferred beer to wine and always, always welcomed the chance to smoke a pipe with another guy. I don't mind saying I also made him a little bigger down there. And he knows how to use it. God damn, when he fucks me know it's like a fucking jackhammer! And he wants me to call him Daddy. It's almost too good! I love it so much!

The pipe sex, though, is amazing. I never thought I'd get the chance to have sex with a guy while smoking but when we swap smoke it's one of the sexiest things on the planet. Or he'll smoke in the living room while I sit in his lap. Thank you so much, Chronivac!!! FIVE STAR REVIEW

username: thesmallertheyare

So, this is not me. This is my older jock roommate Freddy. Freddy and me don't get along. I'm a nerd and like a foot shorter than him and even though I'm in college I look like I'm fucking twelve. No lie.

He was, in a nutshell, a nightmare. He would come in all hours. He would kick me out of OUR room so HE could fuck chicks practically all the time. I was getting so fucking man. I wanted to kick his ass so bad I DREAMED of it.  He humiliated me by constantly mocking me for my size. EVERY FUCKING DAY it was something. In front of other people that said nothing as he would think he was so hilarious! He swaggered around like he owned the entire world. He had so much confidence it was SICKENING!

"What's up, little man? I'm gonna go fuck Christine over in Alpha House. Too bad you can't go but we have a midget shortage and we need to conserve. HA!"


"Hey what's up, little man? Hey I wanted to give you something. This is a condom. Now I know you don't know how to use one but one day when you're a big boy you will. You just put it over know what, maybe I'm talking to the wrong person. HA! Just kidding, little dude. Hey did you do my laundry like I asked you to?"

I had started doing his laundry just so he wouldn't humiliate me in front of all his jock buddies when they came over.

"Hey little buddy. Hey, do you wanna come with us to Six Flags? Oh wait, you can't go on any of the rides. Forgot. HA! Just kidding man. But I uh, have to kick you out, shithead. Jenny is coming over and we're gonna fuck like animals. Probably on your bed. Don't wanna get mine dirty. Just stay in the library tonight."

Then I got my Chronivac and when I realized what it could do, I knew exactly what I wanted.

I would make him suffer as he never had before. I programmed all of the new stats and changed reality so only he and I would remember the stud god he was BEFORE my changes.

I heard the scream when he got up. I followed him into the living room and said

"Well well well. Look how the mighty have FALLEN!"

"How did this happen? How did you do this? I on drugs?"

"You fucking wish!" I knocked him down and put my full weight on top of him.

"Get this through your brain, SHITHEAD. I changed your life and now no one remembers BIG Bob. You are a SHRIMP now. Your name is Bobbie, with an "i" like a girl. Now go do my fucking laundry or I'll fucking flush your face in the toilet, you dumb fuck." I slapped him a little bit. I came by later that day and he was miserable. He'd found out his world was gone. All his jock buddies had no idea who he was except for being "that midget dude".

I said I didn't give a shit. He said to get ready for a world of pain.

I laughed in his pathetic face. 

"What exactly do you think is gonna happen here, LITTLE MAN? Get the fuck out of here before I make you REALLY pay. Maybe I'll make you a little GIRL midget. How would you like that?"

"No! You wouldn't!"

"Fucking try me, SHITHEAD. Now did you do my laundry yet? No? Well then get fucking busy. NOW. I own your tiny ass in case you haven't figured it out by now."

Little Bobbie got more and more used to his life as a dwarf. He even made friends with some of the other dwarves in the city. He met them through the Internet.

He started working out even though, realistically, who wanted to date someone the size of a child?

Well, me for one. I was gay and basically just beginning to test out the Chronivac. I changed things up a bit. I made Bobbie more and more subservient. Then I upped my own masculinity. When I came out of my bedroom the next day, I looked like this:

"What's up, Little Man?" I asked. He looked way, way up.

"No way." he whispered.

"Yeah, not bad, huh? Made a few improvements on myself." Not to mention you, I thought. I had ramped up his libido to extra horny and willingness to please alpha males, not to mention the fact I had made him 100% gay. 

"Oh wow, you look great!"

"Yeah I do, don't I? Thanks, little man. I like it when you compliment me. You should do that more."

"Okay! Do you want me to make you some breakfast. Wow, look at your muscles! They're huge!"

"Yeah, you like that?" I held his shoulder gently and gave it a slight tug. I could tell his micropenis was going to go crazy like any minute now. 

"Holy cow. You're the strongest, best looking guy on the planet!"

"What are you, some kind of faggot? Clean up my fucking room!" I stormed out of there. Thus was the beginning of a beautiful friendship in which Bobby the Jock turned into Bobbie the Midget Cumdump for me. I'd come home and make him suck me off whenever I felt like it or just bring guys over so he could listen to me fuck them. If I was generous he was allowed to jerk off in the corner and watch. No one ever wanted to fool around with him in terms of affection but a few guys were willing to jerk off on him or make him suck their cocks. Bobbie is more like my loving servant than lover. I think I'll keep him that way for life.

And he was very supportive in my new football and basketball careers which were once his. He no longer had a monopoly on sports in the dorm. No, I was now the dominant jock and he was always showing up to events to watch.

So, thanks to Chronivac. I have never been happier and I feel like justice in the universe has been served. I love you, Chronivac Industries! You guys absolutely rule!     FIVE STAR REVIEW