Sunday, August 24, 2014

I Wanted to Try Dad's Pipe

My name is Jeffy and I'm on the left. I know you won't believe me but I'm only 8 years old. My daddy is next to me in the photo. I'm wearing big boy clothes now because I'm big now. My daddy told me to never ever touch his pipes but I always wanted to be like him. So when he wasn't around I would sometimes put one in my mouth and look at myself in the mirror and pretend I was a big man like him. I wanted to be tall and have a beard just like Daddy.

Well one day I was doing this and my uncle Billy caught me and walked right over and asked me if I thought I was a grown up, real angry like. So I said sorry no but I want to be! I want to be like you and Daddy! I told him.

"Oh you DO, do you? I should make you a grown up for day just so you can see it ain't that easy!"

"I wish we could! That would be fun!"

"Oh you think it's FUN? Your Dad and I are barely keeping this house from being foreclosed by the bank. We have shitty paying jobs and we are always having to look after you and your brothers." Mommy wasn't here anymore because she was in jail and Daddy was mad at her for it.

"I bet I would like it a lot!"

"Maybe you would." He looked at me a long time and then stroked his beard. "Tell you what. I'll give you a taste."

"Are you gonna let me try your pipe?!"

"In time. But you have to do something first." He brought me upstairs to the attic. In the attic there was an old clock. He wrote something on a piece of paper and put it inside the clock, which then started to go backwards really fast. He started to shrink. And I thought it was a trick like magicians do. But his beard got shorter until it was really short and then stubble and then smooth faced like me and he looked much younger. He looked sixteen years old and then his clothes bunched up around him and he smiled. He looked like a younger version of himself. He looked like a little boy!

Then the clock went forward real fast, spinning so fast I could barely look at it. He smiled and then I smiled and I started to grow taller! I got real tall and had to take off my little boy pants and shirt because they started to hurt. I looked at myself in a small circular mirror and saw I looked like a high school kid! "Wow!" My voice sounded older, like a high schooler! Then I started growing hair everywhere! My armpits, my chest, a treasure trail to my crotch. My face started to grow stubble and then grew out of my face, much to my delight!

"Everyone will think we were always this age." he told me, putting on my clothes. "The clock switches ages, not bodies, but also reality. Your dad doesn't know about this." He started to tell me the story of the clock, which was cursed back hundreds of years ago. It had been in our family for a long time.

I put his clothes on and climbed down the ladder and realized how much taller I was now! I walked throughout the house in total amazement. My beard felt incredible! It was so much fun! I looked down and saw the pipe rack and wanted to try it so bad so I asked my uncle and he said "You're MY uncle now, UNCLE Jeff. You get everything that comes with being a grown up. You get to drive, smoke, and go to work!"

The first time I tried a pipe was the best feeling in the world. I was so proud of being a grown man. But then after I was done my Dad called and told me I had to pick him up since his truck was having problems! So I got to drive and I knew how all of a sudden. It was challenging but I really liked doing it. There are all these rules and all sorts of things to know about how cars and trucks work that I knew now.

Daddy called me Jeff now because in this reality I'm his brother. Billy rode in the back and read his textbook for school. Daddy told me that I would have to drive him to work tomorrow morning before going to my job and I told him okay.

The next day I went to work. I had two jobs now. I worked at a hardware store and I also did odd jobs for different people fixing up things in their houses. It was hard work and in the evening I lit up my pipe and smoked with Daddy. My new nephew told me we could stay like this a few more days and I was really liking it because I'm tall and not short anymore.

But then Daddy got his truck fixed and I came home from work and he had been spending all day selling stuff from the attic. He hadn't told me he was gonna do this. But he needed the money real bad he said, and yep, you guessed it. One of the things he had sold was the clock. I had picked up Uncle Bill from school that day and we talked about it in secret and knew we couldn't tell anyone. We found out who bought the clock but it was some old woman that wouldn't part with it. She said it was perfect for her house and she wouldn't budge an inch.

I just wanted to try a pipe but now that I've been doing it I kind of miss being a kid! But we can't go back. Maybe we can steal the clock from the old lady. But for now I guess we should just try and enjoy things. I told him he didn't have to worry about going to work. Which makes him really happy. And I went on the internet and started to look up gay websites I could meet other gay guys on...since becoming a big man I realized I liked to look at other men like me...

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Nathan's Adventure: Becoming Bailey

My name was Nathan. I was 9. Then by magic I got turned into Bailey. And now...I think I really like it. I mean I was gonna go back but now I have all the wishes in the world. I wanted Bailey to be my daddy. But I found out he was lying to me. And so I made Chris into my mom's boyfriend. Well, she's sort of my mom still. I mean she can't be my mom if I'm in this body and a grown up and that sucks. I miss her but okay, I can do Bailey's job and drive and stuff. But I still keep acting like a little kid and I got in trouble this week a couple times.

I was in the store buying some computer games and I was kind of running around. I went with Chris and he was staring at me like I was going crazy and he thought I was doing some kind of weird test. I was jumping up and down and just being really hyper and stuff. I had some coffee and it makes me really hyper sort of like candy used to. Now that I'm a grown up I should drink coffee, cause Bailey likes cappuccinos so now I do too.

Then later I got in trouble because I wanted to play laser tag with him and he was saying he had to go home and I was whining and whining like I do sometimes cause I'm just a kid.

"Pleeeeeeease go with me? Pleeeeeeeease? PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE I wanna go play laser tag but I need a friend!"

"Dude, are you on something?"

"What do you mean?"

"I mean are you high right now?"

"No," I said, not knowing what that meant.

So Chris thought I was acting weird and then I tried to go to the beach. I was happy because I'm so tall now. I had a lot of fun but I tried to play with some kids making a sand castle and got yelled at by their dad and he called me a pervert so I ran away because he totally got angry and I was really afraid. So I called Bailey and asked him why he said that and he told me under no circumstances could I go and play with kids I don't know because I'm a stranger to them and I could be dangerous. And that there are adults that try and do bad things to little kids so adults have to watch their children carefully. I didn't know any of this! I just know how to drive and do work stuff.

I had put a spell on him so I asked him about Chris. He sounded just like a kid now! He really looks up to him and wants to spend all his time with him. He got excited because Chris said he would take him to the beach. 

So I had some more fun on the beach and lit up a cigar cause I love smoking them now. I was walking along the pier and some women got angry with me and told me I shouldn't smoke, and shouldn't do it around other people and cursed at me. I got mad cause I'm a grownup and they shouldn't tell me what to do because I'm not some little kid so I shouted back I can do what I want now!

So THEN it was like, getting late and I went to the gym because Bailey told me I had to go 5 days a week OR ELSE because he didn't want me getting fat in his body. Going to the gym is a lot of work! And at one point there was this really pretty lady and I told her she was pretty and she showed me her wedding ring and told me to fuck off. So I couldn't call Bailey because he was only 9 now and it was his bedtime so I drove to the mall to the wishing fountain.

"I wish I understood how to be an adult and mature and stuff." I tossed a magic penny. "I wish Chris would leave my mom so Bailey would be sad. I want him to know what it's like to not have anyone want to be his dad now and he really wants one." I tossed a penny. "And I wish he would act just like a kid acts like I do, and think like a nine year old."

I went to my new house and went to bed, but jerked off before doing so cause it feels so good. The next morning I got up and started looking at all the numbers. My job is a numbers game. I looked at the stocks and made sure mine were up because if they fall too much I'll definitely sell. I'm really good with stocks. I blink and look around me. I know about stocks now. All the information was there but I just wasn't accessing it. I was too busy thinking about toys and video games so much I couldn't concentrate. I made myself some coffee.

Girls. I know about how to talk to women. How to smooth talk them. How to be romantic and charming. Of course that woman thought I was being a gigantic dummy. I was sounding like a kid! I shook my head. I was totally thinking like an adult now.

The rest of the day went smoothly. I went to work. I impressed everyone. I yelled at some guy for fucking up because some agents were totally using him to get information they shouldn't have. I threatened to fire him and said he was fucking lucky I didn't and sent him out. I felt my dick get hard from power.

There was a benefit that night. I saw Chris, who was now underneath me in the company as well as my friend, and the big boss, Max. Max was president of the entire company and one of the most powerful men in Hollywood.

He talked to me for a while about my good work and then said I should enjoy the party. I didn't even bother to think about what a bad day Bailey must be having. Or Nathan. I should start thinking of him as Nathan because I'm having such a good time I don't really think I'm ever going to go back. I thought of doing several things. Making him a grown up as well. I thought of making myself and him brothers. I thought of doing a lot of things. I know it's mean but he has a great family and he doesn't even speak to them enough. I had my secretary earlier make an dinner appointment with my new parents so that I can get to know them better.

I felt angry that I had so naively believed Bailey. He obviously just wanted to fuck my mom and not really be there for me. He just wanted to be a player and he didn't want to commit. Well I can't be my mom's boyfriend because that would be too weird and I don't want him to be a grownup. I'm not being very nice about it but I just want him to know what it's like.

I thought about my next wishes. I went to the mall. It was closed but the door was open for me again. Something tells me anyone else trying it will find it locked. I went to the wishing fountain and threw in penny after penny.

"I wish I could change people's ages just by thinking about it."
"I wish Erica, my mom, would think of me as a really good friend and let me take Bailey, who is now Nathan, out and have fun with him."
"I wish I could change people's appearance or body. And no one will notice if I don't want them to, same with the age thing."
"I wish I could be boss of the entire company and I wish Max would just retire and be happy."
"I wish cigars were way more popular and that way more guys smoked them and that they were good for you."
"I wish I could switch other people's bodies whenever I wanted."

I lit up a cigar in the mall and smiled as I went out the doors. The next morning I went to work and found out my boss was quitting and handing the reins of the entire studio over to me, making me one of the most powerful men in Hollywood. I changed into some jeans and T shirt because they made me look badass. I went to Nathan's house.

I think of him as Nathan now. I'm not. I'm Bailey.

"Hey, Nate man!"


"Not anymore, buddy boy. You're gonna be the kid now. I've decided." I took a drag off my cigar. "So how are things going? I heard Chris left?"

With that his face fell and he started crying.

"Why did he have to leave?"

I bent down and cradled him in my big manly arms, comforting him.

"Things are gonna be okay, Nathan."

"I'm not Nathan," he sobbed.

"You are Nathan now. And I'm Bailey. And I'm gonna take care of you. Because you know why? You couldn't take care of me. And I realized that. You weren't going to. But this way we can be together. I am gonna tell Erica she can move into the mansion." I told him I had been given some more magic wishes and didn't tell him about the fact they were in the form of magic pennies.

Nathan's sadness didn't last long.

"You know, if you want, I can be your dad, Nathan."

"Okay, Bailey. You promise? You promise? Don't lie to me, please."

"Hey, champ. I'm not lying. I'm gonna be there for you to guide you through your childhood and teen years. I'm gonna make sure you have a good life." I gently kissed him on the forehead.

"Can I have a puff off of that cigar?"

"Not a chance!" We both laughed at that. He was starting to really think of it as okay that I was in charge now and he was going to have to grow up all over again. I took him for a drive and we went to the beach and I bought him some balloons and noticed a lot of the surfer dudes were lighting up cigars when they never would have dreamed of it before. Also just on the street. Almost no one was smoking cigars on the street before but now it was like the past and half the guys were chomping on a big one. I saw a big billboard advertising cigar smoking as part of a healthy living lifestyle. Did you know the surgeon general recommends a cigar a week at least for healthy men?

You don't need cigars but they certainly help your metabolism now. This was great, I thought as I drove.

After I dropped off Nathan at his mom's and discussed them moving in with me, I left to watch all the guys downtown and wondered if I could test out my new powers. I didn't have to be at work for a few hours. Hell, it was my company now and I could do whatever the hell I wanted but should be there to oversee things most of the time. I wandered around for a good hour before I found the perfect targets.

"So it looks like we don't have time, son."

"But dad you promised!"

"I know I did, Teddy. But your dad has the potential to make a lot of money and I just got called in and we need to take care of a lot of really important grown up work. We can go to the pier next weekend, okay sweetie? I'll drop you off at your mom's."

"I NEVER get a chance to see you anymore."

"Son, I love you. I know that the divorce has been rough on us all but sweetie, I need to go to work to make money to take care of you. I wish you could understand."

"You just don't want to see me!" he started crying.

"Son, do NOT make a scene in public. I will not allow you to throw a tantrum like a baby."

"I'm not!" Teddy's voice cracked.

That was when I switched their bodies.

"You just don't care about me at all, Dad! Hey...why am I looking at me?"

"Holy shit!" the boy's voice cracked.

"Hey, guys," I said, holding my cigar proudly. "Don't mention this to anyone else, ok? They might think you're crazy. Now look, you guys are gonna be in each other's bodies for let's say, a week. Be good. And if you aren't good," I said, looking down on the little boy who was now panicking while his wide eyed new dad was looking at me and his feet and how tall he was.

"How did you do this? HOW!"

"Not important. What is important is that you help your new dad do his job," I said, winking. I walked away and sauntered, savoring the taste of my Partagas as the new father and son started yelling at each other.

"This is impossible! Hey! Where are you going?"

"I get to be a grown up? WOW! Look dad, I have a tie! And...and I'm tall!"

"Hey, you! Get back here!" The little boy ran up behind me so I bent down and told him to be good. I gave my business card to the new father. "What's your dad's name, dude?"

"His name is Hank."

"Well now that's your name. Enjoy bein' an adult. Maybe we'll go out for drinks later but for now, just go to work and hang out. Take your son with you. Tell them you couldn't find a sitter. The two of you are gonna work together this week. Or else you don't go back. Understood?"

"This is crazy!" the boy said.

"This is COOL!" the new man said.

"Well my work here is done..." I said and wondered what else I was gonna do today.

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Nathan's Adventure: Days 3 - 5: Nathan Takes Over

My name is Nathan but now it's not, because everyone thinks I'm my mom's boyfriend, Bailey. I've started to call myself that in my head now. Cause it's really, REALLY fun being Bailey. I was waiting for him to come home from school because I wanted him to see how cool I looked smoking a cigar. I could have given him a ride but I kind of wanted him to ask me to drive him. I told him all he needed to do was ask and he wouldn't. He's mad cause now I know how to drive and he doesn't.

"Nathan! How did work go? Did everything go okay? Hey, what are you doing smoking a cigar!"

I smoked my cigar more, looking cool.

"I can smoke now and it's fun. I'm just like you now, Bailey!"

"Well how bout letting me have a drag, man?"

I frowned. "You're just a little boy. Little boys aren't allowed to smoke, Bailey. Mommy would be mad if I gave you one of my cigars. Only grown men can smoke. Like me!"

"Oh. Right. Yeah, I guess your mother would be mad. Well, how about work? Did it go okay?"

"Yeah, it was great. But I have to go to the gym. There's some dinner in the fridge."

"Wait, are you sure? You didn't have any problems?"

"Bailey, I'm you now. The Spells R Us guy gave me all your knowledge. I know all the stuff from your MBA and your writing degrees. You're really smart, Bailey. I know a lot about how to do adult type work now. I go in and tell them what I think of movies." I puffed my cigar and held it in my fingers again, pondering. "I mainly tell people how to make movies better and we talk about budgets a lot cause I'm good at that."

"We have to switch back! I can't go through my childhood again! This is miserable! I miss getting a boner!"

"What's that?"

"It's like...when your dick gets hard. An erection!"

"Oh, right! I love cumming! It's so much fun! Way better than being a kid."

"We have to swap back, please please, talk to the Spells R Us guy, I can't do another day at school."

"Look, don't feel bad." I bent down and gave him a hug and stroked his back gently. "It's only for a little while. He wanted you to learn a lesson and now you're seeing how hard it is to be me. We'll go back. I don't want you to be miserable. Just try and enjoy being a kid again. Look, why don't I drive you to the gym. I'll work out and then we'll go play video games at the arcade, okay?"


"Alright, come on!"

The gym was so awesome. Now that I had Bailey's knowledge I knew how to do all sorts of exercises. Bailey was asking me questions on how to do them and I showed him how, just like a dad would with his son, only I was the dad! It's totally cool cause he was really talking about how awesome it was I knew all this stuff. It was like he was forgetting that he used to have all that knowledge.

Then I took him to play video games and he started to really have fun. He played some games with other kids as well and started to run around and make friends. We played laser tag with a couple of other dads and sons and I made friends with one of them and we exchanged business cards! I feel like such a grown up cause I have a business card now.

I was tired and drove us home and asked Bailey if he had a good time and he said yes and I was real happy cause he was feeling a lot better about being a kid and not stressing out. I brought him inside and heated up dinner and he and I curled up on the couch and watched cartoons. Mommy had to work late that night and I told her it was fine. Then she came home and I was afraid she would want to have sex with me but then I remembered the Spells R Us guy put a spell on her so she wouldn't want that.

The next day I went to work and totally impressed everyone as always with some new ideas. The newest film from our studio had come out and it was a huge hit and my boss said he'd take us all out to a bar.

This is my boss.

His name is Chris and he's super cool and I talked to him for a while and smoked a cigar with him. Then all the girls came out. It was a very exclusive club and one of the girls started to dance for me and oh my god I started to get so hard. I had never had sex before and I really wanted to now because I'm in a big body and my dick gets hard and cums now. So one of the girls took me in back and she started to put her mouth on it and I started to rock back and forth. She called me a stud and I finally couldn't take it anymore and I exploded in her mouth!

Afterwards we made out a little and it was my first time with a girl and now I never want to be a little boy again so I don't know what to do. I went to the mall and it was still barely open. I went to the Spells R Us store but it wasn't there and the mall was suddenly closed and the lights went out. No one was there and then I sat down and was kind of sad because I want to be a big grown up forever now but I love Bailey and want him to be my daddy. I don't know what to do.

Suddenly the salesman was there right behind me and I jumped up. I was sitting near a penny fountain.

"Hello, Nathan. Are you enjoying yourself."

"I love bein' an adult, man. I can't go back now. But Bailey is never gonna forgive me if I take his body!"

"You love Bailey a lot, don't you?"

"Yes, I really do."

"Did you know he has no intention of marrying your mother?"

"What?" I blinked. "He...he lied?"

"Yes, Nathan he did. That's one of the reasons I switched you. He cares about you and he has started to change but he is like well, you are now. It's hard to be monogamous. But maybe you can help. Make a wish."

He held up a bag of pennies for me. 

"I don't understand."

"You have several pennies and each penny is a wish. I have to go on assignment so any time you need anything, just come back here. One penny, one wish. Just wish and toss the penny into the fountain."

"Wow! So, okay. I...wish Bailey would be in love with my mom and want to be my dad."

"Are you sure about that one? He can't be a father figure if you guys are the same age."

"I don't know what to wish for then!" I sat down. I was a big adult but I felt so dumb and helpless.

"How about you first wish for a temporary solution...first wish that you were the boss of the studio and your boss had your job and was dating your mother."

"Okay." I made the wish and threw the penny. "What now?"

"Now wish that Bailey looks up to Chris the way you look up to him."

"Okay." I made that wish.

"I think I'll let you do the rest." He walked away and I found myself sitting in my new car all of a sudden. I drove out of the parking lot and went to my house. My new house was really big! I suddenly remembered that this was my house and my mommy lived with Chris and was getting married to him. I went to bed fast asleep.

When I woke up the next morning, I called Bailey and told him what my new wishes were. He said he was feeling really good about being a kid. I said I would miss him and asked if he wanted to be my daddy and he said that he really wanted Chris to be his daddy so it would be really hard to go back to being an adult.

I told him to have fun at school. He said he would have a lot of fun because he and Pete were gonna play together. Pete is my best friend, not his! But now I couldn't play with him.

I went to work only now I was the boss and Chris was taking orders from me and it was awesome. Everyone looks up to me for my business acumen now. After work I went to Bailey's school and watched him playing with Pete and got super jealous. I wanted to play on the swingsets and run around but if I did that I would be arrested or something. Adults aren't allowed to play with kids unless you're related and I wished myself out of Bailey's life. I went to the club next and they all can't kiss my ass enough now. I'm pretty fucking powerful in this industry, after all.

I had fun drinking and smoking and got a few lap dances later on but I started to miss my mom. I was a big grown up but I was really lonely. I was still mad at Bailey but I kind of wanted him to know what it was like to be a little kid again so he knew how I felt.

I went to the mall and it was closed but I found the door open. There was no one there. I went to the fountain and made a wish. I had been really missing some of my friends at school, especially Pete.

"I wish my best friend from school Pete could be an adult too. I want us to be friends but I want him to be like me, a businessman. I want him to wake up tomorrow all grown up and for his dad to uh, think of him as his brother." I am getting good at this wish thing.

The next day, at work, I called Pete's house and asked for Pete and left a message for him to call me and said my name was Nathan even though everyone thinks of me as Bailey. I got a call back and Pete was now a grown up! He was talking real fast and asking me how I did it. I had to calm him down and that took a while. He said he had a car and his dad thought they were brothers and he was freaking out even though it was cool because all his clothes were big now and his room was that of a grown up. I told him to come to my office.

A few hours later, Pete came in, looking dazed. I ushered him into my office and offered him a cigar.


"Not anymore. Have a cigar, Pete. They're totally cool."

"How are you doing this? Am I dreaming? This is like the best dream ever!"

"Pete, what's your job?"

"Huh? Oh, I dunno. I work at a legal firm. I didn't go to work today! Oh man my boss is gonna kill me!"

"Don't worry, I'll take care of it. But be sure to go to work tomorrow, okay? You and I are gonna just enjoy today and I'll tell you everything. But how do you like being grown up so far?"

"Nathan this is incredible. This is...I'm tall!"

"Me too, dude. Welcome to adulthood. It's awesome, right?" I watched my newly grown best friend smoke some more. "And this is just the beginning," I told him.

Friday, August 1, 2014

My Cousin Just Took Charge of Things

"Holy Christ, Randy. You' look amazing. I can't believe it!"

"Yeah, I know. I tell people I'm 18 now and they totally believe me with these guns. Dad even lets me drive now. He got me a fake birth certificate so I could get a driver's license cause I couldn't fucking wait. So what do you think? You think I look 13?"

" I don't. Your father insists the chemicals are safe, but god this is amazing."

"Yeah they are just using it on military brats. My dad's got special clearance. They're gonna give this shit to soldiers but pretty soon it will be available to teens so we can be a strong nation, too many fuckin' pussies in this fuckin country."

This didn't sound like the Randy I remembered.

"Well that's all pretty impressive."

"Yeah I know. You can't take your fag eyes off me, can ya Darryl?"

"Randy, please don't talk to me that way. I'm actually 18. I'm an adult and-"

"You don't look like it. I'm like twice as big as you, you're just thin as fuck. Maybe you should go get me a beer. Like, now." Randy sidled up to me and intimidatingly looked down. I don't know why but I slunk back into the house. Looking shyly back at him, I procured one of my dad's beers and came back with it, and offered it to him. Almost like I was saying sorry.

"That's better. Mmm. I like beer. My dad lets me drink with him at the bar sometimes. I have another ID for that haha. It's how I started to get laid. Yeah I've had so much sex the last few months. I don't even have to work out that much to maintain this muscle. I barely have any myostatin holding me back. Jesus you're thin. You need to start working out more and stop being such a little bitch, Marshall."

"Okay. You're right."

He smiled. "Shit, dad was right. These pheremones really do work. He said til they work that out only troops will get this cause they don't want everyone to be this alpha."


"Just shut the fuck up and get inside. Start cleaning up the mess I made in the living room and then meet me in your bedroom. You're gonna suck me off. I haven't had a blow job in a few days."

I did as my younger cousin commanded. There was just something so forceful about him now. It made me feel good to serve him and I didn't care if it was chemicals or not. He was so hot and my heart started pounding at the thought of how big his dick was now.

I went upstairs hoping to maybe start just gently rubbing his body and making out. I couldn't believe he, my cousin, was on my bed naked! I was so excited I started shaking.

"Get over here you dumb bitch. Start sucking."

His cock was huge. I did so. I thought I obeyed admirably and he wasn't gentle with me.

The months passed and I started to go to the local college but he also had me as his personal houseboy. Now that he was living with us I had become totally his. He said it was all part of the experiment, to see how willing men were to serve a true Alpha but I didn't care. He also stopped going to school. The military cleared this matter and gave him a private tutor at home. But his body had changed significantly in just a few months.

Randy had definitely matured. He had grown facial hair, leg hair, chest hair, and adopted a military look. He made me adopt the same look. I now love nothing more than serving him whenever he orders me to. The army is suspending the use of the serum. It turns out all the test subjects are turned into gay alphas and they attract whichever male is near them into being subservient betas. Which is fine with me. I feel totally happy doing whatever Randy wants now. He's in charge!

Tuesday, July 29, 2014


"Hold on a second, Bill. I need to just back out of here."

"You really shouldn't be doing this! You've only been driving for what, a day or two?"

"Well you're too short to drive, aren't ya? And besides, my dad said I absorbed all the knowledge I need. You still remember everything, but now I can do everything an adult can do. And I'm a great driver!"

"Can you please talk to your father and tell him you want to switch back?"

Opie scoffed at me. "Yeah, right. I'm a grownup now and my dad says I can work with him so that's gonna be way better than school!"

I'm so boned, I thought. I pretty much had my worst enemy at work, the guy who I finally triumphed over, the guy who was always lying and cheating to get his way, finally beat me through some kind of insane magic. I panicked so hard when it first happened. One minute I was smoking my pipe and the next I was looking up at myself and my worst enemy Tucker. Smiling down at me. And laughing. And pointing. And my face looking so shocked at holding a pipe in his hands.

It was like a fever dream. Where you think you're sick, and you are trying to wake up. I was walking around in a daze thinking it couldn't be real. Pinching myself. Then Tucker just lifted me up! Off the ground. He was twice as big as me and I was useless to fight him. He put me in his truck and the three of us drove off to my house, which was now I learned not my house anymore, but his. He and his son were moving in. And a lot of things were going to change.

Opie was having a great time smoking my pipe. He had been giddy ever since it happened. My nightmare was just one humiliation after another. I had to go back to elementary school. What hellish misery. I had forgotten so much of how boring it was, how cruel the kids can be, how any sign that you are above the intellect of your peers means you are a freak of nature.

And just the fact that every adult looks down on me as someone that doesn't know anything. It's awful. Just awful.

"Dad says since I'm his boss now I get to recommend him to be the next boss. I'm going to a job now! This is so much fun! No wonder adults don't go to school."

We got home and Tucker wasn't there yet. He had yet to get home from work. I guess Opie left in my body to pick me up from school.

"Do you want some grape juice?"

"How about a beer?"

"Beer? Nuh uh! You aren't allowed now! Haha! Daddy said you couldn't do anything adult anymore. Here. You can have this." He handed me a glass of grape juice.


"Daddy said to call me Nick. I'm Nick now. You're Opie!"

"I am not calling you that in private. Maybe if we're outside. Opie, look, you can't just STEAL my entire life. Did you ever think that maybe your dad is doing something wrong? This is my house! You guys are taking everything from me!"

"Oh well. Daddy says you tried to get him fired! Why would you do that! You're not very nice. I think I deserve to be a grownup way more. So there! Nyah!" He stuck his tongue out at me.

I went over and watched CNN to distract myself. Opie showed up with some pizza and a beer, grabbed the remote, and changed the channel to Adventure Time. "Daddy says I'm in charge when we're alone. And *I* am gonna have a BEER! WOOOOOO! This is my first beer! Daddy said I had to wait until I get home to have one!" He took off the cap and sipped at the bottle. "Mmmm. Weird. Tastes funny. But like, I'm an adult. So...I like it." He was trying too hard to make himself seem mature and it wasn't working.

Not too much longer, Tucker got home. I dreaded his presence. As soon as he walked in the room behind me my hairs prickled and I got very tense. I turned around slowly. My greatest nemesis in life, who I hated SO much, plopped himself down on my chair.

"Well well well. I had LOTS of fun today. My new boss over here is gonna be REAL good friends with me."

"You cannot do this. You cannot even think of it. He has the mind of a child."

"Oh but that's the great thing about this, SON. You are my son now. Technically. I can do pretty much anything I fucking want to. Because my new boss...loves me!"

Opie smiled. "This is gonna be cool! Dad and I can see each other all the time now!"

"It sure is cool, son. As for you, my boy, YOU are gonna go back to school and you will love every minute. Boy am I jealous!"

"How did you do this?"

"You will never find out so don't bother trying. Just think of it this way. You've been DEMOTED. You know, like you were gonna do to me. I found out about that and stopped it before you had the chance you DICK. Now, I know you may not be thrilled but I promise, you will go to college some day if you keep your grades up." Tucker was enjoying this a lot. "That having been said, we have some new house rules to go over. Your bedtime is now 9:30. You will always do your homework before watching TV. No alcohol, tobacco, or looking at porn. Sorry, buddy. Once you're of age, you can look at boobs again but right now you're just a little guy."

I looked over at my body, smiling and happy.

"I told him to call me by my new name, Dad! He wouldn't!"

"Oh yes. That is another thing. You will NEVER call yourself Nick. EVER. You are Opie. My son is now Nick. Do you understand?" He stood up, towering over me, and suddenly hoisted me up into the air. I hated him but I was too afraid to say no. "Look at him. What a big man you are now, shaking in your boots. Guess the tables have sure turned, huh buddy?" He set me down and patted my arm.

 A few days later, NICK (who stole my body) was dressed up in one of my best suits. One of the newest things he loved doing was dressing up as a man in a suit. He said it was better than Halloween.

"So what do you think? Do you like bein' a kid again?"

"Not really."

"Just give it time!" he said happily. "You'll like it! Did you like being a kid before?"

"No I actually had a horrible childhood. It was very bad. My parents did nothing but fight and beat the hell out of me."

"Oh my god! We won't do that! I promise. My Dad isn't THAT bad." Suddenly he was concerned for me. "Maybe you can enjoy it this time."

"But I'm on a whole different level than children. I can't relate to them. I've been through too much."

"Oh. Well. Sorry but I really like being you. I get to be big and go to an office and everything."

"I guess I won't be getting my body back if your dad has his way. Maybe I should start getting used to it."

"See? It's not so bad. And we can all live together and maybe you and my Dad can be friends now."

It looked like I didn't have a choice.

"Do you want to watch some cartoons?"

"Sorry, man. I've gotta go to the bar. Dad and me are going out with some of the guys. But we'll leave you here and you have dinner in the fridge. Oh! And since it's Friday you can stay up til 10:30."

He sure has gotten used to giving orders, I thought.

"Have fun."

"Thanks I will!" He left me alone. I looked all over the house for any sign of any kind of magical items. Nothing. I'd been sleeping in the guest room since Opie took my room and name. I went back there and suddenly thought of something. Opie was wearing a ring. I didn't have any rings. I sat up.

Suddenly things didn't look so entirely impossible.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Not Bad For An Old Guy

"Not bad for an old guy, huh dad?"

"Son, this is totally unreal. I can't believe my wish was granted. I can't believe you're smoking a cigar! My son, an adult! I'm so proud! You're gonna be a huge hit."

"Well I hope so. When is the party?"

"Later tonight. But we have to go over some specifics. You are going to have to pose as my best friend so there are some things you need to know."

Dad got real mad with his best friend when he found out Mom cheated with him. So he made a wish on an old ring up in the attic. Grandpa had given my dad the ring a long time ago and it only has so many wishes for each person. It's actually a really cool story. There are about a dozen rings and they are all floating around out there somewhere but we have one. Each person can use it for five wishes and five only. ANYWAY. Dad wished that his best friend Harv could shrink down to be a little boy again. He thought that would be the perfect punishment for him after he ruined Dad's marriage.

Only when I woke up the next morning, I'd turned into Harv! My Dad started screaming at me when he saw me and nearly beat me up until I convinced him I was really his son! And the first thing I did, almost automatically was walk over to his humidor and light up a stogie to calm me down. Like it was the most natural thing in the world!

Now Dad is becoming my BEST friend! We went out to get a BEER that day! It was so cool. Everyone my age is way smaller than me now! I mean, the age I used to be. And then Harv called him frantically and they met in the park. You should have seen how mad he was! But it doesn't matter. Dad made a wish that I could turn whoever he wanted into however he wanted them to look. He placed a lock on Harv so he wouldn't age at all! Ha! And me too so I don't get any older and that way I don't die soon from being all old or whatever.

"Dad, my dick is getting hard from this cigar. How do you get them to stop being hard?" I asked, rubbing my crotch.

"Uh, son, I think we may have to have a talk about that."

"Like masturbation and making cum? Yeah, I know. I totally jacked it in the bathroom! It was so much fun!"

"Okay son, that's fine. That's natural. But the thing is us guys don't talk about that sort of thing, so when you go to the party later, don't just go telling other guys about jacking off. They'll think you're gay."

"Like wanting to have sex with guys? Fuck, that would be awesome!"

Dad blinked. He didn't expect that. I guess being in this body and smoking this cigar had really made me totally comfortable and not embarrassed. I'd been feeling really confident and it was almost like I remembered having sex before.

"Well, I guess you really have grown up. Are you...sure?"

"I'm sure, dad. After the party is over, I think I'll need you to teach me to drive my new truck. I'm gonna go to the city and hit up some of the gay bars. This body needs to get laid!"

Dad was shocked but what could he do? Maybe I should wish that Dad would be gay and that way he wouldn't miss Mom anymore.

So later that evening, before we left, I snuck up to his room where he had hidden the ring and wished that my Dad could be gay like me. Harv was told to be good to his babysitter and he looked up at us angrily. At the party Dad was trying to hit on women but they just couldn't hold his interest. I had changed into some nice clothes and as he made his way out for a cigar with me (something I was still getting used to!) I came up and gave him a big hug.

"Sorry, Dad. I guess I should tell you..."

"You don't need to. I think I can guess. I've been thinking about only one thing all night this much."

"How do you feel," I asked with a smile.

"Like I'm free! I don't know why I didn't think of this. Plenty of freedom for uh, guys like you and me nowadays, right? I'm a pretty liberal guy. I never cared about it all that much but you know, now that I think about it," he said, putting an arm around my shoulder and talking to me in confidence as he led me away from the party. "This could really work out, ya know?"

"SO...I have to say something, Dad. Ever since I got turned into Harv I feel like an adult. I mean, I feel like a man. I feel good about what I am now and I'm not a little boy and..."

I turned around and he had a look in his eye. He came in and gave me a kiss and then I kissed back. I was kissing my father on the lips! It was incredible. The taste of liquor on his lips, the stubble, his tongue really knew what it was doing.

"Let's get the fuck out of here."

We got back and sent the babysitter home and the old Harv to bed. He was only ten now so he was pretty tired.

Dad sat me down on the couch and we began to make out. I couldn't believe it! I was making out with my own Dad. Before I knew it both our shirts were off and we were rolling around feeling each others pecs and other muscles. We just lay there for a while feeling each other and finally my Dad couldn't take it any more.

"Son, can you do something really special for me?"

"What is it, Daddy?"

"Suck on your old man's cock, son." I looked at his dick and immediately salivated.

"Only if you do it for me later!" He shook his head yes vigorously.

I sucked him off and he creamed inside my mouth and it was better than a Cadbury egg. God this was amazing! After my Dad sucked me off for the first time and I just screamed from feeling so good I pretty much knew I always wanted to be with him. We rubbed our dicks together and promised we would never go back to "normal". And maybe if Harv was really good we would let him age every now and then.

"You know, we can actually change whoever we want now." I said.

"You want me to change how you look? Just let me know? We should experiment!" my dad said.

Hmmmm. I can look like anyone, I thought. What should I go for?

"Surprise me," I said. "Have me wake up tomorrow as something new. Your ultimate fantasy."

"I've only been gay less than a day. But...I think I can put something together." We went up to Dad's room and fell asleep together.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Tables Turned

"...45...46...47...RAWR...YEAH...50!" Martin stopped his reps and turned to the little wimp standing before him.  "Towel, bitch."

"Yes, sir. Here is your towel sir."

"God, I LOVE BEING THIS BIG! FUUUUUCK! FEELS SO FUCKING GOOD! MMM!" Martin flexed and flexed. Just a few days ago he'd been a stick thin nerd until he had found the magic necessary to drain his annoying bully of a next door neighbor, Brad

Brad was always pushing Martin around. Yelling at him for any number of things. Ordering him around and threatening him. Brad liked to find dirt on people and then make them do what he said. He lived for blackmail and had set Martin up at a truck stop, having a pal of his there piss on Martin after Martin sucked the guy's dick. Brad had nothing against fags, but he liked to push little beta males around.

The blackmail had worked for a while. Before long, Martin was washing Brad's car, doing his laundry, mowing his lawn, cleaning his gutters even! He had Martin had his personal servant for a month, then two, then three. He would come home and a few times even threw Martin up against a wall to prove what a big man he was who could easily beat up such a little guy as himself. If Martin didn't do these things Brad would send the photos to everyone at his work and he would probably get fired, as it was a conservative business.

But then Martin found a witch who said she could switch people's essences. He found her online after asking anoymously on websites for just such a service. He never dreamed he would get someone who could do it for real. They met and she was sympathetic. Then she went over the details. Martin would get all the masculinity and Brad would become his loving little bitch. Martin was gay and the thought of having a straight asshole jock bully who had made his life hell turn into a simpering coward eager to please his master made it the easiest decision he ever made. He paid the witch's price.

The next morning he woke up like this and Brad had shrunk to half his size! He instantly took over, having Brad build a gym and pay for it out of his own pocket, for Martin's personal use. Martin moved into Brad's house, as it was nicer, and proceeded to make him his bitch slave.

"Hey bitch. I'm horny. Bend over, you fucking faggot slut."

Brad did so, because now he just wanted nothing but to please his new master and atone for his past behavior. Martin pummeled him so hard the little guy could barely take him. Martin had generously helped himself to a huge ten inch dick and left Brad with a tiny 1 1/2 incher that could barely even spurt cum. Brad now lived to be fucked and used like the many women he had conquested over the years. Martin stuck the entirety of his dick up Brad's sphincter and moaned as the little guy screamed.

"Clean up this mess, cunt. I'm going to go order some new toys. You are going to dress like a bitch fag from now on. I'm gonna have you wear a collar and oh, nothing else. I would get you a chastity device but you barely even have a dick anymore. You may as well just cut it off and become a woman, haha!"

"Yes, master."

"After you're done here, get started on dinner you dumb fuck. And thanks for all these muscles! They feel great. I love waking up with them in your bed. Well it's my bed now, your house has a lot of nice things. Well, it' house now. What do you think of that, you dumb bitch?"

"I think it's great, sir You deserve to be in charge for how I treated you."

"Mmmm, yes you do. And I hope you don't mind, I invited some people over for later. We're going to have an orgy and you're going to bottom for about ten different guys. They all love how submissive you were in that video I made of you begging for my cock. You'll be doing that a lot in the future. I intend to whore you out and pocket all the cash, because you don't really need money anymore. Oh and Brad?"

"What is it, sir?"

"You didn't thank me."

"I'm sorry. Thanks for all the cum you allowed me to eat, sir."

"You're welcome, bitch. Now get cracking." Martin smiled. He felt so big and powerful and Brad did everything he said now. He had to. It wasn't mind control. If he ever wanted another body back, a tall and powerful one, he would have to ask Martin, and after five years of being a bitch fag he promised he would get him one. Of course they were both gay now thanks to the spell and he suspected by that time Brad would be so in love with him he'd do whatever Martin wanted.

Brad would never be a big shot again, he thought, looking at his enormous muscles, and smiled.