Tuesday, June 13, 2017

The Gender Genie


"Come on, motherfucker! You wanna fight? Let's fucking fight!"

"Yeah, come on!"

The two men scuffled and before he knew it, Lance was putting Steven in a headlock. The bar owner told them to break it up and take it outside, They smoked their cigarettes angrily and huffed their way outside. Lance swerved and pushed Steven forcefully against the wall.

"This is all your fault!"

"Fuck you, bitch!"

"Don't call me that unless you want me to knock your teeth in!"

A familiar laugh came up from behind them. A young, cute Japanese girl who made both their dicks hard.

"Enjoying yourselves?"

"Inari. You gotta change us back! I take back the wish!"

"Yeah, me too. Make us into chicks again!"

"Aww, ladies. Not having fun?"

"You call this having fun? Every chick I try to get with, I act like a fucking guy around them!"

"Yeah. We thought this would be easy."

"I'm a genie, retard. What the hell did you think I was going to do? When have you ever heard of a genie that makes life easy for someone? Duh. This is what you wished for. You wished to be a man so you could know what it was like because your boyfriend dumped you. And YOU wished to be a man because you didn't get that job with the construction company."

"Yeah but I wanted a job as a secretary. Not laying asphalt!"

"I don't think you'd look as pretty as the blonde they hired. Not with that face tattoo and prison record."

"Can't believe you fuckin' DID this!" Steven, once Stella, punched the wall and howled repeatedly in a drunken rage. "And this is his fault! He told you he was mad he didn't have any friends so you made me into a man!"

"So? You wished for it. A wish is a wish, bitch." Inari filed her nails carelessly and rolled her eyes.

"Yeah this ain't fair. We wanted like, to have good lives. I don't even talk good anymore. All the chicks I try to bang think I'm some dummy." Lance, once Leticia looked at her imploringly. Of course, Leticia had been pretty shitty to her ex. She had him buy jewelry and handbags and tried to get him wrapped around her little finger. Chastising him for not being neat enough, for not being clean shaven, for the way he left the bathroom. She had chased him away and then blamed him, when she should have blamed herself. The two women had known each other only casually but were introduced to each other as having the same problem by Inari when Lance was inexplicably drawn towards the construction site where Steven now worked and asked if he could apply for a job. Now they spent all day sweating their balls off. Before as Leticia, Lance had been able to get away with anything at the paralegal office he had worked in. Now he had to really earn his keep!

"Oh so they're treating you the way you used to treat men. Interesting." Inari studied him.

"You don't understand! I jack off every night thinking of women! I gotta get some fuckin' action!"

"Maybe I can help take the edge off of you two a little bit. If I promise to help you so you don't have that problem anymore, I'm not coming back."

"Yes, fine. Just make it better. Please," Lance said.

"My hand fuckin' hurts," Steven said. In his former life, just a few weeks ago, he had been hating all men for how they ran everything and loved to shout them down in public, berate them for all being sexist for ASSUMING she couldn't do what they could. Of course, she was a pampered little semi rich girl and her parents had finally cut her off after she reached the age of 27 and was still getting an allowance. Now she was finding out how hard it was to do hard MANual labor. She once berated a man for using that term because it had the word "man" in it and it degraded women to use it. Now she was dirty and filthy and smoked cigarettes like a lowlife. She had a gravelly voice and her new background was from a trailer park with no more college education. The genie had given her a terrible life as a man!

"Okay. But have you learned a lesson about how hard it is to have all that testosterone going through your body? It isn't easy, is it?" Lance and Steven both shook their heads. They wanted to fight frequently and got angry at the drop of a hat."I'll take away the worst parts of the wish. No more suffering. I promise. Have fun, boys."

Inari vanished.

"I don't feel any fuckin' different. I still feel like a dumb guy. Look at these fucking muscles. I'm betting I still have a dick, too." Lance patted his package.

"How big is that thing?"

"Big. It's real big, you got a fuckin' problem?" Lance said defensively.

"No. Just wanted to know if it was as big as mine," Steven bragged. "I got a pretty big dick."

"You wanna prove it?"

"Fuck you."

It was at that moment both men realized they were attracted to men again.

"You wanna come back to my place?"

"Fuck yeah. You thinking about gettin' naked, asshole?"

"Yeah, I am. Let's get you out of those clothes and into a nice hot shower."

The two men spent all night discovering how to pleasure each other's dicks. They never complained about being men again, though their lives were still incredibly hard in comparison to what they had been before.

The next day, Lance was still crossing his arms because it was weird to not have breasts. He thought of all he had that he had lost. But at least he had a lifetime of hot gay sex to look forward to...

Inari is a trickster and in particular one that loves for the time being to prey on women that wish to be men. We all have our thing in the transformation genie business. She's a friend of mine and I am such a fan of her work. I'm going through some of my favorite victims...er...that is to say beneficiaries of her continued work against the war on men on the part of clueless women.

Friday, June 9, 2017

The Town Where Age Went Crazy Part 5: Adjustments Still Being Made

More stories after the Incident concerning our test subjects. All of them are still adjusting to their new ages after a time warp broke through the town and changed the ages of all the males. We gave all the women in the town new memories and decided to further experiment with the men with some of our new brainwashing techniques. This research is helping us determine whether or not to use it in the future as a means of population control. We can now make an entire town gay. Who's to say we shouldn't use this technology on the entire country? Looking at various cases as they develop will help us to determine if this idea would work.

Case File ID #334 - Cory    and Case File ID #1,387 - Chad

Cory stood there, looking absolutely enormous. He was one of the biggest dudes in The Town now. Chad swallowed nervously and approached the gargantuan man. He wasn't nearly as big as he used to be. Before the Incident, he had been nearing his prime. Chad was 17 and on top of the world. Now he was back to looking like he was a scrawny 14 years old. It had been a long nightmare. His entire life had changed. Everyone in the town was a different age. Most of his friends were now much older men but a few had regressed to being little children. He hadn't made friends with anyone his "own age" yet. He was still getting used to walking around with his new smaller stature. He used to really strut his stuff. He walked with pride. You could smell how proud he was of his body.

For three years, he had completely bullied one of the school nerds. Cory had been 16 before and was not well into his 20s. Was he 25 now? 27? He wasn't sure. But Chad did know that when the boys and men in the town had changed, they had also taken on new attributes. Skinny guys had often become fat or muscular. Fat guys were now studs. And some muscular behemoths like him had shrunk to nothing. When he was 14 before he was almost the size of his father, who was now in his 70s and didn't like the fact he had a teenage son for life to take care of. He was much smaller now at 14 than the first time he was 14. It made him shiver how much smaller he was than other guys at school now. He remembered the things he used to do to Cory, who had been only a year younger than him but about 75 pounds lighter. He would shove him down in the hallway. He would get even with him for showing him up in class. He would spread rumors about him being gay. He would shove him into walls. And steal from him. He stole clothes from him right off the little nerd's back! Little nerd would try and fight back and he would just laugh. It was pathetic how much smaller Cory had been. Pathetic. Made him hard how much smaller the little nerd was. He helped himself to the little nerd's lunches when he wanted. It was like being in prison for young little Cory. Every day had been one more trip to hell, and he was a nervous wreck.

Chad didn't care, though. And now he was standing before Cory, trying to look at him without hate, but rather looked up at him the way a little brother looks up at his big brother. With deference, respect and affection. And a look that said "please be nice to me". A pathetic look.

"H-h-hi Cory," he stuttered.

"What's up, FAGGOT?" Cory asked forcefully. His voice was full of power and confidence.

"I..I brought you what you asked for," Chad said, handing over the backpack full of his old underwear that didn't fit anymore.

"Excellent. And why are you giving me all your jock straps, FAGGOT?"

"Be-be-because I'm not a real man anymore like you are, sir."

"That's right. You have my money, bitch?"

"B-b-but this is all the money I have left, Cory!" God, his voice sounded so girly and whiny.

"Too fucking bad. That's your insurance money. You give me all your savings and I don't make sure anything real BAD happens to your tiny little ass. Except for when I decide to take what's MINE."

Cory started pawing Chad. He considered Chad to practically be his property now. No one really batted an eye because no one was around. Cory held Chad to him. Chad could feel the enormous man's sheath bulging against his thin little back. Cory's dick was now probably about as thick as Chad's arms were! That's how much more powerful the MAN was that he had used to torment.
As he stroked his former bully, Cory rumbled.

"Yeah. You're gonna suck me off now. Get inside. You'll suck me off in a bathroom stall before I drive myself over to the gym. Come on," he commanded. He didn't have to speak even very forcefully. His voice commanded respect. Cory's voice was deep, deeper than Chad's had ever been. He was completely enamored now with the giant that led the way, and he stared up at the massive back of his new "owner" for lack of any better word. That's how things had developed and they had developed quickly. He didn't even want to tell anyone. He was ashamed but he enjoyed it. He enjoyed being told what to do by Cory. He deserved it. Something had changed his mind somehow. He thought maybe Cory had requested that the government scientists change him to become his little bitch. Because he was now completely different. Chad had transformed into Cory's servile domestic servant. He jumped at the opportunity to make the big guy happy.

Sucking his cock all the way was impossible now. He had to just put the large man's fuck club in his mouth as much as he could but he couldn't suck much more than the mushroom head that forced its way inevitably down to choke the smaller teen's throat until he gagged. And as he swung his arms around with tears streaming down he silently begged for it to stop and go on forever at the same time.

Cory just smiled. What a small little bitch, he thought. No wonder Chad used to get off on bullying him around all the time. Well, now the world was his. He was a fucking huge bodybuilder stud and Chad was just his suck slave. Of course he had asked for a few adjustments to be made after making his case to a very sympathetic scientist working on brainwashing the entire town so no one ever talked about everyone randomly changing ages and appearance.

All in all, it was the best thing that could have happened to him. He was on top of the world in that stall, watching a smaller man desperately fight for air as he filled his mouth and throat with his now bigger-than-life dick.

Case File ID #550 and Case File ID #277  Kevin and Gil

"Oh yeah. You like that, doncha? You like sucking on my big COP DICK, huh? Fuck yeah. FUuuuuuuuuuUUUUUUUUUUUUCK!" Kevin came inside Gil's throat. "Now what do you say, faggot?"

"Thank you, Sir. Thank you for the pleasure of your cock, Sir."

"You're welcome you scrawny little shit! Now go home and make me dinner. When I come home I expect steak on the table!" he said smacking the much smaller man on the ass.

"Yes, Sir!"

Kevin hadn't always been a cop. But the government knew he really wanted it. He had grown up in a very bad way. His older brother had been raising him since both his mother was dead and father was in jail. Trailer park trash, all the way. Now he had his own house assigned to him. He had a new life and a new identity. As far as his family were concerned, he had never existed. They had started to tell people that loved ones had died but many had also been told to just forget their loved ones existed. It made things easier. His brother had been a bit of a bad boy, though. Pumped up on drugs, Gil had often come home and beat Kevin senseless.

It's funny how things change quickly, Kevin thought. Gil was just Kevin's prissy little housewife now. He even had Gil wear women's clothing around the house to demonstrate exactly how far he had fallen and how less of a man he was now. Kevin prided himself on his new, much older body. He had no problems exerting authority now. It was a completely new world for both of them.

"And pick up some groceries on your way back, bitch."

"Yes, Sir."

"And Gil?"

"Yes, Sir?"

He smacked his brother. "That's not your name."

"No, Sir."

"What's your name?"

"When we're alone, my name is Bitch, Sir."

"Get the fuck out of my sight, Bitch."

Gil did so and Kevin smiled to himself. He could really get used to this new life. It was like a dream come true for him! Probably a nightmare for Gil but he could live with that, he thought, as he started to go through his daily report.

Case File # 445 - Luke,   Case File #1,001 - Nick,   Case File #634 - Jimmy

Well my name is Luke. It used to be something else but it got changed. Now it feels like I always have been Luke. It was such a shock when everything changed. I was playing baseball with my friends and came home late by like an hour. My daddy was so sore. His name is Nick now, by the way. So anyway, Daddy grounded me and I didn't think it was fair at all. He yelled and yelled. I was miserable that night and wished I didn't have to be grounded. And then I woke up the next morning and I was bigger than my bed. And then I heard this scream and I thought it was one of my friends. This kid came in and I sat up and he screamed again.

"Who are you? What's wrong? What's wrong with my voice?" I said. It felt like something had changed in my voice. It was so gravelly. I didn't feel sick, though. The kid was only 7 years old or so and he was dressed in an oversized shirt. It was so crazy. I stood up and I knew I'd be taller than the kid and realized it was still off. I was taller than I should be...And my pajama bottoms were killing me. I took them off because they were stuck! I couldn't even get them off at first, and stood there hopping up and down trying to get them off. I picked up some underwear and put them on over my big hairy bush. I had a huge amount of pubic hair now and was thinking I might be dreaming. The underwear were very tight on me. I wandered in a daze over to the bathroom while dad was freaking out.

It didn't take me long to figure out I'd aged about 20 years in one night. And my father had gone down in about as many years. I had been 12 and now I was old enough to be my own father, if he had stayed his own age. Anyway, dad was screaming obscenities. It didn't sound good coming from a 7 year old. I stood there just staring at myself thinking it was my fault. I had wished to be grown up so I didn't have to do what he said. I think I was honestly so in shock I didn't even notice him going through my room looking for clothes that fit because the next thing I knew he was in one of my old shirts that didn't fit me anymore. Now it really wouldn't fit me. He told me sternly in his little boy voice to put some clothes on. I wandered back into my room and started to put on my clothes but the jeans didn't fit me. They were mini jeans now!

"They don't fit! Dad, my clothes don't fit!"

"Of course they don't fit, you idiot! You're gigantic now! How the hell did this happen! What did you do!"

"I didn't do anything! Stop blaming me!"

"I swear to God I'm going to bust your motherfucking hyde!"

"Oh yeah? How? You're way smaller than me now in case you forgot...DUMBASS!"

Dad was really surprised and so was I. I had never been brave enough to stand up to him before and it felt good. I giggled. I actually did it. I wasn't afraid of him like this. He was so small!

Then he kicked me as hard as he could in the leg. I howled and he ran off after I tried to catch him. I was pretty angry and chased him in my underwear all over the house. I finally caught him downstairs and the rush of it really...I was new to being an adult so I shook him and yelled "Why did you do that! Why do you always get physical with people! You shouldn't fight!" I turned him around and he squirmed as I got a hold of him and angrily started to spank his ass. Three times. "You want another one, Dad? Go right ahead. MAKE my day!" I yelled at him. I felt so powerful for the first time and then he started crying and I felt immediately horrible. "I'm...I'm sorry dad I haven't been bigger than you for very long and-"

"Just shut up. This is a bad dream. I need to wake up!"

I got some clothes on in his room. They were the only clothes that would fit. I came back downstairs and Dad forbid me from going outside but I just ignored him because it was clear he couldn't do anything to stop me. I noticed right off that several men I didn't recognize were wandering around the neighborhood and a bunch of vans were outside with guys in hazmat suits...

They told me dad would be fine but he had to stay a child until they figured out a way to make him older and they couldn't turn me back. Which is fine with me because I didn't hate school but I didn't love it, either. I asked them if I could just get a job in town and they said yes.

I put on MY new cowboy hat and jean jacket and told Dad that he was no longer Dad. They gave me a crash course on adulthood. GED stuff. How to fix a car. How to drive. How to do taxes. How sex worked, both gay and straight. The entire town was now gay. What the hell those scientists were doing was beyond me but whatever. As long as I don't say anything, I get to be dad and my dad can be a kid again. Anyway. I own a store with my friend Jimmy and he's a grown up too now but he was in school with me. We both grew up and we both found out when they gave us a cigar store that we really, really liked smoking!

This is me now. I'm just sampling the products. I have to make sure everything tastes okay for the customers! And everyone in town is now a cigar or pipe smoker! I think they are doing something with our minds but we don't age or get harmed by diseases according to the scientists so I'm pretty cool with it.

"What do you think? Pretty nice box, huh? How bout I set you up with a box?" Jimmy said. Jimmy always wears suits. He really loves to dress up while I like to wear my daddy's cowboy duds.
All the kids who are now grown ups now love to come in to try cigars and they are all really excited to take up smoking.

"I love this, man. I hope I never have to go back to being a kid. Hey, how's your dad doing? I mean...you know, your son. Sorry, this takes a while to get used to," Jimmy said, adjusting his lapel and puffing his cigar.

"He's getting used to it. I think he'll be okay," I told him.

But really, I was still having problems. Dad was still acting up. They made him act less like a grown up but he was still acting out. He wouldn't do what I told him to do. He would dump his cereal on the floor and throw tantrums. It was getting really embarrassing. I was trying to be patient but he was enraged that he was no longer a parent.

"Hey there, boy. You and I need to have a talk."

"I'm not a boy! I'm a tall man!" my new son Nick said.

"Doesn't look like you're very tall to me," I said patiently. I chomped on my cigar but didn't light it. I held it in my hands. It was a total habit now and it comforted me. "We have to talk about you following what I say. You are the little boy in this house and I'm the older adult. So you have to stop throwing tantrums."

"I can do what I want!"

"Do you want me to spank you again?" He didn't answer. "LOOK AT ME RIGHT NOW, YOUNG MAN." He finally did so. He looked like he was going to cry. "Now I don't want to punish you but I will. I want you to knock this nonsense off and do as I say from now on, or we're gonna have trouble. I will ground you if you disobey me again and I will spank you. Now are you gonna be nice? Are you gonna be a good little boy?"

He pouted but relented. "Yes."

"Yes, what?"

"Yes, sir."

I breathed a sigh of relief. Being a parent was going to be a lot easier this way. I needed a cigar break. I went outside and lit it up, and breathed in the wonderful aroma. The more I thought about it, the more I thought it was a good thing it had all turned out this way. Dad would go back to second grade and I would start dating my best friend and somehow everyone would be happy. I smiled. Maybe the age changing time experiment gone wrong was the best thing that could have happened to us...

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The Hourglass (a muscle growth and theft novel)

Hi, guys. So from time to time I get complaints I don't post enough. Well, I'm flattered by that. I do love to write and I know if you're reading this, you really look forward to my stories.

For the last few months I have written about 250 pages of what is my longest and probably best fetish projects to date. It does not have visuals yet (though I have an archive of photographs I keep for reference which I might make available later when I organize it better) but it is up for viewing at muscle-growth dot org. I have gone through great lengths for this story. It is almost done. I have planned it out for about four more chapters.

This story, called The Hourglass, is probably my proudest achievement in the genre of muscle growth, but it is also contains muscle theft, dads and college aged sons, dominance, gay to straight transformation, straight to gay transformation, reality change, jock to nerd, nerd to jock, middle age/senior aged to younger and college aged to middle aged/senior transformations. I also wanted to really flesh out these themes as it were, in a story that explores more complexity regarding these themes. It has lots of characters and I would describe it as the most epic thing I think I've posted in YEARS.

I will finish this project. I am going to be working on some chapters this weekend and doing some editing and I hope Chapter 27 will be up soon. If you want to check out my story (which I'm really proud of) just hop on over to muscle-growth's Muscleversary Section here:


And just to whet your appetite, here are some pics of the character Connor Swogger, or at least photographs that inspired him. With most of the characters from this story, I usually picture a mix of several different but very similar looking guys.

And here we have a picture of his father Curtis Swogger at the beginning of our story...(on the right, the one without glasses)

And of course there's an evolution for Curtis, but (MAJOR SPOILERS) if you want to know what he eventually ends up looking like, just scroll down below...




These were all inspirations for Curtis (if you read the story, you know that he changes several times so it's possible all of these are iterations he winds up looking like at different times) but I don't have any "in between" pics at the moment. You'll have to use your imaginations for that.

I will update this blog later with visuals for other characters...until then I hope you have enjoyed or will enjoy my story.

Friday, March 24, 2017

Entering Into the World of Men III - Shorts

“Hey, uh…hi there Mikey.”                                                                                        
“It’s not Mikey. That’s not my name now that I’m growdup.”                                     
“We have to switch back soon, sweetheart. You said you would if you got to smoke one of my cigars, remember?”                                                                             
“Yeah, it’s cool! I wish I was growd up all the time!”                                                 
“I know, sweetie. But remember, being 7 is important, too. And I’ll buy you your own cigars when you’re older.”                                                                                       
My nephew took a drag of my Padron.                                                                     
“I wanna be a grown up now, though! I wanna drive a car!”                                       
“Now…now remember sweetie, I said you could smoke a cigar if you switched us back, remember? We didn’t say anything about driving.”                                                     
“I wanna drive and I’m big so I get to say what I do! And if you don’t like it, I’ll tell Mommy to come pick you up!” He puffed again, really getting the hang of it while in my body. Shit! Not my sister! I thought.                                                                
“O…okay sweetheart but we have to be very VERY careful if we go driving. There’s a lot you need to know and-”                                                                                    
“Let’s go now! I have your license so I can do it whenever I want!”                            
“Wait! You don’t know how to drive!” I scurried after him as fast as my new seven year old legs could take me. I had no idea how my nephew did the impossible but I was not happy about it. I was scared to death. He was the world’s biggest seven year old about to drive my car. He better not crash it. Oh god…                                          

“Sorry. Didn’t mean to show off, fatty.”                                                                 
“Stop calling me that!”                                                                                   
“Why? You called me fatty for four years, John! Fuck you! Now you know what it’s like!”                                                                                                               
“I would have worked it off by now, you were just fucking lazy!”                             
“You ABUSED ME like crazy to make yourself feel good. Now I HAVE YOUR BODY SO FUCKING SUCK IT!”                                                                                             
The pudgy 14 year old wanted to cry. His brother had stolen his perfect, hard earned body and all he could think about was the Hostess fruit pie he had waiting for him in his room. This is hell, he thought.                                                                            

“Don’t bother me. Or I’ll beat you up like I did before!”                                             
“Please, Jason I just wanted to tell you-”                                                              
Jason stood up, towering over me. “It’s Billy now, so go to your room or I’m gonna fuckin’ beat you!” He made a fist at me.                                                                 
“Okay,” I meekly replied, and took my 11 year old butt back to my new room. If only I’d been nicer to my little brother. I’d basically been talking down to him and bullying him behind my parents backs for years, telling him to keep it a secret or else. I don’t know why I did it now. I guess I just wanted someone to take everything out on. I didn’t have the best grades and dad used to hit me before mom got rid of him. I just…learned how to be a man from my dad and my dad bullied people. Fuck. Fuck I don’t want to be small again! How did he do this! He’s so big I can’t possibly do anything! He tells me to clean his underwear and make his bed…I’m practically his slave now! Why was I so mean to him!                                                                                    

“So…I need your body just a little bit longer.”                                                            
“What? No! Dude! You’ve been in it for a “, let’s just switch back! I can’t stand being this fucking tiny, bro!”                                                                                            
 “I know, but…here’s the thing. I think I’m in love. With Kyle.”                                   
“What? I am NOT gay, bro! NOT gay!”                                                                      
“Well your body is gay. At least my body is gay. Now. I don’t know how it happened, either, but me being gay before made this body gay.”                                              
“Well I was straight so why am I not straight in your body?”                                     
“That might have to do with the whole Priapus thing. He was the god of the penis so maybe he was more for gay men. Our knowledge of ancient Greek magic is kind of sketchy so…”                                                                                                         
“I want my body back!” I screamed.                                                                                         
“I know! I’m sorry! I just can’t. I can’t! I love being big and cute and hunky! I mean look at these muscles!” Tyler flexed his huge new guns. “Everyone pays attention to me now!”                                                                                                               
“And I’m just some little geek! Please! Please don’t leave me like this!” Brent began to cry.                                                                                                                         
“Look, I’ll talk to you later after you’ve calmed down.”                                               
“Wait! No!” Brent screamed, the hot tears flowing down his face. Why had he ever agreed to this. The worst part was he desperately wanted to suck off his old body’s dick…this whole thing was a nightmare!                                                                 

Swapping bodies with my best friend has been an amazing experience. His family is super religious (mine isn’t), and they are really close. They always watch him like a hawk even though he’s a grown man to make sure he’s on the straight and narrow. His mother is on my ass every day about something! He’s getting to be free for a while since my family doesn’t give a fuck about anyone, including me. And the body. This body. I mean holy fuck, I’m in love with myself. I’m in love with my body. I love nothing more than to look at myself. Except when I’m with my best friend, who admitted he wanted to try “it” out. The first time he sucked me off I couldn’t believe it, it was like a dream. He’s saying he doesn’t want to go back for another few months! I’m doing an okay job at the gym but I’m worried about him not having the skills to continue my office job. He says he’s doing okay but we will have to switch back if he doesn’t keep on top of things! Switching bodies is WAY more work socially than I thought it would be! My new family doesn’t know I’m gay so that’s a bit hard. Also he is slutting it up, he has had more sex in my fucking body than I have in five years! It’s unbelievable. I thought i would be getting to have sex all over the place but when you live with your parents at the age of 28 that becomes more complicated. Now I have to go help my old body out..he’s having trouble with some of the accounting software and it’s like the tenth time we’ve gone over it. And then I’m going to see if I can get him to let me fuck his cute little asshole…I know how cute it is because it used to be mine!

My Daddy gave me my first pipe when an old Indian curse made me into a grown up and turned my uncle into a lil kid. Grandma was furious but Daddy didn’t care. I was workin with him wranglin cattle and I deserved a pipe to relax with just like him. It was so good! I never knew tobacco would taste and smell so good. I thanked Daddy and we went inside to spend some “time goether as men” as Daddy put it. I just wanted to take my clothes off for some reason cuz when i was with daddy my pecker kept gettin so darned hard.

Everyone sure looks at me different now that I’m my dad. I mean, I had no idea that so many people looked at dad so funny just because he has big muscles. Which feel so awesome. We have no idea why we swapped bodies but I have to go to work for him and it totally exhausts me. If I didn’t go to the gym, I’d have no energy at all. I hope we can swap back soon, I miss all my friends at school and the guy on the train I always see is looking at me like he wants to kiss me. Which would be kind of cool…maybe I should say hi to him. 

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Entering Into the World of Men II - Shorts

No one will ever call me a little wimp again! I was 11 and getting my ass kicked all the time. One of my bullies had an uncle who picked him up from school one day and I pleaded with him to get his nephew to stop picking on me. “Oh really. So he did all that, huh?” He told me he’d take care of it. The next morning I woke up in a stranger’s house and I was…huge! Big muscles! So strong! My penis was huge! I had grown ups clothes lying around my bed! I felt my face and I had hair on it! I had a strange tingling on my face I realized was hair. I realized a cel phone near me was buzzing and I heard my voice calmly tell me to just not panic. Apparently this gruff biker guy is a magician…a real one. Like some kind of shaman he said, and he was going to show my nephew a thing or two while he was in my body. That day in the schoolyard he kicked my bully’s ass with all the kung fu he knows! It was crazy. I was watching from the side of the playground outside the fence and my jaw dropped. He was using my body to really kick ass! I didn’t know my body could even do things like that! Well anyway afterwards I saw him and thanked him and he told me he’d been needing to take a vacation and asked me to be a grown up for a year! “A year,” I screamed. “No way! You mean I get to be big and huge all year!” Well, with a few rules. I have to work out every day and maintain his body. I have to work at a gas station. I have the right to have sex now if I want to (but I haven’t yet!) and I have to help his sister take care of my bully..er…nephew now. And my old body is teaching me kung fu so I can defend myself when I go back in a year from now. This is so amazing…a cigar! If my mom saw me she’d kill me! And my bully? He now looks up to me and hangs on every word I tell him, being the only MAN in his life! So I’m telling him to turn over a new leaf if he doesn’t want to get his ass kicked, and he should start defending weaker kids and not bullying them.

I can’t believe I am in my teacher’s body! He has a beard and a house and I can drive and and and this is all so unbelievable! It just happened two days ago and he’s angry because his wife was out of town and he stayed with me afterschool because I had detention. I’m only 12 but he was really angry because he said I wanted to not listen to him and stuff and that I didn’t want to listen to authority so I was like no why would I? I want to be a grown up so I don’t have to listen to all the stupid rules who wants to be a kid and he was like I’d really like to be a kid again and the next thing you know we had totally swapped bodies and were screaming and everything. The janitor heard us and came in and asked if we were okay and I said yes everything is..fine! And my voice was different! I had a grown man’s voice and it’s all deep! He was panicking and I told him to just calm down. I called my parents and told them I’d drive their son home. Since he didn’t know the way haha. He was freaking out but I’d watched my dad drive a lot so i thought how hard could it be. He gave me instructions and was totally afraid I’d get us in an accident so he made me practice in the parking lot which was empty first but eventually I got him to my parents house and waved goodbye. He was so freaked out! He kept talking about how I ciouldn’t be a teacher but I guess I can cause all I do is read out of the book and ask the students to and it’s not even hard. And his wife came home last night and got naked in front of me!!! That is the most amazing part holy shit I couldn’t believe it she was…so hot! And she climbed into bed and told me to come with her and I got to feel up her breasts and we spooned each other and I got really hard and…I just exploded oh man being a grown man is so weird and freaky and different and awesome!!! Now I’m on my day off and smoking a CIGAR like a BOSS. So sorry, Mr. Anderson but I like being you and I don’t even know how we swapped bodies but don’t care cause I look like a grown up and no one can tell me I have to go to detention! Oh man and I can totally give detention to the bullies who picked on me! This is so totally cool!

I thought it would be cooler if I was older. I used to just put on this fake beard. So cheesy but I was 14 and desperate for facial hair. I would pose in front of the mirror and then one day I feel asleep and when I woke up something was different. My beard was real. And my dad thinks that I’m his brother. I get to smoke cigars and apparently everything is different. I help dad run his business at the hardware store but my life is like 99% work. I didn’t know adults worked this hard! Catching time to smoke a cigar is one of my few pleasures these days. I don’t know who did this to me but I wish they’d talked with me about it first. It…was just a wish I made in passing! Whoever heard me actually did it, though! I wish I knew who…god this cigar is good. Maybe it isn’t bad, maybe I can find a guy online. I got laid for the first time last week and it was amazing but I had to be at work the next morning. Being an adult is hard but I guess it has its benefits. Like, I can be gay and no one will say anything at school and spread rumors. I can just get my dick wet in some hot guy’s ass. Guess it ain’t all bad.

I’m hundreds of miles away from my dad. I’m so mad at him. I was telling him how hard it was to be a kid and the next day he says he’s gonna show me how hard it really is. He invited my uncle over, who was smiling real hard and then the next thing I know I was waking up on my bed but I was…heavy. And tired. And wearing my uncle’s black leather jacket. The fuck? I soon discovered they had stolen my life and body. My uncle was now a carefree 13 year old and my dad was telling me I had to move into my uncle’s place and be a father to his kids! It’s insane! I have to drive them everywhere, work at my uncle’s job at a  furniture store, and I’m always getting nagged at by my aunt, who is now my wife and that is just fucked up. I mean she sucked my dick eventually so I guess it’s not all bad, and I get to smoke cigars which is pretty cool. But I want to go back to junior high already! I’ve learned my lesson! Take me back already! But my dad still won’t switch us back, he says he’s having the time of his life with my uncle, who has become the most perfect son imaginable…a model student and athlete…he says not to hold my breath! Come on! I want to be young again! Shit, I have to go pick my kid up from school…

You used to be a straight man but ever since your neighbor moved in next door you found yourself captivated. Of course the subliminal expertise he had in brainwashing after working for a high end military operation paid off, not that you thought about it as you suddenly saw him as the sexiest man in the universe. But all you can think about now is getting as far away from women as possible. You crave dick now. And not just any dick, but his dick. His big fat, juicy dick that sits in your mouth, so hard, so perfect, pulsing while you try your hardest to please, eager for cum. It’s manly to be a cumgargler. It’s good to be Master’cum slave. It’s good to do what Master says. Men are sexy. Not girls and boobs. Men with beards are especially sexy. No more cheerleader porn for you. Men with beards smoking cigars send you over the top. Being manly is good. Being manly is sexy. You love smelling Master’s cigar while you suck him. It makes you happy. So happy…

I was always complaining about my husband smoking cigars and drinking beer. I didn’t understand his more unwholesome leanings but then I woke up one day and as you can guess, that’s me right there. Sufficed to say, it took us a lot of shock to get over but once I realized our biological urges had changed, i can safely say that I have embraced my new masculine traits. Including being on top in bed! Once I found out how fun it was to fuck as a man I hoped we would never switch back, not that I know how it happened in the first place.

When my Dad was stationed in the Middle East, he came across something in a bazaar. It was a simple ring he bought off of some jeweler for Mom, and he made some wish that he could be back home with her. Well, apparently it was embued with the powers of a djinn. The former owner of the ring was a warlord who took over a country and let’s just say the djinn interpreted his wishes to his detriment and that country got totaled. Oh, and I’m now smoking cigars and in the army in place of my dad. I have the ring now and Dad is with mom in my nine year old body. But you know what, I kind of like being big and grown up so i wished to have all my dad’s knowledge and wished for his memory to be wiped of the event, so only I know we switched bodies. I wonder what else I can wish for…maybe a new job back home so i can go home and fuck my Mom..er…wife now. Mom is smoking hot and I can’t wait to put my fuckin’ dick inside her!

I always dreamed of being bald and looking older. Ever since I was six years old. When I turned 13 all I wanted was to be middle aged, have a beard, be bald, smoke cigars like a man. I wished it with all my might. The next day I woke up like this and my single mother was talking to me about me being her brother. Reality changed altogether and now I’m about to go to my dick sucked from some little twink I met off craigslist. I thank whoever granted my birthday wish because this shit is awesome. Way better than junior high.

I first noticed little Todd here when he showed up to my bar with a fake ID. Only 16 and he wanted his first beer. Well, I like turning boys into men, what can I say. By the time he had my most special drinks, he was sporting chest hair, losing any hair on his head and by the end of the evening he was older than his own father. He freaked out when i cleared his mind enough for him to realize that he had aged, and looked nothing like the boy he used to be. In one night I’d made him a man. Now he has a whole new life, and he has me to thank for it. Of course, in order to get a new identity, he had to promise to let me hook him up with other men that love a good cigar smoking cocksucker. I forced him onto cigars and now he can’t get enough of them. I love making men into boys…literally making them, that is. Forcing them to do my bidding as I age them. Other people have different fetishes. Mine is making boys into cigar dads against their will, but in the end they all get used to it. 

Monday, March 20, 2017

Grandpa's Curse


Ryan looked longingly at the photo of himself from just a few weeks ago. He was only 20. He had everything going for him. He tried not to shed a tear. His arms. His chest. His perfect abs. And it was all gone. Everything was all gone. He had avoided all his friends. He had not gone to school. Every day was agony. And his grandfather was responsible for all of it.

Three weeks ago...

Grandpa Harold was a tough man to please. He was rich and powerful and he was worst of all, vengeful. As an almost billionaire, he ran about 20 different corporations under the umbrella of his own and he paid for what he wanted, including a hot young wife only a little older than Ryan. It was shocking to the family but Ryan was told to say nothing about it. And he didn't for a long time, even those Celeste gave him a longing look whenever he came to visit.

Grandpa met him one day with his own unhappy look. He took Ryan to a nice restaurant and told him that he was meeting with some incredibly powerful people. Ryan thought he meant businessmen but Grandpa Harold said no no, these are...people you can't look up on the internet. I have paid a fortune just to find them. I want to have a more youthful body and I think I can pay for it. Ryan immediately thought someone was trying to pull one over on his Grandpa but Grandpa dismissed him.

"There are powerful people in the world who only very rich people know about and they like to remain hidden. They have their reasons. They have used their talents for certain friends of mine. Let's just say I have reason to be happy about this but I'm also a little worried. I suppose it's just nerves, is all. Well, you know what. Cheers. I think it's going to be the best decision I ever made."

Grandpa was a little hesitant to give details and Ryan was incredibly skeptical. He spent that night in the mansion and Grandpa went out for a consultation. That was when it happened. Celeste came into his room and one thing led to another and he was fucking her like crazy on his large guest bed. She screamed with pleasure as he filled her up. Grandpa couldn't fill up a girl like this anymore, he thought cruelly. Shouldn't even try. I'm young and he thinks he can be young like me again? He'll be dead soon and this will all me mine. All this hot piece of ass if I want it, too. Fuck yeah! FUCK! He used Celeste four times in a row before she went crazy and fled. Said she had to make sure no one noticed she was in his room.

Ryan contacted me weeks later telling me the details of this story. And he told me about how after that he was awoken in the middle of the night by unknown assailants who shoved a needle in his arm, took him to a secret location and kept him there for days and he had been out of school for three weeks now.

He told me frantically he couldn't trust anyone. He said they did things to him. He was disfigured he said. Couldn't even go outside with a shirt off. He left me a drunken message where he started crying and was unintelligible. He invited me over to the mansion. He said maybe I could help him. He was talking through his tears about how Grandpa took his body away from him. It made no sense.

When I arrived I didn't know what to think. Maybe my friend was having a breakdown. Ryan met me in the far side of one of the outside gardens. One of the butlers led me there with a strange, apprehensive look on his face. I noticed it one of the maids as well. Something told me that not to many people had been to the house lately.

Ryan was wearing a heavy sweater which made no sense for the hot weather we were having. He was drinking, and he sullenly looked up at me.

"You know how I looked, right? I fucking looked like a real man."

"Dude, what are you talking about? You're like the most jacked guy I know. You're way hotter than I am. Or like half our team." We both were on the rowing team. I know, it's preppy and elitist and that's because hey, we're rich.

"You don't understand, man." he started sobbing. "My grandfather is so rich he found people that know magic. Like real magic. And he caught me with his wife. I don't know why I fucked her, man. I just did. I couldn't help myself. She was so hot."

"You fucked your stepmom. Or stepgrandma?? Gross!"

"Dude, she's 22 and smoking fucking hot!"

"Oh. Well that's still gross, just for different reasons. Yeah I forgot about your grandpa doing that. Good for him I guess but he didn't find out, right? Did that bitch tell him?" I was so mad for him, and mad AT him at the same time."

"No, man. One of the maid spied on her, and he paid her big time to do it. And he said he never expected it from me, he said she was supposed to keep an eye out for like the pool boy and shit. Fuck me. Fuck. Fuck fuck fuck I woke up and I was in this place and they strapped me down and cut me and I bled all over and they had these weird knives and masks and shit...it was so fucking scary I thought I was gonna die. And they were chanting and shit and I got all dizzy and Grandpa was there and they put my blood in a cup and he fucking DRANK it! I couldn't fucking believe it and when I woke up I was like..this!" He started crying.

A shiver ran down my spine. "Like...what?"

"Like this, ok!" He took off the sweater and the undershirt and I gasped. I couldn't believe what I was seeing.

"This...this isn't possible," I muttered.

"Just look at me. LOOK AT ME I'M A FUCKING FREAK SHOW MAN! I have THIS." He held onto his flabby giant love handle and gut. I have fucking MAN BOOBS dude..I just...wanna fucking kill myself."

"No! No don't do that. Hey. Man, dry your tears, ok? I don't think you look that bad. I mean I never told you this but I actually think...I always thought you looked really hot."

"Thanks, man. I guess." He sniffed. He wasn't gay and I wanted to just hold him.

"Stand up. Please."

"You gotta talk to him for me, man. You gotta talk him into giving me my body back. He's got it. He looks fucking amazing with my body." Ryan sniffed with his hand to his nose. I walked over to him and put my hand on his gut.

"I don't know if this helps but, I think you're sexy. I think your face is sexy and I think your body is sexy, too." And then I cracked up.

"Fuck you." he muttered.

"I'm just kidding, dude. You look great. For a freak show, I mean when you join the circus the kids will love you, just keep your fucking shirt on!"

Ryan roared and tried to chase me. He did so for several seconds and then stopped. The all star runner heaving to and fro on the green. Panting like an old man. I started laughing.

"Fuck you I'm gonna get you!" He started running and had to stop. I laughed as I jogged before him.

"Come on, old man. Try and catch me! God, you are so out of shape now, dude! Hahahahahahhaha!"

You may think this is cruel but Ryan made plenty of jokes at my expense and I knew for a fact he kept me from being captain of the team because he outed me "by accident". He also made several passes at me at various times when he was drunk because he always wondered what it would be like to "get sucked off by another dude" and then he freaked out when I began to suck his cock. He couldn't handle the part of him that really was gay. Our friendship was not exactly what you would call even. He was always embarrassing me in front of my gay friends by making gay jokes. It was a little overboard. He was really trying not to be thought of as gay. I really got angry with him though, because he tried to come on to my last boyfriend just to prove he could attract any guy or girl he wanted to. Fucking jerk, That actually hurt me. It hurt me to see him leave with Steve only to pull the same bullshit with him. Oh I am just not ready to get sucked off by a dude. Yeah, you just want attention, Well now you got it, jackass!

I told him I'd be back in the dorms and if he got desperate enough, he could suck me off. Maybe then I'd consider going to talk to his grandfather on his own behalf. I did meet the old man on my way out and holy fuck. HOLY FUCK!

"It's Andrew, right? Ryan's friend!"

"Holy shit, it's true. You took his body. That's so fucking...awesome!"

"Yeah it is, isn't it? I just wanted to make sure you weren't going to go around blabbing about this. I know people and I wouldn't want anything to happen to you."

"Dude, I am sort of enjoying this to be honest. I mean, this is some freaky ass shit, but..." I explained my situation to the old man and he laughed.

"Of course. So he just fucks everyone else over. No one can be happy but him."

"He wants me to talk you into helping him."

"I'm teaching him a lesson in humility Would that we could walk in the shoes of others. Well now I'm walking in his body and it feels pretty FUCKING great. I am in charge of who gets to come into this house, you know. I approved you to be let in. I have something to talk to you about. I think my grandson is bisexual. I have this body and I gotta tell you, I fucked my wife so hard her pussy nearly fell out but I am not really satisfied if you know what I mean. And your story makes sense. I think my grandson likes girls but he likes boys better. I mainly pictured boys when I was fucking my wife. And you know I'm so old I don't give a fuck what she wants. She signed a prenup. So uh, I guess what I'm saying is, would you like to come upstairs and fool around? I am almost a billionaire."

"FUCK YEAH!" I should have tried to play coy but who am I kidding. My friend's grandpa was HOT AS HELL! I was in heaven. He carried me upstairs. Said it gave him quite a thrill. I was in daddy heaven. I felt up the body I'd dreamed about for years!

We're still figuring out what to do with Ryan. I am on a first name basis with Harold and quite frankly, Celeste is out and I'm in. As Ryan's soon to be step-grandfather I would just like to point out that taking the semester off has been good for him. I am living in the lap of luxury and enjoying every minute of being fucked my Harold, who gets along with me so much better than that stupid bitch he married. And we have plans for Ryan. He's seeing a therapist paid off handsomely to never discuss this particular problem with anyone. He's a little less depressed. Still wearing heavy clothing outside in public if he ever goes out, which is rare. If he's very good, and I mean very very good, we'll give him another new young body,. In about five years...magic isn't cheap, you know.