Tuesday, April 15, 2014

My Uncle is So Cool

 Today the boardwalk is pretty nice and I love strutting my stuff and smoking in public.

 Fuck yeah. Feels so good. (puff)

 I can't believe everybody treats me like a grown up now! And I'm taller than all the kids who are the size I was!

 But let me back up. This is me now:

This is SO cool. Dad would KILL me if he saw me smoking! But he would never say anything about his older brother doing...well, anything! Uncle Mack is letting me be him for the summer and it's awesome! I'm only 13 and I've already been laid! I lost my virginity to this guy who totally sucked me off and he was dad's age! I can make out with grown up guys now, go to the gym and work out my huge biceps and chest or go to a bar and drink beer!

Hold on, my uncle is calling me.

"Hello?" I ask gruffly, taking out my cigar. God I look cool.

"Yeah, uh..UNCLE Mack? Are you alone?"

"What's up, sport?" I asked jovially. I try to stay "in character" and act as him.

"I uh...I sort of made a mistake. I just now tried to switch us back."

"You what? Thought we were staying this way til the end of summer." I took another drag and blew.

"Look, Uncle Mack. I'm really sorry but I found out from my friend, the one I borrowed the spell from, we can't change back til a year goes by. We're stuck like this. Like, real stuck. I'll have to contact you via chat later tonight so my brother doesn't know I'm talking to you. We are going to have to give you a crash course in being a bouncer. You are gonna have to really listen carefully. You are a grown adult and you are going to be expected to know a lot about thugs who drink too much and how to handle yourself in a fight. I'm going to try to convince your folks to let me stay with you more this summer and you'll act real enthusiastic about it. Hello? Donny?"

"Donny's your name," I smiled and took out my cigar again. I really had gotten used to smoking it. "Don't worry about a thing, Donny." I felt so confident in his body. "We'll take it one step at a time. It'll all be fine."

"Okay, kid. You're being real brave here. But you're taking this pretty well, I have to say. Okay, I gotta go, my brother's coming back and I still have to pretend to look up to him. Bye."

I smiled. I had already been thinking how much I wanted to be like my uncle. And I was going to learn to fight and kick guys out of bars. How cool am I going to be? I smoked my cigar pretty satisfied with myself.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Four Shorts

1. Another Age...Ray

Daddy says that because I used his age ray to make myself into a grown up, he is going to be the little kid in the family! He changed all the ID’s so that I’m the official dad and he’s the official son. He thought he would teach me a lesson but then I put the age ray into a secret hiding place far from here where he will never find it. I told him I liked going to my new job and relaxing with a good cigar. He tried to fight me on it, but I gave him a good spanking and he calmed down. What is he going to do? He’s only 8 years old, after all.

2. Ali Baba to the Rescue

The two had no idea how they had swapped bodies so suddenly. One minute the big lug had shoved the much smaller Jase for bumping into him, and drunkenly threatened to beat him up and the next Jase found himself bigger and better and took off, leaving his old body behind. Soon he found where he was staying and according to his ID what his name was: Gunner. He was a stud now and worked in a car shop. Memories filtered in of him always being the bigger buy and never bullied in his life…how did this happen? He had met some guy named Ali Baba earlier who said he could sell wishes but he thought it was all a joke! He had wished to be way bigger and now he was! I will have to thank that guy, he thought, as he started noticing how much taller he was than everyone and started to get a swag in his step...

3. Uncle Says

"Well if you want me to pay for your college tuition, you’ll do as I say. Yeah I am your uncle. I’m also your fucking boss as long as you get those juicy checks. Speaking of juicy…oh yeah. Suck uncle’s big cock. Like a good beta. Good cockwhore. Suck me off, boy. That’s it….

4. Best Walk Home From School Ever

I dunno what happened to me! The first thing was, I was on my way home to school and I saw my neighbor and he waved to me and I waved to him and the next thing I know I’m in his body! And he screamed at me but I just told him no one would believe him and laughed at him. I was pretty mean. I’m way bigger now! It’s so exciting! Wait..I’m remembering stuff, like what he did this morning. I’m remembering what it’s like to be him! Oh! He found a genie! The old ring he found on the beach this morning! It was inside a bottle! That’s it! And he wished he could be as carefree as me and now I’m him! I wonder how many wishes I have left! Oh man, I’m going to enjoy being a grown up man! I can hardly wait to do all sorts of things. My body feels great!!!

Tired From Work

"Dad! DAD!"

"What? Jesus, WHAT! SHUT UP!"

"Dad, he hit me!"

"No, he hit me!"

"Both of you kids shut the fuck up! Just shut up! I'll give you something to cry about!"

"But DAD!"

"Out! I'm tired from work and I just want to relax in my chair for a little while. Get in your rooms. When I was your age we had manners. If you can't get along I'll swat your behinds!"

Drake, the little brother, stayed downstairs after his brother went upstairs.

"If I went to work, I wouldn't be tired!"

"Oh really? If you went to work, I could stay at home. You wanna switch places?"

"Okay! Shake on it."

Matt chuckled. "Yeah, will you shut up and get along with your brother?"

"Sure, cause I'll be in charge! Then he has to do what I say?"

Crazy kids and their games, Matt thought.

"Sure, let's shake on it. You can go to work..." Matt shook his young son's hand, his own about four times bigger than his son's. Suddenly a hand was clasping his that was much, MUCH bigger!

"Oh boy, it worked!"

Matt saw his own body stand up and loom over him. Was he having an out of body experience? What was happening.

"No, that's impossible! Hey my voice! No, it can't be!"

"Now you can go to second grade and I can go to work, Daddy!"

"No...NO! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! How? How! Am I on drugs?"

"No Daddy, don't be silly! Wow, I have hair all over! This is so neat! I'm way taller, too! Wow! Wow wow wow yayyyyy!" Drake started jumping up and down in his new big body, making it look like the older man had gone crazy.


"The man said I had to get you to agree!"

Matt felt himself shaking. He was so small. And frail. He looked at a mirror in the living room and only saw the face of his small, seven year old's son reflection. I'm not even tall enough to see my entire body in the mirror, he thought panicking.


"Hey, what's going on down here?" Tim said, coming in. Tim was older than his brother, at ten whole years of age he now towered above his father.

"You two go upstairs. I'm tired from work!" the little boy announced in his new big voice. "Take your brother upstairs. And if you two don't get along, I'll spank you!"

"No! No!"

"Come on, dummy," his son grabbed his seven year old arm and dragged him upstairs. Drake giggled in his new man voice as Matt was led to his son's room. He sat there as Tim started playing around.

What the hell am I going to do? he thought and no ideas came to him.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Little Bro is Now My Babysitter

My little brother Ricky was drinking a beer!

"My little brother," he explained to his new grown up friends. He came over to me and I gulped as he came close. I only stood up to his pecs now. His voice was low and no-nonsense. "I'm just having a little fun so don't say anything. Or I'm going to beat the shit out of you later." He said it quietly like it was so secondhand to give me orders. I wanted to cry.

"Okay," I said weakly, submitting to him by bowing my head slightly. Ever since my brother had gone away to summer camp and come back a much older version of himself and no one had remembered him being the younger brother, I had been dying to find out how he did it. I made inquiries and phone calls and did internet searches. I even managed to drive down to the camp and met a few of the townsfolk. One of them was a counselor there. Summer had gone and my brother had gone from grade 5 to college in a week. The man smiled when I asked him if he knew my brother and told me I was in the wrong place and if I came back he would "take care of me, and I wouldn't want to be any smaller than my brother than I already was." It scared the shit out of me! They made him big! I knew it! They changed reality! I got the hell out of there. My heart was racing.

My little brother was angry tonight because he knew. He knew I'd gone to the camp to go looking for answers and he came into my room after my parents left to go to a restaurant. He grabbed me by my shirt and lifted me off the ground!

"Look, faggot. I'm having some friends over for beers tonight. Don't do anything to embarrass me or I'll fucking cream ya. Do we have an understanding? Or are you gonna be a problem?"

"No. N-no. No."

"Good. And if you are a problem, I'm gonna have you shrunk to kindergarten. Yeah, I can do that. Guess you lucked out cause no one gives a shit enough to make you big. Only me. Cause it was my fucking destiny. Now repeat after me," he said. "I am the little brother. I will do everything you say."

"I am the little brother. I will do everything you say."

"You gonna fuck with me or my friends tonight, faggot?"

"No. No, Ricky."

"No, SIR." he growled at me.

"No, SIR. Please don't hurt me, man."

He grunted a laugh. "Fucking sissy," he breathed in his deep, bass voice. So deep it sent shivers down my spine and made my cock hard. My little I mean my big bro is now my babysitter so I better just do as he says and not make him mad. Maybe if I try hard enough he'll let me hang out with him and his college friends and let me try a beer...even though I'm only 16.

April Fool's Day: 2009 - From Wall Street to Hayseed

Brandon had made out of the economic crisis richer than most at the firm. His salary was already pretty high but just the knowledge that he was a cut above the rest of humanity elevated his ego to the point of being unbearable. Other employees were truly beneath him for the most part. Ants scurrying around and he was a true alpha male, a natural born leader. He deserved everything he got in life. All the millions of dollars he had made and spent on expensive suits, car, penthouse apartment, the yacht...he did deserve it. 

Of course all those people that got fired didn't find it as amusing but those were the breaks. People have to take risks. Otherwise no one is a winner. Better there be at least some winners. 

Brandon was approached earlier by a man trying to form a fund for recently fired employees who lost their fortunes in his schemes. Unfortunately he could give a crap. He sent Mr. April on his way and told him how much he cared, which was not at all. 

Brandon spent the day getting massages, and going back to his office to do some cocaine, have sex with hookers, and make some investments. He called the shots along with a few select others and he answered to almost no one. 

But when he took a nap in his office, on the spotless furniture worth tens of thousands of dollars he blinked. Where was he? Some...someplace not the office.

He was on hay. He was wearing some disgusting jacket.

"What happened to me? What the hell happened to my voice?" He got up. 

"Shane, get the tractor inside and hurry up, we got to get all the animals in before it gets dark. LET'S MOVE IT!" a hefty cowboy told him. He took the cowboy hat off his head. He looked in the rearview mirror of a truck and was horrified to see the face of a simple high school age cowboy staring back on him. He started screaming but then Mr. April was right there looking at him with an evil grin. 

"They can't see me. Play it cool. You're in a new body. Your name is Shane Grayson. You no longer have the penthouse. I gave it to, well, the old Shane. He's going to be having a blast. And let's just let go of all those thoughts you had before..." He brushed a hang along Brandon's new head and suddenly all his knowledge of investments and stocks was gone.

"Whadj ya'll do to me? My voice! I sound like some kindah-" He clamped his hand over his mouth. 

"You're a dumb hick and nobody gives a fuck who you are. Here's your new set of job skills." Mr. April brushed his hand along the new Shane's temple. 

Of course Shane is getting all your strengths. None of the inhumanity. He'll be making amends to all of the coworkers who lost their shirts by starting a fund for them via the company so they have at least six months pay to live off of. Especially the secretaries and temporary office workers who stayed working for your company for almost nothing while you snorted up the rest of the profits. Now get going with that tractor. 

Brandon wanted to cry as he led the tractor inside. It wasn't fair. He used to know so much...so much knowledge. He took it for granted. His mind was now far more simple. He knew how to care for cows and sheep. He knew how to bundle hay. He knew how to feed the dogs and corral and sheer and he knew all sorts of things about tractors and harvesting wheat and vegetables...his office days were gone. He wept a silent tear as he got going in his new job.

Meanwhile, that same day...some of Shane's friends were hanging out down near their own farm having some fun. They had been shooting cans and wearing mud as camouflage.

"Fellas, I swear, once we get in the army it's gonna be sweet."

"Yeah, we'll get paid once a month. It's gonna be fuckin' hard, though."

"I know. Wish I could have a good job and wear a suit. Up there on Wall Street."

"Yeah they need to come here so we can apply."

The boys laughed but one of them had done many good deeds that month. Mr. April had tested him, posing as a homeless man in town. Johnny had helped him out, given him directions and even a jacket out of his pickup truck. That kindness would soon be rewarded.

"Hey, how...where am I? Why am I sounding like this?"

"Who the hell are you? Where are my friends?"

"I'm Johnny. Why is my voice so weird?"

"Johnny who?"

"Johnny Taylor."

"What? No you're not. You're old. What the hell is going on here?"

"Oh my god. What am I doing in this suit? Where did my friends go? My name's Lonny."

"Lonny? No way!"

"Who are you?"

"I'm Sammy."

"Gentlemen, allow me to explain." Mr. April said, and explained to them they were now rich typhoons who could easily afford to buy and sell most people.

New knowledge came to them and even though they were older they were happier and felt very comfortable with their new suits and expensive cars and haircuts.

"I look like a million dollars! And I'm way more old and stuff."

"Don't talk like that. People will think you're a simpleton."

"Where do you get off in talking like that? Hey why am I talking like this? Where did my accent go?"

"All part of your new lives I'm afraid. Now boys, have fun getting martinis. You have dinner at a gay social club, very upper crust gays of course, at 6:30. You don't want to be late.

"We're gay?"

"I know I am. Shit, you fellas look pretty ripe, too. I can't wait for you to get your cherries popped."

"Speak for yourself, slut."

The three formed a plan that night to help out the farming community from which their bodies had come. As they grew with knowledge they also found themselves growing hard at the thought of getting naked with other guys.

Back on the farm the three former executives got the shock of a lifetime that they were to be military recruits. Either that or continue playing in the mud and Mr. April made a fairly convincing argument that they deserved it after their selfish behavior. If they were very lucky and played their cards right, maybe one day they would work their way up to business school but that day was far away.

Mr. April rubbed his hands together. He loved his job.

Friday, April 11, 2014

April Fool's Day: 1983 - Adventures of Muscle High, USA

My name is Finn and I go to Muscle High. Well, that's what everyone calls it. I'm just the school nerd in Venice Beach CA. Every musclehead in the world is here. I try to just keep getting straight A's. My parents say girls will eventually understand me but so far girls only care about muscle headed jocks. It isn't fair! Us nerds just can't ever get a break!

One day, though, I decided to enjoy my favorite pasttime and go for a walk on the beach to look for shellfish specimens. All the jocks on the beach with their shirts off were looking for babes, though. I got laughed at a couple of times and felt really embarrassed. I wish I didn't have to feel this way. I put everything in my backpack and decided to just go home when I saw a strange man looking for things with a metal detector. He said he was a scientist so of course I got excited. He said he was looking for something he had dropped earlier! He had a second metal detector and he said I looked like just the kind of young man he could definitely help. His name is Dr. April and he said that the device was very important to science.

Anyway, we went back to his car. He gave me my new metal detector to work with. I helped him comb the beach around the area he told me to. A lot of hot women in bikinis laughed at me, like always and big muscled guys looked down on me. Some of them would just should things like "nerd" and "poindexter" and "dweeb". You..get the idea. A lot of them were jocks from my school who just love nothing more than to look bigger than me in front of their hot girlfriends. Fun as always.

All of a sudden my detector went off! I dug down quickly and found a metallic box, small with many strange switches and wires. I called over to Dr. April and he quickly thanked me by handing me a hundred dollars! Wow!

"Now, my young sir, would you like to help me in the name of science?"


"Then come back to my hotel room and I will show you what this device can do! It will advance the human body in ways I can't describe!"

I went along with him thinking, maybe he can help write a recommendation for college. An actual scientist would definitely give me real science cred!

We got back to the small hotel room and he revealed that the device was meant to help repair and nurture human cels by having them grow and multiply and this would help prevent disease.

"Here, put your finger right here and it will scan you."

"Okay, like this?"

Suddenly there was a bright light. The machine was gone. So was Dr. April. I blinked. I walked over to the mirror, or tried to but all my clothing hurt so badly I found myself having to tear it all off. It was like I was wearing toddler clothing for a four year old! This guy must be some kind of children's magician, I thought.

But as it turned out, he was a real one. I know how it sounds. Magic? Real? But it is the only scientific explanation for what happened to me at this point.

Don't believe this is me? Well believe it. I took the clothes that were on the bed and put them on because mine obviously weren't going to fit. I thought several things. That I was crazy or that he injected me with LSD. But I tested these theories by walking around outside. I interacted with people. I was at least five years older than I had been, probably more. I had identification that proved I had the same name but for whatever reason I was not my fathers YOUNGER BROTHER. My parents now had no memory of me being their child. I still had the same memories. This was all written in a note I found from Dr. April. Oh god, wanna see me flex?

I used to be such an intellectual. I still plan on maybe taking some night classes. But my days are pretty busy at the gym. Yes, I, the poindexter, now own a gym where all my old high school friends now come to every day to try to get as buff as me. I spend most of my time encouraging guys by giving them tips. Some of them LOVE to watch me while I lift and I quickly discovered they would do anything for me...including sucking my cock! Yes, all the jocks that used to make fun of me...a lot of them are gay and they loooooove to suck bodybuilder cock! I never knew!

Life is sure different but all of my secret desires were for a big body, and to be admired for it. I'm willing to wait a while longer before becoming a scientist. I think the important thing is, I'm big and big people get respect no matter what. So get out of my way when you see me, shrimp!


This is Ed.

This is Ed. Ed just happens to have been one of the really unfortunate college students who decided to do some tutoring at Muscle High, and he began to deeply regret it. Most of his clients were high school kids way bigger than him. Animals practically. Huge bulking menaces to society. He was helping them with their grades, or trying to, but all they cared about was getting laid, and meanwhile here he was a gay virgin who had to keep himself from blowing a wad all over himself whenever he went through their coursework in the library.

One day he found himself staring at a poster he had gotten for free. Mr. April, the school biology teacher, had given it to him because apparently he looked like he could "use some motivation". Maybe the guy could smell how desperate he was for some muscle in real life but maybe the guy was just a gym nut himself and was trying to get him to be as well.

Most of the jocks shied away from talking about themselves and their huge muscles to him but high school hadn't been like that and college sure wasn't. Everyone was big and strong around here and they made sure he knew it. He was miserable and still getting pushed around. He stared at the poster now in his bedroom. He still lived at home with his parents because the dorms just hadn't worked out. He had been the subject of many, many "nerd pranks" and humiliations done at the hands of much bigger guys than him.

"I wish I'd been born with YOUR genetics," he said to the poster.

Something twinkled in the eye of the man in the poster.

Ed shook his head. Surely he must be imagining things. He turned back to his calculus homework. In no time he was dozing. Stupid math, it was so boring, he thought. Wait...I like math. But not as much as pumping iron. Wait. He liked iron as a part of chemistry. Fe was the symbol for it. Iron was an interesting element.

He woke up.

"Mmmm, I need a protein shake with lots of iron!" Protein shake? Why would he say that? "And I need to hit the gym." He said these things out loud and it was as if he had been taken over by a pod person!

He looked in the mirror. He was now a carbon copy of the poster boy! HE WAS HUGE! He spent an hour trying to figure out if he was crazy or not. The hair, the face, the enormous muscles. They were everything he had ever dreamed of.

The poster was magic and he learned this by receiving a phone call to come down to the gym by his buddy, Finn. Suddenly two faces came to his mind. One a thin, lanky nerd in high school and the other a huge, hulking mass of delicious muscle stud.

"I must be going crazy. May as well see where this dream takes me."

He got there just as the new huge Finn was showing off to some of the other studs who were now much younger than him.

When they were finally alone, Finn sat down and began working at one of the machines. "How is this happening? Do you know? Am I dreaming right now?"

"Yeah, I'm pretty sure we have lived in two realities now. I think I have theories. Maybe a multiverse exists where we developed in different bodies and we have been placed into such a reality without realizing it. But that is only a theory."

"I feel fucking amazing!" Ed said, feeling his first ever pump with the now unbelievably huge body he now possessed.

"Dude, did you check out your package?" Finn adjusted his own groin and the enormous bulge he possessed.

"Yeah. I'm pretty big. I'm big everywhere." He pumped his arms obsessively. "I love working out and I know everything about it. And I'm in college and...I'm a jock. I have a football scholarship! This is so unreal. It's everything I secretly dreamed about."

"Welcome to the new good life. I'm just going to enjoy it. Now you wanna come home with me and see how big we are together?"

"Not yet. I need to work out for another hour. You can wait, dude."

Even the way he talked was sexier. Inside he was totally insecure about his personality but everything that came out was suave and sexy and not at all nerdy or anxious. He was, for better or worse, incapable of saying anything that made him look anything but drop dead sexy.

The new life was good. It was filled with days of football, getting laid (with chicks and dudes) parties, studying when he felt like it, and driving around in his new sports car. The 80s were a decade of fun and he intended on enjoying every possible partying second of it!

Neither of the jocks would ever forget Dr. or Mr. April, whoever he was.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

April Fool's Day: 1927 - Trading the Old For the New

Mr. Horace Glass had become quite rich in his older days. He had had to sacrifice a great deal however, in order to get there. Spending so much of his days making money on his company, trading sums and overseeing factories, he had wasted much of his youth and more toiling to get to the top. Now that he was substantially wealthy, he had to contend with his greedy family. A wife he could never have sexual relations with (he did early on but with his deviancy for men it was simply a marriage of convenience now) and a son who was a nightmare. His son spent too much money on loose women and illegal booze and could never be bothered to work very hard. All he wanted was to inherit his father's fortune and not bother to earn his father's love or pride.

One day, Mr. Glass went to his doctor's office. There was a new doctor in to take over for his regular one, a Dr. April. He had gone because of sleeplessness and nerves. The man listened to him and inquired about his home life. He said that if one had stressful vibrations within the body it could lead to unhealthy heart palpitations.

"I wish I could take a pill that could make my son into something I could be proud of again."

"Well, children often don't turn out the way we think. Open up and say "ahhh". Thank you."

"I wish I could take a pill and be young again. I have so much money and there's no money in the world that could pay for that. Money can't buy happiness, doctor."

"Well, yes, but let's try anyway. Here." The doctor gave him a glass of strange looking fluid.

"What's this? I'm not sick."

"It's a tonic. It helps soothe the nerves."

"I need it! What's in it? Not coca?"

"Oh no, something far less stimulating."

"Splendid. Woo! That packs a wollop!"

"It's Youth Potion."

"Youth Potion! As if there were any such a thing!"

On the way home Horace felt energized. He had a spring to his step. He noticed he didn't feel any of the aches and pains he had been feeling these last few years, hell, decades. Whatever was in that stuff, he had to get more of it! What good chance to find a doctor who knew what he was doing.

Horace caught a glimpse of himself in a store glass window. Strange. His hair seemed darker and not gray. And his face seemed to be that of a 40 year old man. My eyes must be playing tricks with me, he thought.

He got home and hung up his hat. He felt constrained by his jacket. It felt tight. His muscles were throbbing from the walk. He could have taken the Model T but he thought it healthy to walk now and again. It invigorated the body. He promptly called his butler to make his lunch, which he wolfed down. Even asked for seconds. Rare for him.

He dozed for a few hours and got up. This day had been so strange. He normally would be working but he felt the need to call in this once to let the staff know he would be occupied. True, other rich men like himself went to work even less but he couldn't help but work hard. It's how he was taught growing up. He stretched out a firm strong arm and flexed. Wait. That couldn't be right. He sprung up and flexed again. He couldn't see his arm entirely since he was wearing a thick shirt but it felt amazingly hard and big, which was impossible. He took off his shirt. He gasped. He was hard and sinewy like a young man. He gasped.

"Holy Moses this is incredible! My voice! I sound like a young...man" He looked into a mirror. He couldn't believe it. He ran into his bedroom. He felt like he could run forever! What marvelous legs he now had! Still, this had to be a dream. He stripped even further and grabbed his hat.

"Look at me! Holy kazoos this is the bees knees! I look like Hercules!"

He posed several times, noting how incredibly chiseled his face had become, how perfect his chest and arms and they felt even better. Why, other men paled in comparison to his new physique.

"This is remarkable!"

The phone rang. He picked up the speaking end and the listening end and eagerly said "Hello?"

"Hello, Mr. Glass. I was wondering what you thought of your Youth Potion."

"It's incredible! You should market it, you'll make a fortune!"

"I'm afraid it's just for you. And your son had some earlier as well. I made sure to treat him with a proper dosage."

"But that must mean..."

A shrill scream broke out. A child's scream.

"Oh that would be him. And just so you know, everyone will think of you in the same fashion. That is to say their memories will become one of you as an energetic young Grecian figure of a man. And your son is just a mere lad. No need to try to convince anyone the new strongman before them is indeed you. They will believe you."

"But why, doctor? Who are you? How did you pull this feat off?"

"It's April Fool's Day, Mr. Glass. I do it because it amuses me."

The phone clicked. Mr. Glass rushed outside to see his once huge adult son swimming in his too big pants and suit, the shirt and tie awkwardly huge as well.

"Well, sonny boy, looks like you get to look at things from a different perspective.

"Who are you? F-Father? Is that you? How did this happen? We've gotten much younger!"

"Yes and it's the perfect opportunity for you to be raised right this time!"

The boy objected to this. He was used to womanizing and pushing people around with his money. Mr. Glass called the butler to give the boy a taste of the paddle.

His son would indeed learn the value of listening to adults this time around. Mr. Glass found himself working hard with his fortune intact. In this reality he had inherited from his father but had made a substantial sum himself. He had also been given the friendship of another gentleman who lived with he and his wife. His wife and he had an arrangement to live in the same house but never really be confined to have sexual relations. That was what Thaddeus was for.

Thaddeus had been a sailor but now he served as a private servingman, servicing all of Horace's many, many needs and would for the rest of their lives. It was so fortunate that he had met the good Dr. April before the man packed up shop and left town.