Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Tables Turned

"...45...46...47...RAWR...YEAH...50!" Martin stopped his reps and turned to the little wimp standing before him.  "Towel, bitch."

"Yes, sir. Here is your towel sir."

"God, I LOVE BEING THIS BIG! FUUUUUCK! FEELS SO FUCKING GOOD! MMM!" Martin flexed and flexed. Just a few days ago he'd been a stick thin nerd until he had found the magic necessary to drain his annoying bully of a next door neighbor, Brad

Brad was always pushing Martin around. Yelling at him for any number of things. Ordering him around and threatening him. Brad liked to find dirt on people and then make them do what he said. He lived for blackmail and had set Martin up at a truck stop, having a pal of his there piss on Martin after Martin sucked the guy's dick. Brad had nothing against fags, but he liked to push little beta males around.

The blackmail had worked for a while. Before long, Martin was washing Brad's car, doing his laundry, mowing his lawn, cleaning his gutters even! He had Martin had his personal servant for a month, then two, then three. He would come home and a few times even threw Martin up against a wall to prove what a big man he was who could easily beat up such a little guy as himself. If Martin didn't do these things Brad would send the photos to everyone at his work and he would probably get fired, as it was a conservative business.

But then Martin found a witch who said she could switch people's essences. He found her online after asking anoymously on websites for just such a service. He never dreamed he would get someone who could do it for real. They met and she was sympathetic. Then she went over the details. Martin would get all the masculinity and Brad would become his loving little bitch. Martin was gay and the thought of having a straight asshole jock bully who had made his life hell turn into a simpering coward eager to please his master made it the easiest decision he ever made. He paid the witch's price.

The next morning he woke up like this and Brad had shrunk to half his size! He instantly took over, having Brad build a gym and pay for it out of his own pocket, for Martin's personal use. Martin moved into Brad's house, as it was nicer, and proceeded to make him his bitch slave.

"Hey bitch. I'm horny. Bend over, you fucking faggot slut."

Brad did so, because now he just wanted nothing but to please his new master and atone for his past behavior. Martin pummeled him so hard the little guy could barely take him. Martin had generously helped himself to a huge ten inch dick and left Brad with a tiny 1 1/2 incher that could barely even spurt cum. Brad now lived to be fucked and used like the many women he had conquested over the years. Martin stuck the entirety of his dick up Brad's sphincter and moaned as the little guy screamed.

"Clean up this mess, cunt. I'm going to go order some new toys. You are going to dress like a bitch fag from now on. I'm gonna have you wear a collar and oh, nothing else. I would get you a chastity device but you barely even have a dick anymore. You may as well just cut it off and become a woman, haha!"

"Yes, master."

"After you're done here, get started on dinner you dumb fuck. And thanks for all these muscles! They feel great. I love waking up with them in your bed. Well it's my bed now, your house has a lot of nice things. Well, it' house now. What do you think of that, you dumb bitch?"

"I think it's great, sir You deserve to be in charge for how I treated you."

"Mmmm, yes you do. And I hope you don't mind, I invited some people over for later. We're going to have an orgy and you're going to bottom for about ten different guys. They all love how submissive you were in that video I made of you begging for my cock. You'll be doing that a lot in the future. I intend to whore you out and pocket all the cash, because you don't really need money anymore. Oh and Brad?"

"What is it, sir?"

"You didn't thank me."

"I'm sorry. Thanks for all the cum you allowed me to eat, sir."

"You're welcome, bitch. Now get cracking." Martin smiled. He felt so big and powerful and Brad did everything he said now. He had to. It wasn't mind control. If he ever wanted another body back, a tall and powerful one, he would have to ask Martin, and after five years of being a bitch fag he promised he would get him one. Of course they were both gay now thanks to the spell and he suspected by that time Brad would be so in love with him he'd do whatever Martin wanted.

Brad would never be a big shot again, he thought, looking at his enormous muscles, and smiled.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Party Boy

My name is Leon and I used to be pretty spoiled. I never listened to my parents and I basically partied ALL the time. I would laugh if my parents said to do chores and would go out with my friends. I started drinking beer early and would go out to their houses after soccer practice. Soccer I actually cared about but I let my studies slide because my father is rich, so he could always give me more money when I needed it. Even though I live in South America, and most of the area we live in is poor, we don't have to worry about that!

One day they told me I was going to have a tutor. Some old American dude. They said only he could make everything right again and they were not going to cut me off after high school if I didn't get it together! My father yelled at me I had to really get it togther.

So I listened to my boring old tutor. He tried to teach me math and science, English, arts, history, but I just didn't care. I tuned him out time and again. I just wanted to watch TV. I gave him lip. I just said "I dunno" a lot.

So finally he got pretty sore with me. He said he was going to teach me a REAL lesson. On MAGIC. I was like what? Old man you watch too much Harry Potter! But no, he said, it's quite real. He said he had come to this country a much younger man but he had fallen in love with a local woman. She was a witch from a LONG line of witches. I just laughed. Uh huh. No, he said, their tribe is older than most civilizations. From deep in the jungle. They had all sorts of potions made from rare plants that don't exist outside their village. This one will make you much smarter, he told me. He handed me a vial.

"What is this, berry juice?" I sighed, totally bored. I drank it without even thinking about it and swiftly got really tired. My vision dulled and I fell to the floor and looked up at him smiling at me, cruelly.

When I came to, I started to speak in English. "What happened? Hey, why am I talking in English?" Then I went back to my native tongue, which somehow felt harder.

"I'm sorry, young man. It looks like we're out of time."

I'm going to let you guess what happened. THIS is what I look like now:

As you may have already guessed, I'm now a teacher/tutor close to retirement age. I have enough money to get by but I have to be careful. This guy's wife had passed her body on to a younger woman much like me and so now we are both old together. We're trying to figure out a way to get that potion and earn ourselves favor with the witch (who is now dating my old body).

I sometimes flirt with younger women and they get really mad at me. They call me a disgusting old pervert. It's really depressing. And now my old teacher sends me photos of himself, looking great in my body, earning soccer trophies.

He really is living it up. I wish I hadn't been such a party boy. I regret it all the time. I miss my parents. He is doing so much better in school than I was they just could not care less he seems like a totally different person! Just don't do what I did. Stay in school and study...or someone might take your body away from you!

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Buying Back His Youth

My name is Stanley and my story is I got really wealthy from a young age but I never enjoyed my life. Being gay back then was so hard I could never come out to my family. I felt like I'd wasted my life. No younger gay men would even touch me unless I paid them.

I finally decided to retire. I moved to the tropics. I had enough money. I bought my own huge estate with a mansion, a yacht, and loved nothing more than strolling along the beach watching all the hot young men, especially at the weight station where they lifted publicly.

I fell in love with a young man who I befriended. His name is Erik and he is one of the most beautiful men I'd ever met.

 I approached him with the possibility of being with me, and told him I could take good care of him but Erik said he couldn't be with me that way. He just wanted to be friends. I admired him for his honesty but what he really wanted was a muscle stud. I got him to admit that much. He was a bottom! He needed a total top, someone more muscular than himself. I understood and I went ahead and went ahead on buying sprees for him, buying him clothes, jewelry, even a car. He got used to it even though he protested at first.

And then after a few months I heard through the grapevine there was a new technology that could actually graft the head of a man onto the body of another. Then the news broke out.

Since I am exceedingly wealthy I am not without contacts. I made a few calls and got a visit from military brass the next day. I had a long talk with them about what I wanted. The question of where the body would come from would be solved by finding a convict who was willing to part with his body in exchange for freedom. So they found several and I chose my favorite: Craig. Craig had a phenomenal body. He had only sold drugs a few times but got life in prison because his friends robbed someone and he didn't know it was going to happen. He'd only been in prison a few months but he was perfect. I had him contacted and he agreed. He was flown in within a few days to live with me at the mansion. When he arrived he got fed and showered and came out. I had bought him some new clothes, for reasons of my own.

"You must be Stanley. Hi. I'm Craig."

"Hi, Craig. It's wonderful to meet you!"

Craig and I walked along the estate and I absolutely marveled at his size, his beauty. He talked about how he had thought long and hard and he knew there was only one way out of prison. He had already been through a lot. He had a history of depression. He never thought his body was good enough! Soon he would have an old man body but he could live in luxury until he could find a way to pay for a new body.

I declined to comment that was unlikely but all I really cared about was getting his body for myself!

The surgery was scheduled. I saw him looking panicked before they put him under. He mumbled something about changing his mind and I smiled. Too late now, Craig! Your ass is gonna be mine!
Then I fell asleep and woke up on a gurney. After a few hours I realized I was looking down at a rather large sheet draped over all these lumps. Which I remembered HAD to be my body! I couldn't move and they put me under again. I woke up a week later. It takes that long to recover fully so they just kept us sedated.

I woke up completely healed. And groggy. By a couple of hours of being awake I realized there was a neck brace around me. Doctors came in with warm voices telling me the surgery had been a complete success.

"How's Craig?"

"He's up and about. He's having a hard time adjusting. Seems like he had some last minute thoughts going in but there's nothing that can be done about it now. Why don't we help you up, see if we can get you to move around..." They took out the IV.

I got up and stumbled at first. My body was walking around with so much mass! My legs felt superb. I reached for the doctor and realized I was taller than him than before!

I cried tears of joy as I took the robe off and realized how much of me was golden, muscled, tan, beautiful. I stumbled to the bathroom. My cock was huge and engorged. It had been asleep for a week and it nearly exploded as I started pumping it. I jizzed so much over the toilet I couldn't believe it! It was like a fucking milkshake! Cum GUSHED from me! I felt like a god! It had been so long since I'd cum very much and now it was just a TORRENT!

I wiped myself off and realized how much fun this was going to be...

The fact was I wanted to keep out of the press but it wouldn't be long before people caught on. I was fine with that. They could photograph me if they wanted to. I mean, just look how fucking awesome I look! I want as many guys as possible to jack off to this old man's perfect muscle bod!

I wore the clothes I bought for Craig. The jeans and underwear felt so good over my new huge cock.

I invited Erik over. He knew I'd been in for surgery and he brought flowers. He had no idea what he was about to see. When he walked out into the garden he dropped his flowers and stared.

"Oh my God."

"You like what you see, little man?"

I bounced my pecs as he watched, fascinated.


"How do you think? I got some young buck to agree to give me this fabulous FUCK STUD body! And now I'm gonna make all your dreams come through!"

I grabbed him and picked him up with a gleeful grin.

"Now what was that about you needing a muscular top to fuck your tight little hole, son?"

"I-I-holy shit you're so hot!"

"Oh and just wait until you see my dick!" I put him down and unzipped for him right there. "How would you like me to bounce you up and down for a ride on Daddy's fuckstick!?"

"Oh my God!" Erik said, multiple times, not believing.

"Run your hands over my pecs, son. My arms. My ass. That's right!"

He did so with fervor. He was mine, I could tell. That day I fucked him on my private beach, as he groaned for more and more. I came so much in his asshole cum started leaking out of it.

"Geez, boy. You really are just a cum slut, aren't you! You've been waiting for this!"

Erik moved into my mansion with me the following day. We didn't waste time becoming lovers and he loved nothing more than for us to go around downtown shirtless together as we went shopping or went to the movies or the beach. He quit his job at the hotel he worked and I made him my husband within a month. He would be kept like a good young stud and I would be his true Daddy. Now that I had this body I was gonna live a lot longer, so he better get used to it!

As for Craig, he opted to move into a little cottage where he mainly kept to himself. Not that many women were interested in a young man with the body of a 75 year old man and I see he regrets his decision. I wish I could feel for him but goddamit I deserve this body! It's mine and I earned it! And every day I enjoy it as I lift weights for the man of my dreams!

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Head Swap Part 2

"Well, gentlemen. I think this is going to work out just fine," Kimberly said. She was the public relations expert for the military press circuit talking about the miraculous head swap surgery they had perfected. The story they had just finished telling the public was that Devon had volunteered for patriotic reasons because Max's body was dying when they performed the surgery with a drug that would heal Max but also require the combination of nervous systems in order to work. When the press asked why they couldn't just administer the drug without the surgery the experts lied and said that they needed the fusion of different heads and that it was a billion to one chance. The surgery would become available mainly for grown adults to switch heads, though it would be incredibly expensive. It was already hypothesized that only rich, old people would be getting the surgery with younger counterparts in order to remain healthy and alive.

"Work out fine? Look at me! I look like a midget," Devon pouted.

"Awww, no, you look cute. I can hardly wait until we enroll you in 8th grade."

"Shut up, Daniel. What I need is a new body. When you guys gonna hook me up?"

"Well it could be a while from what I heard. Might not be ready until you're uh...old enough for the surgery. Or at least until your body is." Kimberly told them.

"Everyone is gonna stare."

"Well yeah, your head is way too big." Daniel said. Daniel was his little...was being the key word here, brother. Now his little brother didn't look so little. Devon had trained so hard and always dominated his younger bro. Now he had to live with him because he was legally told that he needed a "guardian" as his body was much younger, he now only had the rights of any minor at the age of 12. Daniel was loving it. "I'm gonna slam this. Watch your head. HAHA!"

"Very funny."

"Bye boys. Have a good life." Kimberly walked back to her car. Devon had been compensated for the head surgery. But he wasn't allowed to access the bank fund until he was technically 18. And that little twerp was declared to be an adult. It was so unfair!

"I can't believe they brainwashed me."

"I can't believe you slept with a general's wife. Shit. Hope she was worth it."

"Are you kidding me? Nothing is worth THIS!" Devon looked at his diminutive frame in horror. It was a constant horror. Every day he woke up in this weak ass bitch body. It was enough to drive a grown man insane...but he was no longer a grown man!

"So we have to go over some ground rules. The press is gonna be hounding you so they aren't releasing my name. Your last name has been legally changed along with mine and all our info along with it. But are gonna attract attention. It's only a matter of time before the Enquirer finds you."


"Watch your language, little man."

"Oh real funny."

"Also, I have a boyfriend and he's gonna be living with us. I know you guys will get along. He loves younger men."

Devon had always given Daniel a hard time about being gay but now he couldn't bring himself to. It was so humiliating.

"Can't believe I have to live with a pair of fags anyway."

"What? WHAT WAS THAT?" Daniel angrily hoisted Devon up. "Holy shit I'm so much stronger than you. This is gonna be great!" He lifted Devon up who squirmed to get away but he was so weak. This bitch ass kid had skipped two grades but his body hadn't skipped very far at all. His balls hadn't even dropped yet! Daniel held him in a vise like grip. It felt like his brother had been secretly working out for a while. "Listen you asshole. I'm your legal guardian. You really pissed off the wrong guy, I can't believe you were so dumb as to fuck with a general in the army but I'm glad you did! Cause now I get to tell you I don't appreciate all the negative bullshit you've put me through over the years! So here's a news flash! I'm in charge. You're not. You understand? BITCH?"

"Y-yes. I understand. Can you please put me down, man?" Devon cried.

"Aw, it's gonna be okay little guy, you'll see. At least you don't have to go back to school. But you will be doing plenty of chores. And we will have to keep you away from strangers."

"Strangers?" Devon climbed up in the car. This car was so huge! Shit, he was short now.

"Yeah. There are a lot of bad men out there who would love nothing more than to do sick things to you. We'll have to keep you safe, which means no going out alone at night."

"This can't be happening!" His voice cracked, just like a boy's. Without a regular flow of testosterone he was likely to also lose the ability to grow stubble. In fact he hadn't shaved in two months because it hadn't grown at all...he didn't want to get rid of it for fear that he would look truly like a little boy again.

"It is, little brother. And did I tell you I joined a gym? I think I'll take up bodybuilding so you can watch your new daddy get real big and strong."

I never should have stuck my dick in that chick, Devon thought. Now I barely even have a dick! Two inches! He curled himself up and tried to think of the day where he would at least be tall enough to drive again or walk down the street without being a freak show.

Monday, July 7, 2014

Head Transplant

"Holy shit, dude! I can't believe it. I can't believe it, your body"

"Different? Haha. I know."

And then Max stood up. I literally could not believe my eyes. My best friend now towered above me. Just two months before he'd been a foot and half shorter. After the surgery he'd needed time to heal and I was in shock. It was like he was a different person!

"You like what you see, man? Cause I do." Max flexed and I nearly fainted. HE WAS HUGE! And he was only a freshman in high school. Now with the body of a true man.

"So what happened to the uh...the guy?"

"Oh him? Funny you should ask. As you know, the military has this whole thing under the category of it was done as an emergency. I mean, we have to say it was an emergency. Once this goes public and they see how well my scars healed they will be able to make a bundle of fucking money."

"Oh, right. But, you signed on board as a test subject?"

"Something like that," Max smirked and kept rubbing his enormous muscles with more happiness than I'd ever seen on his face. "See this guy, he was sort of doing something he shouldn't. Screwing another guy's wife. That guy was my dad. And you know how powerful my dad is? Well he had black ops come in and do a total brainwashing on this dude. He thinks he did it for his love of America. And I get his huge body. I have the body of an adult and it's fucking awesome!" Max rubbed his formidable package. It was like every wet dream I'd ever had come true.

"So your dad got revenge on him by giving him YOUR body? How is he gonna explain THAT?"

"Oh he's gonna live on the base. For a while. He'll have my body as it grows up and goes through puberty but uh...he'll never be this big again."

"So that body fucked your mom?"

"Yeah but I think it's pretty funny. Once she finds out she'll be pretty pissed but me and Dad have talked and now that they are separated I'll live with him. Suits me just fine, though. I LIKE THIS BODY. FUCK IT'S SO GOOD TO BE THIS BIG!" he roared.  He flexed and went over to the wall where he lifted a pair of hundred pound dumbbells and just started using them to pump himself up, as if it was nothing. He looked like a fucking animal. He snarled and walked back over. Max crossed his arms and looked down at me. "Do you like the tattoos? I think they're fucking sick, bro!"

"So are they gonna keep you here, too?"

"Nah, as soon as they have the press release I'll be outta here. Can't WAIT to get back to school like this. I'm gonna be having more sex than anyone in that fucking place, including the gym coach. Maybe I'll even let HIM suck my dick. It's so fucking huge! Some guys here on base are twice my age and they're only half the man I am!"

" I don't even know what to say, Max."

"And now we gotta see what this body can really do, bro. You and me have gotta talk. I know you're gay and you know I'm gay. So what do you just say we cut to the chase. Come here!" Max grabbed me and pulled me up, carried me to a bed in the corner. He was so strong! His pecs bounced and I felt the slabs against my frame. He laid me down and got to business, ripping my clothes off and showing me how strong he was by pinning me down and forcing me to try to get up. I couldn't.

I was overwhelmingly turned on as my best friend  showed me how much of a man he was. I thought about the other guy and how small and pathetic he must look. 

Sunday, July 6, 2014


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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

It Just Happened

"What in the FUCK is going on here?!" a shrill voice screamed.

"Dad!" the man with the buzzcut said, alarmed.

"Jerry! isn't what it looks like!"

"It looks like you were kissing my son on the mouth! You are not to touch each other that way."

"Look, uh Jerry, we need to talk. We're both grown men and we have needs, man."


"No, you're the child." Ricky said. He had a thick Southern accent.  He had been teaching Scotty, who was in his dad's body, all about driving and construction work.

"Dad look, it's just my dick gets hard now and it feels good when Ricky and I touch each other. I'm you now so it's all okay. Please don't be mad."

"It just happened. These things happen." Ricky said.

But he was mad. I can't say I blame him. I just cheated on him. My name is Ricky and I used to date Jerry but he just was so full of shit. Always saying that we were gonna move in together but he would never let me move in because he was afraid people would know he was gay. Well I found out he was cheating on me left and right and had a few boyfriend's on the side! Well sir, if he'd told me I suppose I would have been cool with it but he just lied about it. I hate guys that lie to me. I met this old witch a long time back who gave me a "freebie" and quite frankly I used it to switch him and his son. I thought it would be funny to teach him a lesson and see him be in a small fry body was pretty funny. I wound up moving in like I wanted and I did to "help out". I helped his son adjust to being a grown up and to learn his job. Only thing is his son was a wonderful human being and wound up being really responsible and a much better boyfriend!

I never expected to fall in love with Scotty but I did. He had been a grown up for a whole month and had already learned to drive, and do his job really well without anyone noticing. He had memorized so much about window repair I was shocked. And he was lonely. And I was lonely. After I taught him how to jerk off one thing led to another. We started kissing in secret and then we just went all the way. It was like making love to Jerry but...better. I mean the sex was way, way better.

"Look, man. You ain't goin' back. And quite frankly I love the NEW Jerry."

He flew into a rage. I wound up holding him back as much as I could but before I knew it Scotty swooped him up and just started spankin' the hell outta his dad! It was somethin' else! I was SO turned on! He yelled at his dad just like he had always been the father. His dad crying just went to his room until he could apologize to both of us and accept his new place. We told him we would be good dads to him and raise him the best way we could.

A few months later, "Jerry" decided to get some new tats, grow out his beard and before I knew it we decided to make porn videos. It paid a hell of a lot of money and was a huge turn on to our relationship.

"What do you think man? You want to suck my big fuckin' dick? I ain't no little kid."

"No you ain't!" I said, slurping on by new husband's big fat dick. Yeah, we got married. We moved to a state where it was legal and haven't looked back since! With a body and dick like that, I was in heaven and I don't care if he is "younger" than me!