Monday, March 20, 2017

Grandpa's Curse


Ryan looked longingly at the photo of himself from just a few weeks ago. He was only 20. He had everything going for him. He tried not to shed a tear. His arms. His chest. His perfect abs. And it was all gone. Everything was all gone. He had avoided all his friends. He had not gone to school. Every day was agony. And his grandfather was responsible for all of it.

Three weeks ago...

Grandpa Harold was a tough man to please. He was rich and powerful and he was worst of all, vengeful. As an almost billionaire, he ran about 20 different corporations under the umbrella of his own and he paid for what he wanted, including a hot young wife only a little older than Ryan. It was shocking to the family but Ryan was told to say nothing about it. And he didn't for a long time, even those Celeste gave him a longing look whenever he came to visit.

Grandpa met him one day with his own unhappy look. He took Ryan to a nice restaurant and told him that he was meeting with some incredibly powerful people. Ryan thought he meant businessmen but Grandpa Harold said no no, these are...people you can't look up on the internet. I have paid a fortune just to find them. I want to have a more youthful body and I think I can pay for it. Ryan immediately thought someone was trying to pull one over on his Grandpa but Grandpa dismissed him.

"There are powerful people in the world who only very rich people know about and they like to remain hidden. They have their reasons. They have used their talents for certain friends of mine. Let's just say I have reason to be happy about this but I'm also a little worried. I suppose it's just nerves, is all. Well, you know what. Cheers. I think it's going to be the best decision I ever made."

Grandpa was a little hesitant to give details and Ryan was incredibly skeptical. He spent that night in the mansion and Grandpa went out for a consultation. That was when it happened. Celeste came into his room and one thing led to another and he was fucking her like crazy on his large guest bed. She screamed with pleasure as he filled her up. Grandpa couldn't fill up a girl like this anymore, he thought cruelly. Shouldn't even try. I'm young and he thinks he can be young like me again? He'll be dead soon and this will all me mine. All this hot piece of ass if I want it, too. Fuck yeah! FUCK! He used Celeste four times in a row before she went crazy and fled. Said she had to make sure no one noticed she was in his room.

Ryan contacted me weeks later telling me the details of this story. And he told me about how after that he was awoken in the middle of the night by unknown assailants who shoved a needle in his arm, took him to a secret location and kept him there for days and he had been out of school for three weeks now.

He told me frantically he couldn't trust anyone. He said they did things to him. He was disfigured he said. Couldn't even go outside with a shirt off. He left me a drunken message where he started crying and was unintelligible. He invited me over to the mansion. He said maybe I could help him. He was talking through his tears about how Grandpa took his body away from him. It made no sense.

When I arrived I didn't know what to think. Maybe my friend was having a breakdown. Ryan met me in the far side of one of the outside gardens. One of the butlers led me there with a strange, apprehensive look on his face. I noticed it one of the maids as well. Something told me that not to many people had been to the house lately.

Ryan was wearing a heavy sweater which made no sense for the hot weather we were having. He was drinking, and he sullenly looked up at me.

"You know how I looked, right? I fucking looked like a real man."

"Dude, what are you talking about? You're like the most jacked guy I know. You're way hotter than I am. Or like half our team." We both were on the rowing team. I know, it's preppy and elitist and that's because hey, we're rich.

"You don't understand, man." he started sobbing. "My grandfather is so rich he found people that know magic. Like real magic. And he caught me with his wife. I don't know why I fucked her, man. I just did. I couldn't help myself. She was so hot."

"You fucked your stepmom. Or stepgrandma?? Gross!"

"Dude, she's 22 and smoking fucking hot!"

"Oh. Well that's still gross, just for different reasons. Yeah I forgot about your grandpa doing that. Good for him I guess but he didn't find out, right? Did that bitch tell him?" I was so mad for him, and mad AT him at the same time."

"No, man. One of the maid spied on her, and he paid her big time to do it. And he said he never expected it from me, he said she was supposed to keep an eye out for like the pool boy and shit. Fuck me. Fuck. Fuck fuck fuck I woke up and I was in this place and they strapped me down and cut me and I bled all over and they had these weird knives and masks and was so fucking scary I thought I was gonna die. And they were chanting and shit and I got all dizzy and Grandpa was there and they put my blood in a cup and he fucking DRANK it! I couldn't fucking believe it and when I woke up I was like..this!" He started crying.

A shiver ran down my spine. "Like...what?"

"Like this, ok!" He took off the sweater and the undershirt and I gasped. I couldn't believe what I was seeing.

"This...this isn't possible," I muttered.

"Just look at me. LOOK AT ME I'M A FUCKING FREAK SHOW MAN! I have THIS." He held onto his flabby giant love handle and gut. I have fucking MAN BOOBS dude..I just...wanna fucking kill myself."

"No! No don't do that. Hey. Man, dry your tears, ok? I don't think you look that bad. I mean I never told you this but I actually think...I always thought you looked really hot."

"Thanks, man. I guess." He sniffed. He wasn't gay and I wanted to just hold him.

"Stand up. Please."

"You gotta talk to him for me, man. You gotta talk him into giving me my body back. He's got it. He looks fucking amazing with my body." Ryan sniffed with his hand to his nose. I walked over to him and put my hand on his gut.

"I don't know if this helps but, I think you're sexy. I think your face is sexy and I think your body is sexy, too." And then I cracked up.

"Fuck you." he muttered.

"I'm just kidding, dude. You look great. For a freak show, I mean when you join the circus the kids will love you, just keep your fucking shirt on!"

Ryan roared and tried to chase me. He did so for several seconds and then stopped. The all star runner heaving to and fro on the green. Panting like an old man. I started laughing.

"Fuck you I'm gonna get you!" He started running and had to stop. I laughed as I jogged before him.

"Come on, old man. Try and catch me! God, you are so out of shape now, dude! Hahahahahahhaha!"

You may think this is cruel but Ryan made plenty of jokes at my expense and I knew for a fact he kept me from being captain of the team because he outed me "by accident". He also made several passes at me at various times when he was drunk because he always wondered what it would be like to "get sucked off by another dude" and then he freaked out when I began to suck his cock. He couldn't handle the part of him that really was gay. Our friendship was not exactly what you would call even. He was always embarrassing me in front of my gay friends by making gay jokes. It was a little overboard. He was really trying not to be thought of as gay. I really got angry with him though, because he tried to come on to my last boyfriend just to prove he could attract any guy or girl he wanted to. Fucking jerk, That actually hurt me. It hurt me to see him leave with Steve only to pull the same bullshit with him. Oh I am just not ready to get sucked off by a dude. Yeah, you just want attention, Well now you got it, jackass!

I told him I'd be back in the dorms and if he got desperate enough, he could suck me off. Maybe then I'd consider going to talk to his grandfather on his own behalf. I did meet the old man on my way out and holy fuck. HOLY FUCK!

"It's Andrew, right? Ryan's friend!"

"Holy shit, it's true. You took his body. That's so fucking...awesome!"

"Yeah it is, isn't it? I just wanted to make sure you weren't going to go around blabbing about this. I know people and I wouldn't want anything to happen to you."

"Dude, I am sort of enjoying this to be honest. I mean, this is some freaky ass shit, but..." I explained my situation to the old man and he laughed.

"Of course. So he just fucks everyone else over. No one can be happy but him."

"He wants me to talk you into helping him."

"I'm teaching him a lesson in humility Would that we could walk in the shoes of others. Well now I'm walking in his body and it feels pretty FUCKING great. I am in charge of who gets to come into this house, you know. I approved you to be let in. I have something to talk to you about. I think my grandson is bisexual. I have this body and I gotta tell you, I fucked my wife so hard her pussy nearly fell out but I am not really satisfied if you know what I mean. And your story makes sense. I think my grandson likes girls but he likes boys better. I mainly pictured boys when I was fucking my wife. And you know I'm so old I don't give a fuck what she wants. She signed a prenup. So uh, I guess what I'm saying is, would you like to come upstairs and fool around? I am almost a billionaire."

"FUCK YEAH!" I should have tried to play coy but who am I kidding. My friend's grandpa was HOT AS HELL! I was in heaven. He carried me upstairs. Said it gave him quite a thrill. I was in daddy heaven. I felt up the body I'd dreamed about for years!

We're still figuring out what to do with Ryan. I am on a first name basis with Harold and quite frankly, Celeste is out and I'm in. As Ryan's soon to be step-grandfather I would just like to point out that taking the semester off has been good for him. I am living in the lap of luxury and enjoying every minute of being fucked my Harold, who gets along with me so much better than that stupid bitch he married. And we have plans for Ryan. He's seeing a therapist paid off handsomely to never discuss this particular problem with anyone. He's a little less depressed. Still wearing heavy clothing outside in public if he ever goes out, which is rare. If he's very good, and I mean very very good, we'll give him another new young body,. In about five years...magic isn't cheap, you know.

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