Friday, May 12, 2017

The Hourglass (a muscle growth and theft novel)

Hi, guys. So from time to time I get complaints I don't post enough. Well, I'm flattered by that. I do love to write and I know if you're reading this, you really look forward to my stories.

For the last few months I have written about 250 pages of what is my longest and probably best fetish projects to date. It does not have visuals yet (though I have an archive of photographs I keep for reference which I might make available later when I organize it better) but it is up for viewing at muscle-growth dot org. I have gone through great lengths for this story. It is almost done. I have planned it out for about four more chapters.

This story, called The Hourglass, is probably my proudest achievement in the genre of muscle growth, but it is also contains muscle theft, dads and college aged sons, dominance, gay to straight transformation, straight to gay transformation, reality change, jock to nerd, nerd to jock, middle age/senior aged to younger and college aged to middle aged/senior transformations. I also wanted to really flesh out these themes as it were, in a story that explores more complexity regarding these themes. It has lots of characters and I would describe it as the most epic thing I think I've posted in YEARS.

I will finish this project. I am going to be working on some chapters this weekend and doing some editing and I hope Chapter 27 will be up soon. If you want to check out my story (which I'm really proud of) just hop on over to muscle-growth's Muscleversary Section here:

And just to whet your appetite, here are some pics of the character Connor Swogger, or at least photographs that inspired him. With most of the characters from this story, I usually picture a mix of several different but very similar looking guys.

And here we have a picture of his father Curtis Swogger at the beginning of our story...(on the right, the one without glasses)

And of course there's an evolution for Curtis, but (MAJOR SPOILERS) if you want to know what he eventually ends up looking like, just scroll down below...



These were all inspirations for Curtis (if you read the story, you know that he changes several times so it's possible all of these are iterations he winds up looking like at different times) but I don't have any "in between" pics at the moment. You'll have to use your imaginations for that.

I will update this blog later with visuals for other characters...until then I hope you have enjoyed or will enjoy my story.


  1. Let us know when you have a version with full pics. That's what makes your stories so good. You put thought into them and they match so well with the story. Not like so many of these other blogs that just slap in a pic of someone that slightly does with the narrative.

    1. This story is a little different. I have hundreds of photos I've used as inspiration and it stands right now at 250 pages. Though I thank you profusely for noticing how much effort I do put into matching progressions when I do them. I do put a lot of thought into it when I go through my archives.

      I will probably post many more photos showcasing the characters after my next few chapters are completed.