Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Testing the Formula on Myself

"My name is Dr. Marcus Jameson. This is an experiment which I am undergoing to prove that the project we have created is a new step in human evolution. It is 12:00 AM midnight, on November 25th, 2015. The considerable efforts made by the entire team were cut recently short by our new director, Dr. Jennings, who has deemed the entire project needs to be cut so that we can redirect our efforts to create new forms of fertilizer so that profit margins can be higher, but luckily my supervisor Dr. Wellsley decided to steal the samples of the serum we created and he is now going to inject the first sample directly into my testicles. This is the only way we can currently implement the serum, which will quickly begin to alter my DNA with a programmed direction. We based the DNA changes on some of the most fit and prime subjects that experience myostatin repression in muscle groups with unaffected changes to organs. These alone were subjects that it took considerable time and expense to find and narrow down their revolutionary genetic potential. Dr. Wellsley, if you please."

I put the phone down at an angle to focus on my genitals as Dr. Wellsley injected me.

"Ah. AH. AHHHH!"

"It's just going to sting for a little bit. Here, put your pants back on," he told me calmly. I did so. Wellsley is an older man than me by about ten years, and he has been a rock of support for me. He has been a mentor over the years, and I absolutely adhere to his advice. I have been working with him towards the goal of a genetic superformula that could reshape our very cells to become more resistant to disease and increase muscle growth. The potential was a no brainer and even though I've never been conceited or obsessed with having a more pronounced physical stature, the idea of this development being abandoned was too much for me to bear after the years of work that went into it. Dr. Wellsley convinced me to test the formula on myself. Hopefully the results will be so fantastic that our new director will have no choice but to fully reinstate the project and push it through for FDA approval and public markets.


December 4th, 2015

It's been over a week now. It's incredible. I feel better every day, and I have the most amazing energy in the mornings. I'm recording my stats diligently, but the ten pound increase is beyond my expectations. This is truly a momentous advance for science and it is sure to impress the guy in charge. The guy. What's his name? The director. The guy. Jennings. He's gonna flip out when he sees our results.

December 6th, 2015

I'm beginning to wonder if the rate of my muscle increase is even healthy. I've gained an additional five pounds in only two days. The increase is due to the fact that my cells are now adapting to the DNA changes. It took this long for my body to be saturated and the last of the injections has been made. I feel hungrier and hungrier and in fact I ate probably double my normal meal intakes for three days in a row.

December 8th, 2015

I am beginning to wonder if it is possible to slow the muscle growth at this point. It is accelerating faster than I would have guessed. We did the math before but the arc seems to be off and although I know it will eventually taper, I am a bit scared by the rate being higher than we first expected. I'm very sore, but I'm sure that will fade. I've been going to the gym every day for the past week because my body needs the release and if I don't exercise daily I get all bent out of shape and shit. It ain't cool. I need to eat.

December 10th, 2015

I gained 20 more pounds. My face even looks different. It started changing and I think I'm startin to look pretty good, like a jock from high school or college or something. I find myself staring at myself when I work out and I can't take my eyes off my bod. It's so freaking great. I'm getting pumped as fuck.

December 12th, 2015

Shit, look at me. I'm so fucking horny all the time. I rarely have sex for some fuckin reason so I went out and got me a cute little Mexican boy and I forced his head down on my cock right there in my car in the parking lot in front of the gym. Jesus, I came so much he couldn't even swallow it all. I just laughed. Fuck, this shit is great, we should fucking sell this shit.

December 15th, 2015

I keep gettin' bigger. My man Wellsley says I don't have to worry about work anymore, I should just work out and shit. It's awesome. I fucking am tearing it the fuck up at the gym. Everyone stares at me when I come in. Fuck I look good. My fucking arms, my fucking chest. I don't even need glasses anymore because this shit is the fucking bomb and it works so fucking good. Wellsley says we can really sell this now which is great cause I can make money for stuff. I wanna buy a motorcycle. And a home gym, that would be dope.

December 18th, 2015

Keep gainin' weight! They told me I don't have to go to the place I work anymore, they say I can just make money cause I used the shit to make me big. There is this dude named Jennings and he came over to see me. He asked if I could show him my dick. I laughed and said you're cool and all bro, you a cocksucker? I just couldn't stop myself, I was so fucking horny and I was a lot bigger than him, cause I'm way bigger than I used to be. There's this picture of me he showed me and fuck I'm way bigger now. Turned me on. I fucked his throat and ass and made him squeal real good. God, I love to fuck! Rawr! Yeah! Fuck yes, I'm so big. Fuck I love bein' big.

December 25th, 2015

it is crismas and im gonna go live with my new friends cuz they say i kant live in my hows aneemore and i like bekuming big i like it lots

"Marcus, how's that work coming along?"

"I'm good at work! I can lift stuff! Wanna see me lift all the logs?" Marcus looked at me, waiting for my appreciation, for my approval.

"Sure, Marcus. Why don't you show us both how you can move big things."

"Okay, Mr. Jennings!" Marcus bobbed his head happily as he stared to grab enormous logs that he had cut down for firewood as he was being trained to do. He lifted a large tree trunk above his head effortless, something several grown men would have trouble doing.

"Incredible. He's a musclebound oaf." Wellsley said, aghast.

"Have you tried fucking him, yet? That ass is so perfect." Jennings said.

"Did you see?!" Marcus shouted. "Look how big I am! Look!"

"Very nice, Marcus. When you are finished chopping up the logs, why don't you come inside and get naked for us. We'd like to see you jerk off."

"I like jerkin' off! It's fuckin' fun!"

"Yes, we know." Jennings sighed, then waited until they were out of earshot. "So what do the boys in legal have to say?"

"With reduced brain functions, the only thing this thing is good for is mainly prisoners. The serum makes its subjects far more malleable. You can shape them more easily as they are much more prone to suggestion," Wellsley added.

"Just imagine all those musclebound prisoners getting horny and doing it all over the prison yard."

"No more riots, no more fights. They'll be perfect for manual labor."

"And the government is fully on board. They have already approved its use in at least four maximum security prisons. The side effect of homosexuality is of course our own design, but we're telling them it can't be helped as it's chemical interaction with the brain, etc. etc." Jennings paused and stroked his beard.

"This is really going to be very sad for him in a way, he was so brilliant."

"Well now that we know that the formula performs as it was intended, perhaps we can create an antidote. But for now, I'd say let Marcus stroll around as our own personal muscle slave."

"He might never forgive us if he returns back, though."

"Well, you've answered your own question, then. So let's enjoy what we have and move on, shall we?"

i dont hav har no more but i got bigg mussels haha im hapy becuz i can work owt all day and suk my frends dicks my name is Marcus...I was...somthin I dunno I forget haha lets fuk

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