Saturday, January 16, 2016

I Can Change

My name is Sammy Reardon and I know I can change. This is my story.

I know I can change because I've been part of a study. You see, I'm almost 40 but I don't look like I've aged quite that much since college. I'm a genetic rarity. I've been told by many people that I have "hit the lottery" in the looks department. I don't really feel that way, though. I get carded all the time. It's not a great feeling. I know, I shouldn't complain. But it has led to some incredibly interesting developments.

I contacted a geneticist through a few contacts. I've got a corporate job and have done well for myself. Better off than most of my friends from college. I worked very hard to get where I am. Anyway, I wound up getting together with a geneticist because my doctor mentioned a study being done, and said it could be very lucrative. He explained his friend was looking for candidates that could give samples that could lead to genetic breakthroughs and the compensation could be extreme if they found what they were looking for.

All this is hush hush. Secret deals are being made in a few instances of people who have genetic variations that are extremely rare that can be potentially duplicated. You won't hear about it on the news. I was told to keep a low profile on it.

I met with some doctors. They had records of my medical history. They took samples. I was paid for my time and a short time after that they really wanted to talk to me. They said I had compounds in my cells which they could not account for. I was assigned with a doctor whose name was Harvey, and we began to talk about the potential. The company was interested in my cellular biology because my cell health was a little bit different, the telomeres didn't degrade as fast and Harvey began testing me with huge compensation. I mean, the company paid me four times my salary. They asked me to quit my job and offered me enough money to retire off of.

Among the things they thought they could do was to use my cells to react to chemicals which other humans didn't react to. One of the things Harvey told me was they had been doing studies for years, in secret, on how to increase the size of male genitalia. He said that no other human showed signs of being able to react to the chemical they had designed, which had worked on rats, and they explained there was very little chance of potentially harmful side effects. I signed off right away.

I should mention that Harvey and I were both gay and we finally admitted there was an attraction but in order for him to keep his job he couldn't admit this to the company and we decided to keep a lid on it for the time being, until he was either off the project or they finished with testing their theories. He was also incredibly excited to watch me change. It was like one of those daily affirmations guys listen to. "I can change. I can do better". I told myself there were no limits. We talked about this and over the next few weeks, I felt more and more confident as my dick grew in size. I was never really ashamed of myself for it, but I was only 4 inches long. Not the greatest length. I always wished I could be the size of the tops I often found myself paired with. I tried to fill my time with busy work, projects of my own with writing books I'd always wanted to, and watching TV and movies. Caught up with old friends. Harvey came over and sucked my dick when he could, and we would make out. He got more and more excited. He was really shocked by the results...

This is me now and I can hardly believe it. Jesus I'm so huge now. It takes my breath away. My dick is so sensitive and I cum probably five times was I used to. The orgasms just go on and on. It's fucking heaven. The company is thrilled with the results and they are hoping that by analyzing my DNA they can break the codes that will allow them to give big dicks to any client that pops a pill. Wouldn't THAT be something? Forget Viagra. try the new Gargantua pill, sure to make your man a fat dicked giant in the sack! I would love to write the ads for that but I doubt it would amuse the higher ups in the company...they are pretty humorless here.

As the company began to implement designs for their next experiments, I talked more with Harvey about my past. I had been bullied horribly as a child and was just beginning to confront those feelings. It may seem silly to you, but having a big dick now reminded me of being in the locker room and the trauma of being mocked mercilessly by Evan Mason, my old high school and junior high school bully, still held me back. I mean, I'd gotten over it enough to have a career, but it haunted me emotionally. We talked about it, and Harvey convinced me to maybe reach out to him.

It was a mistake. Evan was no saint back then and he was even worse now. He owned his own mechanic's shop and made a living off of swindling people as much as possible. He was just as quick to prove he was the alpha male in charge and I didn't remind him of who I was when I met him. I had drove a hundred miles just to pretend there was something wrong with my car (there wasn't) and he of course "found a problem". I saw him push his employees around by constantly mocking them. I could tell it was tense around the place and with jobs so scarce a lot of these guys just hated their boss, hated having to be there. It was not a great feeling to see that some bullies genuinely succeed in life, in spite of all the bullshit the media tells you. Arrogance, money, entitlement, and most of all an aggressive attitude are rewarded in this world with more money and more success. Don't be fooled by all the anti bully hype. It's all well and good while kids are in class but in the boardroom or in a mechanic shop or wherever, bullies still exist and they can thrive if they know how to get away with it. It's about finding just the write way of doing it so you can continue to get away with it. An offhanded remark here or there. Oh, I'm just kidding with you. Don't be so sensitive. He said these words as he joked about his employees having small dicks. I left with a smile on my face.

I hacked into his computer that night. It wasn't hard for me. I hack people for fun. That's my territory. Harvey said he was impressed. I looked at Evan and his perfect big dick. The asshole. The bastard!

I mean, to be fair he wasn't as big as I was now but that hardly made me feel right. I was filled with the desire for revenge. I was so upset Harvey promised me he would do everything in his power to make things right. I tried to reach out to him on Facebook, thinking maybe he could be given a chance for redemption but his only reply was "queers get what they deserve, you were a little faggot...what else do you expect being a fag haha?"

Indeed, Evan Mason. Indeed.What else DID I expect?

The next experimental trials made my knees weak when I heard. I thought they would go in this direction but now it as a set deal. Stronger lung capacity. Stronger heart. They were going to increase the efficiency of my organs and their cell health. And when those trials were done, months later, they went after my body's various muscles. They said that they had to work from the inside, and they were able to somehow determine that those cells were healthy with x-rays, having me run on a treadmill, and all the samples of my fluids.
Essentially I now had organs that would last me a hundred years. They said I could take up smoking and my lungs would heal instantly. They actually asked me to sign a waiver and offered me a ton of cash to start smoking cigars. Something which I took an unexpected liking to. Their data concluded no harm was attaching to my lungs. They were overjoyed and worked diligently to reverse engineer my cells for designer pills for future clients.

The big day came when they said they wanted me to start bodybuilding. They were going to go after my skeletal structure, and muscle groups. This was going to take several years and if their calculations were correct, they could turn me into one of the most powerfully built men on the planet. Just imagine that, I thought. Me. Little Sammy Reardon who used to get tossed into the trash bins by Evan fucking Mason, who got scores of kids to mock me and not include me, to make me into a pariah for his pleasure.

During all the months they were developing new pills, Harvey found a way to crack the code. He didn't tell the company, but he told me that he was able to pretty much create and design drugs that could tell cells what instructions he wished to carry out. This had never been done before. He took the results of my big dick testing and was able to create another result in rats through his brilliance. He made rats with much, much smaller dicks. Microdicks.

After six months of the new Growth Pill, I shot up in height. I went from an unassuming 5'7" to 6'2" which thrilled me. I was thrilled I had to buy new clothing every month. I was thrilled I could walk down the street and stare down at most other men. I was starting to feel on top of the world...and that is when the real shit kicked in. I started packing muscle. All the fat drained away one week. In one week. I started growing and growing. I can't even describe to you the emotion and fucking elation that came with my orgasms now. I fucked Harv every chance we got and he ate up all my cum like it was candy.

Finally, my plan was ready. I joined a gym. I shaved my head. I looked completely different. I had gained something like 30 pounds, which left me at 6'2" and 180 lbs, which was fairly lean. I joined 24 Hour fitness because you can go to any of their gyms...including the one Evan Mason. I casually looked at his water bottle and remembered it. The next few days I waited for the opportunity to see him again and finally saw him. I worked out nearby him and when his back was turned I switched the bottles and walked off.

I watched him out of the corner of my eye drink the whole thing.

The next step in my plan was a work of such genius on the part of Harvey I don't even know where to begin. He not only concocted a formula which would shrink someone's dick over time, he made a second chemical that would make a person do whatever you told them to. I could see he was looking a little strange. He looked confused. I walked over to him and gave him his first order.

"Follow me outside. Don't say a word. We're going to my car."

He followed me without a word. Holy fuck the research Harv must have done. We are talking twenty years of studying all known drugs and then creating something that affected the control center of the brain without any other functions being affected. I told Evan to buckle up. I told him to drink more of the Dickshrink juice and then some more Control Juice, as I dubbed them.

We went to his place. I'd done my research in advance. He had a girlfriend.

"Break up with your girlfriend. Tell her you are having a secret affair and you are only going to take a few things with you, only one suitcase of clothing, and then leave. And when I give you commands in the future, answer me with 'Yes, sir'."

"Yes, sir," Evan said dully.

I heard some shouting and screaming and a woman throwing things around. Evan came out calmly, in the same dull stupor. He moved in with me in my apartment and I couldn't be more thrilled. I told Evan who I was. I told him that the chemical he had ingested made it impossible for him to break the commands of the person talking to him. Among his new orders:

* He was never to take orders from anyone but me. I was his new Master. He was my slave.
* He was to stop working out.
* He was to concentrate on cleaning my place and being my maid, and going on errands when I told him to.
* He was to be naked at all times.
* He was to beg forgiveness once a day for bullying me for six years of my life. He was to grovel and beg, to be more specific.
* He was now fully homosexual, and would beg me to suck my dick and be fucked on a daily basis.

I started him right off the bat with dildos so I could have a nice boy hole to fuck. It was great stuffing his mouth with a gag while I worked on his hole for hours. It was great to use him as a human footstool when I wanted to watch TV and it was satisfying to see him beg for my forgiveness daily.

I told him I wanted to give him the ability to talk to me as he wanted, to awaken. He immediately begged me to stop. He said he would rather die than be gay. I told him he should have thought about that before I reached out to him. Now he was just a faggot slave for life, and I was his Master. I told him to shut the fuck up and go back to being my dumb slave who didn't open his mouth for any reason other than to do my bidding.

"Oh and we are gonna do things with you, buddy boy. We are gonna start with that nice thick dick of yours. I think that has to go. Oh no, don't worry, I'm not going to chop it off. I'm not into trannies. No, I want humiliation. I think you'll enjoy what's coming. Your dick is going to get smaller and smaller. Yes, it is! Yes, we can do that, I can see it in your eyes, you think I must be joking. But I have power to fucking make you my bitch just with vocal commands, you think I can't take your big dick away as well?"

I forced him to unrobe every day when he got back home from doing all my errands. His dick shrunk every day just a little bit until he had just the tiniest nub.

"Hey, Nubby!" This was my new name for him. He was no longer allowed to think of himself as "Evan Mason". He was Nubby and nothing else. Nubby the house slave. I fingered his tiny little prick. "Looks like someone has an itty bitty problem." I scoffed. "Get down on your knees, faggot and worship me." He did, because he had no choice.

"Now I want to talk to the real Evan for a little while. You may talk freely, Evan." Evan panted. He had just finished sucking off my dick, with its ample juices, some of which hung off his mouth. He winced and cried. He brought his hand to his mouth as if he couldn't believe what was on it and then looked at my cum in horror.

"Please, Sammy. I'm sorry," he cried. "I only have a tiny dick now. You took my fucking dick away from me. Please! Please, I'm begging you! Please give it back! Please man. I'll do anything! Please!" His tears graced my floor.

"Lick my piss off the floor, faggot." I began to pee on the floor. "That's an order. You have no choice. Do it."

Crying, he did so sometimes I ordered him to drink from my dick, which he did so with gusto.

"Yeah, drink that piss, homo! Swallow all of it!"

He wanted to shout but couldn't. He was so horrified.

"Yeah, drink that piss. Alright, I'm done...lick the rest off the floor. Do you ever wanna see your dick back to normal? Tell me how you feel, Evan."

"I feel degraded. I feel awful. Please don't make me your slave anymore. I'm SO SORRY! So sorry. I...please dude, please..." He begged in front of me, groveling on the floor like a true slave, bowing as he had been for several months, conditioned to serve and be utterly subservient.

"Kiss my feet, bitch."

Evan did so lovingly. Carefully. He kissed my feet like he was in love with them.

"Now get up." 


I smacked him across the face. He immediately got on his knees and bowed.

"I'm sorry! What did I do?" he cried.

"You didn't say my title."

"Master! Okay, Master! Sir, I'm sorry, please forgive this slave."

"Oh, Nubby." He cried as I said his name. "I order you to go back to being my slave and not speaking as Evan anymore. I just want my slave back. Now go get me a beer, faggot." I patted his face patronizingly.

"Yes, Master."

As the months grew, I got bigger and bigger. Harvey worshiped me every week I grew and I started to wear more revealing clothing much more often. I remembered how it felt in junior high when I had to hide my body because I didn't want anyone to see how rail thin I was and how now I had this...commanding alpha presence everywhere I went. I was also thrilled that the excess hormones and physiology made me look more mature, more my age. They gave me a pill for more facial hair growth and I had to shave every day now, which thrilled the shit out of me.

My biceps and chest outgrew clothes. I stopped seeing old friends because no one would believe it was me. I looked at the progression of my photos and stats and got hard just thinking about how I was now 6'8". I fucked the shit out of Harvey, who eventually came out as my boyfriend and we got married shortly thereafter. 

I got some tattoos and the guys at the shop marveled over my body and made jokes about how I was one of the biggest guys they'd ever seen. They called me "My Giant" and I now towered over most men. The weight I gained was unbelievable. I weighed close to 350 lbs by the end of the year. I went by Big Sam if anyone used my name at all.

I was the perfect example of manhood. Harvey's six foot and looks like a kid next to me.They were still trying to crack the codes that Harvey already had. We talked about it, about the potential for any man to become like a god. He said that it was actually more like 1 in 10 that would respond to treatment. I had thought of a world where only a tenth of men were able to rise like gods above their smaller counterparts and wondered what the world would look like some day. I gave him the go ahead to patent it. Negotiations between him and the company lasted for several weeks but they offered him a solid billion for the deal. He accepted, even though it would probably change the face of society and make fifty times that.

"Hey fag, it's time for you to get fucked. Present your hole, stupid." I say, my voice as deep as Vin Diesel's, and even more commanding. It makes him quiver.

"Yesth, sir." He speaks in a lisp now, as I've programmed Nubby to. "Right away, Master,"

We have a fairly abnormal life, and Harvey has no desire to reach the gigantic proportions that I have. I strut around and give orders to him and my slave bitch Nubby and it feels like this is how life is supposed to be, even though I vividly remember being bullied for years, remember being underneath someone's heel, remember begging to be loved and understood. I tried to be Evan's friend but he wouldn't have it. He wanted a whipping boy. Now his life revolves around my comfort and making sure all my needs are attended to, and I don't really having a fucking problem with that. Would you? Well I don't fucking care. I'm completely in charge here and I don't need anyone's fucking approval. I run a mansion with my own personal gym and pushing Nubby around is one of my favorite things to do.

"Hey dumbass. You done with my boots yet?"

"Almostht, Master."

"Get the fuck up here. Let me see how little you've gotten. Oh yeah, you got real small with that new pill we gave ya. You look like a kid in comparison to me. You look like you're in high school again, mmmm." I helped myself to his delicious little mouth and it turned me on to feel his slave collar with my hand. I kissed him deeply and then crossed my arms as he awaited my orders. I backhanded him across the face once, for effect. He was thrown to the floor, and got up again, looking admonished. It's not something I do often.

I just like him to know how much I've changed.


Harvey's Log Day 435

My husband continues to be Alpha with all designed personality details with flying colors. He implements protocol exactly as I designed him. He is proof that the Dominance pill works and the army will of course receive all research accordingly. So far, he does not suspect that chemical influence has affected his own behavior but of course this is in turn with the company's wishes. It has been determined to be an ineffective battle agent as soldiers need to work in tandem with each other, but the Subservience pill may be used to great effect in future battle scenarios. I did meet recently with one of the higher five star army generals and they think that a little Alpha pill would be good when raising deserving men to command. The studies still continue in the various army camps where trials are ongoing. I am very satisfied having always dreamed of a perfect alpha male who will both love me and be in charge of the relationship and have no complaints. Sam is happy and has the body of a god...what more could I possibly ask for in a marriage?

End log


  1. Could you tell me the name of all the body swap movies that you know?

    1. I can make a separate post of my recommendations. I have already made several to the Harvzilla tumblr blog for gifs and CYOC on a recent thread but I'll put them together for you and anyone else that wants a resource.