Sunday, January 24, 2016

A Complete List of Male Body Swap and Age Progression in Media

Here is my full list of recommendations for male age progression (AP) and body swap films and TV shows. I've put stars (*) next to my personal favorites.

14 Going on 30 (TV movie, AP) *
18 Again (film, body swap) *
4 Gegen Z (episode 3 or 4?) (German TV series, AP)
Aao Wish Karein (Indian film, AP)
Ala Dina – “El Estreno” (The Premiere) (TV series, AP)
Angel - "Carpe Noctem" (TV series, body swap)
Amazing Stories – “Magic Saturday” (TV series, body swap)
Big (film, AP) *
Bewitched - "Junior Executive" (classic TV series, AR/AP back and forth transformation)
Bewitched - "Just a Kid Again" (AR/AP transformation) *
Caca Talentos – various episodes but especially 273 and 274 (Brazilian TV series, AP)
The Change Up (film, body swap)
Christmas Trade (film, body swap) * 
Class of the Titans "Time Enough For Everything" (animated series, AP)
Complete Conversion (Russian film, various male transformations including slightly older and muscle transformation) 
Dating the Enemy (Australian film, body swap and gender swap, rare F2M sex scene) *
Didi Quer Ser Crianca (Brazilian film, age swap, AR/AP) *
Genie from Down Under – “Stocks and Bondings” (Australian TV series, AP)
Honey, I Shrunk the Kids: the TV series “Honey, Growing Up is Hard to Do!” (TV series, AP)
Hunk (film, muscle/new body transformation) *
I Dream of Jeannie "Haven't I Seen Me Someplace Before?" (classic TV series, body swap) 
I Was a Sixth Grade Alien “Gro Gro Grown Up Dementia!” (TV series, AP) - note that this is the only episode I haven't personally seen as the show has not appeared anywhere online and hasn't been aired in over a decade.
Jake Long: American Dragon - "Young at Heart" (animated series, AP and extreme AP)
Jumanji - "An Old Story" (animated series, AP) * 
Justice League - "The Great Brain Robbery" (animated series, body swap)
Lubov Markov 2 (Russian film, body swap with parents, AR/AP)
Mighty Med “Growing Pains” (TV show, AP)
Naani (Indian film, AP)
Nightworld: 15 to Life (TV movie, AP) *
Peter Pan and the Pirates “The Ages of Pan” (animated series, AP)
Peter Pan and the Pirates "Pirate Boys and Lost Men" (body swap)
Ray Bradbury Theater – "The Playground" (TV series, body swap) *
Red Oaks - "Body Swap" (TV series, body swap)
Round the Twist – “Pink Bow Tie” (Australian TV series, AP) *
Round the Twist - "I R U" (body swap)
Sabrina: The Teenage Witch the animated series “Harvzilla” (AP)
Smallville “Warrior” (TV series, AP)
Smallville "Transference" (TV series, body swap)
Strange Days at Blake Holsey High – “Lifetime” (TV series, AP) *
Strange Days at Blake Holsey High - "Brainwaves" (body swap)
Summer Switch - (TV movie, body swap) *
Supernatural – “Swap Meat” (TV series, body swap)
Tales from the Crypt – “The Switch”(TV series, body swap) *
Teen Angel – “Grumpy Young Men” (TV series, AP)
The Chronicle – “Only the Young Die Good” (TV series, body swap)
The New Munsters – “Large” (TV series, AP) *
The Story of Three Loves (classic 50s film, earliest instance of non body swap male AP I've found so far) *
The Thief Lord - (film, AP)
Ultimate Spiderman - "Freaky" (animated series, body swap, AP/AR between teen Spiderman and muscular Wolverine) *
The Zack Files “Fiber” (TV series, AP)
The Zack Files "Zack Greenberg's Day Off" (TV series, body swap and racial swap...notable for being the only time I've ever seen a white boy swap with a black man)
Transformers: Rescue Bots s.2e.3 “One for the Ages" (animated series, age swap AR/AP) *
Vice Versa (1948 and 1988, two separate films, body swap) *
World of Quest - "Body Swap" - (animated TV series, body swap)
You Wish 1x01 "Pilot" (TV series, AP) *


  1. Here are a couple more. I know there are more I can't think of at the moment, but will update for sure! Thanks for starting a list!

    The Zack Files ... Zack Greenburg's Day Off (BOdy Swap)
    The Zack Files ... The Switch (Body Swap)
    Supernatural ... About A Boy (Age Regression)
    Smallville ... Transference (Body Swap)
    Smallville ... Visage (Body Morph/Swap)
    Angel ... Carpe Noctem (Body Swap)
    A Boy Girl Thing (Movie, Body Swap)
    Star Trek Voyager ... Vis A Vis (Body Swap)
    HUNK ... (Movie, Body Swap)

    1. I've seen the Zack Files and Hunk and liked them. I really can't say the same for that Voyager episode, because it didn't really show the characters having to adapt to their new gender. It just sort of happened and there was no real depth to any of it. I wanted some real enjoyment on the part of the woman that takes over Tom's body, but they really were lame and held back on any real fun with that script.

      The only real gender swap movie I outright love, primarily for its focus on the girl who gets trapped in her boyfriend's body, is the Australian film "Dating The Enemy" which I think has some really hot scenes in it as she learns to love jacking off and dating and having sex with women in a man's body.

  2. Also, Birds of Prey : Three Birds and a Baby

    1. Was only able to find a promo for this...if you have a link let me know, it looks like it has some potentially great AP transformation.

      I added some of the ones suggested plus two Bewitched episodes which are really quite great, and an episode of I Dream of Jeannie.

  3. Dragonball Z: Ginyu is Goku, Goku is Ginyu (M/M bodyswap. Anime, Video games.) There are also videogames where Ginyu is a playable character and he can use his Body Change technique on other characters.

    Avengers Assemble. (Episode 1 season 1 Avenger's Protocol Part 2: Body swap between captain America and Red Skull, Episode 7 Season 2 Age of Tony Stark: Age Regression of Tony Stark, and Episode 8 Season 2 Head to Head: Multiple body swap within the Avenger's team.

    Ultimate Spiderman: Episode ?? Season 1 Freaky: Wolverine and Spiderman Body swap. There is also a comic version of this where Spiderman wakes up in Wolverine's naked body (censored of course).

    I'll add more when I remember.

  4. Added: Justice League, Ultimate Spiderman, Jake Long American Dragon, World of Quest episodes...thanks for the Avengers title, I'll be sure and check it out.

  5. Do you know the of the movie where a Man wakes up In his younger version?

    1. The name*

    2. There are two movies that I know of.

      Young Again (Keanu Reeves in one of his first movies as a man wakes up on a bus twenty years younger and goes back to high school)

      17 Again (more recent film with Matthew Perry from about five years ago)

      Out of the two, 17 Again is very well known but Young Again really is a much better movie, and I recommend it.