Sunday, June 28, 2015

Caption Contest #1

Someone requested a caption contest, so I figure I'll do a few here and there over the next few weeks to see if you guys are into it. This week I choose the following. Try to create any story you want based on your own filthy minds. I will also provide a title for you and you can take it from there.

If I really like your caption story, I'll give you the chance to request a theme for one of my next stories. Especially if you have any fetish scenarios.

1. "19 Again"

2. "The Ultimate Con"

3. "At the Facility" -  Two pics here, you must use both!

4.  "Thumbsucker"

Good luck to all and have fun!


  1. I'm thinking of a story for the second picture. It's so unbelievably hot.

    Side question though, would you be willing to finish someone else's story? This dude wrote a story called "Paybacks a Switch" on smokinmen but he up and disappeared years ago and hasn't said anything since.

    Would you please consider continuing his work for him?

    I will love you forever if you continue it for him.

    1. I've read that story. I will consider it, but I thought it worked nicely as it was. If I write anything I'll just leave it over at cyoc.

      I agree, the second pic is pretty hot. I don't know if anyone wants to do captions on this site, though, it doesn't appear as if it's a popular idea so far.