Saturday, December 6, 2014

Chronivac Industries Presents: Gay World

We here at Chronivac Industries have put together a Very Special Alternate (or should we say Alternative) Universe Package with the Chronivac 5.0 and some of our test subjects from Earth 245, that is to say the Earth that you reading this newsletter reside in. With this, you can become accustomed to living in any number of alternate universes. There are thousands to choose from!

One of the favorite subgenres of universe would be Gayworld. There are in fact 40 different universes where gays outnumber straights where they make up between 55% and 95% of the majority population. Here are some stories from those wonderful universes where gays are considered normal and straights are usually and unfortunately delegated to being second class citizens...

Earth 564 - Gayworld #2 - Statistics: Gays 90% Straights 5% Bisexual 5%

user: uniformfield

I was always a football fanatic so when I had the chance to be a professional football player via my new Chronivac, I decided to just go for it. I loved it! Finally everyone was cheering for me and I was young and toned! But then I started to notice things were a bit off. It seemed like there were a lot of guys kissing in the stands. I wondered if it were some kind of gay day.

Well it turns out the Chronivac universe chooser was set at random. I didn't think it honestly mattered but I hadn't read the manual. I was straight and after a while I realized MOST guys in this universe were gay. Everywhere I went I heard jokes about how no one wanted straight guys to play football. All my friends told me you don't want a straight in the locker room, they're so fucking sensitive about having their asses slapped like a real man and couldn't even take looking at other guys dicks. They weren't "real men". I attempted to move to another universe but the Chronivac told me that I could not opt for another dimension for a whole six months due to risk of injury! I was stuck here.

Apparently in this universe, men and women can get pregnant. There were a certain percentage of both men and women that could become "receivers" and grow babies inside their bodies. You knew which ones they were because men who could give birth would menstruate (luckily I was not experiencing this). Only half of women could menstruate. The other half could secrete sperm from their vaginas...don't ask me how that works because I don't want to know. Straight couples that had two receivers and couldn't produce sperm had to hire a gay man or woman to impregnate them (though now they had the ability to go to sperm banks).

I walked around the gym and guys everywhere had their eyes on me. I started to look at the few women I was attracted to but didn't know which ones might be straight. I went online for a few dates that went nowhere. Straight girls I dated were never out to their parents. They had a lot of baggage and were constantly paranoid about someone they knew spotting them with a man on an actual date.

I started to get really depressed so I thought...when in Rome, right? I made myself 100% gay with the Chronivac and the next thing you know I'm really enjoying life again! I love walking around all the movies that are coming out (before it was so boring, no one but gay couples got together in movies, and I just knew how gay people in my world must feel with most movies being about straights). I especially enjoyed whacking off to the many movies Matt Damon and Ben Affleck had made where the wind up together at the end and the hot fuck scenes they had in Good Will Hunting or The Town.

Finally I made friends with a player from another team at one of the foam parties the teams would throw for their employees. I wound up losing my virginity to a guy and he just understood me so well...after just a week of being with him I never wanted to go back. I mean I might have second thoughts in my own universe about making myself gay but here? It was just NORMAL. Gay men have built this world and you can't imagine how many fans go nuts when we even get a little affectionate after a game...we've become quite famous amongst the many player couples out there.

I'm very satisfied with my Chronivac but now that it has disappeared I couldn't care less. I'm in love! And Dave isn't having his period lately...I think I might be a father soon! I'm so happy, thank you Chronivac Industries!

Earth 950 - Gayworld #5 - Statistics  Gays 94% Straight 3% Bisexual 3%

user: dickpatrol

My name is Chris and I'm the one on the left. I was gay and in the military (on your Earth) and when I got my Chronivac and tested it out a bit (it was a dream come true!) I really went through the manual to look at the many features. I eventually decided another dimension would be great for me. So I chose the world where straight people only comprised 3% of the population. This was due to a chemical that got released during WWII to reduce the populations of other countries by making them gay, but it wound up in the water supplies of almost every major country and soon even bodily fluid contact would be enough to pass it along. Even though its been years, 94% of the population being born is still gay. We procreate any number of ways, artificially usually (it was tough for us back in the 50s when couples of two men and two women were getting together to raise a family) Of course families come in all sizes. Women can buy sperm. Men can adopt children from women carrying their children but usually you have two moms and two dads in one house.

My platoon has changed a lot. You see in this world a dramatic shift happened and to compensate for becoming gay many countries adopted a fundamentalist gay philosophy in which being straight was demonized as being evil. It's absolutely not allowed in many parts of the world. In America it's legal now to be straight but you certainly can't join the army unless you are gay. Why would anyone want a striaght faggot looking at them in the shower rooms where both men and women get naked? It's just uncomfortable, ya know? There are some progressives that argue for straight rights but they are definitely in the minority. As for me I'm happy as a clam! My old tank buddy is now my lover and he just can't get enough of my dick and I can't get enough of his! We even found out about a straight guy living in our barracks and blackmailed him into blowing the two of us! You should have seen that pussy! He was so disgusted to suck my dick! Of course in the old universe that same guy was a homophobic piece of shit that nearly got me kicked out so having him call me SIR and lick my boots and take my dick up his faggot straight ass was well deserved.

I love the Chronivac. It has literally made my world!

Earth 2,052 - Gayworld #23 - Statistics  Gays 60% Straight 10% Bisexual 30%

user: bigboywife

I was straight before but experimented when I got my Chronivac. I'm the one being held by my best friend there, by the way. I wanted to know what it was like to be with a guy because I just figured it was easier than being with women. So I went for bisexual and chose a universe where bisexuality is a norm, in this case 30%. Straights were in a minority because of all things, an alien experiment on our planet that messed with human sexuality. Earth doesn't really get to join the big leagues in space yet and there is some resentment on the experiment causing chaos with our hormones.

I have always been a take charge kind of guy. High stress levels. I'm the boss at my work and no one can get anything done without me. On my first day as being bisexual my best friend came over and started rubbing my ass and holy shit did it ever turn me on! One thing led to another and the next thing I knew I was taking orders from him. He was used to this. He sounded like he really knew what he was doing so I let him take the lead. My straight virgin ass was his for the taking! He entered me and I whimpered in delight. I never knew it could feel so good to be fucked by a man, to have a big cock inside me as if I was a girl. And that's all I am now when I'm with him. He's pretty dom and I'm pretty sub, though I never imagined things going this way it's incredibly comforting to have him there all the time to be in charge! I love not being the man in the relationship. He makes sure I'm on a short leash, both metaphorical and literal!

I have been divorced from my wife for five years and vowed never to get married again but Greg and are going to be walking down the aisle in just a few months! He wants me to wear a collar for the ceremony so everyone knows I'm his bitch and I've agreed. Being dominated by another man is the most freeing thing I've ever done. Thank you, Chronivac! Thank you, Gayworld!


  1. Love your Chronivac stories! This one is so hot.

  2. GayWorld 23 is my kind of place. So happy to have come back a day later and found even more stories boss. so turned on. send the chronivac to the world!!! :D