Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Buying Back His Youth

My name is Stanley and my story is I got really wealthy from a young age but I never enjoyed my life. Being gay back then was so hard I could never come out to my family. I felt like I'd wasted my life. No younger gay men would even touch me unless I paid them.

I finally decided to retire. I moved to the tropics. I had enough money. I bought my own huge estate with a mansion, a yacht, and loved nothing more than strolling along the beach watching all the hot young men, especially at the weight station where they lifted publicly.

I fell in love with a young man who I befriended. His name is Erik and he is one of the most beautiful men I'd ever met.

 I approached him with the possibility of being with me, and told him I could take good care of him but Erik said he couldn't be with me that way. He just wanted to be friends. I admired him for his honesty but what he really wanted was a muscle stud. I got him to admit that much. He was a bottom! He needed a total top, someone more muscular than himself. I understood and I went ahead and went ahead on buying sprees for him, buying him clothes, jewelry, even a car. He got used to it even though he protested at first.

And then after a few months I heard through the grapevine there was a new technology that could actually graft the head of a man onto the body of another. Then the news broke out.

Since I am exceedingly wealthy I am not without contacts. I made a few calls and got a visit from military brass the next day. I had a long talk with them about what I wanted. The question of where the body would come from would be solved by finding a convict who was willing to part with his body in exchange for freedom. So they found several and I chose my favorite: Craig. Craig had a phenomenal body. He had only sold drugs a few times but got life in prison because his friends robbed someone and he didn't know it was going to happen. He'd only been in prison a few months but he was perfect. I had him contacted and he agreed. He was flown in within a few days to live with me at the mansion. When he arrived he got fed and showered and came out. I had bought him some new clothes, for reasons of my own.

"You must be Stanley. Hi. I'm Craig."

"Hi, Craig. It's wonderful to meet you!"

Craig and I walked along the estate and I absolutely marveled at his size, his beauty. He talked about how he had thought long and hard and he knew there was only one way out of prison. He had already been through a lot. He had a history of depression. He never thought his body was good enough! Soon he would have an old man body but he could live in luxury until he could find a way to pay for a new body.

I declined to comment that was unlikely but all I really cared about was getting his body for myself!

The surgery was scheduled. I saw him looking panicked before they put him under. He mumbled something about changing his mind and I smiled. Too late now, Craig! Your ass is gonna be mine!
Then I fell asleep and woke up on a gurney. After a few hours I realized I was looking down at a rather large sheet draped over all these lumps. Which I remembered HAD to be my body! I couldn't move and they put me under again. I woke up a week later. It takes that long to recover fully so they just kept us sedated.

I woke up completely healed. And groggy. By a couple of hours of being awake I realized there was a neck brace around me. Doctors came in with warm voices telling me the surgery had been a complete success.

"How's Craig?"

"He's up and about. He's having a hard time adjusting. Seems like he had some last minute thoughts going in but there's nothing that can be done about it now. Why don't we help you up, see if we can get you to move around..." They took out the IV.

I got up and stumbled at first. My body was walking around with so much mass! My legs felt superb. I reached for the doctor and realized I was taller than him than before!

I cried tears of joy as I took the robe off and realized how much of me was golden, muscled, tan, beautiful. I stumbled to the bathroom. My cock was huge and engorged. It had been asleep for a week and it nearly exploded as I started pumping it. I jizzed so much over the toilet I couldn't believe it! It was like a fucking milkshake! Cum GUSHED from me! I felt like a god! It had been so long since I'd cum very much and now it was just a TORRENT!

I wiped myself off and realized how much fun this was going to be...

The fact was I wanted to keep out of the press but it wouldn't be long before people caught on. I was fine with that. They could photograph me if they wanted to. I mean, just look how fucking awesome I look! I want as many guys as possible to jack off to this old man's perfect muscle bod!

I wore the clothes I bought for Craig. The jeans and underwear felt so good over my new huge cock.

I invited Erik over. He knew I'd been in for surgery and he brought flowers. He had no idea what he was about to see. When he walked out into the garden he dropped his flowers and stared.

"Oh my God."

"You like what you see, little man?"

I bounced my pecs as he watched, fascinated.


"How do you think? I got some young buck to agree to give me this fabulous FUCK STUD body! And now I'm gonna make all your dreams come through!"

I grabbed him and picked him up with a gleeful grin.

"Now what was that about you needing a muscular top to fuck your tight little hole, son?"

"I-I-holy shit you're so hot!"

"Oh and just wait until you see my dick!" I put him down and unzipped for him right there. "How would you like me to bounce you up and down for a ride on Daddy's fuckstick!?"

"Oh my God!" Erik said, multiple times, not believing.

"Run your hands over my pecs, son. My arms. My ass. That's right!"

He did so with fervor. He was mine, I could tell. That day I fucked him on my private beach, as he groaned for more and more. I came so much in his asshole cum started leaking out of it.

"Geez, boy. You really are just a cum slut, aren't you! You've been waiting for this!"

Erik moved into my mansion with me the following day. We didn't waste time becoming lovers and he loved nothing more than for us to go around downtown shirtless together as we went shopping or went to the movies or the beach. He quit his job at the hotel he worked and I made him my husband within a month. He would be kept like a good young stud and I would be his true Daddy. Now that I had this body I was gonna live a lot longer, so he better get used to it!

As for Craig, he opted to move into a little cottage where he mainly kept to himself. Not that many women were interested in a young man with the body of a 75 year old man and I see he regrets his decision. I wish I could feel for him but goddamit I deserve this body! It's mine and I earned it! And every day I enjoy it as I lift weights for the man of my dreams!

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