Sunday, May 25, 2014

The Big Wish

Hey there. My name is Kyle and I am basically a skinny gay nerd. It sucks. My life sucks. I make this blog so that I can get out all of my feelings. Lately I can't stop thinking about how I wish I looked. I wish I looked older and bigger. I wish I looked like a huge fucking ripped stud that everyone wanted.

The problem is genetics and not to mention a lack of time. I mean, I want it to happen instantaneously. And okay, I know how this sounds but I've always really wanted this. But recently I met someone online who claimed they could help me. Um...I don't really fall for things easily. I consider myself to be pretty sharp. thing led to another. He said he liked how I looked and I wanted to know if he wanted to get together. And he said no, he had other plans for me. He worked for a company and since had gone underground after he discovered what he did. He wanted to help me.

And he had this whole long story about how he was going to "make it spread" for gay men everywhere, what he discovered. He said once "it was triggered" I could basically (I know how insane this sounds) fuck other guys and the same thing would happen to them. So he said, he would come to my house and fuck me but it would only be one time. The guy was traveling and constantly moving around to avoid getting caught.

He comes to my house. Holy fuck. I just stood there and looked up.

"Don't worry, man. I will try to go easy on that ass. Good news is, popping a cherry for the first time seems to actually do a far better job. It's because your body is new to the adrenaline rush, I think. Oh well. You'll find out."

He carried me into my bedroom in his arms, laughing at my smallness and how much I was fawning over him. I stuttered while he ripped my clothes off and proceeded to fuck me without even a condom. I know I shouldn't have but he even brought papers indicating he'd been tested for disease, he was clean, and he knew a virgin when he saw one.

The pain was delicious and exquisite.

I yelled so hard and he pushed his giant cock so hard into me I thought I would burst. Then the tremors began. I started to go dizzy. He put me into the shower and got me clean, put me in a nice shirt and told me "Enjoy the ride, kid. And remember to spread it around. Oh, and it also works if guys swallow your cum. Just make sure you get blowjobs as much as possible, and pretty soon all the gay guys in this country are going to be giants over the fucking straights. High school will be a LOT different for gay kids and gay adults are going to be fucking Alpha studs everywhere you go. It'll change everything. Have fun, buddy." He patted my cheeks and left me there, dizzy, wanting to throw up and soon convulsing and groaning. I spent the next few hours drinking the protein drinks he'd left for me, he said my body needed to process food more and more to replenish itself, because everything was being sped up, my whole body was in overdrive. I was afraid I'd done something really stupid. I drank about five cups worth of protein mix and milk and passed out. When I woke up I had stubble, which I rubbed absentmindedly before realizing I'd never been able to shave before.

"Oh GOD, that feels good! I...I need to get out of these clothes!"

I got naked and rubbed my new muscles all over and couldn't believe how much older and stronger I was looking. The stubble and arm hair provided me with a totally new look. I blinked. It was getting harder to see. NO WAY. I took off my glasses. I had been told I couldn't even get LASIK my vision was so bad. And now...I'm looking in the mirror with 20/20 vision!

I needed food badly. I spent the next few hours eating everything and downing protein and creatine drinks. The thirst and hunger were terrible. I crapped so much and peed so much you would think I was a freak show. I was so lucky my parents came home when they did, otherwise they might not have believed me. They were shrieking I was a stranger and I blurted out I was part of a secret experiment, and they couldn't call the cops or hospital. I told them everything secret we had ever kept in the family, they knew it was me. And then they watched me GROW.

I got taller by the hour. I was soon towering over my dad, I grew a foot and he watched in amazement. I ate and ate. My arms swelled and I was wearing a bathrobe because it was the only thing I had that still fit me. My mother fretted and was freaking out. I started to notice how heavy my legs were and my voice changed.

This is me, after a day or two later. I and my parents had calmed down and after this my dad went out and bought me some new clothes so I could, ya know, not parade around naked.

Zip ahead a few months. I have a new life entirely. I'm so happy and grateful every day I can barely describe it. Every day I can I get laid. You should see them at the bars, fucking throwing themselves at me! I go online and it's like a frenzy to see who can flirt with me and get with me the most. All these fucking men want me and I can pick from thousands. I mean, it's amazing the feeling now I can have pretty much any man I want.

I watch as little gay twerps I pick out pack on muscle like the studs I know they can be after swallowing my loads. It's so much fun. People are starting to notice that there is a "steroid epidemic" in the area but maybe it's just evolution. You know, the gays are rising to the challenge. Did you know gay men are six times more likely to use steroids than straights? It's not like we don't have reason to want to be BIG but now it's just a whole lot fucking easier. I bet plenty of straight guys would pay me to dump my load down their little throats but I'm reserving this gift for gay men. And I'm telling my followers the same thing but of course a few straights are probably gonna get in on the action eventually.

Course, what they don't know is even if they do, they will eventually become gay. It will take a year or two for it to fully go into effect. Another benefit. It's a win win situation. The Big Wish. How about you? You want to be BIG, little man? I might arrange it, but you have to know it will change your life forever. Now bend the FUCK OVER and give me your ass so I can cream inside it and give you the gift of my Super Cum.