Sunday, June 24, 2012

Not Your Usual Field Trip part 2

"Well, look who's home!"

The two new dads were hugging and laughing when their two "sons" showed up with their aunt Vivian in tow.

"What the hell? Are you two drinking beer? I'm going to whoop your hides!"

"With what, little man? And by the way, we are back to normal, Viv."

"Yeah, we switched back a little while ago."

"I thought these two were trying to pull one over on me!"

"No, they're not! We didn't switch back! Honest, you have to believe us!"

"Oh yeah? Why don't you tell me how to operate a forklift."

"Okay,'s a....I can't remember," the 8 year old said, sadly and quietly, looking lost and embarrassed. "Uh...I know this."

"Well I guess that's that! We didn't find the magic man but everyone got all switcharooed back into themselves. Oh I'm so relieved! These two have been trying to hide it, but they were back to their normal selves in the car, begging me for ice cream. Like I'm supposed to be tricked into thinking you two were your dads when you asked me that! Well, I'm smarter than that I tell ya! Bye, bubbie. I'm off. Toodles!!"

The man who was now known as Kevin shut the door slowly behind his crazy aunt. The boys protested and tried to get her attention but she was off to kiss her poodle in the car.

"Well. Well. Well."

"Give us back our bodies! Or else!" the real Kevin shouted inside his 8 year old body.


John started to cry so his now huge son sat his six year old bottom down in a chair by picking him up and setting him down.

"From now on? We have a new pecking order in this house. And new names. You'll go by Charles. I'll go by Kevin."

"And I'm gonna be you, son," said the former six year old, "And I'm gonna be Jerry. I have your mental capacity now. This is gonna rule."

"But I wanna be a grown up again!" John cried, and started to throw a tantrum. 

"Well you can't be, buddy. We made a wish and so did you. We'll take care of you two and be one big happy family. You'll see. Now what's your name, buddy?"

"John!" his father said defiantly, in a silly six year old's voice.

"No, that's my name. Your name is Jerry. Say it. NOW." His deep, authoritarian voice made his former dad respond. "Okay, my name is Jerry. I'm sorry, can I go watch cartoons now?"

"I can't believe you did this to us! We've turned into a bunch of kids this is all your fault I hate you John! I mean Jerry!"

Jerry started to cry again.

"HEY. YOU APOLOGIZE TO YOUR BROTHER RIGHT NOW!" Charles commanded. Kevin gulped. "Unless you'd like me to tan YOUR hide. Like all the times you tanned mine."

"I...I'm sorry. I'm sorry! I'm sorry!" Dad said frantically as his now huge gigantic son motioned to throw him out of the chair. Then he smiled and picked up his former father by his arms.

"Now let's get ONE thing straight. We're in charge. We're the dads. You call us Dad or Sir. You never call us by our old names or tell anyone what happened. Or I'll tan your hide. Get it?"

"You're in charge! Okay, just let me down!"

"That's good. You're respecting me." He put his father down. "Now who am I?"

"You're Kevin. You're my Dad."

"Who are you?"

"I'm...I'm Charles. But I'm a man. I can't live like this...we need to find Max. I need a beer." The pint sized child walked over to reach for one of the bottles on the shelf.

"Looks like you don't understand! What are you doing? You're a child!"

" can't tell me what to do! You can't! I don't want you to!" Suddenly the new Kevin swept up his son in his massive arms and carried him over to the chair, sat down and put his son over his knees and pulled down his drawers. Smack! Smack!

"Now don't you ever try and take a sip of my beer EVER AGAIN. Do you understand me?"

"Yes," Charles said, unable to mask his pain. He sniffled.

"Now you and your dad and I are going to be a loving couple and raise you right."

"A couple? Oh sick, you two it couldn't be!"

"Why? You two were lovers."

"No we weren't! We were only friends!"

"Then why do we have memories of falling in love and being together?"

"That's not what happened to us! What did you wish?" the 8 year old accused his six year old brother.

"I want to watch Spongebob."

"You go ahead. We need to talk to your brother," the new John said. Then after he had left, looked down. "Must have been the wish. I wished we could be just like mom and dad had been, in charge of kids instead of being adults. So Max must have made us a couple."

"Fine with me. We make one damn good looking couple. We'll be good parents. This is all for the best, uh...son. I guess I have to get used to calling you that."

"We're never going back, then? That's all?"

'Yes, son. It is. Now go watch cartoons with your brother."

"Yes, sir."

The two men comforted each other and cuddled, their rich strong muscles tenderly rubbing against each other.

"We did just like he said. The incantation and the symbols mean we get their memories and abilities, but looks like we got a few extra."

"Fine with me. We make better parents anyway. They'll get used to it. My former wife did when we told her I was leaving her for you."

"Mmmm, everything is as it should be. Now come here."

The family was a lot happier with the new dads in charge and they only disciplined their boys when it was absolutely necessary. Over time they convinced the boys not to bring up the subject. Eventually John barely remembered it except as a weird dream and Charles became very respectful of his fathers.

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