Sunday, May 20, 2012

I hope I did a Good Job Tonight

"Let's see...I think I have this right." I said, carefully shaving my face. It was still new to me.

"You're doing great," said Lucie. She was dad's girlfriend. Well, technically now she was my girlfriend. But she wasn't.

I finished shaving and splashed water on my freshly shaven face. I could feel the stubble still. My face was so rough now! It felt weird still. I am not used to it.

"Okay, so now we just need to get you dressed and ready for the party. I'll go over it one more time with you. What is your view on the renovation project for the school?"

"I'm all for it. The sports program brings a lot of money into the school. We deserve to have a Working environment. And student environment." I looked at her hopefully.

"We deserve a good infrastructure."

"We deserve a good strucshure."

"Infra. Structure." She sounded the word out. "And what else? What's your view on the collegiate scholarships?"

"I think we need to increase them by...15 percent!"

"Yes. Good. Why?"

"Because it isn't asking too much, it's just the right number. It's's..."

"A diplomatic solution."

"Right. Yeah, that. A diplomatic solution. Do I have to wear a tie?"

"Yes, you do. This is important. I can't believe that's you in there, Chase."

"Me neither. It feels weird being tall and big and I have to tell all these football players what to do. I have a job..." I trailed off in disbelief. It had only been four days since dad and I had switched bodies but it felt like much longer, like months. I had thick stubble for days because I didn't know how to shave. And I didn't know how to drive so Lucie had to drive me everywhere.

"How's the cure coming along? Have you found the old man?"

When my dad was coaching college football, I often got left out. I'm only twelve. Well, I was only twelve. And then one day this old man was watching the players practice. We were the only ones there. He said he knew my dad, but later when I told dad about it he said he had no idea who the old guy was. Anyway, so the old guy was talking to me and I told him dad never spent any time with me. I wasn't angry. Just sad.

"No," I say to Lucie. "No trace of him. No one has seen him. Except me. That once."

"Well I put some internet postings up. And we'll work this out. I promise. We will find a way to get you back. But for now...just...try to act like your dad."

"Okay! Um..."


"Can you help me with the tie?"

She smiles. "Sure thing, tiger."

Tiger? She only calls my dad that! She didn't seem to notice, though. I change in the bathroom and I'm standing there in my underwear and overhear her on the phone.

"No. No he hasn't found out." Lucie closed the door to go into another room in the house where she couldn't be heard. What? What did she mean?  "I have been. Yes, I did. Yes. Of course. Thanks, grandpa. I owe you one." I'm standing outside the door. I'm only wearing my dad' boxer shorts. She comes out startled.

"Hey! Pete, sweetheart. What are you doing? You should be getting dressed."

"Did you do this? Did you make it so me and dad switched bodies?"

Lucie looks panicked and then pulls me into the walk in closet. It's cramped but I can still stand up without having to bend over. She pulls on a light bulb string so we can see.

"Okay. So...yes. Yes, but! You can NOT tell your father. You two can go back to normal but I need to teach him a lesson first."

"Why?" I ask, totally bewildered.

"Because he made out with another woman. And he doesn't spend any time with you. He really doesn't even think of you most of the time. Well, that's changed."

"I guess that's true."

"I uh...I have to say though that so far you have been doing a wonderful job of being the man of the house." She ran a hand over my big crotch. The boxers aren't covering all of my dick now and it's getting bigger. I gulp.

"  Thanks. You're um. You're pretty. I mean, you're nice. And um." I stand there, awkwardly, and she continues to run her hand up my massive chest.

"I will tell you what. Keep this a secret until I switch you guys back at the end of the month and I will...make it worth your while."  She kisses my neck and starts rubbing my sides.

"We're gonna be late." I say meekly. She runs her hands over my arm hair.

"I guess we'll just have to be late then." She kisses me and takes off my boxers. I'm at full mast now. I've had some practice with my new dick over the past few days but it's like it has a mind of it's own now. I groan as she gets on her knees and puts her mouth over it. In no time I'm getting the hang of my first blow job! I just can hardly believe it!

"We have to be quiet. Dad's still here."

"He's in his..your room playing video games."  She goes back to licking my cock immediately. She's insatiable. Soon I gasp and clench everything and all of my cum is squirting into her throat and she is eating it! A girl is actually eating my cum! This is so cool!

She stands up and kisses me and I put my big arms around her. "Maybe we don't have to switch back," I whisper.

"I'll consider it. But you have to bring home the bacon. Do a good job at the big adult formal dinner tonight and I'll consider it. Tiger," She kisses me once more and goes off to brush her teeth. I'm naked except for a wife beater. She brings me a towel. I get to the bedroom and lie down on my dad's bed and cradle my new cock before putting on shirt, my suit, my pants, my tie. Hey, I tied it all by myself. I grin to myself. Maybe being dad won't be so hard.


  1. The second pic is so hot. I'm drooling. :)
    It would be awesome to see him getting more used to being the dad, getting into the role and disciplining his new "son". Sequel please!

  2. I was thinking of writing a sequel to this one. :)

  3. What is the name of the bodybuilder in the 2nd pic?

  4. Please write a sequel.

  5. Please write a sequel

  6. Still waiting on that sequel.