Monday, July 25, 2016

The Reality Police

Jeremy was a scrawny young lad. I viewed him with the same glee I did any of my other victims. He was British, artistic, fey, and I was watching him. It was my newest assignment. But more on that later. He was talking with his friends in some fruity little cafe. Scene:

"You should go to London with us this weekend. Go to the clubs. Get laid, for fuck's sake." Jeremy's friend Kevin told him.

"Nah. I need to stay here. It's just not my thing."

"Nothing is ever your thing."

"That's not true. I just...I like to live in my imagination more than actually doing those things in real life."

"Well that's fun. Seriously, you need to live a little Jeremy. I mean you're not bad looking."

"I know that."

"You never do anything with any guys."

"I'm happy the way I am."

"No you're not! You're always wishing you were someone else."

"That's...hard to describe. I mean, I would love to be someone else. Someone masculine. Someone confident. But I'm not. I'm me. I like kittens and My Little Pony and I don't have a very high sex drive."

"What you're saying is you can't change, you just like to imagine. And you're fine with that."

"It's more like, I know reality, and reality sucks. Reality will always suck. I'll always be this way, and I can't be any different. Now if you'll excuse me, I need to go put rhinestones on some T-shirts I'm selling."

"You're hopeless."

"Have fun in London!"

Jeremy walked home, wishing with typical fervor about being various other people. I licked my lips in anticipation.

"Excuse me, are you Jeremy Flynn?"

He stopped in his tracks. He had the cutest Harry Potter sans glasses look to him. Like Daniel Radcliffe but thin and a little gayer. Scratch that. A lot gayer. No stubble.

"Yes, I am. How do you know me? Do you know me from uni?"

"Yes, in part. I just got here," I said, and he thought I must have meant a plane. My accent was very flatly American. "If I could have a moment of your time, I have a job offer for you."

"Really." His brow furrowed.

"Please. Come into my office. My name is Matt. Matt Clockwise."

He followed me in the building, not knowing it was a construct of time and space and we had passed into a dimensional slip. He couldn't go back to his normal dimension even if he tried. My office was in a loft, 30 foot tall ceilings, tall windows. Bicycles hanging from the walls, antiques from my collection decorating the room. He stopped to admire a vase.

"Is this Chinese? I looks old."

"It's a Ming vase."

"You're joking."

"Jeremy Flynn. Age 23. 140 pounds, 5'6". Homosexual with low sex drive. Heavily bullied in school. Sister's name: Jennifer. Mother's name: Amanda. Men you have been sexually active with: 1."

"Okay, who are you? I thought this was for a job interview."

"In a manner of speaking. That's part of it. Have a seat, Mr. Flynn."

"No, I think I'm going to go." I smiled. So cute.

Jeremy walked downstairs and out into the open street. People walking across the street, including a woman walking her dog and several children were stopped mid-air. A woman was pouring coffee on pause in the cafe.

"Did I mention that you're not going anywhere? Or anywhen?" I said, approaching him from behind. "Let's go back upstairs, buddy."

He had this look on his face like he wanted to bolt, but my voice was authoritative and carried with it a strongly persuasive bent to it. Also I could stop time. He followed me back up to the loft and sat down, not taking his pretty boy eyes off of me. "Mr. Flynn, I've been selected to tell you that you are in violation of several key crimes for which I am personally assigned. It will be up to me to determine your sentencing and rehabilitation."

"Okay, you're crazy. I don't know how you know me but..." I silenced him by moving my finger as he was talking mid-sentence. Put him on automatic mute as it were. His eyes bugged out.

"You finished, buddy? Good. Now, shut up and listen." I watched him as he tried to talk fruitlessly. "The Reality Police have judged you to be a noteworthy case of crimes related to our jurisdiction. Essentially you have spent your entire life complaining that you don't like your reality. So it is up to me to take your reality away from you. You can talk now." I ran my hand through the air again.

"Okay. I'm officially freaked out. But whatever it is you think I did I didn't and-" I moved my finger through the air and we were suddenly standing over a scene in a high school cafeteria.

"Watch yourself here."

"I wish I could be like, really tall. This is as tall as I'll get." Fast forward. Kids sped through the scene over a few days. "I wish I could talk like a tough guy. I'll never sound tough." Fast forward. "I hate my voice." Fast forward. "I hate my life. I wish I could have a different reality. One where I was a natural jock." Fast forward. "I wish I could just push a button and become like, a boxer or something. I don't want to even be a boxer, I just want to want to be a boxer." Friends laughed at him. Fast forward. "I wish I could just act all manly by pushing a button and then go back to being me. I like being me and all. I like being silly and funny but I also hate everything. I wish I could look like this guy." The last scene was not in high school but rather at Jeremy's house as he watched porn with a friend.

"Okay, I get it. Can I go now? I don't like this. I'm sorry for complaining."

"Oh, it's not just a matter of that." I waved my hand and we were back in my office loft. "See, it's in your thoughts, too. You hate reality. You have a resentment of what we do, of the order we create. You don't think your reality is good enough."

"No, I to pretend!"

"I think what you need is a lesson. We're done here, buddy." I waved my hand.

"Ugh. What happened?" Jeremy woke up on his bed. For some reason there was a skateboard next to his bed.

"Jeremy, you're late for rugby practice! Put a move on!"

"Rugby?" Jeremy wandered to the bathroom mirror. "My voice. My body. What in the hell?"

I watched with fascination as Jeremy spent the day slowly understanding I'd given him a new rugby based life, with a mind chock full of jock information. He played with his new mates and they celebrated another good day of practice. He felt a new comfort with his body in the locker room, something he never felt before. His new body was a little improvement on his old one.

"What did you think of today?"

"I loved it. I mean I'm kind of surprised. But, can I go back now? To my old life?"

"Your OLD life? Tsk tsk, no Jeremy. We're just getting started." I smiled evilly. I love my job. Matt Clockwise doesn't just choose anyone for punishment. "Now, you've often complained about not being manly enough. The rugby was a good start, but let's up our game."

"No, please. I'm done here. I appreciate the chance but-" I flipped my hand and he disappeared.

"Alright, champ. Let's start."

I watched once again as a hapless Jeremy found himself a boxer now. He was filled with testosterone now. I watched his coach and him practice. He was terrible at first but then as his new programming kicked in, he began to get the hang of it. I popped in as his gym session was over while he was changing in the locker room. He showed no shame over his junk, and was strutting a bit, just a bit as he saw me.

"Hullo, mate."

"How was today?"

"Great. I don't really have to fight anyone, though. Do I? You're not goin' to make me, right?" I had given him a lower class accent in comparison to the one he had before, and his voice was huskier.

"You like those new muscles, lad?"

"Who are you calling lad?" He shot back, in kind of a swishy gay way, batting his eyes. "I love the feeling, though! It's terrific! Look! I'm so...manly!" He giggled.

"I don't think I'm satisfied entirely that you've learned anything." I waved my hand and Jeremy was suddenly in the ring.

"Hey, no! I only started practicing! Come on, Mr. Clockwise!" The bell rang and his opponent came in. I watched from my seat completely entertained. He was dodging like a girl at first, running away from his opponent, some huge Russian monster a head taller than him. "Please, I'm sorry I complained about reality or whatever!" The crowd started to boo him for running away like a coward. Then, he found himself responding automatically as the Russian beast came right at him and he put up his dukes in defense, then aggressively fought for his life like a maniac. He did two rounds and was a beast mode now. See, for each life I give him, he has to initiate it by giving his own personality up in lieu of the new one I'm giving him to replace it. Then the changes come. Delicious changes. Jeremy, like the Hulk, felt anger enter into him and he snarled and poised himself and like a cobra stuck the Russian in a three punch with one fist two punch with the other knockout. The larger man went down and the crowd roared.

In the celebration afterwards, I found him at the pub, happily helping himself to a pint.

"Wait a minute. I don't drink beer!" New friends of his laughed as if he'd said a funny joke. I was right there reassuring him.

"You do what we tell you to do. If I say you're a boxer, you are. You have no college degree now, by the way. Your rent is overdue and you are always begging sponsors for money. It's kind of pathetic how they love you one minute and the next you're nothing more than dirt. But that's the life you always wanted, huh champ?"

"Please, mate. I just want to be a real man. I didn't want to give up all I had."

"Does it look like I give a fuck?" I smiled cockily. "Let's see, how many times have you wished you were raised in America..." I waved my hand and he disappeared...

 Jeremy blinked.

"Shit, what happened? Hey, my voice! It's different. I sound like..."

"You're from Texas? Well you are. Welcome to your new life, cowboy!"

"Aw, shit, mister!"

"Now when you're ready to make your next change, just think to yourself that you want to give up who you are and embrace your new body's personality."

"I ain't gonna do it again! Ya'll can't make me! I just want to go inside and watch cartoons and...and...find some glitter or something!"

"Oh Jeremy. You have a job to do. Now get to work." I snapped my fingers and vanished. I watched him that day. He didn't realize that being a cowboy would be such a demanding life. His parents owned a ranch and he was saving up to go to college. The US was a different place and in this life he didn't have the test scores he needed. His new parents told him to wash the truck, and he got a hose. He couldn't find any stuff to clean the truck with so he went ahead and gave the approval to welcome in his new personality but he was fighting it.

 For part of his new job, he had to talk with people about animals. He liked animals and wanted to take photos of all the baby animals he saw, and wanted to skip around like his normal self, but his body kept self-correcting. He would begin to skip around like a sissy and then his body would take over and force him to walk like a confident cowboy. He started to strut his stuff as he walked around and eventually took his shirt off. It was a hot day and he was so hot! Why should he deny the world a look at this fucking stud body?

I showed up after he was loading some farm equipment.

"You seem to be fitting right in, partner." I mocked him.

"Ya'll gotta do somethin'. I don't wanna do all this. I mean I like all the baby animals but I ain't even allowed to talk to girls about how cute they are. I don't have any girlfriends I can just be gay with!"

"No, you can't be out. You only sneak out for illicit gay sex when you can. You meet guys at truckstops, mainly. Pretty hot stuff, if you ask me."

"I just wanna go back home to England, ya'll gotta send me back!"

"I don't have to do anything. You haven't really learned that much yet. Tell you what. I will grant you one change."

"I don't wanna live with those people. It's weird havin' parents that aren't my own."

"You don't want to live with parents and you'd rather be on your own."

"Please, it's so weird. And I have all these chores to do! I'd rather if I hafta be a cowboy to do it on my own terms!"

"Alriiiight," I said, drooling over the possibility.

Jeremy found himself with another cowboy with a mustache.

"Alright, hon. Will see you later, bud."

"Will do, sweetheart." Sweetheart? A bristly mustache touched his own handlebar ever so briefly. The two got out of their truck. Jeremy's hand went to his new facial hair. "what...I..." He walked back to his pickup truck. His husband walked into the store in which he was an employee. Jeremy leaned over the rearview mirror and saw he was now middle aged!

"Hey there, Tex!" I said, taunting him.

"You made me old!" He shouted at me, rather immaturely.

"I made you better. I like this side of you. It's more rugged."

"I am not doing this anymore," he crossed his arms and swayed his hips rather effeminately.

"That husband of yours loves to pleasure you in the sack. I think it's time we try out a new sex drive for you. The minute you're ready."

Jeremy's new job involved similar tasks to the ones he had, but now he was running a ranch. He was in charge of the numbers, of every aspect of buying animals and feed. He gave in pretty soon because he had people calling him and had no idea what to tell them. His new personality was rather different. More forward.

"No, I don't want that by Tuesday. I need it by Monday! Get it together, and make sure it's on time. I don't want to take my business elsewhere but I will if I have to. Thank you." Jeremy hung up the phone. Being a cowboy was a lot more business oriented than he ever imagined. After an entire day of hard manual labor and management, he was ready for his new husband to come home and suck his dick!

He had never had sex the way he did when Kevin got home. He outright fucked Kevin, whose hole was smooth from years of taking it up the ass by his amazingly perfect 7 inch dick. He had never considered topping before but the minute the tip of his dick hit that ass he was in heaven.

The next few days I let him be a confident older man. I let him be in charge of his relationship with Kevin, a total man's man with clients, a competent businessman employing and directing ranch hands.

"Well, how do you feel?"

"I feel like a new man!" He shook my hand confidently. "I never want to go back to being a young man again. I absolutely love this life. It's hard work, but I love it."

I snapped my fingers. Jeremy reverted to his original personality.

"Oh my god, you have to make this stop! I have dirt inside all my fingernails! Look at my nails! They are so disgusting!"

"Oh, poor thing." I gave him a sarcastic sad face. "Alright, cowboy. You have one thing you can change."

"I want a college degree back! And to be educated! Everyone here just talks about beer and country music! Like none of them read anything! And okay, my husband is hot, I would like to kind of keep him but I don't know if I want to top anymore. I don't know if it's really me and..." I froze him.

"You want a college degree? You got it!" I waved my hand.

Jeremy found himself in a party filled with affluent people.

"So, Jeremy. Why don't you give me the skinny on those stock options. You keep telling me you have something big waiting just for me. Well, I'm waiting." Jeremy realized he had something in his hand with smoke wafting from it. The only thing he ever had that smoked was incense. And some kind of hard liquor in a small bottle.

"Well, I..." His new voice was gravelly. He was wearing a suit. "Excuse me, I'll be right back." Jeremy excused himself and with a panicked look on his face found a way outside the vicinity of the party and I was right there waiting for him. He caught his reflection in the mirrored reflection of a large glass window. "Is that me? I look like someone's dad. And look! I can't smoke cigars! They're...gross!"

"I have at least 12 instances of you wishing you could be a cigar smoker."

"Well, I changed my mind! I can't smoke this thing! I don't even know how to smoke! And I can't pull it off! I mean, honestly, do I look like the type of guy that smokes cigars," he said with his hand on his hip in the gayest possible way. "Oh well, I suppose I do, but you know what I mean. Sir, please. Please just let's forget about this whole thing and send me back to England. Pretty please?"

"Welcome in your new personality, Mr. Flynn. You have business to attend to." I smiled and disappeared. I watched as he fretted and looked at the cigar like he didn't even want to hold it.

"Oh alright! Fine!" He stomped a foot and then the new personality started to kick in. "Mmm." Jeremy brought the cigar to his mouth and took his first drag. "OH god, that's good."

"And that, gentlemen, is why this business deserves your attention right now. Biomedical advancements in sending nano-machines into the bloodstream requires a lot of investment but it's going to be worth it. Imagine the future."

"I'm sold. You give a good presentation, Flynn."

"That's what I get paid the big money for." Jeremy smiled confidently in his new husky dad-voice.

After Jeremy drove his new sports car home, his new personality took over. He was confident. More so than any other personality. The boxer was constantly worried about his future but let his primal anger rule in the ring. It was savage and satisfying but ultimately a scary existence. The rugby player was fun but dumb and all his friends were boring. The first young cowboy was closeted and hated being controlled by his parents all the time. And the older cowboy resented being in a place without any culture.

I spent several days watching him as he drove himself all the time as a workaholic devoted to high end finance. He was a man who inspired other men and fired them as well. He was merciless to those that didn't make a profit and cold in his philosophy. He didn't give a crap about anyone that wasn't in his business or that didn't make him any money. He smoked cigars confidently every day and walked around like he owned the world. I popped in for a visit.

"So tell me how you like your new life."

"I love my life. I'm in charge of everything. I rule. I snap my fingers and someone jumps. I don't answer to anyone except the IRS. I could buy and sell most lesser men. I don't need you to change things at all. I'm pretty confident I've found the place I need to be. Now if you'll excuse me, I have a very important meeting to attend to." I snapped my fingers and Jeremy's original personality was returned to him.

"And now?"

"OH my god, he doesn't care about anyone!" He whined. "He doesn't even like cartoons! He thinks they're for children! He looks down on anyone who watches them. And he hates glitter! Take me out of here! I can't spend my life like this!" He sounded like he was on the verge of crying.

"I'll let you change one thing."

"Well I want to love someone! He doesn't even have any friends!"

"Oh, I can do that. Well, bye!" I waved my hands and his personality went back into business mode. That night as he got home he disrobed and his boy toy, a fresh faced young man still in college showed up.

"Hello, sir."

Jeremy lit up a cigar and inhaled deeply. It was so satisfying.

"Yes, boy. Did you do all your chores today?"

"Yes, sir."

"And what do you think Daddy would like you to do for him?"

"I think you'd probably like me to suck your big cock, sir."

"Very good, boy. Why don't you get to work on that?" Muscles suddenly inflated as his boy sucked on his big dick, and he grew proportionately bigger than his smaller "son".

Jeremy was so much bigger than his college boi, who he had an arrangement with. Kevin was a good boi, and he was in agreement to be his willing servant in every way. If he told him to do a list of chores, he expected them done. Jeremy was totally in charge in the bedroom as well as the boardroom. Kevin could take his big dick without any gagging and was absolutely subservient. If he clapped his hands, Kevin was on his hands and knees begging his Lord and Master to give him instructions. Kevin was taken care of as long as he did every single thing he was told.

"That's right. Suck Daddy's dick. Suck it like you worship it, bitch."

After a few hours of using his toy, Jeremy sent his boi bitch to make his dinner. He lounged on his couch as I popped in.


"He's such a hot piece of ass. You want a piece of my dick, too?"

"Tempting, but I'd like to talk to Original Jeremy." I snapped my fingers.

"Oh wow. I'm a Daddy. This one"

"You like this time? You actually approve of one of my lifestyle choices?" I mocked him slightly.

"It wasn't...terrible."

"I'm so glad you approve."

Jeremy, in his dominant alpha male form, crossed his legs effeminately. "I just had never experienced anything like it. I mean, I just don't like the order giving. I'm so mean."

"You're a dom. You're supposed to be fucking mean. It turns your sub on to service you in every way. He's only happy if you're happy."

"But that's the way I used to be! That's me!"

"I reversed it. Sue me."

"I wanna go home, sir." Jeremy whined.

"You want to go back to England. It's possible."

"And I don't want to be mean. It's not me. I just want to give men their fantasies. I want to make THEM happy." Jeremy's alpha gravelly voice really did not gel well with his Original Jeremy personality.

 "You know, I think all of those things are possible." I waved my hand.

"Oh, god. Oh god!" Jeremy found himself feeling better than he ever had before. He was built. Huge. Muscles covered his frame like he never knew were possible. His dick was a machine. He came into his partner's mouth.


The porn shoot took a break while Kevin licked his lips and savored Jeremy's cum.

"Nice one, Jeremy. You always have the most delicious loads."

"Th-thank you."

Jeremy excused himself to a dressing room so he could gape at his new size. He suddenly wished his personality away. He adjusted. He realized he was in a porno but he was in shock from how big he was to the point where that was actually more enveloping his thoughts. They were on location in England for the next month or so. He was booked as an escort every day and his British clients were willing to pay much more than escorts made in the US. He was a very hot rent boy due to his fame within the industry. He was a very big catch and richer men often rented him for upwards of $1000 an hour.

I left him to his non stop fuck sessions. Jeremy reveled in his gym workouts, in his size, in the sheer feeling of sexually empowering other men to newfound heights of joy. Sometimes they wanted to be in charge, sometimes they wanted him to be in charge. Sometimes they wanted to worship him, sometimes they wanted him to be a cowboy, or an executive, or a rugby or soccer player. There were so many fantasies and he fulfilled them all and they begged for more. His dick was the hottest property imaginable. One man bought him a $30,000 Rolex.

He had made so much more money as a rich executive when he was one, but this was somehow the happiest he had been out of his many bodies.

"Okay, moment of truth." I surprised him after he got home one night. "What do you think, pumpkin."

Jeremy was silent. His Original Personality was in place.

"I'm...amazing. This body. The men. The sex. I never knew sex could be like this. It's...heaven."

"You bring joy to other men."

"But I do miss my old life. Sort of. But...these muscles. I could never have muscles like this before. Men worship me and I make them happy. I never knew it could be like this. I'm making them happy but in a different way, in a physical way's like I'm the ultimate fantasy. Me."

"You are a cum machine."

"But...I don't have any other career options. I have a major in theater but this is what I got with it."

"Actors shouldn't be picky."

"Yeah, I'm never gonna break into Hollywood. Not with my resume."

"Well. I think ten years more of being a rent boy should suffice."

"Ten years?"

I snapped my fingers and the new Jeremy personality took over.

"Do you want me to thank you, Mr. Clockwise?"

"Yes, I do. Get on your knees. You're going to suck my dick, Mr. Universe."

Jeremy smiled and he started working on my dick for the first time. I smiled blissfully as my dick engorged in his perfect mouth. Did I ever tell you I love my job? 


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