Sunday, August 4, 2013

Old Junk, New Junk

Hey, ya'll. Case you couldn't tell you're in for a treat of a story. My name's Kyle. This here is my yard. Got a lot of salvage everywhere. Sometimes I sell it to people on the Internet. I work at a gun range and I love my guns. Fuck. Yeah. I love my guns. I love watching men become real men as they get to know how to shoot.

Now one day I found something. It was this here ring and I'm wearing it and the next thing I know I'm wearing it to work and thinking what it would be like to be retired and holy shit, I'm staring at myself through the eyes of the dude at the range. 65 year old dude. I walk over and he is freaking out in my body and I immediately realize what happened. So I grab the ring off him and before he can know what is happening I am in my body again. He stares at me and I grab the ring again. He starts shouting at me and I don't give a shit. I gave him fifty bucks to just shut the fuck up because who is gonna believe a fat old man raving about body switching.

Then? I just took my time.

One day, I found my target. He was richer than FUCK. Sometimes rich dudes are paranoid, though. He wanted to learn to shoot. He was raised all liberal and shit and I was like fuck, this guy is LOADED. You know? I decide to give him a discount on account of I like him and I can tell he's gay, right? Now I got nothin' 'gainst gay dudes. I'm not into that shit but I'm not mean or all religious. I just love bein a man. Now I think to myself, which is worse, bein rich and gay or bein me, and quite frankly, I want money. So I think to myself, maybe I wouldn't be gay or maybe I would if I did this thing. Didn't know until I tried it.

I tell him hey, man. I like you. I like the way you hold that gun. I get him all excited, right? He's gettin' all horny and shit. I say stay until after closing, I'll give you a gun you can get real excited about. I feel up his ass a little. No one was around much. He just gives me this quiet smile. He waits out in the lobby for me until my shift ends. He's readin' some book on money and I think fuck, I hope I get a taste of that. I don't know how to make money in some office but fuck, I could learn.

After work I lead him to the back inventory room where we keep ammunition. I flick the light on and take off my clothes and so does he. He had a nice body. I had to see what kind of body I was gonna have. He smiles and comes forward and I concentrate and then WHAM!

I look at my own face start to freak out and shout. I cover his mouth and I realize our dicks are touching. Oh, gross. I mean, fuck. That is so hot!

I tell him the deal. I want to just try life as bein him for a lil' while and he can try life as bein' me. He tells me he's an investment banker. I tell him some things about my job real quick. His duties. He looks at me like I'm crazy.

I ask him "Hey, man. You wanna fuck me, still? Or do you want to go out and get yourself some pussy?"

He looks at me all wide eyes, still naked as a blue jay.

"Holy shit, I'm straight?" He looks at his hands.

"Yeah and I'm gay. Not what I pictured myself doin, bein in a gay guy, but I think I could live with it if I have all this dough."

"I don't believe this. I mean...I never even wanted to look at a woman naked and now..geez I just want to go crazy and fuck one." He got a boner.

"Whoa, buddy. You need some help there?" I moved forward and massage my former dick. He shied away.

"Oh my God, I'm grossed out by the idea. This is so weird. I'm respondin' to this here body. This here? Why did I just say that?"

"Fuck if I know. I've never done this before. Now if you wanna switch back, you can. You just need to find me and wear the ring and concentrate."

"Yeah, maybe I'll do that. Or maybe I'll find ya'll after I get myself some pussy and try out what this body can do. Hey. I'm talkin' like ya'll."

I started to get weirded out. I didn't know this would be part of it. I guess I didn't try out the ring very much at all to see what the effects were.

"Guess we'll see how much this goes. Maybe I'll acquire your knack for knowing things about hedge funds."

"What the fuck is a hedge fund?"

"Holy shit our brains contain information and we are adapting to our new brains."

We got our clothes on. His before me. I was fine with him looking at my new dick. I got all the information I needed. We decided to meet in a week to see if we wanted to switch back.

I drove home in my nice sports car, looked up at my huge mansion, and gleefully walked inside. A man's rich, soothingly familiar voice guided me into the spacious living room.

"Dave? Get in here!" His arms were around me in no time.

"Did you have a long day? I know I did."

"Yes, honey, I did. A very long day." I was so nervous. I was beginning to realize certain things. He was bigger than me. I mean, I was planning on working out in my new body. It wasn't as big as before but I was feeling a little bit like just not being in charge, on purpose."

"I want you to suck my dick, boy." My new boyfriend said. He took off my clothes forcefully and practically threw me on the floor. I begged him to take off his pants so i could suck his dick. I was going to suck dick for the first time! As I put my mouth over his cock I knew I never wanted my old life back...

There are other things we did that week. I would listen to his requests and do them. He told me to wear a collar and sit like a dog and I did. He chained me up in our dungeon. He ordered me to suck and rim and obey and I never would have done these things before but now they were heaven.

I finally met with my old body who told me plainly I could have my gay ass mansion and my gay life. I'll take it, I told him. He had some hot new girlfriend he found at a cowboy bar and they are apparently very happy together.

But I wonder if he'll ever use that ring again...

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