Saturday, March 22, 2014

The Contract - Part 2

Jimmy awoke and rubbed his ample tummy, covered with hair. Rubbing the hair on his gut felt strange, like he was in some new frame. It's not like you get fatter down there overnight, he thought absentmindedly. He had been having dreams of working in an office and they were strange. In the dream he had shown up for work in his suit as usual and they had all laughed at him and when he looked in the mirror he was naked. Then they told him to go fix the plumbing in the bathroom and he had begun to go into one of the bathroom stalls with only a wrench and his dick flopping around everywhere.

He must be getting horny. It was being in this house with such a good looking guy like Bill. Classy guy. When they started living together he had been so disgusted with the way Bill treated him, like he was just so...casual. Bill was easy going and Jimmy knew he could be uptight and being around Bill did drive him somewhat crazy but it was good for him to learn how to let go of control a little bit if it meant the job got done. 

He looked around and realized he was in the wrong room. That's right. Laverne and Bill had used his bedroom. Why hadn't they talked much about this? It seemed so odd he would just allow Bill to have his very own comfortable bedroom while he took the unfurnished and still being re-constructed half room but then he did have a soft spot for his new friend and wanted him to get some relief. It was good because then he could whack off even more to the idea of Bill naked in his bed. 

He realized with a shock he was having very sexual thoughts about Bill and had for some time. Even though it was like...Bill had changed. Maybe Bill had become a bit less rough around the edges from having lived with Jimmy. It was a nice thought, that he was having a good effect on the man.

He found that Bill had already left. It was 9 AM! He panicked. He was slightly hungover and completely late for work! How would he make this up to Mr. Langston was the real question. He quickly walked into his room and found the unfamiliar scent of cologne in the air. Also, the lingering traces of cigarette smoke. Laverne's odor, no doubt. His nose wrinkled. More at the idea of some middle aged pussy than the actual smell. He got a shirt and tie and pants and put them on, all of them a little bit more snug than usual. He felt his week old beard and thought he should trim around the edges to make it more neat but he was already late as it was.

He got into the pickup truck as usual. He couldn't imagine not having it. It was his baby. Sure, it broke down from time to time but it fit his personality so much. Many people must find it odd that a man of high finance would lower himself to drive such an old truck but many people just didn't understand country boys in high finance. He was Texas born and bred. He may not live there anymore but Texas left an imprint that yuppy bred men couldn't possibly understand. 

He checked his reflection and smiled at his masculine appearance. His forehead seemed a little bigger than normal but that must be the angle of the mirror! He drove into town and walked from the parking garage to the financial district. Walking amongst his peers, he felt slightly ill. There was something so off about today. Every time he saw his reflection in a mirrored glass door or metallic surface gleaming from the base of a raised platform he blinked as if he had to recognize himself and it took time. Pattern recognition seemed to be off. 

Whatever pattern recognition was. It must be a term he heard from the Boss. Wait, what boss? Mr. Langston? Mr. Langston was such a fuckin' pansy, he thought.

He got in the elevator and got to his floor and felt a sudden fear flood through him. Walking down the hallway it was like he was intimidated to go in. What was this feeling? He suddenly panicked and walked back to the elevator. For whatever reason he had to get some fresh air outside. He should have called in but that seemed wrong, too. Everything seemed wrong. 

He waited until finally calling Bill. He needed to tell him to set a timetable for all the things they needed to do with the house.

He got Bill on the phone but he seemed distracted. 


"Bill I need to talk to you. I'm outside work and it's really bothering me that things have gotten so off track."

"Well I'm glad you're finally admitting it but I'm a bit busy right now."

"On what room?"

"What do you mean, what room? I'm busy. I have enormous amounts of information to go through, Jimmy. Look, where are you?"

"I'm outside work. Outside the MacIntyre Building."

"You're what? Why? Never mind, I'll be down as soon as I can but this is really unusual. Just hang tight for the next 20 minutes."

"What? No, don't come down here." But he had already been hung up on.

He surveyed the scene. All these hot fancy guys in suits. Man he felt out of place. I can't wait to get home and take this thing off, he thought.

And then he had the most frightening moment. His heart nearly stopped. Mr. Langston was right there in front of him berating some employee. He approached the two men. He had been spotted and would have to apologize for being late and for apparently just hanging out in front of the building waiting for his friend. He was already on thin ice, he didn't want to draw too much more attention to himself.

"Look, I don't give a shit what the excuses are, when I say jump you say how high SIR. I want you to give me results and I want GUARANTEES. I want you to be DEVOTED. I don't want to hear anything less than I WILL DO THIS not any "ifs" about it. Man up and get back upstairs and assist your senior Mr. Handley and maybe he'll straighten you out. And if he says you aren't doing your part for the team, if I hear you're slacking we will not have this conversation again. I'll can you. Do you hear me?"

"Yes.-y-yes sir. Yes, Mr. Langston. I'm sorry, sir. It won't happen again."

"Mr. Langston." Jimmy said, approaching the man after his subordinate disappeared.

"Yes? Do I know you?"

Suddenly Jimmy was hit with intense feelings of nausea. He wanted to apologize but he couldn't remember what for. 

"It's me."

"Sorry, pal. Don't remember you and I'm kind of in a hurry this morning. Behind and all." 

He left without saying anything more. Jimmy walked around in a daze. He wanted to go home. But he didn't feel at home here and he should. His work was like his second home.

Bill finally found him and he had been daydreaming and was feeling loopy. Looking up at Bill's concerned face he suddenly felt fear. Fear like he was pretending to be something he wasn't. 

"Why are you dressed in that?" Bill asked. Something sank deep inside Jimmy. 

"Well I didn't want to come to this place dressed in anything but-"

"But what, borrowed clothes? We've talked about the rules of the house before, haven't we?" Bill asked calmly, reasonably. 

"Yes but you see I was late for work and-then Mr. Langston came out."

"How do you know him?"

"I used to work for him."

"You never mentioned that! You must have done some work for him in his loft."

"His loft. I must have. He didn't recognize me and I don't know why." Jimmy said lamely.

"That's because he is an egocentric shit. Look, I'm taking care of a lot right now but I feel like treating myself for lunch. Why don't you and I have a discussion at 4. I'm getting off work early because I just feel a pressing need to. Meet me at Maple Tavern. It's one of the last restaurant bars you can enjoy a good cigar in.  Go home. Get out of those clothes, they just...I'm trying not to be irritated here but just go over the list, okay?"

"The list. Gotcha. Right. Okay. Sorry." He stuttered. Bill was already gone, striding purposefully towards the building he worked in. 

Bill was so confident and self assured. 

Jimmy did as he was told and got home and went over the list of things that would be necessary to do. A number of them were gardening projects to extend his time in the house even further, which was a good thing. 

He blinked. He should be in this house but this seemed wrong. Why should he need to extend his time here? He went back into Bill's bedroom and took off the suit. What was he thinking? He must have thought he wouldn't be able to talk to Bill unless he was dressed like everyone else downtown. Maybe he was feeling self conscious but a Texan boy like him shouldn't be self conscious. He put the suit back on. No, this felt more right. But wait, he could just wear it later. He didn't want to get it dirty at all.

He went into his room, the one half constructed with bare beams everywhere along the half roof. The room was an addition to separate one very large room into two and this would be the "man cave" of the house. It was an ingenious little construction project and would be a lot of fun for the owner to enjoy.

He sorted some of his things on tarps in various rooms and picked up a sander and started working on the floor. It took several hours. It went by quickly. He wore his goggles.

Realizing he had little time left, he didn't bother to shower. Who cared? He popped into the suit in Bill's bedroom again and took off in his pickup. 

When he got to the bar, Bill wasn't there. Probably finishing up all of the things he needed to do that day. Bill was a man of many ideas and he admired him more and more and it seemed petty to resent him for moving in with Bill...or...them living together. He ordered a drink and found himself lighting a cigar and talking to a guy who introduced himself as Steve. Steve was 25 and Jimmy quickly thought how much they would have in common since they were the same age. He told the man this and the man laughed. Guess he must be really packing on the pounds lately if the guy thought he was kidding. He tried not to let it bruise his ego.

"So what do you do?"

"Oh I'm in investment...stuff."

"Investment stuff?" the man laughed. "So which firm do you work for?"

"At the moment, well, I'm a private contractor."

"Oh okay. Get laid off in New York. Thought you'd come out here?"

"Texas, actually."

"Texas? You don't sound like you're from there. Did you grow up there? What firm did you work for out there?"

"It's complicated." More like blurry, he thought. Maybe he was still hungover from yesterday. Didn't even remember having that much to drink. "I don't think I want to talk about work much. like football? You keeping up with the game here?" Jimmy smoked his cigar more and the two men started talking about their favorite teams.

Finally, Bill arrived and the man got up as if he had been caught doing something wrong. Jimmy felt very strange now and pawed at his goatee. He held his cigar nervously. Bill approached him as if it was his dad back in Texas catching him doing something wrong. The men shook hands.

"Still in that suit, Parsons?" Bill asked tensely. 

Bill motioned for Jimmy to follow him to the other end of the room and they did. They sat down and Bill ordered. He didn't let Jimmy order. 

"Now, look. We have a lot of things to go over if we're going to live together. Okay?" 

Jimmy nodded excitedly to say of course.

"We need to go over some ground rules. Being respectful of each others space. Private space especially. I won't go into your room and you won't go into mine. I think that's fair."

"Of course."

"I know we've become closer as friends but I don't think anyone should take advantage of anyone else because of this." Bill produced a pen from his very nice suit and scribbled something on a notepad. "Now I'm thinking that we should be more organized. I can give you tasks that need to be done within the next few weeks and you can prioritize them in the order you think would work best but I want updates."

"On accounts?"

"Very funny. We're not talking about my work though," Bill chuckled. 

They talked more and more about all the details of the new rules of the house and Jimmy consented to all of them. He really liked Bill. He felt real bad about making him feel uncomfortable before. He had a habit of being too judgmental, he realized. It wasn't something a man in his position should be feeling. He really ought to be a bit more...compromising. 

"I think we can have a situation that ameliorates things for the both of us if we both pitch in." Bill said.


Bill sighed. "I mean, make better." 

"Oh. Well why didn't you just say so?" Jimmy asked, scratching at his beard. Jeez, this suit itched. Why had he even borrowed it in the first place? 

The two men finished their lunch and Bill told him he had to meet some very important people at a small gathering. They would conclude their business and progress a little each day.

Each day he would just have to be a little more diligent around the way Bill needed things to be done, Jimmy thought as he drove back to the house in his pickup truck. He got inside and immediately threw off the suit which was straining at the seams just to accommodate his frame. Stupid idea tryin' to impress the boss by wearin' one a his suits. Thought I must be pulling some kind of joke. Guess it was. Can't wait to get into my own flannel, he thought. 

He went back to sanding with his goggles as soon as he got his carpenter jeans on. He worked especially late that night so he could write a note for Bill to update him as per their new arrangement. He topped off the evening with some cool beers and porn and visited several sites where guys in suits were getting blow jobs and came buckets at the thought of one of the powerful suited men having Bill's face...

One day, Bill called Jimmy into his study. He bellowed for Bill. Bill was truly MAN of his house and he had been belting orders for the last few days. It had taken time for Jimmy to get used to it, but he felt he was okay with it. Bill had a way with carrying himself. He expected things to be done and he wasn't afraid of his own voice and how powerful it was. In addition, Bill's house had been pretty spotless ever since Jimmy started to become more cautious of where he left things. Bill was smoking a pipe and Jimmy's nose was tickled in delight.

"Come on in, Jim." Bob said forcefully. He laid some papers aside. "I was just going over some credit default swap data."

"Some what? Boss, I dunno what you're talkin' bout half the time."

"Good God, you smell. When was the last time you took a shower?"

"I take a shower when I need to," Jim said in his casual drawl. 

"Well, I just want you to know Laverne and I are going out to the country bar tonight.  One of my newest clients is pretty cowboy and I want to show him a good time, and I thought you could do with some company from back home."

"Sounds fun! Anythin' else I should know, boss?"

"Yes, I want you to start working right away on a doghouse."

"You gettin' a dog, boss?"

"No, I'm getting chickens, what do you think I'm going to do? Just fucking build one," Bill said casually before dismissing him so he could take part in an important conference call. 

Jim worked hard that day dropping everything so he could get stated on doghouse construction. At one point he got a text from Mack saying he and Stan wanted to hang out with him. Mack and Stan were Buck's friends, though. Who was Buck? Bill. Bill. They were Bill's friends. But why would Bill be friends with his friends? Jim had known them for years. They had just met Bill. 

He told them to meet them down at the country bar. After all, gay rednecks had to stick together. Heh. 

At the bar, Bill had his clients and some of them were interested in handiwork. Bill had told Jim that he could introduce him to some other people that could give him work later on down the line. After they drank a few rounds and Jim had bored some suits with talk about sanding, Mack and Stan motioned for him to follow them so they could play some pool.

A familiar looking guy walked into Jim. The guy had run into him before but for some reason Jim remembered cowering before this guy, who was obviously a lot smaller than him. Must have been his imagination running away with him.

"Watch where you're going, buddy." Jim told him. 

The cowboy opened his mouth to say something but took a look at Jim's big muscular arms and took a look at Mack and Stan and backed away mumbling his apology. 

There was no talk of the Witch House that night up until Laverne mentioned it. Bill told her and her friend Darlene there was nothing to be concerned about.

"Well it is hot that such a masculine guy like yourself lives up there out in the woods, just must get lonely is all," Darlene said. Bill smiled a dapper smile and said there was always room for more company. The two girls giggled. They seemed a lot younger than before, Jim could have sworn the two were more middle aged when they were obviously in their 20s.

That night, Bill took both girls home and loudly fucked them in an orgy. Jim had to stroke it many times in the bathroom as he just listened in. It was so hot to think of his masculine, in charge boss just demanding sex and getting it and he only wished he could be a part of it. He overheard Bill shouting out as he thrusted into one of them.

"Oh yeah. You like that? You like my big, rich banker cock? Huh? You like that? You like how much money I am making? How bout I buy you some emeralds to match your eyes sweetie? God you have a great pussy! FUCK YEAH! FUCK! YEAH! GOD I AM SO FUCKING HOT! SAY IT!"



He came at the thought of the sound of his boss's voice and the thought of his boss giving him sexual orders, making him lap up all his cum like a good boy.

After the girls left the next morning, Jim started work on the doghouse again. Hehouse at one point stopped and went into his boss's bedroom and started snooping around. What he couldn't take anymore was the lack of physical release. He found some uncleaned boxers, and sniffed them deep for several minutes, inhaling the manly odor of them, and then got a new pair from a dresser, nearly folded (somehow he knew right where they'd be!) and put them on. This was so wrong and forbidden. But he didn't care. The thought of his rich voiced boss telling him what to do was so inviting and he couldn't help but jack off. He came within a minute, big dribbling bits all over Bill's nice clean boxers.

"Oh man, I wish I knew how to please him." he said out loud. The house creaked slightly. He heard the wind rustle outside and through the window cracks and the house and something almost whisper in his ear before he realized he was dribbling cum all over Bill's nice floor. He got some tissues and cleaned up his cum. He sniffed the boxers one more time, both of them, deeply inhaling and then put them both in the hamper. 

The next day, Jim was able to invite Stan and Mack over for a get together.

They talked at great length about the house and all the good work Jim had been doing on it. Jim was definitely comfortable taking his shirt off. When wasn't he? He commented on being so comfortable and loved the feeling of his muscles in the sun. That is when Mack and Stan, Mack in glasses and Stan with a beard and necklace, told him they had submitted some of Jim's photos to a porno company.

"A what? Porn. Shit, man. I dunno."

"Think about how much money you can make, dude. Five grand a film at least. You would earn top dollar."

"You are such a good daddy. I love it when you take the time to top us."

"Are you saying you want to make a porno with me."

"Well I do," said Stan. "But they wanted you to do it as well. Then we can both make some serious dough."

Jim thought about it. He sure as hell wasn't making all that much money these days and he could sure use the extra money. 

"Uh..boss man?"

"Yes, come in Jim-Bob."

"Uh, boss. Sir. I was just wondering if I could have next Friday off."

"Why, do you want to go party somewhere?" William smiled knowingly.

"Well uh, it's more like a job opportunity. And like. You know. You know when like, business guys like you and stuff, they get business um...people they know. Contacts. They like, get contacts and then they like, get work. Well sir, I got a job possibly lined up and I'ze just wonderin'..."

"Yes yes, I'll give you the day off if you just stop talking with your incessant prattle."

"What's a prattle? Is that like a rattler? Like noise?"

"Very good, Jim-Bob," William said, his words dripping condescension. 

"Well um.Ya'll can do without me for one day, right? You're not mad?"

Jim-Bob waited expectantly, looking at his boss with puppy dog eyes.

"How could I be mad with the man that has given me so much?" William smiled a secretive smile.

At the porn shoot, later that week, Jim-Bob was a natural. He took to fucking in front of a camera with great ease. Though, to be fair, fucking was one of the few good things he was good for and the director said he was so taken with him that he was shocked Jim-Bob didn't do escorting on the side. 

"A boy as good looking as you ought to have a solid customer base. Now I don't want to tell you what to do, but I can only pay for two movies with you before I move on. I am moving my business to Austin. I need real American cowboys, ya know. So I'll hook you up with some nice businessmen who can afford a cowboy prostitute. You can make big money, Jim-Bob."

"Well thank ya kindly, sir." Jim-Bob said proudly. "I do have quite a nice body and ya'll want a piece of my meat, ya'll can just let me know." The director gave him a few hundred more to take him home that night and fuck him, though Jim-Bob didn't normally bottom, it felt so good he didn't think twice about it. He used to be afraid of sex, he thought. Wait, what? I was always bigger than the other kids, not small and cowering. I loved the hell out of sex from such an early age. Why wouldn't I? I look fucking gorgeous!

The next day, Jim-Bob got back to the house where William had left copious notes for him regarding various chores, as always. And as always, Jim-Bob did as he was told like a good boy.

He was in the attic cleaning up and generally preparing it for renovation while he was dreaming as always of his hot boss when something came over him. It made him sleep and when he woke up he saw his boss in a suit looking down at him. Everything was white and it was like he was in a dream and it was like his boss was on a throne.

"I think you need to please me finally, son. Get started with worshiping my dick you dumb redneck."

Jim-Bob did not have to be told twice. He quickly got to work. He worshiped his boss like he never had before. Simply taking pleasure in letting the man have complete control of him crashed into ecstasy as he embraced the man's superior dick in his mouth. His own little dick was nothing in comparison. He felt William's perfect muscled legs, and looked up in devotion as his boss, with his stubble and tie, the perfect picture of class. After slurping and slurping like the cumpig he was, with his boss cursing at him, he finally began to choke and gag but he didn't give up.

"That's right you stupid redneck cumpig. Eat my fucking cum. God you're so fucking stupid. Dumb handyman slutpig. You're just good for being my whore, aren't you, dummy? Yeah, that's right. Take it. Take the essence. Earn your destiny, pig. That's a good job, BOY. Take all my cum! Every drop! Get ready, slut!"

The explosion of cum was better than Jim-Bob could have dreamed. He gargled on it and savored every precious drop. 

"Let the games continue, huh boy?" Jim-Bob looked up lovingly at his master. When they were done, Willam told him to sit down so he could admire his own handywork. "Well I have to say, you certainly have aged well." William said, smacking his lips and getting his dick ready for another go. "Now get up, old man. I'm going to plow into you. And you better enjoy every ounce of pressure I put inside your hick body."

"Hell, son. You had me at "Now"".

"More! I want more! Do you hear me! More! MORE!" William cried out. "I want it all, I want it now! FUCK YEAH!" he plowed the older man's ass repeatedly, enjoying how good it really felt to be inside the man who had once employed him, a lifetime ago, another reality ago. He was cumming all inside Jim-Bob's ass, and his dick was a practical cum factory.

"Sheeeeit boy, you just don't know how to stop!"


It took hours to finish. But letting it all drain into Jim-Bob, his years as well as his cum, allowed William to look even better than ever.

"I have to take a picture of myself. God, I look fantastic! And my voice! It's so strong and clear! My intelligence. God, I can do so much in my head. I can predict outcomes of financial institutions. I can trade stocks in my own head, I can see all the numbers coalesce and merge. God, this feels amazing. I can't believe you once had all this and now it's mine."

"Boss, what the hell are ya'll talkin' about? Cause I do not have a clue."

"Shut up and get back to work. You're just my bitch." William took photos of himself and his new huge dick. "Say it."

"I'm just your bitch. Sheeit I didn't even know ya'll was gay."

"I'm not. I'm your master. Your alpha. I don't fuck men. I fuck FAGGOTS. And you are included in that category. Say "yes sir, I obey sir," " William said, in love with his new young visage.

"Yes sir, I obey sir." Jim-Bob replied. 

Over the next few days, many things occurred. Jim-Bob developed a new routine of cooking for his master as well as gardening and doing housework. He did all the housework now, including doing his master's laundry and attending to all his personal needs. He cleaned his sheets, ironed his shirts, shined his shoes, made him his meals (all carefully selected from a specially designed nutrition regimen that Jim-Bob had to learn the recipes for) and most importantly, served his master's sexual needs. Women were good for some things but Jim-Bob made extra sure that when his boss needed a cum bucket, his mouth was handy. 

William took to constantly criticizing Jim-Bob for the way he spoke, the way he smelled. He abused him every day verbally, and Jim-Bob just got hard from it. William was so unwavering. He didn't smile except when he was parading his superiority in front of his older, submissive dependent. 

"Here," he said one day, taking off his socks and threw them in Jim-Bob's face. Clean my feet with your tongue. And make it snappy!"

Jim-Bob licked the man's feet with glee.

William would walk throughout the house inspecting it. "You missed a spot over here. Lick it clean."

"Yes, sir." Jim-Bob said, and licked the tile on the kitchen floor until it was spotless.

"Slave, I have a present for you." William said one day. "It is a dog collar, Boy. I want you to wear it. It signifies that I truly own you."

Jim-Bob let William try it on him. "What would you like me for ya'll?"

"Let's go to the doghouse. I want you to do something for me."

The two men walked outside. The master in his fine clothes and Jim-Bob had to go naked. The doghouse was very large per William's specifications. 

"Now get inside," William told him. He got some dog food and put it in a bowl while Jim-Bob crouched in his new temporary home. "I bought this especially for you, doggie. Eat up."

As Jim-Bob ate his dog food, William began to jack off over just how much control he had over his once-powerful boss. He sprayed semen over the dog food and made Jim-Bob eat that as well, and he did so with gusto. 

"That's enough, food. Come here, doggie." Jim-Bob crawled out. "I want you to tell me how to check if someone's account has been allocated the correct amount of attention regarding advice on offshoring."

"I don't know what that means, sir."

"Doggie, I want you to tell me, how do you know you have a solid investment in subsidized raw materials?"

"Sir, I don't know. I'm confused. I just want ya'll to be happy with me, sir."

"I am happy, Doggie. So happy. Now get inside." William produced a leash to go with the collar. He led Jim-Bob inside."But I think it's more fun if you remember just enough to know who you were." William snapped his fingers and memories of being important and dressed in a suit came back to Jim-Bob. 

"My-my name isn't Jim-Bob."

"Oh, your name has changed a few times. Think about it, Doggie."

"I-I'm not a dog. I...I work for an inventive...a vest place."

William laughed at him. "Oh, no. Think more, stupid. Think harder."

"You...YOU were the older one! I...I was younger!"

"Very GOOD, dummy. Now try and think about where you are."

"The house. It did this. I can't think good anymore."

"I know that," William rolled his eyes. "I am now drowning in money and good looks and you are here for my beckoned call. Such a good pup. I'll let you remember that much. But mentally, you have an IQ just above retarded. So you'll be very happy making me happy. Won't you?"

Jim-Bob, once known as James, shook his head. He knew that their names had changed but he didn't care. He loved having sex with William and he loved how William took care of him. 

"Just one more time, though, for old times sake. Oh, but you probably wondered how I did this. Here, I'll boost your IQ long enough for you to understand." Suddenly Jim-Bob was more alert. "When I started doing work on this house, I couldn't stop fantasizing about what it would be like to own it. Hell, to own you. To have you do everything I wanted, my own personal servant. Of course such notions would have gotten me fired, especially as I wasn't your uh..type. But I have to say you make an excellent cocksucker. Really." Jim-Bob blushed at the compliment. 

"And now here I was, and the house I realized, was filled with power. It was meant for someone that knew how to take it, how to handle it and as it filled me more and more each day I received the magic messages hidden inside it. I was just the right personality. I was truly Alpha and I was utilizing the house to drain you of everything you had and slowly it became mine. Now I don't desire or want for anything, except for you to GIVE. Now. I'm going to use the house one last time to fulfill my dreams of being young and gorgeous. And you...well I have something special in mind. I've shaped you a few times, drained you at others. It's been a wonderful process watching you change, dummy. But then, no one said success was an easy process. Except me, that is." William smiled cruelly and said "Open up." 

Light exploded and he felt flooded and he felt his body getting hairy and he rolled over. He was outside, on the grass. He got up and felt his blubbery bearish body.

"Wonder where my Master went off to?" he grumbled. 

He walked back in the house. Master William was still transforming. His hair was becoming blond and his muscles were getting bigger and bigger. He was naked and judging by the looks of it, he had never been happier.


Dog's IQ had jumped enough for him to be somewhat eloquent again. "Yes, Master. You are so beautiful, master. I adore you."

"What are you good for, Dog?" William pumped his magnificent frame and made his pecs dance, feeling the raw energy, the pure power of the house filling him with ALPHA godlike strength.

"Sir, I am good for serving you and being your cumwhore, sir."

"Do you know who I am, Dog?"

"Yes, Master. You are the vice president of an investment firm. You are very important, sir."

"Yes I am. I am one of the smartest, most beautiful men in the country. And I bought into a company when most men were barely able to flip burgers. Now get down on the floor and get ready to receive my cock, slave."

"Yes, Master. I love you, Master."

"Of course you was part of my contract. I want a loving slave who will adore every move I made, like you do. And do you know what else is in that contract?" Dog couldn't answer as his mouth was full of cock. "That contract says you will be my servant for life. I will give you a wonderful life, of course. Better than a fat cumwhore pig like you deserves. But you will be faithful and maybe every once in a while I'll make you younger or more toned, maybe perhaps I'll drain off that supervisor you once had. Pearsons was his name, I believe. He could use about fifty pounds of fat and a big bald spot, I believe. Be a good Dog for a few years and you will have another fat pig here and then you will get to be a Master over him. And you'll look young and handsome and be smart again. And he will be your servant. Would that make you happy?"

"Mmm HMMM!" Dog grunted happily.

"Now how's that for a contract!" He came into Dog's mouth in a torrent.

The End


  1. That was AMAZING!! 10/10!!

  2. Another masterpiece! You did it again! I love the role reversal in this one! Maybe you could write a sequel and change his former boss?

  3. Absolutely adored this continuation. I wish I could carry on following these guys lives this was so fantastic to watch them exchange lives and granting each others wishes. im so turned on. where do i find this house and how do i become a chunky bear slave!!!