Sunday, August 12, 2012

DIdn't Go How It Was Supposed To

"Oh come on, honey, come over here.  You're adorable. Doesn't he look good, boys?"

"Yeah," laughed Kevin, on the right. "He's adorable...HAHAHAHA!"

"Oh yeah, cutest little thing," said Tanner. "Why don't you come over here and have a beer with us, bro? Oh or soda. Or maybe apple juice." Tanner started laughing with Kevin.

"Oh you boys, just stop it," their mother chided. "Now I'm going talk with the tour guide. We can still have a nice vacation if everyone just tries to. For my sake, at least." She gave me the look of guilt that I was so used to.

"I'll try." I said, grimly. She trotted off while my now incredibly tall brothers looked down on me. 

"So, poor little Spencer," Tanner said, scratching his new stubble. "I guess you can have fun, too. But we're gonna be clubbing and getting drunk and well, laid because why let these bodies go to waste. But I hear they have a sand castle building contest. You can make one, can't you?" 

"Oh come on," said Kevin. "This is fucking hilarious. I mean, you basically messed with magic and totally fucked it up. It isn't our faults!"

"But just so you know. We are in charge of you now and if you do anything we don't like, we will put down the law on your fucking little ass. Mom isn't going to be around all the time so just do what we say. ALWAYS. Now get my bags and go upstairs. Okay, little bro?" Tanner smiled an amused, self important smile. He thought he was getting even with me. Well, okay, he was getting even with me. Luckily, they hadn't been violent with me, but they had wrestled with me a number of times and pinned me down just to show me how strong they were now. 

I grudgingly walked to the elevator with all of the suitcases in tow as they talked about how to get laid that night. Good luck, I thought, with the minds of a 9 and 10 year old. Well, looks went a long way, on the other hand. They would lose their virginity in no time. If only I hadn't been so stupid!

I took the potion. Why did I take the potion. Spells R Us? I thought it had to be a gag. The shopkeep told me it would help my situation being I had to lose weight for wrestling to make my division. I was a bit overweight and trying to work out like crazy. And I had some acne and well, he said he could make it all go away. But he told me that my brothers would take whatever I didn't want. It was all just some sick cosmic trick of his, that shopkeep. Whoever the fuck he is, he is not to be toyed with. If you ever come across him, do not trust a word he says.

So of course Mom freaked out big time when The Big Change happened. I did, too but my "little" brothers adapted quite quickly to their new manly bodies. They started drinking beer, masturbating, and working out and going to college classes. Not to mention they got to drive and I was stuck being ten again. We had already been planning a vacation and no matter how hard I tried to find the Spells R Us store it was nowhere to be found.

I found a letter on my bed before we left. At first I thought it was Kevin or Tanner's idea of a joke but it wasn't them. The shopkeep told me that as punishment (he knew a lot of things he couldn't possibly know about our family) for my neglectful behavior towards my brothers, I would serve out a full year sentence as "little brother" of the family. And if I didn't learn to fly right and treat people with respect and love, I would have to grow up all over again. I have no idea if he will honor this or if I'll be able to earn my real age back. A whole year. A whole year of them taunting me and lording over how tall they were and how they can do all the cool adult stuff I can't...just like...I used to indifferently.

"Hey shrimp ball, we're going out to dinner!" Tanner came in, "Good job with the bags, now just make sure that you fold up all of my clothes (they are my clothes but I don't mouth off to him as I know what's good for me) away before we go out. And uh, wash your hands. Little kids need to be especially well groomed. Be careful, you have something on your mouth here. Oh you look so cuuuute and LITTLE. Hahahaha." Tanner gets on the bed and turns on the TV and gives me one look and then I'm off doing what he says.

This really didn't go how it was supposed to, I keep telling myself. It wasn't supposed to turn out like this!

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  1. I really like this story and pic! I'd like to see what happens when the year is up too!