Saturday, September 5, 2020

The Borrower Stone: Lazy Fat Days of Summer


You would never know it from looking at me, but I used to be a stud. I mean...I guess I sort of still am. Ah geez, who am I kidding? I'm like a tub of lard now!

"Oh my gawd! Haha! This is so funny! Dude, how much weight did you gain over the summer?" 

"Yeah yeah. I was working a lot, guys." 

"Dude, you used to be a beast at the gym! I guess you really just decided to laze out this summer, huh?" 

"I was actually working. I have a job now. So I uh...I have to get going. It's been great catching up with you guys." 

I high tail it out of there. I can't stand to look at them stare at me anymore. I used to be prime beef, a total stud. I'd take my shirt off and all the girls and even the guys would oogle me. I was a fucking sex magnet. A sexual object of desire for everyone. Now look at me..I'm fat! I have a fat gut! I have to cover up now. I tried wearing a T-shirt a few times and I got some looks I didn't recognize. Women giving me looks of...disgust. 

I'd never seen that look on a woman's face before. 

Now I spend every day in regret that I didn't move out sooner. I have a job now because that was part of the bargain you see. 

My dad arranged for me to get this job. He said it was the least he could do for me after...the incident. 

He had come into possession of a rock. A stupid frikkin rock. He said he had tried it out on someone else and he wanted to try something with me. Told me it was magic. He was all serious so I thought it had to be a prank. The way it worked said what attribute you wanted from someone else but you had to agree to let them "borrow" it. Only they could borrow it for like forever unless you both used the stone to give something back. Only I thought it was a gag. We were on the beach and no one was around. I mean there were some beach stragglers but we lived near a nice stretch of shore that was more wilderness, wetland and estuary. We would take nature walks there together. 

So my dad brings me out there and he says what he wants is to take my hot muscular body for himself and give me his old fat one. I joked I didn't want to be old so he agreed to just take body fat percentage and muscle mass away from me, and trade it for his. I laughed and said yeah right. 

"I want to take Josh's muscle mass and body fat percentage and trade it for my own," he said, with the most curiously serious expression on his face. The look on his face was pleading. Like he expected a miracle to happen. This is sad, I thought. Someone has taken my father for a ride and sold him a supposedly magic rock. It's just a rock. He paid for a rock. I didn't know how to tell him other than to show him...

"Now Josh, you take it and agree to the swap. Go ahead," he encouraged me. 

"I agree to let you have my muscle and fat percentage and I'll take yours." 

A white flash enveloped me. I was suddenly stumbling. The rock went flying out of my hands. I fumbled in the sand the dirt grit, I stared at my arms and they were covered with what, a parka? No...those were my arms. I got up and stared at my father. 

Dad looked incredible. He took out a thong from his backpack and took off his now billowing pants. I realized the pain I was feeling was from a stomach that was now bulging. I was in agony. I undid my belt and gasped. I looked in horror at the mass of fat I was now holding. Hairy and jiggly. God, it wasn't solid at all! It was like a big water balloon! I couldn't stop touching it and...folding it. It was so gross and yet fascinating. 

"This feels really fine! Oh man, I am gonna have fun with this new body! Son, you just earned yourself an internship at an excellent law firm. Oh, look at these pythons! Fuck, I mean, look at me, son!" 

My eyes watered. The sun dazzled me. The sound of the ocean filled my mind. This wasn't real. This wasn't really happening. 

"I'm fat," I said, quietly. 

"And I'm fucking ripped!" My father posed before me, a muscle god, masculine and confident, and filled to the brim with life. 

"You look...incredible!" 

"All thanks to you and that stone doohicky!" 

"The stone...where's the stone!" I looked around for it, frantically. 

"I'm sure it's around here had it last and then you just threw it somewhere over here." He pointed in the direction I had tossed the thing, in my temporary fugue of confusion. 

I searched and searched through the sand and couldn't find it. I began to blubber. Blubber. I was MADE of blubber now. 

"Josh, Josh. No use crying over spilled milk. Look, son. I don't see it anywhere. But the body you've given's a gift, son." 

I began to cry. My father just looked at me with a little bit of pity and there was something else. I think it might have been scorn. 

"Pick yourself up, son. It's time to go home. We've looked everywhere." 

"It can't be body...I'm a whale now!" 

He comforted me, got me in the car and drove me home. We talked about swapping out our wardrobes since none of my clothes fit me anymore. I went through days of hysterical grief mourning the loss of my cute, highly muscled, taut frame. 

Weeks later, I was working at a job where no one had ever met me before. I wore a tie to work. My father was getting compliments all the time wherever we went. I dressed from head to toe now while he wore these revealing outfits that showed off his new beach bod. He had been going to the gym and striking it up with new friends of his who marveled at his age and beauty. He was a silver fox now. And he got all the attention wherever we went whereas I was always overlooked. Women fawned over him and so did a couple of gay men, who ogled his perfectly muscled contours. 

One day we ran into Alesia. She was a girl I'd gone to college with. 

"Wow, Josh, you've really...changed!" Alesia was this girl from a Chinese Hawaiian girl with a slammin bod and bangs and she was wearing this hot little light blue dress showing off her curves. My libido had shrunk but I gulped as I saw her now. Alesia and I had a fling for a while. I went through so many women in college it was hard to keep track. 

My father also appreciated her lithe little body. 

"And who's this lovely young lady?" he asked. He introduced himself and they started talking like I wasn't even there. I was practically invisible now. I felt like I was hallucinating as she gave him her number. He said he was a lawyer and I was following in his footsteps. She said that was sweet and he told her that he could give her a free consultation sometime and she came up with some excuse to come see him for legal matters regarding her family. It was a lie, of course. She was simply overcome with daddy lust. 

They started going out a few days later. He broke it to me in a half kidding way that if they broke up, I might be able to get sloppy seconds. My dad had become cocky with his new muscles. He was always looking at himself in the mirror now. He was always checking himself out in public, strutting around with more confidence all the time. 

I was afraid to even go near a gym. He kept inviting me to go with him and I didn't want to. I didn't want to show up with my own father looking like a god while I looked like some fat slob. 

When he brought her home and fucked her that was it. I just wept in my bed and my fathers grunts became screams. Alicia declared him the best lover she'd ever had. 

I spend most of my time indoors now. I go to work and come home. I love food so much now it's sick. I guess I absorbed all of my father's food addictions. He eats real healthy now like I used to. I give in and eat pie while he looks at me with disgust and I slink back to my room while he goes running with Alicia, then comes back to make love to her multiple times all over the house. 

"Oh god, you're a fucking stallion! Fuck me, Robert! Fuck me! Oh god yes! Oh GOD YES!" 

"Oh yeah, take that cock, little lady! You take that big fuckin cock!!" 

I can't stand it but what else can I do? I sit here in the dark and just listen. At least I have a roof over my head and I always have fast food. Burgers and pizza and fries. My dad can drink all those health shakes and eat all the green salads but it's not enough for me anymore. 

As I sit here listening to my father fuck his college aged girlfriend, who used to be my girlfriend, alone and fat...a nagging thought comes into my head. Alicia is always screaming what a big dick my father has. She screams he has the biggest dick she's ever taken father was never more than average. I mean I'm okay. My dick is average. Like father like son, right? 

I suspect my father never lost the Borrower Stone. I suspect he either still has it or got rid of it by giving it away. I went through his room one time and didn't find anything. 

I tried to confirm my suspicions by checking him out. He often peed with the bathroom door open now. My father doesn't feel shyness or self conscious anymore. 

I caught him. I caught him red handed or red dicked anyway. His cock was enormous. 

I tried to pretend like I didn't notice anything. He came out and pretended nothing happened but he wore the biggest shit eating grin. He was proud of it. He was hiding it, hiding how he'd stolen some inches of dick from some other dude. How did he do it? Did he still have the stone somewhere. 


"Now, son. I know you are probably curious but...curiosity is bad for some people. You might not like what I tell you. Now probably noticed I have...improved a little bit down there," he said, patting his enormous bulge, something else that had been hard to hide. I just didn't want to notice it before, I suppose. 

"Do you still have it?" I asked in desperation. 

"No. And son, if you want to lose weight, get into a goddamn gym. I'm sick of you moping around the house. Get outside. The world is for living!" He flexed his now wonderful muscles in front of me and said with a rather mean satisfaction. "I feel like a fucking king with this body. And if you want a body like mine, you'll have to earn it back!" 

"That will take years, though." 

"Well, luckily you've got nothing but time. I didn't take any of your youth from you."

"Just my girlfriend," I said, moodily. 

"She was NOT your girlfriend when I got together with her. But she is mine now and I don't intend on letting her go like you did. No, in fact...Alicia is going to be your new stepmom!" 

I stood there, unmoving. "Just tell me the truth. Why did you do it? Why won't you help me now?" 

"Because you don't deserve it. You coasted through college and do you have any idea what it cost me to get you in to begin with? The bribes I had to pay? You were always a little on the dumb side. Some lawyer you're going to make. You'll probably wind up as a glorified legal secretary somewhere. But look at it this way, son. When I did what I did, I wanted to teach you a lesson that nothing in life is free and you shouldn't take anything for granted. And you did, and that's your fault." He pointed a finger at me. I hated him. This was clearly abuse but he didn't care. "The stone's gone. You'll never get it back so if you want to lose some weight, you'll have to do it the old-fashioned way. Now, if you'll excuse me, I am going to go down to that beach gym and work out in public. I like to show these babies off!" 

He smiled infectiously and waved his biceps in the air for me to watch, entranced. He patted me on the shoulder and left me there. 

Maybe one day I'll find the stone again. I am trying to decide tonight between chocolate and strawberry ice cream. I can start my new diet tomorrow...right now I need a pick me up. 




I write all kinds of male transformation story, including:  body swap, age progression/regression, hypnosis/brainwashing, muscle growth, muscle theft, jock/nerd swap, elderly/young adult swap, humiliation, height growth/theft, life swap, sexual orientation swap (gay to straight, straight to gay), good boy to bad boy, arrogance/domination/bullying, man/dog, female to male, and various other forms of male transformation fiction.    
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The Borrower Stone: Big Fat Summer Bummer!

"Look at that face! Look at that cute widdle pudgy face! Come on, who wouldn't love that face?" Taylor was really pushing it, James thought. "

Cut it out, dude. You’re embarrassing me.” James seemed to be a little offended, even though he often pulled such juvenile antics around Taylor before, when he had the killer bod that babes loved. 

“Well now you know how I felt all those years bein a tub of lard! Haha! Geez, this feels great! I feel amazing!” 

“Yeah, who would have thought taking care of yourself could result in feeling good.” 

“Well I’m taking care of this body now. I’m getting lots of exercise...I banged three girls this week!” 

“ dude, I think we should switch body types back. I let you borrow my body.” 
“Let me? Dude, look at me. I got jacked with all that hard work in the gym.” 

“Yeah, right.” James sneered. Taylor's face burst into a shit eating grin. He couldn’t contain his constant glee. 

“But no seriously...bro...I was just thinking. School will be starting soon and everyone is gonna flip out when they see the new me.” 

“Uh...w-what are you talking about? I said we could do this only for a few weeks, until summer ends.” 

“Yeah but that was before I started getting laid! I had sex, dude! Sex! I was a fat virgin before and now I’m getting all these hot babes just coming up to me and they’re like fucking GAH!” 

Taylor started dry humping mid air. He was so fucking horny all the time! His libido had changed entirely, and his attitude with it. “Dude I just can’t go back to being fat. You can lose the weight, can’t you?” 

“Lose the weight? That would take forever! That would take years! I was trying to get an athletic scholarship!” 

“Well then you shouldn’t have given me all this cool muscle, then! Look at me, I could a model now, dude! When people look at me, they see a winner!” 

“Yeah and when they look at me, they see a fat loser!” 

“Oh yeah you’re really convincing me to swap my body type back and take all my old fat back, Look, dude. It’s easy. Find a hot guy with muscle and tell him about the Borrower Stone. Say you’re practicing a magic act and just get someone else to give you all the muscle and agree to take all your fat away and then it’s no problem.” 

“Ugh. Fine. This is another fine mess you’ve gotten me into.” 


“It’s a reference. To a pair of comedians from like a hundred years ago and...I’m making geek references. Crap! I have geek stuff going through my head.” 

“Yeah, when I wished that you would be a fat geek instead of me, I really are a geek now,” Taylor said in awe. “But dude, at least you can do math real easy now.” 

“Yeah great. I want girls to drool over me again.” 

“Well I’m not giving you this body back...Jesus, look at me. I’m so fucking hot and I’ve got three dates lined up this week with three different women.” 

“Your life is an 80s romantic summer beach comedy and mine is a horror movie.”  

“Hey. How about we race back to the apartment together. Loser has to wash the dishes tonight!” Taylor laughed as he sped ahead of hos now fat buddy James. What he didn’t tell him was that he gave the Borrower Stone away to a friend of his. He wanted James to have to be fat for the rest of the year, and wondered how he’d react when they got back and discovered the Borrower Stone had “gone missing”. Ha! He’s gonna have to lose all that fat the good old fashioned way. Things are really gonna change for us this year! Everyone is going to see my awesome new body and be disgusted that he got fat. This is great, hahahahaha! Taylor laughed out loud as he ran blocks ahead and saw James looking disgruntled and miserable far behind him. He laughed and smiled. 

“I should take a walk on the beach to show off. I’ve only done that a hundred times so far but I never get sick of it!” he yelled back at his old body. He didn’t actually want to be there when James couldn’t find the stone. He wanted hours to go by so when he arrived James would be in a fury or better yet, crying over his newfound and inescapable girth. 


I write all kinds of male transformation story, including:  body swap, age progression/regression, hypnosis/brainwashing, muscle growth, muscle theft, jock/nerd swap, elderly/young adult swap, humiliation, height growth/theft, life swap, sexual orientation swap (gay to straight, straight to gay), good boy to bad boy, arrogance/domination/bullying, man/dog, female to male, and various other forms of male transformation fiction.    
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Saturday, August 15, 2020

Diary of a Muscle Theft God


I’m addicted and I just can’t stop.

It started off with just a taste. And then I was hooked.

I was living with an aunt of mine. Parents were dead. I discovered when I turned 17 that my heritage was not what I thought it was. My father wasn’t dead. He was just missing. Oh, and a GOD. As in a Greek god, and he was immortal.

You can imagine my shock, but the proof was already in the pudding.

I learned by my senior year of high school I had an ability. I could take from other men. I could take what they had. It started off with abilities. I really needed to pass a math test. I reached out and it was like I could see inside my tutor’s mind. He failed his test. I got an A.

I couldn’t believe how much I understood math. I was seeing the world in a whole new way. I began to, there’s no other word for it, see the attributes of others. I could sense their attributes. And I began to sense I was some kind of demigod. That I was going to rise and rise. So I took. A little bit here and a little bit there. I took a half inch from a guy I didn’t know that well but didn’t like much. I couldn’t believe it worked!

After that...I started stealing athletic ability. I became great at every sport. Several boys at school started to really suck at their team positions after working years to perfect their athletic goals. And I had them. I could dunk a basketball and hit a baseball. I could wrestle and run with a football. I had strategies in my head. I could outmaneuver most of the other boys. But I needed...a boost.

So I stole about ten pounds worth of muscle. I did it over a few weeks, and if anyone asked I said I had joined a gym. I hadn’t. I didn’t need a gym. I was a demigod, after all. I stole a pound from each male classmate. I began to really feel pumped. I woke up feeling better and better every day.

I started to skyrocket in popularity with my classmates, and especially the girls.

But, being a greedy little demigod, I wanted more. And being a closeted gay kid, I wanted to take and take and take everything I could.

I chose the man I wanted to be like. My coach. He was so beautiful. A paragon of manhood. I stole a few years from him. I thought he wouldn’t mind. I shot up in height and overnight I had a five o’ clock shadow. I still had a bit of a baby face. Girls were swooning. Guys were jealous.

My coach was so big and muscular and a perfect daddy. I wanted to look more like him. I stole a few pounds of muscle at first. Just enough to feel like a part of him was now inside me. It felt amazing. Better than anyone else I’d taken muscle from before.

I wanted more.

I stole five pounds one day. He definitely noticed. He felt fatigued by it. I felt like a million bucks. He was disoriented. I felt like climbing a mountain.

The next weekend I took five years from him. I couldn’t help it. I just took one year and another. I was looking in the mirror at my 23 year old self. I looked gorgeous. Brilliant. I looked like a MAN. I concentrated on him. I took more muscle. I took five more pounds.

Over the next few weeks, I was all anyone was talking about. I was growing a beard and I was becoming HUGE. I had gained 20 pounds of muscle  I felt like I was becoming the man I was supposed to. Everyone told me I was looking like a fucking STUD.

Coach was distracted. He was also losing his gray hair. He looked like he had a fraction of the gray he used to. He was 7 years younger, after all. He was excited to see me but I could tell the weight loss was perplexing him. I overheard him calling a doctor’s office when I passed by his office.

So I decided to confess to him what I’d done.

I went to his house and asked to come inside. I told him I knew he’d lost a lot of weight that he couldn’t explain and that I was responsible. I told him about my powers.

He didn’t necessarily believe me until I stole 20 pounds right there in front of him. It was orgasmic. I tore off my clothes and flexed my muscles, which were becoming engorged. He watched as I siphoned off the muscle directly into my body and his arms shrank. His legs contracted. I roared right there in his living room and took five inches of height from him. I was now taller than him.

Like a god should be.

He was freaking out. So I told him not to worry. I was going to take good care of him...

I told him about my plan. I told him it would work just fine if he did as I told him to do. He didn’t have much of a choice.

Before school started the next day, I took everything from him. I took 30 years from him. And all his muscle. He cried and I screamed in glory. I took so much muscle I thought I was going to explode! I roared and roared, drenched with sweat. He looked at me, the 17 year old version of himself, brimming with tears. I had taken too much. He was now a skinny twig of a boy at only 95 pounds sopping wet. I smiled and flexed my new body in front of him. 


Now I truly looked like a GOD. I LIKED being older. I liked having a graying beard. It's not like I couldn't just be young again by giving my years away whenever I wanted to.

As it turns out, he was definitely into older men. I took his asshole that day. I lost my virginity as an older muscle daddy GOD. I held his slight, wiry body up in the air and fucked him mid-air with my now engorged 9 inch dick. My dick had been 4 inches and that was unacceptable. So I took 5 inches from his former 7 incher. I’d left him with practically a nub at 2 inches and reveled in how big I now was).

The last thing I took was his facial features. I swapped faces with him, only now my face adorned his pathetic and meager frame. And I was now way more buff than he had been.

All the students the next day commented on how fucking ripped I was getting. Luckily Coach had been covered up for weeks with long sleeved shirts. And I wanted to show off how fucking huge I was. I had my former self transfer to another school and began my new buff life.

The good news was I loved my new life as a gym coach and I enjoyed fucking the kid version of the Coach. He was really getting into being fucked by a Daddy. Everything was as it should be.

Only...the thing is...

I still want more.



Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Entrapment Part 2 so great. Look how big I am. And bald! I’m BALD! That is so COOL! I bet I’m like the only kid from my freshman class to be bald. Ha! My muscles. I’m so hard all over! This is the greatest thing that has EVER happened to me! 

Okay, I should start at the beginning. My name is actually not this dude’s name, although I think I have HIS name now. So that’s super confusing. I’m Harper. But now I’m GREG. Okay...I’m not actually in my original body. My original body is a scrawny 19 year old D&D and Fornite player who never lifted a weight in my lifetime. 

Oh man, these tats are sick! I look amazing! So hot! Oh yeah, my story. 

So, I was a major geek up until like, a couple of hours ago. I got my friend’s dad to agree to entertain me and do a D&D game with us and I faked it after a while so we had to do a body swap spell. He repeated the words of the spell I gave him and the next thing I knew, we had actually swapped bodies! I should also explain there is this total hippy chick Clara I know, with a nerdy brother you used to hang out with. Anyway, they both told you that he was actually not your friend, but some huge bodybuilder instead, and he was stuck in that body. 

So of course, I didn’t believe them. She said she would give me the chance to do a body swap with her father Greg. I went along with it. 

I freaked out. I danced around. i flexed my muscles. And I realized my old body just staring at me, with a rather amused expression on his face. 

“Man, it’s so different being in your body.” 

“Uh...thank you?” I felt my chest, my heavy pecs, my bulging arms, my legs like a fucking rock. I was a stallion of a man now! I flexed, and tested out my big muscles for the first time. “Man, this is amazing. Thank you, dude! This feels great!” 

“No thank you, kid!” Greg in my body replied. The hippy chick with the long blond hair and glasses just smiled at me. 

“I...don’t get it. You’re not angry or anything?” 

“He knew about it,” she told me. There was something wrong here. 

“Wait. Why are you all staring at me like that?” 

“We want you to do something for us. See, my father and our family are magicians. We exist outside of normal reality. And we have our own laws. I know this is all a lot to take in. Just breathe deep.” So I did. 

“Here’s the deal, kid,” my former body started to explain, stretching his thin, gangly limbs. “God, you never worked out a day in your life! Have you ever HEARD of a gym? How about push ups! Anything?” 

“Hey! I should not be the one being criticized here. You wanted my body, obviously, so it can’t be that bad, can it!” So touche, magician dad dude. 

“My father was under a spell. He was under a sort of house arrest. He can only go to work and that’s sort of in another dimension. Long story short, you need to do his job for him. It looks like a regular office. It’s just admin duties. We can tell you how to do everything.” 

“You want me to go to your work for you? Doing...magic?” 

“We actually have computers and you like those...and nothing else judging from the size of these arms.” He flexed and made a face. “Kid, you seriously need to start exercising if you’re going to stay in my body. I know I’ll be trying to build this one up.” He frowned feeling up his...I mean my...bony yet flabby arm. “Not to mention the little gut you got going on. You’re 19! You should be getting sunlight and meeting girls, for crying out loud.” 

“Uh...I’m gay, number one.” 

“WHAT? You didn’t tell me I was gonna be in a gay kid!” 

“I’m 19,” I said smarmily. 

“Yeah, well you look 12!” Greg the former dad snapped at me. “Honey?” 

Clara just shrugged. “I didn’t think it mattered. This isn’t permanent. We need to explain this to him.” 

“But GAY? What if I’m gay now?” 

“You’re definitely going to be a bottom,” the nerd brother piped in. “I used to be a top Hispanic bodybuilder, by the way. Now I’m in this guy. You can imagine my joy in all this.”

“Okay, so we swapped bodies and I’m...straight now?” I tried thinking of famous women that I thought were amusing and intelligent and all I could think of was fucking them and yup I was straight now. “This is weird. I don’t like it.” 

“Me either,” my old body complained. “You couldn’t have found me any football players.” 

“We’re not friends with any football players,” Clara tried reasoning with him. 

“Because you’re both adopted, that’s why.” my old body said, sarcastically. 

“We are not. Look at Craig’s body. Look what Ragina’s spell did to him. She stole a lot of his potential manhood when he was a child. And she just made off with it, can you believe that?” Clara was really upset and she stared at me as if I had the answer. 

“The who did what now?” I said, utterly confused, because that was going to help. She moaned. 

“Okay, there is this sorceress. She turned my baby brother into a weakling at an early age. He’s gay but he grew up into a really effeminate kind of wimp. And she did this to hurt my father, who is a really important magician. So eventually she worked her way into the magician government and the next thing you know she’s accusing my father of a crime he didn’t commit.” 

“Why does she hate him so much?” 

“Because I wouldn’t date her. Ragina is a raging bitch dominatrix. That’s her magical ability. She turns men into her slaves if they sleep with her. I never wanted to be with her anyway but she was totally in love with me when we were kids. I didn’t want to be a sex slave so I said you should go find a submissive guy who is into that sort of thing who wouldn’t mind being your slave anyway. But does she listen? No. She wants to be with me. I mean I am pretty awesome. So I’m really gay now? How is this fair?” 

“Dad, being gay is not a bad thing alright! You always do this!” Clara yelled


“Could you two save your fascinatingly woke argument for later? I just had my body swapped and now I’m huge. I have huge muscles. So I’m just going to leave.” 

“You can’t leave,” Clara told me. “House arrest.” 

“Oh yeah? Try and stop me.” I said, assured of myself in my new huge body. I was unstoppable! Look me, a veritable mountain of a man!” I walked through the door and got zapped by pink electric lightning. 

“Ragina placed a spell on the house,” Clara explained. 

“OH,” I said, on the floor. I got up, shook it off, got back up again and calmly walked back into the kitchen. I took a beer out of the fridge. 

“I’m having a beer, and you’re not legally allowed to drink anymore!” I yelled at Greg in my body. 

“I’ll drink a beer if I want a beer,” he said, folding his arms confidently. He was actually making my body look cool. Why can’t I look that cool when I’m in my body! 

“Okay, listen Harper,” Clare told me. “In your body, my father can find the person who framed him, okay? You just have to sit tight, go to my dad’s job on Monday and you don’t have to do a whole lot. We’ll go over the office job. My dad is a high level manager.” 

“Wait, so I’m like the Magic Boss but I’m also under arrest?” 

“Yes, because the Brothers of Magic and the SIsters of Magic are basically at war.” 

“Oh of course they are.” 

“So the Brothers believe my Dad is innocent. Ragina is influencing the Sisters now. So they support you at work and there might be a total gender split in the magician community if my dad doesn’t win his trial.” 

“I’m gonna go in your body now. I promise I won’t do anything gay. I don’t do gay things.” 

“Oh YEAH? I happen to know that body thinks THIS body is really fucking hot!” I said, taking off my shirt. I came over to him and nuzzled up close to him. “But then again, it wouldn’t be gay if you had sex with your own body, would it, Greg?” I bounced my pecs in front of his much shorter face. 

“EW! Men are so gross!” Clara was disgusted. I didn’t care. 

“Would you stop being a pervert in front of my daughter?” 

“Sure. Oh and by the way, you’re very popular on Grindr. A lot of guys like to be really aggressive with a HOT bottom like me so have fun, CHAMP!” 

“I am not doing anything gay,” he told me, smirking. He turned to his daughter, who was now only a year older than him. “I am not doing anything gay.” 

“As long as you find out who framed you, I don’t care what you do! Now go upstairs and start planning!” 

“You know, actually, I think I’ll go for a drive, now that I’m free and to explore the world again.” 

“Okay, but don’t teleport to Marrakech. Last time you had bowel problems.” 

“Should I know about that?” I asked. 

“Stay away from yams, shellfish, melons, most fruit, pinto beans and shrimp. You’ll be shitting rivers for days.” 

I stared at him. 

“Well, bye!” he said, leaving the house in my body. 

“He’s going to get laid on Grindr,” I told the Hispanic bodybuilder who was now a geek. 

“I don’t want to know what that is and no I’m not!” Greg said in my 19 year old twink body. He sashayed a bit as he said it. I noticed he was walking like me and had started to sound much more like me. He was walking like a fag now, too. Meanwhile, with my new bulk, I found it impossible to walk “girly” but was really getting into the spirit of being a hulking bigger man. I moved around like I was a BOSS! I noticed this, and started checking myself out in a nearby mirror. Well...hello handsome! The door shut as Greg left. 

“ I living here now?” I turned back to her. 

“Well you can’t leave,” Clara said, exasperated. “Come on. Let me show you to your room.” 

She brought me upstairs. Apparently they have a nice guest bedroom. It’s actually better than my shitty apartment. 

“Oh and my father has all these dumbbells and the barbell in here,” she said, showing me the home gym. “I placed another spell on you compelling you to exercise and eat right every day.” 

“What? Oh man!” 

“Come on! You get to live your fantasy. You can’t say you didn’t want this. Both the body swap participants have to be willing. I know you wanted to experience this so I thought, why not kill two birds with one stone?” 

“Am I really straight now? What if I watch women and get...excited.” 

“Then do what you normally do and jack off! God, why is it this is all men think about!” Clara said, storming off. 

She left me alone to look at my body. My beautiful big body! It felt amazing! Now that I was alone to appreciate it...I think I was in love with my new reflection! 

I jerked off finally. I went onto sites on Greg’s history. The images would never have made me cum before but they definitely had me cumming buckets and it was weird. WEIRD. Jerking off to girls is weird but I take great satisfaction in knowing that he is going to be getting fucked in my ass any second now. 

Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Entrapment Part 1


“What makes you think you’re getting your body back?” He says it in your voice, and he sounds like he’s trying to come across as perplexed. And you know he’s not.

You feel your heart drop. 

“ you mean? We agreed to switch back.” God, your voice is so...light. Almost like a girl’s. Not gruff. You feel your pathetically thin and bony arms and shiver, even though it’s the middle of summer. 

“Oh,” he says, trying to sound nonchalant. “I think you misunderstood. You see, I told you we would switch bodies back when it was time,” he pauses. “But it’s not time yet.” 

“Then...when? Dude, i have a life. You can’t just keep me from my job! From my family! My uh...friends.” You breathe in a little rapidly, and say sadly “My girlfriend.”  

“Look, you’re great. You know that? I’m grateful. I mean, you didn’t freak out as bad as you could after I swapped our bodies. I mean, you went along with it. I’m just asking that you KEEP going along with it.” He sounds stern. His voice is powerful and resolute. You, on the other hand, squeak your words out. You sound ineffectively weak and people often just look over you now. I mean it’s almost too easy with your new height. You don’t even reach 5′2″ anymore. Your kid brother is now taller than you, though he wouldn’t recognize you. 

You wish you’d never met him. He looked so lonely at that party. He kept saying he wished he could be like you. He was buttering you up. He made you think he was just an innocent kid looking for a big brother figure he could look up to and emulate. You knew his sister vaguely, some ditzy hippy girl who dabbled in all that Wicca nonsense. Only it hadn’t been nonsense. It had been a trap. When they invited you over to their house, they made you dinner, gave you some wine and you drunkenly agreed to play a game. The body swap spell game. You laughed. You were so drunk. How had you gotten so drunk? Because they slipped you something and made you really susceptible to suggestion. So you agreed to swap bodies with the pipsqueak who smiled like he just won a game show jackpot. The next thing you knew you were staring at yourself, and your body was jumping up and down in glee screaming “It worked it worked IT WORKED!!!” 

“Please,” you plead. Panic begins to set in. Your eyes begin to water. “I have to get my body back. I can’t live like this.” 

“Like what? A puny wimp? Dude, I get it. Your body sucks. I know what it’s like to be in there and I know what it’s like to be in here. I am NOT leaving. I love this body. Now, we might switch places later if I decide I don’t like your life. But so far uh...I like it. Family is great.” 

“You’ll never fool them. They’ll totally guess something is wrong.” 

“Yeah, so I might just move. You’ve got a lot of money and I asked the company...they can send me to another state. I can start a new life. Man, I can’t tell you how much I don’t miss THAT body.” He shakes his head, smiling as if you’re in on the joke. But you aren’t. 

“This isn’t funny. You said-you said-” You say the words, and your voice cracks. You sound so juvenile and unmasculine. You wish you felt manly again. You wish you had some weight to you. Other men almost all tower above you. And you are helplessly looked down upon in a world that values height as a sign of maturity. Your hair is blond and your body and face are nearly hairless. This body of yours that you find yourself in barely has any testosterone. You can’t even...get excited anymore very much. You have to resort to...other methods of stimulation. Methods which involve dildos and your prostate. It has been a shock to be in a body with SUCH a tiny penis as well. You are not even what you would consider a man anymore. You’re more of a sub-male. You find yourself thinking of yourself as lesser, less than other men with their powerful vigor and dominating voices. 

He claps a heavy hand on your shoulder. It engulfs your shoulder now. 

“Look. If you’re good, I’ll try and find you some other snmuck who will agree to a body swap spell with you. I mean the only guys really willing to do that are gay guys with a fetish. You can find them online. I’ll give you the info on finding a willing partner. At least you have the incantation. I’ll even let you borrow the necklace so when you find someone willing, you can tell me. I’ll come let you borrow it and observe you two swap. Then I’ll take the necklace. And you’ll have a whole new body.” 

“ family.” 

“I might get sick of this body some day. I mean, I probably will. I am thinking of keeping it at least for a couple of years and having some fun. Thinking of getting some sick tats.” He flexes. God, he looks so much stronger than you. “But there’s one catch. I want you to stay in that body for at least a year.” 

“A year!” Your voice cracks again. “I can’t! I just can’t,” you blubber. The job that you now have is basically sucking cocks of older men for cash. They love your smooth young butt and your pixie like looks. When he told you that was his, now your, main source of income, you balked that you would ever stoop so low as to suck a cock. But then he send you images of his clients and you were filled with a longing for cock you never dreamed of. Within days you were being invited over to wealthy men’s houses who used your ass and then stuffed cash in your pockets, called you son and/or slave boy, or maybe even just plan FAGGOT. 

“I want you to see if you still want to change back after a year. You can try being me for a little while longer. I know you can do it. As for your life, I’m handling it pretty well. I promise I won’t get any girls knocked up. But sex with girls is so different. I didn’t think I’d even want to try it but they all love me. These guns!” He proudly flexes for you again. You salivate over the arms you used to own. You close your eyes and can remember what it was like to curl 30 pound barbells. To be of a height where you look other men in the eye. 

He comes close and kisses you on the lips. 

“Baby, just do this for me, okay? Okay, boy? You like it when guys do that, don’t you?” 

You know he’s not attracted to you. He’s straight now. But even the thought of him touching you sends you over the edge. He traces a line on your thin, meager arm. 

“I think you look real good this way. I think you’d look even better getting fucked by some much bigger guy. Wouldn’t that be great? I can set it up for you.” He shows you the much bigger man on his phone. He has a taste for boys your size. And he’s gorgeously covered in hair. His receding hairline and heavy beard make your mouth water for his cock. 

“Okay. A year. Sounds good,” you quietly decide. 

“Excellent. I knew you’d come around. Welcome to the life of being a fag, man.” He smiles and claps you on the shoulder, and sends an email. 



I write all kinds of male transformation story, including:  body swap, age progression/regression, hypnosis/brainwashing, muscle growth, muscle theft, jock/nerd swap, elderly/young adult swap, humiliation, height growth/theft, life swap, sexual orientation swap (gay to straight, straight to gay), good boy to bad boy, arrogance/domination/bullying, man/dog, female to male, and various other forms of male transformation fiction.    

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