Saturday, April 14, 2018

The Debt

My name is Reese Sachs. I live in the Pacific Northwest, in a small town. I drive a truck. I work at a hardware store. I don't make that much money. But I have a young son, age 9. My girlfriend didn't want to be a mom but I really wanted to be a dad. I convinced her to let me be the sole parent rather than have an abortion. She left shortly after. I love my son to death. I'm a good dad. 

But I have had money problems. A lot of them. I was unemployed for a while and had some legal disputes eat up my money. I was sued for building a barn on the edge of a property line. I was involved with a money laundering suit at the former place I used to work, and had to clear my name. I won in court but I wound up horribly in debt. What could I possibly do so I wouldn't lose my house? The bank was going to take it unless I came up with some money fast. 

Well, then that's when things got interesting. 

I was smoking a cigarette after work one day when these two guys in suits approached me. Asked me if I was Mr. Reese Sachs and I said "Yeah, who wants to know?"

I'm going to cut to the chase by saying they offered me money. I was suspicious. Who wouldn't be? But they gave a card to some high end company and told me that they were interested in getting my genetic samples. Said my blood might help them cure a disease. Well, shit. My lucky fuckin' day I guess, right? They showed up one more time just as I was getting threatened with having the bank take the house. I agreed to go in and meet their boss, a Mr. Ubbo Bolt. He sounded European and rich.

I made an appointment with them and drove a few hundred miles away. Jaxson stayed with my best friend and his wife for the weekend. It was outside city limits, in between rural communities. A large office building in the middle of nowhere, perched on a small round hill. Heavily manicured lawns. Modern architecture. Clean white and dark glass. It was all very posh. I should have worn my only suit, I thought. I suddenly became self-conscious. I had never been able to go to college but I wasn't a stupid man by any means. I had educated myself as best as I could. It unsettled me to be around any kind of true opulence or sign of it. The light gray lobby I passed through contained antiques tastefully arranged in between the natural lighting; twisted beams wrapped around the room. Skylights everywhere. The entire thing felt peaceful. The two men in suits met me and guided me from there.

We stepped into a glass elevator and it took us up to the 38th top floor. I saw the landscape before me. There was nothing around for miles. Some farms could barely be seen on the horizon. What the hell was this place? The top floor was immaculate. Mosaics and Renaissance paintings. I'm no expert but they looked like the originals.

"Mr. Bolt will see you now." They opened the immense doors to the most obscenely large office I'd ever seen in my life. A grand piano on the left. Huge arched windows covering the far end looking out over the landscape.

"You Reese Sachs?" a gruff, rumbling voice said from behind me, catching me off guard. I jumped slightly. To my right and slightly behind me, I had to look up to see Mr. Ubbo Bolt. He sure as hell didn't sound European. His accent was very flatly American. He was a big man. They don't make many much bigger. I immediately felt somewhat intimidated by his size.

"Why don't we have a seat, Mr. Sachs?" I followed him over to an expensive looking desk with expensive looking chairs. He sat behind it authoritatively and I wondered why he wasn't wearing something a little people-y. "Mr. Sachs, you have some money problems and I have a research problem. I'll be blunt. I happen to know your son has a rare genetic potentiality. I want that potentiality for my company to use for a very special purpose."

"My son? I thought you brought me here for some kind of...blood test or something. So you can fight disease." He smiled ruefully.

"Not entirely inaccurate. But we can't really give details before you come here. What we're doing is cutting edge research. This body that you see before you is enhanced by several products."

I bet.

"Which in combination with a rare genetic potentiality gives us exactly the data we need. We are making it so that humans will be impervious to disease. All disease. Eventually. But we need to work out a few kinks. Your son has a rare genome. Now, what I'm about to say is going to sound very implausible, Mr. Sachs. But it is entirely true. I am a lot older than I look. I don't really celebrate my birthdays much anymore but I can remember when this country started."

"What country?"

"The USA. I'm over 300 years old, Mr. Sachs. Though you wouldn't know it by looking at me."

"Am I on TV? Is this a gag?"

"There are no cameras, Mr. Sachs." He took something out of his desk and set it down with a thunk on his mahogany desk. It was a solid gold bar. He nudged it forward. "You want another one?" He took out three more. I took one gingerly in my hand and tested it with a nail clipper I kept in my wallet. It slightly indented just like gold would. I gulped.

"I'll give you $100,000 dollars for your son to come here. For you see, I have very advance technology. I had access to it 300 years ago, although I can't tell you how. But it has allowed me to switch bodies with anyone I choose over hundreds of years."

"Your name is what, German?"

"Dutch, actually. But I am able to absorb aptitudes or linguistic traits of the body which hosts my consciousness."

"This is very surreal," I said, looking at the gold. "And strange. And cruel. Why would you give me a hundred K?"

"I switch bodies once every few decades. I took this body because I had reached my 50s and I was finding it no longer suitable for my assignments. So I procured this one from a prison about ten years ago. He was a very fine specimen and I was actually able to increase his already extensive mass. Your son's body could reach that mass someday with the proper enhancements. But more to the point his immunity to certain ailments will be critical to our research."

"You want to switch bodies with my son? That's not possible. None of this is possible." I felt my voice weak as I held the five pound gold bar, worth probably more than my house and then some.

He took out a small, round metal device that resembled a small metal frisbee a few inches across and came around and put it on my neck. I felt a slight sting.

"Ow!" I lifted my hand to my neck.

"Don't take it off. I'm going to prove it to you. If you'll be so kind as to sit till, I'll swap bodies with you myself and you can see it in action." He produced a similar device and attached it to his neck.

My eyes rolled back in my head. When I came to, I was staring at myself sitting in a chair.

"What the-hey what the hell. My voice!" My voice boomed. I stood up. I was wearing his simple clothes adorning my body. I felt immense. Powerful. Every inch of me was gorgeous. I stared in wonder at my arms. I let out a little sound of glee and disbelief, which sounded much manlier than I ever sounded. I mean I do okay in the masculine department but I was never a really BIG guy. This was beyond my dreams. I smiled incrementally and stared at my hands. My body stood up and I realized I was much taller than I had been. He wore my body well and gave me a calm smile, a proud smile.

"You see, Mr. Sachs, I can make your problems disappear. Now, let's just get used to these bodies for a bit longer. We won't be able to swap back right away. It takes an hour or so for the neurons to settle down. If we swap back now, we'll have headaches for days and I would like to avoid that."

I tested out my new body at his request. We walked outside to the hallway. Ubbo nodded to the men in suits with his satisfied grin and nodded to them. "Pieter. Gerard. Mr. Sachs is going to try out my current frame in the gym." I walked behind him feeling the heft of my new legs. It was like a dream. It was like the difference between driving my truck and a Maserati. We entered a state of the art gym. I lifted some weights I could never have lifted before. I lifted 250 pounds like it was nothing! I marveled at how strong I was and laughed in excited glee. I worked out with a few other machines. I crushed the bicep curl machine. I felt my dick get so hard it nearly burst out of my shorts. I could feel the sweat go down the rivulets of my sculpted pecs and drip down to my crotch. It was amazing.

We came back to his office and sat down at the desk. He used my body to sit in his chair and I sat across from him, our bodies totally changed but in the same seats as we had occupied before. Sitting down I could look down on him but he didn't seem to care. He sat back with a satisfied expression as if he was totally at peace with the world. It was a look on my face I didn't recognize. I had never seen myself so carefree.

"Mr. Sachs, what are you thinking?"

"I'm wondering if I can keep this thing." I stared at my meaty hand. "I mean, you want a body, why not take mine?"

"Because it has to be your son, Mr. Sachs. I need his genetic makeup to be mine. I can't explain the science of it. It's quite beyond your understanding."

"I'm not stupid," I said in my hulking, deep voice. I felt so commanding. I felt so...powerful. I had to hide the smile from my face. God, I'd never felt so good. I flexed. I could flex all day! It felt amazing!
I turned back to him. "So what is it, aliens? Time travel? Another dimension?"

"Maybe it's all three. Maybe it's just one. Maybe it's none of those." He shrugged. "You're not going to get your answer, Mr. Sachs. Though I apologize for being patronizing. It was actually in your personality assessment that you were proud of what you can accomplish intellectually in spite of your misfortunes in life. If you had a better start, I have no doubt that you would have gone much further. So. Here is what I propose. Your son and I will switch bodies. In exchange, you will receive two hundred thousand dollars. Your son will receive an even 3 million in a bank account set up for him. Neither of you need to pay taxes on this income. You will put your house in order as it were. As for me, I'll take your son's body for my own. Additionally, you will get the chance to have a new body that we choose for you when you reach the age of 60. Unless you have a dire medical ailment, in which case someone will come for you and retrieve you. You will have NO contact from us after we give you your money and leave you and your son to sort out your lives."

I absently felt the prickling of the cold air on my now bald head. I wasn't used to being bald.

"But...what about my son? He just disappears? Someone will notice."

"We've thought of this in advance, Mr. Sachs. We will relocate you to another state, another town. You will be given a new house. New vehicles. We will legally adopt your son, or rather myself, with a willing pair of surrogate parents chosen by the company who are aware of my transformation."

"But my son will be in this huge body. I'll be in my old body. He'll be...bigger than me. With the mind of a 9 year old! That's insane!"

"That has ways of working itself out. We can give him a neuro orientation program. It's a sort of variation on brainwashing that will integrate itself into his mind over the first few weeks or months he is downloaded into this particular frame you are currently enjoying."

"How about I take this body and my son takes my old body? This one is's so BIG!" I couldn't stop feeling my pecs and my biceps with my hand. It just felt so good. Like a drug you couldn't stop taking.

"I know, Mr. Sachs. I've had it for years. But now I'm afraid it's time to go back to normal."

I fell asleep and woke up as myself again. Ubbo Bolt smiled his insanely smug smile.

"Did you like that? I can imagine you did. You can have that sensation again. We can give you a body that is just as big as this one but you'll have to wait for it. And now I'm afraid I'm going to have to ask you to make a decision. I can't wait on this. I need you to tell me now." He said, slowly taking the gold bars back and putting them away as I watched them intently.

"I...I'll have to let him decide. I mean, I'm his father but this is his body we're talking about here, so... what about his lifespan? Will he get another new body when he gets older, too? This body is huge but it's what, 30? 35?"

"Thirty three, actually. And yes, he will."

"I feel like this is all a dream."

"Mr. Sachs, this is the best dream you'll ever have. Trust me."

I drove home hundreds of miles that night, having signed a piece of paper that gave parental approval for the swap to take place under the condition that Jaxson consented to it.

The next day it was Sunday, and so I took Jaxson out to breakfast. We rarely did so but there's a diner in the small town we lived in that I loved to take him to. He got a huge dripping stack of blueberry pancakes with bacon on the side. I got a breakfast skillet. I got him excited for a big surprise and I told him what happened to me when I got home.

He didn't believe me at first. I talked with him about it over and over for hours, answering as many of his questions as I could. He really wanted to know what would happen to him if he was in a big grown up body and I told him I really didn't know. But we were talking about millions of dollars here. He would have enough money for a really long time. And Ubbo...that is, Mr. Bolt is coming here tonight."

"So like, I wouldn't have to go to school anymore?"

"I don't know. I guess you could go to a university if you wanted to. We can ask him. But you wouldn't be able to go to 4th grade. You would be 33 years old. That's just a few years younger than me, son."

"Is this a joke?"

"No, and Ubbo is coming here tonight."


"Yes. I was supposed to prepare you. Only you can accept this. It's all your decision. I won't try and make it for you, but just think of all we can do with that money. You won't miss being a kid, son. Trust me. I mean, I was in that body. It's incredible. And Ubbo says you don't really even have to exercise in it. Not a whole lot anyway. It's...enhanced he says."

"But what about my friends?"

"We'll move. You can make new friends. Although it won't be with kids. More like grown ups my age."

"Are you LYING to me?"

"No, and watch your tone. Don't take a tone with me, son."


"Okay, what?"

"Okay, Sir." I had trained my son to be polite when he got upset. I had him use the polite phrase "Sir" as much as possible with me.

"And they'll give you a special sort of magic learning tool," I continued. "So you can understand grown up things. Ubbo says it's like speed learning."

I talked with Jaxson for a few more hours about the pros and cons but really he had the faith of a child. He started to get really excited and bounced around the house sing-songing "I'm gonna have muscles! I'm gonna be strong! I'm gonna be tall! I don't have to go to school anymore!" He danced around like that and I encouraged him and picked him up and held me in my arms.

"Will you still do this when I'm grown up?"

"I'll still hug you but..." I said, my voice muffled as I talked into his shoulder "I think you'll be a little too heavy for me to pick up."

I don't care if I'm a bad parent for doing this. Jaxson was my son and I loved him. I wanted him to have the best. I'd figure out a way for this to work. Though I worried. Deep down, I worried.

Ubbo showed up at 8 pm sharp. I welcomed him inside. The two suits were there, and they opened up a suitcase containing two of the mind switching silvery neck frisbees.

"I have to admit, I'm really going to miss this body. But I've had it long enough. Hello, Jaxson," Ubbo said, extending a very confident hand which firmly gripped and outsized greatly the much younger boy's. "Are you ready to trade bodies and be a man now? Are you excited?"

"Yes! This is so cool. Is this real?"

"You'll find out soon enough how real, kid."

One of the suits produced some kind of electronic pad in front of Jaxson. "Please press your hand here and state you will willingly consent to this body swap."

"Okay." Jaxson put his hand on it and it responded with an electronic blue imprint.

"You have to say the words," the suit urged. "I consent to this body swap." Jaxson repeated it.

"Great," Ubbo Bolt said. "Now. Just a few things. We have packets of information for both of you. Where your new house is. We chose western Texas. You actually have a ranch house now. Full information regarding your son's new identity. A fake history. We provide work references if he ever needs them. You will be given the number to an agent who can provide them for whatever profession you decide to pursue, Jaxson. You should have enough money to last you for the next 27 years, which is when we'll see you again to give you a new body to replace this one," he told Jaxson. "We'll see you in 22 years, Mr. Sachs. My advice," Ubbo told my son, is to not waste your money. Meet with a reputable financial adviser or pursue a career. We highly urge you to seek out working a job because it will allow you to socialize and learn how adults behave around each other. It is a stipulation to keeping the money that your son does this within the first two years,' he said turning to me. "It helps to acclimate the younger mind into the adult world. It's all in the packet. As for you, we are asking you to leave quickly so if you need references we can provide them but only for work you are suitable for that you know how to do, or we might set you up with something slightly better. Maybe middle management somewhere."

Soon I was watching them attack the devices to both the incredibly, obscenely muscled man and my young boy. All day long I'd been just thinking of getting out of debt. Getting a new life with the money I would get. A new house and after I paid off all of my debts,  I'd have at least 50 grand left over. And that had all I had been able to think about until now. Now I was somewhat filled with dread. My little boy inside a hulking giant? What was I thinking agreeing to this? Would Jaxson hate me for allowing this later on? What if, God forbid, he and I had an argument ever and he...decided to overpower me and

"Daddy? I'm dizzy," the large man with the incredibly baritone voice asked. "Daddy?" The man stood up. Much taller than me. "Dad? I'm...whooooooa. No WAY! It WORKED! I'm HUGE!" He flexed his arms and walked around the room and finally went to the bathroom. "EVERYTHING IS SMALLER, DAD!"


"Oh, I do so hate that. Grogginess." My young son's body winked. "It's going to be a long drive. No hotels tonight for me, I'm afraid. I have business to attend to via satellite."

Jaxson? I wondered to myself. The suits were coming back with the neck device they'd taken from him. Jaxson was in the bathroom looking at himself with the biggest smile ever.

"Dad look! It's ME!" he exclaimed, pointing to his image in the mirror. "I'm REAL big now! Bigger than the kids at school or even my teachers I bet, huh dad?"

"You are, son." I nodded, bewildered.

The suits were already packing up.

"Oh, and one more thing, kid. I smoke cigars. Not that I'll be doing so again until I'm old enough to shave and buy them myself legally, but I'm leaving a few boxes for you. You'll be craving them and I urge you to let him smoke, Mr. Sachs," my former son's body told me.

"Um. Sure. I mean I wish you'd mentioned that before but-"

"I get to smoke CIGARS? Awesome! Now I can smoke just like you, Dad!"

"Your son's new identity is as your younger but larger brother. Your parents are deceased so you shouldn't have anyone challenging this narrative," the 9 year old continued. "Oh and a moving van should be by in approximately four days. We'll give you time to box everything up. We have moving boxes and tape for you as well as your financial packet information. Your new credit and debit cards, bank account info and your son's new identification indicating his adult status. We included a driver's license but Jaxson you will have to wait about ten days for that. We downloaded a bunch of instructional programs directly into your mind hours before I swapped. But they are in your brain and your brain will slowly access them over the next ten days. It's all hundreds of years beyond your time, technologically, of course."

"Dad? Am I an adult now for like forever?"

"Looks like, kiddo."

"Dad I'm getting scared. What if I mess up? I don't want to get a job! You always say jobs are really hard!"

"Well my jobs have been, son. Some jobs are. But we'll find you a good one. Something tells me these guys can help you with that."

"We can. And we will. It was a pleasure doing business with you, gentlemen," my former nine year old son's body said with Ubbo behind the wheel as it were. "And you'll have to have The Talk with him tonight, Mr. Sachs. Reese. Now if you'll excuse me, I have to attend a conference call. You won't see me again, and if you do it won't be for decades. You two have all the information you require. Any questions?"

"Can I drive a car??"

"You have to wait a few weeks but the information will come to you slowly. Your father won't even have to teach you how."

"WOW! NEAT!" My son now spoke in a loud, booming voice that would make Tony Robbins jealous.

"Your debt is now paid, River. And so is mine. If you ever have an emergency, call the agent's number you've been given. I won't be dealing with you at all from here on. Don't call unless it's an absolute emergency. Oh. And we left some dumbells and barbells for your son to use. He'll definitely want to explore that. You'll gradually understand how to use the to exercise with your neural programming," he said to Jaxson. "That will be the first thing to kick in, actually."

And then they were gone and I was left alone with my nine year old son, who was now a 33 year old bodybuilder.

"What did he mean about The Talk, dad?"

Oh no.

"He meant sex, son," I said, steeling myself. "I've told you men and women make babies together, right? When a man and a woman get together, the man puts his penis in the woman's vagina," I said with some difficulty. "It feels really, really good for most men. And now you are an adult so your penis is past puberty. Normally, when you turn 13 or so it starts to ejaculate. Sperm makes babies. But it's also really fun. Most guys have sex because it feels good rather than to make babies." I explained more about how you should always use a condom and lube and told Jaxson I'd teach him how to put on a condom later. "Now, sometimes your dick, that's the adult word for penis and yes, you can call it that now, it gets excited. Your body will get excited looking at hot women and you'll cum. Cum means the sperm comes out. So um..."

"Dad, do you do that with women? You never do huh, Dad."

"Okay. So...I'm a little different. Your mother and I were together only for a short time. I was trying to be something I wasn't. It's a small town here and I could never really get away to the city...I tried but I failed and had to come back here. I'm...not attracted actually to women. I tried to be," I said painfully. "I like guys, but I decided to put all that aside for the time being to raise you. I wanted to have a kid more than anything. So I put you first." I didn't tell him about the few bathroom stalls I'd gotten sucked off or sucked dicks in. He didn't need to know that, pretty much ever.


This led to a very long conversation which I won't share. Both of us were tired and hungry. I made dinner for my how huge son and he ate it all. I watched his huge biceps with a lust. I had that body for a short time and I was, I'll admit it, totally jealous of him now. At least that's what I told myself it was. I didn't want to admit my son was now a walking wet dream. I was suddenly feeling very conflicted things which made me deeply ashamed.

"Dad? What if I'm gay?"

"I never thought about it, to be honest. I mean, I guess you'll find out."

"How, Dad?" Jaxson said between a mouthful of hashbrowns.

I came back with my laptop and showed him some porn. I went on to tumblr and looked up straight porn first. Stuff I normally don't look at.

"So...this is what sex looks like, and now that you're a grown man or at least in a grown man's body, you should know the basics. I can't believe I'm showing my kid porn. "

"Me either. It's so GROSS!" Jaxson exclaimed. "Like REALLY gross! Do adults actually LIKE THIS???"

"Yes, and it's difficult to explain but it feels good when they do it. I guess we don't have to find out if you like boys or girls yet. The fact is you're my son and I love you and I'd do anything for you."

"And we have like millions of dollars now!"

"Well, you do. I have a lot less. I'll have to start working again when we move. I'll have to tell the hardware store some excuse as to why I'm leaving suddenly. We only have what, three days to pack?"

"I can help! I have big muscles now! See? Look! Look, Daddy! Look how big I am!" Jaxson giddily exclaimed. He couldn't stop staring at his big muscles. "I wanna see my big muscles here, too!" He took off his shirt. "I have such a big chest now! Wow!" Jaxson felt his new body, almost erotically.

"We call them pecs, son. Yours are huge..Jesus."

"I'm hungry, Dad."

I made a huge dinner that night. Spaghetti and meatballs and my son had most of it. I had to make him some more food with unfrozen pre made dinners until he'd had his fill.

I was exhausted and completely out of it. I poured myself some scotch.

"Dad, can I have some scotch now? I'm grown up."

"'re still a child in there, buddy. Besides, scotch requires you building a tolerance. Um. Look, I can't believe I'm saying this, but I'll let you have a beer." I got a bottle out of the fridge. The look on his face was priceless. His jaw dropped. "I'm gonna have a beer?? Really?!" He was so excited. Then he drank it. Swallowed. Looked at me like I was playing a joke on him.

"Yeah, that's what beer tastes like. It's a bit strange at first."

"No, I like it. Cause I'm grown up now so I like beer," he told me, unconvincingly.

"Okay, buddy. I think it's time for bed."

But then we had to contend with my son being too big for his twin bed. But he would fit on my queen sized mattress so I decided I would just switch with him for the time being. I'd invest in a new bed when we got to our new town. I slept in my son's bed and he slept on mine. I wondered briefly if he would explore his new package...

The next few days I tried to avoid the fact that my son had a most certainly adult libido. I heard noises coming from my room one day and the door was locked. Things were progressing quickly, I thought with extreme discomfort. He had begun smoking cigars the first day after the change. I came home with a U-Haul to see him standing around smoking a big fat stogie for the first time.

I was watching him, somewhat mesmerized. There was very little childlike tendency about him now, as he practiced punching the punching bag I'd set up aeons ago but rarely ever used while taking deep drags on his cigar. I gulped. His musculature was magnificent and foreboding. What could I possibly do but be extra nice to him from now on? What if he ever got angry with me? What if-

"What's up, Dad?" asked my 9 year old son, who now had a voice like Vin Diesel with a head cold.

"Just going to start loading boxes."

"Let me help you, Dad!"

"Finish that cigar and we'll get started then, big guy." He smiled. I was really happy that the mystery suits had left a large wardrobe for my son in some boxes so I didn't have to shop for a bunch of new clothes right away. Lord knows mine wouldn't fit him.

He came inside smelling of sweet woodsy tobacco.

"I like smoking. It's cool. Now I'm just like you, Dad!"

"Well. I think you're a little different. You're a little bit different from your old man. A bit bigger. Just a tiny bit." I struggled with a box full of tools. I had to put it down. Maybe I could take some things out of it first.

"Here, Dad! Let me! Let me, please?? Pleeease?" Wow was he ever eager.

"Sure. Okay."

My son took the box in his arms and proudly carried it out to the truck. I smiled ruefully to myself with some jealousy. My 9 year old was now twice or even three times as strong as me now.

"I've been practicing with the barbell weights. It's like I know just how to use them, like there's a teacher in my head now!" he exclaimed.

We moved boxes for about three more hours before finally having to take a break. We lifted some things together, like furniture. My son was especially helpful with getting the fridge out. In fact he kind of took over that particular part, loading it by taking it out of my hands altogether and hefting it onto the truck and then pulling it slightly up so he could take it all the way to the back end. There's no way I could do that in a million years, I thought. He was grunting and covered with a sweat trail.

We ate lunch. I was learning to make more for his sake and we shared a couple of beers. I was still getting used to the idea of my son drinking and he'd requested several different varieties so he could decide which one he liked best. I was drinking beers with my son, I thought. It doesn't get any more surreal than this. I felt a strange surge of pride in my son. He didn't really get there the way most men do but he was a large muscled man and he was displaying some of that strength. I just had to make sure he was able to be mature enough to pull this thing off to the rest of the world and I was trying not to panic over that.

On his first day he had really wanted to go into town. I was hesitant but he had begged me. I told him okay but if anyone asks, you are my brother. And he had also been given a new identity by those mystery suits. Everything on his new ID forms was now "Jeff". Jeffrey was Jaxson's middle name which they had left off of everything. I told my son to introduce himself as Jeff from now on.

"Okay, Daddy."

"Um...kiddo." I sighed awkwardly. "You can't call me Daddy in public. We look about the same age and it might make people stare at us. So when we're in public, you can call me by my first name, Reese."

"Oh. Okay. REESE." He chuckled every time he called me that for the first few days before he got used to it.

We went around on errands just buying things. Jaxson, or should I say Jeff was still getting used to his size. He was constantly looking around him marveling at how tall he was and he often had to apologize for bumping into people. Most of the women he bumped into didn't seem to mind. The checkout girl flirted with my son quite a bit, but he didn't notice any. Looking at the goodies in the checkout line he exclaimed "Look, they have Bubble Tape! Can we get some?"

"Not today, sweetie." I looked at the checkout girl, who knew me.

"This is my brother. He's...special. He normally lives with my cousins," I explained.

"Hi!" Jaxson/Jeff said, waving innocently.

"Ohhhhhhh. Hi there. "What's your name, darlin!"

"Jeff. His name is Jeff. Isn't that right?" I interrupted, trying to cut him off from saying his regular name.

"Oh. Yeah. My name is Jeff. Can we get these?" He held up some little plastic bauble toy.

I went to the hardware store and told them I'd inherited a house down in Texas and that I had to take care of my "special" relative. As Jeff gleefully went around the shop saying "coooooool" to heavy things he could now lift, my co-workers looked at my sympathetically after he dripped on some cables, not used to his own bulk, taking down an entire small shelf of tackling equipment with him. "I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry!" the huge nine year old exclaimed. My co-workers were sweet to him and I asked him to go wait in the truck for me. I apologized for giving such short notice for quitting and my boss and I had a talk. I had worked for him for five years and he'd give me a recommendation still. He empathized with my "special needs" relative.

Finally, it was time for us to take off. It was six in the morning when I said goodbye to the house I'd lived in most of my life. Said goodbye to my debt. And I wondered what I had gotten myself into.

"Hey, Dad? What about the truck? Can I drive it?"

"No. I sold that with a co-worker who can use it to haul lumber. He gave me a good price for it."

"Oh," He sounded disappointed.

"They said in a few weeks you'll know how to drive so...that's some Matrix stuff right there."

"What's a Matrix?"

"It's a movie. It's sort of similar. These people who just push a button and they instantly know how to do things. That's sort of what they're doing with you, if I understand the information they provided for us correctly."

"So I can drive next week?"

"Well I'll have to rent a car for a little while and then we should receive another truck from Mr. Ubbo and then we'll talk about..getting you used to driving. I guess "


"Here, read through this. You've been so busy learning to smoke and drink but that details your neuroprogramming. Wish I had some of that, it sounds pretty awesome."

"He started reading through but got bored fast."

"Dad, can we listen to music, please?" He whined. "This is stupid."

"It's not stupid. Jeez." I was so stressed out all of a sudden. "You're a giant now, Jaxson."

"It's Jeff now," he replied sarcastically.

"See, that's what I'm talking about. Adults can't behave that way. They can't react to everything with knee jerk sarcasm. You can't act immature anymore. Maybe that neuroprogam they installed is the best thing for both of us. It will basically give you automatic information like math and English classes you would have learned in school. History, physics, all the stuff you would have taken in high school including shit I never learned because I had to fucking drop out."

"Are you mad because you had to stop going to school?"

"No. No, I had to because I had to take care of my father when he had cancer," I said. My mother went quickly after that but there was a year after her stroke where I was taking care of her, too. It just interfered with everything. You're the best thing that ever happened to me, though."

"Okay. I guess I'll read it," he said sullenly. I charted our route to make one slight detour before going to Texas.

Hours later, I was looking at the green, hilly fields I had passed before. One hill in particular with a sidewalk leading up to nowhere but a giant flat hilltop. I got out of my truck and looked at it. I had a sinking feeling that this is what I would find, an instinct I couldn't describe. The building in the middle of nowhere, all 38 floors of it, was now just the middle of nowhere again.

We spent the rest of the trip in silence. Jeff, as I was getting used to calling him, was listening to music with headphones on or watching his ipad. Thank god for cheaper electronics being made available to the masses, I thought bitterly. I didn't know why I was bitter other than my son's childhood had been traded away and I was responsible for it. I'm sure he was happy now but what if he came to resent me over it later? Not that his body wasn't totally impressive. I mean, who would resent having that big, muscular, hot...oh God now. Stop thinking about this, I thought. There was no way to avoid it, though. My son was a huge musclestud and that is exactly what always did it for me. I liked bigger, muscular men. Always had.

We slept in motels for two nights. I'm not up for driving all day and night and I couldn't trust Jeff with that responsibility alone, especially without me being there.

The trip was largely boring until I walked out from a shower only to see my grown son jacking off to the TV set, as beautiful busty girls dominated the screen. He shot a load that flew across and landed all over the TV and he jerked vigorously until three more spurts landed on the floor. I was so stunned. My son quickly picked up his pants to hide his dick from me and then silently went into the bathroom to shower, without a word.

"So, you've learned how to use that. Um."

"Yeah, I can jerk off now! Sorry, Dad. I shouldn't have done that but I was just feels so GOOD!"

"I...I know, son. But try to do that in private from now on. It's not right for me to watch you. Um. Let's try to get some sleep."

"Why isn't okay for you to see me naked, Dad?"

"Well. I mean it's not wrong but...I feel a little weird."

"It it because you're gay, Dad?"

'Um. Well. Um. Let's talk about this tomorrow."

But we didn't. I kept us busy so I could avoid telling my son that every waking second with him now turned me the hell on. I desperately wanted to see his dick again and suck it. I wanted to feel his amazing muscles. I'd been in that body only for an hour or so and it was the biggest high in the world. I couldn't imagine how he was taking it.

A few days after we got to Texas I was already noticing significant changes in Jeff. When I tried to help him with things he shrugged me off and rolled his eyes at me. He was mentally acting like a young teenager. I won't go into details. It was annoying. He kept to himself while I went on errands. He wanted to explore so I came up with several rules. He had to be back before the streetlights went off. Had to keep his cel on at all times. He had to tell me about anything he did. I prohibited him from going to any strip clubs or bars, telling him he wasn't really mature enough to handle that sort of thing yet.

I came home often to see him smoking cigars and looking generally manly. He had already attracted the attention of some of the neighborhood women when I took him to the convenience store one day. I came out to see Jeff talking amicably with this pretty 20something with a small Yorkie who couldn't stop oogling at his arms. He was smiling and laughing and acting like a confident...well, man. I cockblocked him. Or I tried to. I invited him back inside so we could go over some "financial records". Instead he ignored me and said he would be back home when he FELT LIKE IT! But he said it really dismissively as he kept smiling at the brown haired former cheerleader. My blood was boiling. I went back into my car and waited for him until he came back about 20 minutes later. I felt so helpless. I couldn't tell him what to do anymore, especially in front of another adult.

He fumed all the way home, and then slammed the door to the rental and stormed inside. He waited for me until I came in, looked at me incredulously and spread his arms.

"What was THAT? Why did you try to get me to stop talking to her? Shawna wanted me to come to her place later."

"You are nine years old! You aren't....ready..for...this."

"Yeah, I don't know if you noticed but I don't really feel nine anymore, REESE. And you better get USED TO IT. Whatever program is working on my brain is maturing it and I don't feel like listening to your stupid rules anymore! I get to go out whenever I want from now on."

"I'm just looking out for your well being! I love you! You're my son!"

"Yeah, well I'm a man now, Dad. I have needs, too. I...want to hold Shawna down and just...ungh. Put my dick in her and FUCK HER."

"Okay, well, you just met her so you might want to be real careful. She might not want that."

"Oh she wants it. She WANTS ALL THIS." He flexed. "Fucking look at me! I'm every girl's walking wet dream. Or gay guy's." He stared at me.

"That's...well maybe that's true for other people but I'm still your father and my opinion does count for something in this house. So listen to me while I give you some valuable life advice. You don't want to get a girl pregnant your first week out as a real adult. You don't want to assume someone wants to have sex with you, no matter how much they flirt with you. The adult world is more complicated than that. You can't just act like a jerk to me after I have struggled to give you everything in life because that's throwing a lot of my love in the garbage. I made rules so you would be safe."

"I don't need you to make me safe. I can take care of myself. I'm big now. I'm gonna take a walk."

Gotta love those new hormones working their magic, I thought. 

Jeff came home late. He'd been drinking at a bar and he drunkenly told me that he wasn't a little kid and I couldn't tell him what to do anymore.

"I wanna do whatever I want from now on! I'm bigger than you so you can't stop me, DAD!" he roared.

"Go to your room and sleep it off."

"What did you fucking say to me? I punched a guy tonight who tried to hit me and he's lying on the fucking floor right now! No one is as big as me! I'm a super...I'm...I'm a super---hero!" He staggered a bit.

"You're drunk. You need to sleep it off. I'm not going to tell you again. You may be bigger but I'm still older and wiser than you. Your new bed came today, by the way. There are sheets and blankets and it's all nice for you. We should both go to bed," I told him and I did so, without looking back. I heard him stomp off to his new room and slam the door.

The next morning he was up very late. He showered and shaved for the first time. I walked past and asked him if he needed my help in showing him how to shave. He quietly said no. He said he knew how already.

I was waiting for him downstairs when he came in, looking at the ground and avoiding my gaze.

"Do you have something you want to say to me, son?"

"It's...I'm sorry, Daddy," he said and started crying.

"Come here," I told him. He sobbed into my shoulders, this big hulking son of mine.

We cleared the air. He apologized. He said it was so confusing to be so big and strong and an adult so suddenly. He wanted to prove himself so much he took all his new frustration out on me and he was very, very sorry.

"You've given me everything. Including the opportunity to have this body and be a responsible adult.  I wasn't very responsible last night and I will never let that happen again," he told me. He was sounding more adult every day, I thought.

The next day, our vehicles arrived. A pair of Jeep Wranglers, one for each of us.

:"I gotta try this baby out!" he said, his voice dripping with anticipation.

"Okay, so how about that neuro programming? Can know, access how to drive yet? I can't believe I'm saying that."

"I...think so?"

"Okay, let's try it out very slowly."

He was so excited as he got in.

"I'm going to DRIVE. This is SO COOL."

I gave him some instructions. Some things he knew but others he didn't. I showed him how reverse works and how to use his turn signal. I started to mention some important traffic laws as well. We lived adjacent to a semirural area but luckily we had a lot of room on the road to practice. We rode into town and I got a bit nervous, but my son was really getting into it. I nervously tried to tell him to slow down for red lights but he knew that already. Once or twice he looked over at me freaking out with an expression on his face that told me to chill out, that "are you kidding me?" eyebrow arch. It was so adult and foreign to see my little guy so...mature.

"Well, Dad? How'd I do?"

"Amazing. You didn't make any major mistakes. I'm actually very relieved. This is just all happening so fast for me, Jax..I mean Jeff."

"Yeah, for me too, Pops."


That night Jeff asked me if it was okay for him to bring his lady friend over. I grudgingly said yes, and he wound up sharing a few beers with her over dinner at a nearby pub. I had him text update me and he rolled his eyes at me and promised he would. True to his word, he informed me of when he was bringing her over. Then they went to his room and the rest was history. I heard her moaning and then screaming. His moans were deep and sexy. I could hear him climax inside her.

"OHHHHHH FUUUUUUCK!" I heard him yell. I was listening outside his door like a total perv! I ran down as quietly as I could and sat on the couch until Shawna ran past me and made a mad dash to her car.

"FUUUUUCK! That was fucking awesome, Dad!! I had SEX! Now I'm a total MAN! YEAH! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" He screamed a guttural scream and pumped his arms in primal fashion. I was so turned on I almost creamed my pants watching my giant muscle stud son.

"You like watching me too, don't you?"

"Don't start, JEFF." I warned him. He backed off with his arms held up with mock sincerity, then smiled cockily.

The next day, Jeff was smoking a stogie in the backyard and punching the bag in its new place. He told me it wasn't enough to work out at home. He joined a gym so he could really get good workouts, specifically for the multitude of exercises and so people could check out his muscles.

"Fuck yeah, Dad. I'm loving all this. I love being a man!"

"So, have you talked with uh, Shawna?"

"Yeah. Bitch says she's not ready for me. Whatever. Plenty of pussy out there in the world, you know what I'm sayin', Reese?"

I spent most of the next few days just applying for jobs. I applied for a management position at a big name store's hardware section. I called the agent and she said she would help me out. I don't know how it works, but she got me the job. It was something I was familiar with and comfortable with. I was proud of myself for acing the interview anyway. But I guess it helped to have friends in high places.

When I came home from my interview my new house, I found two random gym studs talking. Jeff had befriended them at the gym and they had immediately hit it off over the last few days.

"Hey, I'm Sam," the big guy on the right said, introducing himself. "This here's my brother Rodrigo."

"Hey, guys," I said somewhat shyly.

 We made chitchat and then my son came down, without a shirt on, of course.

"What's up, bro?"

"Oh. I'm just fine, bro."

"Really? You look tense. Here, have a beer with us." My son handed me a beer. I opened it and told him about my new job.

"That's awesome, bro! Fuck yeah, I knew you could do it!" I hadn't even bothered to have a discussion with my son about cursing, He was huge and I couldn't really force a grown man to curtail his vocabulary. I felt somewhat intimidated by being in a room full of muscular men.

"Hey, Reese," my son said, as using my first name had become increasingly common for him. "You wanna go to a party tonight? Friday night, bro. We can hang out. There'll be gay dudes there."

"Um. I...I guess so."

"It'll be real great. We know everyone in the area," Rodrigo said. "We can introduce you. You're way out here in the outskirts of town so we thought..."

"No, I get it," I said. "Thanks for thinking of me...Jeff." I toasted him by clinking our beer bottles together.

The party that night was pretty nice. People drinking and playing music. I got to talk to some hot girl who knew all the gay guys in the room. She offered to introduce me. I said yeah, sure. Anyway, I met a couple of really nice gay guys who I think I could actually be friends with. Being isolated for so long in the sticks didn't afford me a lot of opportunity but I'd gotten to go out to the Big Cities once in a while. But since having Jaxson/Jeff, it had been pretty rare. And then I found out both Rodrigo and his brother were considered part of the community. I hadn't talked to them so far very much but neither of them had mentioned being gay.

I decided to head home and told Jeff, who I had been trying to get used to as my new "brother" that I was gonna leave.

"We'll come with you. I've got something I'd like to tell you when we get back." He gave me a manly, almost fatherly rub on the shoulder. I blinked.

Back home, I put on some relaxing music. I was going to start my new job in a few days and my new adult son was skyrocketing through mental puberty and into high school or college. Did he know how to do higher math yet? I wondered. He sure seemed confident. Way more than I ever was.

Jeff arrived with his two new friends. He told me he wanted to have a word in private with me. We stepped into the backyard and he told me unflinchingly both Rodrigo and Sam thought I was pretty hot. "This is my way for making up for being such a jerk the last few weeks. But the power trip I've been going on is powerful as FUCK, Reese. You have to know that. I'm trying to control it but this body is like...fuck. I don't even know how to tell you this. I like guys just as much as girls. But I'm into muscle studs, you know? I'm just trying to break this to you without bullshitting you. I want you to have fun tonight. So which one do you want?"

I was flabbergasted. I looked way up at my mature, 33 year old "brother's" face. "Sam," I said simply.

"You got it, man. Sam's more my type, anyway."

I got out some more beers and we were all pretty drunk by the time my son started pawing Sam with his more lithe body. Jeff could easily overpower Rodrigo and he lifted him up and carried him in his arms upstairs. Now I was left with Sam, with his big muscles, big mug of a face. He was hot. He had hot stubble and he oozed daddy material. I wanted him so much. He started making out. I heard sex noises from upstairs. Sam drunkenly took me to my room (I instructed him where to go) and as soon as we got inside, my pants were off and I was ready to get fucked. I couldn't believe that I was getting fucked the same time my son was undoubtedly topping this man's younger brother! It was so hot! Two brothers fucking a father and son posing as brothers!

The next morning, the two hot brothers took off, leaving my son and I to talk.

"So. You've been going through a lot of changes," I said, trying to sound sage.

"Yeah. I've been playing catch up with my body's hormones. It's pretty crazy, right Reese? And uh, I think I should stop calling you Dad from now on. Would you be cool with that?"

"It stings a little. I am your father. I love you with all my heart but if that's what you want, then I'll abide by it."

"It's not about love, it's just about how I feel. I don't feel like your son anymore. I'm your equal and you feel more like...MY little brother. I don't know how else to say it. But here, I made you some eggs, bro."

"Thanks, Jeff," I said and gratefully ate as I looked at my magnificent stud of a son, now brother. I'd do anything for him, I thought.

I started my job the next day and Jeff texted me to meet him in a parking lot down the street after I got off. Training as management for a big store was rather stressful, and I had to stay longer because of this but I caught up with him. And when I saw him, oh man....

"How do you like my new HOG, bro?"

"I just..."

"Got my license from the agent. Figured why wait, right, man? Fuck, it feels so cool. I'm going to really enjoy being a biker. Now I'm a biker stud and a fuck stud." He smiled his now increasingly more commonplace self-satisfied grin. What happened to my little boy? Was he still in there?

As I started a life of middle aged, middle management mediocrity, my son started hanging out at biker bars every night. Sometimes he'd bring home sleazy biker chicks. Sometimes he'd bring home college aged boys. He mainly liked younger men, around 18 to 25 and he'd fuck them like crazy. He started leaving the door open so I could walk by and get a peek. And the next Saturday, what a peek it was. Holy shit.

The young twink screamed in pain as my son pummeled him. I watched transfixed.

"Get in here," Jeff grunted. He fucked the young man who I didn't know every possible position. He fucked his mouth last and took off his condom, shoved his engorged dick (which was of course huge) down the man's throat without asking. The man tried to take it all and he choked but my new "bro" was merciless and wanted to get off no matter what. He held the man's head with his engorged arm muscles and didn't budge an inch until he came into the man's mouth. The man had tears running down his face and he lapped at Jeff's dick like it was saving his life.

"Did you enjoy watching that, Reese?"

I gulped. "Yes."

"Yes, what?"

"Yes, I enjoyed watching that."

"I want you to say the word "Sir" when you talk to me from now on, same as this little FAG. Isn't that right?"

"Yes, Sir." the man looked up at Jeff like he was a god king to be worshiped.

"Hit the road. I'll talk to you later." Jeff spanked the man's ass quite loudly. The young man rushed out without another word and I heard the front door shut.

My son threw on a pair of his men's jeans (I still couldn't get over how big he was, how big his clothes were, the fact that this was really the same little boy of mine from just a few months ago) and said gruffly "Come on. I need a cigar." He slapped me on the shoulder and I nearly collapsed.

I meekly followed him out and watched with almost worshipful love as my son lit up a cigar and smoked it.

"You and I have got to talk about what you really want."

"Alright." He glared at me. "Alright...Sir."

"Better. You're learning." I gulped. "See the thing is, Reese. I've become so fucking smart and so fucking ripped and it's left me feeling power mad. But what I have been dealing with is much the same thing is you. You were my dad but now, you're really not. And I understand why."

"Why is that...Sir?"

"Because you're so willing to do everything I tell you to do. It's a new power dynamic. And I've thought about this. You need a real man in your life to tell you what to do, Reese. I'm that man now. It doesn't matter that I was a little boy just a few months ago. It's a whole different story now. Now I'm a fully grown MAN and I have a man's needs. And you know what?"

"What, Sir?"

"I think you could fulfill some of those needs. You've been dying to touch me ever since I got this body, haven't you? Be honest, Reese."

"Yes," I squeaked.

"Say you want to get fucked by me."

"I...I do. Yes. I want to get fucked by you, Sir."

"See, deep down inside you don't want to be my Dad. You want to be my Son. Isn't that right?" He smiled, so satisfied with himself.

"Yes, Sir." I whispered.

He took me on a bike ride that day, on his chopper. He rode to a chop shop. The motorcycle rumbled so hard but I just held on to my new Dad because he was everything in the world to me. It felt so good to be so close to him, so close to the raw power of him, the power of the hog we rode on.

"This is it, Son." He said, getting off and showing me the place he'd just bought for a pretty fair price. "Cost me a pretty penny but it will make money for me. It will give me a career. I'm learning motorcycle repair on fast forward and I love every part of it. I love getting down and dirty. Don't you, Son?"

"Yes, Sir."

He showed me around inside. His new office. A few of the guys there were very deferential to their new BOSS and he smiled cordially to them. He brought me to his office filled with crowded amounts of paperwork. "All mine, now. I ain't gonna be no one's bitch. That's your job," he said, pawing me. feeling my face, backing me up against the door. "Say it. Say you want to be my bitch," he whispered.

"Yes, Daddy. I want to be your bitch."

"Fuck yeah!" He kissed me long and deep and hard and ground his hard crotch into mine, dry humping me. He lifted me up in the air and dry humped me and I held onto his amazing chest and kissed him for all I could. I don't remember the ride home except that it was heaven to hold him and he didn't mind at all that I just wanted to suck his dick for hours.

He took me home and even though he'd fucked another man every which way already earlier that day he was rearing for more. He took off his shirt and I explored his body on the couch, licking every part of his massive pecs and pits. He was so rugged and firm and in charge. I sucked him clean. His dick was enormous! One of the biggest I'd ever seen. I'm now a pro at taking his 9 incher up my ass. It's the least I can do for him.

We've been together for over a year now. My Dad is the best Dad in the universe. I love him so much and he fucks me or cums in my mouth every day. I'm a way better lay than any woman from the bars, he tells me so all the time. He makes me very proud to be his new Son and the fact that our roles have changed so completely doesn't phase me at all. I had some shame over it at first but we got that out of the way the first night he popped my cherry. I can never think of him as my son again. I'm his Son. His special Son. And he's the Daddy I always wanted.

I owe him a debt for coming into my life and being the Dad I always needed.


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