Friday, June 9, 2017

The Town Where Age Went Crazy Part 5: Adjustments Still Being Made

More stories after the Incident concerning our test subjects. All of them are still adjusting to their new ages after a time warp broke through the town and changed the ages of all the males. We gave all the women in the town new memories and decided to further experiment with the men with some of our new brainwashing techniques. This research is helping us determine whether or not to use it in the future as a means of population control. We can now make an entire town gay. Who's to say we shouldn't use this technology on the entire country? Looking at various cases as they develop will help us to determine if this idea would work.

Case File ID #334 - Cory    and Case File ID #1,387 - Chad

Cory stood there, looking absolutely enormous. He was one of the biggest dudes in The Town now. Chad swallowed nervously and approached the gargantuan man. He wasn't nearly as big as he used to be. Before the Incident, he had been nearing his prime. Chad was 17 and on top of the world. Now he was back to looking like he was a scrawny 14 years old. It had been a long nightmare. His entire life had changed. Everyone in the town was a different age. Most of his friends were now much older men but a few had regressed to being little children. He hadn't made friends with anyone his "own age" yet. He was still getting used to walking around with his new smaller stature. He used to really strut his stuff. He walked with pride. You could smell how proud he was of his body.

For three years, he had completely bullied one of the school nerds. Cory had been 16 before and was not well into his 20s. Was he 25 now? 27? He wasn't sure. But Chad did know that when the boys and men in the town had changed, they had also taken on new attributes. Skinny guys had often become fat or muscular. Fat guys were now studs. And some muscular behemoths like him had shrunk to nothing. When he was 14 before he was almost the size of his father, who was now in his 70s and didn't like the fact he had a teenage son for life to take care of. He was much smaller now at 14 than the first time he was 14. It made him shiver how much smaller he was than other guys at school now. He remembered the things he used to do to Cory, who had been only a year younger than him but about 75 pounds lighter. He would shove him down in the hallway. He would get even with him for showing him up in class. He would spread rumors about him being gay. He would shove him into walls. And steal from him. He stole clothes from him right off the little nerd's back! Little nerd would try and fight back and he would just laugh. It was pathetic how much smaller Cory had been. Pathetic. Made him hard how much smaller the little nerd was. He helped himself to the little nerd's lunches when he wanted. It was like being in prison for young little Cory. Every day had been one more trip to hell, and he was a nervous wreck.

Chad didn't care, though. And now he was standing before Cory, trying to look at him without hate, but rather looked up at him the way a little brother looks up at his big brother. With deference, respect and affection. And a look that said "please be nice to me". A pathetic look.

"H-h-hi Cory," he stuttered.

"What's up, FAGGOT?" Cory asked forcefully. His voice was full of power and confidence.

"I..I brought you what you asked for," Chad said, handing over the backpack full of his old underwear that didn't fit anymore.

"Excellent. And why are you giving me all your jock straps, FAGGOT?"

"Be-be-because I'm not a real man anymore like you are, sir."

"That's right. You have my money, bitch?"

"B-b-but this is all the money I have left, Cory!" God, his voice sounded so girly and whiny.

"Too fucking bad. That's your insurance money. You give me all your savings and I don't make sure anything real BAD happens to your tiny little ass. Except for when I decide to take what's MINE."

Cory started pawing Chad. He considered Chad to practically be his property now. No one really batted an eye because no one was around. Cory held Chad to him. Chad could feel the enormous man's sheath bulging against his thin little back. Cory's dick was now probably about as thick as Chad's arms were! That's how much more powerful the MAN was that he had used to torment.
As he stroked his former bully, Cory rumbled.

"Yeah. You're gonna suck me off now. Get inside. You'll suck me off in a bathroom stall before I drive myself over to the gym. Come on," he commanded. He didn't have to speak even very forcefully. His voice commanded respect. Cory's voice was deep, deeper than Chad's had ever been. He was completely enamored now with the giant that led the way, and he stared up at the massive back of his new "owner" for lack of any better word. That's how things had developed and they had developed quickly. He didn't even want to tell anyone. He was ashamed but he enjoyed it. He enjoyed being told what to do by Cory. He deserved it. Something had changed his mind somehow. He thought maybe Cory had requested that the government scientists change him to become his little bitch. Because he was now completely different. Chad had transformed into Cory's servile domestic servant. He jumped at the opportunity to make the big guy happy.

Sucking his cock all the way was impossible now. He had to just put the large man's fuck club in his mouth as much as he could but he couldn't suck much more than the mushroom head that forced its way inevitably down to choke the smaller teen's throat until he gagged. And as he swung his arms around with tears streaming down he silently begged for it to stop and go on forever at the same time.

Cory just smiled. What a small little bitch, he thought. No wonder Chad used to get off on bullying him around all the time. Well, now the world was his. He was a fucking huge bodybuilder stud and Chad was just his suck slave. Of course he had asked for a few adjustments to be made after making his case to a very sympathetic scientist working on brainwashing the entire town so no one ever talked about everyone randomly changing ages and appearance.

All in all, it was the best thing that could have happened to him. He was on top of the world in that stall, watching a smaller man desperately fight for air as he filled his mouth and throat with his now bigger-than-life dick.

Case File ID #550 and Case File ID #277  Kevin and Gil

"Oh yeah. You like that, doncha? You like sucking on my big COP DICK, huh? Fuck yeah. FUuuuuuuuuuUUUUUUUUUUUUCK!" Kevin came inside Gil's throat. "Now what do you say, faggot?"

"Thank you, Sir. Thank you for the pleasure of your cock, Sir."

"You're welcome you scrawny little shit! Now go home and make me dinner. When I come home I expect steak on the table!" he said smacking the much smaller man on the ass.

"Yes, Sir!"

Kevin hadn't always been a cop. But the government knew he really wanted it. He had grown up in a very bad way. His older brother had been raising him since both his mother was dead and father was in jail. Trailer park trash, all the way. Now he had his own house assigned to him. He had a new life and a new identity. As far as his family were concerned, he had never existed. They had started to tell people that loved ones had died but many had also been told to just forget their loved ones existed. It made things easier. His brother had been a bit of a bad boy, though. Pumped up on drugs, Gil had often come home and beat Kevin senseless.

It's funny how things change quickly, Kevin thought. Gil was just Kevin's prissy little housewife now. He even had Gil wear women's clothing around the house to demonstrate exactly how far he had fallen and how less of a man he was now. Kevin prided himself on his new, much older body. He had no problems exerting authority now. It was a completely new world for both of them.

"And pick up some groceries on your way back, bitch."

"Yes, Sir."

"And Gil?"

"Yes, Sir?"

He smacked his brother. "That's not your name."

"No, Sir."

"What's your name?"

"When we're alone, my name is Bitch, Sir."

"Get the fuck out of my sight, Bitch."

Gil did so and Kevin smiled to himself. He could really get used to this new life. It was like a dream come true for him! Probably a nightmare for Gil but he could live with that, he thought, as he started to go through his daily report.

Case File # 445 - Luke,   Case File #1,001 - Nick,   Case File #634 - Jimmy

Well my name is Luke. It used to be something else but it got changed. Now it feels like I always have been Luke. It was such a shock when everything changed. I was playing baseball with my friends and came home late by like an hour. My daddy was so sore. His name is Nick now, by the way. So anyway, Daddy grounded me and I didn't think it was fair at all. He yelled and yelled. I was miserable that night and wished I didn't have to be grounded. And then I woke up the next morning and I was bigger than my bed. And then I heard this scream and I thought it was one of my friends. This kid came in and I sat up and he screamed again.

"Who are you? What's wrong? What's wrong with my voice?" I said. It felt like something had changed in my voice. It was so gravelly. I didn't feel sick, though. The kid was only 7 years old or so and he was dressed in an oversized shirt. It was so crazy. I stood up and I knew I'd be taller than the kid and realized it was still off. I was taller than I should be...And my pajama bottoms were killing me. I took them off because they were stuck! I couldn't even get them off at first, and stood there hopping up and down trying to get them off. I picked up some underwear and put them on over my big hairy bush. I had a huge amount of pubic hair now and was thinking I might be dreaming. The underwear were very tight on me. I wandered in a daze over to the bathroom while dad was freaking out.

It didn't take me long to figure out I'd aged about 20 years in one night. And my father had gone down in about as many years. I had been 12 and now I was old enough to be my own father, if he had stayed his own age. Anyway, dad was screaming obscenities. It didn't sound good coming from a 7 year old. I stood there just staring at myself thinking it was my fault. I had wished to be grown up so I didn't have to do what he said. I think I was honestly so in shock I didn't even notice him going through my room looking for clothes that fit because the next thing I knew he was in one of my old shirts that didn't fit me anymore. Now it really wouldn't fit me. He told me sternly in his little boy voice to put some clothes on. I wandered back into my room and started to put on my clothes but the jeans didn't fit me. They were mini jeans now!

"They don't fit! Dad, my clothes don't fit!"

"Of course they don't fit, you idiot! You're gigantic now! How the hell did this happen! What did you do!"

"I didn't do anything! Stop blaming me!"

"I swear to God I'm going to bust your motherfucking hyde!"

"Oh yeah? How? You're way smaller than me now in case you forgot...DUMBASS!"

Dad was really surprised and so was I. I had never been brave enough to stand up to him before and it felt good. I giggled. I actually did it. I wasn't afraid of him like this. He was so small!

Then he kicked me as hard as he could in the leg. I howled and he ran off after I tried to catch him. I was pretty angry and chased him in my underwear all over the house. I finally caught him downstairs and the rush of it really...I was new to being an adult so I shook him and yelled "Why did you do that! Why do you always get physical with people! You shouldn't fight!" I turned him around and he squirmed as I got a hold of him and angrily started to spank his ass. Three times. "You want another one, Dad? Go right ahead. MAKE my day!" I yelled at him. I felt so powerful for the first time and then he started crying and I felt immediately horrible. "I'm...I'm sorry dad I haven't been bigger than you for very long and-"

"Just shut up. This is a bad dream. I need to wake up!"

I got some clothes on in his room. They were the only clothes that would fit. I came back downstairs and Dad forbid me from going outside but I just ignored him because it was clear he couldn't do anything to stop me. I noticed right off that several men I didn't recognize were wandering around the neighborhood and a bunch of vans were outside with guys in hazmat suits...

They told me dad would be fine but he had to stay a child until they figured out a way to make him older and they couldn't turn me back. Which is fine with me because I didn't hate school but I didn't love it, either. I asked them if I could just get a job in town and they said yes.

I put on MY new cowboy hat and jean jacket and told Dad that he was no longer Dad. They gave me a crash course on adulthood. GED stuff. How to fix a car. How to drive. How to do taxes. How sex worked, both gay and straight. The entire town was now gay. What the hell those scientists were doing was beyond me but whatever. As long as I don't say anything, I get to be dad and my dad can be a kid again. Anyway. I own a store with my friend Jimmy and he's a grown up too now but he was in school with me. We both grew up and we both found out when they gave us a cigar store that we really, really liked smoking!

This is me now. I'm just sampling the products. I have to make sure everything tastes okay for the customers! And everyone in town is now a cigar or pipe smoker! I think they are doing something with our minds but we don't age or get harmed by diseases according to the scientists so I'm pretty cool with it.

"What do you think? Pretty nice box, huh? How bout I set you up with a box?" Jimmy said. Jimmy always wears suits. He really loves to dress up while I like to wear my daddy's cowboy duds.
All the kids who are now grown ups now love to come in to try cigars and they are all really excited to take up smoking.

"I love this, man. I hope I never have to go back to being a kid. Hey, how's your dad doing? I know, your son. Sorry, this takes a while to get used to," Jimmy said, adjusting his lapel and puffing his cigar.

"He's getting used to it. I think he'll be okay," I told him.

But really, I was still having problems. Dad was still acting up. They made him act less like a grown up but he was still acting out. He wouldn't do what I told him to do. He would dump his cereal on the floor and throw tantrums. It was getting really embarrassing. I was trying to be patient but he was enraged that he was no longer a parent.

"Hey there, boy. You and I need to have a talk."

"I'm not a boy! I'm a tall man!" my new son Nick said.

"Doesn't look like you're very tall to me," I said patiently. I chomped on my cigar but didn't light it. I held it in my hands. It was a total habit now and it comforted me. "We have to talk about you following what I say. You are the little boy in this house and I'm the older adult. So you have to stop throwing tantrums."

"I can do what I want!"

"Do you want me to spank you again?" He didn't answer. "LOOK AT ME RIGHT NOW, YOUNG MAN." He finally did so. He looked like he was going to cry. "Now I don't want to punish you but I will. I want you to knock this nonsense off and do as I say from now on, or we're gonna have trouble. I will ground you if you disobey me again and I will spank you. Now are you gonna be nice? Are you gonna be a good little boy?"

He pouted but relented. "Yes."

"Yes, what?"

"Yes, sir."

I breathed a sigh of relief. Being a parent was going to be a lot easier this way. I needed a cigar break. I went outside and lit it up, and breathed in the wonderful aroma. The more I thought about it, the more I thought it was a good thing it had all turned out this way. Dad would go back to second grade and I would start dating my best friend and somehow everyone would be happy. I smiled. Maybe the age changing time experiment gone wrong was the best thing that could have happened to us...