Tuesday, June 13, 2017

The Gender Genie


"Come on, motherfucker! You wanna fight? Let's fucking fight!"

"Yeah, come on!"

The two men scuffled and before he knew it, Lance was putting Steven in a headlock. The bar owner told them to break it up and take it outside, They smoked their cigarettes angrily and huffed their way outside. Lance swerved and pushed Steven forcefully against the wall.

"This is all your fault!"

"Fuck you, bitch!"

"Don't call me that unless you want me to knock your teeth in!"

A familiar laugh came up from behind them. A young, cute Japanese girl who made both their dicks hard.

"Enjoying yourselves?"

"Inari. You gotta change us back! I take back the wish!"

"Yeah, me too. Make us into chicks again!"

"Aww, ladies. Not having fun?"

"You call this having fun? Every chick I try to get with, I act like a fucking guy around them!"

"Yeah. We thought this would be easy."

"I'm a genie, retard. What the hell did you think I was going to do? When have you ever heard of a genie that makes life easy for someone? Duh. This is what you wished for. You wished to be a man so you could know what it was like because your boyfriend dumped you. And YOU wished to be a man because you didn't get that job with the construction company."

"Yeah but I wanted a job as a secretary. Not laying asphalt!"

"I don't think you'd look as pretty as the blonde they hired. Not with that face tattoo and prison record."

"Can't believe you fuckin' DID this!" Steven, once Stella, punched the wall and howled repeatedly in a drunken rage. "And this is his fault! He told you he was mad he didn't have any friends so you made me into a man!"

"So? You wished for it. A wish is a wish, bitch." Inari filed her nails carelessly and rolled her eyes.

"Yeah this ain't fair. We wanted like, to have good lives. I don't even talk good anymore. All the chicks I try to bang think I'm some dummy." Lance, once Leticia looked at her imploringly. Of course, Leticia had been pretty shitty to her ex. She had him buy jewelry and handbags and tried to get him wrapped around her little finger. Chastising him for not being neat enough, for not being clean shaven, for the way he left the bathroom. She had chased him away and then blamed him, when she should have blamed herself. The two women had known each other only casually but were introduced to each other as having the same problem by Inari when Lance was inexplicably drawn towards the construction site where Steven now worked and asked if he could apply for a job. Now they spent all day sweating their balls off. Before as Leticia, Lance had been able to get away with anything at the paralegal office he had worked in. Now he had to really earn his keep!

"Oh so they're treating you the way you used to treat men. Interesting." Inari studied him.

"You don't understand! I jack off every night thinking of women! I gotta get some fuckin' action!"

"Maybe I can help take the edge off of you two a little bit. If I promise to help you so you don't have that problem anymore, I'm not coming back."

"Yes, fine. Just make it better. Please," Lance said.

"My hand fuckin' hurts," Steven said. In his former life, just a few weeks ago, he had been hating all men for how they ran everything and loved to shout them down in public, berate them for all being sexist for ASSUMING she couldn't do what they could. Of course, she was a pampered little semi rich girl and her parents had finally cut her off after she reached the age of 27 and was still getting an allowance. Now she was finding out how hard it was to do hard MANual labor. She once berated a man for using that term because it had the word "man" in it and it degraded women to use it. Now she was dirty and filthy and smoked cigarettes like a lowlife. She had a gravelly voice and her new background was from a trailer park with no more college education. The genie had given her a terrible life as a man!

"Okay. But have you learned a lesson about how hard it is to have all that testosterone going through your body? It isn't easy, is it?" Lance and Steven both shook their heads. They wanted to fight frequently and got angry at the drop of a hat."I'll take away the worst parts of the wish. No more suffering. I promise. Have fun, boys."

Inari vanished.

"I don't feel any fuckin' different. I still feel like a dumb guy. Look at these fucking muscles. I'm betting I still have a dick, too." Lance patted his package.

"How big is that thing?"

"Big. It's real big, you got a fuckin' problem?" Lance said defensively.

"No. Just wanted to know if it was as big as mine," Steven bragged. "I got a pretty big dick."

"You wanna prove it?"

"Fuck you."

It was at that moment both men realized they were attracted to men again.

"You wanna come back to my place?"

"Fuck yeah. You thinking about gettin' naked, asshole?"

"Yeah, I am. Let's get you out of those clothes and into a nice hot shower."

The two men spent all night discovering how to pleasure each other's dicks. They never complained about being men again, though their lives were still incredibly hard in comparison to what they had been before.

The next day, Lance was still crossing his arms because it was weird to not have breasts. He thought of all he had that he had lost. But at least he had a lifetime of hot gay sex to look forward to...

Inari is a trickster and in particular one that loves for the time being to prey on women that wish to be men. We all have our thing in the transformation genie business. She's a friend of mine and I am such a fan of her work. I'm going through some of my favorite victims...er...that is to say beneficiaries of her continued work against the war on men on the part of clueless women.


  1. Hot! They look so good as guys! I hope you do more with Inari, I love stories where girls become gay (or at least bi) guys.

    1. Yeah, I plan it as a series. But I'm going to be largely absent from the internet from the end of June to the beginning of August. I'll be camping with no internet, maybe I'll get some story ideas while I'm there, haha. :)

  2. No fathers day stories?!?!? ;_: