Sunday, March 19, 2017

Entering into the World of Men - Shorts

Myostat Syndrome can strike any child. Many problems erupt when 11 year olds like Timmy grow into huge, musclebound adults within just a few short months. Often they have problems finding clothes that fit right away as they keep outgrowing them. Midnight trips to the refrigerator are common. Myostat kids are generally always hungry and they require protein more than normal preteens, it goes without saying. Timmy is one of the luckier Myostat kids because he passed the tests for adult job assignment when he was 12. He now earns about as much as though soon to be more than his mother and is helping to be a parent now to his 10 year old brother, who is of normal height. Though only two years apart, the two brothers could not be from more different worlds now and though his little brother resented the idea at first, Timmy soon proved he was man enough to take on the role of being his little brother’s surrogate father. Though finding shirts that don’t split will still continue to be a challenge for quite some time.

Being in this body is amazing. Bet you wish you had it back, huh wimp? Bet all those jokes you made about me are now biting you in the ass. God, you were such an asshole. You never wanted me because I was too small even though there were hardly any other gays in this small town of ours, you were too good for me. Well, look who’s come begging now? You want my dick, little man? Is that what you want? Cause I’ll let you swallow it but only if you’re nice to me. See, I’m a dominant personality and i was trapped in a shitty body but now that I’m not a totally thin shrimp just fresh out of high school and I have a real man’s body, guys really want me to take the lead. I went to the city last week. Lost my virginity. Plugged some hot college boy. He was all over me! Fuck! Here, carry these bags for me, shrimp. You and I are going to have a long talk. Am I giving your body back? What the fuck do you think? I ain’t giving you anything except my dick down your throat, asshole.

Beaming with pride, that’s my little guy. I mean he was my little guy. 16 and pencil thin. What’s an aunt witch to do? He was just so sad because none of the girls would go out with him, he was depressed and got sick a lot with all those allergies of his. Oh I just couldn’t let it go on like that! So I gave him a slight little body improvement spell and it was just a bit more potent than I thought it was! Well. It worked out. He’s happy and when I need furniture moved he will always help me and that’s really all I care about. Well that and he’s under strict guidelines not to get any girl pregnant. God knows I don’t need grand-kids running around. I’m his guardian and he’s never had this much attention before. When I had the condom talk with him I thought I was going to faint. But it’s not his fault the poor dear, his sex drive is through the roof because of my magic, and all the girls he brings home are very nice. He fucks most of them silly but none of them have stolen anything, so I know he’s being slightly cautious. I’ve told him only bring nice girls home but oh I hope he chooses one girl soon to just go steady with, I think the whole town wants to fuck the former nerd what with his current virility and all. 

It worked, man. It totally worked. I’m in my uncle’s body and he isn’t getting it back unless I say so. I told him I’d switch back once he passed high school for me and then I can go to college. But fuck, I can’t stand high school with all the fucking jocks pushing me around. And the gang members from Mexico that are invading all the schools. Fuck that. My uncle has Marine Corps training and he already beat the shit out of someone who tried to push him around. It’s awesome! And I’m getting SO MUCH ATTENTION! Everyone loves a muscled veteran! My job is awesome, I go to an office and manage a store. It’s pretty easy once you get used to it. And girls are all over me. I fucked five women already and it’s only been two months. My uncle told me if I didn’t go to the gym, he’d never forgive me and since I am sort of making him swap lives with me it was the least I could do. And oh my god, I never knew. I never knew how good it could feel to be a bodybuilder. I’m definitely going to start bodybuilding in a few years in my old body. Actually my uncle is starting me on that route since he doesn’t want to be a nerd. One thing he is doing is having gay sex with his new boyfriend. He’s gay now in my body and totally just going for it. I am slightly jealous because he says he might even do porn one day (I hope he’s joking about that just to annoy me) and just keep my body and get a fancy degree and make some real money with his life, but he wouldn’t do that to me…would he? I mean he complained that he wanted to be straight again but now that he has a boyfriend (where did he even find someone so hot?) I’m wondering if he will. Maybe I should get used to being huge!

I can’t believe my boyfriend wanted to be a woman. He is now dieting and I can eat whatever I want. He is now feeling like a piece of meat and I can walk around and people see me as a strong man. He gets shit for doing anything remotely fun and I can smoke cigars like a boss in public. And best of all, the dick. Oh my god, I never knew and only imagined how good it felt to have a huge dick. Why did he ever want to experiment with magic and be a girl is beyond me but I’ve decided to prolong the experiment. He wants to switch back tomorrow and I might just disappear for a spring break vacation and sow my wild oats for, say, a year or so. God this cigar is good! Hey baby, what’s up. You look good, that’s a nice bikini! Why don’t we go inside for a little while. Yeah, I think about sex all the time, I’m you now, silly. Yeah, let me smack that little ass of yours. Fucking hot bitch like you, you know you like it

My name is Barbie and I’m having a lot more fun than I thought I would being in my grizzled old dad’s body. I had absolutely been miserable at first having a beer belly and having to go to my father’s job, filled with disgusting older men who leered at women like they were objects. My father declared I had to learn to “man up” in order to appreciate him. It was supposed to just be for a couple of days but then the amulet he used didn’t work anymore and the witch he got it from disappeared without a trace.                               
I panicked. I’d only been a man for a few days so I’d already panicked. But then we both panicked. But then, slowly, I really got used to being in this amazing body. I remember when I jacked off for the first time and I just…spurted and squirted everywhere. And the first time I had the craving for a beer and a cigar. All these thoughts went through my head about boobs and pussy and how hot they were. Daddy was suddenly very uncomfortable being in my 16 year old body and it was no longer fun for him when I said if I had to go to work, he had to go to school. I smiled and smirked when he tried to put on my pretty dresses and helped him with his makeup. I told him it was “just for the time being” and that night when I was watching porn in my “man cave” room and smoking my first stogie, lifting weights and delighting over how strong I was before jacking it again, I decided I was pretty okay with this transition. I look great! I feel great! I feel so big and strong and my daddy is so petite and little. I started to experiment. I could lift his heavy tool box without a problem. I could lift his barbells…I could live 150 pounds above my head with no problem! I couldn’t believe it. Everything made me hard now, especially the neighbor lady who sauntered around in those skimpy outfits. And daddy is having a horny little time now that he’s around all those hot boys at school. He broke down crying when he admitted to me how confusing it was to be attracted to all the boys who were asking him out and he didn’t know what to do. I comforted her in my arms and said I won’t think any different of you if you do, sweetheart, as long as you are careful and don’t get pregnant, because I’ll kill any man that knocks you up. I then told her I planned on dating a lovely woman I’d met at work. I work at a moving van company bossing around muscular, confident men just like me. She was immediately attracted to me seeing how happily confident I was. Little does she know it’s because I just became a man for the first time a few weeks ago! Well, I’m going to finish my cigar and go inside. My little girl might need help with her homework and I’m always willing to lend a hand as her bigger, caring father and want her to get a good education because god knows she can’t rely on her body to get a manual labor job!                                      

“Here, man. Try this. You’ll love it.”                                                                            
“What? Are you kidding me? I’m ten years old! Well…I mean…not really now but…uh…wow that smells good. Is it…are you sure it’s okay? What if someone sees us?”
“Uh, it’s legal if you’re 30, bro. Just take it. You’re in my dad’s body and I’m in my uncle’s body so who gives a fuck? As long as anyone else is concerned, we’re a couple of grown MEN now. We can smoke cigars, drive, drink beer, all that stuff!”                  
   I took the cigar and took a drag like I’d seen my friend do just now and                    whoa…I was in love with cigars the minute I finished mine. I asked for another one and lit it up just as our “boys” came home, my old body and my best friend’s old body. They were tiny compared with us and we had sent them to school haha! It was great, I didn’t have to go to school anymore!                                                                      
  “Hey, look! I get to smoke cigars and you can’t do anything about it!” I gloated. 
“Great, kid. Do you know how to fix cars? Because you’ll need to do that if we want to put food on the table this month. By the way, you’re failing math you lying little shit!”
“I don’t care!” my best friend said inside his uncle’s body. “I don’t have to do math anymore! You do!”                                                                                               
“You have to put us back if you want to pay rent this month. Neither of you knows how to be a mechanic or a machinist. So unless you wanna wind up on the fucking street-”
“OOOOOOH YOU SAID A BAD WORD! Little boys aren’t allowed to say that!” my friend said loudly. I laughed.                                                                                              
“Are you even listening to me?”                                                                               
“Yeah I can do your job. I just wanted to see if you would go to school. Mmm, I love cigars. You want one, dad? Oh wait I forgot you’re a kid so you CAN’T.” He laughed. 
“Try to talk some sense into him, kid,” my old body said to me, looking way up at me. 
“Hey, Damon?”                                                                                                         
“It’s not Damon anymore, it’s Carl. And uh, you should be feeling it soon. Try and think about going to work. What do you think about fixing cars?”                                        
I blinked and realized information was filling my head about everything from hubcaps to hundreds of tools to gas lines and….holy shit I can fix cars.                                   
“Holy shit! I know how to fix cars!”                                                                           
“How is this fucking possible?” his father yelled inside my old body. It was weird to see my old body curse.                                                                                                  
“Let’s just say I have friends in high places,” my new “bro” said, winking at me. “Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m gonna get a beer and watch the game!”                               

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