Friday, March 24, 2017

Entering Into the World of Men III - Shorts

“Hey, uh…hi there Mikey.”                                                                                        
“It’s not Mikey. That’s not my name now that I’m growdup.”                                     
“We have to switch back soon, sweetheart. You said you would if you got to smoke one of my cigars, remember?”                                                                             
“Yeah, it’s cool! I wish I was growd up all the time!”                                                 
“I know, sweetie. But remember, being 7 is important, too. And I’ll buy you your own cigars when you’re older.”                                                                                       
My nephew took a drag of my Padron.                                                                     
“I wanna be a grown up now, though! I wanna drive a car!”                                       
“Now…now remember sweetie, I said you could smoke a cigar if you switched us back, remember? We didn’t say anything about driving.”                                                     
“I wanna drive and I’m big so I get to say what I do! And if you don’t like it, I’ll tell Mommy to come pick you up!” He puffed again, really getting the hang of it while in my body. Shit! Not my sister! I thought.                                                                
“O…okay sweetheart but we have to be very VERY careful if we go driving. There’s a lot you need to know and-”                                                                                    
“Let’s go now! I have your license so I can do it whenever I want!”                            
“Wait! You don’t know how to drive!” I scurried after him as fast as my new seven year old legs could take me. I had no idea how my nephew did the impossible but I was not happy about it. I was scared to death. He was the world’s biggest seven year old about to drive my car. He better not crash it. Oh god…                                          

“Sorry. Didn’t mean to show off, fatty.”                                                                 
“Stop calling me that!”                                                                                   
“Why? You called me fatty for four years, John! Fuck you! Now you know what it’s like!”                                                                                                               
“I would have worked it off by now, you were just fucking lazy!”                             
“You ABUSED ME like crazy to make yourself feel good. Now I HAVE YOUR BODY SO FUCKING SUCK IT!”                                                                                             
The pudgy 14 year old wanted to cry. His brother had stolen his perfect, hard earned body and all he could think about was the Hostess fruit pie he had waiting for him in his room. This is hell, he thought.                                                                            

“Don’t bother me. Or I’ll beat you up like I did before!”                                             
“Please, Jason I just wanted to tell you-”                                                              
Jason stood up, towering over me. “It’s Billy now, so go to your room or I’m gonna fuckin’ beat you!” He made a fist at me.                                                                 
“Okay,” I meekly replied, and took my 11 year old butt back to my new room. If only I’d been nicer to my little brother. I’d basically been talking down to him and bullying him behind my parents backs for years, telling him to keep it a secret or else. I don’t know why I did it now. I guess I just wanted someone to take everything out on. I didn’t have the best grades and dad used to hit me before mom got rid of him. I just…learned how to be a man from my dad and my dad bullied people. Fuck. Fuck I don’t want to be small again! How did he do this! He’s so big I can’t possibly do anything! He tells me to clean his underwear and make his bed…I’m practically his slave now! Why was I so mean to him!                                                                                    

“So…I need your body just a little bit longer.”                                                            
“What? No! Dude! You’ve been in it for a “, let’s just switch back! I can’t stand being this fucking tiny, bro!”                                                                                            
 “I know, but…here’s the thing. I think I’m in love. With Kyle.”                                   
“What? I am NOT gay, bro! NOT gay!”                                                                      
“Well your body is gay. At least my body is gay. Now. I don’t know how it happened, either, but me being gay before made this body gay.”                                              
“Well I was straight so why am I not straight in your body?”                                     
“That might have to do with the whole Priapus thing. He was the god of the penis so maybe he was more for gay men. Our knowledge of ancient Greek magic is kind of sketchy so…”                                                                                                         
“I want my body back!” I screamed.                                                                                         
“I know! I’m sorry! I just can’t. I can’t! I love being big and cute and hunky! I mean look at these muscles!” Tyler flexed his huge new guns. “Everyone pays attention to me now!”                                                                                                               
“And I’m just some little geek! Please! Please don’t leave me like this!” Brent began to cry.                                                                                                                         
“Look, I’ll talk to you later after you’ve calmed down.”                                               
“Wait! No!” Brent screamed, the hot tears flowing down his face. Why had he ever agreed to this. The worst part was he desperately wanted to suck off his old body’s dick…this whole thing was a nightmare!                                                                 

Swapping bodies with my best friend has been an amazing experience. His family is super religious (mine isn’t), and they are really close. They always watch him like a hawk even though he’s a grown man to make sure he’s on the straight and narrow. His mother is on my ass every day about something! He’s getting to be free for a while since my family doesn’t give a fuck about anyone, including me. And the body. This body. I mean holy fuck, I’m in love with myself. I’m in love with my body. I love nothing more than to look at myself. Except when I’m with my best friend, who admitted he wanted to try “it” out. The first time he sucked me off I couldn’t believe it, it was like a dream. He’s saying he doesn’t want to go back for another few months! I’m doing an okay job at the gym but I’m worried about him not having the skills to continue my office job. He says he’s doing okay but we will have to switch back if he doesn’t keep on top of things! Switching bodies is WAY more work socially than I thought it would be! My new family doesn’t know I’m gay so that’s a bit hard. Also he is slutting it up, he has had more sex in my fucking body than I have in five years! It’s unbelievable. I thought i would be getting to have sex all over the place but when you live with your parents at the age of 28 that becomes more complicated. Now I have to go help my old body out..he’s having trouble with some of the accounting software and it’s like the tenth time we’ve gone over it. And then I’m going to see if I can get him to let me fuck his cute little asshole…I know how cute it is because it used to be mine!

My Daddy gave me my first pipe when an old Indian curse made me into a grown up and turned my uncle into a lil kid. Grandma was furious but Daddy didn’t care. I was workin with him wranglin cattle and I deserved a pipe to relax with just like him. It was so good! I never knew tobacco would taste and smell so good. I thanked Daddy and we went inside to spend some “time goether as men” as Daddy put it. I just wanted to take my clothes off for some reason cuz when i was with daddy my pecker kept gettin so darned hard.

Everyone sure looks at me different now that I’m my dad. I mean, I had no idea that so many people looked at dad so funny just because he has big muscles. Which feel so awesome. We have no idea why we swapped bodies but I have to go to work for him and it totally exhausts me. If I didn’t go to the gym, I’d have no energy at all. I hope we can swap back soon, I miss all my friends at school and the guy on the train I always see is looking at me like he wants to kiss me. Which would be kind of cool…maybe I should say hi to him. 


  1. What is with the Green Text I been seeing in your recent post?
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