Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Entering Into the World of Men II - Shorts

No one will ever call me a little wimp again! I was 11 and getting my ass kicked all the time. One of my bullies had an uncle who picked him up from school one day and I pleaded with him to get his nephew to stop picking on me. “Oh really. So he did all that, huh?” He told me he’d take care of it. The next morning I woke up in a stranger’s house and I was…huge! Big muscles! So strong! My penis was huge! I had grown ups clothes lying around my bed! I felt my face and I had hair on it! I had a strange tingling on my face I realized was hair. I realized a cel phone near me was buzzing and I heard my voice calmly tell me to just not panic. Apparently this gruff biker guy is a magician…a real one. Like some kind of shaman he said, and he was going to show my nephew a thing or two while he was in my body. That day in the schoolyard he kicked my bully’s ass with all the kung fu he knows! It was crazy. I was watching from the side of the playground outside the fence and my jaw dropped. He was using my body to really kick ass! I didn’t know my body could even do things like that! Well anyway afterwards I saw him and thanked him and he told me he’d been needing to take a vacation and asked me to be a grown up for a year! “A year,” I screamed. “No way! You mean I get to be big and huge all year!” Well, with a few rules. I have to work out every day and maintain his body. I have to work at a gas station. I have the right to have sex now if I want to (but I haven’t yet!) and I have to help his sister take care of my bully..er…nephew now. And my old body is teaching me kung fu so I can defend myself when I go back in a year from now. This is so amazing…a cigar! If my mom saw me she’d kill me! And my bully? He now looks up to me and hangs on every word I tell him, being the only MAN in his life! So I’m telling him to turn over a new leaf if he doesn’t want to get his ass kicked, and he should start defending weaker kids and not bullying them.

I can’t believe I am in my teacher’s body! He has a beard and a house and I can drive and and and this is all so unbelievable! It just happened two days ago and he’s angry because his wife was out of town and he stayed with me afterschool because I had detention. I’m only 12 but he was really angry because he said I wanted to not listen to him and stuff and that I didn’t want to listen to authority so I was like no why would I? I want to be a grown up so I don’t have to listen to all the stupid rules who wants to be a kid and he was like I’d really like to be a kid again and the next thing you know we had totally swapped bodies and were screaming and everything. The janitor heard us and came in and asked if we were okay and I said yes everything is..fine! And my voice was different! I had a grown man’s voice and it’s all deep! He was panicking and I told him to just calm down. I called my parents and told them I’d drive their son home. Since he didn’t know the way haha. He was freaking out but I’d watched my dad drive a lot so i thought how hard could it be. He gave me instructions and was totally afraid I’d get us in an accident so he made me practice in the parking lot which was empty first but eventually I got him to my parents house and waved goodbye. He was so freaked out! He kept talking about how I ciouldn’t be a teacher but I guess I can cause all I do is read out of the book and ask the students to and it’s not even hard. And his wife came home last night and got naked in front of me!!! That is the most amazing part holy shit I couldn’t believe it she was…so hot! And she climbed into bed and told me to come with her and I got to feel up her breasts and we spooned each other and I got really hard and…I just exploded oh man being a grown man is so weird and freaky and different and awesome!!! Now I’m on my day off and smoking a CIGAR like a BOSS. So sorry, Mr. Anderson but I like being you and I don’t even know how we swapped bodies but don’t care cause I look like a grown up and no one can tell me I have to go to detention! Oh man and I can totally give detention to the bullies who picked on me! This is so totally cool!

I thought it would be cooler if I was older. I used to just put on this fake beard. So cheesy but I was 14 and desperate for facial hair. I would pose in front of the mirror and then one day I feel asleep and when I woke up something was different. My beard was real. And my dad thinks that I’m his brother. I get to smoke cigars and apparently everything is different. I help dad run his business at the hardware store but my life is like 99% work. I didn’t know adults worked this hard! Catching time to smoke a cigar is one of my few pleasures these days. I don’t know who did this to me but I wish they’d talked with me about it first. It…was just a wish I made in passing! Whoever heard me actually did it, though! I wish I knew who…god this cigar is good. Maybe it isn’t bad, maybe I can find a guy online. I got laid for the first time last week and it was amazing but I had to be at work the next morning. Being an adult is hard but I guess it has its benefits. Like, I can be gay and no one will say anything at school and spread rumors. I can just get my dick wet in some hot guy’s ass. Guess it ain’t all bad.

I’m hundreds of miles away from my dad. I’m so mad at him. I was telling him how hard it was to be a kid and the next day he says he’s gonna show me how hard it really is. He invited my uncle over, who was smiling real hard and then the next thing I know I was waking up on my bed but I was…heavy. And tired. And wearing my uncle’s black leather jacket. The fuck? I soon discovered they had stolen my life and body. My uncle was now a carefree 13 year old and my dad was telling me I had to move into my uncle’s place and be a father to his kids! It’s insane! I have to drive them everywhere, work at my uncle’s job at a  furniture store, and I’m always getting nagged at by my aunt, who is now my wife and that is just fucked up. I mean she sucked my dick eventually so I guess it’s not all bad, and I get to smoke cigars which is pretty cool. But I want to go back to junior high already! I’ve learned my lesson! Take me back already! But my dad still won’t switch us back, he says he’s having the time of his life with my uncle, who has become the most perfect son imaginable…a model student and athlete…he says not to hold my breath! Come on! I want to be young again! Shit, I have to go pick my kid up from school…

You used to be a straight man but ever since your neighbor moved in next door you found yourself captivated. Of course the subliminal expertise he had in brainwashing after working for a high end military operation paid off, not that you thought about it as you suddenly saw him as the sexiest man in the universe. But all you can think about now is getting as far away from women as possible. You crave dick now. And not just any dick, but his dick. His big fat, juicy dick that sits in your mouth, so hard, so perfect, pulsing while you try your hardest to please, eager for cum. It’s manly to be a cumgargler. It’s good to be Master’cum slave. It’s good to do what Master says. Men are sexy. Not girls and boobs. Men with beards are especially sexy. No more cheerleader porn for you. Men with beards smoking cigars send you over the top. Being manly is good. Being manly is sexy. You love smelling Master’s cigar while you suck him. It makes you happy. So happy…

I was always complaining about my husband smoking cigars and drinking beer. I didn’t understand his more unwholesome leanings but then I woke up one day and as you can guess, that’s me right there. Sufficed to say, it took us a lot of shock to get over but once I realized our biological urges had changed, i can safely say that I have embraced my new masculine traits. Including being on top in bed! Once I found out how fun it was to fuck as a man I hoped we would never switch back, not that I know how it happened in the first place.

When my Dad was stationed in the Middle East, he came across something in a bazaar. It was a simple ring he bought off of some jeweler for Mom, and he made some wish that he could be back home with her. Well, apparently it was embued with the powers of a djinn. The former owner of the ring was a warlord who took over a country and let’s just say the djinn interpreted his wishes to his detriment and that country got totaled. Oh, and I’m now smoking cigars and in the army in place of my dad. I have the ring now and Dad is with mom in my nine year old body. But you know what, I kind of like being big and grown up so i wished to have all my dad’s knowledge and wished for his memory to be wiped of the event, so only I know we switched bodies. I wonder what else I can wish for…maybe a new job back home so i can go home and fuck my Mom..er…wife now. Mom is smoking hot and I can’t wait to put my fuckin’ dick inside her!

I always dreamed of being bald and looking older. Ever since I was six years old. When I turned 13 all I wanted was to be middle aged, have a beard, be bald, smoke cigars like a man. I wished it with all my might. The next day I woke up like this and my single mother was talking to me about me being her brother. Reality changed altogether and now I’m about to go to my dick sucked from some little twink I met off craigslist. I thank whoever granted my birthday wish because this shit is awesome. Way better than junior high.

I first noticed little Todd here when he showed up to my bar with a fake ID. Only 16 and he wanted his first beer. Well, I like turning boys into men, what can I say. By the time he had my most special drinks, he was sporting chest hair, losing any hair on his head and by the end of the evening he was older than his own father. He freaked out when i cleared his mind enough for him to realize that he had aged, and looked nothing like the boy he used to be. In one night I’d made him a man. Now he has a whole new life, and he has me to thank for it. Of course, in order to get a new identity, he had to promise to let me hook him up with other men that love a good cigar smoking cocksucker. I forced him onto cigars and now he can’t get enough of them. I love making men into boys…literally making them, that is. Forcing them to do my bidding as I age them. Other people have different fetishes. Mine is making boys into cigar dads against their will, but in the end they all get used to it. 

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