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The Town Where Age Went Crazy Part 4

Some time ago a device was stolen and activated which affected a small town in the Midwestern part of the USA. This device warped spacetime of the male biology of humans living within a certain perimeter. Specialists wiped the memories of the rest of the town and sent most of them to reassigned lives. We gave new identities to the males affected in this town, and many of them are quite happy with their new lives. It required a lot of cleanup and faked deaths to avoid discovery, but the government is now chronicling the effects of the device while we try and reverse what it has done for the segment of the population that has been altered negatively. All subjects have been placed in a biological limbo stasis that stops them from aging altogether. Our experts are assessing when individuals need to be reassigned to different towns. It may be that their immortality will require constant rotation to different locales to avoid suspicion, though we haven't crossed that bridge yet. Right now we are concentrating on how to keep the town off of the radar maps. We have established a private school for the "new children" in town. We have also set up check ins with the townsfolk a few times a year to make sure they are adapting to their new circumstances. Here are some of the case files from this ongoing report.
The nearest town to this one is a good 30 miles away. It is in an isolated part of the country, with low amount of traffic passing through. The cover story that we are giving surrounding towns is that a chemical spill occurred which required a massive cleanup and that many residents fled, only to be replaced within the last six months by "new" residents who were looking for cheaper real estate. We invented a number of fake backstories, educational requirements, and jobs for the new "adults". Children or seniors who wished new abilities/education for their new vocations were given instantaneous learning capsules that are unavailable to the public. This technology is not allowed within mainstream America and will not be made available for several decades, for reasons of national security. For the older residents who have been reyouthened, they got their pick from what we had available. Some businesses were simply re-employed with new owners and workers. Others we created to fill a gap, in other words give residents an excuse to be present in the town.  
As far as maturity goes, we did the best we could. We instructed the residents not to talk to outsiders about it, but reversed our stance on talking among themselves regarding the events that occurred that changed everyone's ages and permanently altered their bodies in stasis for that given age. For psychological reasons, we feel they should now be allowed to discuss it. These stories range from the first confusing days of the timespace breach to the present day. Names given are of the new identities.

CASE FILE # 65/66 - Al and Marty Brooks

"Mr. Booker? We're ready for you now."

"Why are you calling me that?"

"Because," said the government man wearing a white scientist's coat and white construction hat "You're an adult now. Grown men often go by Mr. and their last name. Look, Matt. I know it's hard to imagine, but you are going to have to be the grown up in your family now..." he said, as Matty burst into tears. The man sighed. "Mr. Brooks-"

"Stop calling me that, my name is Matty!"

"Your name is going to be Al Brooks from here on out. Look, Matty, we know this is hard but it won't be very hard once you undergo the procedure."

"You're gonna make me into an alien!" He swung back and forth and huffed his face defensively, just the way an 8 year old would.

"What? No, we aren't," the man said patiently. He hoped the kid wasn't going to run. He would have to call in a sedation. The entire town had been quarantined quickly and hundreds had been sedated already. Others were with experts being hypnotized as I spoke. We let Matty play outside if he promised to be a good boy while we worked on turning his dad, who was now only six years old, into the best 1st grader he could be, blocking his mind from adult memories.

He looked up at me with pouting lips and distrusting eyes. "I don't like you. You're making everyone different. I wanna go back to school with my friends."

"Your friends are mostly grown ups or teenagers now." He continued swinging and the swingset buckled under his new enormous weight. "Haven't you ever dreamed of being big, Matthew?"

"Only my grandma calls me that and now she's gone! You sent her away!"

"Well yes, we weren't sure if the women in town were contagious so we sent them to a separate facility. After that, after we're she is okay medically, we'll bring her back."


"Yes, I promise." Most of the kids in this town were either thrilled or horrified to be in adult bodies, depending. Some were fat and obese, some were thin, some were muscular. Different people had absorbed traits of others, sometimes those in proximity to them when the rift occurred, sometimes randomly. This kid was one of the ones that freaked out the most. He had tried to run when we first came in, with his six year old father shouting at him to come back. This was one of the worst days of my life, dealing with all this nonsense.

I led him back inside, all hulking 26 year old, 220 plus pounds of him.  We sat him down in the kitchen and flashed a ray in his eyes and he went under. I injected him with a nanoprobe that would deliver a complicated series of information to his brain. Behavior was a little difficult to predict, but he should be able to fill in as one of the local firemen. He had showed enthusiasm for the idea but was still visibly freaked out and intermittently cried as his father told him to calm down, barely coming up to his son's knees.

When the procedure was over, and he came to, I shone a flashlight in his eyes. He flinched. I stopped.

"How are you feeling, Mr. Brooks?"

"Good, I guess. I mean I'm okay considering I'm___" He struggled to talk but couldn't.

"If you're trying to talk about the event, we stopped your brain from being able to discuss it vocally. At least for now. We might change that in a few months but for now, just try and absorb all the new abilities about firefighting. Think of the station, the equipment, the exercises, and taking care of your 6 year old son." His eyes went wide. He stood up, a new man, suddenly born.

"I'm only 26 years old. I'm 26 years old. Why can't I say it?"

"What, that you're 8 years old? Because I told you not to say it. I programmed you. Look, Mr. Brooks I realize this is difficult, but you will get used to it. Take some time to try to get used to all the information in your brain. It will take some getting used to being in such a big body. We switched cars around in the town so you have the Honda in the driveway. It's now registered in your name. Here are the keys."

"I'm not allowed to drive!" the man said, incredulously. See, some things could slip through. Reprogramming was a difficult business.

"Don't mention that to anyone, Mr. Brooks. Or can I call you 'Al'?"

"Yeah, sure. Hey, my name is Al! Al! It won't let me say my name!"

"No, we made sure of that. Try to get used to it. Your name is Al Brooks. Your six year old boy is named Marky. His mother is dead from the chemical spill and you're her surviving widow. Now, we brought you some groceries for your first week. Why don't you try spending the day together getting used to your new bodies, okay champ?"

"Okay. Thanks. My son..." He had tried to say "my dad..." but his lips formed new words against his will now.

"Hi, Daddy!" said the little boy at his side. "I guess I can call you that now. Is that okay?"

"Of course. I mean, I guess." He held his head. I excused myself.


I checked in on Marky and Al a week later.

Al was walking around shirtless making breakfast for himself and his new son. It was a day off from work and his week had been very busy preparing for potential wildfires. He had made Marky a pancake stack and some bacon. He smiled to himself as I came in.

"Make yourself at home. How'd you like some breakfast?" He confidently strutted around the kitchen, absentmindedly rubbing his chest.

"Uh, no, Mr. Brooks I already ate."

"You were already 8?" He smiled slyly. He wasn't allowed to talk about the Incident but he could get around it.

"No, I'm not affected in that way," I said back. "So how are you adjusting?"

"Daddy is a fireman now!" Marky said. He showed me a crayon drawing of his daddy wearing a fireman's uniform and equipment.

"Good boy! Why don't we go into the living room while Marky finishes up. The grown ups are going to talk, son. I'll see you in a few minutes. You can watch TV when you're done here."

"Thanks, daddy!"

We sat down in two armchairs, him still shirtless.

"I'm fucking horny as hell," he admitted.

"So how do you find your behavior now?"

"Fuck, man. It's crazy. It's like I still wanna play on the playground, you know? But then I have all this stuff in my head and I act all cool. Like I'm acting like grownups that I've teachers I've had. Course they're all kids now." He rubbed his muscled arms.

"Part of the programming. Part of it will be you basing your behavior on grownups in your life, or maybe something we tailored for you. We try to get your personality to mature as it would have naturally."

"It's crazy but I love it now. Kinda. I mean I love being big and having muscle. It's amazing!"

"You're sounding more mature as well," I added.

"Sometimes I want to do kid stuff still. Like I want to jump up and down and run around in the supermarket and I kind of did do that," he blushed. "Felt so stupid, but then I remember I'm a grown up. It's like my body just suddenly remembers I'm like a dad now and other things." He rubbed his crotch.

"We try to repress the behavioral aspects of childhood but some of that will be up to you as well," I added. "It's not perfect."

"I guess the first few days were the worst. But now when I wake up it's like, oh yeah, I'm the dad now. It's like I still have all my memories up until a week ago of playing around and going to school. I feel like I'm just playing pretend and it's so much fun! I get to wear a fireman suit! Well, sometimes. Only in training sessions. I know everything about fighting fires! And other stuff. CPR! Lifesaving! And my son doesn't remember how to do anything."

"I think you two are adjusting nicely."

"Yeah. I think I'll take the little guy to the park later so we can go on the big swings. I um...I still like swings. Is...that okay?"

"Sure, big guy. Just don't have more fun than the little ones."

"Okay. Yeah," he blushed. "Hey uh, so what about my Grandma? Is she really coming back or did you make that up when I was just a kid so I'd swallow the medicine that made me act more adult?"

"Well, we are considering it. It will probably be about 3 or 4 months. If she comes back and anyone asks her where her son and grandson are, she'd have to say they're dead. If we keep her identity, so we have a lot to work out. But we'll see if we can get a phone number for you to call her soon. Okay, champ?"

"Alright, man," the former 8 year old, now 26 year old said, with a nod.

As I was leaving, the new Mr. Brooks admired his muscle in a mirror. Still marveling at the sheer size of his new frame, and posing as he smiled. I watched him through the screen door touching himself sensually before remembering his new fatherly duties awaiting him in the next room. He went to go check in on his little former father.

Just another day in the life of a secret government lab, I thought.

CASE FILE # 510 and 511 - Burt and Tyrell

"We have to call a zoning expert for that," Burt said for the third time. "Look, I don't want to waste time with this anymore. We'll talk to the zoning guy and then we can move ahead with giving preference to building a new lumber yard."

"But sir, the environmentalists are in an uproar over that," explained his new assistant, a balding 40 something that used to be 21 just a few months before.

"It look like I give a fuck? My job is run this town management style, not to cave into the demands of a few fruitcakes." Burt chomped on his cigar. Just a few months ago, he'd been a liberal hippy college kid, and now he was a card carrying member of the NRA and was a proud Republican.

"And sir, you got a call from the government about weekly updates. They want you us to do weekly calls more often to let people know they're coming."

"I barely have fucking time to do my laundry and these guys want me to do their job for em'. Bunch of whiny brats, all of 'em." Burt thought about the Town and its secret age problem every other day. Each week government guys were were interviewing different households of age shifted adults. "We gotta get these assholes to cool it. They can't be here this often. It attracts too much potential attention."

"Sir, they go undercover. Or they come in UPS trucks."

"I don't care. They want us to keep a low profile, they're gonna have to do the same. Arrange a meeting and we'll discuss new schedules with them. And uh, did you finalize the arrangement with the boys down at our new clubhouse?"

"Yes, sir. They're opening this next weekend. It's been toned down. Nothing advertised in front but the gogo boys are all pretty excited."

"So am I. I got lots of dollar bills to stuff and their tight little buns are just begging for it." Burt chuckled and smiled as he chomped his stogie. Just a few months ago he was a young man who couldn't imagine giving orders and making deals, let alone running the town's mayoral post as well as his own small law firm. And now he had a sizable investment made in the Town's first strip joint. Because of the nature of the Incident, all males in town had become homosexual. It was to remain a secret for several years. They didn't want to draw a lot of attention to the Town. They were still dealing with the women who had been in town previously, to bring them back so no one no outsider noticed the town was entirely male and entirely gay.

"I understand Tyrell will be working for you?"

"Of course," Burt said around his cigar as he went through various paperwork. "Boy's very excited about it."

Tyrell had been skateboarding all morning. He had been pretty carefree for the last three months. He had a job at the local grocery store as a stock boy a few days a week and the rest of the time he lived to work out, skateboard, play video games and smoke weed and cigars with his new young friends.

Not bad for 74, he thought. He loved walking around shirtless. It was an amazing thing to walk down the street attracting stares from all the hunky guys. He could never have imagined being gay before, as a conservative elderly lawyer. Hell, he'd even donated money against gay marriage to make sure it was never legalized. He'd lost track of the number of mouths he'd let suck his dick the last few months. Oh wait, he could...17. And soon he was going to get paid for it! His cel phone rang. It was Grandpa Burt.

"Hey, Grandpa."

"Hello, boy. Get over here."

"Right now."

"I'm stressed out about all the work I have to deal with and I'd like to eat lunch with you. And uh..."

"And what?"

"Grandpa wants you to suck his dick, son. Badly."

"It'll cost you, old man."

"Oh I'll be willing to pay. Course, you get free rent so I don't know if I have to."

"That used to be my house...son." Tyrell smiled, admiring the reflection of his image in a store window. He checked himself out every chance he got...he was so unbelievably hot and horny all the time now!"

"Get your skinny but over here." Burt hung up. Soon enough his skinny young new grandson, formerly his grandfather came strolling in like he owned the small office.

"Hey, pops."

"Didn't I teach you any respect? Give your Grandpa a hug." He sensually hugged the young man and felt up his ass.

"You know this used to be my office."

"And now it is again, when you're being the office slut. Every office needs one," Burt said arrogantly, and planted a kiss on her former grandfather.

"Oh, Grandpa. You are horny today. Well luckily I'm hot and young and don't have to worry about other people's legal problems, just how to keep my abs looking good."

"Lots of men are gonna love looking at those abs on the weekends. Hope you're ready."

"What, for easy money being a boy whore? Yeah. I'm pretty psyched. Sit back now, old man. Fuck, I can't believe I used to be that old."

"I like being this old. I can order around other people and not have to worry about returning to community college across state. Oh GOD!" The old man's dick sprang to alertness as his former grandfather took it in his reyouthened mouth and sucked until a slight dribble of cum fell into his eager mouth.

CASE FILES # 1,619 and 1620 - Raymond and Buzz

Raymond and Buzz were working the holiday rushes about ten months after the Incident which turned their town upside down. They ran an online toy business and it was the busiest time of year for them. They smoked cigars in their office and reminisced about what an amazing year it had been.

"I can't believe it's almost the holidays," said Raymond.

"I know," said Buzz, who was wearing a tacky reindeer tie that formerly belonged to his father, who was now in his 70s, whom he no longer lived together with. The two had a small staff of five that worked for them, all men who were equally affected by being warped younger or older by a few years or even decades.

"Government inspector is coming tomorrow. Did you have a talk with your kid?" Raymond said.

"I did. Made sure if he didn't tell them I was the best parent ever, I'd bash every toy he had into bits." Buzz laughed cruelly. He had volunteered to be a father to his former bully as had Raymond. The boys who had been just a few years older and much bigger had made his life a living hell. Now, instead of being a shy 11 year old fearing the reprisal of at the time some very intimidating 14 year olds, he was an adult who could do as he liked and they were 5 and 6 years old. He had had the idea and Raymond had jumped on it as well, claiming they really cared about the young little tykes when really they just wanted to get even.

It was fun. Every day was a reminded that he was three times bigger than his former bully and he could distribute spankings any time he wished. His former bully was now an obedient little boy who did everything he was told.

"You getting him anything special for Christmas?"

"I might get him some books. I'm trying not to spoil him, ya know?" He smoked his cigar and pulled it away from his mouth, savoring it and taking it all in. Every day was pretty much heaven, he thought. "Now, let's take care of that order that just came in..."

CASE FILE #1,511

This is me. My name is Dirk. I used to be 25 years old and now I'm about 50. I'd been trying to find work and basically was unemployable. I hated my life before the Incident and now I was as happy as could be. Being an older daddy had its advantages. I love having a beard and I live outside of town in my own small cabin. I lived alone for a while before finding a cub who wanted to live with me. I have my own garden and discovered I could make money doing coding work online. I asked the guys from the government if I could do that. It used to be hard for me, I had no job skills. I had very little family and was couch surfing with friends. Now at least I had my own place and instead of wanting girls, I want a hairy guy! Luckily, I came across Chuck. Here I am in the photo I put up online of myself and Chuck found me there. It was love at first fuck haha. He moved in shortly thereafter and ours was a beary match made in heaven. I love everything about being older, quite frankly.  I never felt like I was comfortable in my own 25 year old skin. I was anxious and depressed. Now I'm happy, have a huge beard and get to play around with my husband to be all day, when I'm not making websites. Also, since I work from home he sometimes likes to sneak in and suck me off while I do so. My life rules now. I hope they never find a cure!

CASE FILE # 407 - Chuck

I guess there isn't much to say, is there? I'm a fat bear! I was a skinny 16 year old twink just half a year ago and now I look like my own dad! And he is now 20 years old and works at the new strip joint downtown as a boy toy. Things sure changed after the Incident. All the men in town adapted and it's weird since everyone is gay and we aren't allowed to tell the outside world. The weird thing is I actually don't mind now. When it first happened, you should have seen me. I couldn't stop crying over being fat. I mean, I liked the beard but being fat? Gross! I thought it was the end of the world. Then they gave me a shot and I suddenly felt a lot better and more confident. I always hated the way I looked before, I was always worried about what people would think of me. Now I don't give a fuck! I like eating pizza and patting my belly while my hot daddy tells me to suck his dad dick! I love being a total pig and our sex lives are exciting and hot. Leather, latex, piss. I learned about a whole new world and quite frankly, it beats geometry! I hope they never find a cure and if they do, I'm staying put. I love being a fat dad, and quite frankly, my hubby loves me just the way I am. I never want to go back to high school. This is heaven! Now uh, I think I need to get some lunch...


  1. Chuck is my favorite! He's got the BEARY best body and life. I wish that was me. ʕ^(エ)^;ʔゞ

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