Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Authoritarian Muscle Growth Story: Wesley and Master Ed

A few people have asked me why I didn't have a Father's Day story for you guys. Well, to celebrate this Father's Day I wrote a much longer story than usual, which you can view NOW over on the Evolution muscle website:

Synopsis: A young adoptee and his stepfather begin an authoritarian relationship (authoritarian, muscle growth, muscle theft, master/slave themes) No violence.

I picture Master Ed as looking like this, minus the cel phone (the story takes place before they became popular for the most part)


  1. Your stories were good because you had multiple photos of the transformations. Pity

    1. I'm getting kind of sick of seeing so many negative posts lately. Yeah, I'm busy. I have a life. I don't always have time to write for this blog.

      Also, I worked really hard on that story and it was too long to really post here with images, so you're welcome. Obviously, you enjoy my work, but dude, seriously? It's not a pity. It's something I'm pretty proud of in terms of writing. It was a bit more complex than my usual work, with more plot twists.

      I don't get paid for this. To me it's fun, but sometimes I feel like experimenting. Deal.