Thursday, April 21, 2016

Chronivac Industries Presents: Daddy's Day Out

Some of the most satisfying Chronivac stories come not from our users, but rather from those whose lives who have been transformed who are not privy to the whys or hows of Chronivac's existence. Rather, the innocent who find themselves transported into another life, one which they never accepted but wholly accept as a better alternative to the one they led before...

“I think it’s time we had another talk. Sit down with me.”
The 8 year old boy glowered at the tall man in the business suit, his son all grown up.
“What do you have to say? Are you going to switch us back?”
“Dad, you know this wasn’t an easy decision for me to make.”
“Eventually,” the little boy began with uncharacteristic maturity to his vocabulary “You’re going to realize you made a big mistake. My financial prowess is what made that business and you think you can just WALTZ in and steal it from me? Think again. You can’t do jack shit without the entire thing going down the drain. You think our shareholders are going to enjoy your little commie hippy weed-smoking bullshit speeches?”
Stan tried very hard not to laugh at his shrunken father trying to sound authoritative with an 8 year old’s voice box. As for the speeches his father referred to, that was Stan talking about fair wages and fair trade, subjects his father simply didn’t believe in.
“Dad, I’ve put up with a lot from you. Don’t make me spank you on top of everything else you’ve forced me to do. I swapped you with my son to prove a point.”
“Well good for you. You somehow learned to magically switch people’s bodies. You think that’s going to make our business fly? Think again. You have an 8 year old running around in my body. And you don’t think that’s going to eventually bite you in the ass? You’re gonna come CRAWLING back when you fuck things up. I know that business. It’s my life. Furniture is my life!”
“Dad. I know that it’s your life. But you were about to lay off people that have been with the company a long time. Including ME!” Stan said angrily. “So if I were you, I would be nice. I’m bigger than you now.” He said the words with no humor and made is seem as threatening as possible. “Besides, dad. You don’t know how I did it. So I’m going to give you one last chance. Apologize for firing me. I have been holding this company together, our family company for years while you pretended that you were the one responsible. I talk with the suppliers, with the local artisans, with the managers, with various retail outlets, and you talk with your golf buddies.”
“I make deals that help us in ways you don’t even know about!”
Stan laughed out loud, rather cruelly. “About what, your choo choo train toys?” he asked his father with malice dripping from his words. “I think your days of lying and bullshitting are over. I’ve looked at the expense reports and saw how you misspent our profits on your little trysts to Atlantic City and tried to cover it up so if you want to talk about shareholders, think again. Now I fixed the expenses so we’re not in danger. Don’t ask me how. Things are as they should be without your interference. So. One last chance. Tell me that you appreciate me and all I’ve done to keep us afloat.”
“Go fish, kid. I raised you and you may be bigger than me now but it doesn’t change a goddamn thing! I am your father and you will do what I say. And I’ll figure out how the hell you did this eventually and when I do, you better pray I don’t bring my wrath fully upon your ass!”
“That’s all I needed. Thanks, dad. That makes this so much easier. I’m gonna go inside for a bit. Why don’t you hang out until Bobby gets home with your body? I’m sure he’d love to tell you all about his big grown up adventures that he’s having.”
“Yeah sure, sounds great, kid,” the 8 year old replied.
That damn fucking liberal piece of shit hippy bastard son of mine! I have no idea how he did this! That motherfucker thinks he can bring ME down? I own his ass! I wish I had him here and I wish I had a baseball bat! I could…what was I saying?
“Hey there, buddy. How ya feeling?”
“I’m fine, I guess,” What’s wrong with me? Why do I feel so shy all of a sudden?
“What was that you were saying to me before? All those mean things?”
“I…I dunno. I was saying some stuff about your work and…and…”
“Now son, you know it’s not nice to talk to grownups like that. What do you say?”
“Say sorry. NOW.”
“I’m sorry! Don’t be angry!” Why is he so angry with me? I didn’t do anything wrong!
“Now see, that wasn’t so hard was it, buddy? Now just one more thing. I think you should go with your new name, seeing as how you’re in a new body now. So you’re gonna be Richie, and Richie is gonna be Grandpa. He really likes being in your body, ya know?”
I’m confused. I used to be a big man but now I was a little boy.
“And what do you call me?”
“Daddy, I’m confused. I was bigger and then I got small. I didn’t used to be a little boy and I wanna be tall and be the boss.”
“Richie, you need to take a vacation from being an adult. Wouldn’t you like that? You could go to school. Would you like to make friends with all the other kids?”
“No. I wanna be big, daddy! Wait, I’m your dad!”
“You were. Now you’re not. Try to tell me about the sales dividends from the last quarter.”
“The what? What’s that?”
“You don’t remember? Gee, I guess you aren’t much of an adult anymore.”
I start to dig my toe in the ground. I don’t remember. I used to know that. I wanna go play. This is boring. Why can’t we do something fun?
“What’s the matter, son?”
“You took it from me,” I start to sob and pout. “I was the boss! I was the grandpa! I wanna be Grandpa again!” I start to cry and sob and I run over and beat my hands against his legs but he’s way more powerful and stronger than me. He’s picking me up and taking me inside.
“Well you aren’t and you have to grow up the old fashioned way. Now stop your fucking crying!”
I sob a little bit more. He puts me in my new room with all of Richie’s things. I’m Richie now.
A knock on the door.
“Hey, champ. Have you had time to think about what you did earlier?”
“I’m sorry. I just wanted my body back.”
“Well I’m letting you keep the knowledge that you were a grownup before, but I’m taking away all your grownup knowledge. I think it’s better you have all the knowledge of an 8 year old for a while. I think it’ll do you good. Okay, buddy?”
“Okay. I still feel weird.”
“Don’t worry, it will all be really normal soon. You’ll get used to it.”
“I’m still angry with you,” I admitted. “I want to go play. I mean. I want a job. My job back.” What’s wrong with me??
“Richie, I think what you really want is to go to the park and play on the swings.” I smile.
“Yeah. Grandpa will be able to see you later. You two can have a nice talk. Okay? Does that sound good?”
“Yes.” I smile. I want to go to the park so bad now.

“It’s been forever since I’ve seen you, Max!”
“Yeah, it’s been forever since I’ve seen you, too.” God, I love how deep my voice is! I’m only 8 but ever since Daddy made me swap bodies with Grandpa I can wear his clothes and smoke cigars like a grownup! I never ever thought Daddy would let me smoke but now I can! It’s so cool! I can’t play with my friends but I’m going to grownup parties. And that’s cool. I think my own thoughts still like I’m a kid but when I talk it’s like I’m a grownup and I sound way smarter.
“So how’s the furniture biz, man?”
“Good. It’s good. As long as my son doesn’t make any stupid moves without me.”
“Yeah, kids tend to try to do what they want when they grow up. God, I wish my son worked for me. I dream of being able to tell him what to do.”
I take a draw of my cigar. I look so fucking cool. I can say ‘fuck’ now if I want and Daddy won’t even be mad at me! The rest of the party people talk to me about politics and economics and stuff and I say all the things that are in Grandpa’s head because it’s stuff I know now! It’s so cool.
Later I drive myself over to the park and have another cigar while my Dad…I mean…my new son plays with my new grandson. This whole thing takes a while to get used to. I mean I know all about how to tell a bunch of grownups what to do at a job! I was only playing on swings last week like Grandpa is doing now!
“Hey, there…uh, Grandpa Max. Geez, I keep wanting to call you son.” My former dad says.
“You can call me sir,” I say smiling and hold my cigar like a cool older man. “How you doin’, kiddo?
“Good!” Richie says, and he swings higher and higher as my son and I watch. Funny, I think of him more as my son now.
“I feel like calling you ‘son’, now.”
He looks at me. Like I’ve just made his day. “That’s because I made you into the father I always wanted.”
“So you like your old man, now all of a sudden?” I blow cigar smoke.
“Yes, sir. I hope that’s okay with you, sir.”
“You keep calling me sir, and I’ll have to keep rewarding you for doing an amazing job. I saw the reports. I remember them. Going back years. You really have been doing a phenomenal job at securing contracts with solid people.” I pat him on the back.
“Thanks, dad. It feels good to hear it. But…I just want you to know that I feel kind of bad. I mean, you went from 8 to being my dad. So you missed out on a lot of years.”
“I’d do it all over again if It means having you as my son.” I blow cigar smoke and hug my son and feel him hold me so dearly. He’s never been so happy and I know it. “Besides, who’s gonna take over for me when I retire?” I ask him.
“You’re right, sir. You deserve only the best in life, and that includes me being a good son. I hope you’re proud of me.”
“I’m very proud of you, my boy..” I lean in close. Something makes me do it. I feel his lips on mine, very briefly. “You’ve waited for that your whole life, haven’t you, son?” I ask him.
“Yes, sir, I have. I love you, dad.”
“I love you, too. And I think maybe it’s time for us to finally be as close as a father and son can be, once the little guy is asleep tonight. What do you say?” I ask smoking my cigar with supreme confidence.
“I say I’m on board as always, dad.”
Later that night he shows me what a good son he is. I have no idea how he did any of it and I don’t care. Having my former dad, now my son, sucking my dick is the best feeling in the world next to having his lips on mine. I could really get used to this, the suits, the power, the prestige, but most of all my son sucking my dick…

“Oh god…yeah suck my dick, fucker. Suck that dick.”
The man beneath me is moaning. He’s never been so happy as to suck my dick. When my parents asked me if I wanted to spend the summer with my uncle, I looked forward to it. I loved my uncle’s house. He had a nice house in the countryside with big farm fields all round. Real peaceful place. My uncle Chuck was the best. I loved him so much. He was so manly. He was my dad’s older brother. My dad died when I was young so he was always like a really cool second father to me. My mother remarried to a man who was now my stepdad but we didn’t always get along and a summer with my uncle? I had done it last summer and it was the best summer of my life!
When he greeted me at the bus stop I was so excited. He was there with this friend of his. I knew he was gay, but my mom didn’t. It was something we both decided she didn’t need to know. I was thirteen now and I felt like I was finally becoming more like a man. But I wanted to be just like my Uncle Chuck. I asked him to teach me to shave and he taught me, even though I didn’t have any facial hair yet. He taught me to work on the tractors he had. He owned his own business, a feed store for farm animals. Out here, he made good money doing it. Or at least enough to get by and live on his own. He was tall and broad and muscled. He showed me how to work out for the first time, and chop wood, and he even gave me driving lessons! We practiced out in a field where no one was around. I drove his pickup truck! Me! It was so cool.
Well anyway, one day he asks about how I’m growing up and wants to know if I would like to be a grown up. Like if I could wake up one day and be one, would I do it? And I say YES. I told him I wanted to be JUST like him when I grew up. He was big and strong and he was everything a man should be. He said he was really touched by that. Then I got unusually tired and fell asleep…

…and when I woke up I was wearing jeans and my uncle’s boots. This must be his idea of a joke! Why are my legs different? How the hell did he make it look like my legs are longer?  I stood up.
“Goddamn, I must have fallen asleep. Hey. How did I do that. What’s wrong with my voice? Do I have a cold? Uncle Chuck! Where are you!” My voice boomed throughout the house. “Geez, I almost sound like you Uncle Chuuuuuh what the fuck!” I saw myself in a hallway mirror and standing before me was my uncle. “I must be dreaming. No way.” I looked at my arms. Muscled. Gray hair spouting on the arms…my arms. My thundering voice. Oh and hair growing under my lip. I felt all the stubble on my face.
“Like what you see?”
My uncle was there, in my body, with my voice. I watched me, getting a chair and standing on it and motioning over to me so he could look me in the eye. My face stared at me and he crossed his 13 year old arms and smiled mischeviously.
“Goddamn, I look good. Amazing. You’re going to pass just fine, kiddo.”
To make a long story short, due to a still unknown way of his, my uncle had switched bodies with me. Over the next few hours he explained he wanted to go back to junior high and high school and have a much better time of it than the first time around. He was shy as a child due to being gay and avoided other children. This time he wanted to make it onto baseball and football leagues and go to a college and have the full experience.
“Well, so…wait, you want to be me for like, forever? I’m totally like old now. What if I die, Uncle Chuck?”
“Don’t worry, son. I would never put you in danger. I love you,” the kid explained. The kid with my uncle inside. “See, I made it so you will actually stay the same age and become even healthier. I wanted to surprise you with that, but…you’re going to be more than okay. You’re going to have the sexual stamina of a 21 year old college jock!”
“What does that mean?”
“Oh, you’ll find out. And another thing, I’ll be moving here in with you, UNCLE Chuck. If that’s okay with you. I’ve made it so that your mother will go right along with it.”
My mind was blown at that point so I decided to lie down. I started watching TV and rubbed my dick absently whenever a hot guy came onscreen. Then my uncle was there in my body and he put a DVD in with…the hottest guys just about ever getting naked and fucking! I was so astonished but my uncle just smiled and gave me some coconut oil and told me to have fun. He told me the basics, which I thought was kind of gross but then I was alone and watching and …I must have jacked off like a million times!
Of course, with my uncle’s best friend coming over all the time for me to use at will as my own personal bitch, I really can’t complain about anything. I’ve had sex with a few different guys and they all the same thing, which is they can’t believe how much cum I have, and they can’t believe how fucking hard I get all the time. I’m what’s known as a fuckstud.
I drive my new nephew to town now, and he’ll start attending junior high in a month. We’re both pretty excited about it. I am handling owning a feed store as if I had always owned one. It’s like I know everything about it. Uncle Chuck said he could change either one of us whenever he wanted but he wanted me to be the grown up in the family. At least, for a couple of years.
Which I’m fine with. I don’t know how and I don’t care. I just love being in my uncle’s older body so much. I can’t even describe how awesome it is to get a blow job and be a real grown up dude type of guy! It is weird for guys to call me “daddy” still, though. I mean, I’m only 13 deep down inside.

I used to be in high school before I was a teacher. But the difference between me and all the other teachers at school is I was one of their students last week!
I was so in love with one of the prettiest teachers in school. She was in her 30s but I didn’t care. To me she was the prettiest woman in the world. I was always so nervous around her. I’d hang out with her after school getting her help preparing for SAT preparation, even though I was only 15. I finally told her one day that I had serious feelings for her. I told her plainly. I loved her. I wanted to be with her. She just had this look on her face as I told her. She said to come with her. I couldn’t believe it. She was talking to me about how she knew a way to make it happen but no one would know. I thought we were going to have a secret relationship. I’d always been more mature for my age, and she told me so. She had a determined look on her face. It was strange, it was like she knew something really big that I didn’t. But what?
Finally we got to her house. She told me to make myself comfortable on the couch. She said she’d be back. She went upstairs and after a few minutes I started to walk around the living room out of boredom. Her house was small but nicely decorated.
I saw my reflection in the mirror and thought it couldn’t possibly be real. Some kind of trick mirror. Standing in front of me was a middle aged man with a craggy face, laughter lines, and a bit of gray creeping in at the sides. He looked like he could be my dad.
“What’s the deal with this mirror?” I asked out loud, in a much older, deeper, sexier voice.
“It’s showing me my new husband,” she said, coming up behind me. “Now you’re not the younger one. You’re older than I am by about fifteen years.” She kissed me long and deep. My awareness of the situation and my dual reality started to creep in, where I remembered that we were married. She was an English teacher and I was a history teacher. We had had a wonderful marriage together.
But I was also her former student. I had parents…who were now dead. This was very odd. I remember having different parents. My dad was my brother now.
“What’s going on? How did you do this?” I asked.
“I can’t tell you. But this way you can have what you want. It’s pretty much the only way, sweetie.”
I was excited by my image. I realized I’d never had sex before, at least I had some memory of it but she had left me the awareness enough so I could discover making love with her for the first time. And she had gone to the trouble of making my dick much bigger. Sweet thing that she is.
I fucked her like a maniac that night, for hours. We cuddled and watched TV like many other married couples. She had certainly not given me an old man’s libido! I told her thank you, and she said I was welcome and she told me she was a very submissive person at home. She needed a real man, someone who could be in charge of the house and I was more than comfortable filling that role. It didn’t take much work for me to adjust, that was what I had always wanted…again I have no idea how she did it, but she said not to worry about approaching my senior years and being that much closer to them. She’d slowed down my aging process so that I’d be this age for about fifty years, so I would have more than enough time to enjoy being a silver fox!

"Daddy? Where are you?" I called out. I had just turned my back for a second, and he was gone.
"I'm right here! Don't walk so fast!"
"Sorry, daddy."
"No, shh! Don't call me that! On weekends, what do you call me?"
I smiled and giggled. "Oh yeah. Nicky!" I laughed. It was so funny to call Daddy by my name.
He took my hand and we walked towards the beach. I was so excited. This was the fifth time that Daddy had switched places with me. I loved being so tall! I was only seven years and three months old but I was big and strong! I'm like Superman! I just love it when Daddy lets us switch and I don't know how he does it. He drives us to the beach and then he says close your eyes sweetie and then I open then and I look just like Daddy! It's so cool and today he said are you ready son? And I said oh boy oh boy oh boy! And I jumped up and down like crazy and he laughed and said to settle down. I'm not allowed to jump up and down in his body and he says I need to act like a grown up but I don't really know how.

We spent our time in the water a little bit but we aren't supposed to go too far out because Daddy is really little in body. He made it so I'm super duper good at swimming, though and I'm way better at swimming when I'm big and adult. It's really cool. I feel so...amazing in daddy's body. Like I feel so in control and I love how big my muscles feel. They feel so good!

But now it's time for us to go and we go to the bathroom to change into some evening clothes. My body is all sandy and my big muscled legs are wet and gritty with sand. I take off my speedo and put on some shorts and underwear. Daddy's thingy (his penis) is so big! I usually don't have time to look at it very long but it's way way way bigger than mine! And now we are going back to the car. and daddy is saying to close my eyes again. When I open them he is smiling. I'm still in his body.

"Why haven't we switched back, daddy?" I ask feeling really more like a little kid than ever, even though I'm big. I get nervous and afraid a lot and daddy says I need to learn to be more grown up, but he says I haven't really learned to be more independent yet.

"Well...I'm gonna change things up a little. Why don't you drive us home, son?"

"I can't! I don't know how to drive!" I feel my feet on the pedal and suddenly think of turning on the ignition. Wait. How do I know how to do that. And this is the turn signal lever. I'm in the driver's seat only so we can change back. That's the only time I'm allowed, ever. I gently put my hands on the wheel and think about backing out and taking us home. Daddy smiles.

"I made it so you can drive now, buddy. Why don't you try it?"

"Really, daddy? For reals?"

"For reals," he says. He looks like me still.

"Daddy are we gonna switch back after?" Daddy is smiling in my body and he looks like he's keeping a secret.

"I dunno," he shrugs. "Why don't we just go home first and see? I wanna see my son drive all by himself!"

"I haven't even ridden a bike by myself, daddy!"

"You can. Just try. You know how to drive, right?"

"Yeah, I do! I think." I turn the key and the engine revs up.

I drive us home. I am driving. I can't believe it. I know how to turn, and I know how to look behind me and change lanes, and traffic rules. It's so cool. I have a pretty deep voice, too. I have only had daddy's body at the beach and nowhere else so I'm really both nervous and excited. I finally get us all the way home and I'm very proud of all the roads I drove on. I drive us into the driveway and turn off the car.

"I drove us all the way home, daddy!!!" I go with him to the door and he tells me I have the key to open it. "Oh, right!" Daddy helps me find the key and I open the door. Wow! Everything in the house is way smaller! And daddy is so short here! It's easier to notice now that we aren't on the beach but he really is. "Are we gonna switch again now?" I ask.

"Why don't you watch TV a little for a while. I'm gonna go take a shower."

"Okay." I smile and look at myself in the mirror. My daddy is me and my image is smiling and grinning and jumping back and forth in the mirror. This is so funny! I wave and daddy waves. Finally I get sick of the mirror and go sit on the couch and turn the TV on. At first I am looking just for cartoons but then I find some other things that are interesting. I don't know how football is played but wait...that receiver and the lineman. I know them. This is one of my favorite teams. Daddy is sure letting me be in his body for a while. This is the longest I've been in it. Boy, I'm hungry from the beach. I go and make a burger and then think I should make one for daddy, too. I make a bunch of cheeseburgers all by myself without thinking about it. Daddy comes down in my body.

"Wow, good job, sport!"

"Thanks, I made a bunch so dig in!" We start to eat. Daddy gets a glass of water.

"Hey, buddy. How about you try a beer? You're in my body now. Do you wanna try a beer, son?"

"Beer? That's a grown up thing! You never let me drink beer! I'm not supposed to!" I'm so surprised by this my jaw is hanging probably. Daddy laughs.

"Go ahead. Just this once." I smile. I get a bottle from the fridge and take off the cap and drink from it. WOW. Holy moly oh my gosh it's really good. Like it's the best drink I've ever had! "You like it, don't you?"

"That's so good! Do you want some, daddy?"

"No, sport, not while I'm seven. It's a big boy drink. So I'll just watch you. Okay?" We eat our burgers and then we go to watch TV and I ask daddy if I can have another beer and h says yes. So we go back and he cuddles up to me. I snuggle him in my arms.

"Daddy, I'm hugging you like you hug me!"

"Just the way I planned. You're gonna have a lot of fun, Dave."

"Daddy, that's your name."

"It's your name now. Why don't you tell me about what tomorrow is going to be like?"

"Tomorrow at school?" He smiles.

"No I mean, tomorrow at the law office."

"What? Daddy I don't know how to do your job!"

"You do now. I made it so you can be the adult and I can be the kid. I've always wanted this and I thought you might like it, too."

I'm speechless. Daddy goes over to where a bunch of papers are and he hands them to me. It's a deposition. do I know that word. Suddenly I start looking through all of my cases that I have to go over tomorrow. I'm doing one major one with a labor union. Wait. I know grown up things again.

"Do you really want me to go to work?? Your work, daddy??"

"I love you, son. I want to be happy. And I can really be happy if you let me be you. I never had a good childhood like you have and I found a way to make it happen. I will go back if you want me to but if you say yes, I promise you that you'll be happy. I'll make sure of it. I didn't know what to say. At first...

It's been a hell of a week. My dad has transferred a great deal of maturity to me, and he's acting like a kid but he's retained all of his abilities and memories. I've become like him in many ways but I still act kind of immature sometimes. I'm still learning a lot about the adult world. But he's given me the ability to pass for a grownup. So we have conversations at home about the news and the cases that I'm doing. He's totally content to take on his new role of son, and he's being very good. It's like he wanted more than anything to just be taken care of, and I didn't realize how awesome it would be to take his life for him. Right now I'm smoking my first cigar. I mean, this body has had plenty but it's my first. And I won my first case in court! I feel like celebrating. Maybe a nice trip to the gym and then maybe I'll take my son out to dinner. It's weird how dad and me are both totally okay with our new roles. It was all his idea and he says he can make himself a grownup again if he wants but he will never swap back with me if I don't want to. We talked about it and he can make us look like anyone, at any age. But I want to enjoy wearing his suits and going to court a little while longer before I consider doing anything else....and maybe I'll visit that one strip club dad likes a little bit later tonight. I can always hire a babysitter! Daddy wants to have a night out!


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