Saturday, February 20, 2016

Stories in the Works for 2016

Hi there, guys. I rarely write posts directly to my readers, but I am just letting you know I have been extremely busy preparing for a big move to a new city and new job. This means I will probably be preoccupied getting used to my new job and it's going to require a lot of my time and resources just getting my bearings as it were. 

I have a lot of stories lined up, including at least nine more segments with three or four short stories each for The Town Where Age Went Crazy. 

Out of all the series I have in the works for 2016:

  • The Amazing Mr. Cachimbo (3 more segments)
  • The Town Where Age Went Crazy (9 to 10 more segments, 30 or so short shorts among those)
  • Grandpa Takes Rejuvenex (3 more segments at least)
  • The Gender Genie (this will be a new story with a female to male oriented storyline)
  •  Chronivac Industries Presents (15 or so potential segments, including "When Things go Wrong", "Customer Testimonials", and a potential unnamed punk/chav story)
  • April Fool's Day (7 or so potential historical stories taking place in various previous decades) 
  • To Save My Marriage and Family (at least one sequel, maybe two)
  • At least three longer short one time muscle growth stories 
  •  Zoltar series - (a few ideas, particularly one I call "Zoltar's Revenge") 
  • a few long stories that I will be submitting to other sites and posting links here, including my first real domination/submission master/slave gay authoritarian alternate world story. 

Please write if you have comments about my work, your thoughts about my work, and any feedback you might have. I am particularly interested in what you guys love the most in terms of genre. Blogspot doesn't have polls but I am always interested in what you like to read. Which of the following themes interests you the most?

age progression
age regression
muscle growth
muscle theft/attribute theft
body swap
gender swap
mental transformation/brainwash/hypno

If you have any fantasies or story ideas you would like to pass along, feel free to tell me about them as well. 



  1. I am in love with your stories because they are well written and descriptive. I would love a sequel to "to save my marriage and family," and I am happy that the Zoltar series will make a come back, because that series is one of my favorites. Keep up the good work and thank you for providing the tf community with fantastic stories.

    1. Hey, thanks! I do what I can, when I can. I absolutely don't mind hearing people tell me they look forward to my work. I try to put my own unique stamp on these stories, so it's nice that my readers get that and support it.

  2. Agree with the above! More body swap! Especially body theft. :D

    1. Body swap isn't interesting. It has no transformation qualities. It's just pop and you are a different person. Very un creative

    2. The thing about body swap is it can be very entertaining. I find that taking over someone else's life can be a great plotline, but it's really dependent on who is being swapped. If your characters are well thought out, they aren't just going to react as if nothing happened, and they are either going to really try and enjoy the experience, freak out, or hate the experience. It's fun to explore all those themes.

  3. No matter when, will always love ypur posts and gonna wait for it to be finished :)

    Yes much to FTM, Growth and theft, age swaps
    Racial transformation?
    Slow transformation/swap could be fun too

    1. With race swaps, I tend to prefer white and Hispanic or white and Middle Eastern/Indian. I might do a few more of those in the future but I don't have anything really planned plotwise as of now.

      Slow transformation is always more involved. Personally I really enjoy slow mental transformation but it's hard to pull off.

  4. Age Progression and forced transformation

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    2. There will definitely be some forced transformation. I should add "hypno" and mental transformation to my list above, because I do love it so. I especially love blue collar/white collar transformation or poor redneck/rich worldly suits exchanging places. Also a mere identity swap if done right.

      There was a story I once read over at that I should revisit. It was about a guy that is a dom who takes over another man's life. He finds a sub willing to do anything for him. He's a hyper masculine identity thief who gets rich stealing identity card info and basically gets a successful banker to swap identities willingly. They go to great lengths to change all of their documents to match each other's photos, delete all traces of their former identities. The criminal settles into a new job once they move in the banking industry taking the name of his sub, and the sub takes on the identity of his excon master, and the criminal creates a new identity for him but takes his fortune and house and retires in the Bahamas.

      It was such a hot idea I've thought of using that storyline with a hypno/revenge themed bent. Some excon out to get vengeance for losing his house and business and finds a guy who is just a complete shit but utterly successful. He's studied up everything he could about finance while in prison and proceeds to take his victim's life over entirely...

    3. I'm also a HUGE fan of Age Progression that's forced, along with weight gain.

      Thanks for your work!

  5. adoro tu blog, es genial y me paso todo el tiempo mirando si hay nuevas historias, y me alegro de que estes bien.