Saturday, January 30, 2016

To Save My Marriage and Family

"Sweetie, we have a uh...a problem."

"What do you mean, dad? I'm doing everything you tell me to do!!"

"Okay. Yes. You have. I mean it's a miracle you've been able to go to my work and pass yourself off as me," I said. Tyler had done an amazing job this last month. He had been diligent at doing literally everything I told him to do. He was such a good boy. It wasn't easy for an eleven year old boy to do a man's work, and as a landscaper, owner of my own landscaping company with fifteen guys working under me, I had a lot of manual labor and management that he was now doing for me. I helped him by joining my "dad" for two weeks to learn the family business. The guys were annoyed my "dad" was spending so much time with me and didn't seem to do as much as he normally did, but that's because the poor little guy was just learning the job for the first time! I can't even give him enough credit. I was still helping out with a lot of the paperwork he had to do. He didn't know anything about taxes or payroll, and he was really paying attention. I couldn't ask for a better son.

A month ago if you had asked me if I believed in body swaps, that a father and son could actually switch bodies, I would have thought you were insane. But then I found myself with my little boy at an estate sale. Tyler knew better than to ask me for anything because I'd just yelled at him for pestering me all the time to buy him whatever he wanted, and I was not raising my kid to be spoiled. I told him this all the time but the whining had really gotten bad lately. I had told him to keep his mouth shut about buying him shit or I'd ground him. The open house was selling everything that once belonged to the weird old lady that lived there. She had terrible taste in most things, but the garage had plenty of tools her late husband had purchased and reduced real cheap. I'd lucked out. Whoever was in charge was probably some woman who didn't know their real value. I had also purchased an old antique mirror. I thought it would make a good present for my smoking hot wife, Jill. I had Tyler help me haul the tools. He began to whine about them being too heavy but I put a stop to that by threatening to take away video games for a month. 

But just as I was putting the mirror in the backseat of my car, this blonde bombshell with shoulder length hair comes running up in a little black dress with this desperate look on her face. She says the mirror used to belong to her and I had to get home. I really wanted the mirror for myself, but I told her I'd consider it, and asked her for her phone number and introduced myself, saying my name was Kevin. Or at least it would be until our unfortunate incident, but I get ahead of myself. She had to check her phone for her own number. She said she didn't know it offhand. Acted weird, off slightly, like she was unsure of everything, especially her balance. Like her legs were wobbly in those heels like she hadn't worn them in a while. 

I put the mirror up in my personal man cave, the den I loved so much. I smoked cigars there and had my buds over for beers and cards. And I get a call from this woman and I turn her down. She warns me that the mirror is magic and has properties I can't control. Yeah. Right, I think. So that night I am just watching football and Tyler comes in and starts to whine about having to go back to school soon. He doesn't want to go back and he wants to know why he can't just work at a job. "It's way easier than school," he says. And by this time, I start explaining that a man's work, especially hard manual labor and owning your own company is incredibly hard and I'm disappointed in his attitude. He starts crying like a baby. "Stop crying like a baby, for goddamn sakes. Grow a fucking pair." I turn off the TV. He starts yelling at me that I don't understand because bullying is so bad now. "Well I had bullies when I was your age and I punched a few of them in the face and that was that. That's how you handle that shit!" I yelled back. We stood up and I started reaming his ass out about how he couldn't handle being a grown up. "You have to be a grown up starting right now!" I yelled at him. "You've been a spoiled brat lately, Tyler. When I was your age I had a work ethic! If you act like a grown up, I'll treat you like one, but right now you're acting like you're just five years old! And another thing! You have it so fucking easy you fucking kids, with all the technology you have! I'd love to see you do a day of hard fucking work like I have to do, driving around town and taking care of lawns for businesses, hauling dirt and sod, planting shrubs and see how goddamn easy you think that is!" He starts to huff and puff. "Oh boy, here come the waterworks! Tyler is gonna cry! Well go ahead and cry, you're going back to school soon. But before that, I'm gonna make sure you actually see what real work is like so you don't whine so goddamn much. You whine every fucking day to me about something. I don't care if you are eleven, you are gonna act like an adult in this house from now on or else!"

Tyler sniffed for a while, standing there all sad. "You gonna cry? Like a girl?" I asked him. That made him angry. 

"NO! I'd be a better adult than you would be!"

"I'd love to see it, mister! By all means, try!"

The entire room went dark at that point. The lights went off but the mirror retained being seen as if it was lit by an invisible source. I realized I couldn't move. We were drawn closer to it and I realized I was floating in the darkness. I was there before my image and then the next thing I knew I was waking up off the floor and the light was on again. I saw my face looking at me horrified and I thought why is the mirror on the ceiling? 

Of course then I saw myself talking frantically. And I stood up. And then i realized I was only three feet tall. 

You can imagine the shock. The secrecy. The intense panic that I felt that I buried. Tyler was about two hundred and twenty pounds of all male American fucking beef and I was a shrimp. I consoled him and reasoned with him. To be fair, he didn't powertrip. I told him flat out we had to find a way to reverse this or we were in danger of me not being able to provide for my own family. We tried wishing in front of the mirror but no dice. We called the blonde bombshell and she said she'd be right over. I said that didn't work because my wife was at home and we couldn't very well just bring a strange woman over. 

So I decided we'd meet her the next day. We would tell my wife we were going to the park. Thank God it was a day I hadn't scheduled myself for work. I hate to cancel any appointment. That night was awkward and neither of us talked much with my wife. Tyler looked like a guilty little boy in a huge man's body. An incredibly handsome man, but his movements were unsure. He didn't walk like me. He shuffled his feet and looked at the floor too much. I had to scold him for that. He whispered sorry. 

When it came time to go to bed, I realized we had to go to each other's beds, and he was going to have to sleep in the same bed as his mother. I told him to just go ahead and go to sleep in my bed, that it was okay. I told him just pretend to go to sleep right away just in case. He asked why and I told him mommy might try to kiss you on the mouth. 

"Yuck!" he exclaimed too loudly. 

"Be quiet!" I hissed. 

He did as I told him to do. The next day we met up with the blonde and she told us she was an 80 year old woman who had managed to buy the mirror from a friend who told her it was a body swap mirror, which sounds insane but apparently true and I wasn't about to scoff now at the idea. She told us that each time you swapped it was one year. She had paid the woman good money to live life as a young woman for a year. She was going to switch back but then her old body up and died on her. Now she was stuck working at a nail salon with no hope of ever getting her fortune back. She had no one to swap with and her new body was hot, but she thought if she had the mirror back, she could find some rich girl to swap with and go back to the lifestyle she was accustomed to. 

"So after a year, we can swap bodies again?" i said dumbly. 

"Yeah, we even tried to do it before, Jennifer...well I'm Jennifer now, but, you get the idea. We experimented. It was not reversible. You can try but...I don't think you'll have much luck." 

I told the girl now known as Jennifer that we'd keep the mirror and if she found someone she really thought was a potential for swapping, she could call us and we'd arrange for her to spend some time in the den. That was the deal I made her, and I know what you're thinking. Why would I let her steal someone else's life, right? Well this woman was 80 years old and had a look in her eye that she was not going to be denied. Women that old usually get what they want, I know that from years of working for old biddies on their lawns. So I said yes because frankly, she was probably intent on stealing it if I said no. This way, we could all be happy and she agreed. 

And thus I began to educate Tyler on how to be a grownup. This was not easy. It was in fact, hell. I gave him tutorials for instance, on keeping up maintenance on my body and told him to stick to my regimen. I didn't allow much sugar in the house anyway and I told him this was why. I told him this what happens when you eat right and exercise regularly. He admittedly was overjoyed to have big man muscles. I taught him all week before going to the gym with him exactly how to do each exercise and how many reps to do. I instructed him on weight amounts while we were in the gym so he'd get the hang of it and the little guy took my pointers to heart and worked very hard.

Work was another matter. Driving was the first thing I had to teach him. I immediately showed him as many Youtube videos as I could and covered basic traffic rules. I spent all the first Saturday on this and late that night I had him tell my wife we were going to go out for a drive for a father and son talk. He acted very serious and I was proud of him. So we basically had him practice backing out and driving for the first time. Thank god we lived in an isolated part of town. It was night but there were plenty of back roads so I had him practice for hours. It was rough but necessary. He got us back home in one piece, but it was hell on us both because he was just beginning to learn how to control brakes, steering, and acceleration. 

Sunday came and we practiced driving again. I had him cancel Sunday's only appointment and had the other guys go without me. I take great pride in my work so this was difficult on my ego but I just buried it. The main concern I had was for work I had to drive the company van. So I told him how it was different slightly in that it was bigger and you had to steer it more carefully. We spent all Sunday practicing and near evening I had him finally go into town. I was worried about him running into someone! But he didn't and I had him park in the high school parking lot. I thought of how he was supposed to go there in just three years. Now he was bigger than two high schoolers put together! "You need to be on the ball with this, Tyler. The entire family will need you to do my job so you will have to start tomorrow."

He started making that sound he makes before crying and told me: "Dad, I'll do a super good job, I promise! This is all my fault! it's all my fault we switched bodies!" He started crying and I told him he really had to man up. He was an adult and it looked very strange and wrong for a grown, muscular and masculine man like him to cry in front of anyone. I wiped his tears with a Kleenex and he blew his nose. "I'm sorry, dad. I'm trying to be a grown up but it's not easy! I've never driven a car before!"

"You're doing a great job, son. A great job. I'm proud of you!" He got emotional and hugged me with his big, huge hairy arms that now dwarfed me. 

The next two weeks was a nightmare of logistics but somehow I filled him in on how to do almost all of the tasks I normally do. I drilled him on all manner of things about landscaping at night and my wife thought it was cute when she overheard us, and laughed about me learning the family business. She joked pretty soon I'd be just as much of an expert as Daddy. I laughed and turned to him when she left and said "I hope so."

After two weeks, I had to start school. The beginning of grade 6. I was both disgusted and terrified that I had to repeat going back to grade school. For Tyler's sake, since he had to pretend to be "Kevin" (we'd been practicing with him responding to my name and I with his) gave him permission to text me at any time with questions. Which I had to wait until recess to answer, to the best of my ability. Once the teacher caught me in class and asked why my father was asking me how to do his job with a curious look and I told her he was quizzing me on the family business. 

"Well he should wait until you are home, young man." she admonished. 

Now, during all this time I should say that we had to contend with my smoking hot wife. And around day three or four I had to have the Big Talk with my little boy because his dick was now the size of two beer cans, while mine was pathetically small. I tried not to mourn the loss of a dick that could actually cum and focused on tasks at hand. But Tyler was just realizing he could make magic fluid come out of his really big new dick and so I had to explain about ejaculation, condoms, and the intricacies of fucking a woman's pussy. And told him he was NOT to do this with his mother. We would find some excuse. Maybe come up with some horrendous medical condition where I supposedly couldn't get it up anymore. Tyler told me he was making his dick squirt cum in the bathroom and he was really timid and shy about it, like I was going to be angry with him for that. 

The first week I told Tyler to tell her it was just stress and he wasn't in the mood or to go to sleep as soon as he hit the sheets. He reported to me that he had to start kissing Mommy on the lips at night and then pleaded for my forgiveness. This was all so weird, I thought. I winced but agreed that it was okay for him to do. 

The second and third week my wife went out of town to visit some relatives so we got a break. Then one more week went by. Tyler was upset when he came home from work. He said mommy was sending him text messages about fucking. 

Oh god. Oh god. 

"Sweetie, we have a uh...a problem."

"What do you mean, dad? I'm doing everything you tell me to do!!"

"Okay. Yes. You have. I mean it's a miracle you've been able to go to my work and pass yourself off as me," I said. "But that's not what's wrong."

"What do I do, dad?"

"Son, what has your mother been telling you? About having sex? Be honest."

"Last night she said she didn't understand why we hadn't been having sex, dad. What do we do? She knows I've been using my penis!"

"Just call it a dick, son. Or a cock. Penis is the word for little boys or doctors. And it's called masturbation or jacking off."

"She wants to suck my dick, dad!"

Oh god. Oh god. 

I sat down. I thought of all the possibilities. 

"Sit down, Tyler." We had tried in vain to swap back to no avail and I looked over at the mirror, at my diminutive frame and his gargantuan one. "We have to have a very serious talk. I need to ask you some questions."

"Okay, dad."

"When you kiss your mommy, does it...feel good?"

"Yeah," he admitted. "I..I like it. I'm sorry, Dad!" He fussed and started to cry. 

"Son, you can't behave that way anymore. You need to act like a man."

"Okay," he said glumly. 

"Now son. Have you been...thinking of mommy, when you jack off in the bathroom?"

"I..." I shot him a look about not crying. "Yes, sir. I'm sorry. I'm...I'm so sorry, dad." His breathing was ragged. 

"Son, I've been thinking about all this and I've come to a decision. I think that as long as you pretend to be me you are going to have to do what a man does. I love Jill. You love your mom. And in order for a mom to be happy, a dad has to, well, fuck her in her pussy. She needs it, son. And I can't give it to her anymore." Suddenly I felt like crying. He looked up at me with his big eyes and stubbled face. "Son, you are going to have to pretend to be me in order to save our marriage. If mommy thinks that you don't like her anymore, or if you don't fuck her, she might think you are having an affair. I have a raging libido and your mother knows it and now it's your libido. If you don't start to have sex with mom soon, we may lose her."

"No! Nooooo I don't want you guys to get a divorce!"

"She can't wait a year, son. This is so hard. This is the hardest thing I've ever asked anyone to do and I can't believe I'm doing it. But I give you permission to have sex with Jill." I noted mentally that Tyler had been good at calling his mother by her first name, even though it was weird for him. "We can't tell her we swapped bodies, it's not something she would ever believe and we can't swap her with anyone because then it would be a year before she could turn back and hey, wait a minute. Wait. Maybe you don't have to do this. We could just get your mother to swap with that blonde bombshell! That way she'd believe me, us, and our marriage would be saved! We'd all just refrain from sex for a year, why didn't I think of this before! I'm a genius!" 

Tyler looked at me and smiled and then started laughing with me. 

"That's a great idea, dad," he said. I called the blonde now known as Jennifer but the phone number was disconnected. I had no way of reaching her and didn't know her address. 

"Well, she has to show up eventually. We'll just wait until she does and then have her swap with your mother."

"But she can't swap with anyone, it hasn't been a year." my son said with my concerned voice.

"She couldn't swap with her old body, but we don't know if she can swap with a third person. In the meantime, I'll think of maybe getting her sister to visit because at the least we could switch her with a family member. That would convince her!"

"Okay, dad. So I'll just tell her I might be sick or somethin'."

"Good job, buddy. I'm proud of you." I smiled up at my big galoot of a son.


My daddy smiled up at me. It was cool because he was being Tyler and I had to pretend to be him and I liked being called Dad and Kevin. It was fun! I didn't have to go to school and I could totally drive now! I can go anywhere I want like R rated movies. I went to three R rated movies last week! No one can stop me! It's totally cool. I want to be an adult forever.

Can't believe how big my dick is. Fuck! It's SO BIG. I always wondered how big my would get but I never asked. I had no idea daddy's was so big until I was him and had to go pee and then WHOA! I didn't know a cock could be this big before. 

"Honey? I hope you aren't starting without me."


Jill comes over and starts to put her hands on my dick. Mommy has done this a few times now but I didn't tell Daddy because I didn't want him to be angry with me. I love the way it feels. Mommy put her hands on my dick and it's so big and it just squirted everywhere the other night and she liked it up off my stomach! It was so gross and like cool. Like, I got even harder after that and I can't even help it. I think of boobs and pussy now all the time! I look at women on the street and just want to stick my big dick straight up them and dad has forgotten what that is like!

"How about you come to bed, big boy?"

I take off my shoes and pants and get naked and I'm nervous. I decide to take a condom and try it on. I've been practicing a lot even though dad only showed me how just to be on the safe side in case a pretty lady ever did want to have sex with me some day when I grew up in my own body. He told me I couldn't have sex with other women that weren't mommy which sucks because I really need it. Like I think about it every day and dad just goes on and on about work and I'm like I need to stick my dick in a woman!!!

Mommy gets naked and she is so pretty. She has red brown hair and looks like a model, all skinny and shaved. She is so pretty and I'm so hard and I am on top of her and I fit my big dick inside her pussy for the first time and OH! 

"OH! OH! OH! OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! OH! OH! YEAH! YEAH! YES! YES! YES! UNH! UNGH! UNGH! UNH! UNH! UNH!" I'm fucking her and she is loving it and I can't stop myself. Dad is downstairs and we're upstairs. He purposefully put me in the farthest room in the house from his bedroom and now I know why. So I wouldn't hear him fuck. She is writhing in pleasure beneath me. I ram her again and again and it's so awesome. I had no idea fucking could feel like this. Sex was the one thing missing from my adult life! Dad had allowed me to have a few beers but as I lost track of time I realized thirty minutes had passed and I rammed into mommy. "Mommy! Mommy!"

"OH yes, yes that's so dirty, yes daddy fuck me, fuck me daddy!" 

I was the daddy and I was fucking her and I came hard and then fucked her a second time because I was a fucking stud. I flexed my muscles and she was putty under my big muscled frame.

"You like that, mommy?" 

She kissed me and I kissed back. 

The next day I brought Tyler out and he had this big smile on his face. He must have snuck a beer last night. He is just discovering how good it is and I am trying to let him experience being an adult just enough so that he is responsible. I don't want him going overboard but I don't want anyone getting suspicious, either. And he is bigger than me so if I reward him with a beer here or there, or if he helps himself, I'm okay with it. 

"Hey, buddy," he told me. "How's it goin'?"

 "Well buddy," I repeated the word, noting it was the first time he had used it back on me. "I think I have an idea. We can visit the nail salons in town until we find Jennifer."

"Great idea! Why don't I drive us into town and we go look!"

"Sure. Great. Good job, kid."

"Right. You might not want to say that around anyone else, cause I don't exactly look like a kid these days," he said, flexing. 

"Right. Can't argue with that. Heh." 

I felt like the car ride was rather off because Tyler was so...blase seeming about our mission. I mean, maybe I was being too hard on him because he was just trying to concentrate on driving. Even though I'd shown him how to shave, and he'd done so for a few weeks, he had really wanted to try growing a beard, which I couldn't stop staring at.

He looked so serious. It was...strange. Usually he was worried about doing a good job for me or a little bit afraid of me being angry with him. I guess I'd been a bit hard on him but it was only because I loved him so much and wanted to make a real man out of him. I wanted him to have the benefit of my knowledge. 

We visited a few nail salons. Tyler was acting very macho today, and it was strange to see how being in my body had changed him. He liked to flex in front of various women to see their reaction. I frowned but he didn't notice. He was acting confident, as if he was just very casual. I kept quiet and let him do the talking because I was only eleven and no one would listen to an eleven year old and tell him where a beautiful young woman was. 

"Oh yeah, she used to work here, but she quit yesterday." one woman told us. She didn't know where Jennifer had gone. I was crestfallen. Tyler was just really calm as he led me back to the car with a strong hand comforting my shoulder. 

In the car I couldn't take it anymore. I started crying. Tyler sat there with me in the parking lot. 

"I...I...can't take this anymore," I sobbed and sniffed. 

"You can't take what?" he asked in his deep bass voice.

"I..I...can't stand being a kid anymore!" God, I sounded just like a kid, too. I was so humiliated. I sounded like...

"Stop being such a fucking girl, already!" he belted.

"I...what? Tyler, I..."

"It's not Tyler, SON. It's DAD. Or Kevin. That's my name now. I'm taking you home."

I was now filled with dread. Tyler had never talked to me this way before.


"What did I just say?!" He yelled at me while he was driving. "Just gonna sit there like a girl and cry? Like a pussy? Huh? Why don't you fucking man up?"

I was devastated. "I...I don't know I just can't."

"Oh boo fucking hoo. Poor you."

"Tyler, please, we have to figure out a way to swap your mother with someone so you don't have to have sex with her!"

"Look, you're Tyler now so I think I should just call you Tyler, okay? It just is easier to remember. It's confusing to go back and forth, okay? I'm sorry I snapped at you, little man. It's just I'm an adult now and I'm the one who is expected to act like one. It's hard, alright? I mean you were right, I needed to man up. And I did. And now you need to do the same, even though you're small. Stop being such a whiny bitch."

I tried to stop crying but tears ran down my cheeks anyway. 

"Now everything is gonna be fine," my huge son told me. "I got a plan so everyone will be happy."

"Did your aunt? Mommy's sister? Then they can swap and she'll believe us."

"Nooooo...something way better! You'll see. It's a surprise," he said with a big grin. 

A surprise? Did he find a way to switch us back? Or find a woman willing to switch bodies with his mom? I waited until he drove us home. I followed him into the den and he brought me to where the mirror had been just hours ago. It was gone now. I looked up at him as he helped himself to a cigar.

"A cigar?? No. You're not smoking a cigar. You are WAY too young!"

"Excuse me, little man? I'm three times your fucking size, you think you can tell me what to do? Huh? Call me a bitch? I'm running a fucking business now, you punk ass BITCH. And I'll tell you another thing. I talked with Jennifer yesterday. I told her she could have the mirror. So I gave it away and you'll never get this body back."

"WHAT? YOU DID WHAT??? NO! NO! NOOOOOOOOOO!!!" I stamped up and down, jumping and screaming. He picked me up and held me in his huge arms, in a headlock. 

"You done yet? You done being a baby?"

"I'm not I'm not a baby! Let me down!" I kicked and kicked and squirmed to no avail. He just laughed. He put me down. He lit the cigar finally as I watched, horrified. He inhaled and puffed. 

"Yeah, I've been smoking for a week now. This body loves cigars. You were an asshole to tell me not to do it when you do it, son."

"Stop calling me that, I am still your father, Tyler!"

"The thing is this. I love mom. I love her so much and we are going to be a family."

"Yes, I know that you love your mother, she's my wife!"

"Well actually, she's my wife. I'm gonna make sure we're a family. I'm gonna be the dad. I'm going to be your father, and I'm going to take care of you and earn a living. I might need some help here and there with the paperwork so I'll ask you for help when I need it. But here's the thing. I fucked Jill last night. She's my wife and I can't have sex with other women. You told me I couldn't, little man."

"No. No..." It couldn't be true, it couldn't!

"It was the best fucking thing I ever did. Being inside her, fucking her was great. It was amazing. I love her and I'm going to be her husband. And we are going to keep fucking. And you are going to be the little boy."

I looked up at him with disbelief. 

"The mirror is gone, dad. And I'm not calling you dad anymore. From now on you are MY son, and I am YOUR father." He had been holding the cigar and talking and it smelled so good, so woodsy and aromatic with tinges of coffee and earth and cedar. He took a deep drag. "To save my marriage and family, son. I have to. It's what a man does. You'll understand when you're older. Now uh, I'm having a few friends over to watch the game. We're gonna do grown up stuff and drink beer so you'll have to go upstairs and work on your homework."

I lunged at him screaming. He held me firm and took me across his knee. I spanked him when it was necessary to keep him in line. That's what a good father did. He smacked me hard across my bottom and it shut me right the fuck up.

"No more! No more!" I wailed. "I'm sorry I'll be good please don't spank me!" I sounded pathetic. Cigar smoke filled my nose and lungs.

I went upstairs and cried. I sulked all night. I didn't eat much dinner and my former wife thought I might be getting sick. That night I crept up to their bedroom and heard my son pounding the shit out of the pussy I used to. 

I curled up that night in my new bed, with my underoos and my posters of Pixar characters on the wall and thought about what I'd done. I'd been a very bad boy. No mirror. No trace of Jennifer. I was a little boy now. My son had replaced me in every way. For the good of the family. 

I guess I'd see what happened but I wasn't optimistic.


  1. Wow me encanto esta historia. Una de las mejores que hayas escrito, esperó ver pronto ver otra por que esta fue muy caliente!

    1. This story is a stand alone, but I have plenty of other series that I'd like to continue, namely The Amazing Mr. Cachimbo and The Town Where Age Went Crazy.

      Thank you for your comments!

  2. Really love this story, dude! Definitely one of my favorites so far from this year!