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The Town Where Age Went Crazy part 2

These are the ongoing case filed of Town X, in the Midwest of the United States. Due to the accidental discharge of a device originally meant to prolong human life, the ages of every male in Town X was permanently altered until I can figure out a way to reverse it. New identities were created for all these men and all women were relocated to other locations. Memories of relatives were changed so that this town will be "off the radar" as it were. Some males have moved to other locations and we keep tabs on all of them. All males have stopped aging altogether, which means they are stuck at whatever age they find themselves at now. In addition, for some we have given them new skills to adapt to the adult world and secure jobs. It required rearranging the town altogether as many of the men between 18 and 55 were reverted to children and almost all children were aged above the age of 25. Here are some examples of the after effects from the incident. Some of these are personal interactions and some are recordings I made in secret from surveillance cameras and some are extrapolated from personal experiences recounted later by subjects.

Case File ID #33 - Miguel

Little Miguel was an immigrant from Columbia. His Papi was in town as a bricklayer when the age related rupture occurred. Papi went down to being a five year old and his seven year old son became a strapping man of 34. Here we have some of Papi's reactions. When we were originally holding him in the makeshift processing center, he told us he really wanted a job where he could use his muscles. We created a job for him as a security guard who works out quite a lot in his spare time.

"You seem good, man."

"Si. Yes, I am. Look! I'm so big! You like my muscles?"

"Yeah, definitely. Those guns are lookin' really good, man."

"I feel really good," Miguel said, with a cute tilt of a Columbian accent. "Do you want to feel some more? We can go back to my place, man."

"Papi, how is your new job going?"

"Is good! I like to drive a lot! I get to make sure all the people are not stealing."

"Now like many in this town you have to drive to another town for work."

"I like to drive. My son, he's not big enough anymore."

"Yes, so how is your former father adapting? How does he like being a little boy?"

"He likes it! I play with him all the time! I am a good father like he was! I have big muscles now and he can ride on my shoulders!"

"Miguel, do you feel that the job skills we were able to insert are a good enough preparation for adulthood?"

"Yeah man, I know how to do all the things for work, and I can also do construction jobs like mi papi used to. I can use all his tools. I mean, they are MY tools now." He put a hand on his chest. He noticed me looking. "You like my chest, si?"

"Well I don't mind it."

"You come to my house later, I fuck you good. My son he stays in his room and we go to my room. It's got a big bed. You would like."

"Well, maybe I can come over for just a short while."

"Yeah, man. You need to feel my muscles, they are so big."

"Do you ever feel like a kid mentally anymore?"

"No, I"m too busy being a parent now. I think they give me this in the room."

"We can partially change men but it's not perfect. Some are more mature than others because we were able to uh...program some of you better than others.

"Do you want to see my big cock?" Miguel said, seductively.

Later that night I don't mind saying that Miguel, like many of the new men in this town, were going to have a lot of fun fucking my hole. You see as someone adept at mind control, I was responsible for the decision to change the sexualities of every man in town to be gay. There were precautions I took, however, such as changing all of the members of the CIA, FBI, and army that descended on this town. I told them all it was an accidental effect of some residual energy but really I just wanted a ton of new gay men. There just aren't enough and soon I was able to make an entire town of gay secret dream.

Case File ID #71 and #72 - Jim and son Johnny.

"Hi, Jimmy!'re smoking! You shouldn't be doing that! Stop it!"

"Oh? Why the hell shouldn't I smoke? And my name is Dad now. Or Jim to other adults. You don't get to call me that, little man."

"But...I named you."

 "Look, Johnny. I had a long day at work and I have a long commute and I don't want to put up with your nonsense tonight."

"I can't believe you're acting like a grownup!"

"Well, fucking believe it. I can't believe they were successful at making you act like a ten year old again. That's awesome for me. Why don't you run inside and get started on your homework?"

"Why, so YOU can watch TV and drink beer?"

"Yeah I am gonna do that. You know why? Cause I'm the fucking MAN of this house and I earn the paycheck that pays your bills. Get inside! I'm in no mood for this."

The new ten year old boy rushed to the living room where he opened up his homework and tried to ignore his new father, who had been 9 years old just a few months back. Dad came in, still smoking (he smoked indoors and didn't care about the complaints from his new son at all) and stood there impatiently.

"Hey. Look at me. NOW. I don't want to hear ANY lip from you for the rest of the week. Or I'll ground you. You WILL respect me, and you WILL get in line. Get good grades and talk to me with respect, don't be shitty or jealous. I am not having it in MY house. Do you understand me, mister?"

The little boy nodded and hung his head in shame, watching his new big dad saunter on back to drink a beer in the living room.

"Fuckin' kid. I just started a new job and I am taking major shit from my new boss. You have no idea what that's like."

"I remember what it's like to have a job!" The new little boy stamped his feet and jumped up and down impatiently and started whining.

"You wanna be fucking grounded? I am the grownup now. And you're the fucking kid and I pay the fucking bills." Jim pulled out another cigarette and lit up. "I get to do adult things because I have to put up with a lot of fucking stress. DO YOU UNDERSTAND?!"

The little boy started to whimper and almost cry.

"No tears!"

"I'm sorry," the boy sniffed.

"Go upstairs and do your homework. You can at least do that easy, you still have adult knowledge. You should be able to get straight A's for years, you should be happy."

After he left, Jim beat off to some porn. He was under a lot of stress but at least he wasn't just some dumb kid anymore. His dad was a kid and for life! Until they found a cure. The government guys said that because his dad couldn't grow they might have to relocate so people wouldn't notice. Which meant he'd always been in charge...Jim shot a big load at just the very thought of it and finished his cigarette.

Case File ID # 3,014 and #3,015 - Mr. L. Smith and son W. Smith

"Daddy, there's a spider in my room."

Sigh. I'm sixty fucking years old now and my son looks like he's in high school but needs me for everything. It's exhausting.

"Buddy, you're a big boy now. You're not six anymore."

"But daddy, it's scary!"

I gotta talk to those government guys about changing my son a bit more. They told me they were barely able to shove a high school level of education in his brain without overloading it. The maturity part they really weren't that successful with. Their "technology isn't perfect". Apparently it's allowing them to experiment with some things they are still working on, like how to get my teenage son to man up. I killed the spider with a paper towl and then hugged my son.

"You need to put your big boy clothes on," I told him.

"Okay, daddy."

While he was in his room, I could hear him beating off. Sigh. God, the life of a parent was never easy. The relocation people told me it was less likely we'd have to move for a while. Kevvie is mentally six but in ten years he'll finally look like his age. He'll still be sixteen but at least he'll have the personality of a sixteen year old. But for life is just a lot harder and I'm not happy about being fucking sixty twenty years early.

Case File #399 and #1,144 - Mr. Kelly and Mr. Purcell

"Hey. What do you think? Not bad, huh boy?"

"Yes, sir. How are things here on the farm, sir?"

"Not too goddamn shabby. Retirement suits me, but I'm thinking of going and doing something else with my life." Mr. Kelly put down his hay bale and gave me a cocky grin. As neighbors, we went in slightly opposite directions. I aged fifteen years, from 30 to 45. My hair was graying now, I had that "salt and pepper dad" look, and was growing a mustache for the first time. But Mr. Kelly was a gorgeous hunk at the age of 72. I was drooling over him.

"So. How have you been handling the fact that you're gay now?"

"What, am I the only one?"

"Yeah, I'm gay now, too. It's weird. I've loved women my entire life but now it's like I just can't stop craving guys."

"Yeah, you think I'm hot, doncha boy? That's why you're over here all the time. Shit, I see the way you look at my hot bod."

"I'm thinking of moving. To a city where there's a gay scene."

"Why? Why would you move? You got a whole town right here full of strapping gay men? It's a fucking paradise. I'm young and young forever! They can keep their goddamn cure! Look at how fucking strong I am!"

"You were pretty strong before, for a 72 year old."

"Yeah well now I'm even stronger. You want to come inside, boy?"

The fact he even called me "boy" still was so hot it made me hard.

Within ten minutes were were naked and he was calling me "son" even though he looked old enough to be MY son. He insisted on being the top, and I had never had sex with a man before but he popped my cherry. Said he'd been watching a lot of porn for pointers. I literally am putty in his hands. Mr. Kelly made me promise to start doing chores more often. I had farmland I never used and that was gonna change, he told me. I was gonna cowboy up, he said. Especially looking like an older cowboy. I couldn't really go to work in the next town having aged 15 years. What would people say? You look like your own dad now, is what they'd say. I would have too many questions. Someone recognized me once and I had to play it off like I was my own older brother. Now I'm just on my farm and making plans to do farming for a living instead of computer tech work. And my new dad is right next door...he's right. Why would I leave all this?

Case File #722, #2,487, #08 - Eli, Eli's father Zack, Ritchie

"Hey. What's your name now?" The government changed all our names. We can't talk about it with the outside world but everyone changed.

"Who...who were you?"

"I was 12 years old. Twerp." 

Oh no.


"It's Eli now, shithead. This is my dad."

"Sup," the kid next to him said. They took some time to flex their muscles. I was a lot more recognizable than them. I had really lucked out. I went from 12 and had shrunk down to 8. I had lost four precious years. I had to wear little boy clothes again. My dad was a teenager at the age of 15 and we were living with my uncle, who was 24 again. We'd all gotten younger. And these two had become muscle gods.

I was paralyzed.

"Poor wittle guy. He's so afwaid of my big muscles." He taunted me. And flexed. He was a fucking mountain now. His dad was another hot guy. Some guys had turned into adults...most of the kids in school were now grownups. Some of them got super muscular and some just looked regular. It was kind of random.

"'re a lot bigger."

"Yeah, and you're a LOT smaller. What's your name now?"


"Ritchie,"  he sneered. "Guess you can't push me around anymore, huh asshole? Go on." He stepped closer until he was right in front of me and I was looking at his belt buckle. "Push me. Little fag."

"Look, I'm sorry ok I'm sorry I picked on you."

"Oh, that's okay." He put an enormous hand on my shoulder. "Just wanted to let you know you're never gonna bully anyone ever again, cause you're a fucking shrimp. And we're fucking studs. So don't ever. THINK. Of fucking with me again. SHITHEAD." He gave me a little shove and I fell back onto the floor. The two studs swaggered out of the mall store and I ran out and tried to find my uncle so I could...oh god I'm even thinking like a kid! I need to keep this stuff to myself. I just feel so small and alone.

Our little town didn't have a whole lot to offer so we had to come to the larger towns for shopping and such. No one knew that I wasn't really an 8 year old except for some of my neighbors who had stuck around. I hated it. I hated my new life being small and I was small before but now I could barely stand it. I had really fucked up before by pushing smaller kids around. Because now most of them were twice or three times my size! 

Case File #1,300 and #732 - Mitch and Bobby

"What do you think? You like what you see?"

"Oh fuck."

"Your wish is my command, young man." I gulped. My friend's kid was now grown up. They'd assigned him his own house, which he now owned. I actually used to go on fishing trips with his dad and he would come along. He used to look up to me. Now I was no longer in my 40s, but rather I was a teenage boy who had ridden over to his house on my bicycle. "So how old you now, kid?" I gulped again.

"13. Sir."

"Sir?? SIR??" He laughed hard. "Fuck, this is so weird sometimes. Come here, man." He walked right over and stuck his tongue right into my mouth and down my throat. He felt me up. He was so in charge! I couldn't believe he was only 14 just a few months ago! "Do you have a daddy yet, young man?"

"I have to live with my best friend now. He's elderly and in his 70s now."

"Bummer. Well. I'm not 70." He rubbed up against me with the bulge of his crotch. "You like that? You like that? I love bein' older. And you can come over to my house anytime. You can cum on over..."

And I did. For months. I started to call Mitch my "dad". It was the hottest relationship I'd ever been in. And yes, we kept it quiet. I was 14 on the outside but I well into my 40s. It was perfect, though. Our bodies were meant to be together and the fact he was so much bigger than me now was just about the hottest thing ever.

After several months, he approached me one day.

"Why don't you just move in, son? I'm fucking in love with you, Bobby. And I'm not getting any younger," he joked, referring to our near immortality now.

"If I'm going to be 14 forever, I might as well enjoy it," I said as he slipped off my underwear without asking so he could take what was HIS. He slid his dick inside me and took me right there in the living room. He grumbled.

"Yes," I grunted with him still inside me.

"Yes what?" He thrust over and over and I took it no matter how much it hurt. I cried out in joy.

"I'll move in with you, Dad!"

"Great! Then I can fuck you every single day! What do you think of that, Bobby?" He pummeled me. His dick was so huge and didn't quit. I just moaned.

Life was good.

Case File #2.221 and #2,220 - Ryan and Kev

"Alright, let me get another one of you two...perfect."

"Mmmm, hey Kev, could you go get me a beer?"

"Oh uh...sure. Can I have one?"

"No. So stop fucking asking." Ryan told his new little brother seriously. They had completely switched ages. Big and little brother had swapped lives entirely. Ryan was now in his twenties and Kev was 12.

"Hey," Kev said, after bringing his new big brother his beer. "Do you think you could drive me to the mall this weekend?

"Why? You don't have any money, little man."

"I have some left."

"No, you don't. All your money is mine. They put it into my account. They gave me plenty of money to take care of you for the next year at least."

"Have you heard anything about a job?"

"Yeah, I might be getting a mechanic job soon." Ryan cracked open his beer. Kev had mechanic experience but they had programmed Ryan to have the same skills so he could get work after he had aged over ten years in one night.

"That's cool."

"Yeah, it is. By the way, I heard you got in a fight. What the fuck, dude?"

"It wasn't my fault!"

"Yeah, did you win?" He took a drink.

"Sort of. Yeah."

"So what the fuck happened?" Ryan oozed confidence now that he was the big brother.

"He remembered me from before. He's a much bigger kid. We used to be the same age but now he's 16 and I'm 12 so he thought he could get even with me...I used to date an old girlfriend of his and she just liked me better."

"Yeah, you beat up a kid four years older than you?" He took a drink. "I'm proud of you. Good job, man."

"Thanks." He ruffled my hair. Sometimes having a big brother was okay. He knew what it was like to be in my shoes just a few months ago, after all...

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  1. Wow I've gotta hand it to you. You were able to make so many amazing stories under this new world you've created. Favorite one was the last between the 2 brothers.