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A Christmas Witch - Part 2

Alvin was now so little that as he waited for his son to return from his first time driving, he dozed off. It was very late for a little boy and he was no longer a full adult. The body he was in needed far more sleep. Ophelia and Hazel checked in on him after Hazel and Kevin got back, and commented how cute he looked.

"Just like a little angel." said Ophelia.

"A little angel who is used to doing people's taxes. Wait, is that what he does?"

"Among other things, but right now all he's going to do is open his son's...well, his Christmas presents tomorrow morning."

Aunt Clara and Uncle Eddie were visiting and they didn't know anything about witches being in their extended family, so Ophelia and Hazel just acted as if everything was normal. They told Kevin to just go along with things. They mainly watched TV. Then it was time to go to bed and Kevin went to his room but he no longer fit on his tiny kid bed. So he went to Ophelia and she told him to quietly sleep on his dad's bed without waking him up.

The next morning, Kevin and Alvin woke up and they were still in each other's bodies.

"We have to get dressed for breakfast, buddy. You need to wear a tie."

"Do I have to, Daddy? Ties are dumb!"

"Yes, you do! Clara and Eddie are expecting a nice breakfast."

"What about presents! I want to open all my presents, Daddy!"

"Oh. I uh...I think I'm going to have to do that for you. Dammit."

"You said a bad word."


"So you're me and I'm not allowed to say bad words," Kevin said innocently.

"Ugh. FINE. Let's just get this over with. You'll want to put on my suit jacket when we leave. It's chilly out."

"Okay, Daddy."

"Hey, Al. Al. AL!"

"Huh? Oh me! Right. Hi, Uncle Eddie!"

"Uncle? Oh that's cute. Hey, kiddo! You ready to open all your presents?! Look, Santa was here!"

"Oh my gosh, Santa! Santa was here!" Kevin jumped up and down in his adult body.

Alvin, (who his friends and coworkers called Al for short) sighed and tried to show some enthusiasm. "Oh, wow!" he said, but sounded more sarcastic. "Look at what Santa left!"

He opened all the presents he bought Kevin. Kevin, in his dad's body got more excited than Alvin did. It could not end fast enough. There were all sorts of toys. A slinky and a ViewMaster and a model of the Enterprise from Star Trek. Action figures from the Six Million Dollar Man. Finally it was over. They could get on with their Christmas.

"Now don't worry, Kevin, you can play with all your toys when we get home," Aunt Clara said.

"Great," Alvin said, not really caring.

They went to breakfast and Kevin got to order pancakes. Ophelia whispered to Kevin what to pay for the meal and the tip and he counted out the money from his dad's wallet. He felt like a real grownup! He got to pay for everything himself! He smiled. This was the best Christmas ever! For him at least. Daddy wasn't enjoying himself as much. The little boy who was his dad had to now use a booster seat. When he first realized that he would have to use one he almost cried. Just like a little kid would. But he manned up, as it were, and used it so that he could eat with his family. He even ordered one of the kids meals at Ophelia's suggestion.

When they got back home, Alvin watched some TV and then began going through the coloring books he bought for Kevin. They weren't really hard but for some reason they were interesting. He began to color and he lost track of the adults in the other room.

"Al, I got a cigar you're going to love." Uncle Eddie said when they were alone.

"A cigar! I'm not allowed to smoke, Uncle Eddie!"

"What, did your doctor tell you that?"

"No, my dad did!"

"Haha. Very funny, wiseguy. Here. Try this. One of my favorites. Got it down in Yuba City when we went on vacation to Florida last month. You'll love it. Here, let me light it for you!"

Oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh! Kevin's mind raced. What if his dad saw? But he felt a craving he couldn't really describe deep in his lungs once Uncle Eddie mentioned the cigar. He felt like he hadn't smoked in days and that was really bothering him. But he hadn't smoked ever in his whole life! His teachers at school said it was bad and naughty! But Daddy did it so it couldn't be that bad.

Before long, he was listening to Eddie talk about sports, and really enjoying himself. He felt great! He couldn't believe he was smoking one of Daddy's cigars! All the boys at school would be totally jealous of him! He felt very grownup.

Al walked in at that point. He dropped his coloring book in shock. His little boy was smoking cigars with Eddie!

"Hey, sport!" Eddie said. "We're doing some grownup talk here. Why don't you go upstairs and play, little man?"

"But..but but.. I have to..."

"We'll play with you later. Go say hi to Aunt Clara. Your dad and I need to talk."

Al left in his son's body feeling completely inconsolable and angry beyond belief. He went to Ophelia and started shouting but she pulled him outside and told him that Kevin was probably just doing whatever Al normally did in his body and he was just adjusting. They had to go along with things until their relatives had flown the coop.

"Oh, OKAY." Al grumbled, crossing his arms.

"You look like you're a little too Ebenezer for my taste, young man. Cheer up! It's Christmas!"

"Yeah yeah yeah. It's Christmas."

Later that evening, Al approached his "son" and told him that smoking would be okay so long as he realized he was never, ever to do it when he was a little kid again.

"Okay, Daddy. I guess I'll just have to enjoy it while I'm a grownup."

"Yeah, I guess you will," Al said sarcastically.

Later that night, Eddie was putting the baby to sleep. He had a pipe in his mouth that was unlit and he put the baby to bed and saw the music box on the mantle that Kevin had gotten his wish from. He wound it up and listened to it.

"Man, that's pretty. Wish I could be a kid again for Christmas. I bet I'd have way more fun!"

The box unwound and the next thing Eddie knew, all his clothes were enormous, like he was in a sea of blankets.

"Hey, what the hell! What happened here!"

"Who are you?" Hazel asked when she saw the little boy in the living room.

"What do you mean, who am I? Who do I look like??"

"Uh, I dunno, you kind of look like the kid from Lost in Space?"

"Kid? What? This...this is impossible. It's me! Eddie! I must be having a nightmare!"

"Uh, yeah a nightmare. That's it."

"Who is this?" Clara asked coming in, looking at the young boy in the room in Eddie's much too large for him now clothing.

"I'm your husband! This has got to be a bad dream!"

Hazel acted fast and spritzed Clara with a burst of magic. A simple spell to make someone believe everything you say. "This is my nephew. Uh, Eddie. Your husband got sick and is back home. He never came here."

"Of course! Well, I'm going to make some cookies."

Hazel smiled and then put on a very worried face when she left. "Okay. Family meeting! Oh and here." Hazel shrunk Eddie's clothes so they fit again.

Hazel, Ophelia, Kevin in his big adult body and Al in his little kid one met with a now boy version of Eddie.

"So that's the story so far. But it doesn't explain why the music box still works."

"Our sister must have put a more powerful spell on it than we thought. It might be making people wish to be different ages no matter what they want," Ophelia said.

"Influencing them? But why?"

"To get even, most likely. I suspect she blames Al for something and wanted to toy with him but now it remains to be seen how permanent the situation is."

"But I only wished for this to be a week," Al said.

"Yeah, and I wished to be a kid again so I could be one on Christmas. So tomorrow I should be myself again, right?" Eddie asked, still clutching his pipe. Ophelia frowned.

"Little kids shouldn't be holding pipes," Hazel said, taking it from him.

"Hey, that's mine!" Eddie said, sounding very much like an 8 or 9 year old.

"I'll give back it to you after you graduate high school."

"Very funny."

"Actually it really isn't. If the spell doesn't break by itself, we have no way of breaking it for you." Ophelia frowned.

"So let's just all have some eggnog!" Hazel said.

The next day, Kevin had to go to his dad's job for the first time. Dad was sound asleep so Kevin got dressed and went to the car and started it. All by myself! he thought. I'm going to work! I'm the grownup! Cool! He drove all the way to work, carrying a briefcase inside. He felt very powerful and tall and really wanted to smoke but he had forgotten. Inside the office, he met dad's coworker and supervisor, Ben.

"Well hey there, stranger. You have a Merry Christmas, Mr. Smith."

"Huh? Oh, right, that's me. That's so cool. I'm Mr. Smith!"

"Did you have some whiskey without me? Naughty boy." Ben came over and kissed Kevin right on the mouth! Kevin kissed back! He couldn't believe what he was doing! Why was he doing this! Suddenly he remembered his dad began having a gay affair...or rather he did a long time ago, before he was married. He'd always had sex with Ben on the side. Men were much better to actually have sex with. They two men made out for a while. It was the day after Christmas and not that many people were at work. But they had shown up because they were both gunning for promotions.

"Man, I need to smoke," Kevin said, hardly believing what he was saying. There were pipes all along Ben's desk. Ben took one and stuffed it full of Captain Black and handed it to Kevin. Kevin used the lighter and puffed. It was different from the cigar. Much richer and more aromatic. He smiled. If only the sixth grade boys could see him now! He was wearing a big suit and going to Dad's work and smoking! Of course they probably wouldn't be jealous he got to kiss a grown man but he was happy with it.

The rest of the day was fairly boring. He smoked his pipe and worked. It was work. He thought of going home and relaxing with his family. He really wanted to swap back already. All these numbers were so boring! He could do them easily but this wasn't fun at all. He was tired and just wanted to be free from work.

He kissed Ben goodbye before he left and promised him they would go to the lake together. He remembered his father went on special "fishing trips" out there with Ben all the time.

The next week passed. There were no reversions. Eddie and Al woke up every day hoping that they would be adults again but it seems the wording of their wishes didn't matter. A letter arrived from Witch World one day via a magic cat who brought the letter in his mouth, named Mr. Letters.

"These are the only letters I'm allowed to still deliver. And you have NO idea what it takes to get the taste out of my mouth!"

Kevin went ahead and opened it. It was from his mom! Apparently his aunts had requested she lift the spell but she refused. She wanted to punish Kevin's father by forcing him to grow up all over again. Kevin felt a pang of remorse. His mother was selfish to take his childhood away and give it to his father. But at the same time, he was now quite used to being an adult.

Eddie would have to remain with them. His mother hadn't counted on anyone else using the box but there was no magic left in it, so Al would have to go by "Kevin" now and Kevin would have to start thinking of himself as Al.

Kevin broke the news to his father, who was furious.

"And put some clothes on!" he shouted, after going on a five minute tirade. "I don't put a roof over your head so you can sit there and give ME orders! I'm not going to school! I already went to school!"

"Daddy, I have been a grownup for a week now. And I think you're becoming more of a little kid. You act like one more and more each day." Kevin patiently clasped his hands. "Aren't you, son?"

"Don't you dare call me that! I am not! I am not! I'm a grownup! I am I am I am!!!"

"That is it. I've had it. Go to your room now. NOW!" the new Al shouted. He stood up and was a giant. The new Kevin was afraid and ran upstairs. He didn't want Daddy to spank him!

Al, the new Al, smiled. This was going to be okay. He would make sure of it.


"Wow, Al! I can't believe how big your muscles have gotten lately!" Ben said admiring his man. "God you look like a Greek god! It turns me on so much."

"It would turn me on if you got on all fours right now. Why don't you take care of Daddy like he needs."

After Al jizzed into his boyfriend's mouth and made the man choke for a while, he went back into the house. Everyone was gone for the day. The aunts had taken little Kevin and Eddie to the zoo. It was nice to have the kids away for the day so he could play. He worked all the time, after all, and it was hard to have grownup fun. What he remembered of being a kid had faded. Eddie had moved in after they realized that he couldn't any longer be a father and husband. Aunt Clara had been told to simply forget about him, so they told him he ran off to join the circus and she believed it, what with it being magic. And because she didn't have a job, Ophelia gave her enough gold to last for the next 30 years. It was the least they could do.

Al, who used to be Kevin, admired his muscles. All thanks to his mother the witch. He had been exploring magic more and more and had actually discovered he was able to do it now. His mother had arranged that the powers he would get as an adult would transfer over with him to his dad's body. He didn't know why at first, but he was able to make his muscles grow simply by thinking about it. He went to the gym to keep up appearances. Eventually he discovered that the music box granted his wishes even without him having to play it again. He wasn't sure how many wishes he would get. He had simply let his aunts believe there was none left and that he couldn't return his dad and uncle to normal.

"Yeah. It's good to be a grownup," he said, getting a cigar lit as he pushed down Ben to kneel into submission. With every day he felt more and more powerful. And he wasn't going to give that up. A Christmas Witch is a Christmas Witch, after all.

Dad on the meanwhile, was back in school along with Eddie. The last six months had flown by and now they had summer vacation.

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  1. I really like this one. The pictures are very hot and the dialogues are fun to read!