Saturday, November 28, 2015

The Town Where Age Went Crazy - Part 1

Somewhere in the Midwest of the USA, a town exists where the ages of almost every single male has been altered. I am the scientist responsible for this, and I am working continuously to reverse the effects of what I've done. My original research was on the male genome, and I was working in a secret government facility. I had top clearance to do so. My assignment was nothing less than finding ways to make people immortal. I was starting with men because the tests we did on various rays and chemicals were more successful with male test subjects of rats, etc. But the fact is, I did happen upon a discovery that allowed me to charge a particle ray with the ability to disrupt the cell structure of humans. I found a way to target certain elements and what it boiled down to was a way of stopping humans from aging. But one night one of my assistants stole the ray and we caught him almost immediately. He had been paid off by some corporate entity but we had much higher security than he knew about. When we caught him he turned on the machine he was holding. And then he dropped it to smash it when we pulled guns on him. He thought he could just destroy our work to get even but then a red light filled the air around us. He shrank to the size of a bowling ball and before I knew it I was holding him as a baby. The radius of the ray went out all over town. Luckily for us it's a small town of only a few thousand people. Approximately 3.528 males were affected and we immediately quarantined the area and brought in experts in brainwashing (you call them "Men in Black") who were able to make it so that no one would talk about the changes that had taken place. For those affected we decided to keep their original memories so we could hopefully study them. In exchange for their silence, which was not really given as an option as they found it impossible to discuss these events out loud with anyone outside the town, they would receive new personas and identities. The real tough challenge was addressing how a town full of people just went "missing". We faked killing off a certain percentage by saying there were various groups that got caught in tourist activity in other countries during avalanches, mudslides, earthquakes, etc. Others we had to simply tell them that they should say they had new "religious convictions" that meant they could no longer communicate with old friends and family. The people they once knew were told their friends or loved ones were moving. We collected lists and sent Men in Black to roughly 28,000 people around the country, one of our largest operations on record. We had to actually recruit men from the CIA and FBI and erase their memories once they were done erasing other people's memories. My job is not easy, folks. We sent most of the women out to towns across America via relocation because their ages hadn't changed and they were still recognizable. As for the men, well we were able to give them all new identities. The names you see here are their new names, the names they will go by from now on. Because we ended their relationships (for the most part, with few exceptions) with any of the unchanged women, it was decided that the men would predominantly be changed to a homosexual preference. The government had tried this out before. We had to change the brain ever so slightly. Studies would prove if it would be feasible to deploy worldwide to combat the population explosion. The town would be seen as a possible "gay resort" in the future. The government brass also wanted us to try to up the number of smokers in town to see if the effects of stasis could combat the effects of smoking and so far it's been successful. The men in town can now smoke as much as they please without ill harm coming to them, so we made a majority of the population smokers and will continue our study.

I am continuing to restore the project, but it is a huge debacle. Here I will record some of the stories of the men whose ages have changed. The good news is none of them are aging any further. That part has stopped. None of them can grow any older. Some of them are far younger or older than they started out, and would love nothing more than to go back to their original ages. Some of them are happier for their lot and have requested to keep their new identities, which we will abide by. We are working vigorously to change back the ones that have requested we do so. But until then we will interview them for posterity.

Case Numbers #345, 531, and 1,669: (from left to right) Clive, Jason, and Ben

Ben used to be a 74 year old with a permanent limp. That was gone now. His old friend Clive, formerly 78 was now equally young. His grandson Jason was now much older, and had gone from 20 to 65. We talked with these three about their recent experience. Log file 193390

Ben: I fucking love life now. Don't have to get no new hip that's for goddamn sure!
Clive: Yeah, and I don't have to listen to my wife nag about my cigars anymore. I actually like this being gay thing! Shit, men are way better to live with I tell you that much. I had to listen to such nagging over the years. Glad it's over.
Ben: Yeah, besides which I'm a better lay.
Clive: Yeah you fucking are, with your tight hole!
Jason: I don't have to go to school anymore and I own the golf course here, which is pretty cool. I like being a grown up but it's hard to get around like I used to. I can't run and play and jump around. That part kinda sucks.
Ben: Cheer up, kiddo. You're a grown man, now, and you can do what you like, right? You wanna go to the new strip club downtown? They got some real fuckin hot guys down there now.
Jason: Sure thing! At least I can get a fuckin beer now!

Case Number: #2.110:  Hunter

Hunter used to be a 42 year old man. His current age is now 19. Log file 021800

So uh, I don't know what to say. This is a good week. I used to 42..I managed and owned a whole grocery store but in exchange for youth and a new identity I'm now working as a low end clerk at the cigar store. Well, there's actually three cigar stores now! Every man in town is a bonafide cigar smoker now.

Apart from that change, I'm constantly fucking horny. All I can think about is getting my dick sucked. It's weird. I used to own a house and then I realized I had to pay rent to live in it from the kid who used to work for me. He's now 50 and he owns this cigar store and the grocery store. I used to boss him around and now he bosses me around. The pay off is my dick doesn't quit. I'm at full mast all the fucking time. I can jack off or fuck for ten rounds a day. It's amazing. And look at my hot body. Who wouldn't want to fuck me or get fucked by me? Fuck I love looking at myself and my hot 19 year old body. Thankfully my new "boss" is also my new sugar daddy. I get to keep living in the house I live in. I don't pay rent now because he takes it out of my ass. Honestly, I thought I would have more problems with this but I'm so fucking sex crazed I don't give a fuck that I'm no longer middle aged.

Case Numbers #118 and 2.567: Taylor and Tyler

Logfile: 201877

Taylor: We're best friends.
Tyler: That's right, ever since we were 13 years old.
Taylor: Which was a few months ago.
Tyler: I love it. It's so awesome being 36.
Taylor: Fuck yeah, they made us businessmen. My dad used to spank the hell out of me and now he's 8 years old and I can push him around like it's nothing. I'm big as fuck now, I got a big manly life is pretty awesome.
Tyler: Plus we're together now and sex is fucking awesome.
Taylor: The first time we had sex was mind blowing. Mentally I'm still 13, even if those guys gave us all the business knowledge they did.
Tyler: My dad is 70 now and he hates it, but he's good with me being a grown up because it means he can retire in peace. He doesn't have to provide for me anymore.
Taylor: The beard makes me feel so grown up. I love my life now.
Tyler: Me too.
Taylor: My dad complains but when he does I just backhand him the way he used to with me.
Tyler: Fuck yeah. Gotta show em who's boss!

Case Number: #1,992: Nicky

 I used to be 8 and now I'm 65. I kind of like it but I don't like being fat. I miss my friends in third grade but the entire town is all different now and a lot of my old friends are now working jobs. I'm way fatter than them. I also smoke cigars now, which feels both good and weird. Being fat is the weirdest thing, though, having all this flab everywhere. My dad is now 16 and had a big attitude about going back to high school but I laid down the law. I'm not fucking 8 anymore. Just do as I say, because it's my roof now. You wanna live under my roof, you follow my rules.I kind of miss playing frisbee with my friends but most of them are grownups now anyway. Frisbee is for kids. Who needs frisbee when you can jack off?


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