Friday, November 27, 2015

I Got the Wishbone

My name is Darren and I'm ten years old. It's November 26th, 1980. My friends and I dressed up on Halloween and I wanted to be an army guy but instead my dad gave me this because he's a cop. It was really cool, because he went dressed in some of my clothes, so our Halloween costumes were each other. My dad is a cop so he's real proud of me because I said I wanted to be a cop just like him.

Then Thanksgiving was the next holiday and I love it because the whole family comes to our house. We have a big house and I love it when my cousins come. But this time was different because Ken was pushing me around and I hated it. He thinks he's a big shot because he's in high school now and he wasn't any fun at all. My dad yelled at me for fighting with him, I got blamed but it was all his fault and he pretended like it wasn't.

Dinner was really awful because I felt like my aunt and uncle were mad at me because of the lie he told. I got the chance to make a wish on the wishbone, though. Ken and I got to pull on it and I got the bigger piece.

"Whatever, it doesn't work anyway." he said.

"You wouldn't say that if you were the one that got the big piece," my mom said. I laughed. I kept my wish to myself. I wish I was bigger than Ken! I thought. And I thought it over and over all evening.

My dad took me aside that night and we went outside and looked at the stars.

"So, what did ya wish for, kiddo?"

"Oh, nothing," I said.

"Don't mumble son."

"Sorry, dad. But if I tell you, what if it doesn't come true?"

"Son, can I see that wishbone? Please?"

I got it out of my pocket and handed it over to him.

"This is a good wishbone, but I have one more for you. But it only works if you say the wish out loud. So tell me what your wish is, son, so I know what you want."

I laughed. "Are you kidding? I mean I know it's stupid but..."

"Son, it's not. Look, son. I got a few wishbones from the carnival last October and I know it sounds crazy but they actually work. I've tried a few out. I got a bag of them from some old woman and I heard a few weird things about the carnival after but all I know is, things changed. My life got better. I'm the chief of police now."

"Dad, you've been chief for years. Ever since I was a baby."

"No, son. Before the wish I was just another cop. They change reality, see? Tell me what you want." He bent over and looked at me and I was shy and stuff. "I wanna be bigger than Ken. Like, real big. As big as you."

Dad held up the wishbone. I smiled. I pulled it and I got the bigger piece.

"Now, run upstairs and brush your teeth. I can't wait to see how tomorrow turns out." Dad smiled kinda weird.

I went upstairs and thought about how awesome it would be if it were real, but it wasn't...

And then I woke up and could feel my toes in the air. Which was weird. Because my feet were over the end of the bed but I could feel the headboard.

I got up and I was tall...real tall. I was shocked. I opened my door and I was almost as tall as the door! I walked into the bathroom. I had to be six feet tall at least. And I looked around 18 or 20. Maybe older. I nearly fainted. Mom called me and I rushed out the door and I ran into my room. She knocked on the door.

"Uh, just a minute!" Oh man my voice is different now! I hope she doesn't think I'm a robber!

"Dear, remember we're going to breakfast so put on a suit."

I don't have a...wait. I opened my closet door and saw all my kid clothes had vanished. There were new clothes there, adult sized ones. I found some underwear, pants, a dress shirt, suit and a tie. I knew how to tie a tie and do it quickly. I didn't know how to do it before!

I stumbled outside and my dad was there.

"Wow. SON?"

"Dad, am I dreaming?"

"No. But everyone else will have a different view now. I think you are changing reality. I didn't used to remember being a one time teenage father but now I remember knocking your mother up when I was only 17."

"Dad, you shouldn't be talking to me about sex with mom."

"Oh, loosen up, son. You're a grown up now. Geez. Come on, let's go get some grub. You wanna drive?"

"Really??" My eyes went wide as he handed me the keys.

At the restaurant, everyone treated me like a grown up. It's so weird being called "sir" now. But somehow it was all ok. I adapted. Everyone was talking to me about how college was and I realized I was a freshman in college. Wow. Time sure flies!

And Ken was WAY smaller than me now! He looked up to me and wanted to follow me everywhere. He was asking me how to talk to girls and I admit I was pretty smug about the fact I'd had sex since I was his age, and that I lost my virginity to an older girl. He hates that, it makes him feel like just a boy. Heh. I'm so confident now. I never knew being grown up would feel this way. I mean a lot of kids my age don't have confidence. I think it's because they don't come from good families and I'm grateful I do.

I wished I could be a little bigger, though. I told dad I was going to major in criminal justice, like he did. He was so proud of me! I got a hug and he called me a chip off the old block.

Day 2 after my change was Saturday and as soon as I woke up I knew I'd grown even more. I had a lot more bulk. I got up and felt how hard I was. My dick was at full mast and I realized I hadn't properly jacked off since my "shift" through realities. So as I was doing so, I realized that I needed to get to the station soon. Working for my dad was a big deal and we had to make sure that I was going to be in top form. Which I was. Putting on my uniform over my big muscles I felt new memories. I definitely didn't lie about losing my virginity but I was all man and liked...well, let's just say being a cop had its advantages in cruising.

"What's up, boys?" I asked coming in that morning. I felt so good. So cocky and arrogant. On top of the world. My father was now my big brother. I had followed in his footsteps. My mother was calling me Darren but my grandmother was calling me son now. I was at least 27. I was bigger than Ken and even bigger than my dad.

I spend my day in a cop car doing the job I'd dreamed of just days before as a fourth grader. It was exhilarating. I pulled over a former teacher of mine that didn't remember me very well. I had always thought he was a little poofy, I mean the guy taught grade school and had a penchant for sewing. I smiled. I asked him if he liked cops. I asked him if he thought I looked good. He got nervous. I told him I wanted him bad. And to follow my car and I'd let him suck off my massive dick. I knew just the place, there was an abandoned building area up on a hill no one would be near. It was still holiday season and people wouldn't be out this early very much. I had found the cocksucker of my dreams.

"Oh hell yeah, get on that dick! I'm teaching you now, son. Fuck yes, you and I are gonna be real good friends. Suck me. Suck. Suck...oh god...OH GOD! OH MY GOD! OH MAN! I love being a grown up!"

I guess that's where I should say what I'm grateful for. I'm grateful I'm a hot fucking cop with a new hot cocksucker who is gonna swallow my seed. I'm grateful for my former dad who is now my big brother and I'm grateful most of all for that carnival coming into town for making a real man out of me. Best. Thanksgiving Day. EVER!

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