Thursday, October 29, 2015

Mikey's Halloween Journal

October 17th, 1979

My name is Mikey. I live with my Mommy and Daddy. They are very nice. My daddy is a driver and my mommy works at a nail salon. I am starting this diary (or journal…daddy says boys keep journals) because my mommy thinks I can practice my writing. I am 9 years old and I am in fourth grade. I like baseball and baseball cards and I also really like watching TV with my parents. My favorite shows are Fantasy Island with Ricardo Montalban and Dukes of Hazard. Halloween is coming up and I am very excited. I have Halloween toys my mommy and daddy got me because I love it way more than Christmas, although Christmas is also really good because you can get presents. My daddy says we are going to go to a carnival soon! I’m very excited. I love the carnival. We went last year but I couldn’t go on some of the rides because I was still a little kid and daddy said hopefully this year I was tall enough. Well I guess that’s all. I also have to go pick out a costume with mommy later this week. 

October 19th, 1979

Okay I’m back and I went to the costume store and it was very very fun. I got a Frankenstein costume because I think Frankenstein is very cool. My parents let me watch the old black and white movie about Frankenstein. I wanted to watch Alien because they brought it back to the theater because it’s scary but my mommy won’t let me because she says it’s got too much I can’t handle, which I don’t think is true because I’m a big kid now. Besides, Bobby and Darren saw it because their dads took them and they said it was so cool. But like I said I’m going to be Frankenstein. I asked Bobby what he was going to be and he said he was he was going to go as an alien but not the aliens from the movie Alien. He’s going to be a Martian or something that is easier to make. Darren is going as an army guy because his mom said he could carry his toy rifle around with him. We are going to go trick or treating together. I don’t think they are going to the carnival, though because it’s a few towns over. We are going next week.

October 24th, 1979

Daddy got into an argument with mommy today. They yelled at each other and I pretended to be asleep but I wasn’t. They argued because daddy keeps going to the bar on his motorcycle and drinking and mommy doesn’t like it and she thinks he is being bad. Daddy is very unhappy and I’m sad too, so maybe he will feel better if we go to the carnival. It is cool that my dad has a motorcycle and a car and also drives his truck around town. When I grow up I want to drive all of those things, too.

October 25th, 1979

Daddy took me with him for a few deliveries. He wanted to talk to me. He said he might be living somewhere else soon. I knew what he meant, it means he and mommy will get a divorce. I started crying and he stopped the truck and started yelling at me. He yelled I needed to stop being such a fucking (I am not supposed to use this word but this is the word he used) crybaby and did I want to be a fucking pussy and I said no. I stopped crying and he told me that we’d have fun soon at the carnival. He also said men aren’t supposed to cry and I was a little man and his son and I shouldn’t cry so much. 

October 26th, 1979

I got to go to Bobby’s house today but when my daddy didn’t pick me up, Mr. Smith had to drive me back home. They tried calling but there was no answer. Daddy wasn’t home and mommy was. She said she just got home and apologized. When daddy came home they yelled and screamed because he had been drinking again and was at the bar and forgot to pick me up. Mommy was really mad. She said How could you How could you! How could you, Rocky! Daddy said she was raising me to be a big crybaby and if he was my age he would have just walked home. She yelled at him again and he hit her and it made me cry because I could hear it and she cried a lot and then daddy left. I came out and hugged her and it was really bad so I made some cocoa to make her feel better. I wish daddy wouldn’t do these things. I hate it and I feel terrible all the time. I went to bed and my mommy barely said anything to me except that daddy had been in Vietnam and it had made him really unhappy when he was there and he still got really sad and mad.

October 28th, 1979

Sunday night. We went to the carnival tonight. It was bad because mommy didn’t go. She said I should just have fun with daddy. She was very sad and just laid down on the couch. Daddy was in a really good mood so I was too. 

We got to the carnival and daddy was in a good mood. He got me popcorn and funnel cake and we ate hot dogs together too. My daddy is nice when he wants to be and I wish it could be like this all the time. So then he got me to go on some of the rides but not all of them because I’m not tall enough yet for the rollercoasters. I told daddy its ok because we can still go to the haunted house. 

The haunted house had mirrors and we were on this car that went around the track. And there were skeletons that popped out. There were some hidden doors and would open and people with masks would pop out. But then daddy actually got scared for a minute and we both laughed. 

So then daddy got some beer and mixed in some whiskey which he keeps in a flask. He talked about how he still loved me but he and mommy had lots of problems and he wanted me to be happy so in a weird way he had to leave for me to be happy. I started to get sad and cry but he said no remember what I told you, big boys don’t cry. So he drank some more and the more he drank he started to snap at me. He started yelling at me that it was all my fault and he wished he and mommy had never had me, it could have been like it was before, when he was young and he could do anything. I ran away because he hurt my feelings and all I could think of was I wanted to cry.

That’s when I saw the other haunted house. And it was kind of outside the fairgrounds. I ran past the gate and my daddy was yelling and running after me. I looked behind me and he was yelling for me to come back right now and he yelled he was gonna kill me. It was a huge ride but there was no line in front but there was a giant smiling devil head looking down over the door. The door opened and I walked in. 

Inside the haunted house there was another car and the room was large and had all this green light but I didn’t see any light bulbs. So I got in one of the seats and daddy walked in as I disappeared into the tunnel. I couldn’t see him but I could hear him. There weren’t any other people on the ride though, it was just me and daddy was behind me, saying he was gonna get me. It was weird because there were lines on all the other rides except this one. So then the car went around and all of a sudden I went by a graveyard and it was like a real graveyard. It was very scary but I couldn’t leave the ride. There was a U-turn and I could see daddy coming around as I was ahead of him and there was a green ghost riding with him like the kind they have at Disneyland but there was no green ghost in my car. I went into another tunnel. 

The next room there was a swamp and it was also very real looking. 

“MIKEY!” my dad yelled. He sounded scared.

I saw some monsters I thought in the swamp (I saw one of them splashing in the water and it looked like the Creature from the Black Lagoon) and then the car went into another dark tunnel and when it came out I was in a scientists lab. The scientists were all ghouls and had dead faces and they smiled at me in zombie faces and lab coats. There were some doors that said TOP SECRET and I went into the last room which had a narrow tunnel but with windows on the side. It looked like they were filled with water but there were some weird shapes of creatures like monster or aliens or I don’t even know how to describe them. Lots of tentacles. Lots of eyes. They looked real but weird. I heard Daddy yelling again. 

Then there was a giant eyeball at the end of the tunnel and it looked really really real! It looked down on me. Then the car came back to the first room with the green light. The bar opened up and I got up and out of the car and it moved on and I noticed something strange which was I was wearing different clothes than when I came in. I was wearing steel toed boots and a leather jacket which smelled like cigarette smoke. I put a hand on my face. I had hair on my face. Like I had a mustache. I wondered how they had put a fake mustache on me when I wasn’t looking and then daddy’s car came out and he looked up at me. But he wasn’t there and a little boy was and he got out of the car. 

“Excuse me sir, but have you seen my son?”

“What do you mean? You aren’t old enough to have a son!” I laughed, looking down on him. I realized how weird it was that he was a kid and I was taller than him. 

“Hey. What’s going on here? You…where’s my son! Mikey! MIKEY!!”

“I’m right here. Have you seen my daddy? His name is Gavin Petersen.”

The little boy’s eyes went real wide.

“NO FUCKING WAY! Hey What the FUCK IS THIS?” He looked at his own body, dressed in the clothes I had been dressed in. 

“I think we should go outside,” I said. “Come on. I can help you find your dad. Maybe he’s with my dad. How old are you?”

“This has to be a fucking dream,” he said following me. “I’m thirty-five fucking years old but I’m dressed like my kid.”

We went out of the haunted house and I walked for a bit and looked down on him. And then looked back and the entire ride was gone. I mean all of it. It was huge. The giant devil head was gone. 

“Daddy? Is that you?”

He looked up at me. “Mikey?” He seemed like he’d gone running, his breathing was really fast. 

“Yeah it’s me. Is that you, daddy? We switched clothes, look!”

“You…you grew up!”

“What are you talking about, daddy?” And then it finally dawned on me. “Wait. My voice! It’s deep! It’s so different now! I almost forgot about that! You always say you can’t wait for my voice to change! And now…”

“Now I’m a kid again. And you’re a grown up.”

“Did you do this, daddy?”

He looked up at me and started screaming. “No I didn’t do this! How the fuck would I change you into a fully grown man in my clothing and change myself into a boy again! How the fuck would I do that! What the fuck is your mother teaching you!?”

“Don’t be mean! It’s not nice. Why can’t you just be nice?”

“Don’t you tell me what to fucking do! Don’t you dare! Who the FUCK do you think you are!”

“I’m your son and now I’m taller than you so be nice to me.” I picked him up and thought it was funny that he looked at me and was scared all of a sudden. “Now be NICE! Or ELSE I’ll make sure you…I’ll…I’ll do what you used to do!” I yanked him around and he screamed and I held him by his feet upside down. “Are you gonna be good!?”


“STOP SAYING THAT WORD!” I was amazed at how authoritative my voice sounded. “You’re just a kid now and I’m the adult. And I say you don’t say bad words and you be nice and if you don’t like it I’ll give you a smack across the mouth!” That is what daddy always says to me so now I’m saying it.

Just then we heard this evil laugh all around us. The wind was blowing. I saw the haunted house again. It blurred and appeared in the distance at the edge of the field and the big devil head grinned and then it disappeared again. 

I let my dad go. He was really angry. 

“This is all just some dream. I’m having a blackout from the liquor.”

I needed a cigarette, I realized. Really badly. I fished one out from my pocket and lit up. I realized it was unusual but it also felt really right. 

“You’re not allowed to smoke! You’re only nine years old, Mikey!”

“It’s Michael,” I said absentmindedly. “We’re going home. You’re being a brat and your mother isn’t going to like what I have to say about this at all.” I took a deep drag and the tobacco calmed me Nothing like that nicotine rush when dealing with my son. I realized he was my son now and that things had changed. I didn’t drink a whole lot, except a beer with the boys on occasion but I never ignored my family or got angry with them. Real men don’t abuse their families. 

“Come on, let’s get back to the car.” He began to protest so I turned him around. “Look, I know what’s gotten into you but you gotta get over it. That haunted house changed things and it changed me pretty quick. I’m thinking a lot more clearly now.” I took a drag. “So this is the way it’s gonna be, Gavin. You’re gonna be good and go to school tomorrow and be a good boy and I’m going to go make deliveries with UPS and we’re gonna be a happy family together. You’re not gonna grow up to be an abusive alcoholic dipshit and I’m going to raise you right. We’re getting a new shot to be happy.” I blew smoke into the night air. I held his shoulders and gave them a rub. “I love you, buddy. We’re gonna be a lot better off. It’s supposed to be this way. Come here.” I held him in my arms and he cried. 

“I was supposed to be the daddy.” He whimpered and cried. 

“I know, but you weren’t doing a very good job. So whoever was in charge of that house decided to give you a Halloween present. It’s better this way. Come on. Let’s go home.” I picked him up and he laughed as I carried him on my big, strong shoulders for a little while as I walked across the midway. I was a lot taller now, I could tell, taller than I had been by far. What was I now, 6 foot 6 inches? Or five maybe. It was tall. I look like my dad did, only taller and a little more handsome.

We got back to the car and I bent down to look at my stubble filled face. I looked tough but handsome. Full black hair still, tall, strong chin. Yeah, I could live with this, I thought with a smile. I fished the keys out of my pocket and before I knew it Gavin was asleep in the back while I drove home. I was on auto pilot. I perfectly knew everything that I needed to about driving and a whole lot of other stuff. I even knew how to pay taxes and how to lift weights. There was a gym downtown and I went there a few times a week after making deliveries.

I got home and told my wife that Gavin had had a little bit too much stimulation and could use a bit of a rest. I also told her I wanted to ground him for acting up again but she said I should make a deal not to ground him if he raked leaves around the house and did chores. 

“See, this is why I love you. You’re such a good mom.” I kissed her deeply, knowing reality had been changed and she had once been my mother. But now we were a family still, and we weren’t going to be apart and that was the important thing. I put Gavin to bed and made love to my new wife for the first time and loved every bit of it. I mean when I saw how big my new was, I was so surprised but knew what to do. I couldn’t believe how hot my mom was. And she loves that I call her mommy when I fuck her. I just knew I wanted to tear apart her pussy all night long…playing the Rolling Stones while I’m inside her. This is the life!

October 31st, 1979

Gavin’s Journal

Daddy took me trick or treating tonight. It was so cool. I went as Frankenstein’s monster. Daddy said he was proud of me for being good and doing all my chores and he said he would take me to see Alien before the theater stopped showing it and I hugged him so hard. He went with me as the Hulk! He painted himself green. He is so big and strong I want to be just like him someday. I know it used to be different but I don’t remember being a daddy much anymore and I love watching him be my daddy. It’s a lot more fun and I got so much candy tonight! He lifted me up in the air a few times. He loves me so much and he and mommy will be together and I am very happy. I’m glad we went to the carnival. 

I guess it’s going to be weird because I kind of remember being a kid before and a grown up but it’s like all I can think of is how much I love school and how fun it is. I love hanging out with my friends and I love class and I love recess. 

My name is Gavin and my daddy’s name is Michael and I am nine years old and I hope everyone had a very good Halloween this year because me and my daddy definitely did.

PS all the photos in the house of me and daddy changed so they all have me as his son and him as my daddy, and here's a photo of what my daddy looks like..he was a little boy but he makes a much better daddy in my opinion and also I love him and I love Halloween!


  1. Love this story and all your other Halloween ones! They're always instant classics in my book. Plus I always love your role reversals!

  2. It's great to see your new story. Love your work as always.