Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Myostat Syndrome

"Look at how much I can eat now! It's so cool!"

I was still dumbfounded and in shock by my brother Kenny. He was only ten but already looked twice as old. It all had happened so fast. It was like some kind of fever dream. But the news stories didn't lie. The phenomenon had happened across America. One out of every 100 boys aged between ten and fifteen had caught the mutation, which had been the result of chemical exposure. The government denied that it had tested it on the populace but even the most conservative pundits had been giving over to the popular theory that this was someone in the military playing with our kids lives, and the numbers were increasing. It used to be one in every 500 boys aged 10 to 15. Now it was one in 100. The estimates were that every boy in America would turn into a mini hulk by 2040. That puberty was somehow how a massive overdrive of muscle building meant that someone had figured out a way to toy with myostatin so it could target specifically the muscles of the arms, chest, legs, and torso, but not the major organs, which was always the main concern with lab mice they had tested.

And then Kenny had started to outgrow his clothes and one day he came in and I realized he was an inch taller than he had been a week before. We had him diagnosed. He had the contagion known as Myostat Syndrome. After that you couldn't wipe the grin from his face. Every night at dinner was a new adventure for him. It didn't help that I was underdeveloped, a senior in high school who wasn't openly gay, and as Kenny grew, deeply ashamed of my feelings of inadequacy as I compared myself to him. Kenny grew bolder and bolder, experimenting with weights that dad made him out of bricks and milk jugs full of sand. We couldn't afford a lot but it was all he needed and the doctors told us that it would be the best thing for his body, since the urge to accelerate was going to be very strong over the next few weeks.

"Hey Roger, can you come work out with me today? Dad is gonna be at work all night."

"I don't even know how to lift weights," I said honestly. "I'm studying for my AP chem test, but I'll sit in for a little while if you want."

"Okay," he said. There was no trace of any of the superiority or arrogance other guys my age had experienced with their brothers becoming like Hercules over a few months. There were a few of us, three seniors and two juniors that the school had set up as a support group. We all had each other's numbers and everything, in case of emergency. Bobby Kay had been the one that needed us the most. He was an average guy, one of the few class clowns you can't help but love and I honestly think he could actually make a career out of comedy one day. His brother is the size of a fucking wrestler and beat him up because he "ran off his mouth again". The abuse was so bad he asked the state to make him an emancipated minor, and they did so. He is now living with friends of family in another state. We all came to visit him in the hospital. We understood more than anyone what it was like to live with that fear. Well, except me. Kenny was the model of being nice. When I told him about Bobby he cried his eyes out because he thought I would think he's a monster. Instead I cradled his head in my arms and told him that wasn't true. That he had a choice to be good just like everyone else, and that being big and strong just meant he had to make that choice sooner than most.

A few hours later he showed off to me. He showed me his bricks and his jugs of sand and all of his push up routine that he'd learned. I felt bad we couldn't get him a real gym membership but we were on a limited budget.

"Roger, I know Dad told me about girls and all but...I have a question," he said, after he finished a set. "There were these girls on the way home that yelled that I looked hot. Do you you think I can do grown up stuff now that I look grown up?"

"We have talked about sex with you. So did the doctors. Just because you can doesn't mean you should."

"But I can, like, I can masturbate now. I do it all the time!"

"I don't think...look, I'm your big brother and I think you're a bit young for that. You'll have plenty of time later. It's just, your body is older so it's weirder for you and it's going to be lonely. Girls your age aren't advanced enough to have sex yet but they can't ask you to go ahead into a grade you aren't prepared for's just kind of a mess. You have a grown up body and a ten year old mind."

"Roger, can I ask you something else?"

"Sure, buddy."

"Do you like girls?" Oh god.

"Uh...why do you ask?"

"Cause I went on your computer and you were looking at tumblr and there were all these guys with muscles."

"Oh. Okay. Great. Yes, Kenny I'm gay. Please don't tell Mom and Dad. I'm going to do that but not for a while."

"Why? I don't care. Ellen Degeneres is gay and Mom watches her."

I smiled. "I know. And that's great. It's just it's really personal. I'm...not very good at dating yet. I just got accepted into Notre Dame. That means that no matter what, I can help our family and that has to come first."

"Do you think I look hot?"

"Uh, Kenny, look're my brother. Okay? I am supposed to protect you from bad people and I would be a bad person if I were to look at you that way."

"You're not bad. It's just I know you like looking at me," he said, smiling a bit arrogantly.

"This conversation is over."


The years passed. I came home from college four years later. Kenny had grown up quite a lot at the age of 14.

"What do you think? Do you like my tattoos? Aren't they cool??"

My mother sighed. "You can thank your uncle for that. His friend owns a tattoo shop and did them for free. I wish he had consulted with me first."

"Oh come on, Mom. They look so awesome! I love them so much!"

"I think it was kind of inevitable. Kenny has wanted tattoos ever since he was five. I remember the rub on ones, he was obsessed with them."

"I remember those!" Suddenly he was hugging me and lifting me up in the air. "I'm so glad you're finally home for good!"

"Well, sort of." He was still holding me mid-air. "Uh, could you let me down?"

"Oh, right. Sorry." Par for the course in our family. My loving giant of a 14 year old brother.

"Um, I got a job lined up but it's out of state. I won't be staying too long. Next month I start work at a pharmaceutical company. I'll be sending you guys as much money as I can out of my paycheck."

My brother's look was crestfallen. He went into the backyard without saying a word to me.

"You should go follow him, dear," my mother told me.

In the backyard there was now a huge weight set. Over the years various relatives had donated to make it happen. My brother was doing bicep curls with a few hundred pounds like it was nothing. Meanwhile I was still a hundred thirty pounds soaking wet.

"Hey. Um."

"You can't leave," he huffed. "I decided. You have to stay." He lifted more and more, his gargantuan body moving in line with his lift movements.

"Buddy, I...look..."

"No, you look." He put the weight down. "I miss you! You only come home for holidays and you have this whole exciting life and you're just gonna keep leaving."

"I'm doing this for you guys. Dad is still a security guard. And it's dangerous, he shouldn't even still be doing it. Mom is still breaking her back at the store. You knew from the beginning I had to do whatever it took."

"What if I join the army? They made it so Myostat kids can join early."

"I know they did. We all know why. They're the ones that did this. They want a nation that's healthier to compete with other countries and poor Myostat kids are perfect for recruitment. It's for desperate families. You can do anything with your life!"

"I want to be with you! Can I move in with you?"

"It doesn't work that way."

"Well if I tell Mom and Dad I'm getting a job in your new town they can't stop me and guys here in town already wanted me to do construction but Dad wouldn't let me. I could have done it!"

Fucking labor laws. Myostat kids could now start legally working any job at the age of 13. Of course most of them have to drop out of school to do so...

"Yes, but if you graduate high school you won't be stuck doing manual labor for the rest of your life. I'm saying all this because I love you."

He huffed and looked angry. "Do you like looking at me now? Now that I'm a grownup with huge fucking pecs? Huh?" He walked over to me and made his pecs dance. "You like that, huh?"

"What the hell has gotten into you?"

"Nothing, except I finally had sex and it was awesome."

"Oh God. You are 14. You are not old enough for that!"

"So I should wait like you? You're still a virgin, aren't you?"

"This conversation is over..." I began to walk away and he swung me around and kissed me. I tried fighting him.

"I had sex with a guy. He thought I was his age. What do you think of THAT?" He stormed back into the house. I tried to make my boner go down but couldn't.

The next few days were tense. Kenny wouldn't look at me or talk to me. Finally, after the weekend came he knocked on my door.

"Dad says he wants you to take me into town for some new clothes for school."

When we were in my car, he said "You know, if you let me I could drive and no one would know that I'm not supposed to."

"Except for the fact that you don't have a license. And if you get pulled over I would go to jail for letting a minor drive. All Myostat kids are in the system and all they have to do is scan your face."

"Well you just have an answer for everything! Huh!"

Nothing like a sullen hulking monster of a 14 year old who was three times my size. Luckily, my brother had never mistreated me or tried to power trip me. Instead he had developed a crush on me, pardon the pun. And he was either gay or bi.

At the mall, Kenny received a lot of attention from the girls at the clothes shops. He smiled and showed me he had gotten used to it. It was all old hat to him now, and he showed off a muscle or two just for effect.

"He's 14," I said. His smile deflated.

"Ohhhh! Well I'm glad you told me, You know we have a bunch of muscle T's with Disney characters on them over here," she motioned towards a rack. Kenny threw me a look of death. I had just ruined his fun pretending to be an adult spree.

At home that night I heard the clanking of his dumbbells down below my window. He was grunting like an animal and my boner was at full mast. I started watching some porn to relieve the tension when he suddenly came into my room! He closed the door behind him as I got into my pants and quickly zipped.

"Dude, you must be really horny for me. Yup yup yup, not hard to see why, I'm only fucking huge and everything."

"Well I guess it's good that you aren't trying to pummel me. I guess there's that."

"When are you gonna admit it! Admit you think I'm hot!"

"Kenny, I'm your brother and if I do anything with you it's only going to scar you."

"Oh PLEASE Roger, I'm not a baby! I mean look at me!" He threw off his sweaty shirt and flared all his muscles. "You can't tell me you don't want me anymore."

"'re beautiful. But that's not the point." And then he kissed me again. He kept doing that.

"I love you and you love me." He picked me up and wrapped my legs around his waist. "I want to be inside you. Like I was with the man I met. He had a car and he sucked on my dick in a parking lot."

"That shouldn't turn me on," I whispered. He kissed me some more. He put me on my bed and took off his pants and underwear. He was eight inches. My brother's dick was nearly dwarfing mine.

"Take off your pants." he ordered. I did so. I hated myself for it but I did so. He yanked off my underwear himself. It was like a grown man undressing a child, he was so much bigger than me. He bent me over. "Do I need a condom?"

"No, I've never done anything. But I have some oil. In the backpack, pocket on the right."

"So you do want to have sex after all!" I stood there quivering. What the hell was I doing. We were alone in my room. My parents were out for the evening. He kissed me again and I felt his strength and hardness and wanted him to dominate me. I yearned for it. He slapped me on the ass hard. "Alright, LITTLE bro. I know you're older but you're the little bro here so I'm gonna fuck you now." He put his fingers up my hole and I gasped. I bent over my bed as he explored my anal cavity. "I watched a lot of porn so I know what I'm doing." His freshly oiled monster dick hit my ass crack and then slowly made its way over to my hole. I gasped and nearly cried as he fit it inside, shoving way too hard way too fast!


He slid it in further. I cried.

"Is that good? You like it?"

"Yes, yes yes yes yes, god yes yes YES YES YES!" With every yes he thrust inside me over and over and over.

After an hour he wasn't really tired but I explained my hole was exhausted. So he asked me to suck him off since he had a lot more cum where that came from. He knew what he wanted to do and had especially wanted to do it since a grown man had given him his first blow job.

I didn't want to displease him. Let's just say I didn't have much of a gag reflex and my brother's dick is huge as fuck so I was able to get it in a little bit. He creamed inside my mouth and I swallowed all of it like manna.

He held me in his arms the way a father holds a child. We basked together in the afterglow of what we'd done.

"Can I come live with you now?"

"We would have to talk to Mom and Dad and you would have to enroll in school. But not yet. Wait a few months. Then we'll convince them that living in the city would let you spend time with more Myostat kids. They probably won't go for it."

"They can't say no, I'm a grownup now."

"You look like a grownup. They still have legal rights," I cuddled inside his massive arms. "But even if we have to wait, it's okay. Though maybe you should consider staying. You could fuck every gay guy in the tri county area if you wanted to."

"I only want you, though!"

"Yeah but you'll expand your horizons someday." He kissed me to shut me up. Something told me this was far from over...


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