Saturday, September 5, 2015

Chronivac Industries Presents: When Things Go Wrong PART 2

Occasionally, there are a few unsatisfied customers that result from either other people owning Chronivacs or from customers making unspecific changes in their lives. Chronivac Industries does not take any liability for certain situations such as damaged Chronivac units or usage of other users that keep your awareness of the changes you have undergone. We do, however, have certain legal limitations such as the forced use of turning someone into an inanimate object or full on animal with reduced life expectancy being banned. Apart from that, we urge Chronivac users caution and here are a few stories that indicate precisely why...

Frank used to be a player in every sense of the word. He would go out to casinos, be a big spender, buy some hookers and fuck them senseless. On top of this, he also had three girlfriends. Frank was quite the stud, and he had a lot of energy for a lot of women. He juggled them around, and led them along. He liked to talk down to them, oogle them in public like a jerk. He was the kind of guy that liked to pat waitresses on the ass as much as he could get away with it. He often catcalled women who were working in bars, strip clubs and of course while gambling. He was a good ol' boy, a real man's man.

Of course one of his girlfriends found out the truth and tracked down the others. One of them had a certain device I'm sure you're all familiar with.

"Oh, baby, the way you deal those cards." the new Sarah puffed a cigar. She was now a he of course, the one in the middle, and calls himself Ray now. The others were Trisha and Kat, but they are now Trey (left) and Kevin (right).

"Yeah, sweetie," said Kevin. "You sure look good tonight, doesn't she boys?"

"Sure does," said Trey. "I could eat you up, girl."

"Alright, I've been like this for two whole days. You've made your point. I get it. I've learned my lesson. Can you guys please turn me back now? I'm supposed to make a presentation to the board tomorrow."

"The only presentation we wanna see is you spreading your legs, sweetheart," Ray said, blowing cigar smoke. When Ray had been Sarah, she had always resented men but now that she was one she was loving it. She had programmed them all to be alpha males. They all had professional careers, nice cars, and loved cigars and scotch. She was now a he, and he was the embodiment of power. Francine, on the other hand, was now just another casino employee. They were holding a private game for the time being.

"Yeah, speaking of spreading your legs, why dontcha, honey." Kevin said, also blowing smoke. "How bout you let all three of us fuck you before we even consider turning you back.

"I ramped her libido up just now. She won't be able to resist a real man!" Ray said, arching an eyebrow and smiling devilishly. Francine felt flushed and suddenly couldn't control her own sexual urges. She started to take off her clothes. Ray came around the table and helped himself to the goods. He rubbed Frank's new tits and as Francine she whimpered. He put her up against the wall and told her to shut up while he took out his brand new cock and slid it in. All three of them took turns fucking her against the wall until she was a quivering mess.

"Now, sweetheart, you don't want to go back to bein' a man. Bein' a man is hard work, you know? You should let me and the boys take care of you from now on..." Ray said in his husky new voice, reveling in being the one who could fuck his way through life. Francine just nodded in assent and the boys looked at each other knowingly.

But Francine wouldn't be too happy two weeks later when she got the prognosis that she was not sick, but pregnant and none of the boys answered her phone calls after that. Occasionally one of them would come by and throw her a few extra dollars for a good time, but apart from that she was pretty much on her own, perpetually horny and about to give birth in mere months...and none too happy for it. She begged to be turned back to no avail. Hell hath no fury like a woman who has become a man who has been scorned.

Elder Levi Smith and Elder Oscar Jimenez were two local Mormon missionaries. They often talked to a gay man outside his house as they were located just across the street from him. They were always friendly, but he was a Chronivac user who wanted to change them ever so slightly.

He invited them over and set the Chronivac to watch the changes.

As I served them some lemonade, Elder Smith was sweating profusely.

"Thanks, sir. That's very refreshing."

"Yes," Elder Jimenez said. "We'd like to talk to you very much about your life."

So I told them I was quite happy with my life, especially my gay lovers. They argued that maybe something happened to me along my childhood or teen years that made me gay.

"No, I don't think it did. But hey, maybe something will make you guys gay at some point, too." Elder Smith suppressed a laugh.

"I don't think that's going to happen. Don't you think that there is also a satisfaction in knowing that you are fulfilling God's plan?" Elder Smith asked. "Is it hot in here?"

"What's up with these shirts? These nameplates are lame."

"Dude, we aren't allowed to say that."

"You don't have to keep it on for my behalf," I said, smiling.

"I can't take it. I can't stand this shirt." He took it off and he stretched his muscles. Elder Smith was horrified.

"I assure you this is not normal. Something must be fuckin' wrong with him. Pardon my language. I fuckin' guess." He frowned.

"Would either of you gentlemen like a nice cold beer?"

"Fuck yah, bro. Give me a beer, man." Elder Jimenez watched his arms pump as his skin lightened and a black punk shirt and jacket appeared on him, and his pants changed to jeans. Elder Tate had been watching this, not realizing he was changing as well, and as I handed each of them a beer, they drank without even considering that Mormons were never allowed to drink alcohol.

"Good beer, man, thanks."

"What were we talking about?" Jimenez said, as he changed to a man named Oscar James.

"We were talking about you two hooking up."

The former elder Levi frowned. "Yeah, we did. You should see his ass, man. God, you got a sweet boy pussy."

"I do," Oscar smiled proudly.

"You guys should come by Friday, I'm having an orgy party here."

"FUCK yeah," said Levi, rubbing his crotch. I'd amped both of them up to extremely horny levels.

"Let's fucking get a preview man," Oscar took a swig and dropped his jeans for me to plunge my dick inside his willing virgin ass.

This is Oscar. The man who did this to us gave us full awareness right after a week of almost non stop orgies. He made it so we're not only gay, but we can't get enough sex. We do it for money all the time and we just signed a deal to make gay porn movies. On the inside I'm horrified. But my body loves sex and swearing, beer, and cum. I act like a totally different man on the outside but I retain all my memories. My advice is not to piss off anyone with a Chronivac. I wish I'd minded my own business. Both of us are sex maniacs now. And even if I wanted to start a new career, I'm so entrenched in the gay porn lifestyle I can barely think about anything other than going to work to get plowed every day!

My name was Charles Davis Eckridge III, and I was flying in my private jet with my bodyguard, Stephen. He was asking me about my itinerary and noticed that I had made no attempts to go to the gym lately.

"The gym is boring," I replied. "I have money. I can pay you to go to the gym."

"Right, boss. Just one question. If you could trade being rich for a huge, bodybuilder body for just one day instantaneously, would you do it?

"For just one day? Hmm. I suppose I would be curious as to what that's like, sure. But let's face it, I have the brains to carry me across the world and do business deals that most people can't dream of, so it's a good trade off, don't you think?

"I suppose."

"Still. I do sometimes wish my life were more exciting. I mean when you're rich, you're always safe. Sometimes I wish I could trade places with someone, like you for instance, but I can't ever do that. I mean all the obligations I have and all the focus, most people just couldn't handle it. I guess I'm going to take a little nap. I'll see you when we land."

"Sure thing boss, enjoy the trip." He smiled knowingly. After a plane and taxi ride, I got to the bathroom in the very fancy hotel I was staying in and noticed I had developed an automatic tan. Strange. Normally I don't tan. I was pale as could be while on the plane.

"How very odd," I said, lilting my own voice strangely. I frowned.

"Stanley? Where are you?"

"I'm right here, boss."

"I think there might be something wrong with my voice. I'm talking like I am from some other country. Listen to me! It's a...some kind of accent! This is most strange. Ring a doctor for me, could you be doing this?" I frowned. My English sounded so strange. "And this shirt doesn't fit, you must have been picking one out that is too small for me!" I was indignant and was now unable to take the shirt off. I watched at Stanley shrunk. "Oh my God, you are shrinking!"

"Oh no, my friend, you are growing. Why don't you go look for yourself!"

But first I had to tear off my shirt. It was so tight it was killing me! I was getting desperate so I tore at the fabric. It came apart bit by bit. I was almost in tears. It was so tight I couldn't just even yank it off. I unbuttoned it and tore off one arm and then another and then shook off the remnants. I stared in the mirror at a HUGE monster of a man, bronzing before my eyes, the shade of tan growing darker until it was copper.

"How is this even possible?" I spoke in a complete Indian accent.

"You're just adjusting to your new reality." Stanley came in. "Now, get my bags, boy."

"Boy? I am no one's boy!" A mustache thick as could be sprung out from under my lips in seconds.

"No, sorry. You're all man," He rubbed his hand appreciatively along my pec, which was like a slab of beef now. I made my pecs dance one at a time.

"This cannot be happening!"

"It is, and you look hotter than hell! Now get my bags. I'm the billionaire now, and you're my trusted manservant bodybuilder butler and bodyguard.

I knew suddenly that he was right. I went and got his bags and started to unpack for him. Mr. Stanley rubbed my back as I did so. "As soon as you're finished with that meet me in the bedroom for a nice cocksucking."

I had never been gay a day in my life but now I wanted nothing more than to swallow my former bodyguard's cum!
rich white into Indian

Later, that day, at the contest, I showed off how massive I was. People took photographs of my massive frame. All day long men threw themselves at me left and right. I felt so in charge. I felt far more superior and manly and in control than I ever had been before.

"What do you think of this, Mr. Stanley?"

"Well I think my big boy deserves to win, you are a walking wet dream after all."

"Mr. Stanley, I have enjoyed this day so much, being so amazingly muscular and to have men drool over me. But you did this and I do not know how. But can you change me back now? I mean, to being rich."

He just laughed. "Oh, no, didn't I tell you? This is forever. I want you to be happy, Pravi."

"Pravi? Oh, yes. That is my name."

"Now be sure you run my bath upstairs. I'll be up in a bit to make sure that you are ready for me to fuck, got knows I've earned it after all those years of taking care of your spoiled ass..."

These days I am very busy, not flying around the world making deals but accompanying Mr. Stanley as he does so, and I always wish he would give me back the power and control I used to have. Still, I suppose it is a fair trade because my powerful body is a dick magnet and men all over the world throw themselves at me. But I can't survive without Mr. Stanley's income, and he loves me so much I don't really want to leave. But I miss being the one in charge, making the decisions, being able to do really whatever I want with untold did he do it?? How could he have changed reality?

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