Monday, August 24, 2015

We Found an Age Ray

" do I look?"

"Oh, geez. Oh, man. I dunno. Old?"

"I'm like a high school kid's age, right Jayce?"

"I dunno. I mean, it was on a three year setting. How many times did you use it?"

"Uh...four. I think. It was on two years at first. So...two plus two plus three plus three means I'm 20 years old now. Wow. Hey, do you think I should use it again? Maybe I can grow a beard, dude!"

"No! You need to de-age yourself. My parents are coming home soon!"

"Dude, I wanna stay like this!"

"Where would you even live? You're like huge now! We have a math test tomorrow!"

"Uh, well I can't go in like this. Oh well, guess I can't go!" Billy smiled.

"Okay okay. Look. You can grow up on weekends. How's that? We are only 12, dude. My dad will know I used the age ray. I'm not even supposed to know about it. I broke into his stuff in the basement. I wasn't supposed to be down there."

"Dude, just let me walk around for a while. I can come back tonight and you can make me a kid again then, or whatever. PLEASE? Please please please please?" It was really weird to see a 20 year old acting so immature. A 20 year old who was only in 5th grade.

"Okay, look. Maybe. I dunno."

"Dude, you should be a grown up, too. It's awesome. Hit me a few more times. I wanna be 26! Come on!"

"I...okay, fine. But only for today."

"Thanks, Jayce." I zapped him twice and watched my best friend grow even more muscular and hairy. He grew a beard, just like he wanted. "This is SO cool. Oh uh...can I have one of your dad's shirts?"

"Oh uh...sure." I got up to go to my dad's room to grab one. A burst of light hit me and I couldn't see all of a sudden.

"What the heck, dude? Oh my..hey. My voice! Ow, my clothes ow ow ow!" I took off my tiny shorts. Oh no. I looked down at my now hairy legs and looked at hairy arms.

"Now you're an adult like me!"

I stared at myself in shock. I'd read the instructions and I tried to show off to Billy when he came over but I hadn't used the raygun on myself. I just wanted Billy to like me more. I really liked him. He was one of the coolest kids ever. Well, not anymore. I mean he was cool but not a kid.

"Uh I uh...oh man I should put some pants on. My voice is so deep! It's crazy." I rubbed my stubble...I had stubble now!!

We both put on some of my dad's clothes.

"I feel weird. Do you feel weird?"

"What do you mean?"

He hugged me. "You are such a spaz. You're my best friend! This is the greatest present anyone ever gave me!"

I don't know why but I put my hand on his beard and started to feel it and looked at his big puppy dog eyes. "Um...Oh. Sorry."

"It's okay. Do you think I look good?"

"Yesh. You look real good."

"I think you look good, too. You look very handsome."

"Well uh..."I rubbed myself down where my penis was and saw a huge bulge.

"I didn't even look at my penis. Whoa!" Billy whipped his out. "It's huge! Look!"

"Yeah mine is real big, too."

Before we knew it we were daring each other to do things. I held his penis and he held mine and we both got real excited.

"Can you kiss it? My brother says his girlfriend does that."

"Well I'm not a girl!"

"But I like you and you like me, right? We should play grown ups. Since we are grown ups. I mean, we should act just like grown ups do." Billy smiled and rubbed his beard. He had a beard now!

He kissed me. "I think I'm gay."

"I think I'm gay, too."

"Quick, let's look up how to be grown ups on the Internet!" Billy went over to his computer and typed some things in. "Oh, gross! But cool. Hey, can you do this to me, Jayce?"

Minutes later I was sucking Billy's cock in my mouth.

"Oh that feels so good! Keep doing that! Oh man! Oh man! This feels unbelievable! You're the best friend I ever had! Oh god! Keep going! Please! Yes!"

After a while my mouth filled with the white stuff that's inside boys dicks. We saw guys squirting it and its like pee but it's the stuff that makes babies. I saw guys sucking it and drinking it on the Internet that Billy showed me and I had heard big kids use the word "cum" before and I guess that's what gay guys like and we're gay. I'm not sure but I think the age-ray also makes you gay because I liked girls sort of and now I can't get enough of Billy's penis. Or cock or dick...I guess I'm a grown up and grown ups are allowed to use those words!

"Hey, can we say bad words now that we're grown ups?"

"We can do anything! We just had sex!"

"Oh shit. Oh shit my dad's home! What do we do?"

"Just leave it to me. There's the negative sign. I'll put it on 25 years..." Billy got some of my dad's pants on and ran down the stairs just as my dad and mom were coming in...leaving a stunned pair of ten year olds at the door with heavy grocery bags.


Well it's been a few weeks now and I sort of let Billy just take control. I mean it's crazy out of control but we can't go back now! I mean we turned Billy's parents into little kids and if we turn everyone around we have to be kids again and then we will totally get grounded!

It's really hard because my dad says that everyone will notice we moved out and another family moved in so we decided to pretend to be our dads. Billy got a job with his dad's ID and resume as a security guard. He moved into my house cause his parents lived in a small apartment so now everyone lives here. I locked up the age ray in the basement and put a big lock on it so no one can go in and there's another lock inside. I feel bad and I'm trying to find a job now. My dad is mad because I told his office he quit and I'm trying to make money but I don't know how to do anything so I'm going to learn to drive so I can drive trucks, because that is a good job. Well I have to go, I have to make dinner for my parents since I'm the tall one now. They are still really unhappy but maybe they'll feel better soon!

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