Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Living It Up

"There's my sweet little wife."

"Hi, MOM."

"Did you do everything on your chore list, sweetie?"

"No, I haven't."

"Oh? Well you don't get an allowance from me until you do," Sheila said sternly inside my body.

"You cannot keep doing this. You don't know how to do my job. If you keep going to work, you'll get me fired!"

"Oh, really, HONEY? Because the boss said I was doing a great job. See, it's funny, I used to manage at a similar job when the kids were younger but I never made this kind of money or got promoted this far. Even though I can do the work. So, uh, no offense but I think I can handle things at the company just fine. Now why don't you go and run over to the store and pick up some beer. You know the kind I like, the dark ale."

"You. You can't keep doing this. I can't live like this," I pleaded. "I can't live as a woman."

"Oh, sweetie," he cooed. He got up and blew smoke and then reached over my face with his stubbly, sandpapery face and rubbed mine, pecking me on the lips. "We've only just begun, sweetie. By the time I'm done with you, you'll be a whole new woman." He grabbed my perky ass and gave a little squeeze. I felt so humiliated! My daughter though, she was just as bad. She was in her brother's body, just having the time of her life.

"And you. What did your brother ever do to deserve this. He's now a...waitress. He has to endure getting called all sorts of names and having his ass grabbed!"

"Oh but it was okay for me to have that job? Fuck him! He was a male chauvanist pig! Besides, I like the whole cigar smoking jock body thing way more! I fucked my first boy in this body and it was great. I think Jason will make a great gay man."

"And I'm very proud of my gay son," my wife said, smiling with my handsome face. "Now, muffin, be a good girl and go home and get dinner ready. The boy and I are gonna stick around and watch the game a little more. You know I never liked sports before but being in this body...oooh, fuck I dunno. I just seems more interesting."

"Fuck yeah! It feels great having testosterone. I feel a lot more confident and sports are fucking great. And I love my job at the warehouse. I'm one of the guys now and I finally get some respect!"

"Look, it's not my fault we live in a world where men get breaks but you can't make me be a woman. It's unnatural. And I think-" Suddenly my new wife's manly face was shoving his tongue down my throat. "Oh, baby, you're not here to think. Now go home and make dinner or you don't get an allowance this week. Atta girl!" He slapped me on the ass and I walked fast and he and my daughter simply laughed.

"There she goes. My gal."

My cheeks burned as I walked home while my daughter and wife were living it up. It burned me with shame to want my old body so badly. I wanted him inside me! I mean her! I mean...this was so confusing! Last night I'd refused his advances. He wanted to explore HIS new body and he was so irresistible. I'm not made of stone. Hell, I'm 110 pounds soaking wet now! He was so strong and I felt so in awe as he was in control of me. I was beginning to think like a woman! I craved dick now! It was insane. I wondered why my daughter was having sex with men. I wondered if Jason was actually gay and just didn't tell me. Either way it didn't matter. I was stuck this way until Sheila changed her mind...if she ever changed her mind.


"So, I was thinking of staying like this a week at first, uh, son," Sheila said, in her husband Dave's body. They finished their cigars.

"I know but I wanna fucking stay! Being a boy is way better! I'm stronger and it's just fucking great, I don't want to go back to the restaurant. I know Jason hates being me but I do not give a shit."

"You make a good man, I must say. And so do I. I think we should break it to them tonight. Right after I screw my new wife and give her what she's craving." The new Dave patted his crotch.

"Mmmm, she'll come around. Maybe what she needs is to have another baby to remind her who the real man of the house is."

The two new men smiled and enjoyed the rest of their lives as men very much.

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