Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Chronivac Industries Presents: Father's Day Updates

Father's Day is one of the busiest times of the year here at Chronivac Industries. The number of changes that happen on that day and the weeks around it tend to be much higher than other times of the year. We have compiled some stories based on our observations of fathers and sons bonding over the changes that they have gone through thanks to our remarkable product line...

Tom looked at his body with horror. This had to be a dream. He couldn't possibly be in his son's body.

"Hey. Wake up! Wake up!" He desperately cried. If he woke himself up, then the dream would end. It had to!

The man yawned and stretched. "Who's there?" He got up groggily, and looked confused at his surroundings. He stood up and immediately Tom was looking at his own crotch.

"No. No! I'm supposed to wake up now!" He shrieked, panicking. He looked up.

"What? How did I get up here? You look like me!"

"Trevor? Is that you in there?"

"Daddy? DADDY!" Suddenly the man was scooping Tom up in his arms. "It worked it worked it worked!" Tom's legs dangled in the air, trapped in the body of a 7 year old.

"Put me down!" He couldn't stop panicking.

"Okay! Wow, I'm real tall now! This is great! Woooooow." Trevor looked at his new body now that he was awake, and felt his big muscles.

"How is this possible! This has to be a dream! I have to be dreaming! My voice! I even sound like you!" Tom was near tears.

"No it's not, I made a wish on the magic machine!"

"You did what?"

"Oh, hold on, let me ask it something." Trevor ran across the house and the floorboards pounded underneath him. Tom didn't know what to think as he looked up at everything from a much different vantage point than he was used to. He was feeling totally bewildered. He must be going crazy! He walked in and saw his son making arm motions in the air as if he was dealing with something invisible.

"Hi, Daddy! I can be you for as long as we want! Isn't this cool! Now I can be you on Father's Day and you can be my son and we can play pretend!!"

"Buddy, do you have a machine there? The magic machine?" Tom was desperate.

"Yeah only I can see it and stuff, but it's cool. I'm the adult now so I'm in charge! Do you want to play with me, Daddy?"

"Buddy, I need to go to work. Well...the adult needs to go to work. Do you know how to do Daddy's job?"

"No. I didn't think of that! I'll ask the machine. Huh. It's saying I can just change things...yes I want to act just like a grown up. Can you make me smart like Daddy? And I want to know how to drive a car and...okay. I just press here..."


A look came over Trevor. "Wow. Wow! Dad, I have all your knowledge now. I can manage the department just like you do now. And I can drive a car! I'm an adult! Wow. WOW! I'm a big adult and I even have your vocabulary."

"Trevor, this is insane. I don't want to play pretend anymore with you."

"Who's pretending? I'm an adult mentally now. Just think of this as your late Father's Day present. I'll set it so that you will keep your awareness but you have to pretend to be me in exchange, otherwise I'll take away your adult knowledge and sensibilities. Sorry, but I think it's the only way to ensure you'll go to school and try to blend in."

"Go to school?" Tom's heart started beating.

"And uh, call me Daddy or Dad from now on, okay buddy? Your mom should be picking you up after school, she is gonna take you for the next week. It's her turn with you."

"NO! I am not spending time with my ex-wife!"

"I didn't think of that. You are angry with mommy so maybe I should just change that..."

"NO TREVOR DON'T!" Tom blinked. Wasn't he Trevor?

"So how do you feel, buddy?"

"I feel funny, Daddy. I had a dream that I was you and I was a big grown up."

"Oh, I think you just need to wake up, then. And Mommy will be picking you up after school."

"Can't I stay with you longer, Daddy?"

"Sorry, buddy, but I'm gonna be really busy this week, but I'll see you next week and we'll have a lot of fun. Maybe we'll go to the arcade!" Yeah, I'll be busy enjoying my first week as an adult! he thought.

"Okay Daddy, I love you! Happy Father's Day you're the best dad ever!"

"I know, buddy, I know." Trevor smiled.

"I cannot believe you didn't make a better attempt to get along and would you please put my shoes back on!"

"Oh, relax dad, you just need to stop worrying so much!" Tanner lounged in his Dad's body.

"We have to convince your mother to change us back!"

"Yeah I know! I miss being young! I can't even get my stupid dick up in your stupid body!"

"Would you keep it down!" Nelson looked around him. "And that is not true, I can get it up, it just..takes a while sometimes. Besides, I am not going to miss getting uncontrollable boners twenty fucking times a day! Jesus, it's all I can think about! Your hormones are driving me crazy!"

"Yeah well now you know why I can't get straight A's with all the hot pussy walking around."

"You're not getting A's because you're a lazy good-for-nothing!"

"I'm never good enough for you! Nothing is ever good enough for dear old dad!" Tanner said sarcastically.

"This is getting us nowhere. We need to go down the list. Your mother wants me to go through with the football game, and take the SAT's while I'm here. It will make it easier to get you into college with scholarships and it will save us a fortune!"


"You DO NOT APPRECIATE ANYTHING! I should just KEEP this body!"

"Mom's gonna switch us back eventually."

"What if she doesn't? What if I convince her to keep me this way? I could swap her with a younger girl and we should start all over again."

"You're not gonna do that."

"Maybe I won't, maybe I will. You know maybe I should take advantage of this body and take up smoking. My young lungs wouldn't be as hurt by it."

"You wouldn't! Don't you dare!"

"Yeah, I remember how good it was to be a young smoker before your mother made me quit..."

"I hate you! What do you want from me!"

"I want you to have some respect and do as your mother wishes. You are gonna go through with my volunteer work at the senior center putting on the dance class."

"I don't want to dance with all those old biddies!"

"I don't give a shit. I like Camels by the way." Nelson pulled out a pack from his back pocket as Tanner watched in horror as his father lit up a cigarette in his son's body.

"You...you're smoking!"

"Yeah. I am. Now get going, DAD. And be sure to clean the gutters on the roof when you get home, too, they're full of leaves. As a homeowner, you need to maintain your property." Nelson took another drag and walked away, calling his wife with a new request, to stay in Tanner's body for a few more months. He was enjoying being young and hung, and he might just cheat on his wife while he was here with some sweet young piece of pussy. Kimberly was all over him after football practice and he had already made out with her...time to go all the way! What an amazing Father's Day week, he thought. Good thing my wife found out about Chronivac....we really lucked out!

"Jesus, you're smoking dad's cigars?"

"I'm smoking MY cigars, YOUNG man." My little brother gloated. My grandpa, standing right next to him, just looked serene.

"Grandpa, when are they gonna change back?"

"Well, son, I've TOLD you. Your dad did some real stupid things with MY money and the family's money. He made some bad investments, he lost tens of thousands of dollars. When he learns a lesson I'll switch them back. But for now, I'm gonna keep Parker here in your dad's body for a little while. He's been having fun, haven't you? And it's good practice for being an adult later. Oh, I know you want to be one because he's one. I'll tell you what. I'll let you spank your dad."


"Your dad spanks you when you're bad. Why don't you spank him. Get him out here."

"HEY DAD GET OUT HERE!" My little brother belted. He sounded so scary as a grown up! I jumped every time he acted like he was in charge. Dad sulked out, trapped in my little 8 year old brother's body.

"I've decided to let Steve here have a little fun. How old are you, Steve? Ten?"

"I'm ten, Sir."

"I'm gonna let your son spank you." Dad began to run away but Parker scooped him up.

"Come on," Parker said through his cigar. "Spank him, Steve!" Parker held him for me and pulled down his pants.

I thought of all the times Dad had pushed me around, hated him for it. I started wailing on his ass! He howled. I did it as hard as I could, until he was in tears! It filled me with a sense of power.

"Well, I think Steve has showed some maturity today. I know you're jealous I let your little brother be the adult in the family. I'll see what I can do about getting you a grown up body," Grandpa said, smoking his cigar.

"Really, Grandpa? Who are you going to switch me with?"

"Your cousin Lance. He's been slacking off and his grades are fucking horrible. He fucks up at work constantly, all I get are complaints after all I did for that little stoner shit. If you want to go straight to adulthood, I'll give you a job managing the country club as Lance. You can stay in his body for all I care."

"Let's do it!" I said eagerly. Lance was a college dropout but he was still young and had huge muscles and tats. I was drooling at the thought.

A few days later and now I'm a fucking muscle man! And I just found out I'm going to be a Dad! Grandpa also found out that Lance had gotten his girlfriend pregnant. I proposed to her like Grandpa said to and we had sex that night. It was so amazing! I'm going to be a dad!


A few months later and I have to say, I'm not going back. Now that I'm an adult I've been a way better adult than Lance ever was. I really am in love with Cheyenne (Grandpa's machine made it so that we are both in love and very happy) and I am having sex with her still pretty constantly. I'm strong as FUCK and my tats are fucking SICK, man. I'm preparing to be a father and everyone at work is really happy with my new management skills. I'm really growing up! My dad and little brother are still switched, by the way. Grandpa never swapped them back, he says my dad still needs a few years to really mature, hehe. Happy Father's Day, dumbass. Now if you'll excuse me I'm gonna hit the weights!

My name is Arthur and my Dad was never around. He wanted to be but he had to travel a lot for work. So I wished we could spend more time together because I love him a lot. I was getting beat up at school and I'd cry at night because of the bully who hated me and I wished Dad were here, but he was in another country on business. Then one night I found the Chronivac. I asked it if I could be a grownup so I could be with Dad! It asked me how tall I wanted to be and I wanted to be really tall so no one would pick on me, so I asked it to make me a grownup and also 7 feet tall because I don't want anyone to call me squirt!

Being this tall was amazing and Grandpa thought I was his son, so I had become Dad's brother! Reality had changed and all my clothes were SUPER BIG! I went out in my new car (I couldn't drive at first, I had to ask the Chronivac to make me a real good driver) and then I went to the airport to pick up my Dad.

When I picked up my Dad he thought I was his brother and so he said we should go get a beer together!!! It was so cool, I was gonna have a beer with my Dad. Luckily I had a really big jeep which had room for my huge legs! I had to duck when we went into the restaurant bar because otherwise I'd actually hit my head. My dad joked about that and how he never had to be unsafe from doors like me. I tried beer for the first time and then paid for my food with MY credit card! I had a credit card and a whole lot of cash and I left a tip of ten dollars because the waiter was super hot and was flirting with me and I realized I must be gay, and my dick was real hard at the thought of a hot guy pressed up against me.

Daddy told me when we got home that he wished he'd had a kid and I guess he never did because I was now his brother. So I asked him if he really wanted to be a father and he said yes because he missed being a kid so much, but he couldn't be a kid again so he might as well try and settle down and have kids. In my reality, he tried that but Mommy ran away. So I told the Chronivac about it and it said I could make Daddy my son and it also said I should change my maturity and make me more grown up so I would be smart and stuff so I could support Daddy.

I did and reality changed. Dad was so small in comparison now but I love my son more than I can say. Things are good with the business and I changed it so I don't have to travel as much, but if I do I intend on taking Junior with me. He's old enough so I can take him on the road with me a few times a year, and he looks up to me so much. I want us to have really good quality time together so he always remembers his childhood as being an amazing experience. I know my adulthood has certainly been one! Did I mention I love being tall??

See that big strapping man up there? That's my boy! Oh, the joys of fatherhood. I was always working. Always overworked. Always doing roofs. Doing roofs is fucking HARD work, by the way. Being a general handiman and laborer wasn't the route I thought I'd take but I'm blue collar and don't have the chance to really change course now, I gotta put dinner on the table for my son and wife.

Well, before I decided that I'd had enough. I had my new Chronivac put him to work. He has no idea how I switched our bodies. I've told him to try to enjoy the experience. I want him to. He's allowed to do everything his ol' dad used to enjoy. He can smoke cigars, cigarettes, drink beer, and fuck my girlfriend. My really hot biker chick girlfriend. She's all over him and I'm so proud. He fucked her real good the first night he was in my body! I told him about the birds and bees. He was so surprised I was okay with him being me! He thought it was weird I was enjoying myself so much, especially since he lost his virginity. He asks me if I want to change back still. Actually he asks more and more, as the days go by. He'll ask me before he goes to work, then lights up a cigarette, starts up his truck and goes to do roofs, and I sit at home enjoying my summer vacation. I love you, kid, and you really are finally earning your keep. Happy Father's Day, son! I even made him a card and he was really touched by it. I told him to enjoy himself, and he took my...well...his girlfriend and me out for dinner and then they came back and he fucked her real good. I'm only 11 again but I'm totally fine with it. We all get along better than we ever have, and quite frankly I would love to do it all over again. I know I have to form a plan here. So what I did was one night, I made a plan with Junior and told him I would stop him from aging from here on, so he wouldn't lose the years he would have spent between 11 and 33. He might have to move every few years, and eventually we'll fill in Cassie (he recently broke it to me that he asked for her hand in marriage! Wow!) but for now we're just enjoying ourselves. My son is the best Dad I could ever ask for and our bond has only grown stronger over time. Now if you'll excuse me my friends and I are gonna go swimming while my Dad works hard for his family.


  1. Can you continue the first story of Tom and Trevor? And maybe have the new Tom turn out to be gay and he goes out and gets a boyfriend.

  2. I really enjoyed these. Especially the first one. Thank you!

  3. Hey Otaru, I have two questions for you, first of all do you think you could add a separate page for your readers' to post their own captions, with you being able to review them first of course, and second where does the name Otaru come from?

    1. I don't know how to create a separate page for captions but I'll tell you what, I'll try separate contests and see how people like them, using photographs that I select that will be really fun to work from.

      The name Otaru comes from the Japanese for "falling star" and I chose it randomly when I was in college. I hated anime at the time and my roommate never shut up about it. It was an ironic choice, I purposefully went with something that no one would ever guess was me. Also, I had a big fantasy about finding a meteor and growing huge muscles as a result. Someone eventually did that story over on Evolution forum and I thought it was so hot.

      I dropped the Otaru name a while back in lieu of muscledrain as it fits my personality more :D