Sunday, June 28, 2015

Chronivac Industries Presents: Customer Testimonials PART 3

username: Benteniscool

Hi my name is Darrell and I recently got a Chronivac machine. I can't stop looking at myself and I can't stop jerking off. It's so fun being big! I can't believe how big I am! I mean SHIT! Look at me! I am still learning the things that the Chronivac can do but I am like the luckiest guy in the world. They said I can't tell anyone in exchange for getting to be really big and older and I think that's fair. Because I am really big now!!! I am only 10 years old so I was really small and my brother was really big. My brother is a bodybuilder or at least he was because I was mad at him. He gave me noogies and he used to come in and tell me to leave so he could make out with his girlfriend and he told me I couldn't tell mom and dad or he'd beat me up. I used to really love him but he was so mean! It's not fair because I loved him a lot and he had no reason to be mean like that!!! So like I would walk home from school and he wouldn't even pick me up because he was soooo busy but really he just wanted to not be with me, he wanted to have sex all the time and work out and it's like he hated me and I didn't know why. So when I got the Chronivac I asked it if it could tell me why he hated me and the Chronivac said it would take a while to figure out and it did a scan of my brother and I had to wait all day but then when I got home I got it from under my bed and it said my brother's personality was just very selfish and he was driven by the need to have fun but he wasn't responsible yet because he was spoiled by my parents. Also it said that there was no good reason for him to make fun of me other than he actually had very poor self esteem and often hated the way he looked. I guess he got made fun of for a while when he was my age and so he worked out a lot to be really big. I asked the Chronivac if he was happy and it said no he was always unhappy and angry and I asked how to fix it and it gave me the option of having him be a little kid so that he could be raised differently and that way he would grow up much happier because it would make it easier if he didn't have those memories. I asked how he could grow up happy this time and it said that his personality really needed someone to look up to. My dad was never around since the divorce and he lived on the other side of the country so what he really needed was a role model. It suggested I turn either myself or someone else into a role model and I didn't even know what that was, I thought it would be like I could be his big brother so I thought it would make him 7 or 8 but instead it made him 6 years old! At first he was screaming and then he just started to act like a 6 year old and wanted to watch cartoons. And then I started to grow! I didn't know that the Chronivac was going to even make me older!! I thought about doing that but then I thought my mom might be kind of angry because then I would have to get new clothes but the Chronivac said I could change reality. So I did and now I'm one of the BIG KIDS at school! Like I'm actually the biggest kid and I am president of the anti-bullying club at school, which is a brand new club and a very good one. And when I talk to other people I sound way smarter, I'm kind of typing this because I still feel like a little kid even though I don't act like it. My new little brother? I spend as much time as I can with him. I tell him it's tough because I'm getting straight A's, I am in the student government, and I bodybuild in my spare time, but I have to schedule it very carefully so I still make time for him. Weekends are awesome because I'll watch a movie with him or take him to the park. He loves me very much and I encourage him because I love my little brother. Thank you very much, Chronivac, I think everything is way better now!

Username: blacklightning

When I started dating a black man, I was in love and lust more than anything in the world. As a slight, thin little nerd, I couldn't imagine being so big and bad. He's absolutely alpha. But the only thing is he didn't want to be out and he didn't want to live together because he wasn't out to his family. We got very close and I finally decided that I couldn't take any more. I was going to leave him, even though he was the hunkiest man I'd ever been with, an absolute mountain of a man, so powerful, strong, and his personality just commanded others whenever he was in a group of other men. He was charming but he wasn't being totally himself, and he started to excuse himself out of out dates so he could take out his fag hag woman friend and pass her off as a girlfriend. That was the last straw. I got my Chronivac one day and I couldn't have been luckier. I thought of making myself huge just to outdo him but the more I thought about how hot he was and how his big black muscles just drove me fucking crazy, I snapped and chose to make myself a carbon copy of him. I saw my skin tanning until I looked almost Hispanic, then Middle Eastern and soon my skin was chocolate! I started growing at that point and I couldn't believe how amazing it felt! I jacked off so very much as I grew, it was the best thing I'd ever felt in my ENTIRE LIFE! I was a HUGE BLACK STUD! I then programmed the Chronivac to change him into a carbon copy of me. He called me and was begging me to believe him that he had had an accident and didn't look like himself and he was hysterical. I just rumbled in my deep, deep bass voice, "That's ok baby, it happened to me too. Why don't you come over?"

He did and he couldn't believe it. I told him I had no idea how it happened but I had NO intention of going back. I started going alpha right then and there! I said "I know what you need and I intend on giving it to you, does thta feel good little man?" and started cupping his small little dick. He whimpered. I slung him over my big black shoulders, kicked the bedroom door open, plopped him on the bed, ripped his pants down just enough for me to get inside him. I didn't want to even wait until his pants were off!

"No, I'm a top! I'm a oh god, oh GOD OH GOD!"

"That's right I am your god, your big dicked black god!" I slid inside his well used fuckhole.

I came out the next day and proposed marriage to him. As for his family a few of them said they were okay and his sister said she always knew. The parents weren't talking to us, and I decided not to change them with the Chronivac. If they ever come around it should be because they want to.

It's now months into our marriage and my little man does everything for me. He cooks, he cleans, he even sews! He has found a whole new happiness in being the little guy in the relationship and I protect him in turn. I love walking into a bar with him and getting a little touchy feely and staring down anyone that even looks at him the wrong way. Most guys in the gay community throw themselves at me and why wouldn't they? I started to want to whet my sexual appetites and now I sometimes will bring a guy home to tag team both him an my little man. My dick is TEN INCHES OF POWER now.

I guess you could say that I'm learning a whole new perspective! I actually realized that becoming black would be more difficult. I've been pulled over by cops a few times but I always flirt. I can't help it. I tell cops straight up you look good and sexy, man, you remind me a little bit of my husband. They back off after that most of the time, except for the one gay cop who salivated over me. I fucked him that day after his patrol was over, and he promised to get me my own uniform for future encounters. Course it doesn't hurt that I made myself a pheremone that attracts a majority of men, gay or straight, and makes them want nothing more than to suck my dick.

Do I love Chronivac? Are you crazy? I come about a dozen times a day and I'm practically a fuck god. I have never been happier and I love being a member of both the black, gay, and Chronivac communities!

Username: fuckpatrol

Hola, amigos. I speak fluent English now as well as my native tongue, so I'll use English for now. My name used to be Manuel but now it's Officer Carter Jones. I was an illegal Mexican immigrant desperate to make a new life for myself. I was 25, a laborer, but I had taught myself a lot of English. I had a talent for languages. But it didn't take long to get arrested and the officer just said things like "guess you'll have to go back to your shithole of a country, Paco". I said my name wasn't Paco and he just laughed. I thought about how I had almost died crossing the desert and about how badly my mother needed money. In prison I was with a bunch of other guys. It was terrible. One day I was alone in my cel, the others had all gone off to lift weights but I was afraid to because I was so much smaller than other guys. The Chronivac appeared and had an emergency feature that it asked me to use. I really have to thank the guys at Chronivac for this! It teleported me to a safe place in a park. I went through its features and learned exactly how to use it and formed a plan.

I changed reality so that I would be the officer who arrested me. I greeted him when he came home and he started freaking out because I was basically his twin. He was very surprised and asked who the hell I was. I just smiled and said "I'm Paco". His eyes grew wide and then I froze him. I gave a command so he had to do what I said. He followed me inside his house (well my house now) and I changed him into another sexy stud. One who would do whatever I wanted, including sucking my dick. i lit up a cigar as he was sucking me off without even thinking about it. I had never smoked in my life but I guess I'd picked up his habit and it felt fucking amazing! I got a text on his phone. I had to be at work early tomorrow. I smiled. I asked the Chronivac to give me all of his knowledge and that is when I realized that part of my new life would be in arresting illegal immigrants. But with my Chronivac, maybe I could turn the ones that I liked, who weren't violent criminals from gangs, into hot white gay Americans! Eventually though, I asked Carter what his real thoughts on Mexicans were. He said he understood their plight but told me he just thought it wasn't morally right but he did have a lot of hatred towards them that was just what he was raised with.

So I decided he should experience another kind of body for a while. The next day Carter woke up and found himself quite different...

I made him young, Hispanic, deeply accented at that, and not that bright, but with huge muscles. He works in a restaurant as a busboy and I pay for most of the bills, but he has to pay me with his tight little hole. I have never been happier and I love my new cute muscled boy toy from across the border!

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