Sunday, June 7, 2015

Chronivac Industries Presents: Alpha Tales

We here at Chronivac Industries know that sometimes men are made and not born. True Alphas can come in many forms, and many of them start off in surprising places...

"What do you think you're doing?" I snapped at Brandon. My stepson and I had traded bodies somehow, I had no idea how to get us back and he was just standing there without a care in the world. I had had the worst day of my life. We had spent the day with my ex-wife, explaining to her that I just really wanted to be alone with my "dad". I tried to spend time with Brandon after the divorce as much as possible, but I kept a tight leash on him. His mother didn't mind, she let him stay with me half the time because she didn't have the energy for him and I kept him in line.

"I'm feeling MY muscles, YOU GOT A PROBLEM WITH THAT?!"

"I...I...look I've had a bad day, don't yell at me."

"OR WHAT? YOU GONNA DO SOMETHING? YOU'RE NOTHING BUT A PUSSY NOW, JUST LIKE YOU USED TO CALL ME!" He shoved me down on the ground. Being 11 and totally small I fell pretty easily. "I'm so fucking sick of taking your shit. Luckily I don't have to anymore."

"Brandon..." I said, getting myself off the floor. "That was uncalled for. I know you're bigger than me now but I have always had your best interests in mind, son."

"SON? WHO'S THE ADULT IN THIS ROOM LITTLE MAN? IT AIN'T YOU I GOT NEWS FOR YA! LOOK HOW FUCKIN' HUGE I AM! YOU'RE JUST A PIPSQUEAK NOW!" With that he lifted me into the air and I was so scared I didn't know what to do. He just held me in mid-air, by my armpits, just smiling like he'd won a prize!



"Look...I don't want any trouble so...if you want me to play along with this little game of yours fine, you're Hank. Please let me down now," I asked nicely. I was changing my tone right away to please him.

"Huh. That sure didn't take long. Now if you wanna stay in MY HOUSE you are gonna follow MY RULES little man. Go clean the bathroom up. I want it nice and clean, just like you always had me do."

"I gave you chores to teach you responsibility," I whined, sounding like a little kid. He mocked me, imitating my high voice.

"I DIDN'T ASK YOU FOR YOUR OPINION." God, his voice was so deep and impressive now! "NOW IF YOU'LL EXCUSE ME I'M GONNA GO LIFT SOME WEIGHTS IN THE GARAGE. DON'T DO ANYTHING OTHER THAN WHAT I TELL YOU. OR ELSE!" He stormed out, leaving me shaking. I better do what he says. He's the dominant man of the house now and in spite of my mind screaming in protest, I'm doing everything he says as he says it and I guess I better make him as happy as I can...

Brandon in his new huge stepdad's body hunched over the Chronivac and added a few pounds of muscle to himself, just to see if he could. It felt great! But the mental changes in Hank were the best, he was nothing more than a subservient kid now, and starting to see him as the one in charge. God I love this thing! he thought, as he tested his new muscles out on fifty pound dumbbells, reveling in his new power.

Things have changed in our unit quite a bit lately since I got a hold of a Chronivac. Now, I was told right away that if I tried to bring the technology to a superior officer it would be taken from me and after I tested it out on myself, making myself more aggressive and dominant, not to mention ten years older, well, I was inclined not to share.

My bunkmate Ted, though, he was a fucking asshole and I was sick of his garbage. Ted was everything I had ever wanted to be. Six foot six, all muscle, all dominance. Well I changed that. My bunkmate I left the same except I buffed him up a few pounds and made him gay and a dom like me. As for Ted, I made him the little runt in the middle you see here. I am the one with the knife. After the photo was taken I put my knife down.

"Well, pussy, you ready for a night of pleasuring us, huh?" I slapped Ted on the ass.

"Oh, sir, you're so forceful."

"Shut up, fruit cup. On your goddamn knees, get ready for a man's dick..."

"Right away, sir."

What a swishy little fairy he'd become! It turned me on so much to know that the once hypermasuline stud was now just a little fruit waiting on my every order. We took turns exploding in his mouth and making him kiss our feet.

"I can't believe I used to look up to you. Looks like you won't be looking down on anyone for a while. Not that you would want to, being a prissy little thing. Why don't you beg me for what you need, like a good girl."

"Sir, please fuck me sir, please I'm like a girl and need to be fucked like a real man," he looked up at us, his eyes begging. Well, good thing for me I used the Chronivac to make sure I have a huge sex drive.

"Open your hole, fucker." I growled and lubed my dick up.

"Sho, how do I look sweetheart?" my former body said to me, as I glowered in frustration. HE took the cigar out of his mouth. "So? Don't you think I look pretty fucking sexy? I mean shit, look at me! I'm fucking gorgeous!"

"I don't know how this happened but it's gone far enough, Cindy."

"Cindy? I'm not Cindy. I'm a famous movie star and it would be pretty weird if I was named Cindy." He blew smoke in my face. "Okay, look I was gonna tell you sooner or later, but...I actually wanted this to happen." I let the shock set in.

"How? How could you? Why? I can't be a woman!"

"I was just thinking you actually could..." He stood there smoking his cigar.

"You can't lead my life. You don't know anything about being a man and I don't know anything about being a woman!" I shrieked. My perky boobs shivered in the dawn. I was only wearing a T-shirt and I put my delicate arms around them. I felt so vulnerable. I wanted my body back! I wanted my dick back!

"Look what's done is done. We are stuck like this for the rest of our lives, and I finally have what I wanted. I'm important. People will listen to me now. I look like a fucking stud. You're getting wet just thinking about my big dick aren't you, sweetie?"

"That's not funny," I said. "I want my dick but I want it back on me."

"Ha! Not gonna happen! I feel like a million bucks. I probably have a million bucks. How rich are you, anyway? You must be fucking loaded!"

"I worked my entire life for that!" My voice croaked and I started to cry thinking of all the years of hard work and sacrifice it took to build my career, my name, my fortune.

"Look, sweetheart, I am only gonna tell you this once. You're me and I'm you now. End of story. God, cigars are amazing! I never used to like the smell but I fucking can't get enough now! And man, last night was incredible! Sorry I left so suddenly, it must have taken you all night to get back here since I took your car...but hey, look, I'll make it up to you." He swaggered up to me and slapped a firm hand on my ass. "You go inside and up to your bedroom and put on one of those cheerleader uniforms that you like to put on me."

"What? No! NO! I'm not doing that."

"Why not? Don't you want to be my horny little girl?" He slipped his tongue inside my mouth and I tasted his cigar and my pussy could feel a stirring. This wasn't happening! It had to be a dream!

"Alright, if it makes it any easier, here, I'll give you a couple hundred. You could use a tip. I mean you are a waitress after all, right? Now go upstairs and make yourself comfortable. I am gonna come in after I finish smoking my cigar and then I'm going to come up and fuck you like the whore you are." He kissed me long and deep and suddenly I could think of nothing else other than having his huge dick inside me. I'd never had a dick inside me before and I couldn't wait!

"That's right. Feel that? Feel how good that feels to want my dick, baby? Now go inside. And make me some coffee while you're at it. Good girl..."

After she'd gone inside, the new Aaron savored the cigar in his lungs and the morning air. What a wonderful thing finding the Chronivac. Always wanted so many things but never thought I'd ever actually get to do them, and now living out the dream of switching bodies with a guy! he thought. Guess true Alphas really are made and not born.


  1. I am surprised you havnt put anything up for fathers day

    1. I've wanted to but I have been extremely busy of late. So much so I've barely had any time, but I might to a belated Father's Day theme sometime this week.