Monday, April 20, 2015

Skipping School

This is the photo I took because of the fact I wanted to finally get with someone. I took a bunch of pics and I dressed up nice. I like to dress nicely because I like to picture myself as older.

I found him on craigslist. He said not to use real names. He was going by Sam and I said my name was Geoff. I was only 15 and he invited me inside. He said to make myself at home on the couch. I had talked with him at length for a month or so and I wanted him to be my first. He was my ultimate fantasy. He oozed masculinity.

“Would you like beer or wine?” I stuttered. He smiled confidently. “I think we’ll start you off with wine. I think you’ll like the taste better. You’ve never drank before, have you?”

“, but I really want to try it.” He handed me a glass. He wasn’t gushy, just confident. I loved that. He snuggled with me and began to kiss my ear, then my neck. He had me drink and the flush went right to my head and up my nose.

“Wow,” I whispered. He put the glass down and climbed on top of me.

“Is this everything you dreamed it would be, young man?”

“Yes,” I whispered and then whimpered. I started moaning in delight. He undid my pants and took them off. He took off my shirt, then his clothes and wrapped his naked body around mine. I quivered from delight and he held me, a bundle of hormones in his arms.

“I’m gonna slip it in now. Have you been practicing with the dildo like I told you?”

“Yes, sir.”

“Sir? Oh, I like that. Fuck you’re hot. Only 14 and I’m gonna pop your fucking cherry, you want that don’t you, Geoff?”

“Yes, Sam. Please fuck me.” He had me get up on all fours on the couch and he entered me and I moaned. And he fucked me for an hour. I screamed and whimpered and cried and he didn’t make a sound. Just fucked me. I was being fucked by someone old enough to be my dad.

After it was over, he drove me near to where my house was. I told him I didn’t want to say goodbye.
“Well if you can keep your mouth shut until you’re 18, I think I just found my new boyfriend,” he said, and kissed me hard. We were parked in a parking lot behind some industrial zone area and no one saw. It was dangerous and exciting. “Would you like that, Geoff?”

“It’s Jesse.” He smiled.

“I’m Steve.”

“Can I…would it be weird if I called you Dad?”

He smiled, that wonderful confident smile. “No, son. It wouldn’t be weird at all. “ He kissed me hard again. He smelled of pipe tobacco and it was wonderful. I jerked off for him in his car right there. He wiped my own cum into my mouth and kissed me, tasting my cum with our tongues at the same time.
And that was just day one. Day two, I woke up and I wasn't in my house.

I felt weird when I woke up. Like I had hair on my arms, which I noticed right away. As well as all the hair between my face and the pillow, not to mention I was on Steve's bed. I freaked out. I went to the mirror and saw Steve there. You can imagine how it felt. Well, no you really can't. I was a young, adorable teenager and now I was a hulking hunk of manliness.

"Shit! How did this happen!"

My voice rumbled. It RUMBLED! And my lungs felt different but in a good way, like they needed something warm. A cel phone that wasn't mine rang and I looked to see my own name, or at least the name I had provided him when I was lying about my name.

"Hello?" I said in his voice.

"Hey there. So, look kid. Don't panic."

" I mean..did I take drugs? Did you give me drugs?!"

He laughed my laugh, but it wasn't the way I laughed. Just my voice.

"Kid, don't worry. I sort of just...I made a wish. I really wanted to be a kid again and I guess it happened. I think I know how to change back. I'm coming over. Don't you worry."

I explored my new, hugely muscled body. I was now my own walking wet dream! How could this possibly be real! I spent hours going through my new huge house. You know what I mean. I tried on some of his clothes, and even put on a suit. I looked so dapper!

By the time he showed up I was making breakfast. He only had health food so I was making a bowl of oatmeal up. He was there. I was staring at me. So freaky.

So then he sauntered in when I opened the door. I had forgotten to unlock it and he didn't have a key, what with being in my body and all.

"So how did this happen?" I followed him into the den and he plopped down. God, he was cute. I wanted to stick my dick all the way down his throat and then his ass next. What? I was suddenly horny as fuck for my old body!

"Hey, Steve." He smiled confidently. "Best get used to hearing that. You're Steve now and I think you will be for a little while longer. I should explain. Nice suit, by the way."

I looked down and mumbled thanks. He continued.

"I made a wish a few weeks ago and a friend of mine who is...he turns out to have this power. He can switch people's bodies. He did it with me to prove it. His name is...well, it's not important. But he switched me and you. I asked him to last night. Kid, I will switch us back if you want to but hear me out..." It was then he proposed to trade places with me for a whole year. I could learn to be a growling bear of a businessman with my own business to run (he would help me) and in return he would go through a year of high school as me.

It sounded preposterous but I agreed. I came over and we hugged and I couldn't help myself. I tugged down my pants and I was at full mast. My new dick was huge and craved boy pussy. My new son bent over for me and I entered him without even thinking about a condom. I came so so hard inside him I screamed out loud for what must have been a half hour.

He hung out the rest of the day and even took a swim in the pool.

"Hey, Dad. You like what you see?"

"I do, son," I said, playing along. "But one thing, why do my lungs feel funny. Not bad, but like..."

He smiled confidently. "Son, you are a cigar smoker. Comes with the territory. Come inside, Daddy." I swatted him on the behind playfully.

It was then he introduced me to my new love of cigars. The humidor opened and I was already drooling and in utter heaven. I moaned as he pulled one out for me and lit it. He took a few puffs himself and then coughed terribly. "I'm not used to that anymore in this body. Here," he said wincing. I took the cigar in my jaw and inhaled and felt so freaking powerful.

"This feels fucking great!"

"Yeah well get used to it, Dad." He snuggled up. "It's going to be hard to give up whiskey and cigars but it's worth it to go back to high school with your tight little body," he told me as I exhaled sexily and started to flex for him.

"Looks like I'll have to skip school this year. So...I hope you'll visit me."

"Visit you? Kid, you're gonna need me to survive. You have no idea how to run my business but I"ll teach you and it will be invaluable. We'll tell your parents it's for afterschool credit. I'll be your high school project, so I can get into a good college, all that kind of thing."

"So are you gonna be like my slutty secretary?" I smiled with my cigar. "God, this is so cool! I can't believe you're letting me be an adult for a full year. And I have a beard! I'm as old as my dad I bet!"

He smiled. "Well, let's just make sure we have fun with it. Hand me that cigar. I want to get a little taste before I have to go back home. By the way, I'll need some info on your family..." And I filled him in as he sat in my new lap. It was so cool to be so much bigger than him and he was really getting into it, too. The next year was going to be amazing, I thought, as I kissed my former, pretty face.


  1. This story is so one yet! Great job!

  2. Good to see you haven't lost your touch. An excellent story as always.