Friday, March 13, 2015

The Amazing Mr. Cachimbo

It had started innocently enough. My name is Brody and I'm 16. I'm gay and I just got my first fake ID. I know most guys would go to a bar or go to a club but that isn't what I wanted. I wanted to hang out with an older crowd. I already look a little old for my age because my hair is fairly thin. I have, for as long as I can remember, been obsessed with cigars. With the look. The smell. God, everything about smoking them gives me a huge boner. I had this one teacher in woodshop that always smelled like tobacco. Not cigarettes, those don't have the same musky quality to them. He smelled like cigars or pipe smoke and the aroma was enticing. I fantasized about being like him, being older, being more sophisticated.

So I went into the cigar store I'd always looked at reverently from afar. I went in and tried to play it cool. I showed my ID and purchased my first ever cigar that I chose at random. I lit it. I had watched guys on Youtube so I knew how it was done.

I sat there with the biggest boner just knowing I was finally feeling like a grown up, a man. I was so nervous. The owner came out and introduced himself and said he wished more younger guys would come in. I held my cigar and he was just my older guy with some scruff and muscle. He was my dad's age and to be honest I'm not attracted to guys my own age at all. I was having trouble keeping my eyes from just staring at his crotch. He introduced himself as Mr. Jim Cachimbo.

"Let me show you the back. I have some pretty cool stuff in my collection. Would you like to see some antique pipes?"

"I would love that, yeah," I said, just trying to play it cool. I was still overwhelmed by what it was like to actually smoke. The shop was a converted house and it was old. The corridors were thin and narrow. He brought me back to a clean room with pipe stands and humidors everywhere.

"This is my personal stash."

I gulped. "Jesus. This cigar tastes so amazing. I can't believe I'm smoking..." He caught my gaze.

"Son, is this your first cigar? Don't tell me this is your first time smoking."

"It is. And it's incredible, man. I'm in love with it."

"You have made me so happy, son. Believe me. Now, this a very special pipe right here..."

"This place looks like a workshop," I said.

"It is. I make a lot of very special projects here. And I'm going to put some extremely special tobacco in here, young pup."

I blushed as he called me that. I wished I had his beard and looked way older than I did.

"Here. Try this blend. I think you'll like it," he smiled somewhat mischievously.  I placed my cigar in an ashtray. I felt like such a grownup doing that.

"Thank you, sir." The words came naturally to me. I felt like I was in a new world somehow but I didn't understand it. I tasted the pipe and it was like all these new feelings were filling me up along with the smoke. It was pure, unyielding heaven. I adored it and moaned in pleasure.

"Careful. You might learn to like it," he chuckled. There was something so comforting about being there with him. He lit another pipe and we talked for a little while and he led me back to the front of the store. I purchased a few pipe tobacco blends he recommended and promised to come by to talk to him soon.

The next week sort of just flew by at school. I was distracted. I couldn't wait to try to smoke my new pipe but I just didn't have time. I finally got the chance after school on Friday. I went to this abandoned area on the outskirts of town. I smoked alone without anyone around and felt so, so good. Like I was being covered with pleasure.

I went home and curled up into a long sleep. When I woke up I turned on the TV. That's when I noticed I didn't feel the same.

"What the...fuck?!"

I got up and my heft got up with me. My stomach was jiggling. I touched it gingerly. It was pliable. I patted it. It felt like I was patting a bunch of Jell-o.

"No fucking way. I...what do do I...I can't let anyone see me like this...I have to be dreaming!"

I didn't cry. I thought about it. I looked at myself in the mirror. I had easily gained upwards of thirty pounds in one night. It was impossible. Somehow I knew I had to talk to the pipe shop owner.

Jim was at the shop as always and he smiled when he saw me. 

"Hey, man. You're looking good. Delectable even. You here for some more recommendations?" I walked as if in a dream. 

"Can..can I talk to you? In the back?"

"Sure thing. Anything for you, buddy," he said winking.

We got into his workshop and I slowly told him. "None of my shirts fit me anymore. I woke up like this. I don't know what happened."

"I do. You're becoming a man. That...that is what you wanted, isn't it, young pup? You look older now. You look like you got a little Oh. It's stubble. What do you think of that?"

I looked at myself in a mirror while he got me a better fitting, larger dress shirt to put on. 

"I look so different. I mean, I like it but everyone will be so parents..."

"Oh no. I made it so they won't miss you."

"Who are you?"

"Me? I'm a wizard, son. I make magic happen. I'm the Amazing Mr. Cachimbo. I used to have my own magic act. I'd turn balls into birds and made cards fly out into the audience, and I would go out in a cape. The 1920s was my heyday. But then I found a real magician and he taught me everything I know now. Now I can live as long as I want, but immortality has a price."

" can't be serious."

He lit his pipe. "Of course I am, Brody. But don't worry. No one will miss you. You are becoming a man. A true man. The man you dreamed of." He looked at me seriously. "I do spells of all kinds. I made a spell that brought you in to me. I wanted a young man who wanted to be older. And well, you fit the bill. I am gonna drain some years from you and save them for myself so I continue to look all dashing and not too old or too young. I'll stay at this age. And if you want, I'll get you a job, a real man's job. What do you say, stud?"

"You made me fat. I'm fat now."

"So what? You look a lot better with some meat on your bones. Lots of guys like that you know." He caressed by bulging belly. 

"You think it's sexy?"

"Yes, Brody, I very much do." He blew smoke in my face. "Now how about we make a real man out of you today..." He gave me a deep, passionate kiss, His beard bristling against my new stubble. "Oh yeah, you are gonna make a hell of a bear. Stay here tonight, and I'll take care of everything. Go out tonight. Go exploring and come back and the spells will all be ready."

I did so. It felt good to be bigger, I have to admit. I didn't know why I felt that way. I never had an inclination to be fat before but I liked it. I didn't give a fuck what anyone thought of me. I went and got food, a ton of fries along with some fish n chips. I didn't hold back and loved every minute of it.

I wandered over to the local bar and got myself a beer and joined some other guys watching the football game, and I didn't ever know how football was even played before, but suddenly I knew. Someone asked me if I had kids. I rubbed my beard and said, no I didn't. I looked in a mirror. I had to be at least in my late 20s, if not 30 already. I marveled at my image. 

I walked back to the shop as it was closing and Jim and I had fun getting naked. I grew before his eyes, my stomach expanded and I felt almost orgasmic. 

"Oh yeah, big daddy."

"I'm old enough to be a dad now! Holy shit!" I rubbed my beard. I started to make out with him and pressed him to my large frame. He was really into it, he was turning me into an ultimate fantasy for him. I got down on my knees as he told me to suck his dick and I loved serving him. I slurped so much cum as it exploded in my mouth. I was giving my first blow job! I moaned in pleasure. I finished by slobbering some kisses on him and then I sat down to catch my breath.

" long do I stay like this?" I flexed a bearish bicep. I just noticed the tattoo that had been added over my huge arm. I had both muscle and fat now. My beard was huge! I had to be at least 40 now.

"As long as I tell you to."

"But...I kind of miss being young."

"Oh, don't get cold feet now. We're just getting started. See, I opened up shop only a week ago." Jim lit up a cigar and began to puff furiously on it. He exhaled and held the cigar in his hands powerfully. "You want your life back? Here's the deal. I want a fuck toy for a while and I like your new type, Daddy. So uh, if you want to ever see your family again, and I know you will in time, you will do my bidding. You will get me fresh new meat. I want guys that deserve to be punished. Not like you. You're enjoying this for the most part. I want you to find former friends of yours that might be on the wrong path or maybe some fellas that are just jerks. We are going to make men out of these boys."

"So what then? I mean I have an ID that says I'm 21. I don't even look like I'm 30 anymore. What am I going to do without ID?"

"Oh it's all about glamours. People will see what they want to see. Look at your ID again."

I did so and it said my birthday was now 41 years ago. My big beard was highly visible on my photo.

"And my parents?"

"They will simply forget about you. Everyone will. That is the beauty of this. Now, don't go looking for them or I'll be very cross with you."

"How many guys are you gonna change here?" I smiled as I thought about it.

"The fact is different wizards have different goals. I used to be more complicated. I used to control governors and CEOs. I used to live in a mansion. But I don't need those things. I found what I really wanted was to make men into what I wanted to mold them into. I like sexual control." He waved his cigar around casually. "Besides, I can pretty much come and go as I like. I need hobbies. And this never bores me."

"Where do I go? I'm 41 and I've never had a job."

"Haha. Well that is where you are wrong. You are a forklift operator. You just report to work on Monday. You'll remember where it is. Everyone there is convinced you are one of them."

I remembered how to operate a forklift and a lot of the details of the daily grind of factory life.

"But...I don't want-"

"Son, I don't give a FUCK what you want. You do what I WANT. I am your MASTER now. Get your ass into the bedroom. It's time I fuck the willpower left right out of you..."

I am now reporting to work for my first real day of work as a man. And afterwards I will find new life, new blood. Maybe some fickle son of a businessman, some spoiled sons of suburbia, or boys who need an attitude adjustment. I made sure my pipe was on me so I could smoke on breaks.

Jim was right, this was just the beginning...


  1. Wow! That's what I like to see!!

    I can't wait to see what happens when he fails and is made much older than he wanted. Maybe he'll have retired from forklifts and move into mall santas as a job.

    GREAT story!!

  2. I love the first fattening. I'd happily go up to that size!! such a good story. I love trade offs. Stealing traits from others. Feeling spoilt with the stories right now!!