Thursday, March 12, 2015

The Amazing Mr. Cachimbo part 2

My name is Jerry and this is when everything changed for me. This was me. I was totally cute.

I had it all. Perfect life. I was doing well in school. I kept up my grades. I was an expert swimmer. My dad and mom were totally proud of me and could never stop boasting. But there is this one thing. I was kind of an asshole to other kids. Especially the dorky ones. The little ones that couldn't fight back. I would get entire groups of guys to harass them. I thought it was funny. But I was really jealous of this one kid. His name was Brody. He was shy and stuff and he didn't have anything wrong with him but I made fun of him from time to time.

Well anyway, we had this day where I got into a fight with a kid I was making fun of and his big brother and me got into a fight over it. My parents were real mad at me and I was grounded.

I thought that was gonna be the end of it but they said I was gonna volunteer at the homeless shelter to make up for it! They said I had to have more respect for the less fortunate and be grateful for what I had in life. Whatever. So I do go there and there were all these losers there.

One of my supervisors was named Brody, which was also the name of this kid I used to go to school with that disappeared one day and it was like he didn't even exist. Weird. He didn't show up for class one day and I asked where Brody was and the teacher was like Brody who? Anyway.

So he tells me he talked with my parents about my bad attitude and gives me all this work sweeping up. It was stupid. I hated it. I hated cleaning dishes and handing out food. It was awful and the place stunk.

After all that, I had to take a leak so I go to bathroom and he's in there taking a leak and I accidentally saw his dick and it was a monster. I was totally jealous. I should have the monster cock, not him. I should be an adult who could do what I wanted.

He waited for me and told me the kitchen was closed for the day and I did a good job, he would tell my parents so. Then he pulls out a cigar and started to light it up.

"You like cigars?"

I immediately froze. I didn't want him to think I was a pussy.

"Yeah, sometimes," I said. "You know I like one every now and then." I had never actually smoked but I didn't want to say that. He was so masculine. He was fat and all but he carried himself like a real man. He says come outside to the back alleyway.

So he says, here try this one. It's a special blend. He hands it to me. I took a drag. He smiles. "Thanks, man. That's a good one."

"You're in a real hurry to grow up, aren't you?"

"Yeah I am. If I was a legal adult no one could tell me to come here."

"Well then hurry up and get home. Don't want to keep your parents waiting."

I had to walk home because it was part of my punishment. I felt so tired and I felt like my legs were getting really pumped just by walking. I felt kind of powerful. My arms and chest, too. It was crazy. When I got home I noticed that no one was there and they had gone out to eat. They left a note for the housesitter saying that they could help themselves to the fridge. They were gone for a week. A week??? Sweet!

I got excited and thought, maybe I should help myself to one of Dad's beers. I had never tried beer and now was my chance. So I got set up with a movie and jacked off after a few brewskies. It was awesome. I was watching porn and my parents weren't around to interrupt. I rubbed my face and felt the stubble. Stubble. I went to the bathroom and saw I had thick stubble. I looked like I was in my 20s! What the fuck!

"NO way! Hey. Testing. One two three. What the HELL." My voice was deeper! Like, it was almost like I'd aged several years. I must be dreaming. I shrugged and went into my parents room and fell asleep on their bed. When I woke up I moaned and put a hand on my hairy chest and rubbed it through the mat of fur. Mat of chest hair??

I got up, begrudgingly, and belched. I rubbed my full beard. Now I was scared. I tried to run but couldn't really because I was adjusting to the huge muscles I found my legs now possessed. "There is no fucking way. No fucking way!" I said and it sounded like someone else was saying it. Before me was a man well into his 30s. I looked a little like my DAD! Now I was freaking out. The doorbell rang and I got over there and it was Brody, my supervisor.

"Enjoying your new life?"

I gaped. He invited himself in and lit up a cigar. "Here, I think you like the big gauges. It was part of the spell."

I put it in my mouth and felt myself age even more as I lit up. Well into my 40s now, maybe even 50. Black leather arm bands appeared on my burgeoning arms.

"So Jerry, how do you like your new body?"

"I love it! Fuck! I love having a beard. I don't have to go to school anymore!"

"No, BUT you do have a shop that you have to attend to. You work as a mechanic now and you will have to take your work very seriously. You should remember everything about how to fix cars by Monday. As for this house, you rent it from the people who used to be your parents. Make sure you keep up with your finances. As for your youth, you can kiss it goodbye. It now belongs to someone else."

I grunted and didn't care anymore. I was a slave to the cigar I was smoking and I knew that I couldn't disobey him or talk about my predicament to anyone. I had had maybe 35 years sucked away from me and all I could think about was getting my dick sucked by some nice cub...I needed to find a new cub for myself, some nice bearded younger dude who could move in to be my new bear boi. I couldn't believe how much I was changing and didn't care and even welcomed it. I stroked my beard and laughed at the fact I was a mere BOY just the day before. This was much better...and pretty soon I was going to the new cigar store. Mr. Cachimbo sent for me via Brody and talked to me about how if I got him another young man he might be able to drain his years and give me mine back. I thought about it and even though I liked being a bear stud I wouldn't mind living a bit longer as I had cut through so many years in one night.


  1. The next part should be someone getting their youth drained making them a daddy bear and it getting added back to this guy like he wanted. He becomes younger again like he wanted but because of the age difference he became the hairy cub and the new victim is his daddy

    1. What about something more twisted?
      A young girl being trnasformed into a huge muscled bear? XD

  2. I'm loving where these stories are heading! I would LOVE to see even more drained from somone too.

    Thanks for your great works!

  3. yeah im eager to see a regression as well!!! :D nice new story set!! chronivac and zoltar are my faves still. but this is creeping into my fantasy book :D where do i buy a cigar?

  4. Part three please!