Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Chronivac Industries Presents: New Fathers Club

For our newsletter today, we here at Chronivac would like to shout a send out to all the new dads out there who are just adjusting to their lives as parental figures. Let's hear from some of the newest members of the New Fathers Club.

So...my name is Chase. I used to be pretty wimpy. I mean I was 14 and really thin and got pushed around by my stepdad a lot. When I got the Chronivac I thought it was a joke. But I put in what I wanted most, which was to be in charge of this fucking house. And when it granted my wish, holy shit, you should have seen his pathetic face after I came in, with my beard suddenly growing in and growing right in front of him as he shrunk. And he shrunk fast. The hormones and the fever of strength and power went right to my head. I started ordering him around and pushing him down and slammed him against a few walls. I needed it. God I felt so powerful! He got the gist that this was not a nightmare after a day or two. Meanwhile, I programmed my new life. I was alpha, all the way. My mother I made into my sister and my stepdad was my kid from a marriage that ended amicably. I remind him on a daily basis he will have to man up eventually and stop complaining. I tell him all the things he used to tell me. I made it so it's impossible for him to gain any muscle mass at all. He's gonna be a wimp for life and pretty soon when he's a little older and more broken I'm going to start making him suck my dick and he'll become my pussy boy.

Being a new dad is a lot of hard work. But I think I'm up for it.

I'm only 11 years old but not really because now I'm 35. My daddy wanted his boyfriend to learn a lesson. He came out and I was drawing and he asked me what I was drawing. I had drawn myself as a man with big muscles and a thick five o'clock shadow. He laughed and said did I want my wish to come true? Yeah I do! Of course I do! I want to be really big and strong and have a lot of hair all over. I told him.

Well, he must have been really pissed off with his boyfriend because the next day we woke up each others ages. I had aged to be 35 and his boyfriend was now a scrawny 11 year old. Only as my dad started to tell us happily what he'd done I started to feel my cock stir. I'd never thought about how hot my dad was before but now I was overcome by it. He was a really hot fucker and I just couldn't wait to get him alone. So I pretended that we would all just try and learn a lesson so we could change back. I told my dad's boyfriend I'd be right back, I just had something to discuss with Daddy. Then when Daddy and me where alone I surprised him with a big wet kiss and shoved him down on the bed. He started getting weirded out and said he couldn't.

"Shut up, Daddy," I said in my new big boy voice. "You know you want it. Get over here." I pulled him in for a big kiss.

"Get on the bed, junior. Daddy's gonna give you your first blow job!"

I laid there until Daddy got naked. Then he sucked me off and I knew I wasn't gonna go back to no fuckin' elementary school when I could fuck around with my Dad from now on.

Junior, the new one, took the news pretty hard but I told him I was gonna be the best stepdad he'd ever had. He called us sick so I decided I was gonna have to be the disciplinarian in the family and gave him a spanking and sent him to his room. It really turned Daddy on. I still call him Daddy when we're alone. I call him John in public but to me he will always be Daddy, even though I'm technically older and hairier than him now!

I like being a new dad very much. Thanks Chronivac!

I was only nine years old when my best friend Sammy came over one Saturday morning and said he had a machine that could do anything and change anyone and I laughed and said yeah right. My dad was there and he told me he was gonna go on a business lunch and I had to stay at home with a babysitter. I pouted because I hated the babysitter he always chose. I wanted to have fun. I begged him to go with him and he said no, this was work and it was very important he make a good impression with all his clients and fellow co-workers and I'd understand when I got older.

I had only ten minutes to play with my friend and then he had to go home. It was so unfair! I wished I was the dad in the family. My friend asked me if I wanted to switch bodies with my dad and I laughed and said that would be SO funny and awesome. I wish it were true. So he started doing all this stuff on his laptop and the next thing you know I'm in the backyard again and this little boy screams and comes out looking just like me.

"Hey what's going on? My voice!" I got up. I was wearing Dad's shirt and pants and my shoes were all shiny and fancy! "What..."

"This isn't possible!" the spastic nine year old screeched. I adjusted my tie.

The babysitter arrived at the door and I greeted her in.

"I guess I'll be going to my lunch now. You be good son!"

"Wait! You can't! You don't know how to drive! We switched bodies! That is not me! I'm me! I'm the adult! Go on ask him how to drive!"

The babysitter laughed.

"Kids," I told her. "What an imagination."

"Okay, kid, I have board games and remember no TV til your dad gets home."

"WHAT? No seriously do NOT drive!"

"Haha! Have fun! SON!" I danced around because I was so happy. My friend Sammy went with me to the car. He had been laughing at my dad and was pretty proud of himself. "Um...can you make it so I can drive and stuff? I don't even know where the lunch is."

"Sure thing! Let's see...I'll just find abilities! Okay, driving and life skills. There!" He pushed a button. Suddenly it hit me that I totally knew how to do dad's computer job. And I could drive!

The rest has been history. My son has really not been enjoying things since I became the man of the house but I'm trying to be patient with the little guy. I mean, being nine years old is hard and I should know.

My name is Colt and I got stuck babysitting my girlfriend's son for the week. She had to visit her mother and little Travis really looked up to me so I figured why not, I'm probably going to wind up as this kids stepdad some day. We may as well spend some quality time together.

The week was going pretty well until I came across an old enemy of mine who had gotten out of prison. He wasn't too happy with me because I'd sort of been responsible for a scam we'd pulled. I'm not proud of my past but I used to be a grifter and I was pulling a lot of illegal shit left and right. I have gone straight since then, no more life of crime for me. Anyway. Back in the day we made a bunch of money scamming elderly rich folks but he got caught and I had everything in his name. I was worried he would do something because I had a kid with me. What if he got violent? I couldn't let anything happen to Travis. I told him do what you want to me, but come back in a few weeks and I would try and settle things with him and get him some money. I said sorry you went to prison and he just laughed. He was in a fancy suit and I thought it was weird but maybe he stole it or something.

"Does it look like I need help, jackass? What I want is revenge. I'm rich and I can pretty do anything I want. And what I was going to do was make you some pathetic grotesque lump of shit with eyes or something, maybe a monstrous lump of goo. But I just changed my mind. I think I'll help you out."

"That's...great. Well, we gotta be going."

He waved and I got creeped out. "Time to get out of here, kiddo!" I said, driving us away.

When we got to town, something strange happened. I blacked out. I hadn't done drugs in years and it was all of a sudden really bright and I was waking up. I heard someone else waking up and asking me "Colt, why am I on this side of the car? And why is the car so small!"

"Who are you? Why are you in my car! Hey...you look like me!"


"OH MY GOD OH MY GOD!" A knock on the car window beside me. I got out and looked up at my old enemy.

"Like it? It's your new life, Colt. Or should I say little boy whose name I don't know or care about. Oh and because I am not a mean man, I am gonna give you a present." He told Travis, who was getting out of the car and looked very confused and disoriented, looking around him and at his new huge arms. "Within the next few hours you'll remember everything you need to in order to be a productive adult. You'll know how to drive and you know, be all manly. And you will be a helpless twerp! Enjoy your new life, asshole!" He walked away and I looked up at his massive form.

"Am I a grownup now? WOW!" Travis was only a seven year old in the body of a much larger grown man. I didn't know what to do or say. "Come on let's go for a walk, Colt!"

He ran off and I ran after him to try to catch up. He started playing around a pole and acting like a well, little kid in a grown up body.

"I'm a grownup! This is fun!"

"This..is...a...nightmare." I shook my head. I started to cry.

"Why are you crying? It's okay!"

"No it isn't," I blubbered. "You don't know how to be a grownup. Only I do."

"Oh it's alright, sweetheart. Dry your tears. I'm gonna make sure you are always taken care of, okay buddy?"

I sniffed. "Promise?"

"I do. I feel a whole lot better now. All my adult feelings of maturity are kicking in. How would you like an ice cream, little guy?"


"Come on, I'll even let you ride on my shoulders!"

"Wow! Thanks, Travis!"

"Travis? That's your name, little man. Mine is Colt."

"Oh, right. Sorry. This is different. Are you ever gonna leave me, Colt?"

"No buddy. Of course not. I'm gonna be your new daddy."



As you can see, the results of the New Fathers Club doesn't always end happily ever after, but we are still seeing quite a number of customers who are very happily enjoying their new fatherly roles.


  1. Wow love these!! Chronivac is forever my fave tf device. happy to see a bunch of stories using it!! love a good role reversal. looks like all those lads are happy as dads

  2. There should be a series where people try to find dates after using the machine.

  3. A personal ad section! Like for a Chronivac newspaper! I like the idea.

    1. You guys have a great idea going here! I will put this on my "to do" list. I really like the possibilities of guys looking to date after being given new bodies! Maybe Chronivac can offer additional dating services as a way for its members to connect with each other?

    2. Woah. First anon commenter here. That would be awesome! Like a whole social network of Chronivac users!

    3. There is a film called VGL Hung, which is about a dating site, that lets you change your body to how you describe it. the goal of changing your body is to find your ideal partner. It's under 30 minutes long and is available online with some quick googles. I recommend it :D

    4. Thanks Pirate. Loved the film and wish the main dude had a chance to try out more bodies! Wish I could find a dating site like that, I'd be hooking up in a heartbeat.

  4. Love this one. Hope to see more members of the new fathers club. Thank you for posting this hot story.