Saturday, March 14, 2015

Chonivac Industries Presents: Personal Ad Section

Greetings, our loyal customers. As you may or may not have heard by checking in with us lately, we are now offering to YOU Chronivac users only, a specialized personal section where you may contact each other. We ask that Chronivac users abide by our contracts and not discuss their previous lives prior to alteration, either genetically or mentally, to anyone they should come in contact with. The provision to this is of course, talking with others who are of like situations. It is sometimes helpful to be open and honest about your own Chronivac usage with others who can understand you. Not everyone feels this way, but let's take a look at some profiles from this week and what they have to say...

user: harnessluvr

Hey ya'll, my name's Bronson and I used to be a workaholic. I sold insurance. Had a nice house. I was super clean and super efficient and super fukin' bored. I always wondered what it would be like to be more uninhibited, so I wished the Chronivac to make random changes. The random option asked me to fill in some more shit than that so I said I wished to be more carefree and not such an OCD neat freak. My suit disappeared and my gut started to stretch out. I lost my college know how and started to remember how to fukin' fix tractors and sell em n shit. Next thing ya know I'm not in the big city anymore, I'm on a farm. I pulled out a cigarette and started smoking, and was totally surprised by it. Shit, I loved it! I never smoked before a day in my life! My father would have killed me...wait, that's not right. My father taught me how to smoke himself when I was 16.

I'm still dealing with the reality shift. Like, I remember parts of my old life. I really like what work the Chronivac has done cuz I'm a LOT happier. I don't talk as good or spell as good fuk I don't know anythin bout bein' in a fukin office an' that's fine with me cuz I like the ranch way better.

What I'm lookin' for? Well I'm into some kinky shit. I want a fukin' submissive little shit who will come out here and suck my dick. I'll put this harness on you and make ya fukin beg for me to ride your sorry ass. Lookin' for someone who maybe wants to turn into a half horse (centaur) or half dog hybrid for me to own. If you're into that.

I'm into spitting, smoking, fucking, sucking, piss play, getting sucked, getting fucked, turning you into a dog person or just having you act like a dog, harness play, wrestling, mud wrestling, and sex after those things. Contact me motherfuckers!

user: pokemonmaster 

Hi my name is Curtis!!! My name is Curtis but it's not because I'm not in my body anymore!!!! I am in my bigger brothers body and I get to wear grown up clothes and go to school at the college and I'm real proud cause I made my Chronivac machine turn him into a little boy!! I got mad because Paul (that is my brother well I mean me, I'm Paul now which is kind of confusing) was not paying any attention to me. I made him a drawing and a card because I'm in the second grade and I didn't have any cards or money or anything and he totally threw it away and I was very sad and cried. I didn't tell him that. Anyway. So he was busy and angry because his girlfriend left him and I tried to make him feel better and said my magic machine could change him if he wanted so what would make him happy and he said he wished he could be my age again so he would not have to go to school anymore. Which made me very happy so I told the machine that and thought maybe he could go to school with me!! I was thinking I could be his best friend.

The machine asked if I wanted maturity and I said no that's ok because I'm only 7 and it asked did I want to be Paul's older brother and I thought this would be a good idea but I didn't ask it how old I'd be and then I was REEEALLLY big and he was me and I was him! 

So I'm not mature but I can do the things he does like math and things. I'm looking for a boyfriend because Paul is gay and so I like boys and he explained it. I'm nervous because I have never kissed anyone but I really want to now that I'm a big boy! I am looking for someone that will be ok with Curtis (I should call him Curtis since I'm Paul now) playing with us at the park and we need to take him there because he's a little boy now and I am being a VERY good older brother! 

Also I am still new to being a grown up so I know my body is different and I am hoping someone can explain it to me. The machine is not helpful and my brother says I shouldn't change anything else. But other people here are instant messaging me that I should make changes...

Oh. Hey there. Man, I just changed the settings somewhat. I'm a little bit more mature now fellas. In fact you could say up I'm growing up in front of your eyes, hehe. I figured out the controls with the help of some other users. I'm thinkin' like a real man, now, so uh...don't be shy. I want to plunge my cock down your throat and make you worship it. I can't stop thinking about sex now! I'm so freakin' horny! You can IM me anytime. Although I might want to change my IM name to something more mature. I used to be really into Pokemon but I think I need to find new shows to watch, and uh...maybe some porn.

user: inchargewife

By my profile name you can surmise by now I used to be a woman. When I got my Chronivac I'll admit I was demure and pushed around by my shitty husband. He talked down to me a lot and demeaned me in front of others. I had met him in high school and couldn't afford college. I became dependent on him financially.

So I knew what I wanted from the Chronivac. I made myself into twice the man he was. He was a wimp compared with the man I am now. He, on the other hand, is now reduced to a housewife. I made him get a job though, at the same restaurant I used to work waitressing and he can get his butt pinched all day. I work a real man's job as a business owner. I remember the first night he spent as a woman I strutted right in after letting him get used to the idea and ramped up his horniness levels. 

"On your knees, BITCH. Fucking worship me as your KING."



Cumming in my husband's mouth with a huge rod was the best revenge possible. But honestly I also knew that I didn't want to stay with her. She was a loser and always would be. I got rid of her ass and threw her out and made myself gay. I'm looking for another man's man that enjoys sports, beer, the gym, and who can take orders. 

I like being on top, being verbally dominant, I'll curse you out and tell you you are nothing but my bitch. Looking for someone that will enact out BDSM and spanking fantasies with me. Contact me.

username: chemistryisright

So hey. My name used to be something else but these days it is Mr. Mitchell. He was my chemistry teacher and I know it's wrong but I was 16 and horny and was practically drooling over him even though he could be like my Grandpa. 

Anyway when I got my Chronivac I switched our bodies. It was the most erotic thing possible to me to have gray hair and wrinkled but I changed body to be more fit. And I gave myself some tats. I'm one of the coolest teachers in school now. I used to be, well, uh, not that confident. Now thanks to Chronivac I OOZE confidence and sex appeal, and have the benefit of years of experience. I'm currently having sex with the gym coach and the principal, both of whom I've made modifications to and who are both bodybuilders now. 

I guess I'm just looking to fuck and I want to be your daddy. You got a problem with that, son? Oh and if you're worried about Mr. Mitchell, don't be. He's more than doing alright these days. 

I'm versatile, into fisting and oral but not rimming. Like dad/son play and definitely into leather kink and BDSM. Contact me!

username: periodically

Well, I suppose my young friend is also on this site and said I should get on here as well. My name used to be Mr. Mitchell, the high school's resident chemistry teacher. I was quite happy and satisfied with my life but this young punk just couldn't keep himself from playing around with what I can only assume is the most marvelous scientific invention I've ever dreamed of. The science of it fascinates me and I actually volunteered to go to the Chronivac Industries universe itself, but they said they were fully staffed at the moment. Still, they said I could apply after I graduate college and they had collected data on how I dealt with being in a new body, which I must say is extremely generous of them. 

Being young again is...breathtaking. I can jump! I can run! I have so much energy! My new parents are likewise incredible. I had a predominantly terrible childhood so I must say it's a beautiful experience and I treasure it thus far. 

I suppose I'm looking for romance. Sex would be great as my new young body is cumming buckets everywhere lol. I always used to fantasize about older men when I was much younger and so I suppose I'd like a "daddy" if that is alright. 

I like being submissive, taking orders, getting fucked, sucking, cuddling, and apart from that my tastes are rather vanilla. Sorry. But I do think I'm pretty darn cute these days. :) So if you are older than 40 and in relatively good shape, give me a ring. I'll get back to you but I am playing a lot of sports to keep fit so I might take a few days to get back to you. School is keeping me busy and so are these hormones!


  1. wow a story everyday so far this week!!! loving it. pokemonmaster was my fave i think, im interested in how the maturity setting works either way! wonder where this chronivac forum is haha

  2. Thanks so much for doing this! I loved all the personal ads, but pokemonmaster was my favorite too. Keep up the great work, and hope we can see more personal ads in the future