Saturday, December 6, 2014

Chronivac Industries Presents: Muscle Up!

Even though New Year's resolutions are a full month away, we here at Chronivac are giving you our customers some tales of satisfied users of the Chronivac 5.0 system. These lucky men have all made resolutions to be bigger and better. What better inspiration for the gym than the following tales?...

"Muscle Hunk of the Month"

My name's Allen. I used to be a total wimp. Everyone used to push me around. My personality was basically a doormat. Women would friend me and never want to get with me. I was always being passed over at work for promotion. Just getting the Chronivac and looking at the umlimited realities presented before me, I knew I didn't want anything too extravagant. I come from a working class family and I think I'll stay working class for the time being. Of course I made a few changes. There were a few guys that basically made fun of me, talked down to me constantly and were always one upping me since they had HUGE muscles. Meanwhile, I was giving most of my money to pay for rent and support my parents, who have fallen on hard times. That means I didn't have time to work out and often skipped meals to get by. Well no more! Take a look at my guns! Oh and I made myself the head manager for the district. I now supervise a dozen stores. Of course I like to visit my old store and boss all my old colleagues around. I humiliate them quite often talking about my routines and my new house. I have a house for myself and my parents have several houses. I made sure that things were different. Now they are retired with plenty to get by and we're all very healthy. I even have a girlfriend. She's the cute checkout girl who I was always nervous around before. Of course she fell in love with me, I'm the hunky boss with fucking huge muscles. And I made myself quite a lover, too. Of course the best part of this is I made my old boss and the jerks who used to make fun of me into total wimps. Now they wear glasses, have crooked teeth, and are all thin as rails. I made them one of them gay, one of them super effeminate and gay and my old boss, who was the worst of all? I made him into a BDSM whore. He will slip into my house late at night and we'll go down to the dungeon and he'll call me SIR and BEG me to hit him and call him my cuntboy. It's a load of laughs...for me. After five years of hell I'm sitting pretty. I never thought so many resolutions would come true. Thanks, Chronivac!

"Foreign Exchange"

My name is Cheng and I used to be from China. I was a foreign exchange student and living with my roommate, Chad. Now in my country we would have been like brothers and things would have been different. Chad was rude from the start and made my life a nightmare. Many people stood up for me but I couldn't get a new roommate or dorm. He would call me names and make fun of me for my small height. He was always bossing me around. He would kick me out of our room to have sex. Luckily, many of my new friends were very supportive and told me this was not typical for America and they felt terrible that my experience was like this.

And then I got the Chronivac. Now I could have done anything with it. Being gay I could make myself super attractive, super successful or superpowered. Instead, I chose to be Chad. And now he's Cheng. He is FULLY aware of how things used to be. I gave him enough knowledge to survive as me and vastly changed my new history so my grades were better. His were terrible! I was very honorable to him. He is of course miserable since I left him gay and changed everyone's perception so that they remembered us as being friends.

I also made him tell me why he treated me so badly. It turned out he just had a dominating personality. He wanted people to do as he said all the time. It drove him in life, he said. He believed he was making me a better man by acting like a drill sergeant around me. Well...I guess I took a page from the book of Chad!

I gave myself an extra dose of confidence after that. I had been humble thus far but screw that! Now I'm one of the most outgoing MEN on campus and I COMMAND attention. Including from the new Cheng, who worships my cock like the pussy boy he is now. And don't worry, if he gets out of line, he knows he'll pay for it. I'll make him lick the toilet clean if I'm not satisfied with his performance. He loves to please me now. (wink) Well I'll catch ya later, I'm gonna go find me some tail now. Men practically throw themselves for the chance to get fucked by me. Why wouldn't they? I'm hot as FUCK! And I'm an ALPHA JOCK! Fuck yeah! Go team!

"New Orders"

My name used to be Raylene. Now it's just Ray. See, my boyfriend was military but he was very disrespectful towards me. He used to be nice and treat me real good but then he just became a misogynistic pig. Then I got this here Chronivac? This doohicky is fantastic! I thought of all the things I could be and do. It was a very liberating feeling. I was just a poor girl from Alabama. What was I going to do?

I was going to join the US Army, that's what! I mad myself a big, tall drink o' water. And my old boyfriend knows I used to be a girl. He is totally gay along with me now. He is just SO the girl in our relationship now, haha! I considered turning him into a girl and having us be straight but somehow this is more humiliating. He used to think gays were the worst thing you could be and now he takes it up the ass like a total pro. And by the way, having a penis is just about THE most AMAZING thing I can describe. I am never going back to tampons, no sir!

And life on the military base is fun, too. I have a small apartment with the boy. I just call him "boy" a lot. I order him around. He makes my meals, does the laundry and cleans the house. I'm in charge, and when I yell he listens! And he loves how big and imposing I am. It was confusing for him at first and he was sore I wouldn't make him bigger when I told him I could do bout near anything I pleased. But it's fine with me that I'm better at him now with guns, at driving tanks and just about anything else. I made myself the ideal soldier and I just got promoted. I now outrank him. Take that, sweetie. No really, bend over and take it. I feel like celebrating and so does my dick. Scream my name, bitch!

"Man of the House"

My name is Dayton and my brother used to make my life a living hell.  That's his hand caressing my giant fucking arm, by the way. He was in charge of the house since dad abandoned us and mom was in prison. We didn't come from a good family. He was 19 and legally my guardian. I was 11 and couldn't fight him on anything. He was so mean. He would beat me up all the time and I couldn't do anything about it. He sweet talked the social worker and treated me like his personal slave! I was like Cinderella! I cooked all the meals, cleaned all the time, even chopped firewood and was forced to watch him when he worked out so he could tell me what a real man he was and what a pathetic wimp I was.

He was a terrible brother.AND guardian. He was dealing drugs on the side to make a lot of money which he spent on himself. Electronics, tattoos, a motorcycle, you name it. He barely gave me enough money for any clothes and everything I wore was secondhand. Everything he wore was nice and new and from the mall. He couldn't pay for me to go to get a bicycle but he could spend $500 on a new leather jacket for himself.

Well, then I got my Chronivac and you can see I changed myself considerably. I kept the glasses, I think they are a nice reminder to him of who I am. Meanwhile...things have changed. I made him a rather submissive gay BOI around the age of 16 and I'm now in my 20s. I'm his guardian and if he gets uppity I make him younger. Sometimes I make him a little boy of 8 or 10 for the weekend so he can cope with being just a kid. For the first three months he was my old age of 11 and I made him wear embarrassing shirts with Pokemon or other cartoon characters on them.

Just because he treated me badly doesn't mean I return the favor. But I don't mince words. I AM IN CHARGE. He follows what I fucking say or he WILL get a spanking. What's that? DO you have a PROBLEM? NO? I didn't think so. Now go outside and mow the lawn, squirt. God it feels great to have all this muscle! No wonder he was so arrogant! But I'm smarter than he was and make my money honestly...I made myself a car mechanic which is REAL man's work and made him a very girly little teenage gay boy that likes to wear makeup and watch anime. He's so fucking cute now and I love to tap that. I don't care if he's my brother, he's also my fucktoy and what can I say, I need a nice ass around the house to keep me happy.

With great muscle comes great responsibility!

As for my parents, I don't care if they never come back. I'm enjoying my new role as MAN of the house.


  1. fuck yes GO TEAM CHRONIVAC!!! Loving this series all about this machine, hope it carries on. cant wait to see whose doorstep the machine lands on next, and what crazy hot things they will do with it. I wonder what i would type into it... or what someone would do to me whilst holding it mmmm :D turned on all over again bro

  2. Great testimonials as usual! I hope we'll get to see a Christmas edition soon.