Sunday, November 30, 2014

Chronivac Industries Presents: When Things Go Wrong

We here at Chronivac Industries know how hectic the holiday season can seem. And quite frankly, sometimes we have customers that simply don't think too far ahead of what they are getting themselves into. We present to you today, "When Things Go Wrong", a sort of guide to the possible outcomes of...shall we say, unwise gifts that customers give to themselves without clearly thinking about the consequences...

My name is Jeffy (it used to be John) and this is my son. *sigh* When I initially got my Chronivac I used it to bulk up and really ramped up my sex drive, masculinity, and alpha male status. I gave myself a cushy job and people really started to take notice and listen to me.

Then, one day, I was toying around with some of the functions and didn't read the feature instructions quite closely enough. I gave the Chronivac the ability to change someone else in my family randomly. It asked me something like "reality changes may affect you. Do you approve YES/NO" and I automatically pressed "YES" like an idiot.

Well I got blurry eyed and woke up in my seven year old son's body. I ran around looking for the Chronivac and couldn't find it. I heard several deep exclamations from MY voice coming from outside. I felt my heartbeat increase in fear and I felt a pit in my small stomach as I ventured outside.

"Daddy, this feels GREAT! No wonder you like having big muscles! Now I'm big and you're MY son! Isn't this great, daddy! I mean, SON?" He flexed before me as I squinted and rubbed my eyes.

"The Chronivac. We have to change it back to normal." I told him, in my little voice. I could not believe how awful it sounded to be so little again. All my masculinity had been drained from me.

"Sorry, but only I can see the Chronivac because it's mine now. It's invisible for everyone else. Part of the new 5.0 package." He got down and started doing push ups. He did fifty and got up again. "This feels SO GOOD! I wonder...Daddy do you know how to do your job now? Because I do!"

I tried to think but the Chronivac had erased all of it. "I...of course. I go to the office."

"And uh, what do you do there?" he asked suspiciously.

"Adult stuff. You wouldn't understand."

"Oh I wouldn't, huh?" He rubbed his chin, feeling the stubble and was overjoyed to rub his face all over for the first time as a man. Then he turned back to me. "So I guess you can tell me what all about how to do payroll for the shipping company."

"Oh yeah."

"Give it up, SON. I'm the adult now. I can do everything you can do! This is so GREAT! I can go to the gym and lift so much weight! I look like a superhero now! And I can have sex!"

"What's that?"

He laughed at me. "Nothing, son. It's just something grown ups do. Now get your butt back inside, mister. I'll make you some breakfast before we go to the park. I want to see how many hot single moms are there today."

I go in and out of being aware of my situation. Sometimes Daddy is just like my real Daddy and then sometimes I remember I used to be him. But most of the time I'm happy because my Daddy goes to work and I go to school. I wish he would let me use the Chronivac so I could be big again but he just refuses and says I need to grow up like a good boy...he did let me write this so I could talk about it for the Chronivac people. He says one day he'll make me big and strong like him but I have to wait and I have to promise to be extra special good until then...

I know what you're thinking, bro. Who would ever wish to be a minotaur? Well, I did. Sort of. I wished for a universe where minotaurs were real. And I wished to be a sex object. It's my main thing...I know it's weird. Well anyway, the next thing you know I'm surrounded by gorgeous studs on a beach, and I can't talk, just sort of grunt. I wind up looking at my reflection in the mirror nearby the shower stall. I go to the bathroom and piss just blasts out of me. All the boys are waiting eagerly for me when I come back. I start fucking all of them! I have a huge twelve inch cock, the cock of your dreams. I bellow and grunt as I fuck the shit out of them, all of them. They all cry out and in this universe you can also fuck in public. That was one of my wishes.

After I fucked all three, and this went on for hours, I sauntered over to the outdoor beach gym. All the guys there were so built and so hot. I work out for hours. I see a trough over on the side and lap up some water as various guys make jokes about minotaurs and I start to get nervous. Surely they must think I'm hot as fuck as well, right? I mean, look at me! I flexed for them as well and some clapped and others just laughed.

I found out why when my owner came round to collect me. He put the harness around me before I could even protest (not that I can even speak anymore) and told me not to make a fuss because the electroshock collar will knock me out if I do! You see in this universe (which I was supposed to read about in the universe profile the Chronivac provided for me) minotaurs are usually just slaves and sex slaves most commonly. Humans are all free citizens. But us? Well when we aren't house slaves, or farm slaves, we fuck gay boys for money. Those boys were happily paying customers for my master. When we got home I realized with horror it was a farm and I...lived in the barn. Now I spend most of my days being taken out to various locales to fuck for a living. I am kept on a short leash the rest of the time and my master just gives me oats and hay to eat. I guess it could be worse but I don't have access to the Chronivac anymore. I'm only writing this because they say they have to "evaluate my situation" since I left the Chronivac at the beach and since it's only visible to me it could be anywhere. Let this be a lesson. Always read the fine print. And to anyone at Chronivac that could possibly help me, please please do. Please...oh no I have to go to a stag party now. Yeah, it is for me and a bunch of frat guys and they are renting out a stag-man as well. It's going to be pretty wild. Wish me days of being a fuck beast are numbered and will only last so long as I keep in shape. PLEASE HELP ME CHRONIVAC PLEASE

Note from the editor: We here at Chronivac are not immune to legal entanglements and due to various liability signatures we are not responsible for lost Chronivac items or the refusal to read fine print. In the case of this particular subject, we have decided a year as a minotaur is an appropriate sentence. He has been told of our decision and he will be replaced back to his reality in a year's time. In the meantime, let's hope he learns how to be a real party animal! name is Patrick and I was originally 40 years old. I was having major issues with the fact that I'd gotten so old and I had so little to show for it. My ungrateful son was the worst part of my life. I was divorced and my wife is a nightmare to live with (she's totally crazy, though it took me time to learn that).

Well, when I got my Chronivac I made some minor changes here and there and eventually stumbled upon a reality and age swap feature. And I thought, great! So I made it so that I would be the son in the family and my son would be my older 25 year old brother who has to work really hard for a living and asked it to give him a job. I asked the Chronivac to give us a father. I thought it would be fun to be a teen again.

Things did not go according to plan. My son was given a job a stock broker! He's driving around in sports cars (he owns five of them and three motorcycles!) and he remembers being a kid. He fucking loves his life now. He was supposed to learn a lesson! And our new "father"? Turns out he is the poolboy my wife slept with, aged by about 20 years. He is now a successful pool cleaning company OWNER. Good God, the first few days were kind of fun and surreal but I was ready to change back to normal.

And that is when I realized that I was no longer the owner of the Chronivac. You see, because I changed reality, my "dad" got the Chronivac, and not me. He asked me how I even knew about it and then asked the Chronivac and found out about all the changes I had made to reality. He thanked me and said that in this reality he loved me very much but he thought we should all stay in our current states. He was rich, and my "brother" (formerly my son) was now rich and I had the chance to make a real career for myself. But I had to play by the rules. He wanted me to earn it by going to college.

I guess life could be worse. Of course, my new "dad" made himself look like a practical god among men! I mean it just isn't fair! I wish I was older and buff like him! Just look at him!


  1. Great story! This becomes one of my favorites!

  2. Oh fuck yeah!!! the minotaur one made me so horny. I'm loving this reality hoping this device is capable of. cant wait for this little device to wind up on my door one of these days. but i will definitely be losing my intelligence in the new reality i end up in haha :D