Sunday, October 19, 2014

Chronivac Industries Presents: Customer Testimonials

Greetings. We here at Chronivac realize that you, our preferred and select customer base, may think of upgrading to our Deluxe plan. We have here some testimonials from another dimension, from the planet Earth, where individuals are chosen AT RANDOM to test our products free of charge, and thus they can give accurate and OBJECTIVE opinions for you at home. Let's hear some of their reviews for the newest Chronivac product, the amazing 5.0 system that is sweeping the solar system.

username: bikereginald

My name is now Reginald but it used to be Petey. My grandpa never really cared about me so when my mom gave me to him for the entire summer I was miserable. He grumbled about me being there and just made me do chores. I hated cleaning up the yard and his house and he didn't let me spend any time just playing! I was only eleven years old and it was very unfair. I got really depressed. He had this huge house and I wasn't even allowed to touch anything!

Well after I got the Chronivac and figured out how it worked, I made myself into a carbon copy of him. I instructed the machine to keep me like this for a hundred years cause I don't want to die early or anything. Then I made him transform into me.

I actually love being Grandpa! I can ride a motorcycle with a bunch of other guys MY age now. I don't have to go to school. I have plenty of money and I can spend it on whatever I want to. Little Petey hated being stuck as me but I told him if he did all of his chores (I keep him reeeeal busy!) then maybe I would increase his size a little bit so the kids wouldn't pick on him before he has to go back to school. Better him than me! Thanks, Chronivac, you totally changed my life and as far as the features go, yeah, they were so easy even I could use them. FIVE STAR REVIEW

username: newdadincharge

My dad and I were never close. We came from an extremely rigid family where you must obey your parents. We were Korean American but dad always told me that I had better always listen to him. You can imagine what he thought of me being gay. It did not go over well. After he threw me out of the house (this after a lifetime of abusive yelling and threats over my grades) I was in the park and a man walking along asked me how I was and told me he had something for me that might help. He told me the only stipulation was I not tell anyone about it because if it ever went public it would be revoked (I now know this means that it goes back to its dimension of origin!).

The user interface was pretty simple once I actually believed it (I mean, really, I was bored and had nothing else to do at midnight in the park) and so after a few reality changes and experiments, I settled on being a little bit older. I made mom into my godmother who visits whenever she wants. My dad is now the cute little twink you see before you. I made him horny as fuck for his old man and he practically drooled every time he saw me for weeks before I finally let him suck his new dad's cock. He has no memory of his old life and I don't want him to. After all, I only ask for his complete and total obedience. I am in charge of this family and what I say goes. I pay the bills, he cleans the house. It's a good arrangement and every night I plunge into his ass I thank my lucky stars for Chronivac industries. I don't know how to ever repay you, all of you, the amazing business that gave me a whole new life. To think, before I was wrapped up in depression and about to be homeless. And I'm pretty sure my old dad is a lot happier being a white twink than he was as a stressed out businessman. Having me as the family breadwinner is also better thanks to the skill set taskbar included in the new 5.0 Chronivac version...I am told if you upgrade you can actually choose animal, animal-human hybrid, giant, or mythological creatures selections. But quite frankly I am fine being the manager and owner of a tire store. FIVE STAR REVIEW

username: newarmystud6969

See that cute twink being fucked in the ass? That's my former boyfriend. I was a naive girl and he was an experienced commander and he wound up seducing me and getting me pregnant. I didn't know what to do when he told me he wouldn't marry me and threatened to kill me if I told his wife. His wife! He didn't tell me he was married. Then he told me he would kill me if I told ANYone. He didn't want to hear anything about child support from me ever. He was so big and strong and mean. He turned mean. He roughed me up, slapped my face and left.

Well the next day the motel cleaning lady (I was living in a motel because I was so poor) told me that there was a package for me. Weird. Maybe someone in my family sent it, even though they were probably too poor. And that is when I found the amazing magic that is Chrnoivac. Now I know it's science but well, when I saw all the options I knew what I wanted. To not be pregnant anymore I could become a man and the zygote would just disappear as never having existed. I programmed new memories for myself, so that it was all my life I'd been a man. I loved these new memories! God the sex! Sex was way better for men! I jacked off in my motel room for the first time and it was heaven!

I still had my memories of my boyfriend, though. I made him pay. Oh did I make him pay. Now I'm in the army and he's MY bitch. I took away all those muscles, and he went from a 220 pound former football player to a skinny little twig that I could break in an instant. This is me now by the way. 

I'd say it's a VAST improvement! I am so macho now and all my army buddies and I have such camaraderie. I invite them over sometimes so we can share my boy toy's hole and we pass him around like the whore he is. Oh and he likes it when I abuse him from time to time, rough him up and call him names. We are totally into the dom/sub relationship and guess who's the top? It ain't him.

Five stars? Try a thousand! I can't recommend Chronivac enough! 5.0 is an amazing system, has easy to understand instructions, and the feature that makes it visible only to its owner is especially nice! That way no one else will ever find it. FIVE STAR REVIEW


  1. damn!!! I love your chronivac stuff wish it would appear in my life. but id never stay as the same thing, id go for black basketball playing teen, to a fun asian porn star then probably finish permanently as a handsome indian underwear model. i would explore so many racial changes. damn i want this device!!

  2. I love this, and I hope there's more coming of Chronivac v.5.0 short stories in the future!! Great work:)