Thursday, October 30, 2014

Chroniac Industries Presents: Jocktober Days

Well hello there, dear customers.

We here at Chronivac love this time of year. The crisp autumn leaves are falling. Young men are just getting in as much time on those sports fields as they can before winter comes. And we thought we'd celebrate that team spirit with a special "Jocktober" selection of firsthand accounts of how Chronivac is changing lives.

"Alright, everyone, that's it for today!"

"Alright, Deacon! Woo!"

"Fuck yeah! Are we gonna win Friday?"

"We're gonna win!"

"Let's kick some ass!"

This is the new Deacon Rogers. He is a fine example of Chronivac Industries "Brother Reassignment Project" headed by a team examining power structures and ethics in human test subjects. We caught up with Deacon a few months after his transformation from a shy and awkward 12 year old named Max with his older and far more physically gifted brother Deacon. I took the form of a track coach so I could pop in on our rising college football star.

CI (Chronivac Industries): Deacon, how are you doing today?

DR: Never better, man! Honest. Every day I get better and better. Man, I'm sweaty right now.

CI: Here, take my towel.

DR: Thanks, man.

CI: Deacon, how would you say you have adapted to college life? How are your classes going?

DR: Well honestly I'm enjoying them a lot better than junior high. You know, I was pretty smart but I never really felt like I loved my classes. My teachers weren't that great in middle school. Now that I'm an adult and in college it's really cool how much is out there. I'm really enjoying my biology and chemistry classes. I'm thinking of majoring in biochem.

CI: That's great! Of course a little help from the Chronivac aided with that...

DR: True true. (nods agreeably) But uh, you know just being able to understand everything so well. It's pretty fun. I feel really good about myself and I never really had that before.

CI: That all happened pretty quickly for you.

DR: Yeah, and I knew I could never go back.

CI: You could have helped your brother out more. Would you like to tell us about your decisions regarding him and his new life?

DR: Well I at first felt guilty. Cause you know, I look like this now and I totally love this body and he's just a short small fry again but..I don't feel like my decision was a bad one.

CI: And that was, to make him suffer with the full knowledge of what he lost and you also gave him a bit of a "wimp complex".

DR: Yeah I basically made him afraid of everyone and he'll very likely grow up to be very subservient. I gave him that so he'd serve me but he'll probably wind up as someone's fag by late high school.

CI: And you feel that this was deserved for a reason.

DR: I'm still trying to get over all the things he did to me. He was physically very abusive and so was our father. That cycle ends with me so I'm not hurting him like he hurt me. He would beat me up...a lot. It was really painful and our father didn't do anything. So now I made it so that our dad is friendlier and I won't lay a finger on him. I think it's fair.

CI: He's going to grow up to be quite short and pretty much a 98 pound weakling.

DR: (smiles) Yeah that is true. But he'll just have to adapt.

CI: What is it like when you are at home together? How does he treat you?

DR: Oh he's great! Before he was so mean. He would hit me and just force me to do things for him. Now he jumps at the opportunity to help me, do my laundry, get me a beer, give me a foot massage. He's my little helper and my buddy. Next week I'm taking him to a football game for his reward. Little perv can check out all the real men and probably jerk off later.

CI: He's already displaying some...shall we say...very gay attributes.

DR: (laughs) I may have overdone it. He's a giant fag and everyone at school calls him that. I just call him Twinkle Toes.

CI: The lisp, his new love of ballet, his love of tea parties, you do realize he's probably going to get beat up quite a bit.

DR: Well I'll introduce myself to his high school when he starts going, so everyone knows he has a jock brother protecting his little faggy bro. That's what I'm here for now.

CI: And you could have made yourself straight. Was it difficult to make the decision to be gay as you were in your old body?

DR: Well I always pictured myself with guys so it wasn't hard. I'm having the time of my life with my new coach. He's a great suck slave.

CI: Deacon, thanks for your time.

DR: Thank you. Chronivac is the shit. GO TEAM CHRONIVAC!

Chronivac subject Gavin Jenner (left) happened upon Chronivac approximately one year ago. We caught up with Gavin for a brief sitdown.

CI: Gavin thank you for being with us today.

GJ: No prob. What's up?

CI: Your life has changed dramatically. Let's go back to that first day. Where were you? Describe for our audience.

GJ: (smiles) wasn't great. I was on a school bus being bullied. They hit me, shoved my head into the seat, punched me. I was bullied by several boys who lied through their teeth. No one cared that I was being bullied. Not the teachers, the staff, the principal. My parents were so worried.

CI: And then Chronivac.

GJ: Thank GOD for Chronivac!

CI: After you grew yourself into adulthood, your dad became your brother through the reality default. How did that feel?

GJ: Well I still had my old memories. It was odd. I mean one minute I was telling him about how Jaden at school was beating me up and the next he's asking me if I want to go to the gym. We're best friends. We do taekwondo together, and boxing. It's a dramatic shift.

CI: Why a boxer? Why a fighter? Why did you want that so badly?:

GJ: I would say that is pretty common if you have ever been bullied. I decided to become a fighter I guess because that way I could be the opposite of how I felt.  We do MMA fighting and that is an amazing feeling of fulfillment. And I'm helping young men get out their aggression in a positive way.

CI: And then your bullies...

GJ: They aren't so fortunate now. And I do not fucking care.

CI: I'm not judging you. Chronivac chooses its subjects carefully. We just want to document your reactions. Why don't you run us through what you did.

GJ: I had three main bullies. One of them I made into a fat girl. One I made into a fat boy. And the third I made him a sniveling wimp. He's much, much smaller than other boys now and thanks to me he remembers exactly why. Guess it fucking sucks to be him, right! Shouldn't have fucked with me! Now I'm kickass and he looks up to me.

CI: His father wanted you to teach him to fight.

GJ: I had to turn him down. The little tyke has too many medical problems. He's very fragile. And a sissy. But I said it was a liability issue.

CI: Your bully once told you that you were always gonna be a small shit and that he was going to kill you and he threatened your life several times.

GJ: Right. He deserves what he fucking got. Now he's afraid of his own shadow. He was a bad kid. Believe me. I was so afraid of him and he enjoyed it. He comes from a good family. Good home. He was just a rotten person.

CI: Getting back to you. How are you enjoying your new body at home?

GJ: Oh I'm enjoying it. Me and dad are close and we sometimes share the boys we bring home.

CI: You made your dad gay so yourself bisexual.

GJ: Yeah, I just wanted us to have more in common so that has. We relate a lot better now. And we can bond over boys.

CI: Any closing thoughts?

GJ: My life is fucking awesome and I get laid all I want. Women love nothing more than a strong man to protect them and gay guys love to suck me off. I have never been happier and all the people that bullied me are miserable and that makes me even happier. Fuck yeah, thank you guys.

CI: Thank you, Gavin. And good luck.

And now Chronivac catches up with little Jesse, now Big Jesse Cleary. Jesse was an older black man in his 70s who had always fantasized about being white, secretly. He finally found his joy in Chronivac. We talk with Jesse about his choice.

CI: Welcome Jesse. Let's get right to it. You found Chronivac in a nursing home.

JC: Yes sir that's right. The best nurse I ever had gave it to me.

CI: Yes she is great at her work. Jesse, you decided to change your race. I must ask. Why go white?

JC: It actually wasn't a choice made because I am afraid to be black. Black people are rising in this country, definitely. For me it was aesthetic. I've been secretly gay my entire life but could never be who I truly am and I always fantasized about white guys, especially Italian. I loved the look of them. So beautiful.

CI: You spent sometime inside the matrix room.

JC: Yes, everything disappeared except for me and the Chronivac fed me all this information. I could suddenly download how to do all the new fangledy things kids could do. Like know all the cool things computers can do and I love baseball.

CI: It was the perfect marriage.

JC: You know I can remember growing up very poor. Baseball was the only thing that made me really happy.

CI: And now you're a pro!

JC: I know! (blushes)

CI: So...any romance on the horizon?

JC: Well you should know I am monogamous. I want to settle down but I just started seeing a really hot guy. He's just out of college and he's so gorgeous. Huge muscles. Oh he is fine.

CI: And all of the pain that you had is gone. How is the shift to being young again?

JC: Are you kidding me? Oh man, I can NOT believe how refreshing it is! This old man is having a fine old time.

CI: And you changed reality quite a bit.

JC: Well my family doesn't remember me. I gave myself some money but not too much. I'm not greedy.

CI: We always appreciate that. (chuckles) So how would you describe your experience overall?

JC: Every day is a miracle. I just marvel at this body. I keep it up, maintain it. Like a finely tuned car. And I love all the knowledge I downloaded. I understand a lot more about computers. So I'm in the big leagues now but I don't have to play baseball, and I'm in talks with a software company right now to develop some new apps. I have a lot of ideas in this old noggin.

CI: Which is impressive. You didn't download originality, those ideas are yours.

JC: I'm very smart, son.

CI: One more thing. You made some changes to some certain people...

JC: Oh I knew you were gonna bring this up!

CI: Walk us through that.

JC: Well I made a white family black. The boy hung out with my grandson and wished a few times he could be black, which I thought was very strange! But I decided to grant his wish. His skin changed before my eyes. It was actually quite erotic now that I think about it. His arms lengthened and got a LOT more muscle on them. His feet got bigger, his voice, everything. He is now on his way to a football scholarship. He was pretty gangly before. I figure I was putting some balance out there. He remembers what he was before but his parents have always thought they were black.

CI: Do you enjoy fucking black men? Do you have a preference?

JC: I actually have fooled around with him a little bit but I have a boyfriend now. But yes, it was hot to fuck a white boy turned black. Very erotic!

CI: What would you say to our customers who are thinking about purchasing the new 5.0 Chronivac?

JC: I'd say go for it! You won't be sorry! Why do you even have to ask! (laughs)

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  1. where do i click for a transformation ring???? I want to order a whole set haha. great stories again boss.

  2. It's a shame to see Jocktober coming to an end, but I still hope to see more jock testimonials in the future. These one's are phenomenal!